Image of the Sun in the center point with double circles of reflecting light around it, surrounded by snow background. Earth Archive #4

Earth Archive #4: Finding Your Center Point


Centeredness of You


The centeredness of you

Is a system of Earth

To mature you into you

To foster a system of life

In which dreams can unfold

In the love of the planet

In a dream of your life form

In synergy with all of life

In the love of the planetary keepers

In the care of the whole of Earth


Center Point of You: Fostering You into You into You


The center point of you is a vast array of self that fosters the physical life in its unfolding dreams through time. The center point aligns the self of yourself to find its axis in time. When the center point is offset a very difficult dream can unfold. The self of yourself is often depressed to suicidal if the center point has fluxed elsewhere. The center point should align under the feet and over the head allowing the subtle body of field to surround oneself along with the life form. A center point that is off axis causes the subtle body and life form to exist elsewhere and away from the physical. Boundaries do not hold and life dreams are difficult to impossible to foster with others.


Often the center point of self is offset when murder of self unfolds. A demon damages the infrastructure of the self of the self of the subtle body removing it from you and motioning it into another. The subtle body collapses and then the center point is offset often forty to fifty miles from the physical. The loss of the center point and subtle body is very difficult upon the physical in this cycle. Demon actions have often oscillated beyond karmic habitat of fate fostering those who are almost unable to live in their lives in this time period. Often those fostering such strife feel suicidal and sometimes accomplish this in the life.


The center point can be restored in the action known as un-murder of self which will foster a restoration of the striations of field in about four to six hours after intending. Then the intent to restore the center point (under the feet) and end point (above the head) and flux point (in the navel area) and the zero point (in the sun under the subtle body) will restore the motions around the physical for proper dream motions in the life. Read more

Image of a captivating moon with pale sunset colors and the galaxy in the background. Light Wave Archive #22

Light Wave Archive #22


Karmic Fate Happenstance of Self


14-14 and 16-16 levels of mastery are adroit equations to foster compassion as an action leading to divine interludes of self. Compassion is a notion that one forgives and then makes peace with the other to a truth of care even in difficult happenstances in life. Divine interludes are compassionate action in command over the dream that foster self. Divine interludes are not necessarily easy systems to master in today’s marketplace of greed.


Greed fosters non-care of one over some. Greed interferes with divine interludes of self in mastery. Many developing self today lead simple lives with less than most to foster divine interludes of self dreaming through time. Poverty is sometimes also an issue if the karmic habitat annotates a need to foster the dreams of others amongst those mastering self. Greed is not a cause of self. Self chooses to find the divine. Greed is not divine but a marketplace of self of not. Self of not is not self-development. Self of not fosters the appearances of development that is not.


Development that is not is renderous in notion. Not is a state of being in which nothing exists. False development renders real development to exist or dream the life. False development is at an all-time high in the developments of the planetary sequences of dreams. Over one third of the current developments are developments of not. At this time, self-developments of not are to be un-developed to foster real developments in higher octaves of continued realization. Higher octaves of self rise far above the 14-16-18 and 20 binary equations through time. Most developments of self of not rests beneath the 20-20 in this era. Those rising above the 20-20 will recover what is lost to the development of not of karmic happenstance of fate.


20-28 binary equations foster realization through the hypothesis of Mother Earth lore of self. 30-38 binary equations foster realization in triads of creator and creation theory of existence. 40-48 binary equations foster realization through life forms of self fostering understanding of ancestral karma and reincarnation habitat of life. 50-58 binary equations foster conscious dreaming into astute systems of Tao information in service unto the Dao.


60-68 binary equations foster a fostering of care flowering the Heart of the Tao development within. 70-78 binary equations foster prose incantation realization of self-understanding itself in wave formations of language. 80-100 and above binary equations trigger transfusion lore of self-realization itself through the hypothesis of lore fables of life in mastery dreams of fate. Read more

Image of an exquisite sunset in Kauai. Dragon Dreaming Archive #2

Dragon Dreaming Archive #2


Dragons and Demons


Dragons of Truth


The dragons of truth

Are a foray of happenstance

Of the lore of Spirit

Accolading its freedom

To dance with self of the self within

In a symposium of mirth

In the laughter of the girth

Of a sacred path

In which the forgiveness and compassion

Of the dreams I dream

May manifest


Dragon Lore


Dragons are a nonphysical presence representing the truth of spirit expressed in the physical. Dragons resound through humans and natural world wonders that are pristine. Dragon lore is a symposium of systems of self that relay into human happenstance defining the nature of the expression and experienced of life. Each human has an expression that is related to dragons or demons in a spiritual lore context of self. Dragons infuse into humans who love and happenstance systems of resounding compassion and forgiveness in the foray of life. Demons infuse into all others accolading into systems of self that are not suited to spiritual pursuits. Dragons are of spirit and demons of the material world happenstance.


