Image of the awesome sparkling turquoise mineral. Blessings for Absolute Compassion and Turquoise Ray of Terra's Love

9. Blessings for Absolute Compassion and Turquoise Ray of Terra’s Love


From the Turquoise Mineral Kingdom


It is the Turquoise Mineral Kingdom that writes to you today. Turquoise has had a resurgence of popularity in recent years. Why is this so? The resurgence of popularity has to do with the need for the human species to begin to commune, relate unto and work with Mother Earth and all of her kingdoms again. Those who are ascending even if unconsciously feel this calling and this has fostered a movement towards the popularity of our kingdom again. It is indeed true that through our kingdom you can begin to interconnect with nature and the natural world dream again, and this can bring great peace and hope to those who are destined to evolve at this time of seeming human turmoil and confusion. We say seeming confusion as in reality all is as it should be and is only the way it can be given the karma at play within the human dream.


Turquoise is one of four minerals that holds the blue-green tone of compassion and Terra’s Love in the Language of Light. The three others include Aventurine which is related to the Compassion tone; Chrysocolla which is related to the Peace tone; Lorimar which is related to the tone of Purpose; and Turquoise itself which is related to Worlds Upon the Land, or in other terms, Mother Earth’s consciousness.


The Import of the Turquoise Ray


The Turquoise Ray is an important ray as it creates peace, compassion and acceptance in the dance of the natural world. The natural world dream is a dream that has always existed upon Terra. The human dream has not always existed upon Terra, and in particular in the current form that the dream exists within. Terra’s dream has always been at peace with itself; and so, this is also the same for the natural world and all kingdoms that resides within it, including the plant, animal and mineral kingdom. The natural world dream does not judge; it is for this reason that one may receive very impartial, non-judgmental and compassionate guidance in attuning to the nature kingdoms. We do not judge as we sit in compassion of all of life, including the dance that humans exist within.


Apart from your judgment and shame, we can share with you what we perceive from a more expanded viewpoint. Asur’Ana in particular found our guidance so useful that she shared her personal information that was offered for her alone in the many articles from nature that she has published in her books and upon her website, Aligning With Earth. She found our guidance so useful and hope that those who read what is shared also find it helpful. Nature agreed unto the sharing of this information to trigger a larger understanding of creational law through the Language of Light concepts offered within the books published. (Please see Holographic Record Keepers, Dancing with Trees and Plants, and Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms for the earlier books Asur’Ana published as shared by Nature in her personal ascent.)


The whole point however of publishing the channeled or translated information from nature is for those reading to open to their own communion and communications with nature. For it is not only Asur’Ana that can communicate with us, but anyone who has learned the Language of Light in their ascension to date can also communicate with nature. All that is required is the learning of the first 10 notes upon the scale and the capacity to spin the symbols and tones within one’s chakra system and subtle body system, and one will be able to therefore communicate with the natural world again. Read more

Image of a sublime canyon with a glorious sunset. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #5

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #5


The Fable of the Emperor


The Force of Truth


The Emperor


The Emperor

The lore of Emperor

Is a gift of force

That fathoms to foster

The sustenance behind the dream

In the fostering of truth

In order to believe

In a magnificent incantation

That sustains the magic

Of the land

In a motion

Of abundance


Parables of the Tarot


The tarot hosts a truth that is a reflection of the arcana in action in the dreams of humankind. The truth of the fables has been lost over time. Humans rarely inherit the fable as an actualization of self. The fables often play out in life dramas but the realization that is spiritual fails to be fostered in the one that is to master. The result is non-conscious dreaming that plagues the systems of humanity. Non-conscious dreaming triggers little understanding of the issues to surmount within to foster forgiveness or compassionate action. Non-conscious dreaming is painful for those who are sensitive and desire to know enough to forgive the difficult journey presented in the major lore of realization as it motions in the life.


