Image of a gorgeous and sweet looking hummingbird. The Beating Wings of the Hummingbird

15. The Beating Wings of the Hummingbird


Blessings for Joy and Happiness


The Hummingbird Kingdom


It is the Hummingbird Kingdom that addresses you today. Similar to the Finch Kingdom, when we came forth and told Asur’Ana we wished to write something unto ascending humans, she again says “But hummingbird, you are not a little crawler as you have wings!” Yes, this is so in a sense, except that all small creatures like ourselves fall into one category in association with the management of Earth’s energy flow. Hummingbird holds the responsibility of anchoring truth upon Earth and within all kingdoms.


Joy, Happiness and Playfulness


Truth can be equated unto joy and happiness along with playfulness. It is the nature of small creatures as well as large creatures to enjoy the physical reality that they have incarnate into. This is a biological truth from the perspective of hummingbird. Asur’Ana once recognized that most creatures are relatively playful if left in their own environment and unrestricted.


She once observed the playful otters darting in and out of the seaweed along the Monterey coast of California, where she used to vacation. Asur’Ana has also witnessed the play of the birds in Hawaii as they chase each other through the palm trees in front of her lanai; or the geckos chasing each other around the courtyard of their swimming pool, leaping from fence to fence, almost as if they were playing tag with one another! In reality the geckos are marking hunting territory, but in a playful way.


The nature of the biology is playful in its original casting. One can see this in human form and in young children who run gleefully through the park, or shriek with enthusiasm and joy. Children remember the joy when perhaps their parents have long forgotten. Sometimes parents learn to play again and be in the joy with their children, and this is a lovely thing for hummingbird to bear witness too. One initiate healed her heart through the birth of her son. Over time and as he grew, she learned to play with him in a way that was joyful to her inner child. Adults best relate to children by attuning into one’s own inner child and allowing that inner child to come out and play.


No Joy or Happiness in Poverty and Lack


Play and joy lightens the load for all species upon Earth. At this time, there is a great focus upon past history of betrayal, disappointment and undermining that has occurred through other stars in your Creation in association with Earth. Sometimes there is great grief in the understanding of how Earth was set up to be the “extinct one” so that all others could continue to thrive at her expense. The grief is releasing from Earth at this time. Often humans in their own life experiences create patterns that are similar unto Earth’s own experience. Read more

Image of a small sweet looking rat. The Young Rat with the Long Tail

14. The Young Rat with the Long Tail


Blessings for a Return to Balance Within


The Rat Kingdom


It is the Rat Kingdom that addresses ascending humans today. For a long time, Rats have received a bad reputation by humanity. We experience rejection and death through poisons amongst those humans living in the cities or suburbs, as well as being used in laboratories for sometimes horrific experiments. Nature has said little about how animals have been used by scientists in present time, and we will speak to this in this chapter.


We Pinpoint Problematic Energy Flow


What is it that is less beautiful about one creature over another? Why are rats perceived as ugly and a pest while birds and other creatures are perceived as beautiful and therefore worthy of trying to “save” if they go extinct? This is a very odd phenomenon from the perspective of Nature that perceives each as necessary to the dance of the whole and therefore equal in value and service.


What does the Rat Kingdom do for Earth? We pinpoint problematic energy flow so that it can be transmuted and brought into alignment with the rest of Earth’s flow. This is our job. Often, we are found in excess in human cities as there is a load of difficult energy that humans create through their thoughtform and electrical devices, and our forms are used to attempt to transmute such discord to the degree we can so that the energy in the cities is less caustic than it already is. This requires many of our bodies and is why we reproduce to an extreme in the cities as a result.


Rats have been accused of being carriers of disease; and yet the poorest of humans in third world nations often eat of our flesh out of necessity and do not die. We carry no more or less diseases than human form or any other species in the reality of it. All form carries viruses and bacteria of all kinds as one is living in a biosphere that has bacteria and viruses as well as parasites as a part of the structure. It is only as the bacteria or viruses become “out of control” in their reproduction that a health problem is created. As long as all in the body is in balance, the bacteria and viruses remain dormant in the system and non-problematic. Asur’Ana has discovered that viruses in particular retract into the nervous system of the physical form; so, this is for all animal kingdoms including the whales and dolphins.


