Image of the New Chakra System (Initiation 3000). The Vedic Planes

8. The Vedic Planes


We would like to speak a little about dimensions and distortion. Dimensions resemble layers of an onion. If you liken your particular creation to be similar to an onion, the lowest vibration would exist on the outermost layer of the onion and have the lowest vibration. The higher the dimension, the closer to the center of the onion that particular layer would exist upon and the higher the vibration. The higher the vibration, the closer one is to the center, and the center can be likened to being “at one with God”.


Dimensions and Distortions


Distortion can be likened to the bending of a straight line or arrow. At an upper dimension within the center of the onion, the line flows straight like an arrow. As that same line descends through the layers of the onion, each layer causes the arrow to bend slightly or curve. The lower the dimension, the greater the curve. As the line reaches the last layer within the onion and the lowest dimension, it has now curved to such a degree that it no longer appears as a straight line at all but rather as a spiral.


If we draw an analogy between the line and a thoughtform, at higher dimensions, the thoughts of God/Goddess are clear and precise and flow in a direct fashion like a straight line. As the transmission of his/her thoughts travel down the dimensions, they become curved (like a spiral) and then are subject to a distorted interpretation. Within third-dimensional thoughtform, human civilization is the result of the largest level of distortion of the thoughts of God Goddess/All That Is. Not only human civilization experiences the distortion of God/Goddess but also the very Lords and Ladies who hold the form and govern the Hierarchies of your reality.


Distortion is related to attachment. Attachment can be seen energetically as a line of energy connecting an individual to another individual or object within their life. Not only form or bodies experience attachment but so do the very souls that inhabit all form. Soul attachment appears no different from human attachment and can be seen as an energetic line that connects one soul to another or one soul to another group of souls.


Attachment (or the cording between souls) does not exist within the upper dimensions of God/Goddess. There is no attachment between souls which exist within the 25th dimension of your creation. The experience of attachment begins for those souls who reside on the 20th Dimension or lower. The lower the dimension, the greater the attachment or cords between souls.  Read more

Image of the Global Chakra System (Initiation 1800). The Buddhic Planes

7. The Buddhic Planes


We, Lord and Lady Dari (who are aspects of the 144,000 temples governed by the Order of Dari) exist upon Dimensions 800–2,500 outside of your creation and Godhead/Goddesshead. We have extended parts of ourselves into our translator to bring forth the next wave of ascension and to offer a clear voice of communication that stands outside the distortion of the Earth plane. We wish to bring forth the details of the transmutative process involved in embodying the next wave of ascension work.


Initiations 1,024 through 2,500 involve transcending the emotional pattern of a “curse”. Through the pattern of the curse, the destructive forces have controlled the creative forces throughout your creation. It is through the pattern of the curse that the Christ/creative forces lost or gave up their power to the Anti-Christ/destructive forces over time.


The pattern of the curse involves one soul choosing to send destructive energy at another soul with malicious intent from either a conscious or unconscious plane of reality.


Transcending the Buddhic Plane (Initiations 1,024-2,500)


The Buddhic plane is an unconscious plane of reality which is solar in nature. Our solar system has an unconscious that came to exist as a result of solar curses and destruction. Many of you have heard of the planet Maldek. Maldek was destroyed and shattered and became our asteroid belt about ten million years ago. One part of Maldek which still revolves around our Sun is known as Chiron. In astrological terms, Maldek represented “Unconditional Truth”, and in her shattering, the truth of our solar system was lost. In the shattering of Maldek, a solar unconscious was born, and our entire solar system went into polarity.


In relation to the human ascension process, you will discover many levels of curses recorded in great detail upon the Buddhic plane. Each initiate will have a slightly different experience within the pattern of the curse depending upon ethnic background, genetic records, and soul-related experiences. Many initiates may have little conscious remembrance of the details of the curse patterns which are released. For those who are not clairvoyant, the vast majority of this work is completed during dreamtime at night while asleep. Please understand that although the personality and body have no memory, all memories and the lessons learned are recorded within one’s soul. Read more

Lovely and serene image of cosmic eggs. Godheads And Goddessheads Of Our Ovum

6. Godheads And Goddessheads Of Our Ovum


We would like to explain a little about the Order of Dari and of its function within our Ovum of 4,000 dimensions. Lord and Lady Dari has returned to assist your Godhead and Goddesshead in overcoming the distortion that has plagued so many aspects of their creation. The Order of Dari offers a perspective to all circumstances which stands outside of the distortion within your creation. From their perspective and guidance, many corrections will be made over time, not only upon the Earth plane but throughout your creation and God/Goddesshead.


