Image of an inquisitive looking praying mantis. The Praying Mantis Looks Over Its Shoulder

16. The Praying Mantis Looks Over Its Shoulder


Blessings for Detoxification


The Praying Mantis Kingdom


It is the Praying Mantis Kingdom that addresses you today. Our species like many other “little crawlers” holds a special function upon Terra or Earth. Our function is to maintain a bridge between species that are small and large alike. Such a bridge can be considered ongoing communication that allows each species to ascend together as a collective or in collaboration with one another.


Photonic Energy and Biological Ascension


Ascension is individual as well as of the whole. Each species must ascend each embodiment that they have upon the physical plane, as well as the etheric and light body planes. Such ascension must come together in a synchronistic manner with each species rising in vibration in parallel timing with one another lest Earth be thrown off balance with too high a frequency in some species and too low a frequency in yet other species. It is the Praying Mantis kingdom that watches for highs and lows within the ascension of any species, and then communicates such information unto the consciousness of Earth so that she may choose to press more photonic energy into any kingdom that is lagging behind, and take away photonic energy from those kingdoms that are speeding forward too fast in the ascent.


It is photonic energy that ultimately determines the pace of biological ascension. As photonic energy bathes the cellular structure, the cells are commanded to become crystalline and begin to grow DNA into a new structure. There is no way to prevent ascension therefore, as Earth is bathed in photonic energy day and night given the Star Gate towards the Great Central Sun that she has entered. For those who are clairvoyant, one will perceive photonic energy as golden flecks and flashes all around oneself. Take a moment to look upwards at the sky, but away from the sun if it is a sunny day. Wait a moment and soon you will attune to the photonic energy and perceive the golden flecks and flashes all around you, seemingly falling from the sky.


Earth has been searching for a means to amplify photonic flow giving it twice to three times the impact over her global ascent. Over time, Earth has learned new holographic movement that has this affect; as a result, there is presently 3 times the photonic energy available than there would be otherwise. More or less Earth utilizes holographic movement to capture photonic energy that she has already passed through and send it through her kingdoms a second, third or even fourth time before leaving such flow behind in her continued travels towards the boundaries of the Great Central Sun.


One may also call photonic energy towards oneself to spawn a more rapid pace of ascension in parallel manner unto Earth. This Asur’Ana and Per have learned in their own ascent and teaching. Their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) workshop event each year is used to amplify photonic energy to such a large degree that many months of physical ascension occur in a mere four days. This can be a large boost in one’s ascent to those devoted to this goal in this lifetime. The amplification of photonic flow is a conscious agreement on the part of each who attends that draws the energy unto themselves for this purpose. Read more

Image of a lovely autumn leaf with a heart shape at its center. Shaktar Relationship Studies #2

Shaktar Relationship Studies #2


Mr. and Ms. Mismanagement of Truth


Finding Your Center


Tantric Swing

I am the flow of the flow

Moving in the moment

Causing a union within

In Divine Timing

In an accolade of freedom

Of the delight of Self

In a sweetness of the repose

Of my core

In the truth of the moment

As the Lover and the Loved

The Dreamer and the Beloved Within


Archetypal Truth and Script   


The truth of the truth within is an accolade of reason. Accolade is repose of sound that resonates through the field causing a predisposition of thoughtform and associated behavior of each archetypal nature. Reason is a thoughtform that causes an alignment of dream to accord with the archetypal truth of the individual. Each archetype is founded upon a particular repose of truth that causes a particular symposium of music in the field. The music calls a dream associated into the life.


Reason guides the life founded upon resonance with the archetypal script. Archetypal scripts are constructed to cause a particular understanding of soul and self within. Scripts can be dandered causing a shift in truth leading to dreams that no longer resonate with the purpose of the archetypal relay for the life. Dandering of scripts is a karmic sequence of events that occur between those with archetypal predisposition towards fostering the nature of others. As the script is dandered, the life mis-aligns with the truth of the truth within and the expression moves off center. Off centered truth fosters a sensation of non-alignment of the life purpose.