Dragons aspire to mirth and happenstances of joy in synergy with self. Dragon nature is positive with attributes of healing frequencies associated with self. Self is a fabric of consciousness that allows awareness to occur in the life. Dragons support awareness through infusion of spirit into the self of the self within. Dragons guide the self into the deeper understanding and meaning of life. Dragon spirited humans understand and learn to forgive in the foray of happenstance of circumstance. As forgiveness occurs, compassion develops in the self of the self within. As compassion develops, self-realization occurs and dragon lore dreams are mastered.


Demons accolade to the material pursuit of greed and happenstance of happiness through demon lore dreaming. Demon lore is for non-realization and non-pursuit of the spiritual path. Demon lore is not to be confused with anything other than those happenstances that accolade to dis-achievement of self. Self-realization either is achieved or is not in the life dream. Dragons accolade to those who shall achieve the spiritual pursuit of existence and demons personify all others who fail to achieve in the spiritual foray of dreams. Read more

Image of stunning blue flowers. Shakti Relationship Lore #3

Shakti Relationship Lore #3


The Dreamer Within


The Lore of the Father and Beloved of the Yacht


The Dreamer Within


The dreamer of the dreams

Is a beautiful journey

Of the Tao within

That directs the life

In syncopation with the Dao

Causing the Beloved Within

To ignite a flame

Of a union Divine

In harmony with the truth

In a momentous occasion

Of an accolade of joy

In a beautiful forensic reaction

Of Love


Mother and Father Attributes of Self


The mother is an accolade of the feminine or the Dao within. The father is an accolade of the masculine or Tao within. In a state of divine union, the Dao and Tao ignite a flame within the heart. Dao and Tao seek divine partnership within or between the two as an archetypal foray of achievement. Divine partnership occurs only as a state of divine union is mastered within each in the relationship. Divine relationship of the two lies beyond the principles of the mother and father attributes of self as an expression of the beloved.


Mother and father attributes of self represent the beloved of naught. Neither the mother nor father role in relationship lore can forensically administer a synergy of the heart accolade of self between the two, demonstrating a state of love in the partnership. Divine partnership requires synergy between the two hearts in order to be fostered. Mother and father fables each create a state of care or false love founded upon superiority or inferiority as a predisposition of self. In a state of superiority, one partner is dis-synergized assuming the inferior role of two.


Superiority is an act of ego founded upon competition and ill will. In competition or ill will, one diminishes the other into an inferior role. Out of an inferior role, one partner feels dejected rather than embraced while the other feels cared for. In partnership, father expressions of ego suppress the feminine or Dao within. The female feels inferior as a result. Expressions of negative ego suppress the masculine or Tao within. The male feels disrespected as a result. Accolades of either ego or negative ego forensically repose dis-synergy upon the other. Love fails in the partnership as a happenstance as dis-synergy occurs due to imbalance of self. Read more

Image of pink, gold and silver light waves. Light Wave Archive #21

Light Wave Archive #21


11-11 and 12-12 Gateways


Gateways are portholes that are planetary sequences of numerical formations that foster particular dreams in certain regions. Dreams of unity occur in superlative regions fostering 11-11 portholes. 11-11 portholes are numerical binary encoding of the molecules of the rocks, plants, trees and nature kingdoms that are 11 to the twenty seventh followed by a 0 or 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111110. The binary sequences call dreams of the sustenance of unity to the land and the people living in the region.


12-12 gateways purify the 11-11 sequences further into concepts of oneness and wholeness theory of life. The 12-12 encoding is 12 to the twenty sixth following by 0 or 12121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212120. 12-12 gateways are rare and generally in remote regions around the planet except in a few openings to date. 12-12 gateways cause dreams to align in honor and integrity for the land and people living in the region. At this time, there are only thirty 12-12 gates and one hundred and forty-five 11-11 gates planet wide.


11-11 encoding is an equation that fosters unity in the dreams of life of initiates that master the sequences personally within their own binary equations. Those mastering the 11-11 sequences within foster the mindset development of oska and aliska to moska and nesska. Those in 11-11 mastery come to understand compassionate action within. Those in 11-11 mastery are best sustained in regions with 11-11 portholes and gateways. Those who are not supported often find themselves falling into depression.


