Asur'Ana - aligning with earthBio:

Aloha Friends, my name is Asur’Ana.

Since childhood, I’ve been in awe of the Divine Source or the Great Spirit and the energetic dynamics hidden behind all of creation.

I was born with the gifts of lucid dreaming and active imagination which took me deeply into my inner world.

As a conscious dreamer, I could travel the galaxies and universe within my vast Infinite Being.  I would share these amazing experiences with my parents who seemed to understand me, until ages 9 or 10.

Gradually, I became indoctrinated into the programming of this 3 dimensional world, and rarely shared anymore of these conscious dreams with anyone.  I wanted to fit in like everyone else and live a normal life.

At the age of 17, I began a spiritual quest to seek the Ultimate Reality of Existence.

We have traveled the globe to study with many spiritual teachers, visionaries and indigenous elders. We have tried many meditation techniques and read many metaphysical and spiritual books.

We’ve gained extensive knowledge and experience of the spiritual and mental worlds on our search for enlightenment.

Having personally encountered and overcame many illusions and pitfalls along the way, we know what it’s like to weave an extraordinary dream for one’s life in the restricted programming of this 3D reality, that doesn’t allow us to be who we truly are.

We’ve seen what usually works and what doesn’t. In these courses and books, we want to share with you the best techniques and strategies to help you develop the ability to create your dream life as fast and as easily as possible.

We majored in Management Science from a four-year university. Then, we went on for another year in college to obtain a high school teaching credential.

Presently, we’ve retired from full-time school teaching, although we have over a decade of teaching experience in the classroom.

We wish you profound changes and delightful adventures of living an extraordinary life.

Love and Spirit’s Blessings on your journey!

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