Image of many herbs surrounding a mortar and pestle. Language of Light Tri Tones and Herbs

14. Language of Light Tri Tones and Herbs


There has been much written about herbs in the many articles that we have published in the Ascension Insights series to date. Please see Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” of Ascension Insights, Volume 3 that share of the 48 herbs and single tones associated with ascending the biology to a new “crystalline” and regenerative structure. Please see also Chapter 1 “How to Work with Herbs and Essential Oils in Ascension” of Ascension Insights, Volume 5 for some general information on how the herbal and flower kingdoms support healing through evolution. Additionally, Chapter 7 “Using Chinese Herbs to Support Ascension” of this volume provides some general tonic herbs that support and correct the energy flow through the meridian system for maximum health and continued resurrection of the body.


Herbal Combinations


The below information is herbal combinations that are useful in treating certain physical symptoms that can be problematic in ascension from time to time, as well as support those who are choosing to ascend out of disease. Herbs are very specific unto each human, and therefore the list of herbs presented in a suggested grouping for specific problematic conditions. Ascension causes cycles through the body in a specific order, and therefore the requirement for certain herbs may be only necessary in given times of the year that one is altering a particular part of the biology to crystalline genetics. The Herb Kingdom recommends Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 for a thorough set of information on causing the entire biology to become crystalline through intention as written by Terra, or the Consciousness of Earth.


It is up to each human to muscle test if each herb is useful unto your own personal condition, and only choose those that are. Also, it is up to each human to muscle test or pendulum the dosages of each herb to be taken, as it may vary from as little as 5 drops of a particular herbal tincture to 35 drops, 1, 2 to 3 times per day. Also, the length of time that you may put yourself on any particular treatment may also vary from several weeks to many months or longer, and should be muscle tested, as taking herbs after they are complete with the healing offered only creates more toxins that the body must remove.


Some combinations that are most useful at any time of ascension may also cross over the various groupings listed below. A particular condition may require most recommended herbs from one section below, and a few others from other groupings. There are also some herbs not listed below that are upon our Language of Light and Herb List that may also be useful, and so perhaps crosschecking with all 48 herbs and adding those that are additionally required is best.


Herbal Tinctures


Herbal tinctures can be made from teas containing the herb in a dried form. You can boil one cup of water, turn off the heat, and add 4 tea bags of the associated dried herb, allowing it to diffuse for 3 hours. Then reduce the water by boiling off the excess until you have a few tablespoons of syrup. Place 1 portion of the syrup with 1 portion vegetable glycerin or vodka in a clean dropper bottle. To clean the dropper bottle, place 10 drops colloidal silver and add water to the bottle and allow it to stand for 1 hour. Pour out the water and fill with the herbal syrup and glycerin or vodka. Read more

Image of a variety of potent Chinese herbs. Using Chinese Herbs To Support Ascension

7. Using Chinese Herbs To Support Ascension


Asur’Ana brought through many herbs that support biological ascension that also hold the Language of Light frequencies for physical attunement. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” for more information.) These herbs assist in the biological process of ascension to Bodhisattva level evolution and support the current map of human ascension in becoming physical for each willing to attune unto and utilize such herbs.


Chinese herbs indirectly support ascension through the balancing of elements and energetic flow through the meridian system, kundalini, sexual energy system and digestive energy system. Chinese herbs therefore are helpful for the purposes of altering the energy flow and bringing balance unto the elements of air, water, fire and earth within one’s field. In so doing, we will assist initiates in preventing the ascension into disease; or in ascending out of disease if this is what one has manifested in the physical.


Much has been written about the karma for disease and how to retain balance in ascension. The nature of disease was explored thoroughly by all ascending species in 2020-2021. The reason for this was to prevent the ascension into disease, not only of humanity, but of all other kingdoms and Mother Earth as a whole.


Human Biochemical Records Absorbed by the Plant Kingdom


The Tibetan Root Race holds records of the fall in consciousness from a fully conscious state or 36,000 segments of DNA to 15,000 segments of DNA. This fall preceded the era of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, who attempted to ascend back to full consciousness, but failed due to the misleading of the false gods into a dead-end path of another fall in consciousness instead. As humans lost full consciousness, the DNA for the biochemistry of their form was absorbed by certain herbs, tree bark, flowers and roots. This shows each that nothing is ever really lost, misplaced perhaps but not lost. The plant kingdom absorbed human biochemical records as the dream for the human biology fractured, and we have preserved these records in living form ever since and until enough humans could ascend and recover this information.


