Image of delightful Citrine Mineral. Blessings for Non-Attachment and the Pale Yellow Ray of Freedom

12. Blessings for Non-Attachment and the Pale Yellow Ray of Freedom


From the Citrine Mineral Kingdom


The Citrine Mineral Kingdom addresses you today. Citrine holds the pale yellow ray associated with Freedom in the Language of Light. We are also related to other tones in the Language of Light scale as a part of a quad tone or note of Absolute Freedom; which are Abundance held by Topaz; Perseverance held by Danburite and Unspoken Worlds held by Gypsum.


All of these tones have to do with freedom from attachment, whether the attachment is to the people in your life, or the land that you own, or the job that you have, or the pets or plants that you grace your home with, or any of the many possessions you may own. The Absolute Freedom command held by our kingdoms allows the attachment between the etheric body and anything else in one’s life dance to dissolve so that more of the field may be rewoven and recast into full moving energy systems so that the rotation may increase in pace and the etheric body increase upward in vibration through ascension.


About Quad Tones


Quad tones or notes in the Language of Light are being reassessed and recast to better serve the continued map carving of Earth along with all fully conscious species. It is for this reason that they have not been spoken unto until this time. Over time in the coming few years, we will define all 12 Quad Tones through Asur’Ana. Quad Tones are master commands that allow access to holographic knowledge. Alas many holograms in the human species are pared down or from other creations that cannot ascend here upon Earth. It is generally those of Red Nation hologram that will have holographic records for the ascent to 3,000 segments; beyond this, one must have Grand Master hologram to master Bodhisattva level of evolution or beyond.


Why are there limitations in ascension? Primarily, the limitations are to prevent ascending into disease and death. Ascending into disease and death does not serve the map humans are carving; it is far better to ascend into healthy biological records and sustain a vibration that does not become diseased instead. Then one can continue to clear karma and live an ascending unity-based life that one co-creates with others, learning to consciously manage one’s dream.


Ascending into death has already occurred in many time periods upon Earth and in other attempts to map make in human, dolphin and whale form. This has only led to continued falls in consciousness and the strip mining of holographic records of all kingdoms upon Earth. Carrying on to any level of ascension even if you have not the information to do so therefore does not serve ascension of the whole. Read more

Image of a pretty yellow calcite mineral. Blessings for the Breath of Life and the Yellow Ray of Co-Creation

11. Blessings for the Breath of Life and the Yellow Ray of Co-Creation


From the Calcite Mineral Kingdom


The Calcite Mineral Kingdom addresses you today. Calcite holds the ray associated with Breath of Life in the Language of Light. We are related to other tones in the Language of Light scale known as Hope which is held by Pyrite; Friendship which is held by Peridot and Community which is held by Desert Rose. All of these tones have to do with creative fulfillment, whether the dream is of some form of art or creative self-expression, the creation of friendship or beloved, or the creation of ascending community, or the creation of the ascending life. This is the purpose of the yellow ray; to allow for the self-expression of the individual, couples, friends or the group.


The Import of the Breath of Life


Breath of life was so beautifully described by the Acacia Trees. Breath of life involves a step greater than the development of the crystalline diaphragm. The crystalline diaphragm grows outside the rib cage and creates pockets through which oxygen is collected as it is gathered by the lungs and converted to blood sugar to feed a higher metabolic rate associated with unity biology.


Unity biology consumed up to one hundred times the blood sugar of a non-ascending human at 3,000 segments; and five hundred times the blood sugar at Bodhisattva level vibration (6,000-9,000 segments of DNA). The body requires so much more blood sugar than a non-ascending human that it is difficult to consume enough food source in any given day to provide the required calories. The body learns to gather enough oxygen in any given day and convert it to sugar to feed itself. (Please refer to Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 11 “Blessings for the Return of the Conscious Breath” for more information.)


There is a technique called “Conscious Breath”. Asur’Ana and Per teach this technique to those who study with them in dreamtime. Through conscious breath, you can gather all the oxygen you require through each out breath of the etheric body. The physical and etheric bodies operate upon opposite elements associated with the air. The etheric body requires carbon dioxide to feed the etheric cellular structure and the physical body requires oxygen.