In the current era of potential enlightenment, the major arcana scripts present themselves once again. Those catching the dreams of the major arcana are fostered in a journey towards realization of the internal truth of self to be lived and honored within. Truth within directs the experience and fosters the understanding of what to intend to forgive in order to allow the drama to unfold into a sublime journey of actualization. Those who are non-conscious often fail to forgive leading to travesty in lieu of realization through a difficult happenstance of major arcana dreaming.


The tale of the emperor is a very difficult happenstance to realize within. The dream is fostered to cause something difficult to be surmounted within in order to actualize the life lessons that foster compassion. Compassion is the sought after notion for all major arcana dreams. Compassion acts as a complex substance that bathes the dreams of the emperor so that they align into deep accolades of non-strife through time. The lessons trigger the heart to emerge into superlative flowers of self that bathe and bless the land in the truth of the love within. The land flourishes and the truth blossoms for each aligning with the emperor through time.     Read more

Image of amazingly sparkling aqua blue water of a bay. Forgiving the Spiritual Lessons of our Grand Master Ancestors

Chapter 7: Forgiving the Spiritual Lessons of our Grand Master Ancestors


Mastering Integrity Within and Defining Guru Archetypes     


This is the last chapter of Workbook 2 and all of its explorations into the emotional make up of humans at this time in history, and what requires transcending to come into the middle path of greater unity and integrity within. Unity within and integrity within are intricately intertwined; without unity there can be no integrity; and without integrity there can be no unity. Integrity is a state of being that states “I honor you, I honor me, I honor the group, I honor nature and I honor Earth”. It is in the honor of all things that real unity comes forth in the dance of the two or the many.


There are many time periods in which honor and integrity flourished in the human dream. Honor and integrity were the foundation of dream that the Grand Masters came to Earth within; and anchored for the other red nations’ tribes to flow within. This is the karma we are to explore within this section along with a host of other relations that were the descendents of the Grand Masters and created karma that has influenced the archetypal patterns in all related unto them over time.


Earliest Records of Combustion Revealed


At the time that Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 of Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 were written, less was known about the lives of the Grand Masters than today. Therefore, we now give a greater overview of their purpose and nature. We have uncovered records of larger headed humans that came to exist upon Earth prior to the era of the Grand Masters. These humans appear to have come to exist within the Inner Earth to explore the possibility of relocating unto Terra from Sirius A.


They worked with the energy dynamics of Earth and appear to also have combusted in attempted ascensions. We have no record of any fourth dimensional human remaining from this time period which dates to 80,000 Earth years ago (320,000 human years) and 30,000 Earth years ago (120,000 human years) prior to the arrival of the Grand Masters; and 5,000 Earth years (20,000 human years) prior to the seeding of the 18 red nations’ tribes. [The Grand Masters came to Earth 50,000 Earth years ago (200,000 human years). The seeding of the red nations occurred 75,000 Earth years ago (300,000 human years).]


The combustions of these larger headed humans that came to Earth occurred in small groups of five or less and so had minimal impact upon Terra’s energy flow of the time. However, the records of combustion appear to have influenced the larger headed Grand Masters to follow the same deadly path in a later time period. It is unclear that the Sirian larger headed humans of the time understood that those that appeared to have ascended, actually combusted. Read more

Image of a small heart pillow among pink roses. Workbook 2 Chapter 7 Worksheets

Workbook 2: Chapter 7 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2, Chapter 7: Forgiving the Spiritual Lessons of our Grand Master Ancestors.


Forgiving the Spiritual Lessons of our Grand Master Ancestors


These worksheets are focused upon addressing those issues related to the Grand Master ancestors with the large craniums that came to Earth 50,000 years ago (200,000 years as humans measure time) and set in motion a series of patterns that have been problematic unto Terra along with humanity alike throughout time. As the lessons of those of this nature are understood and forgiven, the pattern of false ascension and incomplete ascension will also be forgiven, and then the path of real complete ascension Home to the Tao can open up to all humans as their future destiny upon Earth.