Imbalance Is the Cause of Any Disease


As the body goes out of balance, the right environment might be created for one or more viruses to reproduce excessively leading to disease; or if this occurs in lots of humans in a single region, it leads to what is known as a plague. Rats or any other animal kingdom is not the cause of disease or plagues; nor is it caused by anything other than humans in their own dance. Out of balance energy flow in any region of domain will cause humans to become out of balance within their own respective fields; and this can lead to disease. If the imbalance affects many in a given region, often this will create a plague; the reality is, however, that the cause of any disease is imbalance. Remain in balance, and the body will live out the life to an old age at 2 segments of DNA. Read more

Image of a green and alert cricket sitting on a leaf. The Hum of the Crickets in the Night Air

13. The Hum of the Crickets in the Night Air


Blessings for Divine Timing in the Divine Dance


The Cricket and Grasshopper Kingdoms


It is the Cricket and Grasshopper Kingdoms that address you today. Asur’Ana has long loved to listen to our hum at night out her bedroom window. We remind her to move into syncopation with Earth in her rotation of field, as this is the purpose of our kingdoms, to retain a rhythm that holds the heartbeat of Earth.


Syncopate with the Heartbeat of Earth


What is the heartbeat of Earth? The heartbeat is an ongoing pulsation that is the result of the rotation of molecules within the land, forests, trees, lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. Grasshoppers and Crickets attune to this rotation and mimic it in the movement of rubbing our wings together, which produces a hum late in the day or evening and at night. We do so in order for all kingdoms to align their own rotation of molecules to our pulsations.


One may also listen to our hum and intend to rotate one’s molecular structure in syncopation. At this time and in some regions of Earth, the pace of rotation has increased. In Hawaii and under major chakra centers such as in Alberta Canada, if one is out in the country, then the molecular rotation may be at a pace that reflects the ascent of the land to 3000, 6000, 9000, 12,000 or even 15,000 segments of DNA. The higher the evolution of the land, the more rapid will be the syncopation of our sound.


The syncopation is not in the actual hum, but in the surging of sound. Therefore, listen for our surges or when the sound suddenly gets slightly louder to the ear. Each rotation of the molecules will be reflected in a slight surge of sound; every 18 rotations will have a slightly larger surge; every 48 rotations will have the larger surge and therefore a louder sound; every 144 rotations end with the largest sound of all, and then a short period of silence. As you learn to syncopate the rotation of one’s own molecules to the sounds of the crickets, one will come into divine timing.


Divine Timing Is the Present Moment


What is divine time? Divine time is in the present moment. In the moment, there is only the now. In the now, there is no past and no future. In the now, patterns of the past fall off and patterns of the future have yet to become activated. One will find peace therefore in remaining in divine timing as much as one can. Perhaps given the current human drama and trauma, it may be the only place that one finds peace. Asur’Ana has learned that taking a daily walk and sunbath (if the weather allows; if not, then a bath at home) is crucial to her ascent; out in nature or in the sun and in the water, she comes into present time. She intuitively aligns to the rotation of the molecules in the land and the water in such moments and in so doing, her troubles melt away into peace as she moves more fully into present time. Read more

Image of a pretty rainbow colored snail's shell. The Trail of the Snail

12. The Trail of the Snail


Blessings for Opening to Holographic Thoughtform


The Snail and Slug Kingdoms


We are most honored to be able to relay our message to ascending initiates through Asur’Ana. Snails and Slugs are indeed a part of the Crawler kingdom. We are neither insect nor mammal; but rather a combination of the two. We breathe like a mammal, which is something that bees and ants do not do, but we do slither like an insect. Our breath is a form of osmosis; through our slimy skin we absorb oxygen prevalent in water or in the air.


We Are Modifying Our DNA to Crystalline


Snails and slugs were once only underwater creatures. Over time, we learned to create a skin thick enough or hard enough to subsist upon the land near water, but not requiring to be immersed any longer. It is also for this reason that our species continues with an underwater form of vacuum traction that propels us from one place to another including upside down or straight up walls and rocks.


One will note however that the suction pads upon the bottom of the feet of most insects along with the Gecko Kingdom hold the same form of vacuum traction; it is why geckos, ants, and caterpillars can crawl up walls or hang from the ceiling. We shared our information from living under water with surface Earth kingdoms, and over time they embraced some of our features.


