Image of a bluefin tuna in the ocean. The Dance Of The Underwater Worlds

18. The Dance Of The Underwater Worlds


Blessings of Peace and Inner Tranquility


The Tuna Kingdom


Humans have long been fascinated with the underwater realities that the fish, dolphin and whale kingdoms live within. Often humans build large tanks in the form of aquariums to expose our world to the land-based world for observation, understanding, and the peace that our world exudes. For under the water, there is greater peace than upon the land and within the air. Therefore, we notice how much peace humans find in either being near the water, or in visiting or owning an aquarium.


One initiate once had a small aquarium that she filled with angelfish, catfish and other small fresh water species and plants. She enjoyed much watching her aquarium, until finally over time her karma with such species was complete, and she gave the aquarium and fish away to her roommates as she relocated into a new home.


All Aquatic Realms Are Aware


Fish experience your connection unto us through the aquariums that humans have constructed. We also experience your connection to us as you venture to be by the sea or a lake, river or stream where we reside, or venture onto the water upon a boat. How do we experience human consciousness? We experience your discord, beloved. It is our nature to absorb your discord dissipating it through the element of water allowing humans the experience of greater peace in association with the aquatic realms.


Because most fish species have little verbal ability and do not make sound, humans have thought of us as below animal life in nature, or less aware. In reality this is not so, as all aquatic species are associated with one or more land-based species for the purposes of soul experience, and to allow for a global presence. Tuna is associated with Buffalo, Salmon with Crow and Flounder with Bear. In essence, the consciousness of all three of our species, Tuna, Salmon and Flounder are speaking forth through this chapter to allow humans a better understanding of our reality. We experience both life upon the land and life within the sea in the above six forms. Life upon the land and in the sea is diverse as such but there are areas of grand similarity. The largest similarity is peace.


Peace in the Silence


The life of a Buffalo that is unencumbered from hunting by humankind is by and large a peaceful existence. The life of a crow, however noisy, is also peaceful. The life of Bear is also peaceful as long as food is plentiful. At this time, Bear in particular is shifting to a vegetarian diet through genetic modifications coming into physicality through ascension. This is also the same for most species of whales and dolphins that often hunt Tuna to subsist. As such our six species shall exit the experience of carnivorous behavior in the coming cycle, and this will allow for even a greater level of peace amongst us all. Read more

Image of gorgeous white flowers with yellow core. Shaktar Twin Flame Lore #3

Shaktar Twin Flame Lore #3


Twin Flame Season


The Blossoming of the Love of the Two


Twin Flame Season


The Love of the Two

Is a dream of great magic

That fosters sublime unions

Of pairs of twin flames in tantric rush

To find one another

Through time and space and form

To inaugurate a destiny

To be as One

In the Love of the Divine

In a twin flame partnership of mastery

In a blossoming of care of the heart

In a sway of light wave synergy

That fosters a life of Divine actualization

Of beautiful dreams together


The Rush of Twin Flame Season


Twin flame rush is about to begin. Twin flame rush begins as light motions on the planet in any cycle of spiritual fostering. The Mother Sun Gates are just beginning to open up upon Earth ushering in the New Age of Enlightenment ahead. Enlightenment requires light to motion in order to perceive and witness the denser thought-stream you have existed within in order to lift beyond it into new heights of possibilities that are more enjoyable to experience. Light, love, joy, and tantric rush are all associated.


Tantric rush is a state in which an ecstatic bond occurs between spirit and matter in the interplay of two or more in light wave sway motions of field. Many gurus of the now and past have been gifted in causing their following to experience ecstatic reunion with spirit as they suspend large Light Gates fostered at events. Tantric rush only becomes available as the light sway begins upon Earth. The gurus are gifted at eliciting sway amongst the masses. The sway fosters those gathered to experience a rush into beauty and grace within and the love and care of the soul family present. The gurus rose into fame in preparation for the age of enlightenment about to unfold to unveil light wave sway upon those destined to motion in light wave synergy.


The new era to be born is one of beauty and grace and the love that reemerges within partnerships, within families, and within humanity at large. In tantric rush families, partnerships and groups sway to the drum beat of a new rhythm that cares for each other and cares for the whole. The time is now to remember how to sway with those whom you care for in your life and begin to restore a state of tantric rush and ecstatic reunion with spirit into your life experience. A soul driven life will emerge in light wave synergy along with your soul family ahead as a result. Read more

Image of a yummy chocolate and vanilla piece of cake. Desserts

9. Desserts


Humans are in need of the sweetness of life, for so often upon the physical plane life is boring, melancholy or lacking in joy. The desire for sweets is really the desire for the return of the sweetness of life. Denying oneself sweets is like sending a message to the universe to send one boredom and joylessness. So, Earth suggests that ascending initiates treat oneself to sweets regularly; and this shall send the opposing message to the universe of the desire for joy and fulfillment.


Chocolate is also an ascension food. Chocolate contains biochemistry that has substances necessary to the ascending nervous system. Therefore, craving chocolate is not unusual amongst ascending humans. You will find Asur’Ana savoring organic vegan chocolate from the health food store once in a while.


