Image of an astounding valley with a waterfall and lake surrounding by snow capped mountains. Shakti Relationship Lore #11

Shakti Relationship Lore #11


Twin Love Not


The Lore of Princess and the Pea


Self Not

The journey of the dream

Is to fester

In a notion

Of deep non-care

Of a difficult happenstance

In which the feminine swerves

Into a vision of disdain

For the masculine

Triggering a renunciation

Of the Self

That loses all

Until the feminine loves


The Forensics of Self


The princess and the pea hypothesis is of the beautiful maiden who cannot sleep on top of a pile of mattresses due to a tiny pea underneath. Night after night, she lucid dreams dancing the night away with her twin and beloved of self. The twin never manifests in life but is always in her dreams leading to the flavor of fulfillment within, but the dissatisfaction of non-fulfillment of the actual dream of care of a beloved in the life. Forensics of self is responsible for attracting or negating dreams of twins to manifest a union. Forensics either motions dreams towards waking life hours or into dream time where the experience manifests while asleep or in moments of lucid dreaming.


Forensics are a motion sustained by the nervous system. The nerves forensics a wave that attracts or negates dreams desired or dejected by self. If nerves are imbalanced, dreams that are undesirable or difficult may be attracted in life when self desires something else. If nerves are diminished, the capacity to attract dreams intended dissipates into a night time habitat of self. All dreams desired are experienced in the physical or as lucid dreams at night. All dreams are real regardless of where they are suspended. Lucid dreaming is often an entertainment flavor of life that suspends joy in some. Some gifted at lucid dreaming may fail to manifest much in the physical but have an avid experience and expression known as beautiful daydreams.


Matching Forensics of Twin Flames


Matching forensics generally occur between twin flames. Twin flames are two of parallel genetics of opposite forensics that care for one another deeply. Twin flames can occur in heterosexual or homosexual dream happenstance of encounters in life. Not all twin flames are destined to become beloveds. Often twins manifest as friends of deep care through time. Some twins are destined to be beloveds of deep care of the two. Twin flame unions are common in some eras and uncommon in others. In this era twin flame unions are becoming more frequent. Twin flame lore is complex due to the desire to mindset develop in life. Twin flame unions provide a fertile system of spiritual growth and realization within if they manifest. Read more

Image of a lovely and striking place in nature. Shakti Relationship Lore #10

Shakti Relationship Lore #10


The Death of the Heart


The Lore of Snow White


Forensic Not

The forensics of the moment

Is to destroy

In a motion

Of deep insincerity

Of a difficult time

In which the dream dies

Into a lackluster vision of non-delight

Destroying the feminine

Into disappearing within

Until a postulation of loss

Is all that is dreamt

Until the masculine cares


The Snow White Theme and Living In Fantasies


Snow white is a theme of the beauty of the child and feminine in a lore of deep jealousy of the mother or queen. The queen kills the beauty and life of the child to become big and beautiful in themselves. The theme of snow white is well known in this time period. The theory of snow white is the beautiful maiden who perishes due to the loss of self within. Self is a striation of field that sustains the dreams of life. If self is lost, dreams fade into suicidal tendencies or death of the feelings of care of self. Suicide is not an incident without strife. The loss of self is a confusing happenstance in which guidance from within to direct the life recedes. Guidance of very dark forces interferes leading to the desire to die or retract from others out of deep feelings of worthlessness within.


Snow white is not the beautiful maiden that falls asleep never to awaken until the prince who restores her life force as the fable portrays today. Snow white is beaten up within into difficult resources that haunt his or her inner love and care of self into a hateful stance of his or her life. Often those who hate within find comfort in fantasies of books or movies in themes of love. Sometimes those who hate within construct elaborate fantasies to offset the loss of the heart of the heart within. Snow white can be fostered in both male and female incarnations. The feminine within when destroyed is a haunting experience through time. The nature of the nonphysical in demonic interplay is the underlying cause of the internal strife of those sustained in snow white fate.