Where does the snail and slug kingdoms originate? We originated upon the Pleiades; however, we are adapting a cellular structure that is Crystalline at this time in our own species ascent. It is perhaps far easier to modify the DNA of a slug or snail than of a human, as we are far less complex. The building blocks for the crystalline structure were already in our forms; with some slight modifications, now we can ascend home with Earth to the Great Central Sun, and this brings our species great joy!


Difficulty of Transmuting DNA in Humans and Fully Conscious Species


Why is DNA so difficult to transmute in human form, or mammal form such as whale and dolphin? This has to do with the complexity of structures within fully conscious species, and primarily the nervous system itself. The brain and nervous system of the fully conscious crystalline form has 188 types of crystals imbedded therein. Each crystal in the crystalline form is a form of salt and not silicone. Read more

Image of a millipede in blue lighting. The Thousand Legs of the Millipede

11. The Thousand Legs of the Millipede


Blessings for Forward Momentum upon the Ascension Path


The Millipede Kingdom


It is the Millipede Kingdom that greets you today. Millipedes are known for their long bodies and one thousand or more legs that each propels us forward in the same direction. We are also associated with the caterpillar kingdom before they become the butterfly or moth. Millipedes tend to be three to six inches long or more, brown or black in color, and are known to be poisonous if we bite. We have two heads, one at either end of the form so that our legs may carry us either forward or backward in direction. Either head emits a poison if we feel threatened, or if we are poisoning our kill for dinner.


Nature Emulates Human Thoughtform


Much like the praying mantis, our species poisons our meals so that they cease to move about for easier dining. We also consume our own poison which is not of course poisonous unto us up through a certain age, and after which our own poison also kills us allowing us to die. Millipedes rarely live beyond 50 years of age in present time and in the tropics. Much like humanity that is poisoning themselves with their own wastes so to speak, or toxic spills from your businesses, and becoming ill and dying of your own poison, so do we end our lives in similar vein.


Why do we live so? Well, we emulate human thoughtform. All of nature emulates humanity’s behavior towards oneself or others, both individually and collectively. Long ago humanity in the form of the Pleiadian Humans known as the family of Anu arrived upon Earth. They bred a slave race through the process known as cloning or duplicating their own genetics to produce another human in a laboratory. Shortly after this occurred, nature mimicked the Anu’s behavior and duplicated another insect kingdom that was a reflection of the Anu themselves, known as roaches.


Roaches, Mosquitos and Flies


Roaches are a parasite; they take from Earth and give nothing in return. So was the Anu parasitic unto Earth. For the Anu took from Earth great resources of minerals including gold and shipped such resources off to other creations without giving anything unto Earth in return. The roaches formed as a mirror of the Anu. Scientists have been surprised to find out that roaches are one of the few kingdoms that will survive after nuclear fallouts and near the epicenter of the blast. It is because roaches are impervious to radiation that this is so; as they are formed through a process of genetic duplication that is founded upon radiation; and so, roaches are inherently radioactive, as are mosquitoes and flies.


The Anu created their slaves for many purposes, including to wait upon them, and also to extend their lives. Over time, the Anu began to drink of the blood of their slaves to sustain their life into immortality. This was known as the “Elixir of the Gods”. As this occurred, nature again cloned a representative of their behavior known as the mosquito. Read more

Image of a green gecko with red spots lying on a green leaf. The Chirp of the Gecko

10. The Chirp of the Gecko


Blessings of Regeneration and Ascension into the Crystalline Form


The Gecko and Lizard Kingdoms


The Gecko and Lizard Kingdoms greet you today. For those who are unfamiliar with Gecko’s, we are a small lizard like creature that can alter the skin color depending upon typography. We can vary from a bright green color with red triangles upon our back to match the leaves and flowers of most flora and fauna in the tropics, to the dark brown of a lava rock, to the white of a sand beach. We much like a chameleon have not lost our ability to alter the pigment of our skin to blend with the environment. However, if the environment is not of natural sources, then our color remains green generally speaking.


