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Asur’Ana has studied teachings from both western and eastern traditions for 30 years. Since childhood, she has been in awe of the Divine Source or the Great Spirit and the energetic dynamics hidden behind all of creation.


She was born with the gifts of lucid dreaming and active imagination which took her deeply into her inner world. As a conscious dreamer, she could travel the galaxies and universe within her vast Infinite Being.


At the age of 17, she began a spiritual quest to seek the Ultimate Reality of Existence. She has traveled the globe to study with many spiritual teachers, ascension teachers, visionaries, mystics and indigenous elders. She has tried many meditation techniques and read many metaphysical and spiritual books. She has gained extensive knowledge and experience of the spiritual and mental worlds on her search for enlightenment.


In 2000, Asur’Ana started on her Ascension Path. Ascension challenges the precepts upon which third-dimensional reality is based. As such, anyone walking the ascension path does so with little if any support from the current human paradigm. Only as one has incorporated enough change so as to attract others sufficiently on the ascension path does the separateness one feels end and the collaboration begin.


In ascension, you come to understand that you are empowered to change your world. You learn that as the inner world and unconscious changes, along with all related beliefs and thoughtforms, your experience of the world simultaneously changes. Then you learn that you are indeed powerful after all, powerful enough to change your own experience of reality.


The ascension books available on our website are presented with profound respect to those searching to understand and make the daily choice to ascend. May you bring the Love of God Goddess/All That Is with you in every step of your walk.


It is our deepest wish that all of humanity may one day come to experience the peace, love and joy that is possible in ascension.


We invite those of you who are devoted to your path of ascension to explore our website further.


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Love and Spirit’s Blessings on your journey!


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