Image of white butterflies flying to an orange, yellow Sun. Introduction-Earth Light Wave Language

Introduction: Earth Light Wave Language


The Emerging Earth Light Waves


A New Language of Light Wave Synergy


The Earth Waves


The Earth Waves

The waves of Earth foster a new language

Of sincerity of the heart

As the light motions flow between you and each

In the love of the two

And the care of the whole

In the fostering of the truth

Of a new era about to be born

In which the light waves motion

To foster the self of you

Into realization of the divine


New Light Wave Synergy Sign Language


The light waves of the planet have motioned on in recent years. The light waves ignite a divine system of self to open the Mother Sun Gates. The Mother Sun is a phenomenon of an intergalactic interplay of self that fosters light notions through time. Light notions are interpreted through light wave sign languages. Light wave sign languages are not new but have been unavailable upon a global scale up until recently. Light wave sign languages are to blossom in many regions global wide through the natural world ordering of the planetary Tao.


The planetary Tao is fostering the emerging light wave sign language into many more regions than they previously motioned into to date. Up until this year past, the light wave synergy sign language display motioned only in pristine regions often associated with national parks or regions uninhabited by humans. Now the new light language shall motion into any region fostering a light motion gate and Mother Sun Dream.


Light gates along with the emerging Mother Sun Dream are to open in succinct rhythms over the coming decade and in time span the globe. Most regions shall receive light gates wherever humans associated with ascension levels of mastery have been fostered to date. Light gates shall trigger the light wave synergy motions known as transfusion to begin. Transfusion is a light syncopated rhythm that allows light to be infused into the biology to renew and de-age the form. Transfusion is a light syncopated rhythm in the subtle body of field that triggers consciousness to grow into the concept of the self of the self within. Self-realization begins as transfusion motions in your field. Self-realization is not ascension levels of mastery. Self-realization is a fostering of mindset development into divine interpretation of thought-stream. Read more

Image of the wooly mammoth standing on the snow with the snowy mountains in the background. The Wooly Mammoth Speaks

24. The Wooly Mammoth Speaks


Blessings for Watching the Mirror that Life and World Events Presents


The Wooly Mammoth Species


The Wooly Mammoth Species existed upon the Earth plane about 14 million Earth years (56 million human years) ago. We were a fully conscious land mammal that remembers a time inside of the love and light of the Great Central Sun. Our predecessor or the elephant is only 1/18,000th of the consciousness that our species recalls. One can consider us the ancient ancestors therefore of the Elephant. Much as one is calling one’s own ancient ancestors forward to support one’s choice to ascend, elephant has called the Wooly Mammoth forward to guide and support their species ascension.


Innana and Merduk Karma


In a journey to Calgary Canada about a decade ago, Asur’Ana purchased a piece of jewelry that was made of Wooly Mammoth bone infused with a stone called Ammolite, which is a primary rainbow-colored fossil of a large snail shell. Such snails were often 3 feet in diameter, and also come from the time that the Wooly Mammoth was in existence. Each species was upwards of 3 times larger than current day standards at this time, as the pull of gravity and density of thoughtform was far less, allowing us grace in movement and a grand size as well. It was as Asur’Ana connected with our bones that she first made contact with our consciousness, and has called upon us ever since.


How and why did our species go extinct? You exist today in turbulent times that are a reflection of how and why we also went extinct. The war between the US and Iraq over a decade ago was ancient karma for the human species acting out that involves Merduk and Innana (Aphrodite and Hades in Greek and Roman mythology), Pleiadian humans and family members that warred upon one another unto extinction through nuclear annihilation. Alas this was only 120,000 years ago, but repeated in present time. More or less the war of Merduk and Innana at the time that it occurred was also ancient karma reenacted in their present time from an even earlier time period of Earth.


Understand that the karma for Merduk and Innana is embedded in over 1/3 of all humans in existence both of the Inner Earth and Outer Earth populations. You have roughly seven billion humans upon the Outer Earth and eight billion in the Inner Earth; the karma is therefore associated with approximately 5 billion humans worldwide. Why is this karma so complex and convoluted? Innana and Merduk extended their lives 18,000 human years. Their lineages interbred with red humans from Sirius and their own slaves extensively, causing their ancestry to be intertwined with so many upon Earth today.


