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19. A New Astrology For A New Earth


Earth is moving to a new Astrological system that is founded upon unity-based universal archetypes. The universe is made up of 18 solar systems, of which Earth’s Sun is also a part. All solar systems revolve around your universal 12th dimensional universal Sun and in so doing, create an 18-year cycle that Earth was once a part of.


Each solar system anchors a particular archetype that is unity-based for not only humankind, but also all species upon Earth. Earth has anchored the necessary alterations along with your solar system to again partake in this 18-year cycle beginning in the year of 2019 and moving on into the coming 18-year period ahead.


As of 2019, the new astrology has been defined and embraced by Earth and all species therein. Ascending humans are also embracing this new astrology and new unity-based archetypal patterning.


Although one’s birth year for the sign that one has been born under will not be reflected in this piece, one is altering their astrology through ascension to reflect a new truth-in-action that is unity-based and entering this new astrological influence. Therefore, one’s birth chart ceases to have as much meaning because a new pull of forces that are universal in size begin to direct the dance more fully the further one ascends. One enters in full the new unity-based universal astrological chart upon completion of Mahavishnu level evolution (15,000 segments of DNA embodied).


Humans are used to archetypes that are solar in nature and polarity based. For example, the current astrological signs each have positive and negative characteristics. Furthermore, some signs are predisposed to warfare or harmfulness in the life dance if the appropriate make-up is present in the rest of the chart. This is not so with the new archetypal patterns. In essence, the new archetypes are harmless and unity-based.


Birth Chart Reversals


In ascending to Bodhisattva, one’s solar birth chart reverses fully, and one experiences the opposite to whom and what one has known oneself to be from birth for a time thereafter. For many upon the spiritual path, reversing their birth chart is a great gift in the ascent to Bodhisattva. Many spiritual aspirants chose to be born at a particular time with birth charts of extreme difficulty to teach one about the vital lessons of compassion in action. As a result, for many attaining Bodhisattva, life alters from difficulty and strife to greater ease and joy thereafter.


Through continued ascension beyond Bodhisattva to Mahavishnu level evolution, the polarity reverses yet again and the opposite of one’s early life and life as Bodhisattva cancel each other out coming yet again to the middle road, or a new dance of greater unity within. At Mahavishnu level evolution, one integrates the opposing forces of the opposite solar birth chart and completes with this form of solar astrology in full, entering a new dance founded upon unity-based universal astrological influences and forces thereafter.


Moving Out of Polarity-Based Astrology


The current astrology is solar in nature and was designed to govern the slave race with a limited genetic structure of only 5,000 segments as incubated by the Annanuki. It was also designed to keep one subordinate to those in power and unable to evolve out of slavery. The seeded race on the other hand was always governed by a unity-based universal astrology, until they too fell to 5,000 segments or lower in vibration in the many falls in consciousness of the human species. Then in the fall, the red race too fell under the solar astrology that had the effect of causing them to experience parallel limitation to the incubated slave race. One’s ancient red ancestors therefore remember much about this ancient astrology.


One may wish to bring such knowledge forward now and intend to move into this new system in this lifetime. In so doing, one will enter a state of unity and anchor heaven upon Earth in one’s own life dance and expression in this lifetime. For this is the fall from the Garden of Eden that has been written of, beloved. Humans fell from unity and a unity-based astrology into separation and a polarity-based astrology anchored by a limited group of Pleiadians to direct an even more limited slave race.


This ultimately caused the red race to fall into the dance of polarity of extremes or “fall from grace”. It is the extreme experiences of polarity that make life upon Earth in human form an unpleasant experience for so many. Unity-based thought is not filled with polarity, but rather is founded upon the middle road or path between the two diverse poles. Therefore, humans attaining Mahavishnu will be vastly different from their 2 strand of DNA past self in this incarnation.


There are many Bodhisattva children to be born in the years ahead that shall ascend to Mahavishnu in their early life dance, and many Mahavishnu children to be born after 2027 in Earth’s estimation. The new astrology shall bring to consciousness the nature and expression of such children entering the world beginning in the calendar year of 2019. Therefore, this piece is also dedicated to the incoming Bodhisattva and Mahavishnu children. May there be many of such births and may such children lead humanity Home to a new dance of unity, unconditional love and peace.


Unity-Based Truth and Astrology


Each ascending human is moving towards embodying one of the following 18 new astrological symbols as a reflection of their “truth in action” as an ascending master. Each truth in action is based upon 3 notes of the first 10 upon the scale of the Language of Light; by the ascent to 3,000 segments of DNA, the first note is embodied; by 5,000 segments the second note is embodied; by 7,500 segments or Bodhisattva, the third note is embodied. By 15,000, all three notes are equally weighted within the field allowing for the truth-in-action to be reflected in the day-to-day life of the Mahavishnu level master. It is also as all three notes are evenly represented in the field that one exits the old astrology and enters a new unity astrological system in full, one that surrounds the pull of 18 solar systems around your 12th dimensional universal Sun.