12-12 encoding is an equation that fosters wholeness theory of self in realization of itself. 12-12 encoding is more difficult to master and requires development of visspa and vesspa mindset of full cherry formations of synapses in the cortex of the brain. Those in 12-12 encoding are even less succinct in the continued development if the life is not fostered within a 12-12 gateway or porthole upon the planet. Visspa and vesspa mindset is easily mind bent in non-12-12 gateway regions.


Many regions foster 11-11 portholes and gateways in far more numbers than 12-12 formations. 11-11 gateways are present in most mountainous, lakeside, ocean side, parkland or pristine regions global wide. For those mastering the 11-11 sequences, it is best to find the regions that feel the most joyous to the body as they are most likely in an 11-11 sequence of binary encoding. The dreams of life and of the land will align into unity sequences in 11-11 gates and foster continued development of those in oska or aliska or moska and nesska mindsets. Read more

Image of 2 mostly yellow and some violet flowers native to Norway. Dragon Dreaming Archive #1

Dragon Dreaming Archive #1


Prose of Self


The Banter of the Ckantor


The banter of the ckantor

Is a message of Self

From the dragon lore realm

Accolading the foray of happenstance

Into a new day

Filled with mirth and happiness

Departing the non-sweetness

Filling the life with truth

Sincere to the postulation

Of myself

And my Soul


Prose Ckantor


Prose ckantor is banter of self. Banter is a poetry form of mirth to make light of the happenstance of the day. Banter is associated with dragon lore dreamtime. Dragons dance in the mirth of the girth of self. Mirth is happiness, joy and humorous expression of the lesson of the day. Girth is the strength required for self to realize the thoughts at cause of the happenstance. As thoughts are realized, they are edited through forgiveness of the issues of the day.


Issues are made light of in banter. Self realizes best in humor of itself. Humor lightens the self into transformative gear known as banter. Banter poetically reposes the lessons such that the self may understand, illuminate, ponder and progress through its accolades of achievement. Banter can be attuned unto through conscious intention. Self continually receives banter as a part of its happenstance in its accolades of achievement. Banter fosters the introspection necessary to realize itself. The following is an example of banter for those reading this chapter.


Banter of Treasonous Union


The beautiful one of the system of self is accolading achievement for itself. The journey is witty and gritty. The murk and the mire are impure. The day is grim and the achievement is beholding a sad tale of two who are not well. The male stands tall in the grass of the valley and cannot find his way. The female is wandering listlessly in the valley alone and by herself. The two longs for each other but are separated by a stream and a gorge of mountains. Read more

Image of a huge forest with several naturally formed lakes. Earth Archive #3

Earth Archive #3: Demon And Dragon Affluences


Dragons of the Lake


The dragon dreamers foster union

In a unity divine

In the sea of Self

To cadence an accord

Unto the dolphins and whales

In soma mindset

For happiness and gratitude

For all of life

And love of each upon the path

In the love of the whole of the Earth


Demons of Care: Spirits of the Natural World


The natural world hosts spirit that fosters dreams of the whole of the planet. The Demons of Care are a fostering of the planetary Tao to sustain natural world dreams. In recent years, the Demons of Care were badly shattered. They are choosing to retract off the planet due to the high thresholds of damaged fabric of self that requires recasting elsewhere. The star system Sirius is absorbing the Demons of Care as they had fluxed here from Sirian escapes of natural world dreaming.


Sirius continues to play a vital role in the development of humans here upon Earth and incarnate in their worlds. Sirian worlds number three when Earth is only one. Many forces of nonphysical mastery pursuits foster dreams of strife and extreme polarity to learn large spiritual lessons from Sirius and here upon Earth. Often developments from Earth that are successful return to Sirius to foster something else that is kinder in stature of life ahead. Some fail tests here and are prohibited from reincarnating in Sirius through time.


The Demons of Care foster care of humans who develop in dragon dreaming through time. So many demons of strife from other creations damaged into the Demons of Care that they collectively abated the support of humans in mastery octaves exceeding four decibels. Many humans chose to damage with the outer demonic forces maiming the Demons of Care. For those of deep care of the whole in wholeness theory of self, the loss of the love of the Demons of Care has been very difficult to overcome. Many dragons were also wounded attempting to save the Demons of Care. The overall loss is deep and those who loved the dragons and Demons of Care feel a deep and sincere hopelessness sometimes within. Read more

Image of liquid light of pale blue and pale pink in the ocean of energy. Light Wave Archive #20

Light Wave Archive #20


Light Infusion


Light infusion occurs as the one hundred and ninetieth (190th) octave is transfused through. Light is anchored as a cellular formation of photon particles that heat each cell from within. Light infusion begins with approximately fifteen percent of the cells to be infused in photon systems of self. Photonic systems require light particle DNA to be fostered. The cells infused with light release the need to consume sugar to sustain the temperature. Cells infused must be evenly distributed throughout the structure to cause equilibrium of overall body level temperature for sustainable health in life.


