Close up image of page 1 of Advanced Intentions. Intentions To Support Earth’s Global Ascent

7. Intentions To Support One’s Ascension And Earth’s Global Ascent


The Tao has been assessing the human condition and human ascension since the descent into physicality and into Earth was fulfilled upon many months ago now. The Tao has extended to fulfill upon a resurrection and ascension of Mother Earth and all sentient species therein. Fulfilling upon this resurrection and ascension is not impossible; changes are being brought forth to make it an easier journey for all. Some of such changes we wish to delve into today so that ascending map makers will understand what is occurring global wide, and in so doing can choose to support Earth in these changes, and in particular, in the density of human thoughtform where each resides.


Cleansing of Personality and Non-Essential Souls


At this time, there is a massive cleansing underway of the nonphysical realms. Earth has chosen to remove all souls and fractured pieces of soul, entities, beings and machines non-essential to the ascension of Earth, humanity, or the plant, animal, mineral, dolphin and whale kingdoms. Such forces have plagued Earth with ongoing interference that if left unattended to would simply cause Earth’s ascension to fail. At this time, and as the removal of such non-essential entities and souls is fulfilled upon, one may wish to act as a conduit for this cleansing into the denser regions of the human species, such as the major cities global wide.


Perhaps some of you will be guided to take a trip to New York or other large cities for a day or two and assist in augmenting a portion of this cleansing. Simply attune to Earth and listen to what she wishes you to do, and where to go, and so it will be. As non-essential beings are removed from Earth’s dreamtime planes, a more effortless orchestration of the ascent of the whole may be implemented. This shift shall greatly benefit Earth and humankind alike as many of such entities sit in a density of the old consensus thoughtform, which is black, brown, gray, mucous yellow and green in color if viewed clairvoyantly. As such beings are lifted out of the human dance, the remaining astral planes already cleared from those regions outside of the larger cities and suburbs can be cleansed as well.


Earth is lifting above the seven planes of the Kumaras, which govern the thoughtform of judgment, greed, pain, suffering, fear, death, and lust. Such planes were associated with the lower astral planes in which souls trapped therein are in a living “hell”. Furthermore, those who have nightmares or are addicted to drugs, or are suffering in a long-term illness, or involved with sexual prostitution, often tune into and live in such planes of reality in the physical. As such planes lift, there is an opportunity for the humans caught into such planes to ascend into a new dance, and one of greater joy, freedom, power and unity.


More Ascending Children Planned


Asur’Ana along with many ascending initiates have intended a new day to emerge, and one of greater gentleness for all of your human brothers and sisters. The Tao is augmenting the shifts necessary to bring forth a gentler time of cleansing ahead in which many of the foreseen problems can be circumvented. Much of such shifts shall come through the ascending children. Earth now plans to augment the birth of more ascending children beginning this year and in the coming ten-year cycle. And through such ascending children, reweave the dream for gentler times ahead for all of humankind. Read more

Image of Counterpart Chart. Holographic Counterparts In Polarity

Holographic Counterparts In Polarity


Tantric Relationship Lore appears to have existed each time those of ancient archetype went into divine union relationships and is a magnetic dream that is meant for couples to explore their relationship to one another. It is a dream of sorts devised long ago through holographic dreaming for couples to understand themselves and choose for change. They are were never meant to be something other than this; however, something happened and suddenly humans of ancient holographic nature fell into the lore, and became it, thinking it was the only dream to be dreamt. This is a fable of sorts that great humans fell into and in so being they fell into a state of being that is very caustic.


Tantric Lore


Nemesis nature is the caustic side of the tantric lore fable. Nemesis is a pattern that is very difficult to transcend as it is so destructive. Often those who get into nemesis patterns with a beloved perish before they ever understand what is required to be transcended in order to depart. It is for this reason that we present this information for those who are in the current cycle of evolutionary fulfillment.


Tantric lore is an ancient study of polarity of light and dark in the dance of relationship. Relationship can be defined as partnerships, beloveds, gay couples, parents and children, siblings, aunts and uncles, family dynamics, school and work relations, or any other association one may have. Those in this dance are not of all archetypal nature upon Earth; only those of ancient biology of those seeded with deep spiritual understanding.