Please refer to Chapter 17 for a review of the 10 base notes of the Language of Light from which the Truth-in-Action is derived. These notes are the foundation of a new unity-based thoughtform that pulls one increasingly under the influence of the new universal astrology the further that one ascends. Ascending initiates may wish to muscle test which of these 10 notes they are embodying first, second and third in their ascent to Bodhisattva. Know that the notes may change as one moves closer to Bodhisattva in vibration due to more clearly defining one’s biological inheritance.


18 New Astrological Signs for Bodhisattva Children & Ascending Masters


As three of the notes or tones are woven evenly in one’s field, a whole new human nature emerges. Know that the birth of those under these 18 new astrological signs actually began the year of 2019. In 2019, Earth allowed 500 Bodhisattva children to be born global wide. Most were born either to map makers or have grandparents who are map makers. Some others yet are map makers themselves that gave birth to such Bodhisattva children. These 500 Bodhisattva children are the first to be born in the “Year of the Dragon” which began in 2019. All children born in the same calendar year will have the same birth sign under this new system of astrology.


One will note that this type of system is reflected in Chinese Astrology which is based upon year of birth rather than month of birth. Chinese Astrology was designed this way as Buddha remembered enough of the ancient astrology to derive a new system. This new system shortened the 18 original birth signs of the universal system of the ancient red nations to 12 signs, causing the red race related to Buddha to fall under a distorted system that blended the old universal astrology with the solar astrology anchored by the Annanuki.


This system gave birth to a new system altogether currently known as Chinese Astrology. This also was a reflection of the time that the red race related to Buddha fell under 5,000 segments and therefore came to require such a new system as they fell from grace or out of unity.


It has been documented through the global ascension of humanity that during Buddha’s ascension, the genetic archives were opened and the false intervention stripped the human species of genetic information. Therefore, Buddha’s ascension caused another fall without his awareness. Sad as the consciousness of Buddha did not know what had transpired, and the souls that directed his ascension have recently returned to Earth to repair what was done as they hold karma with Earth as a result.


Like so many ascensions that were beacons for the false intervention manipulations, Buddha was used. So, it has been uncovered in most ascension that occurred during the time period preceding Buddha about 30,000-40,000 years ago. Buddha was the last of a line of red ascensions each of which stripped the human species until the red race fell en masse to under 5,000 segments and into another solar influence of polarity-based astrological influences.


At this time, the red indigenous races are ascending en masse. Many within their own nations have already attained Mahavishnu or higher in vibration as of this year. Asur’Ana has witnessed such ascensions amongst the Hawaiian nation. It is most magnificent to behold, and the red race is repairing themselves en masse of their own fall in consciousness. As it is for the red race, so it may be for all humans that choose to ascend at this time in history. We are moving to a new way of being beloved, and returning to the joy and unity once known in each of our ancient ancestries. May this come to be so for all humans global wide. Let us make it so, HO!


18 Birth Signs for the New Astrology Ahead


Each birth sign is related to a species of both the land and aquatic realm. These new signs can be thought of as new archetypes that the human species shall ascend into over time. For those that pursue their personal ascension in this lifetime, one will live to experience the birth of these new archetypal patterns within one’s own life expression. For those that choose to create ascending communities, one will draw such new archetypal patterns into the community. Each may wish to muscle test which sign that they shall fall under as they attain Mahavishnu.


Understand that ascension is not an easy journey, nor is what one discerns as one’s truth necessarily accurate as one continues to ascend. Often ascension brings about the opening of ancient ancestral karmic records that one has no knowledge of in present time. As such information is retrieved and re-integrated, one’s truth in action and sign may therefore change. So be not attached to what you may ascertain today, as it may change as you continue to evolve.



Peace Bearer


Peace Bearer 1





Keynote: Forgiveness in Action

Truth in Action: Forgiveness, Non-Conditional Love and Power

Colors: Pink, Peach, Silver

Animal Totem: Dragonfly or Koto Dragon

Aquatic Totem: Seahorse

Birth Year: 2019, 2037, 2055


Those born under the archetypal pattern of Peace Bearer creates humans that are gifted at retaining peace within and without in all that they dance with. This state of peace is derived through an absolute balance of giving and receiving through forgiveness. In so doing, such folk walk the middle path or road with ease, retaining balance in all that they do.


Such humans would be gifted at assisting the new communities of the future in assuring that each contributes their fair share to the whole, so that balanced giving and receiving of the entire community could be attained, and retained over time; which shall have the effect of retaining the peace within the community. In relationship, one with this type of truth in action would be gifted at keeping balance and peace in the path of the two or beloved, along with balance in family relations if children were born.


Such humans are also gifted at forgiveness, which fuels ascension forth. They would be talented teachers of ascension, along with healers of all kinds allowing others to release old worn out patterns that bring joylessness through forgiveness. At this time, such humans may also be gifted at working with ascending children who are continually changing and releasing karma, and in so doing, would hold adequate space allowing for easier relationships amongst peers. It is karma that creates friction in one’s life, or amongst children. As the karma is released, peace follows for all concerned.


Children born in the Year of the Dragon are the precursor to change through forgiveness. Change and ascension are synonymous and therefore it is not surprising that this has become the main truth in action for the calendar year of 2019. This new astrology has been embraced by all species upon Earth and successfully launched mass human and global ascension! For the birth of all newborns to all species fell under this new astrological sign of the Peace Bearer. Congratulations to all who have anchored this new astrology and allowed the birth of the Peace Bearer to fuel global ascension forth, anchoring world peace in the century ahead!



