Image of a gigantic orange and black orb weaver spider. The Web of the Orb Weaver Spider

5. The Web of the Orb Weaver Spider


Blessings of Conscious Dream Weaving


The Spider Kingdom


The Spider Kingdom has always had great respect for Asur’Ana who has persevered upon her path of ascension sometimes through great difficulties. Her intention has been so strong to ascend and to understand the problems of her past ancestry that the dream for the ascent was fulfilled upon nonetheless. This is the power of intention; it has the capacity to mold the dream in a particular direction that allows for ascension in this lifetime.


Ascension and the Good Life


Ascension and the “good life” may be at odds with one another. Humans quite naturally want a good life and wish for “this or that” which is perceived to be a fulfilling experience. In reality, there is little that one’s extensive ancestry has not already experienced from great fame or wealth, to disease, to loving unions of many kinds, to unrequited love or the loss of the beloved; to having children or raising the children of others; to having preoccupations of all kinds associated with human endeavors; to travel or relocation to a new country or region of seeming greater opportunity than “home”; to adventures in nature or upon the battlefield; to deaths of all kinds. There is nothing really that one’s extensive ancestry has not already dreamt many times and experienced.


Some ancestors had the “good life” and generally the lives to follow down the same family tree would then polarize into the “not so good life”, for this is the nature of polarity. Perhaps one in this lifetime is living the good life. If so, one may have little use for this information as the inner quest generally is the result of the “not so good life” or those who feel somehow disappointed in their current experience and expression. Out of the internal disappointment of feeling unfilled, many an initiate’s ascension begins, or so this is so for both Asur’Ana and Per. Neither felt fulfilled in their pre-ascension life experience, and further the choice to ascend brought about shifts that gradually led to a sense of inner fulfillment.


Those experiencing the “not so good life” are in polar counterbalance to ancestors that experienced the “good life” long ago. The good life can be defined as having circumstances go one’s way, whether one has the job or career one wishes for and feels important within, or the loving spouse, or the beautiful family, or any other manifestation that one likes.


As one ascends, one begins to unify the extreme poles. For a time, one may ascend into the “good life” and wish to remain there, and then out of the desire that nothing change and the goodness and sweetness that one now experiences remain, one may cease ascending; or worse yet desire only to ascend the other parts of their life that appeared not so good in one’s judgment. Alas, this has created incomplete ascension many a time in Asur’Ana and Per’s experience as such initiates then schism over karma, parallel lives and ancestral experiences associated with the next phase of ascension in their focus only upon what they desire to work upon. Read more

Image of a multicolored dragonfly. The Iridescent Dragonfly

4. The Iridescent Dragonfly


Blessings of Fortitude and Perseverance


The Dragonfly Kingdom


The Dragonfly Kingdom feels blessed to be able to speak in a verbal language through Asur’Ana. We have spoken before through the Lion Kingdom who is our animal counterpart. (Please see Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms Chapter 8 “The Return of the Winged Lion and Dragon” for more information.) Each small creature has an animal kingdom counterpart. For the bees, it is the hyena, wolf and coyote that are their animal counterpart; for the butterflies and moths, it is the bird kingdoms in all their varying form that are their counterpart. For the ants, it is prairie dogs, moles, and ferrets that are their counterpart. Each kingdom, whether insect or animal, works together for the parallel purpose of ascending Earth at this time of global history.


Our Ancient Form and Genetic Structure Inside the Great Central Sun


Dragonfly is also related to the dragons of ancient times that were fully conscious winged lions that were indeed fire breathing! Through the breath, we would gather fire that was prevalent in the Great Central Sun; the Great Central Sun provides a radiance that is filled with the element of fire in all colors of the rainbow including gold and silver. Through inhaling such fire, our kingdom once drew the sustenance required to sustain our existence without the requirement to eat.


In return and in the out-breath, we emitted another vibration of fire required to the sustenance of the plant and insect kingdoms. We were on a dimension of existence at this time that was semi-etheric in nature, and our lightness of being allowed for our wings to support the form in flight anywhere we were required upon Earth or within the Great Central Sun to support the energy of the whole.


