Meditation Recordings for Ascension & Enlightenment 




Meditations from Ascension Insights, Volume 1:


Running the Kundalini

Synthesis Meditation

Prescription for Manifestation

Healing Temples for Ascension

Nine Intents for Manifesting One’s Soul Vision


Meditation from Ascension Insights, Volume 2:


Holiday Blessings


Meditations from Ascension Insights, Volume 3:


The Stand for Sovereignty

Grounding and Connecting to the Elements

Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream


Meditations from Ascension Insights, Volume 4:


Sun Meditation

Working with the Gold and Silver Tones of Creation

Advanced Intentions for Ascension

Elements Meditation and Blessings for Fulfillment




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Inner Light Meditation Video:



Inner Light Meditation Article:

Inner Light Meditation