Truth Bearer


Truth Bearer 1





Keynote: Truth in Action

Truth in Action: Power, Non-Conditional Governance, Non-Conditional Love

Colors: Peach, Ivory, Silver

Animal Totem: Buffalo

Aquatic Totem: Tuna

Year of Birth: 2020, 2038, 2056


Humans born under the archetypal pattern of Truth Bearer have the gift of holding the truth of unity for all to remember. They become as beacons of truth for all to see. Such humans are sometimes behind the scenes and yet influence others with their gentleness and love. Yet others emerge into the dance of a leadership role guiding others either small or large in number in alignment with the truth-in-action that each may so hold.


The Truth Bearer is an example of authentic power, which leads others founded upon love, honor, and resonance. Groups gathered by the Truth Bearer will be based upon resonance and the greater good of the whole. If any member fails to support the group in some manner and cannot transcend the pattern at cause, they will be evicted.


Why? In unity, any dance that harms the whole is outlawed, as the dance would potentially destroy the group. Sometimes those dancing in such a manner may evolve out of the destructive dance and come back into harmony again with the group. Sometimes they cannot, and must be removed before they destroy the group at large. This is the new form of non-conditional governance that shall come forth in the coming century and within the human dance, governance that understands the principles of unity in the dance of the whole.


For Bodhisattva children born in the year of 2020, regardless of species, each shall assist in re-anchoring the unity-based truth for the human species. Such children will be natural teachers in nature, educating first their parents about “unity truth” and then all others that they touch in their life dance. Earth’s truth as a consensus was lost long ago. Now is the return cycle of awakening in which all that was lost may be retrieved, resurrected, reconstituted, and made whole and complete again. It is in the wholeness that one remembers the truth. Earth is remembering her truth and this year ahead shall be the year that her truth is reconstructed in full through the re-emergence of the Truth Bearer in 2020.



Harmony Bearer


Harmony Bearer 1





Keynote: Harmony or Synthesis in Action

Truth in Action: Breath of Life, Unity and Structure

Colors: Gold, Pink, Lavender

Animal Totem: Bear

Aquatic Totem: Flounder

Year of Birth: 2021, 2039, 2057


The archetypal pattern of Harmony Bearer is gifted at harmonizing others so that unity and synthesis may prevail amongst the many of a group or human civilization at large. Such humans will also be talented in creative endeavors of all kinds, including art, music, dance, theater, song, writing, public speaking and so on.


It is through the creative modality that such humans shall assist in harmonizing others that participate through reading their books, attending a concert, dance or production of any kind, or in the acquisition of artwork. Such humans may produce artwork that is utilized in sacred places of healing as it allows the environment to be synthesized into a rainbow of tones, which harmonizes the fields of all therein allowing for healing to transpire.


For Earth, 2021 will signify the return of harmony and synthesis to a greater level than ever before. Synthesis is the ability to align the tones of creation into a rainbow without end for the purposes of sustaining balance. Therefore, the newborn of all species in the year 2021 shall contribute their abilities to such a purpose of sustaining the balance of Earth enough to attain the next level of global ascension, and enter the Star Gates towards the Great Central Sun ahead.


In 2020, the focus is the release of all disease, aging, deformity and death karma within all species. It shall be in the releasing of karma for the internal war of disease and death that a greater level of synthesis and harmony of all of Earth can come forth. This is also the time in which miraculous healings may begin to occur amongst those humans who so choose to release their karma and ascend out of disease.


Bodhisattva children born in 2021 will be natural healers, however they will not choose to become “educated” in healing practices per se, but rather learn to listen within and follow their own truth as to how to work with, counsel or assist another in harmonizing. The time ahead is one of the return of self “knowing” rather than educated knowing. Self-knowing stems from the communion with one’s own God Goddess within and allowing God Goddess to speak through and direct the life dance.



Freedom Bearer


Freedom Bearer 1





Keynote: Freedom in Action

Truth in Action: Divine Union, Freedom, Power

Colors: Pale Lavender, Pale Yellow, Peach

Animal Totem: Horse

Aquatic Totem: Manta Ray

Year of Birth: 2022, 2040, 2058


Those born under the archetypal pattern of Freedom Bearer will be gifted at allowing for evolution and ascension in their own life dance, the group that they affiliate with, and the whole of humanity. This type of human may feel too confined to ever remain in one place very long, and much like the Gypsies of olden times, may roam from one place to another, allowing greater freedom to enter the life dance of all who they may touch.


Such humans will not need others as they will know that they are loved from the inside out, and that their home lies within the heart and not upon this piece of land or that, or in association with this group or that. As such they will blow from one place to the next with the wind, and find great joy within in the continuous change or freedom.


The year 2022 shall be a great year of freedom born for Earth. In 2021, the karma for slavery, oppression and dominion through abusive power shall be released in full by all species, fueling the birth of freedom in 2022. As this shall be so for Earth, so it shall also be for ascending humans that choose to align with the new global truth of the consensus one resides upon. It will be in the year 2022 that some of the new ascension communities may be born in the human dance. In so doing, there will be a new form of governance and counsel for humanity map made under the direction of such ascending communities to create the template from which human civilization may evolve into the unity-based paradigm en masse in the decades ahead.


