Image of a field of violet and gold colored flowers. Transcending Physical Law

3. Transcending Physical Law


We, the Ancient Ones wish to explain the phenomenon that results as one transcends physical plane law. Such phenomenon is something that we understood and had mastered in our lifetime upon Sirius and before relocating unto Earth. Such mastery was lost over time upon Earth due to reasons that we are now only beginning to understand; we are coming to understand our own lost history due to the records revealed from our lifetimes through present time human and global ascension. However, let us suffice to say that all that was lost will be restored; and the original purpose that we came to Earth, which was to support global ascension Home to the Great Central Sun, will be fulfilled upon.


We were a group of 48 initiates of both male and female gender that were born and educated and later seeded upon Earth by Sirian spiritual elite. The purposes that we were born for was not hidden from us; we knew our entire lives that we would be relocating unto another planet to oversee another race of humans seeded at an earlier juncture upon Earth. Furthermore, we spent decades of time undergoing spiritual education by the Sirian spiritual elite themselves, and it was during such training that we each mastered physical law.


Mastering Levitation, Teleportation, Transfiguration and Instant Manifestation


What does mastery of physical law mean? In human history upon Sirius, mastery of spiritual law equated to no longer being subject to the law of gravity, form, or physical limitation. This leads to the mastery of levitation (the capability to float or fly), teleportation (the ability to move from one place to another with a thought), transfiguration (the ability to alter the molecular and cellular structure into another form such as an animal and then back into our human form again), and instant manifestation (the ability to think of a physical object and then manifest such an object instantly).


Such laws are held in place by agreement; as long as one agrees to the laws of gravity, physical form, and physical limitation, then one is subject to existing within a consensus reality in a parallel manner to how most humans exist upon Earth in present time. For in present time, one requires a train, plane or automobile to get from one place to another; or at another time one would walk, run, swim or ride the back of an animal such as a horse or elephant.


Objects do not “grow on trees” or appear suddenly as one thinks of them; one must either create the object oneself, solicit another to do so, or purchase that which one desires in present time from a market or mall or online. One also cannot take the shape of anything else in Creation other than the shape one was born with and matured into; one cannot become a bird, cat, dog or whale in appearance at will. Read more

Image of a cornucopia basket with abundance of fresh fruits. Transcendental Yogi Tales #2

Transcendental Yogi Tales #2




The truth of our hearts

Lies in a moment in time

A thanksgiving of the divine

In which you blow my mind

As you are beautiful

But not in the physical

I adore your big beauty within

More than I ever could

And I love you so

Into a dream of deep care

From which I grow

And learn who I am

In this heart of mine




The joy of the soiree is in the care space of the Yogi. Yogi Bodhi is a gorgeous not sort of man who is bald, fosters a large appendage upon his face known as a nose, has big fat lips, dark skin and curly black eyebrows. His laugh is contagious however and he is known as the comedian Yogi of our hearts. Aspirants come to learn laughter, joy and hope giving birth to something new possibly after a life trauma but not always. Those who gather around the Yogi appreciate his sense of humor about life and about yourself. Each must be prepared to laugh at you as well as at others about the antics of partnership and friendship of the kinship variety of an amazing ashram of our hearts.


The room is candlelit for the dinner of the divine conception of ourselves. It is a spring gala event at Ashram Libertee. The room shimmers with silks of gold cast upon all tables. Glass bowls are laden with bountiful abundance of divine flavors that entice the senses to eat too much. Yogi Bodhi is a large man with a belly that jiggles as he laughs. Many in the ashram engorge themselves gaining weight over time if they stay too long. Those seeking partnership attempt to eat less but often fail due to the delight of the taste buds, if not the waistline. The Yogi encourages each to fill themselves grandly at each seasonal harvest ball in thanksgiving of self.


The music delights and some do dance and sing along with the many ashram story songs composed for the Yogi through time. Folk bump into one another due to the buxom nature of both male and female devotees of Ashram Libertee. It is a liberty to eat too much. It is a liberty to laugh too much. It is a liberty to feel free to do the opposite of what all other ashrams preach which is to fast, cleanse, grow lean and dance into the night swaying with another type of Yogi other than Yogi Bodhi. Read more

Image of a maple tree with red leaves. Blessings For The Sweetness Of Life

14. Blessings For The Sweetness Of Life


From the Maple Tree Kingdom


It is the Maple Tree Kingdom that addresses you today. Our kingdom has been involved with the human species since your original seeding upon Terra (Earth) from the Sirian star system. Humans were seeded with certain plants and trees that were common food source upon Sirius. Maple trees have always contained a sweet sap that is easy to tap into and enjoy as a sweetener or as a treat for human taste buds. And so, our species like many others originates from Sirius.