Tantric lore is also about tantra. Tantra is not about sexuality per se although those that are confused sometimes associated it with it. Tantra is about light waves that permeate the field creating balance, synergy and harmony between the two or the many. Tantric light waves are a form of light synergy of woven threads of thoughtform that generate emanations that glow and heal along with energize and warm the field and form. Light waves are a fabric of sorts that generates heat and allows for fusion to light wave tapestries that generate photonic pulsations that can be moved through the field and spine to synergize energetic flow and stimulate the nervous system and brain into a heightened awareness and state of being that can be ecstatic to experience.


Light waves will be defined in a separate series of essays that define another thoughtform that we will call Tao based. Tao based thoughtform is light infusions that appear as waves and command through movement, sound tone and emanations. The combinations elicit a particular command that directs the creation whether the creation is one’s own field or the Earth or any other reality. As such, you are your own creation and can choose to command the dream for the life experience in any direction you would choose for. Therefore, you can choose to transcend the patterning of tantric lore and synergize into the wholeness of the original archetypal nature of your ancestors before they fell into polarity as your own creator within. Read more

Image of gold and silver autumn leaves. The Return Of The Gold And Silver Planes To Earth

6. The Return Of The Gold And Silver Planes To Earth


The gold and silver mirror planes have been re-anchored upon Earth. What does this mean? Once and long ago, gold and silver held the elements of air, water, fire and earth in a cohesive manner founded upon non-conditional love for the purposes of creating form in the third dimension and upon Earth. Over time, the gold and silver planes were removed leaving only shadow planes in exchange. The gold and silver planes have been recently restored around Earth’s global field due to Earth’s global ascension. The return of gold and silver to Earth is equivalent to the return of the love of the Tao to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.


The karma for the loss of these planes is extensive and has been released in recent months augmenting the return of these beautiful vibrational bandwidths to Earth. Long ago, humans were seeded upon Earth. Such humans shared in the golden and silver planes through the ongoing exchange of such energies between the etheric body, chakra system and subtle bodies of the field and form. Alas, forces of the dark incarnate upon Sirius stripped the gold and silver planes from Earth, moving them to Sirius A and B through the very humans that they seeded.  This left only shadow planes for both humans and all species upon Earth to dance within. Each initiate may wish to take the time now to release the karma for human participation in the loss of love and the gold and silver planes upon Earth.


What does dancing in the shadow equate to? Without the gold and silver vibrations, vision becomes impaired, as there is less light available to perceive into the truth of the matter. It is in the loss of vision that one loses one’s way, makes the wrong decisions that lead to falls in consciousness rather than ascension, or is conned by forces of the dark into doing one thing, anticipating a particular result only to discover only too late that the opposite would occur and one made the wrong choice. It is the dance of the shadow planes that augmented the many falls in consciousness of the Earth over the past 200,000 years of human involvement.


Splitting of Light and Dark


Why would Sirius do such a thing as removing the golden and silver planes from Earth? Sirius took the gold and silver tones of creation from Earth to fuel their own ascent to the next dimension. Up until Earth’s ascent, which is really more of a resurrection at this time of that which has decayed into healthy enough living cells to begin the ascent to the next dimension, the only form of ascension available to your creation has resulted in a split in light and dark.


Splitting light and dark equates to all of the gold and silver vibrations along with grid work, chi, moving energy systems and information going to the star or planet destined to ascend, and all of the shadow and darkness along with karma from such a planet or star deferred to the planet or star destined not to ascend. This is ultimately the plight of Earth; Earth gave up her golden and silver planes to Sirius and absorbed Sirian darkness to augment Sirian ascension, and is one of 8 planets that did so in your creation. Read more

Image of a beautiful Indian woman at work in her pottery shop. Achieve Unlimited Abundance

Achieve Unlimited Abundance


Within you lie all the answers and talents you need to create unlimited abundance for yourself, to have what you need both physically and spiritually in every area of your life.