Your creation (which is embodied by Lord and Lady Alora and holds Dimensions 1 through 144 of which Earth is a part) is only one of 144 creations embodied by your Godhead and Goddesshead. The Godhead and Goddesshead of this creation embody 144 creations, each of which has its own creator logos who is similar to Lord and Lady Alora. Godheads, Goddessheads and Creations can be likened to a collaborative agreement between many souls who have come from many sectors of creation to co-create a particular experience. In this case, Lord and Lady Alora are an aspect or creator God who have co-agreed to share their experience of creation with 143 other creator Gods. All creator Gods within a creation work together and evolve together.


The Godhead and Goddesshead oversee the evolution of all of the 144 creator Gods within the creation they embody. Much like the creator Gods themselves, the Godhead and Goddesshead are made up of many beings who have united to embody all of their creation of Dimensions 1 through 360 and oversee the collective evolution of all creator Gods. Our Godhead and Goddesshead are made up of 144 temples. A total of eighteen souls collectively hold the temples and oversee all evolutionary levels of all creator Gods such as Lord and Lady Alora. One of the beings who has overseen fourteen of the temples upon the level of the Godhead has been known as Rama. Rama has been the Godhead-level logos who has overseen the evolution of the particular creation that contains Earth.


You can see that the order and structure of each creation is highly complex and made up of many beings who have collaborated and united to co-create a particular experience. Rama oversees fourteen creations of which our creation is only one. Not all of the 14 creations Rama oversees has had the problems that this creation has experienced. At this time in Earth history, only three out of 14 creations that Rama oversees have been distorted or “fallen” further into density or matter than originally designed. Eleven other creations (s)he oversees do not know life below the 25th dimension and have never experienced physicality as you know it. Rama has hiers hands full, so to speak, in attempting to restore and repair the three creations that have gone awry.


Order of Dari


There are many Godheads and Goddessheads within our Ovum of 4,000 dimensions. Your particular God/Goddesshead is one of 144 and is considered God/Goddesshead number 36. There is an order that oversees the evolution of all Godheads and Goddessheads, and this order is known as the “Order of Dari”. The Order of Dari is made up of 144,000 temples that each serve a particular purpose in maintaining and evolving each of the Godheads and Goddessheads they oversee.  Read more

Image of a frozen soap bubble that shows the crystalline structure. The Crystalline Form

5. The Crystalline Form


The crystalline cell has a cell wall that is coated in a lipid compound, i.e. body fat. Body fat holds a higher vibration. Many channels and healers wonder why they gain weight as they begin their healing career. It is simply because body fat allows them to work with the higher vibrations necessary to heal or channel. Many of you also have agreed to anchor grids of light in the areas surrounding where you live. Anchoring these grids require body fat to help hold the energy.


Human civilization has become enamored with being “thin” and believe that “thin is healthy”. We would like our readership to embrace a new perspective. Body fat serves a very loving purpose as it allows embodiments to assist Mother Earth in holding her vibration. In becoming crystalline, the body fat is evenly distributed around every cell within the embodiment. This allows the entire body to act as a tuning fork to hold a new vibration. It also makes the extra layers of fat that lie under the skin an unnecessity.


The crystalline cell is permeable allowing for easier intracellular communication. In current human form, communication between cells is accomplished through “Osmosis” where molecules slip between molecules of the cell wall into the cell itself. In the crystalline cell, the cell walls can dissolve and reconstruct themselves as needed.


Shapeshifting and Transfiguration


Within the Native American history, many have spoken of medicine men and women who have been gifted with the ability to shapeshift into another form, or to transfigure themselves. The crystalline form allows such gifts as transfiguration and shapeshifting to become possible within the human experience. The crystalline cellular structure also allows the entire human organism to act as a whole unified structure rather than a multi-celled organism. A unified structure is a necessary requirement for transfiguration, interdimensional travel or teleportation from one location to another on the face of the globe.