Before this can come to be so, the map makers who are working with this information must create a complete map without schisms or gaps in the DNA, and to a destination that creates peace within and without. Therefore, this information is also devoted to the path of the peacemaker as a map maker who will find unity and integrity within and then create unity and integrity-based relationships outside of self in the dance of life as a result of your ascension.


Unity and integrity as they have been expressed in the past can be brought forward into the NOW and experienced. However, we now understand that the Grand Master dance of unity and integrity was very short lived in their time upon Earth; and the sour nature of the dance of disunity that followed set in motion a dream in which disunity and non-integrity has recurred again and again throughout history.


Throughout human history there have been sweet times of balance, unity and joy followed by very sour times of disunity, struggle, lack, and often warfare, in particular as the cycles of the Anu have rolled around creating conflict to an extreme. As the dance of swinging between the polarity of sweet and sour dreams is forgiven, then sweeter dreams can be woven overall in the continued dance of life. Sweeter dreams appear sweeter only against the tapestry of what sour dreams make manifest.


In the new languages anchored related to the Language of ONE and Language of the Tao that is now entering Terra’s core, there is no sweet or sour music; there is only the constant dream and music of truth to be expressed as a result of one’s thoughtform. Over time and as ascending humans embody the music of the Tao, a constant and harmonious dream will be called into the dance of life. Read more

Image of a fish pen situated in the middle of the sea with a charming sunset in the background. Shakti Relationship Lore #13

Shakti Relationship Lore #13


False Twin Love of Not


The Lore of Beauty and the Beast


The Not Two

The journey of not two

Is a repose of

A Divine Twin of care

Who fakes the union

In superlative motions

Of the real twin

Who dies in the plight

Of saving a union

With a false twin

Of the non-self

In a sad fate of hate

Of the two


Beauty and the Beast Fable


The Beauty and the Beast fable is one of the beautiful one who fosters a care for one who is ugly or in mesomorph systems of self. Mesomorph systems are transfigurative keys that distort, bloat, damage and disturb the consciousness of the life. The damaged or distorted consciousness often leads to a distortion or damage in the physical. The “Beast” has been badly mesodorphed through time leading to a transfigurative system of ugliness or darkness that plagues the field, the physical and dreams of the life. The “Beast” is saved by the “Beauty” in the fable of Disney philosophy of self. The “Beast” is not saved in the sincere lore of Shakti fables of partnership. The “Beast” either perishes or destroys others due to false twin repose of self.


Sometimes the “Beast” works his or her way out of the difficult karma of a false twin repose. If this occurs, the patterns lift and the darkness abates surrounding the one in the “Beast” position of self. Those mastering ascension or self-realization sometimes work their way through difficult karma of false twin repose of self that would lead to disease, accident or death by suicide otherwise. The darkness in a false twin repose of self is overwhelming, often triggering a vastly difficult life dream to unfold if the lore fails to be transfused through in mastery of self. The “Beast” is destined for an ill fate in most cases in present time recurrences of the false twin union fable.


The wife or partner of the “Beast” generally has deep compassion for the false twin. The partner is sincere to the union and wonders why their spouse or beloved is haunted by such darkness. The darkness may be equivocal unto alcoholism or drug addiction or mafia like dramas through time. The darkness may also be the suffering of one who has not enough food and fosters a starvation and impoverished happenstance through time. The darkness plaguing false twin repose of self can also be associated with suicidal thoughts that in time lead to the outcome associated. Read more

Image of Ancestor Buddha as a young child with golden white halo around his head and standing on a lotus flower. Ancestor Buddha’s Life and Ascension

7. Ancestor Buddha’s Life and Ascension


It is Ancestor Buddha that greets you today and wishes to share a little about my journey so that there will be understanding and a new direction born that will not make the same mistakes that I did. Mistakes are not wrong; they are how the human species evolves, grows, learns, and chooses another path and another means of finding their way Home.