Altering Our Skin’s Pigment to Match Our Environment


What do we attune to in order to understand what our environment is? While residing in Kaua’i Hawaii, Asur’Ana has had many geckos make their living home her home, and has enjoyed our company. Rarely have we matched the color of the white walls of her small cottage. Why is this so? Inanimate objects give off no Language of Light tones. We attune to the Language of Light in the flora and fauna and in so doing, match the green color therein. Why do we become green in her presence? Asur’Ana runs the Language of Light herself and as we attune to this, it is like being in the garden.


More recently in the soul infusion of her ascent, Asur’Ana has begun to run gold and silver tones of creation instead; now we turn white in her presence as a result, as this is as close as we can come to the gold and silver tones she runs. One day we will have gold and silver skin, and this shall occur as gold and silver is mastered by the natural world. Our kingdom views Asur’Ana’s home as a beautiful garden. Few humans run such tones at this time in history, but those that do will be blessed with the presence of birds, bees, geckos, lizards and frogs coming into or near one’s home as such kingdoms may view one’s presence as a beautiful field to dance within.


Geckos and lizards, much like frogs, ants and bees assists with sustaining the element of fire in Earth’s grid work. We are also involved in an interconnecting web of energy flow that links continent to continent associated with our species and all small reptilian land species. In so doing, we support the overall movement of energy upon Earth by running such movement through our tiny bodies.


Although we may seem small, in our ascension in many places around the world, we are expanding, just as human fields expand to global sized and beyond in the act of becoming crystalline. Asur’Ana has been surprised as a single member of our species held a field larger than her former Hawaiian apartment complex. This is how we interlink with one another to create global energy flow upon the continents. Our global energetic interconnection also includes many aquatic species including crab, lobster and shrimp in particular. Read more

Image of 2 charming finches sitting on a tree branch. The Finches Chirping in the Palm Tree

9. The Finches Chirping in the Palm Tree


Blessings of Illumination


The Small Bird Kingdom


It is the Finch Kingdom and other small birds that address you today. When we came forth and told Asur’Ana we wished to write something unto ascending humans, she said “But you are not a little crawler as you have wings!” Actually, all small birds fall into the same energetic category as bats, lizards, and frogs, in association with the natural world. We are the keepers of the elements. Small birds are associated with the element of air and the inverse element of ether; small underwater creatures such as muscles, scallops and small fish such as mackerel are associated with the element of water and the inverse element of vapor. Lizards and frogs are associated with the element of earth and the inverse element of lava; bats, dragonflies, bees and ants are associated with the element of fire and the inverse element of smoke or ash.


Keepers of the Elements


Each kingdom assists in holding the four elements along with the inverse elements that are necessary to weave life, as this is sincerely the role of the little crawlers upon Earth; to suspend an energetic dynamic that holds equal proportions of air, water, fire and earth along with ether, vapor, lava and ash so that all life forms may exist in the third dimension. Weaving the elements through our embodiments and fields is no small task; and so, although we may appear small and unimportant, we actually support a very necessary role in the overall dynamics of life upon Earth.


How do elements sustain life? Elements might be equated to the threads that one weaves the serpents from which the etheric body and its meridian system, the chakra system, the light body, and the greater auric field, along with one’s physical form is woven. One can think of the elements as the building blocks of life that direct the threads of creation founded upon the holographic blueprint of form to weave the nonphysical from which then physicality is derived. The inverse elements weave the energy field that surrounds the form; the elements themselves weave the etheric body and etheric cells that then step into physicality.


At this time of ascension, we are busier than ever reweaving each kingdom with new elements that are magnetic in nature and from the Great Central Sun of Earth’s origin. At this time, all genetics of all species are changing; they are being altered to a blueprint that originated from this Great Central Sun so that we will be compatible as we enter her dream. We are going home beloved; in a mere 27-28 years, we shall have crossed the boundary associated with the Dream of the Great Central Sun. In so doing, Earth completes with her cycle of darkness outside the Sun and a cycle of great illumination begins.