Karma is complex in how it is passed down the generational byways of ancestry. Because Merduk and Innana lived 18,000 years, individual humans today inherit only small segments of their karma at best and at 2 segments of DNA. As such humans ascend, they may piece together a little more karma associated with the Annanuki, but not enough to release the karma for the entire lifetime. Therefore, it requires many many humans to ascend to release the karma for the entire lifetime of each member of the family of Anu. Furthermore, most humans associated with Annanuki inheritance cannot ascend much beyond 1,800 as they have partially to fully radioactive DNA and silica-based form that came from another parallel creation. Read more

Image of a variety of greens on a cutting board. Cooking With Greens

13. Cooking with Greens


Asur’Ana has continued to experiment with vegetarian and vegan recipes with Mother Earth consciousness that better supports ascending biology. Special healing planes are created with the use of all recipes in this section that assist those using the cookbook to receive blessings from Earth and nature. The blessings can create a most magical meal for oneself or others as well as allow for healing between oneself and the plant kingdoms. We hope that many avail themselves to our cookbook and receive the blessings from Earth that are associated to better support your continued ascent ahead.


As of late, Asur’Ana has discovered the joy of including more “greens” in her diet. Greens include kale, mustard greens, swiss chard, the tops of beets or carrots, or collard greens. For some reason, spinach has been considered the better green of choice in most vegetarian or non-vegetarian recipes. Although spinach is not bad, it does not contain all of the minerals and other micronutrients of varied greens in the diet, and therefore is less useful in sustaining one’s health in or ascending out of disease in ascension.


There is also something nice in including both the tops of the plants and their roots in one’s diet, such as beet tops and the beets, or carrot tops and the carrots. Most often humans throw away these greens instead of cooking them, and as such create a less nutritious meal than otherwise possible. The reason for this is that in including both the tops and the roots, one receives nutrients that work synergistically with one another to aid the body in regenerating, as well as provide a dream for wholeness. (Please refer to Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 26 “Blessings for a Diet of Regeneration and Ascension Home” for a lovely exploration of the problems with modern food science, and why momentum towards a whole food vegetarian diet is necessary to foster the evolution of oneself as well as humankind.)


Greens can also be eaten raw in salad in lieu of only lettuce. Asur’Ana has become fond of including arugula in her salads along with fresh basil; and the farmers market also sells bags of baby greens and bitters that are lovely to graze upon. Bitters are good blood cleansers and also provide many micronutrients necessary to sustaining one’s health, recovering one’s health, and making sure one does not ascend into disease ahead. So, these recipes are offered up so that ascending humans will include more greens in their diet.


Food Allergies and Karma


Although it is true that wheat gluten is a protein that is only a part of the whole, it is easily digested, and therefore supportive of receiving enough protein as a vegetarian at this time. Some may have been allergic to wheat or gluten in times past. The allergies to certain foods are karmic in nature, and may involve how the inheritance is responsible for how farmed foods lost its nutrients over time or became imprisoned in human farming practices. As the karma is released, the body will learn to adjust to all foods necessary to consume to create a complete and whole food diet rich in nutrients enough to ascend. Much of the karma for manipulation of food sources that humanity relies upon occurred in Atlantis, and as the karma is released, a new day ahead can be born for ascending initiates in terms of what they can digest in ease. Read more

Image of the ocean waves. Dragon Dreaming Archive #6

Dragon Dreaming Archive #6


Dragon Dreamers of Spirit


Dragon Dreamers of Spirit


The Spirit

Of the dragon

Is a journey of design

Defining Soul

As the purveyor of life

To drive the dreams

Forward through time

As ignited by Spirit

To foster awareness

Of the sublime dreams

Of All That Is and all that has ever been

Through life


Dragon Dreamers of Spirit


Dragon dreamers of spirit foster estuaries of soul that directs dreams of honor, truth, gentleness and spiritual development. Dragons are spirit in form that emulates an imaginary creature in childhood fables that is fire breathing, sometimes flies with large wings and has a face akin to a horse but a body with scales not unlike a fish. Dragons can appear similar in the nonphysical although are sincerely of the fabric of light and not form. The nonphysical rearranges in appearance to suit each human who dreams with the dragon spirits of oneself. Dragons can also appear human or of nature kingdoms in the vision of the mind.


Dragon spirits are less prevalent today than in more ancient times. Most humans are un-aspired in the spiritual contexts of existence. Eras of spiritual development occur in eight hundred year increments in current cycles. The current era is another development foray of dream for a limited number of humans who are dragon spirited within. Dragon spirited humans generally reside in sacred regions only. Sacred regions occur in many places fostered in lush natural world wonders such as national parklands and forests.


