Image of a couple's silhouette underneath the soft moonlight in a field of stars of the nighttime sky. Shakti Relationship Lore #14

Shakti Relationship Lore #14


Twins in Care


The Lore of Cinderella


Care of the Two

The love of the twins

Fosters a repose

Of care

That desires one another

Above all else

In soporiferous notions

That sustains the two

In a beautiful partnership

Of a repose of truth

Of the Self of the Self

Through time

In a union Divine


The Fable of Cinderella


The fable of Cinderella is one of the twins who find one another in diverse circumstances of economic or cultural variances of a theme of affluence. The two find the way to one another regardless of the barriers presented in life. The two generally must overcome many obstacles to be together. Often there are parents or other affiliations in objection over the union. Sometimes there are difficult cultural obligations to overcome in order to consummate the marriage of the two.


The twin formations foster a resolution to the strife over time in order to be as one together. The longing to be as one is a common phenomenon only of twin flame union. Twins are biological opposites in repose that is molecular and attracts in a forensic motion like no other couple if the hypothesis is for marriage. Twins can be straight or gay, fostering long term marriages together.


Twins long for the physical presence of one another more greatly than most other couples through time. The physical presence of a twin calms the mind and fosters the spirit of each throughout the life. Twins are notorious for never departing one another except in death. The death of a twin is a difficult fate at the end of a long-term marriage for the one remaining. The other longs to pass to be with their twin who has died. The death of the second twin is often an occurrence of present-day unions of Cinderella fate of dream. The truth of Cinderella is to be with her twin no matter what others say or the obstacles to be overcome. The truth of Cinderella can be deterred into failure. The failure often breaches the hearts of both leading to a loss of the flavor of love within. Read more

Image of the soft moonlight in a garden. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #6

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #6


The Fable of the Hierophant


The Force of the Rebel


The Hierophant


The Hierophant

The lore of hierophant

Is a gift of truth

That fails to reason

With all the treason

In the righteousness of the divine

In order to augment

A major change

That blesses the orchestration

Of the dream

In the breath of life

Of the Tao


Parables of the Tarot


The fable of the hierophant is an eloquent expose of the nature of the one who stands to an extreme in the truth of what they believe is correct. The hierophant is a complex dynamic of a force of righteousness that triggers deep apathy or sympathy for a cause. The cause is superfluous systems of life that arise out of the needs and quest of those mastering in peace, integrity, honor and hope. The hierophant takes a stand and sometimes is crucified due to the arbitration of life forces to be surmounted as the fable unfolds in life.


The hierophant is not necessarily a public foray of dream. Sometimes the dream of the hierophant unfolds as a dreamtime foray of experience. The crucifixion can be an energetic blast that harms the field to a point of death or near death. Those introspecting through the hierophant fable are often disheveled in energy flow to a point of becoming ill. If transcended, the hierophant resurrects and reconstitutes him or herself leading to a rebirth into a new life. The new life may not reflect the old life which is generally departed from in shambles.


The new life unfolds with a change of fable. Sometimes the hierophant becomes the justice arcana in the next tale of the life. Sometimes the hierophant becomes the temperance arcana becoming extremely benevolent within and in the expressions with others. Sometimes the hierophant becomes the arcana of strength providing fortitude to recover and carry on and transfuse home. Each fable has its nuances, brilliant moments and strife in life to foster mastery within. Transcendence over difficult happenstance is a force of inner transformation towards forgiveness, compassionate action and divine understanding in many cycles. Read more

Image of a sublime canyon with a glorious sunset. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #5

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #5


The Fable of the Emperor


The Force of Truth


The Emperor


The Emperor

The lore of Emperor

Is a gift of force

That fathoms to foster

The sustenance behind the dream

In the fostering of truth

In order to believe

In a magnificent incantation

That sustains the magic

Of the land

In a motion

Of abundance


Parables of the Tarot


The tarot hosts a truth that is a reflection of the arcana in action in the dreams of humankind. The truth of the fables has been lost over time. Humans rarely inherit the fable as an actualization of self. The fables often play out in life dramas but the realization that is spiritual fails to be fostered in the one that is to master. The result is non-conscious dreaming that plagues the systems of humanity. Non-conscious dreaming triggers little understanding of the issues to surmount within to foster forgiveness or compassionate action. Non-conscious dreaming is painful for those who are sensitive and desire to know enough to forgive the difficult journey presented in the major lore of realization as it motions in the life.


