Image of lovely white flowers with yellow center. Mindset Development #5

Mindset Development #5


The 18-18 Gateway


Mastering Light Wave Biology


18-18 Opening


The lore of the opening

Of the 18-18 sequencing

Is a gift of biological systems

That sustain light wave synergy

In each cell

In a motion that gives birth

To divine right to renew

And restore my youth

And my vitality

Through time

To augment the journey

Into realization of self


Light Wave Biology: Mastery of the 18-18 Gateways of Self Realization       


Light wave biology is a succinct rhythm of light that fosters renewal and sustenance of the body upon the physical plane. The light infuses into each cell with a photon particle of light in which the structure can fade from sugar metabolism into sustenance through light. The journey into light wave biology is a long and arduous journey. The ascension journey into the 11-11 and 12-12 pathways generates a thirty to forty percent light infused system of cells. Mastery into the 18-18 requires an eighty percent light infused cellular structure. Light biology begins to develop as the 11-11 gate is mastered. Light biology sequences into the forty to fifty percent range as the 12-12 gate is fostered. Light biology grows more succinctly as the 14-14 gate is fostered into light infusion systems of self.


Light infused cells do not consume sugar. Light infused biology hosts a different metabolism altogether. When the body is part light and part sugar-based metabolism, a diet of lacto-ovo vegetarianism that is half raw and half cooked is recommended. When the body sequences into a full light biological system from sixty to eighty percent infused, a vegan diet of primarily raw vegetables is recommended. Going carbohydrate free is important as the biology reaches a seventy percent infused state to offset diabetic flux that can lead to disease, blindness or death otherwise. Light infused biology causes many changes in the physical structure. The changes in the structure will be written of more fully in an article to follow.


The planet is about to take flight into the Mother Sun Dream. The Mother Sun Dream is a fostering of light and nothing else. Ascension has allowed the dreams beneath the Mother Sun quotients of life to be motioned beyond through light infusion of self. Those ready to master into the 16-16 to 18-18 pathways of development are to enter the Mother Sun Dream soon. Light quotients of forty percent or above must be integrated in the physical for the Mother Sun dream to take flight in life. The Mother Sun dream is not one of apartheid theory of separation of light and dark. The Mother Sun dream is of wholeness in which light and dark are integrated or amalgamated within. Amalgamation of light and dark is a fostering of wholeness theory. Read more

Image of a brilliant happy yellow flower. Mindset Development #4

Mindset Development #4


The 14-14 Gateway


Realization into Transfusion Theory of Self


14-14 Opening


The lore of the opening

Of the 14-14 sequencing

Is a gift of mindset development

Into oska and aliska

In a new threshold of awareness

That births realization

As a component of self

Experiencing itself

Through time

In a mesmerizing journey

Into the divine concepts of life

In the actualization of oneself


Tao Realization Theory: Mastery of the 14-14 Gateways of Ascension


Tao realization theory is an adroit equation to foster self of the self within. Self of the self is consciousness that fosters self-awareness to allow for divine concepts of existence to prevail within. Divine concepts are not difficult to illustrate and are presented to follow. Divine concepts are easy to read about but are difficult to realize within as each level of mastery must foster a rising above difficult happenstance of karma in life. Divine concepts are realized as they are acknowledged in often the most difficult of circumstances of experiences. Acknowledging divinity in those that resonate is easy. Acknowledging divinity in those that fail to resonate and are cantankerous in nature and damaging to one’s spirit or physical presence is the real task of those mastering the 14-14 threshold of existence in this era.


Tao realization is fostered by the Tao of the Tao within or the God aspect of self. The Goddess aspect is known as the Dao of the Dao within. Tao realizes the consciousness of the physical self while Dao realizes the consciousness of spirit. Self is realized through Tao inaugurations of field that bring light infusions into the biology and mindset of mental activity to stimulate divine interpretation of life. Light infusions trigger another flux of mindset to unfold as the synapses form in the cortex of the brain. Light infusions of field syncopate the biological mindset with the formations in the mental body to foster divine understanding of life in its unfolding through time.