Bodhisattva children born in the year 2022 will be very unique in nature. Many in their teenage years may enter nature and allow nature to take care of them, finding absolute freedom from the human dance for a time. They shall then return sharing of what they have learned and what nature has taught them for the benefit of the whole of the human species.



Compassion Bearer


Compassion Bearer 1





Keynote: Compassion in Action

Truth in Action: Non-Conditional Governance, Compassion, Unity

Colors: Ivory, Turquoise, Pale Pink

Animal Totem: Elephant

Aquatic Totem: Walrus and Manatee

Year of Birth: 2023, 2041, 2059


The archetypal pattern of the Compassion Bearer is a human that one may think of as a “Saint”. This archetype in particular holds space for the dance of compassion upon a personal, group and global level. Such humans may express their compassion quietly through the love and guidance that they may share, or they may move forward in positions of leadership, guiding humanity to learn to dance together in compassion with one another. It is this form of new governance that will be required in the years ahead to restructure the human dance to be founded upon the principles of unity, equality, and the greater good of the whole.


Such humans may take on large causes in the years ahead, taking stands for peace, equality, toxic cleanup, dismantling of nuclear armaments, and end to the brutality towards nature, vegetarianism, and so on; pushing the human species towards a new system founded upon equality with all species upon Earth. Such humans may also gather groups to develop new building designs or farming practices that are in resonance with Earth, easing the difficulties ahead due to global ascension for the human species at large.


For Earth, 2023 shall anchor compassion as a global truth. Earth’s truth is one of compassion-based love. She exists in the solar system that was originally designed to hold the vibration of Compassion in Action within the universal astrology. As this solar system fell into non-love, so did your entire universe, as the tones to sustain love therein were lost. Now in this return cycle, and as your solar system along with Earth clears the distortion through ascension, compassion in action can be restored for your entire universe.


Those children born in 2023 will be leaders in the half-century to come for the human species. They will enter the dance as many within the old paradigm have been cleansed either through death or through the ascent into unity themselves. Therefore, humanity will be ripe for this new type of leader to emerge en masse and guide the human species towards a new unity-based foundation. Such leadership will emerge in all areas of the human dance from 2043 on.



Communion Bearer


Communion Bearer 1





Keynote: Communion in Action

Truth in Action: Divine Union, Forgiveness, Non-Conditional Love

Colors: Pale Lavender, Pink, Silver

Animal Totem: Turtle

Aquatic Totem: Sea Turtle

Year of Birth: 2024, 2042, 2060


There are two kinds of Saints as experienced within the human dance. Some were outward moving like Mother Theresa expressing compassion in action. Others are inward moving and express their love of Earth in solitude. This archetypal pattern is of the second type of saint, that which spends their time retreated inward much like the turtle pulling its head within and hiding behind its shell.


This kind of saint will be focused primarily upon global healing or regional healing in support of Earth’s global ascension. They will work closely with the nature kingdoms and come to intimately understand communion with all species. Many may also choose to share their information gathering small numbers of students for a time. However, ultimately their path is one of more inward moving energy than outward, and once the teaching is complete, such folk will retreat again to focus upon their work with nature and Earth.


For Earth, 2024 will allow for the return of a greater level of unity between all species. The cleansing of the human species will be in full swing allowing for a purging of that which resonates not with the continued ascent of Earth. This shall allow humanity at large to come to greater depths of communion with the whole of Earth than previously possible.


Bodhisattva children born in 2024 will be inner directed, perhaps more so than any children currently incarnate planet wide. Through their own inner direction, such children may leave home at a relatively early age and go where nature advises them to go, learning what they need to learn through communion rather than education.


If the current education system blocks such an emergence, it will manifest in their teenage years and as the kundalini begins to run, moving out the parental and education programming enough to allow their truth to be brought to consciousness. It shall be through the communion with nature of such Saints that many new healing techniques, herbs and food sources shall come to be known to assist humanity at large in the ascent ahead.



Wisdom Bearer


Wisdom Bearer 1





Keynote: Wisdom in Action

Truth in Action: Non-Conditional Governance, Structure, Power

Colors: Ivory, Lavender, Peach

Animal Totem: Eagle

Aquatic Totem: Porpoise

Year of Birth: 2025, 2043, 2061


This archetypal pattern of Wisdom Bearer, perhaps more than any other exemplifies the new form of leadership that shall emerge in the century ahead for the human species. This sign shall give birth to leadership founded upon wisdom, understanding and self-mastery through ascension. In the century ahead, leadership shall come to a new structure that is founded upon power through spiritual mastery rather than power based upon dominion.


Mastery is equivalent to embracing of unity within and evolving the field and form to be self-sustaining in nature; in other terms harmless, peace oriented, equality based, and unconditionally loving in nature, and yet powerful at the same time. This type of human will stand in the power of their authentic truth and lead small to large groups into a new order, a new order based upon equality for all. Such leadership will be based upon wisdom, internal wisdom due to mastery, and due to such mastery, soul shall simply speak through its guidance and direction.