In the current era of potential enlightenment, the major arcana scripts present themselves once again. Those catching the dreams of the major arcana are fostered in a journey towards realization of the internal truth of self to be lived and honored within. Truth within directs the experience and fosters the understanding of what to intend to forgive in order to allow the drama to unfold into a sublime journey of actualization. Those who are non-conscious often fail to forgive leading to travesty in lieu of realization through a difficult happenstance of major arcana dreaming.


The tale of the emperor is a very difficult happenstance to realize within. The dream is fostered to cause something difficult to be surmounted within in order to actualize the life lessons that foster compassion. Compassion is the sought after notion for all major arcana dreams. Compassion acts as a complex substance that bathes the dreams of the emperor so that they align into deep accolades of non-strife through time. The lessons trigger the heart to emerge into superlative flowers of self that bathe and bless the land in the truth of the love within. The land flourishes and the truth blossoms for each aligning with the emperor through time.     Read more

Image of a fish pen situated in the middle of the sea with a charming sunset in the background. Shakti Relationship Lore #13

Shakti Relationship Lore #13


False Twin Love of Not


The Lore of Beauty and the Beast


The Not Two

The journey of not two

Is a repose of

A Divine Twin of care

Who fakes the union

In superlative motions

Of the real twin

Who dies in the plight

Of saving a union

With a false twin

Of the non-self

In a sad fate of hate

Of the two


Beauty and the Beast Fable


The Beauty and the Beast fable is one of the beautiful one who fosters a care for one who is ugly or in mesomorph systems of self. Mesomorph systems are transfigurative keys that distort, bloat, damage and disturb the consciousness of the life. The damaged or distorted consciousness often leads to a distortion or damage in the physical. The “Beast” has been badly mesodorphed through time leading to a transfigurative system of ugliness or darkness that plagues the field, the physical and dreams of the life. The “Beast” is saved by the “Beauty” in the fable of Disney philosophy of self. The “Beast” is not saved in the sincere lore of Shakti fables of partnership. The “Beast” either perishes or destroys others due to false twin repose of self.


Sometimes the “Beast” works his or her way out of the difficult karma of a false twin repose. If this occurs, the patterns lift and the darkness abates surrounding the one in the “Beast” position of self. Those mastering ascension or self-realization sometimes work their way through difficult karma of false twin repose of self that would lead to disease, accident or death by suicide otherwise. The darkness in a false twin repose of self is overwhelming, often triggering a vastly difficult life dream to unfold if the lore fails to be transfused through in mastery of self. The “Beast” is destined for an ill fate in most cases in present time recurrences of the false twin union fable.


The wife or partner of the “Beast” generally has deep compassion for the false twin. The partner is sincere to the union and wonders why their spouse or beloved is haunted by such darkness. The darkness may be equivocal unto alcoholism or drug addiction or mafia like dramas through time. The darkness may also be the suffering of one who has not enough food and fosters a starvation and impoverished happenstance through time. The darkness plaguing false twin repose of self can also be associated with suicidal thoughts that in time lead to the outcome associated. Read more