Snow white can be the bride or groom to one who demonizes the inner fabric of the self of the self within leading to an internal fabric of hate and then fantasy to sustain the life. Demons enter the field and haunt the one to be destroyed as a means of extracting the truth of the heart. As the heart is lost, one either becomes suicidal or finds addictive fantasies as a means of sustaining the life. Demons can be vampires that strip the chi and will to live until one chooses for suicide or fades into conditions of deep solitude, tiredness, littleness and a haunted stance within. The one feeding upon snow white theme of existence expands into an empire in control of the partner. The partner is so haunted they are unable to live fully or find joy in their existence through time except in the sustenance of a fantasy. Read more

Image of a lovely waterfall. Shakti Relationship Lore #9

Shakti Relationship Lore #9


The Forensics Mission


The Lore of Seduction and Loss of Heart



The mission of the moment

Is to seduce

With a cavalier of motion

That sustains the season

Of a glorious moment

In which the dream beautifies

And the union delights

But the flavor of Self

Mystifies the feminine

And he disappears from sight

Until a postulation of truth

Reveals the care of the heart


Seduction Simulates Care of the Heart


Seduction is a forensics act that simulates care of the heart. Seduction is often mystifying as it can romance in one motion and then depart in another. The one the most mystified is generally the one who feels abandoned after a glorious time together. The seducer is not a permanent fixation in the life; only a cavalier moment in time in which love appears to flourish. The heart felt motion may syncopate a rhythm in which one feels as though they are falling in love. The seducer is a good actor that plays the part for a time but departs knowing that he or she cares for no one sincerely; and cares too much for him or herself within.


Care that is only internal is a reflection of ego of a sincere warrior not of the heart. Warrior of the heart-nots are a fixation of a desire for love as felt inside to manifest outside with someone spectacular as themselves. No one ever matches the picture of perfection of the seducer within who is so glorious unto themselves that they know they are simply too special for anyone. Often the seducer lives alone flowing from one disappointing union unto the next. Over time, the seducer may settle in marriage due to social pressure or other confinements of need in life. Generally, the judgment of the seductive partner is so apparent that resentment occurs of the union over time. One partner feels far less or worthless in the extreme ego of the other. The worthlessness can surmount into a devastation within in which the heart is lost.


Worthlessness and Loss of Heart


Worthlessness is an action of a loss of heart. The heart accolade is a special motion and system of energetic formation and formulation that triggers a flavor of care within. As the heart accolade is rendered, the heart eclipses leading to the flavor of worthlessness, depression, suicidal tendencies and diseases associated with the immune function, lungs and heart. Heart motions are succinct rhythms that when damaged disturb the forensics of the biology. If sustained long enough, the loss of heart motion leads to diseases of the chest. Heart loss that is mild is less disturbing than a major shattering of the chalice of the divine. Unions in close proximity are forensically capable of shattering the heart accolade of self leading to extreme loss of the will to live and suicide, accident or disease to follow.  Read more

Image of a field of lavender flowers. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #2

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #2


The Fable of the Magician


The Force of Magic


The Magician


The Magician

The lore of magician

Is a gift of creation

That desires to sustain

The beauty of the dream

In the eloquence of the sublime

In order to cause

A design

That blesses the self

And anoints spirit

In a motion

Of life


Parables of the Tarot


The tarot is an ancient arcana of fable that anoints the field in a particular dream that sustains the existence through time. Parables are fables incanted at birth for a particular purpose amongst those upon the path of awakening and realization. Parables are not to be confused with other life theories of self. Life theories are rhetorical and occur in sequences of one hundred and forty for incarnation spells that augment the journey from birth unto death of each life. Prose ckantor of dragon dream accolades of self inaugurate the incantations prior to birth. The spells associated anoint the field at conception to cause the life to unfold in the dreams yet untold.


