Image of an exquisite lavender water lily with golden center. Mindset Development Introduction

Mindset Development Introduction


Ascension into Self Realization Theory of Mastery


The Mind


The mind is the gift

Of the awareness of self

In a forensics motion

Of a heart-mind accolade

Giving birth to union

In divine honor of all

Fostering the knowing

Of the mastery keys of life

In the beautification of care

Of the self of each

In the dreams of love

Of a realizing master within


Self-Realization Theory: Mastery of Divinity       


Self-realization is another level of ascension that is associated with the mastery of spirit over matter into the divine accolades of self. Self-theory is a level of consciousness that transfuses. Transfusion is a light force occurrence that synthesizes knowledge of physical realization unto the nonphysical for a continued existence post death. Those who transfuse generally do not become ill and renew in each cycle of development as long as the diet supports the journey. Transfusion is a light synthesis motion that sustains the mindset. Mindset is an adroit equation of synapses that allow for realization of self. Mindset development is a pre-requisite unto realization of self.


Divinity is a keynote of development for the purposes of transfusion lore of self. Transfusion lore of self is founded upon equality to foster the birth of realization within. Equality is an understanding that all is one and none is larger, smaller, grander or diminished in life regardless of happenstance of self. Equality is the prelude to development of the first synthesis of the self of the self within. The self of the self within develops into eighteen systems of divine concepts that are often difficult to transfuse through. Each of the eighteen systems flower in multiple light motions as prose thoughtform is perceived, witnessed, understood, realized and actualized through time. Self-realization language is poetry in motion known as prose. Prose reflects upon the lesson understood as each wave motion is mastered within.


Divine concepts of self are not an illusion but an internal mechanism to understand life from the point of reverence of truth in divine thoughts of wave prose. Truth is sustainable in increasing increments with each wave prose mastered in light motion. Light motions of truth are developed through the Tao of the Tao within. Tao is a force that asserts itself in development of self from within the archetype of self. Each human is born of a specific archetype with a specific life goal through time. Those realizing are of a particular bandwidth of archetype suited to the goal of actualization in each cycle. Many archetypes master ascension. Some can traverse no further as the mindset is incapable of developing within. Read more

Image of two flying bats with a full moon in the background. The Bats in the Belfry

7. The Bats in the Belfry


Blessings for Transcendence


The Bat Kingdom


The Bat Kingdom is pleased to be able to share of our insights about ascension upon Earth and within the human species through our channel or translator Asur’Ana. The Bat Kingdom has always been special to Asur’Ana and represented the death, rebirth and reincarnation cycles upon Earth. Indeed, we have held this responsibility for the nature kingdoms, keeping track of karmic exchanges in the dance of life between cycles.


Humanity, Dolphin and Whale Owed Earth Much Karmic Debt


Nature does not record karma in an individuated manner as humankind or the whale and dolphin species. Instead, nature records karma as energetic dances that occur and recur between kingdoms. For example, the kingdom of horse holds a particular energy flow global wide that empowers Earth’s ascension. This includes many species including Manta Ray in the underwater realms, Zebra and nineteen other aquatic and mammal kingdoms. For a time, horse and all associated will play this role, and in so doing they will incur a debt for so doing. Into the future and as horse et al is complete with this particular energetic dance, other kingdoms will take it over allowing horse to experience another global role. In so doing, the debt is then settled as another kingdom fulfills upon horse’s current purpose in association with global energy flow.


In essence, nature does not experience extreme polarity within its own experience of karma. Instead, there is balanced giving and receiving between kingdoms with each pulling their own weight to support the energy flow of the whole. In so doing, there is no real “debt” between kingdoms in terms of how humanity understands karmic debt. Humanity knows only extremes in karma both with Earth and amongst one another. Such debt is due to failing to support the whole of Earth over time. In so doing, there is a great debt due to the manner in which humanity has endangered Earth as a global vessel in terms of the continuation of life; along with the manner in which your species has raided Earth’s resources. Such a debt is lengthy and problematic in Bat’s estimation.


Why is this so? For a long time, it was estimated that the debt between humanity and Earth was so great that no human could ascend; that all humans would have to go extinct in the times of cleansing. Over time and as records were opened and revealed through small numbers who attempted human ascension, the debt lessened as other kingdoms were uncovered as being partially responsible for Earth’s demise. Much like Earth herself who has taken on solar karma from other planets adding to an already burdened plate, humanity took responsibility for the karma of other species in association with the global falls in consciousness that Earth has experienced since human seeding.


