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In collaboration with their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) and the Aligning With Earth website, Asur’Ana and Per have been requested by the Tao to bring forth a new series of information about light wave evolution. Light waves foster a different type of evolutionary fulfilment than the consensus based ascension written about in the Ascension Insights series. Light waves allow for a release of magnetic based patterning and the integration of fusion movements that foster a whole and complete evolutionary sequence. Light waves and light infusion allow for a level of renewal and other healing modalities through the transfigurative or transformative paradigms. Transfigurative paradigm offers the possibility of a new infusion of self that fosters another direction in the dream of the life.


Divinity and Wholeness Theory


Light wave evolution is a motion of light synthesis that fosters another level of mastery beyond ascension systems of self. Light waves are motions of the divine oscillations of self realization. Self-realization is an augmentation of awareness of the sublime motions of the divine in the dance of life. Divinity is an actualization of forgiveness, compassionate action and other divine concepts of existence including wholeness theory of self. Wholeness theory is a concept that the Dao or feminine and the Tao or masculine ignite a flame of truth in the heart accolade of self.  The flame of truth is a level of mastery that ignites the possibility of the motions of light synthesis of field.


Light waves are fostered in prose Ckantor, a poetic motion of light, sound, color and thought that trigger poetry in motion in life. Poetry in motion translates into superlative notions of existence that cause the sublime oscillations of the divine to dream alongside oneself. Dreaming of the divine is not anything other than experiencing the magical momentous occasions in life. Momentous occasions are moments in which the syncopation of dream and life causes superlative dreams to occur that trigger deep gratitude and joy within. Superlative motions can occur with nature along with one another as forgiveness and compassionate action unfold.


Mindset Development


Mindset development is a theory of the divine concepts of life motioned in mind waves. In order for divine concepts to be understood, the synapses of the brain must be fostered to develop in particular formations that oscillate in divine motions of self. Mindset development is case specific to ancestry and fosters self-realization within. Self realization is not to be confused with ascension or other spiritual focuses upon the path. Self realization is an oscillation of love that is founded upon the merger of the Dao and Tao within in a divine spark of self ignited in the truth of the assertion of the life.


Self Realization


Light Wave Evolution is devoted to Self Realization. Self-Realization is a fostering of the planetary Tao in this cycle. The Planetary Tao infuses light quotients into those who have successfully mastered their ascension systems in life. The light infuses into the biology fostering the birth of Light Motion DNA. Light Motion DNA actualizes another type of biology into the physical. The physical embraces light into the cells that warms the body through photonic particles rather than consumption of sugar.


There is a need for those who are beginning to grow light wave DNA to understand the quagmires of the physical, psychological and emotional changes underway in your life as light wave motion begins. The biology will be in need of a different diet to foster light wave DNA in health. The purpose of the written articles or essays is to inform humanity and those who are destined to self realize about what is required to foster your life into a state of wellbeing and health as the light DNA emerges within.


Soul Family


There are many planetary changes in the dreams of humanity. Those who are to light wave motion are to foster another type of dreaming than those who remain in sound motions of ascension thresholds of mastery. Light supersedes sound in decibels that only those who are infused with light can foster. Light wave dreaming will foster larger than life dreams as it occurs amongst those self-realizing ahead. Light motion dreams take flight into new motions that delight the senses and foster deep care of the heart within and amongst those who are growing into “Soul Family”.


Mother Sun Gates


New monads are to descend to embrace those who are realizing of themselves into a Soul Family that is to find one another and foster life journeys together in light motion of field. The emerging soul family learns to dream within the Mother Sun. The Mother Sun is a gateway for homecoming for those who master their lifetime through self realization systems causing a completion of all ancestral karma. There is a limited time to realize into a conclusion to return with the Mother Sun systems in this cycle. The time is now to realize self as the Mother Sun gates or pathways are beginning to open upon Earth.




We invite each to explore the Light Wave series and many sections upon this website of materials to foster mindset development and ignite the spark of the divine within.


The Light Wave series is offered to bring to consciousness the nature of self in its realization through light wave motions known as transfusion. Transfusion is a system of light gates that allow those mastering to rise into octaves that the archetype of one’s birth fosters understanding to actualize the dreams of yourself through time. Light octaves rise often into difficult systems of distortion left behind from the descent out of light motion of field. Often those beginning to transfuse are beseeched with difficult emotions of strife or non-delight until one rises above the discord of one’s ancestry as it fell. The Light Wave Evolution program supports those oscillating through the difficulties of early transfusion by bringing to consciousness what one may need to understand in order to interpret the journey within and forgive, finding peace as a recurrent new found level of truth.


Email Consultations and Healing Sessions


For those interested, Asur’Ana offers email consultations to foster healing for a variety of transformative purposes. Please see the Consultation by Email article for more information.


In the care of the Planetary Tao.

Aloha Pumehana,

Asur’Ana and Per