You are a magnificent, powerful person, and you can learn to work with your energy to tap into the unlimited abundance of the universe. Creating money can be effortless, the natural outcome of the way you live, think and act. You can draw anything you want to you; you can realize your fondest dreams.


In this article, I will discuss creating abundance as well as money, for creating money alone will not always bring you what you want.


Money is energy, and energy exists in all dimensions. The spiritual laws of money are universal energy laws that create abundance: the principles of ebb and flow, unlimited thinking, giving and receiving, appreciation, honoring your worth, clear agreements, magnetism, and so on.


Abundance Means Having Things That Fulfill You


Abundance means more than having quantities of things; it means having things that fulfill you as well. Money can be part of your abundance. Read more

Image of a magnificent winged lion. The Return Of The Winged Lion And Dragon

8. The Return Of The Winged Lion And Dragon


Blessings for Understanding the Larger Picture of the Spiritual Journey


The Lion and Dragon Kingdoms


The Lion Kingdom would like to greet our fellow ascending humans in joy and honor! Our species is not what most think it is, a member of the large “cat” family. Lions are not at all related to large cats such as Tiger, Panther or Leopard. We are a species of our own and always have been, and have been known as Winged Dragons in times past.


Asur’Ana had not associated the Lion Kingdom with her beloved Winged Dragons up until recently. She was pleased to understand that there will be again a mammal representing the dragon realms upon Earth. Dragons have surrounded her and ascending initiates for many years now. Dragons and the Lion Kingdom have watched and assisted to the best of our ability. We are pleased to say that real human ascension has been launched at long last, and humanity will now fulfill upon its role within the consensus of Earth in unity and honor with all other kingdoms in the decades ahead. This is no small feat to have accomplished and we honor her along with each that has so chosen to walk the path of ascension at this time in Earth history.


Winged Lions of Terra


Indeed, the “Chinese Dragon” often resembles an elongated male lion. This is what our species once was, a dragon, and indeed at another time and upon a lighter dimension, we had a longer torso and wings! Our mane also extended down the back, resembling what is often depicted as scales in dragon form today. However, we always have been covered in fur beloved. Our wings, much like the winged horse, were large, large enough to allow us to take flight and travel to those areas Terra (Earth) was in need of support of our species.


Wings were common on many mammals at another time and in another dimension (12th Dimension) in Terra’s experience. At that time, there were 18 mammals that held wings, including lion that represented the “dragon realm”. Much like the new astrology (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information), we held an important role in relation to the energetic dance that sustained Terra’s existence. Our role is of the “Peace Bearer”.


Alas, our species was reduced in size over time and through the reign of the era of the dark to a mere “Dragonfly” in the physical. In the nonphysical, winged lions remain, and many have come to touch upon our nonphysical species in their inner plane journeying. Now in the recovery of our records and in the coming 18-year cycle, Lion will replace Dragonfly in the role of Peace Bearer and holding space for this particular sign in relation to the new universal astrological influences Earth is embracing at this time. We like most species are recovering our records and remembering our true place in this consensus reality known as Earth. Read more

Amazing image of a white elephant. The Return Of The White Elephant

7. The Return Of The White Elephant


Blessings of Self-Acceptance


The Elephant Species


We know that our translator writes a lot. There is much to say and little time to say it in. Why? In a short time of less than another 2 years, the language and thoughtform that Asur’Ana will evolve to will be above the current thoughtform of the Language of Light in full. At such a time, only those transcending to Mahavishnu will be able to understand what she is saying with ease. It is for this reason that there is a voluminous agenda in these coming two years ahead to bring through as many transmissions as she possibly can before turning the juncture ahead in her evolution.


Elephant has long loved Asur’Ana. She tuned to the Elephant species early in her evolution and found us capable of anchoring large energetic space, far larger than all other creatures currently incarnate. Indeed, we hold space for the evolution of Earth, and this is our species’ purpose at this time in Earth’s global ascension. Elephant is related to Walrus and Manatee as an aquatic counterpart to our species. What is holding space? As you may remember from Chapter 5 “Chasing the Tiger’s Tale”, Tiger and the aquatic counterpart of shark holds boundaries for Earth. Boundaries take chi to run, and it is Elephant, Manatee and Walrus’ task to provide the chi necessary to sustain the boundaries.