The crystalline cell does not die, but rather, rejuvenates itself. In current human form, cells are continuously replaced. The continued cell die-off collects in the arteries and within the intestinal tract leading to hardening of the arteries, aging, and death. Crystalline form allows for the experience of immortality and an ageless existence.  Read more

Image of lavender orbs and a sweet butterfly sitting on violet sage plants. Attaining A Fifth Dimensional Awareness

4. Attaining A Fifth Dimensional Awareness


We would like to address the process of attaining a fifth-dimensional state of being. It is within the fifth-dimensional state of being that duality and polarity are completely integrated, and the unconscious “dark side” completely embraced, bringing an end to the human genetic patterns of death, destruction, competition, control, and abuse.


Attaining a fifth-dimensional awareness allows the initiate to fully embody Unconditional Love and Unconditional Acceptance of all other lifeforms on the face of the Earth. To accomplish this, all emotional records of pain, abuse, shame, anger and fear are erased from the cellular structure of the entire embodiment. Once accomplished, a fifth-dimensional state of awareness brings about longer periods of bliss, love and divine union within the initiate.


In the pyramids of ancient Egypt, initiates attained a fifth-dimensional awareness over a many year time span. These initiations gradually allowed the embodiment of each initiate to become “crystalline” in form. Within the crystalline cellular structure, each cell appears as a tiny crystal, and contains many properties similar to crystals. Much like crystals, a crystalline cellular structure can hold a very high vibration, which can be utilized for the purposes of healing, channeling, or bringing to fruition magical capabilities such as teleportation, instant manifestation, or interdimensional travel.


It is through the conversion to the crystalline cellular structure that all emotional records recorded in the initiate’s embodiment can be released and erased, thereby leading to an ongoing state of bliss.


In order to embrace a fifth-dimensional awareness, a sum total of 1,024 segments of DNA must be embodied, which both convert the remainder of the embodiment to crystalline in form, and simultaneously builds a fifth-dimensional vehicle that coexists with the fourth dimensional form. This fifth-dimensional vehicle allows the current form to experience a fifth dimensional state of awareness which transcends all limitation, emotionally embodies a state of Unconditional Acceptance, brings to fruition a complete surrender of one’s “free will”, and leads to an inner state of tranquility and peace not experienced on the Earth Plane for over 40,000 years.  Read more

Image of the Language of Light. LoL Dual Tones 49-96

3. Language Of Light Dual Tones 49 – 96


The following are 48 Dual Tones of the Language of Light. Please refer to Chapter 3 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 for 48 Single Tones. Please see Chapter 4 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 on how you can use the Language of Light to facilitate ascension.


Forgiveness          God Goddess/All That Is



#1 Forgiveness     #48 God/Goddess/All That Is

Nature: Integrative
Glyphs #1 Forgiveness and #48 God/Goddess/All That Is unite to become #49 UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS
Unconditional Forgiveness brings forth the essence of God/Goddess/All That Is in relation to being in a state of allowance. This creation vibration is the ability to embrace all as one expanding into itself. As this vibration becomes inherent in the energy pattern, all passes through without the need to cling or blend or manipulate; simply allowed in its existence seeking to expand.



     God Goddess/All That Is   



#4 Compassion    #48 God/Goddess/All That Is

Nature: Completion
Glyphs #4 Compassion and #48 God/Goddess/All That Is unite to become #50 UNCONDITIONAL COMPASSION
Unconditional Compassion is a completion tone that unifies tones 40–49 into a singular vibration of unconditional compassion. Unconditional Compassion is the aspect of God/Goddess/All That Is that provides a clearing or opening for creation as the needs of all are sensed and can be provided for through the application of this vibration. This vibration is wholeness in the ability to touch or work with the creation vibrations in expansion and completion stemming from the unending desire to create, to expand, to evolve.  Read more

Image of "OUR WORLD" decorated with suns, stars, moons, planets, flowers. Attaining The State Of A Vibrational Steward

2. Attaining The State Of A Vibrational Steward And Beyond


In our last chapter on “Attaining the State of the Christ”, we went into detail on the energetic changes surrounding embodying the vibration of Unconditional Love. Becoming Christed is only the first step in becoming a Vibrational Steward of Earth. There are many more steps to follow which allow each ascending initiate to experience a gradual conversion of the body to a crystalline form. In addition to the cellular restructuring, the entire energy field of the embodiment is also altered. The following is a detailed account of these changes.