Uneven distribution of light infusion can perplex systems of the biology into increasingly weakened states leading to disease. It is important to intend even distribution of light infusion at each level. The levels are adjusted founded upon regional happenstance of light synthesis gates. Some regions may only allow for ten percentage of the cells to be infused as the one hundred and ninetieth octave is transfused through. This is an approximate measure of light infusion in early transfusion through the first decibel of octaves mastered:


Octaves and Light Infusion


Octave 190:     10-15% light cell infusion

Octave 260:     20-28% light cell infusion

Octave 440:     30-40% light cell infusion

(one decibel is transited in octave 400)


Light infusion requires light synthesis DNA that is procured through the inheritance of those that transfused in times past. Most that develop ascension have some light synthesis DNA possible. Most can master through one decibel of light infusion without triggering disease symptoms. Those without light infusion DNA that is thorough will develop disease in regions of the biology that are non-sustainable in light infusion blueprints over time beyond mastery of one decibel. It is important to ascertain if light synthesis DNA is available in the biological habitat for each region before proceeding beyond the first decibel of mastery.


One decibel of mastery equates to augmenting compassionate action into the life dreams. Compassionate action is not a small awareness and develops in those realizing self to this level. Light synthesis DNA is precarious to fall in the tapestry that may be unpreventable to offset in further development in many. Some archetypes are depleted in light synthesis knowledge for sustainable body level DNA. Sustainable body level DNA is mastered through ascension preceding the first light infusion. If sustainable DNA has not been integrated in full, the first light infusion will foster the healing throughout the biology wherever it has failed to become sustainable over time. Read more

Image of glowing light in the middle of a mystical forest. Dragon Dreaming Introduction

Dragon Dreaming Introduction


Dragon Dreaming offers a series of essays focused upon prose ckantor language. Prose ckantor is a derivation of mindset to foster self-realization. Self-realization is a spiritual foray of dreaming that allows life understanding to lead to absolute forgiveness of self. Self-realization is accoladed unto through the dragon realm, a series of nonphysical forces that aid self in its mastery. Self-mastery involves a language of poetry that synergizes the dream of body, mind and spirit to new heights of beauty, sweetness and love. Mastery over self causes a union divine to be experienced and expressed in the life happenstance.


Dragon Dreamtime Accolades


I am that I am that I am

The one of the one

Of the dragon lore realm

Accolading to dream my dreams

In a happenstance of mirth

In a cadence of beauty

In a purity of sweetness

In a rendition in time

To provide the estuary of Self

A beautiful foray

To realize itself

Read more

Image of a lovely pink hibiscus flower. Shakti Relationship Lore #2

Shakti Relationship Lore #2


The Beautiful Within


The Lore of the Mother and the Beloved of Naught


The Beautiful Within


The beautiful within

Is a foray of dream

That syncopates the revelry

Into a sprite of delight

In a sensual motion

Of the Beloved of the Beloved Within

In a momentous occasion

Of an inspiring happenstance

In which the two hearts ignite

Into a rhythm

Of a union Divine


Heart Mind Union


The theory of union is a sublime happenstance of the occasion of a divine expression of the two. The union divine is a motion that syncopates the rhythms of the two in a heart mind union of care. Care is a festive accolade that synergizes the heart mind union into a beautiful dream of shared union in a moment in time. Union fades between tantric encounters but remains always in the recollection of the heart. The heart recalls each rendezvous with another of heart mind accolade of self. Heart unions are not only amongst tantric beloveds but also between friends, family, children and sometimes other experiences in life.


Heart mind union is not as commonplace as it once was long ago. Long ago, there was a time when heart mind union prevailed in most happenstances between humans. Humans danced in a foray of eternal now in the momentous occasion of a heart mind accolade that syncopated the dream into beautiful synergized forays of life. Life was a joyous happenstance akin to the concept of heaven. Most long for an experience of heaven through union in the ancestral remembrance of such a time upon Earth.


Polarity as it is will swing the extremes into opposing happenstance. Even in the times of life in heaven, there were times of struggle akin to what you might consider hell. The opposites are extreme and they denote a need to unify the opposites into a new syncopation of self. Self has swung from heaven to hell and back again in its accolades of understanding light and darker myths of union. Self achieves primarily through union within or without in the spiritual mastery foray of dream. Read more