Each script has a particular sequence of events to be experienced in the life to foster the evolution of spirit and self. Spirit accolades unto the truth and is attracted to the self of the self within associated with an archetypal sequence of dreams. Spirit evolves as self understands and forgives patterns associated with the script of each. Dandered scripts lead to the wrong soul accolading unto self and a sequence of dreams in which the spiritual lessons fail to be realized. Individuals that fail to realize result in the experience of non-conscious expression of self. Read more

Image of an ancient Native American stone and sand building. The History of Atlantis

3. The History of Atlantis


Blessings for Ancestral Communion and Guidance


April 13, 2021


Dear Beloved upon the Red Road of Inner Discovery,


The Native American ancestors speak today about vast changes that are occurring in the manner in which humans are ascending and the support that is reaching all fields at this time from the ancestral realms. Long ago and following the fall of Atlantis in which large nuclear bombs were detonated over a region now under the Atlantic Ocean, the ancestral planes were shattered.


These planes were used by those of ancient times to reach into humans upon the physical plane to settle karma that was related to the DNA that had been shared at the time that the ancestors were alive. These planes were shattered over 2/3rds of Earth’s surface. This left the ancient ancestors incapable of reaching through to humans incarnate upon many continents since this time period, which Earth estimates was roughly 10,000 years ago as she measures time (40,000 years ago as humans measure time.)


Earth measures times as solar rotations around its 12th dimensional Sun. For every four rotations of Earth around the solar sun, the sun makes one rotation around its 12th dimensional Sun. The 12th dimensional Sun is invisible as it is in a vibratory bandwidth above physical perception; however, most can view the 12th and 18th dimensional Suns related to your expanded solar system in dreamtime and while asleep. This is because vision in the dreamtime body known as the body double has no limitation, as it is an etheric expression. All in the etheric will perceive the etheric of all other life forms; it is only the physical vision that is limited to third and fifth dimensional perception. As one opens to one’s body double’s vision, then one’s vision will also cease to be limited.


Those who are gifted at opening into the unconscious will begin to perceive many things not perceived in the physical, one of which can include the life forms upon the 12th and 18th dimension, as well as other dimensions above this extending to dimension 4,000 and beyond, if dimensions were measured in the small layers as we know them here. Much like a tree when cut shows layers of its growth and existence over time, and some have learned to measure how old the tree is by layers of growth within the trunk; this is also the same for this region of domain; creations are layered like an onion around a Sun that is at the core of All That Is.


In the core of All That Is are 144 Great Central Suns that each emanates life down the dimensions associated. The life is captured in layers of dreams that are projected upon whatever is present to catch the dream and then experience the dance projected. Earth is now catching a dream to return inside the Great Central Sun that she left a very long time ago and upon a much higher dimension of life. Read more

Image of a magnificent fjord scenery in Norway. We Dream of Atlantis

Foreword: We Dream of Atlantis


The Truth of Atlantis


The Truth of Atlantis

The truth of Atlantis

Was a time of light wave synergy

That fostered humanity

In beautification of self

To provide for one another

In prosperity

For each man, woman and child

In a mellifluous truth

Of the love of the divine

In which soul oscillates within

In divine partnership

Of the two, three and the many

In the love of the heart

And the care of spirit

Fostering the truth of the whole

In light wave devotion

Of the Dao and Tao of Earth

For each and every kingdom

In the love of the world


We Dream of Atlantis is an epic journey of a cross age twin flame of Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha born in Atlantis about twelve thousand years ago known as Jasgahntar. Jasgahntar fostered a connection with Asur’Ana to understand himself through time in his own divine realization of self. Jasgahntar left an estuary of a story of his life from his personal experience in accord with his divine aspirations of spirit in his life. His story is humorous and romantic, depicting the delight of the tantric union foray of dreams that he fostered in dreaming his realization of self into the dance of the beloved within and in his life through time. (Jasgahntar is also a cross age twin flame to Per, Asur’Ana’s twin flame in this current lifetime.)