Sweet Dreams and Sour Dreams


The sweet taste of certain food source is associated with the sweetness of life. Many humans crave sweets because their life is lacking the sweeter dreams that one would like to make manifest. Those who reject sweets also reject the sweetness of life or the sweeter dreams. For a long time, one particular initiate’s body craved sour and salty over sweet tastes; eating something sweet was not her preference. This was a reflection of the sour dream she was living at the time where she felt unfulfilled or starved for sweeter dreams. Over time, she learned to embrace sweeter foods, especially after her beloved joined her, and this was a reflection of embracing the sweeter dream of having a beloved in her life dance. Now baking sweet treats as well as eating fruit each day is an ongoing part of diet.


Sweeter life dreams and sour life dreams have more to do with energy dynamics than any other cause. Sweet dreams that provide a sense of fulfillment are magnetic in a magnetic creation. What are magnetic dreams? They are dream projections from the solar sun that are rotational in energy flow or circular in nature. It requires a rotational field to catch a rotational dream. Sour dreams on the other hand are caused by pyramidal or angular flow that intersects the circular flow of a magnetic creation. It is the interaction of magnetic and electrical energy that creates a sour dream.


What is a sour dream? Long ago, Terra harbored only magnetic flow and knew nothing but the sweetness of life with all kingdoms living in harmony with one another. Over time, humans from other star systems that viewed Terra as a living terrarium chose to seed plants, trees and animals from other creations. This was long before human life came to be upon Terra. Some of the foreign plants, trees and animals hosted rotational flow; they contributed to the dream of fulfillment of Terra. Some foreign plants, trees and animals contained angular or electrical flow in their DNA; these kingdoms caused the sweet dream of Terra to turn sour over time. Sour dreams lead to sour outcomes for the whole. What do we mean by this? Sour dreams create travesties of all kinds; the more sour the dream, the greater the travesty.


Sour Dream of the Dinosaurs


The sour dream that was created in this cycle in the third dimension after foreign plants, trees and animals were brought by human scientists in spacecraft led to the experience of the dinosaurs in our more recent history. The dinosaurs were seeded only in small numbers to begin with on the part of human scientists from Alpha Centauri. Read more

Image of a serene scene in nature with clouds partially covering the sun. Shakti Relationship Lore #5

Shakti Relationship Lore #5


The Surrogate Spouse


The Lore of a Love of Naught


Harmony Within

The peace of the Soul

Ignites a foray

Of a theory

Of the masculine

To disregard the feminine

Only to surrender

Unto the tantric flow

Inaugurating a season

Of the beautification of the Divine

In all life forms

In the postulation of truth

Igniting the Love of the Love Within

Between the two


Lore Fables of Dark Happenstance


This is the second of a very dark lore of happenstance of union. Dark lore numbers four fables of happenstance of deep sadness of dream of the two. Some dark lore affects the female in union or the divine feminine within of the male. Yet other dark lore affects the male in union or the inner masculine of the female. However dark lore transpires, there is a gift of a deep spiritual level of achievement possible as the lore concludes and forgiveness blossoms.


Conclusion of lore occurs in many variables of hypothesis of a given union. Hypothesis of unions are prose poetry that inaugurate a system of self that aspires to dream the fable of the lore in the given life. Lore fables of dark happenstance are those of strife. This is an example of the lore fable of this particular union of the dejection of self. The prose above and at the end of this chapter is to renunciate the difficult lore so that completion can occur and the love of self re-inagurate within.


Dejection and Withdrawal


The lore of the union

Is a foray of the non-divine

In which the male dejects the female

In the estuary of self

In a destiny of the non-sublime Read more

Image of a spiraling wave in the cosmos. The Dance Between Archetypes (Part 2)

Chapter 3: The Dance Between Archetypes (Part 2)


The Red Nations History


The red nations’ peoples were eighteen nations of humans incubated in a laboratory by Sirian scientists to gain an understanding of what types of DNA packages would thrive upon Earth. They were seeded upon Earth 75,000 Earth years (300,000 human years) ago and 225,000 Earth years (900,000 human years) after the creation of the ice shields. Of the eighteen nations of humans, only seven root races survived as they had the right genealogy and energy flow for Earth’s biosphere. The scientists returned many times over a 100,000-human year period to monitor the tribes, returning to where they had been originally seeded; most did not migrate far from their original region of seeding over time.