For Earth, 2025 is the year she is to attain Bodhisattva in her global evolution, or 7,500 segments in vibration global wide. She will have attained a certain level of power therefore as an ascending master that shall influence all other planets and stars upon all other dimensions with her wisdom gained. Bodhisattva children born in 2025 are global leaders to emerge in the quarter century ahead to lead humanity to an entirely new structure. Some will find themselves in positions of leadership over small groups or tribes; yet others over entire nations.



Illumination Bearer


Illumination Bearer 1





Keynote: Illumination in Action

Truth in Action: Unity, Compassion, Freedom

Colors: Pale Pink, Turquoise, Yellow

Animal Totem: Hawk

Aquatic Totem: Jelly Fish

Year of Birth: 2026, 2044, 2062


This archetypal pattern of the Illumination Bearer is one of a master visionary that can envision a new tomorrow for others to see and then intend. In so doing, such humans may find themselves in advisory roles to the new leadership to emerge in the century ahead in the human dance. Such humans will also be gifted at seeing the past mistakes and summarizing them so that the same mistakes need not be repeated. Such humans will also be gifted at human ascension or map making ascension, as their visionary skills are quite useful for such endeavors.


For Earth, her vision information and knowledge lost must be retrieved in order to fuel her ascension to Mahavishnu level mastery as a consensus beyond 2025. The global ascension in 2026 shall allow for all vision records to be retrieved, reconstructed and resurrected so that Earth may see what she needs to see to continue to ascend.


Bodhisattva children born in 2026 will be highly perceptive, perceiving not only the underlying unconscious dance, but will be born with the gift of seeing energy with the naked eye. They will be therefore potentially confronting to other humans who are not awakening, and it may be that self-schooling is advised, or retreating into a community where the child will be better understood and embraced.



Joy Bearer


Joy Bearer 1





Keynote: Joy in Action

Truth in Action: Breath of Life, Freedom, Divine Union

Colors: Gold, Yellow, Pale Lavender

Animal Totem: Squirrel

Aquatic Totem: Otter

Year of Birth: 2027, 2045, 2063


This archetypal pattern of the Joy Bearer will birth humans that are gifted at creative endeavors of all kinds that lead to playfulness, humor, joy and liberation through self-expression. They may be gifted at music, acting, and art, and express their joy in such a manner in gathering others to listen or watch. Such humans will also be most gifted at working with children and devising a new form of education that is creative, expressive, allows for expansion of awareness, without enslaving them in the past history. A new form of education may indeed unfold due to such human endeavors in the quarter century ahead.


For Earth, attaining Bodhisattva reverses the polarities in her global astrological chart. The years of strife she has worked through in her global ascension will now be followed with times of greater “lightness of being”; greater humor, joy and playfulness than previously possible. This will be a wonderful relief after all of the hard work and push to ascend out of the density into the joy again. Bodhisattva children born in 2027 shall be natural entertainers who shall amuse their parents as much as the community that they are dancing with. Such children shall bring joy to the other children during times of school or play.



Unity Bearer


Unity Bearer 1





Keynote: Unity in Action

Truth in Action: Power, Forgiveness, Unity

Colors: Peach, Pink, Pale Pink

Animal Totem: Deer

Aquatic Totem: Seal

Year of Birth: 2028, 2046, 2064


The archetypal pattern of the Unity Bearer understands unity, and those ascending into such a truth in action shall bridge humanity, the groups that they are involved with along with their own families into the new unity paradigm. The unity paradigm is founded upon equality of each member of the whole, and that each must contribute to the whole in order to sustain the whole. Such humans will be natural assistants to those in leadership positions to develop, instigate and oversee new forms of governance that are unity-based.


In 2028, Earth enters greater unity due to her ascent beyond Bodhisattva. This unity is necessary to open the next level of Star Gates she is headed towards in the Great Central Sun. 2028 shall bring dramatic rises in vibrations due to a greater level of synthesis mastered, and a quickening of momentum towards the crystalline form at Mahavishnu level for all species upon Earth. The second phase of cleansing shall be launched in 2028 as members of all species unable to ascend will complete and exit the physical plane in the following 7-year cycle.


Children born in 2028 shall begin to come in Mahavishnu level in vibration. The vibrational threshold of Earth shall be high enough to support such human births. Such Mahavishnu children will be born in the new astrology rather than having to ascend into it during the first five years of life. Such children shall anchor blessings as they are born that shall have global impact, supporting Earth’s continued rise in vibration, and blessing humanity along with all species upon Earth alike upon entry into the world. Such children may be viewed as born “saints” and honored for the wisdom and love that they are present to share.



True Law Bearer


True Law Bearer 1





Keynote: True Law in Action

Truth in Action: Compassion, Divine Union, Forgiveness

Colors: Turquoise, Pale Lavender, Pink

Animal Totem: Crow

Aquatic Totem: Salmon

Year of Birth: 2029, 2047, 2065


The archetypal pattern of True Law Bearer understands law that is founded upon the principles of balanced giving and receiving. Such humans anchoring this truth in action shall devise a new legal system and set of human laws that are founded upon the principles of karmic completion or settling a karmic debt, and a return to balanced giving and receiving for the whole of human civilization.