The etheric body exhales oxygen that it does not require; while the physical body exhales carbon dioxide. As you align the in breath and out breath between physical and etheric, the etheric will provide oxygen for the physical; and the physical will provide carbon dioxide for the etheric life. This is the first step back towards a self-sustaining energy system that was once known long ago within the Great Central Sun. Read more

Image of a hematite mineral

10. Blessings for Opening the Heart and the Silver Ray of Acceptance


From the Hematite Mineral Kingdom


It is the Hematite Mineral kingdom that speaks to you today. Hematite is associated with the silver ray of unconditional love and acceptance in the Language of Light. The silver ray has an important role in the ascension of all kingdoms. Primarily, the silver ray allows for proper movement of the elements of air, water, fire and earth through the meridian system and energy flow of the ascending field. Proper elemental arrangement is helpful for a smooth spinning field that will sustain one’s health in the continued rise in vibration ahead. The silver ray also rearranges the elements to allow for the release of attachment between one’s own etheric body and all other persons, pets, plants, property, possessions and people one knows.


The silver ray is expressed in four minerals associated with the Language of Light: Hematite that represents the Unconditional Love tone, Iolite that represents the Function tone, Herkimer that represents the Creativity tone, and Titanium that represents the Honesty tone. The silver ray allows for the experience of self-acceptance in the dance of life. What is self-acceptance really? It is a state of being in which one comes to peace about all things within oneself and in the dance with others.


Numbness vs. Peace


Peace is a difficult attribute to master in a living environment that is highly electrical. The electricity of your human cities agitates and numb the field. Although being numb and not feeling may be preferable to the pain that most humans are in, one cannot confuse numbness with peace as they really have nothing in common with one another. In a state of numbness, one cannot feel or love or bless or be blessed by the kingdoms or the land. In a state of numbness, there is only boredom and the seeking of excitement through entertainment or emotional exchanges or even violence.


Most inner cities today are filled with those so numb that they seek out anything to appease the boredom including the use of drugs, alcohol to excess, smoking, sexual exchanges that are not founded upon love, or even violence and violent lifestyles. If those that are bored do not act out the dream for excitement in this manner, many simply attune to violent or entertaining media flicks as this feels better than the boredom that the numb state of being creates.


Why does electricity numb humans? The human nervous system was not created to have excessive electrical impulses running through it. Although at another time in history there were humans that thrived and extended their lives upon electrical energy (the family of Anu), as this was the biological nature that they originated from the Pleiades within; few humans have a pure ancestry to the family of Anu today. Most humans today after 30,000 Earth years (120,000 years as humans measure time) of interbreeding and migration patterns are a combination of red nation and Pleiadian lineages creating a half electrical, half magnetic genetic structure. Read more

Image of the awesome sparkling turquoise mineral. Blessings for Absolute Compassion and Turquoise Ray of Terra's Love

9. Blessings for Absolute Compassion and Turquoise Ray of Terra’s Love


From the Turquoise Mineral Kingdom


It is the Turquoise Mineral Kingdom that writes to you today. Turquoise has had a resurgence of popularity in recent years. Why is this so? The resurgence of popularity has to do with the need for the human species to begin to commune, relate unto and work with Mother Earth and all of her kingdoms again. Those who are ascending even if unconsciously feel this calling and this has fostered a movement towards the popularity of our kingdom again. It is indeed true that through our kingdom you can begin to interconnect with nature and the natural world dream again, and this can bring great peace and hope to those who are destined to evolve at this time of seeming human turmoil and confusion. We say seeming confusion as in reality all is as it should be and is only the way it can be given the karma at play within the human dream.


Turquoise is one of four minerals that holds the blue-green tone of compassion and Terra’s Love in the Language of Light. The three others include Aventurine which is related to the Compassion tone; Chrysocolla which is related to the Peace tone; Lorimar which is related to the tone of Purpose; and Turquoise itself which is related to Worlds Upon the Land, or in other terms, Mother Earth’s consciousness.


The Import of the Turquoise Ray


The Turquoise Ray is an important ray as it creates peace, compassion and acceptance in the dance of the natural world. The natural world dream is a dream that has always existed upon Terra. The human dream has not always existed upon Terra, and in particular in the current form that the dream exists within. Terra’s dream has always been at peace with itself; and so, this is also the same for the natural world and all kingdoms that resides within it, including the plant, animal and mineral kingdom. The natural world dream does not judge; it is for this reason that one may receive very impartial, non-judgmental and compassionate guidance in attuning to the nature kingdoms. We do not judge as we sit in compassion of all of life, including the dance that humans exist within.