Image of a breathtaking Protea cynaroides flower. Ananda Love Archive #1

Ananda Love Archive #1


Blooming into the Love of the Love Within


Mastering Beyond the Division of Care and Hate


The Love of the Love Within


Is a dream

Of the life form

To foster union in life

With each in a sway

And each group that sways

In the love of the Dao and Tao

In the truth

Of the planetary Tao and Earth

And the care

Of the planetary Dao and Jupiter

In a yin and yang fostered in unison

With all of life

Through time

In an apartheid not with self


Love of the Love Within and Non-Hate      


The love of the love within is a system of forensics motion that is not non-hate. Non-hate is a state that mimics love but is not the eternal love of the Dao and Tao born within as the love of the love takes flight. Non-hate can be delightful to experience as a care of the heart, but requires hate to occur in counterbalance through time. Each swing into the extreme of care that is non-hate assures hateful encounters ahead. Polarity is a flux of division within life when the hate or darker notions arise into the dreams of life. Hate is the most divisive of notions amongst all humans. Non-hate or care does unite some and divide others. The monadic soul family must learn to rise above non-hate that appears to foster care of the heart and hate which divides and rise into the love of the love within in order to cease dividing itself through time.


Love of the love within can only be fostered as birth trauma is erased down the spine. The trauma of most births shattered the love of the love within that was experienced in the womb. The entrance into the world was a forensics shock in most cases. The non-astute delivery systems of hospitals and a non-warm water bath entrance is the main cause of the harm recorded in the nervous system. The terror of entering a world unwelcoming unto the physical departs the notion of hate and non-hate as care in lieu of love of the love within. The life fluxes between experiences of care and experiences of hated or dejection due to how the nerves repose the dreams of your entrance into the world again and again into your future life dreams.


As the body ascended, life dreams were routed into light variations of pagan lore fables while others non-ascending experienced very dark dreams in counterbalance and of parallel anthologies. This was a gift from the planetary lore fable keepers and the demons of care from the natural world who desired those ascending to succeed in health. The forensics of darker dreams can lead to disease or accidents through time. Ascension focuses ascended the body and not the nerves in light dreams that sustained health. Read more

Image of a spectacular aurora borealis. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #4

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #4


The Fable of the Empress


The Force of the Heart


The Empress


The Empress

The lore of the heart

Is a gift of love

That desires to support

Each dream in its motion

In the beautification

Of the prose

In a caring destination

That blesses the self

And anoints spirit

In a motion of love

Of the whole


Parables of the Heart


The parable of the heart is a notion of a divine ordination of life. Life is a dream sustained through motions of truth and care. Care is a forensic motion of self disseminated into the vestibule of the empress in the valley of life. The valley of life is a characteristic of notion of the group living in any given region. The empress sustains the love of the land and the people through anointing spirit in the notions of sustainable care. Sustainable care is a notion that love is the foundation of existence. Existence becomes unsustainable as love fades.


The heart is a notion of the divine oscillation of self. Self is a part of the field that sustains light synthesis and conscious awareness of one’s existence; self it not sustainable if love is unavailable to be fostered in the dream of life. Dreams of love require oscillations of self in the chalice of the divine. An open heart vestibule is required in order for love to become sustainable within. The heart vestibule is also a motion of the land in regions in which care is sustainable. Sustainable land-based care causes regions that are succulent to sublime in dance within for those mastering in spiritual oscillations.


Sustainable notions are a perception that each motion supports the whole in the entirety of itself. Wholeness theory is a sustainable action in which the divine seeks to support each and every part of the journey of self. Self is an oscillation of notion that awareness is the foundation of existence in sublime dreams that dance in truth. Truth is not sustainable unless love is present to augment the journey of life. Love is a sincere caress of the divine when present in the dreams of each. The caress of love is sustained by the empress in her journey of life.    Read more

Image of blades of wet grass during the winter. Shakti Relationship Lore #12

Shakti Relationship Lore #12


Twin Flame Care of the Heart


The Lore of Pinocchio


The Two

The journey of two

Is of a twin relay

Of care of the heart

To stabilize the union

Into a divine oscillation

Of light wave synthesis

Of beauty and truth

Sincere unto the heart

In an accolade

Of the Self

Of a partnership



The Care of Twins


Pinocchio is a twin lore fable of one who is fostered in a non-existence only to enliven and rebirth as the twin cares from the heart in the life. In the Pinocchio fable, the boy is of stone or wood, is not alive and cannot feel or love. He lies and his nose grows as he deceives. Deception is a concept of irreverence of the heart. The irreverent heart fails to care but takes or strips the truth of another. The twin arrives in the life, the nose ceases to grow as the love triggers reverence to flux from synergy of the truth within between the two. Truth within fosters love and care. Irreverence of the heart triggers a loss of sincerity and the flavor of dejection in life.


