Image of juicy bunches of grapes. Psychology of You #2

Psychology of You #2


The Sweetness of Yourself


The Love of You and Me


The sweetness of you

Is in the sway of you and me

In the love of the two

In a kinship of friendship

In a meeting of light wave minds

In a heart accolade of synergy

Within you and me

In the love of spirit

In a fostering of soul

In the love of the whole

In a sway of our hearts

In the care of the truth

Of ourselves


The Sweetness of Yourself: The Love of You and the Love of Me      


Sweetness is a dream of beauty that cascades upon those who love and care for one another through time. Sweetness is a fostering of spirit into matter to love and care with those who love and care for each other. Sweetness is a gift of spirit when the love flows between two or three or the many in this time period. So many humans have lost their heart space in this cycle that sweetness is not possible in their lives. Those who have fostered their heart space in their spiritual mastery can foster sweetness in the care of spirit and soul and the care of the two or many. Sweetness is the essence of love of soul for the physical. Spirit and soul loves the physical always but participates only when you care or love within and with others.


Loving all others is an accolade of achievement of spiritual mastery all of its own. Most love some and not others even in self-development phases of mastery. Self-development is not every mastery level any more. At another time in history, most self-developed and some self-realized and fewer self-actualized. Mastery today is case specific to the anthologies that have been able to self-realize in the past four thousand years only. The problems in the human psyche are the main concern in this cycle of mastery. The psyche of most humans is damaged. The damaged psyche is in part the undercurrent of loss of capacity to self-develop into realization capabilities. The psyche can mend but it is often a difficult and emotional inner journey to foster if you are afflicted with psychic abuse.


Psychic Damage


The undercurrent of damage to the human psyche is difficult. There are demons that target the psyche of developing humans in order to control or manipulate the life dreams. The electrical surroundings of most humans is a part of the problem. Demonic affluences are increasingly aggressive in this time period and festered in the anger associated with the electrical currents. The psychic damage unto mindset developing humans is at an all-time high; even children entering the world more developed are often targeted. Read more

Image of an exquisite blue water lily with a yellow center. Mindset Development #6

Mindset Development #6


Atlantean Seeds


Fostering Light Wave Sway


The Atlantean Seeds


I am that I am

A fostering from Atlantis

Seeded through time

To sway in light wave DNA

With my soul family

And foster light wave dreams

In an incantation divine

Of the planetary Tao

Who fosters renewal into my youth

In this life of mine

In light wave motion of field

Into another level of spiritual mastery

Of realizing myself through time


Atlantean Seeds: Sprouts of DNA from the Past into the Now  


The Atlantean Seeds are soon to sprout. Are you an Atlantean Seed? Atlantean Seeds were spawned in this time period to foster a recollection of light wave motion of field in order to grow light wave DNA in the physical and in the now. There are approximately forty thousand Atlantean seeds incarnate today as adults. There are another thirty thousand Atlantean Seeds incarnate as children or teenagers. There is another sixty thousand Atlantean Seeds to enter the world in the coming thirty years. The Atlantean Seeds are to sprout light wave DNA and mindset develop into another level of mastery that is destined to self-realize in some cases.


The Atlantean seeds are incarnate in pockets in regions that host light gates worldwide. There are those nearby that can foster partnerships or friendships of a kinship of fellow Seeds. Some families of Atlantean seeds will form, but most adults are the first generation to sprout in this cycle of light motion upon Earth. The entire purpose of the Atlantean Seeding of DNA is to foster a certain level of mastery of the mindset and also to cause self-realization to foster another bandwidth of thought-stream that is planetary in its effect over the whole of humanity. Those seeded may not know who you are yet. As the seed sprouts, another life begins to unfold of another level of mastery known as “self-development”.