Light infusion of field does occur in many who develop into 12-12 thresholds of development too. Light infusions trigger variations on a theme of forgiveness or compassionate action theory of life in 12-12 developments. Light is less infused into 11-11 developments. Light thresholds of 11-11 systems generally are no larger than thirty percent. 12-12 developments can foster up to eighty percent light infused field and biology through time. The larger the light quotient in a 12-12 development, the deeper the compassionate action that forms directing the life into dreams of deep sincerity and sustainability of presence. Read more

Image of a delicate white flower with green center. Mindset Development #3

Mindset Development #3


The 12-12 Gateway


Ascension into Compassion Theory of Self


12-12 Opening


The lore of the opening

Of the 12-12 sequencing

Is a gift of the heart

Of the planet

Attempting to give restitution

In an entanglement with the dark

Fostering a shift

In a direction of polarity

In which the journey of ascension

Triggers the breath of life

To flow for each and for the whole

In compassionate action


Compassionate Action Theory: Mastery of the 12-12 Gateways of Ascension    


Compassionate action is a theory of a life of mastery in many time periods. Compassionate action theory begins at the 12-12 threshold of thoughtform loop and motions upward into the 18-18 octave of development of self. Thoughts are formed in loops of forensics motion of light synthesis around the planetary systems of self. Loops of forgiveness are spirals that form in the cranium as well as in gates of the 11-11 sustained in nature. Nature sustains all gates for development of awareness in all time periods upon Earth. Earth is a natural world foray of dream.


Loops of compassion foster arc formations in the mindset. Loops of forgiveness fosters spirals in the cortex of the mind. Spirals flux into arcs as compassionate action is mastered in life. Arcs that foster compassionate action occur as the mindset develops into theta and meta bandwidths of thoughtform loops. Theta and meta is a fostering of formation lifting life from alpha, beta, love and hate loops of polarized thinking into the actions of forgiveness and the birth of compassionate action within.


Meta is active mindset that occurs during the day. Theta is dreaming actions of thoughts that occur at night while asleep. Conscious dreaming is a rare occurrence in meta theta bandwidths of development. Meta theta development cannot conscious dream due to a lack of forensic motion needed. Meta theta development can foster psychic perception to interpret the messages of spirit and the journey fostered while asleep. For many 12-12 developments in meta theta mindset without psychic perception, forgiveness and compassion occurs while asleep and then spills over into the daytime activities through time. Read more

Image of captivating lavender and white flowers. Mindset Development #2

Mindset Development #2


The 11-11 Gateway


Ascension into Forgiveness Theory of Self


11-11 Opening


The 11-11 gateway

Is a series of motions

That opens the heart

In the chalice of the divine

Giving birth to self

Flowering in itself

Fostering a truth divine within

And the expression of love

As a fostering of forgiveness

That is born within

And renditions the life

Into a hypothesis of ascension


Systems of the 11-11: Mastery of Forgiveness


Mindset development begins in mastery of the 11-11 octave of light infused ascension. Ascension is a foray of dream to foster a level of forgiveness theory of self. Self is the consciousness of field that is woven in between the chakras that causes awareness in life. The motions of the mind in the cortex in certain formations trigger awareness of self. The mind must develop in order for awareness of ascension level hypothesis of forgiveness to begin.


Mindset development begins as an 11-11 octave of development. 11-11 development triggers new synapses to grow on the cortex leading to unity-based awareness. 11-11 development also fosters a re-numeration of the binary encoding of the molecular structure of the biology. The re-numeration allows the consciousness to expand within to embrace concepts of forgiveness of each upon one’s path. The re-numeration also triggers new DNA to grow that fosters another level of health within. Organs that are weak or diseased can ascend and recover in the 11-11 apothecary of self.


Forgiveness theory of self is a development of many. There are many who have ascended into the 11-11 octave over this past century. Those mastering forgiveness develop synapses in the cortex relay a spiral mind wave. Spiraling mind waves are associated with evolutionary fulfillment concepts of self. Evolution is fulfilled upon through forgiveness theory of self as 11-11 development occurs. The spiraling mind wave triggers a release of emotional strife as forgiveness unfolds. Balance and harmony follow as the strife is forgiven within. Read more