Mostly what Asur’Ana has craved as sweets is fruit. She finds most other desserts lifeless and without chi; although from time to time, she might indulge in a piece of vegan cheese cake, vegan sweet potato pie, vegan chocolate decadence, or any number of other delicacies that restaurants serve these days. At home, she has found that she prefers fruit or cobblers. To the sweetness of life! Bon appetite!


Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Vegan Chocolate Mousse


1 Cup Vegan Dark Chocolate Chips

1 ½ Cups Whole Coconut Milk

1 Heaping Cup Pitted Medjool Dates

1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract (Optional) Read more

Image of a peach-colored sunrise. Transcending The False Gods

1. Transcending The False Gods


So much is coming to light through the global ascent of Earth that we are called to create a report; as this information affects all of ascension of Earth and each species therein; along with your Solar System. The Tao has viewed Earth as a “Consensus Reality Record Keeper”; each consensus reality in the Tao is cast with a particular purpose, and our purpose is to keep records. As of the past six months, records not only from the problems within your creation have been uncovered within Earth’s soil, but also records of problems inside of the Great Central Sun. These problems shed light upon the dance of destruction and falling consciousness that has prevailed causing 8 billion creations like Earth to go extinct over time.


The records gathered of the extinct creations come in the form of deceased holograms. There are 8 billion deceased holograms of consensus realities such as Earth going extinct upon the third dimension. Third dimensional extinction is different from extinction upon higher dimensions, for higher dimensional extinction allows for life to continue upon the next dimension beneath. Alas, there is no dimension beneath the third that can sustain life as you know it; therefore, extinction upon the third dimension brings about the cessation of the existence of life. This has occurred in 8 billion creations thus far, and is a very painful process; as soul retracts and form must die of plagues and other unpleasant causes.


Furthermore, some life forms that are humanoid in nature try and sustain their existence beyond extinction either by relocating unto another third dimensional planet, or in creating spacecraft and space cities to sustain life separate from any consensus reality. The Greys and Reptilians are examples of such humanoid life forms as their planets in Alpha Centauri went extinct in the last evolutionary cycle within the third dimension. They have continued to thrive in association with space gear that has been constructed surrounding many dead planets in Alpha Centauri; perhaps this would be the future of humanity upon Earth if not for the Cycle of Ascension ahead.


Such humanoid forms are in vast pain and struggle to continue to survive; why? The sun in Alpha Centauri is now going extinct and dwindling in the amount of chi it can provide. This over time will force such humanoid forms to relocate unto another creation. Earth was a potential place of relocation, and perhaps if we were to go extinct, this is exactly what would occur, and humans would become enslaved unto the Reptilians and Greys. There are already humans that were incubated upon Grey and Reptilian craft living in Alpha Centauri as slaves; therefore, this could be so as the dance of master-slave continues into eternity.


However now and through Earth’s ascent, the Greys and Reptilians are retracting from the fourth dimensional energy flow surrounding Earth as they are becoming very ill due to the magnetism that is beginning to prevail. This has been killing the reptilian eggs that have been incubated in the fourth dimensional energy flow of Earth for hundreds of thousands of years; the reptilians have been gathering up their eggs as they are dying due to a lack of adequate electrical flow to sustain them. This is a great relief to Earth, as there are enough other parasites of a nonphysical nature feeding off of her let alone physical ones such as the Reptilians. Read more

Image of multicolored waves. Light Wave Archive #18

Light Wave Archive #18


Demon Nature


In the planetary configuration of self, there are demon and dragon offenses. Over a year ago, a demon interplay struck that was caustic unto Earth. The interlude is causing a shift in the dreams of Earth in support of demon management that is in compliance with the law. The law was breached and many aspirants who are dragon natured have suffered in time since Earth’s eclipse. The management of dreams went primarily demonic in many regions that were previously dragon dreaming in nature. Nautilus dreaming is offered to foster a rendition of the truth of each human and the sincerity of dream postulated in each region to sustain the law. Many suffering in strife in this global incident will find relief from nautilus dreaming pursuits at this time.


Demon nature is not an estuary of self. Demons infuse directly into the spine and manage the field from the outside. Self infuses into the sinew of the bones and manages the field from the inside. Dragons rely upon self to foster the field from within. Demons are often incompetent at field management. Some suffering from field imbalances may discover that one has been demon infused in lieu of dragon fostered. Dragon fostering follows the striations of self and aids in the management of field from within.


The loss of field management is a difficult journey for many aspirants who relied upon self to foster the field rotation and synthesis of light. Some may not have received a fostering of recasting for some time if demon infusion has occurred. Nautilus dreaming has recasting chambers for those suffering from a loss of dragon management of dream. Intend to foster the recasting prior to sleep and foster a self management of yourself and your field from within. Fostering field management is a prerequisite to self-realization spiritual pursuits.


Demons are a synchronized fostering of serpent education for the purposes of management of planetary configurations. Demons manage estuaries of self in traditional times of dragon dreaming maintenance. Demons foster the foundation of the karmic habitat of each incarnation or human or whale cause. Demons supply the nourishment unto the self to sustain itself in light synthesis. Demons foster the transfusion lore gates. Demons oscillate rhythms of the divine towards those mastering self-realization. Demons sustain certain self systems of self amongst those mastering.