There are also part-seeds of Atlantean thresholds of light motion aptitude that are already sprouting at this time. Those of part-seed Atlantean DNA may not mindset develop as much as learn to motion light and transfuse the body into an infused state of light that renews and revitalizes the life for a longer lifespan through time. Light motion DNA is a very beautiful derivation of mastery also to foster in your life. Part seeds sprout first; and full seeds take flight after the part seeded DNA has grown in the body. The part Atlantean Seed DNA fosters light motion into the cells of the body but not the mind. The full Atlantean Seed DNA sprouts as another layer of cortex of the mind that grows to cause mindset development in the life. Read more

Image of the Sun shining in the dark forest. Shaktar Relationship Studies #1

Shaktar Relationship Studies #1


Master of Misogyny


Overcoming the Hatred of the Feminine


Tantric Kiss Bliss

Love and Love within

Is an expression of Self

That is interpretive of Itself

In an action Divine

In an accolade of synergy

In a moment of bliss

Through united forensics

Of a happenstance of joy

In a union with Self

Of the truth of the moment

Of the Divine


Disharmony in Relationship


This is the first of an illumination of chapters on the accolades of disharmony in happenstances of relationship. Relationship is corroded with systems of disarray in the current human marketplace. The marketplace is filled with dis-synergized moments in time that lead to systems of failure in a union divine. A union divine can be equated unto a system of self that fails to accolade together in a unity of truth of perception.


Perception can be defined as a degree of awareness that synergizes the moment in time into a dream foray of delight. Dreams of delight require synergy to foster. Synergy is a state of being that accolades unity between body, mind and spirit within and without. Those fostering synergy often delight in one another’s company in a happenstance of joy.


Synergy is a long-lost accolade of achievement of self of the self within. The self within is designed to synergize moments in time into happenstance of joy. Joyful moments between couples or in partnership of same sex systems of union are rare. Most compensate the union in some manner to remain together over time. If joy accolades in the beginning, it rarely lasts more than a few years unless there is a synergy of self between the two. Read more

Image of a pristine snow capped mountain with a lake nearby reflecting itself. Psychology of You #1

Psychology of You #1


The Wheel of Fables of You


The World Mirror of Yourself


I am a wheel of mirrors

That each reflects in my life dance

That is sincere unto me

In the synergy of myself

Or insincere in the dis-synergy of me

In the love of the two or three

Or not

In the sway of care for each other

Or not

I am that I am

A wheel of fables all of my own

To realize myself

Into a state of divine love within


The Wheel of Fables in You: The World Mirror of Yourself


Each human is an entire wheel of characters of the lore fables of your life. The wheel of characters is reflected and refracted in the relationships that you have at home, at school, at work, and in all other associations through time. The lore fables have their undulations of positives and negatives that are experienced as good, bad, welcome or difficult encounters with others through time. Each character that you know is a mirror of a character sustained inside your lore fable wheel within.


The wheel of characters you experience in your life is first and foremost internal to yourself. This may be a new concept for some to begin to digest. The difficult lore fables catch in your dreams of life due to difficult characters in the wheel of possibilities in your own scripts within yourself and not necessarily not in them either. What we mean by this is that it takes two with difficult lore characters within to ignite a sick fate dream in which the difficult or unhappy encounter occurs through time and in the experience of each in their lives.


The difficult lore fable characters are each founded upon non-care of you and non-care of one another in the scripts of life. Out of a state of non-care, the difficult lore fables give birth to those who pit themselves against you through time. Some of the strife of difficult lore fables in your wheel of fate is external in the behavior of ugly emotional exchanges through time. Some of the strife is caused by difficult characters that foster unconscious nuances of hatred that cause energetic attacks and not necessarily difficult behavioral exchanges. Those mastering self-realization learn to witness both conscious and unconscious difficulties with lore fable characters in order to forgive and offset potential strife in life or disease of the biology. Read more

Image of a heart among the stars. Introduction to Shaktar Relationship Studies

Section 3: Introduction to Shaktar Relationship Studies


About Shaktar Relationship Studies


For Realization of Divine Partnership


Light Synthesis

The light synthesizes

In a motion Divine

Showing us the path

Of relationship within

Fostering the Infinite

To realize Itself

Through the male and female

Vestibules of Self

In the freedom to care

In the Love of the Love

To foster a unique journey

Of partnership within


Realization of Divine Partnership     


Divine partnership is an aspiration of care of the heart. The heart of humanity has become ridged and unloving in itself. The journey of partnership is internal as well as external. Through the journey of partnership, the heart may heal and flourish again into the capacity to care. Care is an oscillation of the divine in the heart accolade of self. The heart blossoms in a life of spiritual mastery to fulfill upon the love of the love within.