In the current system, there is a middleman that gains something and does nothing. This creates massive imbalances in resources, which is reflected as poverty and starvation of the human species. It shall be those entering the dance of this archetypal nature, perhaps as an advisor to the new leadership, that a new monetary system that is balanced can emerge in the human dance in the half century ahead. Within community, such humans will create laws that are fair, balanced, and support the unity of the group in an ongoing and working manner.


For Earth, 2029 shall be a period of cleansing all that cannot function in true law from the Earth plane. This shall bring about yet another changing of the guards or souls in governance over Earth as a whole. So, it is also in human ascension towards Mahavishnu, as one refines their truth in action, the souls must change accordingly. It is also the same for global ascension. Mahavishnu births in 2029 shall anchor true law in the human dance through blessings upon entry at birth. Such children will have a natural understanding of a new law and order, and may well find themselves advising elders in the community at an early age as a result.



True Purpose Bearer


True Purpose Bearer 1





Keynote: True Purpose in Action

Truth in Action: Breath of Life, Non-Conditional Governance, Structure

Colors: Gold, Ivory, Lavender

Animal Totem: Owl

Aquatic Totem: Eel

Year of Birth: 2030, 2048, 2066


The archetypal pattern of True Purpose Bearer understands that each human is designed for a particular role within the whole of the community or the human civilization within which they dance. Such gifts and talents are resonant within the biology and genetics at birth, and can be brought forward through coaching or counseling in early childhood and teenage education. Those gifted at True Purpose in Action will be gifted in seeing into the unconscious gifts and talents that others possess, and counseling or guiding them to bring such gifts and talents forward to fulfill upon their soul’s purpose upon Earth. Such humans will be gifted teachers of those in teenage years guiding such young folk into a direction that serves as well as inspires themselves and others. They would also be gifted adult counselors or advisors of the community, assisting in job placement in relation to one’s inherent gifts and talents.


For Earth, this is another year of restructuring in which souls and species alike may be reassigned according to emerging gifts and talents through ascension. Certain species that have held certain roles for millions of years in relation to the consensus upon Earth may find themselves doing something new and wonderful to explore.


2030 is a time in which joy becomes the foundation of all relations and all jobs upon Earth. Joy comes from a preoccupation that brings one joy, whether one be a human, dolphin or whale, or any other species. Mahavishnu children shall anchor blessings of true purpose upon entry on to the physical plane for all humans global wide. Such blessings shall allow humans to more readily see, hear and bring to fruition their true purpose, and find the joy that such a new dance offers both oneself and all others.



Communication Bearer


Communication Bearer 1





Keynote: Communication in Action

Truth in Action: Breath of Life, Freedom, Unity

Colors: Gold, Yellow, Pale Pink

Animal Totem: Wolf

Aquatic Totem: Mackerel

Year of Birth: 2031, 2049, 2067


The Communication Bearer archetypal pattern will be gifted at transcribing experiences into words so that others may gain the benefit of the lessons learned. This sign shall provide teachers of all kinds for the emerging unity paradigm in the half century ahead. Some will actively teach to groups, children or teenagers, and yet others will teach one to one in their life dance.


Such teaching comes through “direct communication”. Direct communication is lost in the manipulative dance, as covert meaning has had greater power than direct meaning. This shall change in the years ahead due to the ascension of the human species, and in time direct communication shall be valued far more greatly, and covert manipulation techniques frowned upon. As this occurs, humans of all nations and all walks of life will better understand one another, allowing for the birth of peace amongst all nations to be fulfilled upon.


It may be in 2031 that the nuclear armaments are dismantled global wide, or a few years thereafter as a result of direct communication between leaders of all nations allowing such a global treaty banning warfare and armaments of any kind to be signed. For Earth, 2031 shall be a year that yet another level of communication is mastered in her global ascension.


There is a language above the Language of Light, and it is known as the Language of the ONE. This language is a universal language understood by the Tao from which all creations regardless of size emanate. As the Language of ONE is mastered, there shall be freedom of communication between Earth and Sources outside of the One Source from which she emanates. This communication allows for direct support from the Tao itself in relation to Earth’s continued ascension. Mahavishnu children born in 2031 shall anchor blessings of clear communication upon entry into the physical plane for all of humankind. It is such blessings that shall allow all nations to understand one another enough to come to a treaty of global peace.



Union Bearer

Union Bearer 1





Keynote: Union in Action

Truth in Action: Divine Union, Freedom, Structure

Colors: Pale Lavender, Yellow, Lavender

Animal Totem: Goose or Swan

Aquatic Totem: Penguin

Year of Birth: 2032, 2050, 2068


The archetypal pattern of Union Bearer understands the path of the two, or the path of intimate relationships founded upon divine union and love. First one must anchor such a loving relationship with one’s soul, source and I AM presence. Then the love within allows the fertile ground to manifest the beloved in the life dance. The new form of relationship that shall emerge in the human dance in the years ahead will be founded upon the unity principles of non-attachment. From this a new form of family relations shall also emerge as children enter the dance of the two, altering it to the dance of the three or more.


