Image of the Language of Light. LoL Dual Tones 49-96

3. Language Of Light Dual Tones 49 – 96


The following are 48 Dual Tones of the Language of Light. Please refer to Chapter 3 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 for 48 Single Tones. Please see Chapter 4 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 on how you can use the Language of Light to facilitate ascension.


Forgiveness          God Goddess/All That Is



#1 Forgiveness     #48 God/Goddess/All That Is

Nature: Integrative
Glyphs #1 Forgiveness and #48 God/Goddess/All That Is unite to become #49 UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS
Unconditional Forgiveness brings forth the essence of God/Goddess/All That Is in relation to being in a state of allowance. This creation vibration is the ability to embrace all as one expanding into itself. As this vibration becomes inherent in the energy pattern, all passes through without the need to cling or blend or manipulate; simply allowed in its existence seeking to expand.



     God Goddess/All That Is   



#4 Compassion    #48 God/Goddess/All That Is

Nature: Completion
Glyphs #4 Compassion and #48 God/Goddess/All That Is unite to become #50 UNCONDITIONAL COMPASSION
Unconditional Compassion is a completion tone that unifies tones 40–49 into a singular vibration of unconditional compassion. Unconditional Compassion is the aspect of God/Goddess/All That Is that provides a clearing or opening for creation as the needs of all are sensed and can be provided for through the application of this vibration. This vibration is wholeness in the ability to touch or work with the creation vibrations in expansion and completion stemming from the unending desire to create, to expand, to evolve.  Read more

Image of "OUR WORLD" decorated with suns, stars, moons, planets, flowers. Attaining The State Of A Vibrational Steward

2. Attaining The State Of A Vibrational Steward And Beyond


In our last chapter on “Attaining the State of the Christ”, we went into detail on the energetic changes surrounding embodying the vibration of Unconditional Love. Becoming Christed is only the first step in becoming a Vibrational Steward of Earth. There are many more steps to follow which allow each ascending initiate to experience a gradual conversion of the body to a crystalline form. In addition to the cellular restructuring, the entire energy field of the embodiment is also altered. The following is a detailed account of these changes.


Every embodiment is slightly different, and therefore, each initiate may experience a slightly different order of conversion.


Initiations 13-16: Transcending Fear


During initiations 13-16, all remaining fear-based belief systems are transmuted. Fear based beliefs are polarized in nature. For example, if you believe that “I am worth more than others” in some areas of your life, you will also believe that “I am worth less than others” in other areas of your life. Both sides of any one belief is cleared and replaced by a belief that results in the middle path, i.e., “I am equal to all others.” Fear-based beliefs are different within every genetic embodiment and, therefore, will be unique unto each initiate’s personal life history.


Segments of the initiate’s soul that resonate in the 9th and 10th Ray are embodied by the end of the 16th initiation. Each of these soul segments have had many lifetimes of karma that must also be cleared.


Ray 9 – Ray of Honor is gold and silver in color and allows one to honor all of life. Issues surrounding honor and dishonor are addressed within the initiate’s persona as this ray is embodied.


Ray 10 – Ray of Hope is pastel blue and green in color and allows one to manifest the divine plan. Issues surrounding the lack of hope, or the inability to manifest one’s soul’s purpose are addressed within the initiate’s persona as this ray is embodied.  Read more

Image of a dream catcher with a 12-petal flower. Attaining the State of the Christ

1. Attaining The State Of The Christ


A lot of information from the Cosmic records have been revealed to our channel or translator, Asur’Ana, as of late due to Earth’s continued ascension. She will try her best to transcribe these records for those interested in the ascension path at this time.


Vibrational Stewards


For close to 40,000 years, the dolphin and whale community have been the only “Vibrational Stewards” of Earth. A vibrational steward is an embodiment that co-holds the frequency of Earth along with those spirits or souls who embrace our planet. For those who do not know it, the whales and dolphins are fully conscious beings who know no separation from God, communicate telepathically with one another, are in full communication with the Masters of the Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy, and live in a state of bliss. In their joy, they hold a high vibration, and in so doing, support Mother Earth in holding her vibration.


The dolphins and whales were originally designed to hold the vibration of “Unconditional Acceptance” in embodiments that live within water. Planet Earth is not the only planet that has large bodies of water, and the whales’ and dolphins’ genetic system come from the Sirius star system where embodiments similar to these also co-hold the frequency of Sirius. Humankind was originally also designed to hold the vibration of Unconditional Love and, like the dolphin and whale communities, also support the vibration of Earth but while existing upon the land rather than within the water. With the “Fall of Man”, the genetics of humankind became distorted such that the vibration of Unconditional Love was lost and, along with this, our ability to be a vibrational steward was also lost.


Fragmentation of the Vibration of Unconditional Love


The human form prior to the “Fall of Man” contained twelve full strands of DNA. The cause of the genetic fall from twelve strands to two strands of DNA (per the cosmic records) appears to be a nuclear bomb that was dropped approximately 38,000 years ago that was 100-fold greater than that dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. In this experience, the human genetic system mutated from twelve strands of DNA to the limited two strands over a period of many generations. The human lifespan dropped from 500 years to less than a century that it is today. Disease became prevalent. Civilization was reduced to barbarism as all technology was lost.


During the “Fall”, human form fractured into seven sub-vibrations that extend from a unified source which is the vibration of Unconditional Love. Much like a prism, the vibration of Unconditional Love (the 8th Ray) fractures into seven sub-vibrations which can be seen as red (1st Ray), orange (2nd Ray), yellow (3rd Ray), green (4th Ray), blue (5th Ray), indigo (6th Ray) and violet (7th Ray). Humankind, within the fall, stopped resonating in the vibration of Unconditional Love and, instead, within our current genetic form, vibrates within one of the sub-vibrations of the 1st through 7th Rays.  Read more