The love of the love within is a surreptitious phenomenon that triggers a happenstance of the flavor of care of the heart. The flavor of care is born first within and then manifests without in the dreams of life. Dreams foster unions to teach humans how to foster care of the heart. Most are incapable of fostering care within in this time period. The journey to love is often a difficult happenstance through time. Love fosters healing from traumatic or emotional charges associated with rejection, dejection, rape or other strife associated with male and female, male and male, or female and female relationship experiences.


Partnership Fables


The purpose of the essays in the Shaktar Relationship Studies section is to foster an understanding of the fables that trigger dreams of partnership to arise in life. No partnership dream or family association or work fostering is not of a fable lore fostering in this era. All dreams are fables, much like fairy tales presented in the media unto children, and foster the incantations and dreams of the experiences of life. Each fable shift occurs in seven-year increments through time. Each fable has an incantation associated with the lore that then dreams each life experience with others through time. Partnership fables are case specific to the origins of relationship karma in the inheritances associated. Read more

Image of a lofty flying eagle. Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #5

Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #5


The Fable of the Eagle


The Power of the Love of Whole


The Eagle Lore of Self


The love of the love of the self of you

Is an eagle lore of self

Of the care of nature

In the love of the caress

Of spirits of the land and the creator of all

That nurture you and me

In a repose of truth

In the sincerity of the heart

To love the natives of the land

In dreams of sustainable realities

Of each and the whole

Nuanced through time


Introduction: Baba Mastery Tales of Truth


The love of the land and the people of the land is an age old truth. The fostering of truth is a spiritual aspiration for those in leadership capabilities through time in spiritual haciendas of self. Those with spiritual capabilities are often haciendas of self in which the self of themselves is fostered to cause a shift towards sustainable realities of one and the many of the land. The sustainable realities of humans flux also towards nature cause a trilogy of systems of self to descend to protect and foster both human interests and natural world ordering of interests through time. The love of the land and the people is not a common theme of spiritual wherewithal in this time period. Greed has overlaid humanity to such an extent that the love of the land and the people is all but lost.


The Eagle arcana of fate is a Baba Lore Tale of the love of the whole. Loving the whole is not just of the people; or the projects you think are palatable or worthy of fostering; or the young; or the old; or the family; or the tribe. Loving the whole embraces each human along with nature as a worthwhile cause and a conscious fabric of the planet to be witnessed, understood, forgiven, worked with and fostered as a part of the dreams of life. Tales of life without natural world scripts are not as insightful as those that foster the witnessing of nature’s communications towards you about your own state of being and the realization that is fostered within. The Eagle reflects on willing to listen unto and apply the wisdom of nature unto their own journey of realization in a fate of leadership of the clan.


The wisdom of nature is not only adroit in its contemplation of you and each; but also takes into effect the needs of the whole that may not be understood or witnessed by human awareness through time. In choosing for the greater good of the whole, the difficulties of strife may be overcome by the leader and the following and the clan at the same time. Nature is not unaware although humans would like to think that it is. In the subconscious and in spirit behind the natural world is infinite wisdom that can be attuned unto and fostered in the life of you. May each witnessing this essay learn to attune unto the natural world spirits of the land and sea and foster something else other than the hypocrisy of the human wherewithal not. Read more