The love of twin flames is notorious for becoming disheveled through others through time. Sometimes twins adventure together in deep care only to be split apart through the rejection through another. The rejection of one twin reposes upon the other twin triggering him or her to depart due to loss of the heart. The loss of the heart is a difficult stance for any partner when a twin leaves the union. Sometimes the one remaining commits suicide. Sometimes the one remaining reposes a new life and rebirths through deep transformative action within. Rejection of the heart is a common fable of twin flame lore through time.


Pinocchio Lore of Gay Twin Flames


The lore of Pinocchio is a common fable for twin flames that are gay. Gay heart accolade is often disheveled as twins of one age range or another cross the path of those who are intimate with many. The heart will cascade into trauma following an intimate encounter with a twin that rejects leading to immune deficiencies such as AIDS. The heart accolade is the center of the fabric of self. Self sustains the immune system to foster continued life and stealth. Self that is shattered in the heart accolade can transfuse into difficult physical ailments associated with immune dysfunction or heart disease. Gay people are often impervious to the repercussions of many unions that can shatter the heart until disease unfolds. Read more

Image of brilliant sunlight shining on grass and flowers next to a tree trunk. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #3

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #3


The Fable of the High Priestess


Sincerity of Heart


The High Priestess


The High Priestess

The lore of priestess

Is an enchanted garden

Of a life of sincerity

In the chalice of self

Of a union sublime

In a system of dream

Of a fostering of care

That causes the endeavor

Of a truth of the heart

In a motion divine


Fostering the Arcana of Truth


There are major and minor arcana of the tarot. Major arcana falls into two categories. The positive major arcana cast a dream for the life to be lived to the fullest within. The negative major arcanas are subject to being pitted against the one mastering self to augment an understanding of truth. The parable that the teacher becomes the student is one of this type of understanding. Those sustaining the positive or negative side of the arcana are unique to each happenstance in life. For one the darker arcana is an obstacle and for another the same individual a delicate balance of self that sustains the life. No two will harvest the same lore with the same other. Lore is a case specific encounter of the divine or non-divine with each mastering self-realization.


Love is a cherished service unto each in the lore of the major arcana fable for life. Love incants a spell of the divine to be experienced in the lore of the two, the family, the group or the land. The love of the two ignites a spell that can embrace one another of divine origins of self. Divine love is not an obstacle in the tarot arcana. Divine love causes the obstacles to fade and anther dream of delight to enchantment to be born. Divine love is an estuary of self. The estuary of self deposits the love of the divine into the incantation of the two or the many or the land. The two or the many foster the beauty of the divine for a time and until the spell wears off. If the spell is sustained, the divinity of the two must be mastered within each.


Obstacles are also special notions in which the understanding of divinity through compassionate action is born within and through life happenstance. Life of those in positive arcana lore fables will sustain themselves through encounters with the negative lore humans in the spiritual foray of dreams. Spiritual dreams oscillate a notion of dark lore encounters to augment realization of self. Sometimes the lore shifts of dark attributes of self from one to another in the life game. The shift is an encounter of the non-sublime that was once divine. It is often the lore of the shift into the non-sublime that is the greatest teacher of one’s experience of realization.  Read more

Image of an astounding valley with a waterfall and lake surrounding by snow capped mountains. Shakti Relationship Lore #11

Shakti Relationship Lore #11


Twin Love Not


The Lore of Princess and the Pea


Self Not

The journey of the dream

Is to fester

In a notion

Of deep non-care

Of a difficult happenstance

In which the feminine swerves

Into a vision of disdain

For the masculine

Triggering a renunciation

Of the Self

That loses all

Until the feminine loves


The Forensics of Self


The princess and the pea hypothesis is of the beautiful maiden who cannot sleep on top of a pile of mattresses due to a tiny pea underneath. Night after night, she lucid dreams dancing the night away with her twin and beloved of self. The twin never manifests in life but is always in her dreams leading to the flavor of fulfillment within, but the dissatisfaction of non-fulfillment of the actual dream of care of a beloved in the life. Forensics of self is responsible for attracting or negating dreams of twins to manifest a union. Forensics either motions dreams towards waking life hours or into dream time where the experience manifests while asleep or in moments of lucid dreaming.