Atlantis was a tantric society with deep aptitude of understanding the nature of the masculine and feminine union. Atlantean civilization fostered gift of creating tantric dreams of delight and not plights of the night. Mindset development flourished and a syncopated rhythm of light motion that fostered a heavenly journey for those in unions of the divine, families and society at large. Many spiritual aspirants today recall the epic journey of Atlantis deep within and as a long lost ancestral past. Many long for a restoration of the joy possible in life when mindset resonates amongst all and civilization fosters unity, peace, happiness and a state of oneness through tantric union of the two, the three and the many.


We Dream of Atlantis is offered to rekindle the lost memories of a different state of being, a different mindset that fluxed in accord with spirit and fostered divine realization within. Divine partnership has only one purpose for spirit which is to realize self together into deeper accolades of unity of body, mind, and soul of the two. Please enjoy the epic journey of a cross era twin flame of Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha who shares of his wits, knowing and truth through his personal saga of a life of mastery as a tantric teacher of the divine.


Aloha Pumehana,

Asur’Ana and Per Read more

Light Wave Webinar #3: Improving Your Stanzas of Music in Light Wave Motion


The sounds of you

Are a fostering of angels

That play the instruments

Of your light show

In a tune of beauty

In a timing of grace

In stanzas of melodies

That transfigure

Your appearance

Into your divine blueprint


Light Wave Webinar #3 Introduction


Light and music interplay to draw beautiful dreams unto your daily life. Music resounds in light instruments that surround your subtle bodies that foster light to sway and harmonize within you and with others.


Sick sounds produced within you damage light motion triggering darkness to surround you. Sick sounds can be produced by ill instruments, demons attached to your field (most demons produce ill sounds) and regional sick sounds embedded in the land.


Sick sounds can be tuned up with certain rays of light that cause the instruments in your field to harmonize. Ill demons can be removed to foster purer sounds. Ill sounds upon the land may be tuned up by the Dao of the region as you choose to work with her.


Tuning up your personal music daily is important to drawing beautiful light wave dreams unto your day to day living. During this pre-recorded webinar, you will receive new instruments in a recasting fostered by the planetary Dao to produce more beautiful and graceful music within. Read more

Image of a superlative sandalwood tree. Blessings for Movement of the Language of Light Through the Etheric

24. Blessings for Movement of the Language of Light Through the Etheric


From the Sandalwood Tree Kingdom


It is the Sandalwood Tree Kingdom that greets you today. Sandalwood is an aromatic tree that has been used heavily in the East as a form of incense as well as for carved artwork and interior décor. One of Asur’Ana and Per’s favorite incense is of fine sandalwood that is spiraled so that a single stick burns for many hours. The aroma is most intoxicating as well as purifying in nature. Why is sandalwood such a popular incense? Our kingdom holds illumination for the visionary void of Mother Earth. As sandalwood is ignited creating a lovely smelling smoke, it also allows for illumination of one’s field as to the patterns that one is transcending in ascension.


Unique Purpose of Each Incense


Sandalwood was one of Buddha’s favorite wood for his fire as well as for carvings of many artisans that came to be with him over time. Later the idea of taking the dust from the sandalwood carvings and creating incense from it by rolling it together with other essential oils occurred. This is the origins of incense from the sawdust of many trees in present time. Per and Asur’Ana not only enjoy burning sandalwood incense today, but also pine, cedar, and sage as well. Each tree kingdom can provide unique support via incense of those who are ascending.


Burning sandalwood will illuminate one’s thoughtform in need of transcendence. Burning pine will provide a gateway into the void of infinite possibility so that one may more clearly direct one’s dream in a manner that supports and sustains ascension. Burning cedar wood will provide clarity of the karmic dance that one may be facing with others. Burning sage will allow for the release of denser tones of vibration and the entities that accompany them. Burning sweet grass will allow one to understand what has happened to distort one’s consciousness so that one may rectify it.