What other kingdoms hold responsibility for perpetrating global harm? Whales and dolphins have been uncovered as responsible for Earth’s demise; not so much upon a global level, but upon a solar level. Uranus and Neptune host dolphin and whale form in the etheric only blueprint. These etheric kingdoms have been found responsible for allowing karma and density to be displaced upon Earth, and for enabling Earth’s field to be shredded. As such, whales and dolphins hold a load of karma in association with Earth for many multidimensional falls in consciousness from more ancient times in Earth’s history outside of the Great Central Sun. Read more

Image of a round full moon among orange peach clouds. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #8

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #8


The Fable of the Chariot


The Force of the Dreamer of Life


The Dreamer


The Chariot

The dreamer is the one

Who is the force of the chariot

That drives the emergence of the clan

Into a motion of truth

Of the beloveds

Who foster the region in purity of self

As a force of mellifluousness

In a sonnet of the divine

In which each harmonizes

Through time

And throughout the land


The Parable of the Tarot


The chariot is a design of fate to lead a group, clan, region or nation in the truth of the divine. The truth of the divine is an accolade of self that fosters itself and the self of each in the group or region. Each tarot dream augments an insurgence of lore of truth sincere unto the fable to be lived by all in the arcana lore of fate.


The lore of the chariot is a design of self that fosters dreams of many. Leaders of spiritual pursuits of small, medium or large groups often foster the tale of the chariot for a time or an entire lifetime. At this time there are roughly one thousand living the fable of the chariot incarnate in age ranges from seventeen to thirty-eight. Most mastery fables catch upon one thousand at a time in this era. Some mastery fables are designed for a more exclusive system of dreaming. The last two fables of the arcana of Justice and Temperance are retained for another level of mastery.


The arcana of the chariot is a mid-range fable. Each fable grows in stature of affluence of influence over other initiates. The lore of the chariot is a fable for leadership. Only those who become leadership in a spiritual class of affluence of self-realizing itself through group development foster the fable of the chariot in any era of light synthesis motions of self. The fable of the chariot is a difficult dream in this era. The conclusion of the fable requires a twin partner to foster an ignition of love of the land and of the people of the planet. In this era, false twin reposes diminish the possibility of the fulfillment of the dream of the chariot into the highest possible vision for the care of the planet. Read more

Image of an inquisitive looking goose. The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg of Unity

29. The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg of Unity


Blessings for Divine Union and Communion


The Goose Species


The Goose Kingdom has much to say to ascending human initiates today. Goose much like the Swan Kingdom shares responsibility for holding the gate for human ascension and represents the holographic archetypal pattern of Divine Union Bearer in the new astrology for ascension. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth”  for more information on these new holographic archetypes.)


Humans Existed in a Separate Dream from Earth


What is Divine Union? Divine union is a dance of energy that prevails over the field that allows Earth, the consciousness of form and Soul or one’s I AM Presence, Oversoul and Source to commune together for the common experience of life upon the physical plane. Long ago, humanity lost its interrelatedness to all of life upon Earth and its connection to soul. How this occurred is now becoming better understood through the gathering of ancient human records through human ascensions at this time in history.


Long ago and in ancient times, soul danced with human form that had been seeded from a third dimensional planet known as Sirius. However, human form danced not with Earth, as there was no agreement for a relationship between humanity and Earth. Instead, human form continued to dance with Sirius, and because Sirius appeared much like Earth 200,000 years ago and in the third dimension, humans felt as though they communed with Earth and her nature kingdoms. In reality, they were communing with Sirian nature kingdoms while living upon Earth.


Here Goose perceives the problem of humans traveling long distances upon spacecraft and entering other creations where parallel consensus realities exist. Such consensus realities may look and feel similar to “home” or wherever the human originates; but they are in a different creation and have different agreements. Humans have by and large assumed that they could live anywhere that they chose given the technology that they had. Alas, if there is no agreement for their existence upon a particular planet, then humans moving and living in such a place have no place in the dream or consensus reality of such a planet. So, this occurred between humans and Earth long ago.


It is this truth, that humans have existed in a separate dream from Earth, that is the main cause of the feelings of separation between humankind and Earth in the perception of Goose. The separation comes from no interconnection or grounding unto Earth, but a grounding instead to a parallel dream from Sirius anchored around Earth for humans to exist within. There may be parallel species upon Sirius such as dragonfly, horse, goose and pig that humans upon Earth recognize; but such species dancing upon Earth have no relationship to the dream of their relations dancing upon Sirius. Read more

Image of pretty yellow tulips. Shakti Studies #1

Shakti Studies #1


About Union Lore


The Nature of Partnership in Community


The Union of the Two


I am the partner

Of the union of myself

Mirrored in another

Fostering a theory

Of the care of the heart

In a dream of synergy or dis-synergy

Through time

In an incantation

Fostered at birth

Reflecting the truth within

In a foray of dreams

In the infinite magnitude

Of possibility through time


The Beliefs Surrounding Union


The beliefs surrounding union is an antidote of the lore of union fostered at birth. The union lore fostered at birth attracts the incoming spirit to the child of the parents that foster parallel lore of partnership later in life. Partnership mirrors the lessons of spirit as it incarnates into matter. Partnership is the main lesson of childhood, teenage years and often adult years in most lives. Partnership fosters lessons of love and hate, truth and lies, friendship and enemies, and care or non-care of self.