Forensics are a motion sustained by the nervous system. The nerves forensics a wave that attracts or negates dreams desired or dejected by self. If nerves are imbalanced, dreams that are undesirable or difficult may be attracted in life when self desires something else. If nerves are diminished, the capacity to attract dreams intended dissipates into a night time habitat of self. All dreams desired are experienced in the physical or as lucid dreams at night. All dreams are real regardless of where they are suspended. Lucid dreaming is often an entertainment flavor of life that suspends joy in some. Some gifted at lucid dreaming may fail to manifest much in the physical but have an avid experience and expression known as beautiful daydreams.


Matching Forensics of Twin Flames


Matching forensics generally occur between twin flames. Twin flames are two of parallel genetics of opposite forensics that care for one another deeply. Twin flames can occur in heterosexual or homosexual dream happenstance of encounters in life. Not all twin flames are destined to become beloveds. Often twins manifest as friends of deep care through time. Some twins are destined to be beloveds of deep care of the two. Twin flame unions are common in some eras and uncommon in others. In this era twin flame unions are becoming more frequent. Twin flame lore is complex due to the desire to mindset develop in life. Twin flame unions provide a fertile system of spiritual growth and realization within if they manifest. Read more

Image of a lovely and striking place in nature. Shakti Relationship Lore #10

Shakti Relationship Lore #10


The Death of the Heart


The Lore of Snow White


Forensic Not

The forensics of the moment

Is to destroy

In a motion

Of deep insincerity

Of a difficult time

In which the dream dies

Into a lackluster vision of non-delight

Destroying the feminine

Into disappearing within

Until a postulation of loss

Is all that is dreamt

Until the masculine cares


The Snow White Theme and Living In Fantasies


Snow white is a theme of the beauty of the child and feminine in a lore of deep jealousy of the mother or queen. The queen kills the beauty and life of the child to become big and beautiful in themselves. The theme of snow white is well known in this time period. The theory of snow white is the beautiful maiden who perishes due to the loss of self within. Self is a striation of field that sustains the dreams of life. If self is lost, dreams fade into suicidal tendencies or death of the feelings of care of self. Suicide is not an incident without strife. The loss of self is a confusing happenstance in which guidance from within to direct the life recedes. Guidance of very dark forces interferes leading to the desire to die or retract from others out of deep feelings of worthlessness within.


Snow white is not the beautiful maiden that falls asleep never to awaken until the prince who restores her life force as the fable portrays today. Snow white is beaten up within into difficult resources that haunt his or her inner love and care of self into a hateful stance of his or her life. Often those who hate within find comfort in fantasies of books or movies in themes of love. Sometimes those who hate within construct elaborate fantasies to offset the loss of the heart of the heart within. Snow white can be fostered in both male and female incarnations. The feminine within when destroyed is a haunting experience through time. The nature of the nonphysical in demonic interplay is the underlying cause of the internal strife of those sustained in snow white fate.


Snow white can be the bride or groom to one who demonizes the inner fabric of the self of the self within leading to an internal fabric of hate and then fantasy to sustain the life. Demons enter the field and haunt the one to be destroyed as a means of extracting the truth of the heart. As the heart is lost, one either becomes suicidal or finds addictive fantasies as a means of sustaining the life. Demons can be vampires that strip the chi and will to live until one chooses for suicide or fades into conditions of deep solitude, tiredness, littleness and a haunted stance within. The one feeding upon snow white theme of existence expands into an empire in control of the partner. The partner is so haunted they are unable to live fully or find joy in their existence through time except in the sustenance of a fantasy. Read more