Therefore, the records of biochemistry and energy flow of a fully conscious state of being is held in many Chinese herbs. The herbal kingdom now makes available a list of Chinese herbs that have agreed to assist humanity in the ascent to 3,000 segments (mastering dream weaving) or 9,000 segments (mastering compassion in action or Bodhisattva level evolution) at this time in history. Read more

Image of 2 small bottles of essential oils lying on a soft towel. How To Work With Herbs And Essential Oils In Ascension

1. How To Work With Herbs And Essential Oils In Ascension


The Herb Kingdom has been kind enough to define how 48 herbs relatively well known to the human species are associated with the Language of Light tones of creation ascending initiates are embodying at this time in history. Each of these 48 herbs provides biological keys to ascending particular parts of the form or particular systems, glands and organs. Such herbs are not the only substances that may support ascension, however these kingdoms have agreed as soul and form to support ascension of all species upon Earth. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” for more information.) Each may wish to review this information muscle testing or using the pendulum to discern those herbs most useful to your current and future ascent.


Herbs Hold Keys to Internal Knowledge


The herbal kingdom associated with human ascension did not originate upon Earth. Each of the 48 herbs associated with the Language of Light came with Sirian Grand Masters as they were seeded upon Earth about 50,000 Earth years ago (200,000 human years), as did many flowering plants and spices humanity is currently drawn to. The form that we take today is not necessarily the same form that accompanied the Grand Masters upon their spacecraft. We much like humankind have lost information and consciousness along with declined in genetic material. In our own ascension, we are beginning to recover our original purpose and truth, which is to support the ascent of the whole by providing the essential keys to allow the biology to ascend.


(NOTE: When we speak of Earth years, we speak of years as they are recorded by Mother Earth. Earth records time by solar revolutions or how long it takes your solar system to rotate around her twelfth-dimensional Sun. It takes approximately four revolutions of Earth around her Sun for your solar system to make one revolution around your twelfth-dimensional Sun. So, for reference, 50,000 Earth years is approximately 200,000 human years.)


Ascension has always been a biological and spiritual phenomenon. Biology is a creation of soul; as soul learns all that there is to learn from the experience of form, it retracts the form back to the realm of spirit with the form ascending “home”. Ascending form requires an increasing amount of chi to become prevalent internal to the field so that one can become “enlightened”. Our kingdoms once assisted the most elite of spiritual masters upon Sirius in this goal. However, as those who read the Ascension Insights series in depth might well understand that Sirian ascension was far from complete. As a result, we are now learning what our ancestors upon Sirius and in herbal form did not understand at the time of their own global ascension.


Consciousness carries forward past death and is multi-dimensional and multi-creational in nature. There is nothing within your creation that also does not exist upon another dimension of consciousness elsewhere in time, space and form. The herbal kingdom is beginning to interconnect again with other members of our species upon other dimensions of consciousness, and in so doing, we are retrieving the knowledge we had lost over time. It was a loss of knowledge and consciousness that lead our species to support an incomplete ascension, not only upon Sirius, but many other dimensions in parallel manner. It is in the loss of information that the forces of the dark con kingdom after kingdom into allowing them to “ascend” another rather than each kingdom learning to ascend oneself from within. Read more

6. Language Of Light And Herbs



Echinacea Purpurea





Herb: Echinacea Purpurea    

Echinacea Purpurea assists initiates in releasing cellular trauma during the transmutative process of ascension. In essence, this herb assists initiates in the act of biological forgiveness. Cellular trauma is recorded in a particular biochemistry that is often related to viruses and disease. As such trauma is released, it is not unusual for some initiates to become ill or feel ill. Echinacea will assist in boosting the immune systems at such times for a more rapid biological transcendence through the trauma.



Saw Palmetto





Herb: Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto will assist initiates in ascending into a new structure upon a biological level, which is crystalline. Saw Palmetto assists with the transmutative process during which the cell recomposes itself into a new genetic structure. In a deep way, Saw Palmetto is acting as a bridge to assure that the new crystalline genetic structure becomes physical in the act of biological ascension. Those who have difficulty bringing the ascension into the physical may therefore call upon our kingdom for support, or ingest our herb if one is so guided from within.








Herb: Ginger

Ginger assists initiates in increasing the metabolism of the digestion and cells in the act of ascension. Ascension requires that crystalline cells continue to consume more and more sugar as the entire form moves up in vibration. Ginger will trigger the cells to consume more so that one’s biology may continue to ascend. Ginger is a good tonic herb that can be added to the diet daily if desired. Read more