Image of a sailing boat on an ocean starry sky. Constructing A Template For The Ascent Out Of Disease

2. Constructing A Template For The Ascent Out Of Disease


We have been exploring in our recent materials the cause and thoughtform behind disease, deformity, and aging. We recommend that all ascending initiates focus upon this work in the calendar year of 2020, as this is the primary focus of Earth and all ascending sentient beings within your creation.


Why is disease such a problem? The Lords and Ladies in governance designated your creation for destruction. Destruction and disease are synonymous. Disease is a form of self-destruction in which certain cells known as viruses and bacteria tear apart healthy living tissue. Why would any creation be designated for destruction? This is a complex issue and one that we would like to delve into, as the karma and patterning behind it is directly related to the experience of disease within the human dance.


The Tao is the center of all creations inside and outside of time and space. One could say that the Tao is what and where all souls emanate or expand from and contract back unto when the evolutionary dance and experience is complete. Long ago, three contractions ago in our current estimation, parts of the Tao were left behind in an incomplete contraction or ascension. A part of the Tao left behind is known as the Heniti Soul Group. Through the recasting of the Heniti Soul Group along with many “like” groups that had been left behind, a better picture of what has occurred after the Tao retracted in full has begun to be constructed.


The Thoughtform of Consumption


Those creations and souls such as the Heniti Soul Group left behind fell into a particular thoughtform that is now destroying the whole of the Tao. This thoughtform had never occurred before, for never before had a part of the Tao been “left behind”, or in other terms, failed to return Home during the period of contraction.


Why would any portion of the Tao fail to return? This is perceived now to have occurred as a portion of the Tao fell into such great distortion that it “separated off” from the whole without any communication remaining between the two. In the lack of communication, there was no understanding that it was time to “contract” or go home, or in other terms ascend, and therefore such portions of the Tao failed to return. Furthermore, because such parts of the Tao had completely separated off, the Tao had no understanding or awareness that a portion of self had been left behind. Read more

Image of sparkling gold and silver orbs. The Karmic Cause Of Disease

1. The Karmic Cause Of Disease


We have begun to explore the karmic roots of disease. Indeed, much of such information has already begun to be revealed out of the records obtained in Greece. Greece was the center of the Annanuki dance for close to 18,000 years in a place known as Mt. Olympus. Mt. Olympus sank in the second fall of Atlantis about 40,000 years ago under the ocean. As the records of Mt. Olympus were opened, the beginnings of an understanding to how disease became a part of the human dance has begun to be compiled.


In Chapter 15 “Solar Counsels Take Charge of Human Ascension” of Ascension Insights, Volume 1, the holographic nature and origins of the human species were explored. There were 18 red holograms seeded by the Sirian Race about 200,000 years ago. An additional 12 came from a foreign and non-resonant creation known as the Pleiades, and are also known as the Annanuki. Another 8 were created as the Annanuki bred with the Red Race producing what is known as a half and half human hologram.


(NOTE: In our writings, the family of Anu is called “Annanuki”. Other authors have called this group of humans “Anunnaki” or “Ananaki”. The actual name of this family was “An-na-nu-ki” from the karmic archives of the human species. If one intends to release karma with the Anu or Annanuki, then one must pronounce the name as it is recorded to trigger the karmic archives in one’s ancestry. It is for this reason that our writings spell the name as we do.)


Radioactive versus Magnetic DNA


In essence, the holographic nature and DNA structure of the Annanuki was radioactive in nature. The cells of the Annanuki were designed to collect and run out of radioactive chi. The Pleiadian sun likewise is not only primarily radioactive, but a blue-green color that is very different from Earth’s solar sun. The Pleiadians also had blue blood, which caused their pale skin to have a turquoise sheen. Blue blood is radioactive and designed also to collect radiation from the atmosphere to sustain the life of those related to such genetics.


The Red Race from Sirius was magnetic in nature with brown to honey colored skin. They had a cellular structure and red blood designed to collect magnetic chi. Your solar sun was primarily magnetic in nature until a group of 5th dimensional Pleiadians altered the energy flow therein much like the Annanuki altered Earth’s energy flow in setting in motion electrical sacred geometry. In so doing, your solar sun ran radioactive sacred geometry long before humanity arrived upon Earth. Per solar records, this manipulation occurred about 72 million years ago. Read more