Image of beautiful pink cherry blossoms. Mindset Development #1

Mindset Development #1


Overview of Mindset Development


Ascension into Self Development and Realization Theory


Mindset Development


The birth of the mind

Is a series of light infusions

Sustained through time

That fosters the cells to illuminate

Giving birth to self

Realizing in itself

Fostering a system of divinity

In the expression of synergy

In a wave motion of prose

That ignites a flame

Of truth within

Giving birth unto divine love within


Systems of Mindset Development

The 11-11, 12-12, 14-14, 16-16 and 18-18

Gateways to Levels of Mastery of Ascension into Self Realization


The 11-11, 12-12, 14-14, 16-16 and 18-18 are gateways or portholes into the concepts of forgiveness, compassionate action and divinity of self. Self is a consciousness that develops as striations of light are woven into the subtle bodies of mental, emotional, creative and intuitive awareness. The light striations synthesize motions of light waves in the field that cause octaves to be transfused through associated with mastery over each porthole and the divine concepts associated. Transfusion is an act of light synthesis that allows a connection between the physical and nonphysical associated with archetypal understanding. Transfusion dispensates knowing associated with each level of development.


Transfusion allows archetypal knowledge to be understood through light synthesis of self. Synthesis of self causes understanding to flow between the subtle bodies and mindset of the physical. Light synthesis of self fosters mindset development to comprehend the issues of mastery as self develops through time. Mindset development levels are a function of the waves that form through the synapses of the cortex of the cranium along with the subtle bodies. As mindset matches the subtle bodies, the physical and nonphysical better comprehend one another. Mindset has many formations of synapse development and flowers to foster understanding of forgiveness, compassion, or divine realization in the lives of those mastering self.


Most ascending humans foster non-succinct waves in the cortex of the mind. Non-succinct waves motion in angular synapse formations that flux in non-divine thoughts within. Non-divine brainwave motions equate to passive-aggressive behavior, depression, boredom, or listlessness; or hyper active behavior of nervousness to excitement or elation. Non-succinct mind waves spike, squiggle, flare or are disjointed in the formations of waves flowing out of the synapses of the cortex. Spikes are associated with elation, nervousness, fear or excitement. Flares trigger passive aggressive behavior. Squiggles cause the flavor of depression or listlessness in the life expression. Most mindset of ascending humans is non-succinct until development is fostered to another level within through continued mastery. Read more

Image of an exquisite lavender water lily with golden center. Mindset Development Introduction

Mindset Development Introduction


Ascension into Self Realization Theory of Mastery


The Mind


The mind is the gift

Of the awareness of self

In a forensics motion

Of a heart-mind accolade

Giving birth to union

In divine honor of all

Fostering the knowing

Of the mastery keys of life

In the beautification of care

Of the self of each

In the dreams of love

Of a realizing master within


Self-Realization Theory: Mastery of Divinity       


Self-realization is another level of ascension that is associated with the mastery of spirit over matter into the divine accolades of self. Self-theory is a level of consciousness that transfuses. Transfusion is a light force occurrence that synthesizes knowledge of physical realization unto the nonphysical for a continued existence post death. Those who transfuse generally do not become ill and renew in each cycle of development as long as the diet supports the journey. Transfusion is a light synthesis motion that sustains the mindset. Mindset is an adroit equation of synapses that allow for realization of self. Mindset development is a pre-requisite unto realization of self.


Divinity is a keynote of development for the purposes of transfusion lore of self. Transfusion lore of self is founded upon equality to foster the birth of realization within. Equality is an understanding that all is one and none is larger, smaller, grander or diminished in life regardless of happenstance of self. Equality is the prelude to development of the first synthesis of the self of the self within. The self of the self within develops into eighteen systems of divine concepts that are often difficult to transfuse through. Each of the eighteen systems flower in multiple light motions as prose thoughtform is perceived, witnessed, understood, realized and actualized through time. Self-realization language is poetry in motion known as prose. Prose reflects upon the lesson understood as each wave motion is mastered within.


Divine concepts of self are not an illusion but an internal mechanism to understand life from the point of reverence of truth in divine thoughts of wave prose. Truth is sustainable in increasing increments with each wave prose mastered in light motion. Light motions of truth are developed through the Tao of the Tao within. Tao is a force that asserts itself in development of self from within the archetype of self. Each human is born of a specific archetype with a specific life goal through time. Those realizing are of a particular bandwidth of archetype suited to the goal of actualization in each cycle. Many archetypes master ascension. Some can traverse no further as the mindset is incapable of developing within. Read more