Dragon dreams are sacred dances to foster spirit and soul in a union divine. Dragon dreamers strive for spiritual pursuits of honoring one another and fostering the care of the two or the family of care. Care of the heart is the theme of dragon dreamers. Honoring spirit is another theme of dragon dreams. Spirit is a metaphor for the nonphysical aspects directing the life. Many today do not believe that the nonphysical exist or fear what cannot be perceived through the eyes. The nonphysical is always present and directs the dreams of each in the life. Demons direct the dreams of most. Dragons direct the dreams only of dragon dreamers in this era. Read more

Image of a placid lake along a rocky peninsula. Group Dynamics and Pyramidal Energy Flow

Chapter 4: Group Dynamics and Pyramidal Energy Flow


Group dynamics is a subject that has been written of extensively for those who have participated in the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) for any length of time. The entire purpose of this organization has been to understand the current human game and then map carve another way of being that creates greater unity amongst those participating in the program. It has been a long hard road to co-create ever increasing unity, and the success of the group is more or less spoken to in the birth of the Community Program. For this program could not exist if those in DAS had not constructed a successful path to unity in group relations. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


What is unity? Unity is a state of being in which one exists in collaboration and equality with all others. There is no one in charge above oneself; each is responsible for self-governance, or in ascension, for handling one’s ascension on their own. The group may support the evolution of the individual, but each must do their part to ascend, as no one can really ascend another anyway. As each does their part, then the whole of the group can evolve.


If one fails to do their part, then the group can fail, or the group can choose to remove those who are failing from the dreamtime Community Program, so that the group can transcend. If anyone ceases to serve the group, then they are removed as this is acting from unity. Unity equates to the greater good of the whole; if anything does not serve the whole of the group or the whole of Earth, then it is evicted or removed.


In dreamtime, there is also a movement of greater unity amongst those ascending in human form global wide. Humans are pulling together in dreamtime and in the temples. They are working together to assure that each succeeds at ascension. One example of this is the “buddy system” where groups of 3 in each tier in the new and third consensus make sure that the other arrives at the healing temple each night. Just in case an entire group is lost, each group assures that two other groups arrive. Furthermore, an overseer makes sure all groups are present in case 3 groups did not arrive that were looking after one another. The system is causing greater success as ascending humans are receiving the support that they require to evolve.


There are other changes underway as well. Schisms have been a large problem in the past with parts of the ascension failing to take hold in the physical. Some of the underlying cause has been faulty angels who were part of a group of forces desiring to see ascension fail for humanity. As these forces have been removed, now the manner in which the angels have caused schisms deliberately in ascending humans has been perceived.    Read more

Image of sunlight on gentle trees in the forest. Workbook 1 Chapter 4 Worksheets

Workbook 1: Chapter 4 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1, Chapter 4: Group Dynamics and Pyramidal Energy Flow.


Transcending Pyramidal Energy Flow and Disunity-Based Group Dynamics  


This section is devoted to assessing one’s genetic predispositions in association with disunity-based group dynamics and pyramidal energy flow. Each will see that one has played many roles in different regions of domain in this lifetime. Some may play the beautiful one role with family and the rejected one role with their beloved; or the charming one role at work and the imprisoned one role at home. Each can also assess the nature of their birth family in the neighborhood.


Different roles in different circumstances have to do with variant lineages that one was born with along with others that one has known over time. Each may find that one plays a different role with variant friends or family members or children. The roles one plays were roles that the ancestors of both inheritances played long ago. As one releases the karma for their role in any relationship, the role will change.


Perhaps one will move into a more unity-based role with family drawing forward the red nation lineages that they possess rather than the Anu or Anu slave lineages that pitted one against the other, or caused a loss of information in one direction or another. This is how one begins to mold their lives towards unity; by clearing the karma that is disunity based in each ancestor and each lineage that one is born with, and in so doing, one will alter the relationships to all others in the dance of life.


Pyramids, whether they be box shaped or triangular in nature define the position that each in the family or at work or in the neighborhood or within the region holds. Pyramids therefore press folk into worker bee, six positions of power, or six positions of strife. International pyramids define the power structure between nations. National pyramids define the power structure within the country. Regional pyramids define the power structure of the business and governance in any region. Neighborhood pyramids define the power structure amongst families. Work pyramids define the power structure between organization or corporations as well as those who work within them.