Crystalline Fat


One thing both elephant, manatee and walrus have in common is massive body size. There is a load of fat in our biological blueprint. Why is fat necessary to holding space? Fat allows chi to be generated or stored, much like a battery. Crystalline fat in particular is even more capable of holding magnetic energy to assist in stabilizing the vibration of the form or Earth.


Elephant, manatee and walrus through ascension are evolving two new forms of crystalline fat that shall be even more efficient than what our ancestors once knew long ago. Elephant ancestors are known as the Woolly Mammoth. The shape of Walrus evolved out of the Manatee species. Manatee is an ancient species present in the lakes and water streams of Earth long before the arrival of the Annanuki and their seeding of your oceans. Elephant and Manatee ancestors knew crystalline fat, but we are altering the genetic blueprint to be even more efficient.


Elephant notices that many humans are perturbed at the weight gain in ascension. We guide you to not be perturbed. Ascension requires an ability to push up inside of the density of human thoughtform. The more fat that there is, the easier ascension is to accomplish. It is anticipated that elephant, manatee and walrus will share the new blueprint of fat, which shall make it less necessary to gain as much weight as earlier on in the dance of ascension. This is anticipated to be released by the end of this year, which shall allow some who are excessive in body size to slim down by as much as 20% overall, and hold as much energy and move as much energy as prior to the fat conversion. Read more

Image of a sublime white poppy flower blossom. Light Wave Archive #7

Light Wave Archive #7


Anthropological Self Analysis


Self is a conscious aspect of the field. The chakra system and field layers are non-conscious layers of configuration but sustain the life of the body and existence of self. Self interleaves itself into the field to harmonize, animate, and deliberate command for the life and body. The layers of self accolade the symphony of sound and light of the archetypal script to repose (song) the dreams upon the self and life. It is in the accolade of the symposium of self that spirit descends and dances with the self through magical incantations known as prose.


Prose dreaming is an accolade of self-realization. Prose dramatizes the life in words that are incantated in a symphony of sound and a harmony of light waves. The prose incantations resound through the music drawing the dream to the foray of the self through the hypothesis of mindset. Each prose is a hypothesis of mindset that causes dreams to be transfigured in an accolade of achievement for spirit.


Self accolades a physical dream to the life structure. The life structure includes the life of the self and the body. There are multiple layers of occupation of self including the physical and dream time. Dream time is an accolade above the physical leading to a nonphysical life expression. Physical life is of the body and associated with the body level self. Physical and nonphysical life expressions are the result of a fall dividing the two into polarity.


United Synergy Between Physical and Dream Time


Dream time cavorts a presence over the physical when realizing itself. Physical bodies often fail to realize self. Most incarnate today are not realizing self and live in a foray of a mechanical field that renders spirit. As the field evolves and resounds in an accolade that reposes synergy between the physical and dream time, self-realization begins. Self-realization is a repose of its own that accolades a symphony between body and dream time allowing the two to emerge as a unified self that modulates realization. Before dream time and physical can emerge into a unified self, the two poles must harmonize enough into a repose of unity between the two.


Unity between dream time and physical reposes of self requires an understanding of the archetypal relay of patterns through human history. Archetypes have rendered self and spirit leading to the repose of disassociation between the two. Sometimes the physical desires to repose in realization and the dream time fails to accolade in parallel. Sometimes the physical fails to accolade towards realization when the dream time desires the path. Both journeys fail as it requires both physical and dream time to work as a united synergy to cause realization of self. Read more

Magnificent image of the Arctic Circle. New Global Dreamtime Launched

5. New Global Dreamtime Launched


So many global shifts are underway at this time in preparation for the next entry into the third Star Gate towards the Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun. The next entry point is during the September period of this year. More or less, Earth determines the entry time founded upon vibrational threshold that is global in nature. As Earth attains a particular vibration and energy flow in each increasing global initiation mastered in her ascent, the next level of Star Gate is passed through. More or less, each entry point increases the amount and pace of photonic energy available to fuel Earth’s continued ascent forth.