Dreams anointed are case specific to many forces desiring to experience the life for the understanding of self. Self oscillates a motion that anoints the dream of the life at special times of inauguration. Inauguration of self occurs in seven-year lore cycles from birth to death. Each lore cycle has its own incantations to foster the dreams for the experience of self. Self has special incantations for those who realize consciously.


Conscious realization is a case specific accolade of achievement when fostered. Realization of self is a sacred act of a spiritual foray of dream. Many may feel that dreams can be forecast or altered through life. The incantations of each are oscillated in a motion for fulfillment of purpose and are not suppositioned to alter unless forgiveness unfolds at each level of mastery. If forgiveness unfolds life, happenstance may oscillate in a new direction of the divine to sublime.  Read more

Image of a palm tree at the beach. Earth Archive #9

Earth Archive #9: The Oneness of the Love Thought Stream


Healthy Mindset


I love that I am and I think that I care

As each is a part of the divine path of life

Nothing is right or wrong

It is only in my mind

That anything is light or dark

In the truth it all exists

As a foible of myself to realize through

To foster the love of my Dao and Tao within

And to accept and bless each upon my path

In the love and compassion of the whole

In the divine truth

Of the love of all


All Is One in the Love of the Whole


The purpose of mindset development is to foster visspa and vesspa mindset into oneness and wholeness theory of existence. In oneness and wholeness there is a love that cascades and cares and caresses the light motion of field between you and nature or others who also care. The divine truth is that love heals all problematic patterns in the universe. The problematic patterns may be witnessed as darkness in others that leads to strife within your mind. The strife is not necessarily real but only a perception of the non-divine. What causes perception of the non-divine? A mind that is bent. Mind bend is an oscillation that fluxes the mindset to bow to the front, back, right or left rather than remain straight above the cortex. Holding on to oneness in the love of the whole requires the mind to cease to bow.


What causes the mind to bow? Diet plays an intricate role in mind bow or mind bend. Mind bow can be defined as a non-centered state of being that is less than comfortable to experience within such as anxiety or depression. Mind bend to an extreme can be defined as a very un-centered state that is very uncomfortable to witness within such as hysteria or suicidal tendencies. Plastic, heavy metals and petrochemicals in the cortex cause mind bow or mind bend to an extreme through time. Plastic mimics certain biochemical substances that can trigger the synapses to flare. Synapses that flare cause anxiety to hysteria within. Petrochemicals can anesthetize the mind to a point of the experience of depression to suicidal desires within. Heavy metals damage nerves leading to psychosis if extreme enough in the cortex of the mind.


For those mindset developing, all toxins can be detoxified with the right dietary changes. Some preoccupations that expose those destined to mindset develop in this cycle to many toxins can lead to a form of psychosis. The psychosis is of extreme fear of the darkness perceived in others that is really not so; and the fear has a tendency to mind bend those of this stature of toxic overload to depart relationships with partners or soul family over time. Read more

Image of graceful swans in love. Shakti Relationship Lore #8

Shakti Relationship Lore #8


The Truth of Swan Lake


The Lore of Travesty of the Loss of Love



The forensics of Love

Is a beautification within

That fosters a motion

Of the sublime

That notions a care

That is superlative

But renders the heart

In the end of the story

Of the masculine

Until the truth within is mastered

In a postulation of hope

As sustenance within is restored


Abandonment in Union


The truth of Swan Lake is the repose of abandonment in union. Abandonment is an internal fabrication of self that is lost. Self is a striation of field that is associated with consciousness and awareness. The lost self motions itself into non-succinct rhythms of light that denotes the flavor of loss. The flavor of loss is a symptom of self that feels withdrawn or abandoned within. All flavors of abandonment are internal afflictions that can only be fostered into healing within. Healing afflictions of abandonment is a symptom of self-inauguration. Self inaugurates itself into the field through archetypal flux that fosters the sensation of fullness and fulfillment within. Fulfillment leads to a flavor of non-abandonment in life.