Those born or ascending into this archetypal pattern will be gifted at the dance of relationship, and also may emerge as teachers or counselors of relationship and family relations. Ascending humans will go through many personal changes in the years ahead, and require those gifted at assisting each in sorting out their truth in relation to others. In community, relationship and family will have a special function that will revolve around sharing tasks in child rearing and child education. Those gifted at the archetypal pattern of relationship will be good at overseeing such a new structure that supports the whole of the community, the adults and children alike.


For Earth, 2032 allows for new relationships between the species to emerge as a consensus reality. Each species will have shifted roles founded upon their emerging truth in action through ascension. Each species therefore may discover that they have different or new relationships with each other. Mahavishnu children born in 2032 will anchor blessings towards the remembrance of the path of the two and the path of the beloved. All humans are beloved to one another, and the blessings flowing through such births shall anchor this remembrance for the whole of the human species.



Ascension Bearer


Ascension Bearer 1





Keynote: Ascension in Action

Truth in Action: Forgiveness, Power, Non-Conditional Governance

Colors: Pink, Peach, Ivory

Animal Totem: Tiger

Aquatic Totem: Shark

Year of Birth: 2033, 2051, 2069


The archetypal pattern of Ascension Bearer is gifted at map carving ascension to the next dimension, and may well be one of the first to attempt and fulfill upon such a goal. The Ascension Bearer reminds all others of the need to align with the cycles of evolution that are solar and creational in nature. As the cycle for ascension comes forth, this archetype is the one that paves the way, gathering groups to ascend together, or gathering a community founded upon ascension.


This archetypal pattern takes the pattern of the “Saint” one step further into the role of spiritual teacher and guide in the physical. Such a pattern will create ascension even in cyclic times of non-ascension, to keep the whole in balance. Ascension long ago served to transmute karma of the consensus known as Earth so that Earth could retain her vibration. Early in her history, whales and dolphins incarnate upon her surface fulfilled upon this role, ascending every so many forms every 1,000 years to retain Earth’s vibration. Humans following the initial seeding also served such a function, until due to a distorted dance that emerged, fell to a point where ascension ceased.


As ascension ceases, the only other pattern possible is a decline in consciousness, and this is what followed. Therefore, the re-emergence of this archetype in the century ahead shall restore the human purpose, which is to provide a vessel through which soul can support the whole of Earth in her choice to ascend through periodic human ascensions to the next dimension.


For Earth, the year 2033 shall anchor a new truth for Earth as she attains Mahavishnu in vibration. This is in preparation for entry into the Photon Belt anticipated in the 2048 timeframe. Earth in attaining such a global vibration will be assured a smooth entry, as there will be two years to stabilize and make alterations to the energy flow to assure a gentle passage for all concerned. The first children born Fully Consciousness in vibration will occur in 2033. Such children will also be considered born “Saints” and will anchor blessings to assist the human species to focus upon ascension full time.



Evolution Bearer


Evolution Bearer 1





Keynote: Evolution in Action

Truth in Action: Divine Union, Non-Conditional Governance, Non-Conditional Love

Colors: Pale Lavender, Ivory, Silver

Animal Totem: Fox

Aquatic Totem: Marlin

Year of Birth: 2034, 2052, 2070


The archetypal pattern of Evolution Bearer is present in human form to trigger certain key evolutionary circumstances that allows for changes within civilization necessary for the whole to ascend. Whereas the Ascension Bearer turns inward and map carves ascension, the Evolution Bearer turns outwards pushing changes upon the human species necessary to evolve as a whole. 2033 marks the year where focus upon ascension becomes the primary focus of all species including humanity at large. 2034 will allow those who bear the role of Evolution in Action to trigger global human changes that support the choice to ascend.


How this may occur is yet to be understood. It may be that so few humans make it through the period of cleansing that they are in relatively isolated pockets global wide in community with one another. The communities will require focusing upon ascension to fulfill upon the group vibration and energy flow necessary to pass through the Photon Belt in ease. It may be that such humans gifted at Evolution in Action assert themselves at such a time to allow the group to ascend to the necessary vibration and energy pattern to move through the Photon Belt without combusting.


For Earth, those species designated to Evolution in Action will take a forefront command position to assist the whole of the consensus to move up in vibration, smoothing out any and all discord, so that entry into the Photon Belt may be assured and effortless. There may be changes therefore in Earth’s governance as a result and founded upon the need of the whole to pull together to accomplish the goal of entry.


Full Consciousness human births in 2034 shall bring forth blessings that shall assist groups in uniting in a common energy flow that is harmonious and unity-based in preparation for entry into the Photon Belt. This is a grand blessing indeed and shall ensure that more humans shall make it. All Full Conscious blessings delivered at birth shall come as direct incarnations of the One Source and Source of All One Sources to assist.



Evolutionary Truth Bearer


Evolutionary Truth Bearer 1





Keynote: Evolutionary Truth in Action

Truth in Action: Structure, Compassion, Power

Colors: Lavender, Turquoise, Peach

Animal Totem: Antelope

Aquatic Totem: Flying Fish

Year of Birth: 2035, 2053, 2071


The archetypal pattern of Evolutionary Truth Bearer holds keys to group evolution. Groups or communities of humans must come to deeper and deeper levels of internal and external harmony to master group initiations. Group initiations are a pre-requisite to consensus ascension for all species individually and collectively. Those who hold keys for group ascension are therefore important to future ascending human communities. Such folk will assert themselves when needed and as the time is right allowing the group to come to deeper and deeper levels of harmony and unity in preparation for entry into the Photon Belt.