Each level of increasing photonic energy allows for the biological changes inherent in ascension to grow at a more rapid pace for all species upon Earth. At this time many species range from 1,024 to 12,000 segments of DNA depending upon origin of embodiment. Forms sitting upon lands such as islands in Hawaii, which is as a landmass pushing forth to Mahavishnu level vibration or 15,000 segments of DNA are keeping pace. Most subsequent generations of birds, land mammals, plants, trees and shrubs are matching the vibration of the land at this time.


Asur’Ana notices the vibrant and lush green color of the plant kingdoms upon Hawaii, which run from bright green to a pale turquoise color depending upon variety. The ascending flowers are more vibrant in color than ever, and healthier lasting longer than at prior times. She also notices that birds in Hawaii are embracing a more vibrant color in each subsequent generation of increasing genetic materials, along with an emerging crystalline diaphragm. The crystalline diaphragm and form cause such birds to be rounder and larger than before.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


In the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney Australia, the land measures roughly 6,000 segments of DNA. The plant kingdoms and birds appear healthy, strong and vibrant in nature. Along the coastline both south and north of Sydney, the land measures 1,800 segments. The seagulls and plants again appear strong and healthy. Read more

Image of silvery white waves. Waves And Poetic Prose

Waves And Poetic Prose


Introduction: Healing through Transfigurative Dreaming


Prose are incantations that cast a spell over the dream through poetic formations of repose of thought. Incantation spells transfigure the dream to respond to the thoughts causing a shift in the paradigm of notion of each moment. Moment to moment shifts in dreams repose down the dimensions catching over the transfigurative action of the field.


Incantations are to be recited only once per day. Twenty incantations will be shared after this introduction. Please pick only those that most deeply resonate within to intend. You can read the incantations without intention and then re-read the incantation with intention to cast the transfigurative spell for healing the dream of self for each given day of transformative action. Intending a particular incantation twice cancels the transfigurative action over the dream. Intending the incantation the third time reinstates the transfiguration.


It is best to intend only one to two of the following prose as transfiguration over any given day of transformation within. Transfigurative action can confuse the dreams if too many are intended all at once. The purpose of the prose is spiritual and is designed to cause healing of the self of the self within. The self of the self within is an energetic formation of field that reposes the consciousness and awareness of the experience of life. It is the self of the self within that manages all life dreams.


Consciousness expands through self-realization. Humans upon the spiritual path realize self in many variations of experiences of life. The prose ignites the divine flame of synergy within the heart accolade of self to aid in the realization over particular realizations of self for the purposes of forgiveness of karmic debt and difficult or traumatic life happenstance.


Transfigurative action is a formation of dream weaving that is much like an artist with a paint brush. The prose causes the foundation and colors of the dream to alter into beautiful formations that attract delightful moments in time to be experienced and expressed. Read more


3. Drinks


Fresh fruit juices are loaded with enzymes that assist in cleansing the blood, dissolving the old cellular structure so that the crystalline form may develop, and cleansing the ducts of the kidneys and liver to enhance detoxification in ascension. We advise that those who are ascending invest in a juicer so that one may have fresh juice daily.


Asur’Ana abstains from all forms of alcohol. However, for those who consume alcohol, you can enjoy fine wine with all dinners. Red wine is an excellent source of blood sugar for the crystalline form and aids in digestion. Beer and ale are loaded with B vitamins. Tequila is useful along with gin in small amounts as it dissolves the plaque that has formed along the arteries and veins.


Bless all alcohol that you will consume, and there will be no sense of becoming drunk. However, one must release all karma with alcohol and the entities that cause a drunk state in order for this to be so. Intend to add the vibrations that one requires to ascend into one’s drinks, and the alcohol will hold a wider range of frequencies than other liquids.


Coffees and teas are also excellent blood cleansers and another way to adding small amounts of needed nutrients to support ascension. Bless the tea and coffee and one will find that it too supports one’s ascension.


Fresh Squeezed Juices


Fresh juices will cleanse the blood, liver and kidneys to support ascension.


Cleansing Recipe

Read more