Self reflects the conscious mind. The conscious mind experiences and expresses in many flavors of self. The flavors of self are motioned as light waves in the mindset of synapse formations in the cortex of the brain. The flavors of self expand in times of beautification as a full field phenomenon of self in realization of itself. Self flowers in motions that are beautiful to the divine. Beauty and divinity are expressions of love in various motions of self. Love of the love in union is an incantation and prose that fosters the flavor of beauty and divinity within. Union within is fostered first through the self and then incantated into the pair to foster the love of the two. If love fails to occur within each, love together is an impossible motion to fulfill upon through time.


The Swan Lake Theme


Swan Lake is a theme of prose incantation that follows the notions of the ballet. Swan Lake theme is about the beautiful black and white swans who meet, fall in love and mate. The two flocks of black and white swans are not happy about the union outside of their specific breeds. The black swans attack the white beloved and he perishes in the loss of self. The flocks are pervasive and capable of deep harm. The love is lost and the flavor of the cherished beloved has flown. The female longs for her beloved out of deep abandonment, never finding another as glorious again. Read more

Image of a magnificent cave in Vietnam. Earth Archive #8

Earth Archive #8: Assertions for Your Divine Dreams


Actualization of You


I love that I am

And I care that I actualize

As a divine instrument of my Soul

In the anointing of spirit of Babaji

In the truth of my divine purpose

In love of the Baba

Caressing everyone that I touch

In the dreams of my Tao

And the fostering of my Dao

In the fellowship of my soul family


Dreaming the Dreams of Spirit: Actualizing Yourself through Time


Actualization is a fundamental journey of self-realization. Actualizing your dreams is a system of self all of its own that descends to foster you into the journey you were destined to dream in a divine life. Realization is a fostering of internal systems to contemplate in divine notions. Divine notions flower above the cortex as each divine concept is mastered. Realization is only a part of the quagmire of the spiritual fostering of you. Actualization of your life purpose is the next quagmire to focus upon as enough divine notions are mastered. Actualization fosters the flowering of the mind into the flowering of the dreams of the life to foster your divine soul’s purpose and destiny. Each is unique unto the soul’s purpose that you are to foster in a life of realization levels of divine mastery.


The soul’s purpose of you is sacred unto spirit. Love is the undercurrent of the notions of each soul’s purpose. Love pours through a reservoir of systems of life form associated with transfusion and the sway of light motion of field. The Baba hosts the systems of love in this cycle. Babaji is an intricate part of the Baba system of self. Babaji mastered the capacity to manifest bodies as sacred instruments in many cycles without birth and sometimes without death.


Babaji is anchoring the sacred accord of the love of the truth of divine soul’s purpose of each self-actualization to be fostered. The love of the divine fosters realization into deeper care of the whole with the Baba participating in the experience as you transfuse with himself. The love of truth is anchored through Babaji’s system in which he guides and experiences the actualization of your divine dreams. Read more

Image of a magical and serene nature scenery. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #1

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #1


Section 2: Yogananda Tales of the Heart Introduction


Yogananda Tales of the Heart is a series of articles that focuses upon the lore fables of the major arcana of the Tarot. The major arcana of the Tarot are an influence of self-realization. Each arcana reflects a lore of self to be lived amongst those mastering the spiritual pursuits of life. Each fable is offered for introspection over the lore of the realization of yourself. Most mastering today foster one to two major arcana lore as the theme for mastery of self.