The means that I chose to ascend is not wrong; however, there were complications that led to an incomplete ascension; this then created a photonic biology upon the fourth dimension that became ill as not all the systems were completely constructed. This is why Asur’Ana along with Mother Earth focuses so heavily upon the concept of creating a “Complete Ascension” each phase of the way, as it is only as this is so that a complete photonic set of biology is created in the dimension above.


My Incomplete Ascension


Why was my ascension so incomplete? As it turns out and in recent months Asur’Ana and Per discovered that the hologram upon the surface of the Earth for my inheritance had been divided, with 65% of the information moving to the Inner Earth holographic planes. Holographic knowledge is a wheel of information from which one derives their photonic genetics from; and so, the information I used to ascend to the fourth dimension was 35% incomplete. This led to a body that became ill and I perished 8 years following my journey, and I died of liver failure under the same Bodhi Tree that I ascended under.


For a long time, the records of my ascension had been held suspended in another dream and were unavailable for review. I made the mistake of blindly trusting the nonphysical that assisted in orchestrating my ascent. It was as Asur’Ana and Per entered the dream that I made my final momentums towards the fourth dimension that they discovered a copy of all of my ascension records. This allowed for a more thorough understanding of what I had created at the time that I was alive, and an opportunity to begin to heal and release karma that I incurred in the third dimension due to creating an incomplete ascension.


When you incompletely ascend, a part of your consciousness is left behind in the third dimension. This is what Asur’Ana, Per and Mother Earth call a “false god”. So, I left a part of myself behind that has become known as false god Buddha. This part of myself is being retrieved at this time and reunited with the greater part of who I am. This part of myself did not have enough information to lead an ascension movement in the physical; and has created great confusion leading to the development of religion rather than a pathway for evolution home. This is what I am learning to forgive myself for; for causing the path to become so cloudy that evolution has been impossible the past 24,000 Earth years (96,000 human years) since my ascent that all that could occur is continued falls into violence and nuclear annihilation. Read more

Image of a marvelous bird with widespread white wings, black head and orange breast pecking an orange berry. Angel Archive #6

Angel Archive #6: Sacred Brunch


Brunch is a luxurious moment to share with Spirit. Sometimes brunch is helpful to your mindset too for so many of you work too hard and celebrate too little. Brunch is a time of celebration over a midday meal that can delight and also sustain the body in light wave motion if it is of the right food resources. The wrong brunch food resources on the other hand will kill you otherwise over time. What is right and what is wrong? Salads and fruit are right and desserts and pastries are wrong.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana is a vegan and abstains from all alcohol. Therefore, she does not recommend eating eggs or fish or consuming alcohol, however, the Archangels requested that she shares the following information.)


Organic Eggs


Eggs are delightful with vegetables and not potatoes. Eggs should be reserved to three times per month as a 2-egg omelet and not more as the fats cause problems with the heart, spleen and liver over time otherwise in light wave motion. Eggs are gifted at resurrecting tissue if they have gotten blown out. If in a time of resurrection, eggs can be consumed four times per month instead of just three.


Finding restaurants that offer scrambled tofu is another option to choose for breakfast or brunch if you need no more eggs this week. Salads and fruit are also welcome with brunch along with fish if offered on the menu of your favorite restaurant. Smoked salmon is sometimes helpful to the mind but needs to be devoid of the bagel and placed over a salad instead to support your health ahead. There are always means to eat out as long as you choose for what is right minded food in extreme light wave motion. This is an extreme light wave motion cycle and therefore right-minded eating is needed unless you wish to die early in this lifetime of yours.


If hungry, a salad can always be complemented with hummus without the pita and served on top of cucumber, celery and tomatoes instead. Potatoes are always best substituted for fruit or a side salad to retain your right-minded brunch excursion into health. Adding shrimp to the salad is good with eggs but not scrambled tofu. Eggs and shrimp compliment. Salmon should be eaten separate whether smoked or not as they do not digest easily with eggs or tofu. Ahi (tuna) should also be separate from both eggs and tofu to foster a complete ingestion of all proteins associated. Consuming a digestive enzyme following any meal with protein is also recommended to avoid gut rot. Read more