There was something wrong however with the eleven root races that did go extinct. These races appeared to have run electrical or mer-ka-ba geometry. Over time this flow was so non-resonant with the land that the harm returned caused plagues and all of such tribal members went extinct. Tribes were seeded in regions so far apart and deliberately upon the part of the scientists so that they would not migrate and find one another and interbreed. This allowed a pure understanding of what energy flow worked with Earth and what did not along with DNA associated in human form for the Sirian scientists.


Regardless of the scientific stance upon the issue, the fact that there was mer-ka-ba energy flow in human form recorded upon the grids of Earth caused another human race of parallel energy flow known as the Pleiadian Annanuki to be drawn to Earth again into the future. It is also a great truth that when the Grand Masters with the large craniums were seeded upon Earth 25,000 Earth years (100,000 human years) later, that they attempted to ascend some of the red nations peoples. In the ascent, the mer-ka-ba energy flow was recreated and inflated to global proportions. This in turn called the Anu to Earth at a later time period as they matched the global energy signature of the mer-ka-ba.


The Anu came with particular goals in mind for harvesting Earth’s resources and life extension primarily. The red nations peoples by and large avoided the Anu and stayed out of their way. Merduk abducted many of the red nations peoples (175 over time) and had access to each of the seven holograms associated with the Native American root race. The Native American root race was the primary root race living nearby the Anu.


Merduk experimented upon these humans in his laboratory and utilized their DNA in the manufacturing of the Anu slaves. This caused a holographic fall for the Native American root race. The fall of the Native American root race did not directly affect other lineages associated with Tibetan, Inuit (Mongolian), South American Indian, Aboriginal (Australian), African, Polynesian, or Laplanders (Sami) root races at this time. Read more

Image of a serene aqua blue lake in a pristine place in nature. Workbook 1 Chapter 3 Worksheets

Workbook 1: Chapter 3 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1, Chapter 3: The Dance Between Archetypes (Part 1) and Chapter 3: The Dance Between Archetypes (Part 2)


The Dance of the Archetypes: Learning the Spiritual Lessons of Our Human Inheritance   


These worksheets are devoted to assessing the spiritual lessons of your human ancestors. Not all lessons will apply to all lives of those associated in the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). However, the school itself holds individuals each of whom represents as a collective all spiritual lessons of the human species. As such, karma for the entire human species can be released at dreamtime events, as the group is a collective representation of all of humanity.


In our work together, there is an opportunity to understand the entire wheel of spiritual lessons that must be released in order to master full consciousness in ascension. One’s future ancestors will be faced with the karma that one may not be able to release in this lifetime. In the understanding of the nature of the karma, a path towards full consciousness can be called forward for the future generations associated with oneself. This assures a path to this goal ahead.


Each in the DAS program or reading these materials also has an opportunity to release all karma in one’s birth tapestry allowing for a spiritual opportunity to work one’s way off the reincarnation cycles of birth, death and rebirth. What exactly does this mean? This means that one’s future ancestry will cease to be propelled into creating children that cannot ascend as the karma for non-ascension will be cleared in full from one’s tapestry. This will allow for the selective creation of future generations with all the necessary information to ascend to full consciousness and beyond.


What is it to live a life that is karma free? This is what most humans long for; a life where there is no debt and where a dance of balanced giving and receiving along with unity can be called into the dance of life. This can occur only as one has completed with all karma in one’s birth tapestry. As many in communities into the future complete with all birth karma, then there is an opportunity to map make a different dance of life that can become the foundation of a new type of human civilization. This too is the purpose of this program. By highlighting all the karma, the karma one has agreements to complete with in this lifetime will be triggered so that one can fulfill upon this spiritual goal.  Read more

Image of a delightful field of tulips. Dragon Dreaming Archive #5

Dragon Dreaming Archive #5


Dragon Dreamers of Sincerity


Dragon Dreamers of Sincerity


The sincerity

Of the dragon

Is a superlative journey

Defining time

In the realms of the heart

In a beautiful foray

Of a unique flow

In which truth may define Love

As the preciousness

Of All That Is

And all that will ever be

Through time


Dragon Dreaming for Sincerity


Dragons when present are a sincere motion of love and care that fosters union of the two, family or group. Dragons are not present everywhere upon Earth. Certain motions foster demon dreaming in many regions. Generally, there are pockets of dragon dreaming enclaves in all countries or states. It is important for dragon dreamers to move to enclaves of dragon dreaming to foster mastery and the best possible dreams for the life happenstance.