One day we will return to fulfill upon this type of form and genetic structure in the continued ascent of Earth. In so doing, we will trace our history backwards, piece by piece, as to how we fell in consciousness throughout time, space and form. Such an understanding is necessary to the Great Central Sun, as they too much like Earth are being consumed; and in the consumption, they have fallen in dimension and thoughtform. As an understanding is gained as to how forces consume the Great Central Sun, rectification can be brought forth; and in so doing, all parts of the Sun may ascend home to the Tao.


Returning Home to the Great Central Sun


Over time and in your creation, Great Central Sun after Great Central Sun fell in consciousness. Parts of self were pushed out of their boundaries in the form of planets and stars; as such parts of each Sun left and nothing ever returned; all went extinct. Asur’Ana has recently determined through the Tao’s examination of your Creation that most of the stars that your scientists look out at night through their telescopes actually do not exist in present time. Read more

Image of several ants crawling on a magenta colored flower bud. The Busy Ants

3. The Busy Ants


Blessings of Unity and Balance


The Ant Kingdom


The Ant Kingdom has much to say to those reading of our book. We are honored to work with Asur’Ana, and must say that she has been aware of our presence many a time in her life. Once we invaded her home shortly after her then husband moved in with her. Our invasion mirrored unto her how she was being invaded and that perhaps the choice was not such a good one. However, she felt obligated to give the relationship a try given that there was karma between their ancestry that needed to be cleared; and it took another 5 years to move him out! However, karma was completed upon and understood in the dance, leading to spiritual growth and evolution, however unpleasant the experience may have been.


As an ascending human, understanding the spiritual lessons and purpose that one’s life experiences teach is of the utmost importance. For it is only as one learns the lesson behind any particular manifestation, regardless of how painful it might be, that one can release the karma in full so that it need not recur again in one’s own life, or in the future life of one’s ancestors yet unborn. Asur’Ana entered the dance with her ex-husband and learned the lessons behind the experience, as already she had opened unto her unconscious through the teachings of her spiritual teacher, who focused upon the development of clairvoyant skills.


Understanding the Unconscious


Clairvoyance is not necessary to perceiving the unconscious, as Asur’Ana has lacked a clear ability to perceive clairvoyantly her entire ascent. Even now she struggles to get clear pictures with her inner eye, as her pineal gland was so scarred and damaged due to many manipulations to her ancestry by the red false gods. This is now on the mend; however, there are many means of knowing. At the time Asur’Ana studied with her teacher, she was told to read from her crown chakra rather than her third eye. This allowed Asur’Ana to suddenly “know” what the dance in the unconscious was. In time, she became the most gifted reader in the class, and one that her teacher turned to each day for readings herself to understand her own dilemmas.


Therefore, understand that the unconscious does not require an ability to see per se to be understood. One can intend to know by reading through the crown like Asur’Ana. Later, Asur’Ana learned to attune to her heart where she found that there was a direct connection to something that would guide her out of the most difficult ascension related circumstances, and often painful energetic dances. This source became very important as Asur’Ana herself separated from her own teacher, and had no one else to rely upon.


This was also an important journey for Asur’Ana, as the karma with her teacher was complete, and it was time for her to fly on her own. And so, she developed her own internal knowing great enough to lead her through all of her initiations without any outside guidance whatsoever, as there were no other map makers at the time present in her life to share with. Like Asur’Ana, each may also attune inward and listen to one’s heart for personal guidance that shall lead one Home. Read more

Image of a bee getting nectar from a pink flower. The Hum of the Bees

2. The Hum of the Bees


Blessings for Gathering the Ascending Rainbow Tribe


The Bee Kingdom


The Bee Kingdom is happy to be able to address ascending humans today. The bee kingdom holds information on working in unity together for the common purpose of evolution. Bees work in hives with many varying jobs. Each bee has a particular focus from gathering the honey from the fields of flowers nearby; to weaving the honeycomb that supports the hive and produces the space with which to lay our eggs and birth our young; to the queen bee that lays the varying types of eggs that produce the varying forms of bees necessary to the sustenance of the whole.