Image of lovely white flowers with yellow center. Mindset Development #5

Mindset Development #5


The 18-18 Gateway


Mastering Light Wave Biology


18-18 Opening


The lore of the opening

Of the 18-18 sequencing

Is a gift of biological systems

That sustain light wave synergy

In each cell

In a motion that gives birth

To divine right to renew

And restore my youth

And my vitality

Through time

To augment the journey

Into realization of self


Light Wave Biology: Mastery of the 18-18 Gateways of Self Realization       


Light wave biology is a succinct rhythm of light that fosters renewal and sustenance of the body upon the physical plane. The light infuses into each cell with a photon particle of light in which the structure can fade from sugar metabolism into sustenance through light. The journey into light wave biology is a long and arduous journey. The ascension journey into the 11-11 and 12-12 pathways generates a thirty to forty percent light infused system of cells. Mastery into the 18-18 requires an eighty percent light infused cellular structure. Light biology begins to develop as the 11-11 gate is mastered. Light biology sequences into the forty to fifty percent range as the 12-12 gate is fostered. Light biology grows more succinctly as the 14-14 gate is fostered into light infusion systems of self.


Light infused cells do not consume sugar. Light infused biology hosts a different metabolism altogether. When the body is part light and part sugar-based metabolism, a diet of lacto-ovo vegetarianism that is half raw and half cooked is recommended. When the body sequences into a full light biological system from sixty to eighty percent infused, a vegan diet of primarily raw vegetables is recommended. Going carbohydrate free is important as the biology reaches a seventy percent infused state to offset diabetic flux that can lead to disease, blindness or death otherwise. Light infused biology causes many changes in the physical structure. The changes in the structure will be written of more fully in an article to follow.


The planet is about to take flight into the Mother Sun Dream. The Mother Sun Dream is a fostering of light and nothing else. Ascension has allowed the dreams beneath the Mother Sun quotients of life to be motioned beyond through light infusion of self. Those ready to master into the 16-16 to 18-18 pathways of development are to enter the Mother Sun Dream soon. Light quotients of forty percent or above must be integrated in the physical for the Mother Sun dream to take flight in life. The Mother Sun dream is not one of apartheid theory of separation of light and dark. The Mother Sun dream is of wholeness in which light and dark are integrated or amalgamated within. Amalgamation of light and dark is a fostering of wholeness theory. Read more

Image of a magnificent waterfall in the midst of a luscious green forest. Psychology of You Introduction

Psychology of You Introduction


The Nature of You


The Love of You for Yourself


I am the love of me

And the love of you

In the dreams of ourselves

In a beautiful mansion

Of the self of myself

In the care of the one or the two

Or the three

In the sway of one another

In a love of me

And in the love of you

I sway that I am

I am that I am


The Love of You and Me         


Psychology of You is a series of articles to aid those choosing to realize themselves through an odyssey of notions that prevent the love of you for yourself and the love of you for all others. Love is the cornerstone of self that fosters spirit into matter. Love requires you to love you first and foremost. Loving you is a journey all of its own given the shame and blame of the current social stanzas of existence. Shame and blame are at an all-time high possibly due to the electrical gadgets humans surround themselves with. Shame and blame are enhanced by electrical notions that do not align within. Electricity causes contraction of light motions of field rather than expansion. Contraction of light leads to non-light which is darkness in all the manners that it is expressed and witnessed through time.


The journey of light motion of field is to foster light that is on all the time in the field of yourself. Light that motions on and off triggers intermittent shame or debilitation of feeling well within in the dreams of life. Shame is a difficult emotion to work through as light motions on for the first time. Light enhances all the emotions of the self of you.


The self of you is a complex subject all of its own. You are the consciousness of all that you have known or been through time in this lifetime of yours. You are the beauty and the ugliness of what you have witnessed or participated within. The beauty fosters love and care for you and others as it is enhanced in light. The ugliness in all of its shame or blame enhances the opposite. Those learning to motion light need to purify what is dark or difficult in emotional stanzas of yourself from your past in order to foster a recurrent state of beauty and care of you within. As beauty and care of you is mastered within the self of you, the difficult emotions shall subside in the act of transfusion. Read more