The Cycle of Illumination Ahead


Illumination can be equated with coming to understand what one could not understand at a previous time in history. Earth’s history is a mixed bag of experiences that has led to fall after fall in consciousness and dimensions of life. Earth exited the Great Central Sun as a 25th dimensional vessel 800 times larger than she is today. Finch is one of 9 bird kingdoms that exited the Sun with her and recalls a very different time in Earth’s history in which there was more light and love and life force than in present time. Read more

Image of an adorable mouse holding a nut to eat. The Field Mouse

8. The Field Mouse


Blessings for Retrieving One’s Power


The Mouse Kingdom


The Mouse Kingdom is happy to greet ascending humans today. Mice have long been considered a pest to humanity. Pests are often that which one seeks to exterminate without consideration to how each species supports the whole. In parallel manner, humanity has been considered a pest to the consciousness of Earth. Over time, Earth has also attempted to exterminate humankind. Alas, her extermination attempts ended up warbled and created a dream instead of global extinction and falls in consciousness.


Earth’s Magnetism


Why is any species considered a pest? Each species contributes unto the whole and in so doing, provides their pieces that no other kingdom can to the ongoing energy flow and evolution of Earth. Mice contribute focus upon the movement of energy within the Earth and soil in a magnetic sense. The magnetism of Earth is an important facet of knowledge that causes the consensus to hold together. Without magnetism, Earth would fall apart. Magnetism can be equated with love and life force that holds one’s cells together, as it is love and life force that is the glue for creation, and it is the love of each species for one another that causes the kingdoms to unite into a consensus reality and remain as such.


Through our collective energy, the mouse kingdom moves magnetic energy through the soil that allows for an ongoing push of chi through the grid work of Earth’s etheric body. Just as a human etheric body has ley lines and meridians, so does Earth have global ley lines and meridians. Many of such ley lines and meridians have been obstructed over time due to mass human occupation such as your overpopulated cities, or equipment that harvests and holds electricity, as electricity and magnetism are at odds with one another.


Electricity cuts holes in the ley lines and meridians of Earth. The original energy system for Earth that existed inside the Great Central Sun long ago and in Earth’s ancient global history was a rotational honeycomb form of grid work and meridian system. Each meridian had multiple spheres that rotated, similar to the “consciousness symbol” in the Language of Light that appears as a triple sphere. These pockets rotated and generated energy that would rush down each meridian. Each ley line of grid work had their own set of triple spheres that were smaller in nature and would generate chi of their own and also direct some of the energy from the meridians down through the grid work. This system was sufficient in energizing all of Earth to sustain the life of over 1,900 kingdoms of plant, animal and mineral form.




Existence within the Great Central Sun


Mouse is a kingdom that has always existed upon Earth. Our history goes back well into the times of existence within the Great Central Sun. Our work is the same now as it was at the time we existed within the Sun; we are a species that supports the movement of magnetic energy through Earth’s grid work. When humans seek to exterminate our presence, they assist in plugging up the flow of chi in the grid work under one’s living environment. Read more

Image of two flying bats with a full moon in the background. The Bats in the Belfry

7. The Bats in the Belfry


Blessings for Transcendence


The Bat Kingdom


The Bat Kingdom is pleased to be able to share of our insights about ascension upon Earth and within the human species through our channel or translator Asur’Ana. The Bat Kingdom has always been special to Asur’Ana and represented the death, rebirth and reincarnation cycles upon Earth. Indeed, we have held this responsibility for the nature kingdoms, keeping track of karmic exchanges in the dance of life between cycles.


Humanity, Dolphin and Whale Owed Earth Much Karmic Debt


Nature does not record karma in an individuated manner as humankind or the whale and dolphin species. Instead, nature records karma as energetic dances that occur and recur between kingdoms. For example, the kingdom of horse holds a particular energy flow global wide that empowers Earth’s ascension. This includes many species including Manta Ray in the underwater realms, Zebra and nineteen other aquatic and mammal kingdoms. For a time, horse and all associated will play this role, and in so doing they will incur a debt for so doing. Into the future and as horse et al is complete with this particular energetic dance, other kingdoms will take it over allowing horse to experience another global role. In so doing, the debt is then settled as another kingdom fulfills upon horse’s current purpose in association with global energy flow.