Earth’s species designated for the role of Evolutionary Truth in Action will also assert themselves when the time is right to assure that the consensus is adequately harmonized for easy and effortless entry. A difficult entry means a potential combustion with all life lost, and this Earth chooses to avoid through adequate preparation and planning, and the instigation of a plan for ascension emanating from the One Source outside of time and space.


Between 2035 – 2048, fully conscious human births shall occur anchoring special blessings to assure great enough human harmony for entry time. These special children will assist in the final cleansing of those too dissonant for the task. However, we would like to remind each that death is not an end, and each that crosses at any juncture will merge with their current living ancestors and experience ascension through them nonetheless. Therefore, all shall live to witness the dawning of the new Golden Era, which shall emerge more fully after Earth enters the Great Central Sun in full.



Fulfillment Bearer


Fulfillment Bearer 1





Keynote: Fulfillment in Action

Truth in Action: Breath of Life, Freedom, Power

Colors: Gold, Yellow, Peach

Animal Totem: Porcupine

Aquatic Totem: Puffer Fish

Year of Birth: 2036, 2054, 2072


The 18th archetype is the Fulfillment Bearer. Within each cycle is a point and time in which the goal intended is fulfilled to completion. In the human dance, it is the role of the bearer of fulfillment to keep the group or civilization on track towards their goal until it has been attained or met in full. In community, this role would assess the group and each member therein to assure that each is contributing their fair share to the overall group goal, and make sure that each stays on track until the group goal is met in full.


For Earth, 2048 and after entry into the Photon Belt, this will be a major goal accomplished! It is not the end, for the next phase of ascension towards the fourth dimension will begin. However, entry will provide a certain level of support that existence outside of the Great Central Sun simply cannot occur. The support necessary to take Earth on to the next dimension of thoughtform will become available after this major goal is met.


For Earth, this will bring a completion to her journey into the unconscious of the Great Central Sun. All lessons that were to be learned in such an experience will have come to be understood in the completion. As it is for Earth, so it is for humankind and each human therein. Each will find their completion with the dance of separation in riding the wave of ascension into the Photon Belt and beyond. Full conscious human births will continue to support the stabilization of Earth after entry and beyond.


Ascension to Full Consciousness


In the ascent to Mahavishnu, one embodies one of the above signs as a part of the foundation from which they express their truth in action upon the physical plane. In the ascent to full consciousness, one embodies all 18 truth-in-actions concurrently and then moves on to an entirely new system related to Cosmic Level Astrology. Cosmic Level Astrology is related to the Language of the ONE, which is a language system that transcends and unifies the Language of Light into an even greater degree of harmony, unity and non-conditional love. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 15 “Solar Counsels Take Charge of Human Ascension” for restrictions on human ascension based on holograms and lineages.)


Life After the Photon Belt?


One can only imagine what this may or may not mean, life after entry into a radiant sun that never sets, and an energy that permeates everything around oneself. Asur’Ana has noticed the golden flecks of photonic energy increase in size with the last two entries into Star Gates preceding the Great Central Sun itself. She postulates that as this increases enough, there will be “light” at night radiating from the sky. This may occur long before actual entry of the Photon Belt.


For that which enters and rides this journey into the Great Central Sun, the belt itself strives to push from its skin all that is dissonant. It is for this reason that humans must pull together as a united harmonious force to participate in the entry. Otherwise one or the entire group might combust.


Indeed, there are ascending red nations of mostly indigenous folk that are also completing group initiations already at this time. Those ascending in the new consensus are also participating in group initiations, whether one is aware of it or not. Such work is done in dreamtime and one’s soul knows much more about the dance of group ascension than perhaps one brings to consciousness upon awakening. It is the goal of our books to make known this process of Group Initiations so that others may better understand consciously, and continue to transcend and ascend to witness the dawning of a new Golden Era ahead.


Between now and entry, there is much to do. Human karma must be released in order to allow for the cleansing times ahead. This year ahead of 2020, all species shall focus upon death, disease, deformity and karma. As such karma is released, incoming children shall be born with a genetic structure that shall not know death, but be prepared for ascension. This shall not occur overnight, but shall be a gradual phasing out of the old genetic structure with increasing numbers of Bodhisattva and later Mahavishnu births in the coming 20-year cycle. It is anticipated by Earth that by 2035, all human karma shall have been released in full requiring no further births of any children that cannot ascend.


In 2021, the karma for slavery, oppression, power based upon dominion and usury shall be released in full. This shall allow the incoming future children to be unity-based from birth. In 2022, the karma for homelessness, poverty and hunger shall be released. This shall allow incoming children and ascending adults alike to transition to a new day in which there is enough for all.


The focus upon the patterning to be released in the next three years is paramount to the unfolding of the future Golden Era, and so one must not lose focus of what is required today. Therefore, we invite ascending initiates to focus on each day, week, month or year’s worth of ascension at a time. Leave the future for the future, intending the Golden Era all the same, and as each does their part in the dance, so it will come to be. Let us make it so, HO!

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This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



Cosmic © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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