Every embodiment is slightly different, and therefore, each initiate may experience a slightly different order of conversion.


Initiations 13-16: Transcending Fear


During initiations 13-16, all remaining fear-based belief systems are transmuted. Fear based beliefs are polarized in nature. For example, if you believe that “I am worth more than others” in some areas of your life, you will also believe that “I am worth less than others” in other areas of your life. Both sides of any one belief is cleared and replaced by a belief that results in the middle path, i.e., “I am equal to all others.” Fear-based beliefs are different within every genetic embodiment and, therefore, will be unique unto each initiate’s personal life history.


Segments of the initiate’s soul that resonate in the 9th and 10th Ray are embodied by the end of the 16th initiation. Each of these soul segments have had many lifetimes of karma that must also be cleared.


Ray 9 – Ray of Honor is gold and silver in color and allows one to honor all of life. Issues surrounding honor and dishonor are addressed within the initiate’s persona as this ray is embodied.


Ray 10 – Ray of Hope is pastel blue and green in color and allows one to manifest the divine plan. Issues surrounding the lack of hope, or the inability to manifest one’s soul’s purpose are addressed within the initiate’s persona as this ray is embodied.  Read more

Image of a dream catcher with a 12-petal flower. Attaining the State of the Christ

1. Attaining The State Of The Christ


A lot of information from the Cosmic records have been revealed to our channel or translator, Asur’Ana, as of late due to Earth’s continued ascension. She will try her best to transcribe these records for those interested in the ascension path at this time.


Vibrational Stewards


For close to 40,000 years, the dolphin and whale community have been the only “Vibrational Stewards” of Earth. A vibrational steward is an embodiment that co-holds the frequency of Earth along with those spirits or souls who embrace our planet. For those who do not know it, the whales and dolphins are fully conscious beings who know no separation from God, communicate telepathically with one another, are in full communication with the Masters of the Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy, and live in a state of bliss. In their joy, they hold a high vibration, and in so doing, support Mother Earth in holding her vibration.


The dolphins and whales were originally designed to hold the vibration of “Unconditional Acceptance” in embodiments that live within water. Planet Earth is not the only planet that has large bodies of water, and the whales’ and dolphins’ genetic system come from the Sirius star system where embodiments similar to these also co-hold the frequency of Sirius. Humankind was originally also designed to hold the vibration of Unconditional Love and, like the dolphin and whale communities, also support the vibration of Earth but while existing upon the land rather than within the water. With the “Fall of Man”, the genetics of humankind became distorted such that the vibration of Unconditional Love was lost and, along with this, our ability to be a vibrational steward was also lost.


Fragmentation of the Vibration of Unconditional Love


The human form prior to the “Fall of Man” contained twelve full strands of DNA. The cause of the genetic fall from twelve strands to two strands of DNA (per the cosmic records) appears to be a nuclear bomb that was dropped approximately 38,000 years ago that was 100-fold greater than that dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. In this experience, the human genetic system mutated from twelve strands of DNA to the limited two strands over a period of many generations. The human lifespan dropped from 500 years to less than a century that it is today. Disease became prevalent. Civilization was reduced to barbarism as all technology was lost.


During the “Fall”, human form fractured into seven sub-vibrations that extend from a unified source which is the vibration of Unconditional Love. Much like a prism, the vibration of Unconditional Love (the 8th Ray) fractures into seven sub-vibrations which can be seen as red (1st Ray), orange (2nd Ray), yellow (3rd Ray), green (4th Ray), blue (5th Ray), indigo (6th Ray) and violet (7th Ray). Humankind, within the fall, stopped resonating in the vibration of Unconditional Love and, instead, within our current genetic form, vibrates within one of the sub-vibrations of the 1st through 7th Rays.  Read more