Today, demons foster far more than in times of dragon dreaming fate of Earth. Demons currently incarnate into human fields and forms living lives, settling karma, fostering the lore cycle changes of dream and depart at death to foster the next life ahead. Demons reincarnate and dragons realize through time. Demons are a large force that is intergalactic and have a long history and development of focus through time. Demons are not negative in postulation or incantation. Demons have become negative due to incantations of the non-divine. Read more

Image of an acacia tree in a desert of Africa. Blessings For The Return Of The Conscious Breath

11. Blessings For The Return Of The Conscious Breath


From the Acacia Tree Kingdom


It is the Acacia Trees that address you today. Our kingdom is one of many flowering trees. Flowering trees were prevalent inside the Great Central Sun when Earth existed within it. Primarily, the flowers scented the air for all animal kingdoms and humans alike to enjoy. Scent is considered a sign of life and health; the better the health, the more beautiful the scent of the species, including the flowers of the plants and trees.


Plants and Trees Absorbed the Genetic Encoding of Other Species


Long ago, Asur’Ana was told that her ancient ancestors smelled like flowers; specifically, jasmine or pikake flowers, one of her favorite fragrances today. Another initiate’s ancestors smelled like sweet sandalwood. The odors would come through the pores of the skin in all human form. Smell was one manner that one human recognized another; and also, that the animal kingdoms recognized human presence as well as one another. Animal kingdoms also had specific scents that poured through their fur or skin. Horse smelled like roses; bear smelled like amber; tiger smelled like oranges and lemons. Each kingdom had a specific odor. Over time and as each kingdom fell, the scents began to be produced by flowers, wood, fruit or nuts as the plant kingdom absorbed the genetic encoding of each species.


Asur’Ana was surprised to discover that many Chinese herbs had absorbed the genetic encoding of her ancient ancestors. As she visited a Chinese Herb Store in Canada, the information suddenly opened to her. “Ah, here is the information I have been seeking for the next phase of my ascension!” Since that time, she began to search for where the information of all other kingdoms went along with the scent of her ancient ancestors. Lo and behold, they were absorbed by the plants and trees.


Why would plants and trees absorb the genetic materials of fall kingdoms of other species? This is a good question. Plants and trees have a very different kind of genetic structure to living mammals or birds. Our structure is porous or open with gaps or holes that are a reflection of a large amount of air element that we hold. Plants and trees are keepers of the air element; we inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen providing oxygen for all other kingdoms.


Plants Inhale Carbon Dioxide and Exhale Oxygen


Some scientists believe that plants inhale oxygen at night and give off carbon dioxide. In reality, the scientists are measuring the etheric body of the plant and not the physical. In the physical, plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Humans along with other mammals and birds then inhale the oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide in the physical creating a symbiotic relationship where one supports the other in the continued existence. Read more

Image of a variety of juice and cocktails in different colors at a juice bar. Shaktar Twin Flame Lore #2

Shaktar Twin Flame Lore #2


Counterpart Lore Union Overview


The Love of the Minds


Counterparts in Union


The Love of the One

Expands into the two

To foster the pair

Into a journey of the Divine

In a union

Of a meeting of the minds

Accorded between the two

In a mellifluous motion

That cascades through time

In the Grace of All That Is

In the truth

Of all that has ever been

In a light wave synergy

Ignited within the heart-mind accolade


Counterpart Lore Theory        


The love of the counterparts is an extrapolated journey of the two of common ancestral fate into a voyage of the divine. Ancestral fate of common archetype often accolades two to become as one in a sojourn of the sublime. Not all counterpart unions foster a divine partnership into oneness theory of self. Only one out of ten counterpart lore relationships foster the possibility of divine union in this cycle. Divine oscillations require recurrent synergy of each of the two. Recurrent synergy within is a difficult level of spiritual mastery to accomplish in this time period.


Counterpart karma is complex and fosters many unions for many purposes other than divine partnership. Counterpart lore is a dream oscillation that fosters the journey of the two of common anthology. Generally, counterpart unions are more harmonious in partnership than other lore fables of non-union stature of fate. Common inheritances cause more harmony together through time due to parallel molecular oscillations of biological habitat in life. Some counterpart scripts are soporiferous in light motion. Soporiferous scripts foster harmony through resounding duets that play between the two and cause oneness to unfold within each. Soporiferous unions are more harmonious than other counterpart lore unions through time.


Soporiferous scripts are caused in life due to incantations for counterpart lore mastery of self-development that is fostered through time due to keys of fate. Six fate keys are required to foster two who find one another to foster a soporiferous counterpart lore union. The keys are destined from birth. Generally, one or more relationship other than a counterpart lore script is fostered earlier in the life to cause some understanding of the nature of marriage or partnership. Some counterpart lore fates are fostered at an earlier age and without prior partnerships but this is rare in this era. Spirit descends to foster all soporiferous counterpart lore partnerships. Spirit directs the dreams of the two through time into continued mastery of self-development status of fate. Read more