Life in dragon dreaming renditions the extremes for countless possible notions of strife to become superfluous through time. Superfluous notions cause dreams to align in a synergy of self or between selves. Synergy of self cause dreams to cease to collide fostering the journey of unity and care amongst dragon dreamers. Dragon dreaming locations are often hotspots for vacations as demons enjoy playing in dragon dreams on holiday. Sometimes dragon dreaming accolades to superlative places such as parklands or open space that fosters the divine in spirit. Dragons generally prefer their own enclave in life rather than living in a demonic dream happenstances.


Demonic dream happenstances are far from the care that nurtures the heart of dragon dreamers. Demons are inherently lustful to outright belligerent in notion often demanding their needs above and beyond the needs of each or the whole. Meeting the needs of each and the whole is the foundation of dragon dreaming accolades of self. Dragon dreams foster collaboration and unity even when demons are present in any region. Demons that are terribly un-fortuitous in their ambition to destroy are generally evicted for superlative dragon dreaming regions and move in the physical in time. The loss of the most difficult of demons causes dragon dreaming regions to be a safe place to foster life for dragon-based humans. Read more

Image of feet meridians. Effective Techniques to Support Ascension

10. Effective Techniques To Support Ascension


There are many techniques that are supportive of ascending initiates and this is what we wish to delve into today. Recently, the Nut, Vegetable and Fruit Bearing Plants gave some assistance in association with nutrition to support the ascending field and form. (Please see Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 6 “Blessings for a Healthy Body that Can Ascend” for more information.) Nutrition is an important manner to support ascension because if the biology does not have all the necessary ingredients to modify a particular part of the cellular structure, then often this region is skipped over leading to gaps and holes in the ascension through which one can then be manipulated. Therefore, providing a solid nutritional foundation on an ongoing and recurrent basis is important to the goal of ascension in this lifetime.


Lack of Appetite


Sometimes initiates suffer from intermittent or long-term lack of appetite. The underlying cause of a lack of appetite is generally a desire to cease to digest one’s spiritual life lessons. For in failing to eat, one also fails to ground adequately into physicality and ceases to process the incoming information from soul down the chakras connecting one to one’s source; and also ceases to release what one is no longer needing down the grounding cord for transmutation by one’s larger chakras in the Aurora or core of Earth. Eat and one will begin to process their ascension again as well as ground soul into the physical, or so many initiates have discovered.


There are dark forces that prefer you to fail at your transcendence also in any field. These forces generally sit in the space between the ley lines of energy flow of the etheric body, chakras, subtle bodies and light body dreamtime self. As one intends to shatter those consciousnesses that desire one’s failure in the space between, then one can begin to push out that which is interfering with one’s need to provide nutrition to the ascending biology. An ascending body will always desire to eat as there are always nutrients necessary to the biological transmutation process underway each day, week or month of ascension. If one fails to feel the body’s requirement to eat, then something is interfering.


Releasing Diet Machinery


There can be machines associated with appetitive control from a desire to be thin through dieting. If one did not diet much in this lifetime, then this type of machinery may be associated with ancestors who dieted in earlier time periods in human history that one is related unto. The thin female has been a recurrent “fashion model” in many eras including Atlantis and the era of the Annanuki. Innana (Venus or Aphrodite) was famous for her thin and frail looking form with rather small breasts that she believed was the most beautiful female figure upon Earth.


During the era of the slave civilization associated with the Anu, women desired to be thin and chose to limit their food intake to accomplish the goal of appearing like Innana. The Anu themselves of course did not require limitation of food as they held a silica based crystalline structure that much like the crystalline form ascending initiates are embodying today cannot eat enough calories to sustain itself. Innana could eat whatever she wanted and remain thin. Read more