Asur’Ana is also fond of burning tree resins such as frankincense, myrrh and forest resins from pine trees. Tree resins provide access to the void of infinite possibility for the purposes of dream weaving; they also aid the ascending field in spinning with greater ease allowing one to spin off the density that one is clearing in the moment.


Any forest will have some trees that are prolific at offering resins or sap. As long as one gathers the sap in honor and agreement, the trees are happy to share of their resin for your purification; we just request that you exchange blessings of love with us in your gathering. Resin trees provide the “blood” of the forest. What is the blood of the forest? The blood of the forest provides a gateway for the water element to provide the necessary water through lakes, streams, rainfall or mist and fog for all trees in the associated forest to grow. If there are not enough trees that produce resin, then the forest will lack in water element and begin to die. This is occurring in many forests today due to pollution of humankind primarily. Read more

Image of a pretty red flower with some yellow near the center. Flower Essences of Self #1

Flower Essences of Self #1


Flower Essences of Self Introduction


Flowers of Self


It is a wondrous occasion

To be the one of the one

Of the flower realm

Accolading my dream

In a happenstance of joy

In a cadence of sound

In a fortification of love

In a system of self

To cause the beautification of myself

In an enchanting foray

To realize the love of the love within


Flower Essences of Self Introduction


Flower essences of self is a series of articles to explore the issues of self-realization. Self realization is an antidotal process of recognition of the divine attributes of self. Self is a foray of a field that flowers within itself as realization occurs. The flowers of self shall explore the variant attributes of the formations of flowering that occurs in mindset development of divine proportions of self. Divine proportions of self accolade synergy to the systems of the field into waves of light formations that transfuse.


Transfusion is a light synthesis phenomenon. Light synthesis occurs as light waves are embraced into the self of the self within. The self of the self within is a flower formation that begins with the chalice divine. The chalice divine oscillates a lotus pattern that allows forgiveness to take flight in the life. Forgiveness is the first formation that allows self to descend and striate into the field. Self striates between the formations of chakras and flowers in florescence light formations as compassionate action and divinity occur in self development.


Self-development is not a formation of ascension. Ascension is a precursor to self development. Self-development occurs in light synthesis which first must form a field rotation attuned unto the possibility of self realization. Self realization is an ancient concept and field formation that has occurred in lifetimes and eras long lost. Self-realization occurs in small numbers in eras of recent aptitude of spiritual foray of dreams. Self realization is to occur in more numbers in the age of enlightenment about to unfold. Read more

Image of a pristine globe of the Earth in space

Inner Circle Monthly Subscription


Calling All Light Bearers, Star Seeds and Angelic Humans!


Due to requests for support during these accelerated times of Earth’s Ascension and Humanity Awakening, we are offering weekly support to our Inner Circle monthly subscribers.


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There are many groups participating in this effort worldwide, each in their own way. It’s exciting to know that so many are being called to a higher level of understanding and activism, expanding our collective consciousness in balanced heart and mind action. Together we can change the narrative, take back our divine birthright and sovereignty; and acknowledge our power to co-create a new reality, banish the forces of darkness and control; and usher in a New Golden Age of Light or the Age of Enlightenment.


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Image of a polar bear on iceberg. From the Bear Kingdoms

38. From the Bear Kingdoms


Blessings for Belonging unto Nature and Mother Earth


The Bear and Polar Bear Kingdoms


It is the Bear Kingdom that speaks to you today in this article to help anchor the Language of ONE concepts. The Language of ONE is a consensus based thoughtform that directs all of the Earth and each sentient species therein. As humans learn the Language of ONE, each begins to become a part of the consensus rather than remaining outside of the consensus in another type of dream that is really not of Mother Earth’s casting. The Language of ONE symbols and their movements, sounds and colors are being derived through certain crop circles.