Bees have held the memory of unity in insect form. There are other species that have held the remembrance of unity in animal form, such as wolf. Wolf much like bees works together in packs to assure the survival and evolution of the whole. Unity is a long lost paradigm upon Earth; over time and through the continued fracturing of thoughtform and language, the language spoken became disunity based. As language was no longer held in unity, a disunity-based creation in terms of biological cellular structure was the result along with disunity-based relations.


Language, Words and Thoughts Create Life


It is language that creates all of life. Language can be equated to the thoughts of God Goddess/All That Is that when set in motion creates life. If language distorts, so does all of life. Earth is an example of an extreme distortion of language that led to an extreme distortion of life expression. Humans exemplify the distortion more greatly than perhaps nature, as it is expressed in your civilization by a cast of characters that verbalizes the same distortion in words.


Words are thoughts. Thoughts create life. Speak something and one causes life to occur in the same vein as the thoughts behind the spoken word. Speak of wishing someone unwell, and the thoughts create the deed. However, there is a catch unto it all, and that is that one can only create for one’s own life experience. Therefore, speak unwell of another, and one is intending one’s own demise. Let us define this even more clearly for each to understand.


For a long time, one initiate whom we shall call Lawson (an ascension teacher) was haunted by dark forces that wished him unwell. They would give him pictures of his students becoming ill. Lawson looked at what they shared, and in so doing and engaging with it, intended his own demise. In less than 4 months in time in the year 2018, Lawson manifested his own case of cancer. This was the result of focusing upon the demise of others as presented unto him during meditation by dark forces wishing to cause him to die. Lawson learned a huge lesson in this experience; and that is one cannot really dream weave for another; one only dream weaves for oneself and whatever one focuses upon becomes one’s dream. Read more

Image of 2 pale aqua colored butterflies gracefully sitting on yellow flowers. The Dancing Butterflies

1. The Dancing Butterflies


Blessings of Freedom and Magic


The Butterfly and Moth Kingdoms


We of the Butterfly Kingdom have much to say to ascending humans today. We honor our channel or translator Asur’Ana who provides for us an opportunity to voice our truth. Butterfly and Moth hold the remembrance of biological transmutation. Our lives take us from birth from an egg into the form of a caterpillar. As we mature, in time we weave a second egg known as a cocoon, and undergo a metamorphosis yet again from a multi-legged insect into a winged creature that takes flight. It is the winged creature that has the possibility of laying eggs in many more places, spawning yet new caterpillars where there were none before. This allows for the continuation of our species, even through the tough times such as Earth’s ice ages in the past.


Genetic and Biochemical Transformation


Metamorphosis is symbolic of ascension both metaphorically and physically. Those who are ascending learn to dissolve the inside and outside of the form a little at a time and in small pockets known as “cocoons”. Each pocket of tissue undergoing transmutation isolates itself, dissolves into a primal “goo” that simulates the birth of life as the ovum meets sperm, and then transmutes itself in a genetic and biochemical sense into the crystalline structure.


Genetic transformation occurs in many stages in ascension, and the same regions are transmuted again and again over time into yet again new biochemical systems in the journey to Full Consciousness. Asur’Ana and Per’s form has had over 1.5 billion pockets cocooned over 18 times each throughout the body in their mastery of 36,000 segments of DNA and a crystalline form. One can see in this why biological ascension takes decades to fulfill upon, and why it is slow and painstaking in nature.


[One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


The Crystalline Structure


What does crystalline mean? The crystalline structure allows for one to become a living mineral that holds an increasingly higher vibration and larger energy field, and that can move energy in increasingly complex manners associated with mastery in ascension. The crystalline structure is filled with the mineral known as salt. The further that one ascends, the more complex the forms of salt are created in association with the Crystalline structure. Asur’Ana and Per have 18 forms of salt that prevail throughout their form and nervous system; each of the 18 salts hold a particular energy flow in their field necessary to their fully conscious state of being. Each salt also attunes them to a portion of the thoughtform known as the Language of Light and Language of ONE. Read more