Beliefs are sustained in the DNA of the birth tapestry that the incoming child draws upon to construct the body in the womb. DNA can be modified through ascension into self-realization in this era. Many aspiring and realizing aspirants foster new union lore within through allowing the DNA to transcend the karma embedded in the cells from birth that foster partnership. Realizing DNA releases the old mirrors of self fostered in the birth family allowing another lore of union to take flight later in life.


Transforming Inner Partnership Issues      


There are many union fables that foster difficult or beautiful partnerships through time. The Shakti and Shaktar Relationship Studies offered in this book allow the lore associated with difficult, moderate and glorious unions to be brought to consciousness to study. The purpose of the Shakti Studies is to foster another level of understanding that allows those seeking to transform internal partnership issues to foster a superlative union within or in life. Read more

Image of a noble Buddha sitting in the middle of the cosmos. The Ascensions of the Seven Buddhas

9. The Ascensions of the Seven Buddhas


We the collective consciousness of Buddha wish to speak forth today. We represent the amalgamated consciousness of seven incarnations of what those in the East have called Buddha. At a recent Asur’Ana and Per’s Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) workshop, the records were gathered through dreamtime in Australia from Tibet where our ascensions took place long ago in terms of grids and ley lines of Earth.


The group at this workshop was working upon eastern and western patterning and creating an ascending blueprint for harmonizing the two variant dances in terms of energy flow. Lo and behold the records of our ascensions surfaced as the group harmonized and moved into a new dream that we ascended from long ago. There is also a strong connection between Tibet and Australia from Lemurian time periods in which the eastern and western civilizations intermixed; and many of Chinese descent had long lasting relationships with those in Lemuria. The interconnection allowed for our history and ascensions to be retrieved and added to the ancestral archives of the surface of the Earth and Inner Earth alike.


The Purpose of Our Ascensions


Our ascensions occurred over a 15,000-Earth year period (60,000 human years) from 22,000 Earth years (88,000 human years) ago when the last Buddha ascended up through 37,000 Earth years ago (148,000 human years) and just following the collapse of the ice shields forming your oceans as you know them. We will write a little more about our individual ascensions to follow. The purpose of our ascensions was to repair the energetic damage to Terra’s field; and we did accomplish this somewhat but also created a large problem. The last of our consciousness to ascend has written an essay about his life and evolution from an ascension perspective; and we bless him along with each that reads of our sharing. We have been recovered in a third dimensional sense and had become trapped upon a fourth dimensional level.


None of us survived very long following our ascensions into the fourth dimension. Now we understand that Mother Earth was not really prepared to sustain life upon her surface in the fourth dimension; and so, there was not enough life force to sustain our existence. Only one of us managed to live for 20 years; and it was a lonely existence as no one else followed us to our destination when we were clearly told by all guidance in the third dimension that this would not be so. We have been crying buckets of tears in our bardo that are yet not complete; as we never received our life review in the fourth dimension.


The forces there appeared uninterested and we could not communicate with those we left behind in the third dimension due to the heavy mirrors that create a barrier between the two. And so, it has been a vacuum of existence more or less until our recovery and due to a small group of Asian participants in the DAS dreamtime workshop. We bless each of you that gathered us back as no ancestor desires to be left behind; and thank you as now we can carry on as consciousness and contribute ascension information to those that are of grand master or larger headed lineages. Read more

Image of an exquisite bouquet of plumeria flowers. Ananda Love Archive #3

Ananda Love Archive #3


The Care of the Soul Family


The Love of the Whole


The love of the soul family

Fosters your dreams

In the stage play of life

In the love of the three

In the dream of yourself

In the life of each

In the care of the whole

Where each receives a perch of self

To forgive themselves

And be happy with yourself

In the love of you

In the love of me

In the gentleness and truth

Of spirit into matter

In the love of the Tao

And the care of the Dao through time


Soul Family Care of You


Soul family is an amazing journey into a new synthesis of self that fosters the self of each in the group associated. Soul family is not an oscillation for all in this time period. Soul family requires kindness and gentleness towards one another and spirit. Soul family heals one another rather than fostering demonic interludes that damage self or dream. Soul family chooses to stand together united to offset difficult demonic configurations that play out with other characters in the dance of life. Soul family abates demons that interfere with your personal family or the soul family at large if they are overly aggressive. Soul family can foster a protective unit of self that abates difficult striations and other systems of damage unto the self of each member.


Soul family is emerging in this time period. For the younger generation, some may have motioned into soul family configurations about nine months ago (age six to sixteen). If you have children of this age range, a configuration of soul family may have already arisen in the clan due to your child’s light wave mindset that motioned the systems into the homestead.


The emergence of soul family has been very important to the younger generation of light wave mindset to offset the damage unto their own minds or the dreams of their own families from the demons of affluence in particular. The demons of affluence are a very difficult system of murder of self in which the self is abated from yourself and motioned into one who is acquiring a wealthier status of dream in the life. This is the primary harm that is fostered in association with the demons of affluence in this cycle. As you un-murder the self of yourself, the self can be restored and the dreams retrieved that could be lost otherwise. Read more