Most ascending initiates have engaged with at least 8 pyramids in this life to date if not more. Defining which ones that have defined your position in life is useful to understand so that one may begin to retrieve power, information, and knowledge to support ascension in the game. One can also begin to redefine the dream that one participates in to become a lotus rather than pyramidal pattern; in so being one will call a unity-based dream into the dance rather than a competitive hierarchical dream. Read more

Image of a splendid lavender hued sunset at the beach. Earth Archive #5

Earth Archive #5: Practical Self Assertions To Foster Your Life


Assertions for Your Life


The assertion of you

Is to be in you

And not in anyone else

To foster your life

And not anyone else’s life

In the love of the Tao

In the care of the Dao

In the life form of yourself

And not anybody else’s life form

In the care of the whole of Earth


Simple Assertions: Fostering the Self for the Dreams of Life


Simple assertions redirect the self of the self to striate into notions that cause dreams to align as you design them within and in your life. Simple assertions are not complex but need to be programmed into the psyche. The psyche is a mechanism that resides above the cortex of the mind. The mind is the psyche. The heart mind interplay occurs in the psyche to align the emotions with the thoughts directing the life. The psyche forms as octaves 1,800 are transfused through. A light quotient of 65 percent is required infused into the biology in order for the psyche to form. As the psyche forms, assertions and prose prevail to direct the life. The psyche directs the dreams of life through intention. Intention is conscious. Assertions are subconscious. Prose incantations to foster the dreams are also subconscious in stature of direction.


Assertions and prose realign the self of the self in positive striations to direct dreams into positive endeavors each day, week and month lived. A 65 percent light infusion level requires a primarily vegan diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates to maintain the life in health. Fresh fruits and vegetables and juices are a daily requirement to maintain the health of the blood.


The blood becomes the measure of health in light motion of field. Blood is measured in the ethereal in the subtle body. If the blood is golden, then it is healthy. If the blood begins to foster other colors such as grey to brown, it is unhealthy and requires purification. Unhealthy self attracts dreams of strive and negative emotional responses such as anger, depression or suicidal feelings. Unhealthy self can be purified through transfusion. Purification requires white, ivory, silver and gold striations to form to melt the dark colors to allow the self of the self to remain well as each series of octaves are mastered through time.


Purification occurs from the physical up as it is infused at the 65 percent light thresholds of self. As the body transfuses, the light motions up and purifies the blood of the subtle body to sustain health through time. The physical blood also purifies through light motions of field. The physical blood requires certain nutrients to foster recurrent health. Read more

Image of a dandelion in between light and dark regions in the cosmos. The Nature Of Light And Dark Earth Dreams

11. The Nature Of Light And Dark Earth Dreams


We invite those reading our books or our website to re-read the earlier materials posted. Often as one achieves a new level of evolution, one will understand the information one had read before from a new vantage point. Most of the materials written from 2019 to 2021 are embedded with the Language of Light dual and tri tones vibrations. Therefore, one may continue to find keys to one’s own next steps in ascension in re-reading the materials already offered.


Unity and Pod Based Rotation


The most beautiful change to occur amongst ascending humans this year is momentum into pod-tribe energy flow. Pod tribe energy flow is similar to what magnetic whales and dolphins move between members of their pods; and is also similar to how indigenous peoples run their energy separate from white nation’s peoples in present time as well as in ancient times.


Long ago, red nation’s peoples ran a rotational movement around each field that Earth has called the Triple Lotus Flow. The Triple Lotus movement appears much like a flower when spinning; the core of each flower hosts a particular human and their chakras, subtle bodies and dreamtime light body self. The energy spins around the field rather than penetrating the etheric body in any manner; this in turn allows each to retain their truth and sovereign energy flow in the dance of life as well as one’s health.


The current energy humans run tend to be either pyramidal or box shaped geometry and often penetrates the etheric body in sticky cords of attachment that do not allow for sovereign energy flow. The box shaped energy originated upon Alpha Centauri with the Reptilians and the Pyramidal flow with the Family of Anu from the Pleiades. The sticky ties of attachment associated with box shaped or pyramidal shaped geometry also lead to aging, illness and death wherever the movement penetrates the etheric body as they deplete the body of chi over time. Pyramids and box like geometry also creates competition in all forms known to humanity at this time in history. Box like geometry tends to run amongst Eastern nations and Pyramids amongst Western nations, although in larger cities there will be both energy movements.


In either system of pyramids or boxes, the one on top is the one who receives all the dreams and all the wealth. In current civilization, it is your most famous leaders and movie stars that sit on the top of the boxes and pyramids of all others in all nations. These folks strip those underneath of dreams, chi, moving energy systems and information for their own gain. Stripping others for personal gain does not serve ascension, as the one stripped is then likely to experience a cease-ascension or a rollback over time. Read more