The arcana of fate

Is a lore fable of self

Of a life of mastery

Of spirit

Into matter

In a sojourn of truth

Of the divine

Realizing self within

In a story

Of the sublime

Fostered through time


Yogananda Tales of the Heart #1

The lore of truth

Is a sincere expression

Of a realization of the divine

In the motions of self

In the sublime orchestration

Of a beautification of life

In synergy with sustenance

In a sacred path

Of a union sublime

In a hypothesis of transfusion

From the heart


Yogananda Dreaming


Yogananda is a name that translates into sublime realization of self in Tao thoughtform. Realization of self is an odyssey of transfusion lore. Transfusion lore is a script or fable of the divine fulfillment of the love of self through light synthesis motions of waves. The love of self is an internal attribute of existence that occurs through realization of the divine. The love of self is a beautification of the divine purpose of existence. Life is to fulfill upon the understanding of the divine concepts of forgiveness, compassionate action, and realization of self. Read more

Image of angel wings in the sky with a heart in the middle. Earth Archive #7

Earth Archive #7: Taking Flight in the Self of You


The Flight of Spirit


I soar to the mid heavens

With the sky above

And the ground under my feet too

In the immeasurable wholeness of me

In a tantric sway with the Spirit of myself

In the love of the Baba

In the care of the Ananda

In a duet with my Soul

That fulfills my heart

In the fullness of my sway


Flying Pathways of Earth: Soaring with Spirit


Soaring is an act of spirit and soul in an ignition of a flight pathway that is regional to global in stature. Flight pathways have been used for some time in those mastering the upper echelons of ascension in the care of Mother Earth fostering. Flight was always a beautiful expedition in particular if you adventured out into nature. As Mother Earth lore fable keeper was shattered so were the pathways in some regions. Some incarnate in the shattered pathways fragmented in conjunction with Earth fable keepers. Those who fell know what it feels like not only to cease to soar but be unable to foster the flight again until you rebuild through nemesis.


This has been a difficult time for those caught in this position. Please find compassion for each caught in this position and encourage their rebloom out of nemesis at this time. For others there was not a shattering of the flight pathways in your region but the more expanded universal sequences that could cause you to soar around the world ceased. The fragmentation of most pathways of flight are now under repair.


There are 400 pathways of flight in most octaves available for you to soar within. The pathways are tended to now by the 16 Maharishi incarnate who have fostered a 96 percent light infusion level into transcendental states of being. There are only 16 currently fostering the flight of all humans who are capable of soaring with spirit at this time. Read more

Image of the McKenzie River in Oregon. Shakti Relationship Lore #7

Shakti Relationship Lore #7


The Heightened Motion


The Lore of Seduction



The forensics of truth

Is a loss of hope

Of a seduction of the sublime

In which the masculine reposes

In a heightened motion of Self

Leading to a false union

Causing a cessation of sincerity

In the core of the heart

Of the feminine

Until the unity within is mastered

In a postulation of care

Of the Beloved Within


Seduction Is A Postulation of False Love


The love of the love within as it is mastered is not a seductive stance in life. The love of the love within is a sincere motion of sincerity of care. Seduction is a postulation of false love that causes strife as the flavor of union or friendship wears off. The flavor of union or friendship is a forensics motion of the nervous repose of self that aligns the two in a stance of care. If the two fail to ignite in a stance of care, one may ignite and the other may reflect or mirror the motion leading to falsification of love. Falsification of love is a postulation of seduction that causes a memorable dream of partnership that only lasts as long as the seduction is sustained.


Seduction can be sustained for years leading to marriage or a long-term partnership that leads to pestilence of self in the end. Pestilence of self is an adroit equation of dream that fosters strife in life for one and the flavor of love for the other. One manifests love within and the other does not. Two who fail to love together are a sign of seduction in the life happenstance of self.


The pestilence of self causes the one who loves to lose the ignition of the heart leading to the loss of sensation of the inner beloved. Two must share in the heart motions for the love of the two to be a sustainable action in life. As the heart ceases to ignite, the spirit diminishes and the realization of self or mastery can fade. Sometimes the pestilence leads to disease or death if the motions of seduction are in an extreme petulance of self. In some cases, the seduction can be transcended leading to the restoration of the fulfillment of love within. Read more