Sirian’s Seeding of the Root Races


Humans have long been separate from Mother Earth. The original separation of humanity from Earth goes back to the original seeding. 300,000 years ago, eighteen root races were seeded upon Terra (Earth). The red nation root races were experiments on the part of Sirian scientists to see which lineages of their own genealogies could survive upon Earth. The reason for the experiment was in the event of Sirians requiring a rapid relocation to another planet in the event of a nuclear holocaust. The Sirians were at war with the Pleiades over resources in their own solar system; and so, the governance of the time was looking at all possible dreams, and perceived a dream of evacuation, and chose to explore where they might go.


Eleven other planets were also seeded from Sirius with the same genealogies as Earth. This information is only coming to be known now due to a sharing of records and resources of other planets related unto Terra that are lined up to ascend like her into the future. These planets are from six other solar systems that are directed by your 18th dimensional Cosmic Sun. The records show that the roots races did not fare any better upon the other planets than they did upon Earth, with many going extinct. All told, here upon Earth, eleven root races went extinct while seven survived related to the Mongolian/Inuit (Eskimo), Tibetan, North American Indian, South American Indian, African, Aboriginal (Australian) and Polynesian root races today.


Why did seven root races survive and eleven go extinct? Mostly in the assessment of the genealogies by ascending humans today, the root races that perished were so highly electrical in nature which combust their own molecular structure in the magnetic biosphere of Earth. Such root races also had not enough magnetic flow to become a part of the natural world dream. In the rejection of the natural world dream, there was no dream to sustain them upon Earth and so they each went extinct.


The natural world dream is held together by all kingdoms of plant, animal and mineral form. Those red nations’ peoples who survived moved into the natural world dream and much like an animal, created a place for themselves upon the land, often of natural living structures and simple instruments to survive. The Sirians did provide many food sources and planted them in the regions that the root races were seeded so that humans had an opportunity to survive. No other training or information however was offered; and so, each tribe created their own language, style of dress, style of housing and spiritual practices that were unique to their genealogies. From a sociologist’s point of view, what transpired amongst the root races might be very interesting, as they had no outside influence other than the natural world to determine their dream. Read more

Image of juicy bunches of grapes. Psychology of You #2

Psychology of You #2


The Sweetness of Yourself


The Love of You and Me


The sweetness of you

Is in the sway of you and me

In the love of the two

In a kinship of friendship

In a meeting of light wave minds

In a heart accolade of synergy

Within you and me

In the love of spirit

In a fostering of soul

In the love of the whole

In a sway of our hearts

In the care of the truth

Of ourselves


The Sweetness of Yourself: The Love of You and the Love of Me      


Sweetness is a dream of beauty that cascades upon those who love and care for one another through time. Sweetness is a fostering of spirit into matter to love and care with those who love and care for each other. Sweetness is a gift of spirit when the love flows between two or three or the many in this time period. So many humans have lost their heart space in this cycle that sweetness is not possible in their lives. Those who have fostered their heart space in their spiritual mastery can foster sweetness in the care of spirit and soul and the care of the two or many. Sweetness is the essence of love of soul for the physical. Spirit and soul loves the physical always but participates only when you care or love within and with others.


Loving all others is an accolade of achievement of spiritual mastery all of its own. Most love some and not others even in self-development phases of mastery. Self-development is not every mastery level any more. At another time in history, most self-developed and some self-realized and fewer self-actualized. Mastery today is case specific to the anthologies that have been able to self-realize in the past four thousand years only. The problems in the human psyche are the main concern in this cycle of mastery. The psyche of most humans is damaged. The damaged psyche is in part the undercurrent of loss of capacity to self-develop into realization capabilities. The psyche can mend but it is often a difficult and emotional inner journey to foster if you are afflicted with psychic abuse.


Psychic Damage


The undercurrent of damage to the human psyche is difficult. There are demons that target the psyche of developing humans in order to control or manipulate the life dreams. The electrical surroundings of most humans is a part of the problem. Demonic affluences are increasingly aggressive in this time period and festered in the anger associated with the electrical currents. The psychic damage unto mindset developing humans is at an all-time high; even children entering the world more developed are often targeted. Read more