Image of a pretty gold orange flower. Shakti Studies #8

Shakti Studies #8


The Bliss Kiss of Self


The Nature of the Exchange of Kisses of Honor


The Bliss Kiss of Self


The bliss kiss of Self

Is inaugurated

As a kiss is exchanged

In deep honor of each

In care of the heart

In a synergy of truth

Fostering a celebration of the occasion

Amongst the pair

Of greater joy and merriment

In a humorous and enlivened exchange

In a reunion of kinship

In a kinesthetic repose

Of Divine Union

Of the body mind spirit accolade of Self


Honorable and Passionate Kisses


The exchange of a kiss between beloveds or friends of the heart in a deep state of honor of one another fosters the sweetest of caresses between the body, mind and spirit of the pair. An honorable kiss exchanged in front of a group can trigger a beautiful dream of enchantment of the many to unfold thereafter. There must be a deep flavor of synergy of the pair in order for honor to be retained in a kiss that fosters bliss instead of lust. There are many types of kisses that foster certain kinds of self or consciousness to direct the life dream of the moment in a particular direction. The direction is always into a kiss of bliss of spirit descending upon matter to foster each and the group. As spirit descends, unity and unison of the two and the many occurs due to the kinesthetic exchange of kisses of the pair focused upon.


Passionate kisses foster very beautiful dreams for the interim of the exchange and for the day to follow for the beloveds of fate. Those who “make out” on the couch with only sensual pleasure often foster the sweetest of dreams for the eve and into the day to follow. Rapturous self descends to foster the pair together and apart into a state of ecstatic reunion for an interim of time. The rapturous self descends due to physical and kinesthetic reposes of the pair fostering a bliss kiss of forensic delight of the two. If the pair continues to “make out” and foster something else sensual to sexual, spirit further descends triggering another type of dream to occur that is even more rapturous to experience and express.


Friendly Kisses Upon the Cheek


In ancient times, friends of the heart in deep kinship of soul family relations would kiss, but not in a romantic sense. Kisses of this stature were often not unlike the Italian family fostering of a peck upon one another’s cheeks. Exchanging kisses upon the cheek fosters wellness of self in each associated. Wellness of self allows the dreams to align to flourish for each following the exchange. Sometimes a peck upon the lips can also be fostered between two friends. A peck upon the lips fosters kinship of self. Kinship of self fosters a pair that relates well together as friends. The pair feel better together and aligns the mind following leading to a bliss kiss of self that better understand one another. Read more

Image of a bunch of yummy rambutan on a tree branch. Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #4

Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #4


The Fable of the Rabbit


The Love of the Sway


The Rabbit of Self


The love of the sway

Causes a beautiful day

To be aligned and be lived

In the love of the two

With each I know

That cares with me

For the project that serves

The community

I am that I am

An orchestrator of sway

Of the clan


Introduction: Baba Mastery Tales of Truth


The Rabbit is a Baba lore fable of care of the sway of the clan. The clan or tribe always fosters more synergy and joy if they sway together day to day and through time. Swaying many together is an art all of its own. By and large, the sway of the whole has been lost upon Earth for a very long time. Those who gather in small clusters may sway some if there is one who can organize the motion for the group. Swaying in light brings about kinship and a flavor of happiness between two or within an entire group.


For those of this tale, there are small numbers perhaps you can sway with that allow you to feel grand or beautiful in your dreams of life. The rabbit motions close encounters only with those who sway and push those who cannot sway far away. The rabbit can become a leader that gathers selectively those who foster bigger sway to notion group organization into something beautiful and healing to experience. Sway heals and synergizes two or more into motions of beauty and grace. Sway is a lost art amongst most except those who are gifted at light wave motion.


The tale of the rabbit is not always of a leader of a group but a person who is gifted at holding space with others. Sometimes those of this lore fable are healers; sometimes they work with nature or farm; sometimes they are gifted at music or dance; sometimes they are a conductor of sorts of meetings that work out better due to the nature of swaying in light motion. The rabbit is a beautiful human who cares always for those who care back. Those who fail to care are not people the rabbit ever chooses to remain with unless forced to due to family or work circumstance. Read more