In essence, nature does not experience extreme polarity within its own experience of karma. Instead, there is balanced giving and receiving between kingdoms with each pulling their own weight to support the energy flow of the whole. In so doing, there is no real “debt” between kingdoms in terms of how humanity understands karmic debt. Humanity knows only extremes in karma both with Earth and amongst one another. Such debt is due to failing to support the whole of Earth over time. In so doing, there is a great debt due to the manner in which humanity has endangered Earth as a global vessel in terms of the continuation of life; along with the manner in which your species has raided Earth’s resources. Such a debt is lengthy and problematic in Bat’s estimation.


Why is this so? For a long time, it was estimated that the debt between humanity and Earth was so great that no human could ascend; that all humans would have to go extinct in the times of cleansing. Over time and as records were opened and revealed through small numbers who attempted human ascension, the debt lessened as other kingdoms were uncovered as being partially responsible for Earth’s demise. Much like Earth herself who has taken on solar karma from other planets adding to an already burdened plate, humanity took responsibility for the karma of other species in association with the global falls in consciousness that Earth has experienced since human seeding.


What other kingdoms hold responsibility for perpetrating global harm? Whales and dolphins have been uncovered as responsible for Earth’s demise; not so much upon a global level, but upon a solar level. Uranus and Neptune host dolphin and whale form in the etheric only blueprint. These etheric kingdoms have been found responsible for allowing karma and density to be displaced upon Earth, and for enabling Earth’s field to be shredded. As such, whales and dolphins hold a load of karma in association with Earth for many multidimensional falls in consciousness from more ancient times in Earth’s history outside of the Great Central Sun. Read more

Image of a friendly green frog sitting on leaves in a pond. The Croak of the Large Green Frog

6. The Croak of the Large Green Frog


Blessings of Grounding and Communion with Mother Earth


The Frog Kingdom


The Frog Kingdom is honored to speak to ascending humanity today. Frogs and other reptiles that are cold blooded are an ancient part of the history of Earth. Although one thinks of Reptiles as beings from “Alpha Centauri”, indeed this is not so in most cases. Only dinosaurs originated from Alpha Centauri, and such creatures were indeed incompatible with Earth. Their remains never fully decomposed into soil, which is why there is what is known as fossil fuels from their remains.


Silica-Based Vessels Upon a Carbon-Based Planet Leads to Violence


The forms of the dinosaurs were silica based, and Earth is a carbon-based vessel. Therefore, only carbon-based systems break down upon Earth. Frog and many other reptiles upon Earth such as alligators, lizards, and geckos are a carbon-based form of cold-blooded animal. Earth in her own ascension is learning to break down silica based remains, as this is a necessity to complete with those of this nature that have lived upon her global body.


Dinosaurs are not the only non-resonant species to dance upon Earth. Humans associated with the blue-blooded Annanuki and their incubated slave race that has white skin and red blood are indeed also silica based. Such form has never been resonant with Earth, and the continued dance of silica-based vessels upon a carbon-based planet has led to extreme violence over time. Indeed, over time the dinosaurs became increasingly violent and would consume other creatures and flesh. This was at a time that all other species upon Earth were vegetarian in nature. The presence of the dinosaurs created such an abhorrent level of violence that all kingdoms chose to cause their species to go extinct.


All species upon Earth including the Frog Kingdom chose to intend the extinction of the dinosaurs; over time, this created a comet that hit the surface of Earth and created a temporary cooling of Earth’s surface. As the temperature dropped, all of the dinosaurs that were cold blooded simply went to sleep and did not awaken. Indeed, it took us 1,000 years to manifest this outcome; and the comet hit the surface of Earth in the region now known as the Mojave Desert in Southern California. Enough of a cloud of dust rose to cool Earth enough that all dinosaurs died within a six-week period. Many other kingdoms also died, but regenerated thereafter. The dinosaur did not regenerate as all eggs had likewise perished having become too cold to be incubated.


Earth and all kingdoms felt victorious in this manifestation. Apparently, however we had not learned our lesson of why a non-resonant species had come to exist upon our soil. For another species of human origins that was silica based and of even greater manipulative capacities arrived upon the scenes from the Pleiades known as the family of Anu. This family was more destructive than any human or human group today. This family succeeded at mining so much gold and selling it off to other star systems that Earth’s vibration fell more rapidly than in any other time period preceding their presence. Gold is an essential mineral to Earth’s energy flow; if enough is removed, the energy ceases to move and a cooling of Earth’s surface is the result. Read more