Apart from your judgment and shame, we can share with you what we perceive from a more expanded viewpoint. Asur’Ana in particular found our guidance so useful that she shared her personal information that was offered for her alone in the many articles from nature that she has published in her books and upon her website, Aligning With Earth. She found our guidance so useful and hope that those who read what is shared also find it helpful. Nature agreed unto the sharing of this information to trigger a larger understanding of creational law through the Language of Light concepts offered within the books published. (Please see Holographic Record Keepers, Dancing with Trees and Plants, and Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms for the earlier books Asur’Ana published as shared by Nature in her personal ascent.)


The whole point however of publishing the channeled or translated information from nature is for those reading to open to their own communion and communications with nature. For it is not only Asur’Ana that can communicate with us, but anyone who has learned the Language of Light in their ascension to date can also communicate with nature. All that is required is the learning of the first 10 notes upon the scale and the capacity to spin the symbols and tones within one’s chakra system and subtle body system, and one will be able to therefore communicate with the natural world again. Read more

Image of an astounding amber mineral. Blessings for Absolute Truth and the Peach Ray of Authentic Power

8. Blessings for Absolute Truth and the Peach Ray of Authentic Power


From the Amber Mineral Kingdom


It is the Amber Mineral Kingdom along with all other minerals that hold the peach tones of creation at this time of global ascension that speak to you today. The formation of Amber is the result of the melting of the tree kingdom in the many nuclear annihilations upon Earth. The tree kingdom resins pooled and hardened into a soft stone known as amber. Sometimes insect or other kingdoms were trapped in our species and appear as they once did within our formations. In essence, amber is also related to tree resins in present time. Many spiritual aspirants enjoy burning tree resins as incense and find it empowering of their field and inner process as a result.


Amber is one of four minerals that holds the peach tone of Power and Truth in the Language of Light. The three others that also hold power and truth vibrations are Tiger’s Eye which is related to the Non-Conditional Governance tone, Pyrite which is related to the tone of Hope, and Jasper which is related to the tone of Truth.


The Import of the Peach Ray


Power is the energy flow that empowers the intentions made as an ascending fully conscious species such as human form, as well as the consensus known as Terra or Earth. The peach ray infuses any intention that one may make for one’s dreams or boundaries or energy flow with the power necessary to carry the thought to the solar sun to be relayed back unto one’s dream stepping down the manifestation planes. Those intentions requiring an immediate affect over one’s own field will be infused with so much of the peach ray that they bypass the manifestation planes altogether and affect the physical plane immediately.


Chapter 10 “Mastering the Living Dream” of Ascension Insights, Volume 5 explains manifestation in greater detail. We refer those interested to read this for greater understanding of the dance of conscious intention and dream weaving.


What types of intentions require immediate relaying back to the physical? Generally, these are boundary type intentions where one is releasing karma or a pattern from the field that is causing a state of imbalance and perhaps is even at cause of a bad ascension day. Also, if one perceives a difficult dream stepping into the physical such as an accident or disease, and chooses instead to erase the dream altogether and then release the associated karma to avoid the physical manifestation altogether, this type of intentions requires immediate attention. The peach ray works within one’s field to distribute power where is it needed most in any given day, week or month of ascension and empowers the intentions that one has made over the course of the associated time period. Read more

Image of lavender quartz crystals. Blessings for Absolute Love and the Lavender Ray of Transmutation

7. Blessings for Absolute Love and the Lavender Ray of Transmutation


From the Amethyst Quartz Kingdom


It is the Amethyst Quartz Kingdom along with all other minerals that hold the lavender tones of creation at this time of global ascension. Lavender is a tone of transmutation through which density is dissipated or erased so that a higher frequency overall can be attained. This is the purpose of our kingdom along with three others hosting the lavender ray upon Earth. The minerals associated with this task include Amethyst (represents the Structure tone in the Language of Light), Vesuvianite (Divine Union tone), Sodalite (Magnitude tone) and Sugilite (Internal tone).


The Import of the Lavender Ray


The lavender tones are important unto Terra (Earth) for holding the structure of the new energy flow that is magnetic and holographic in nature. The new energy flow is not entirely new; it is really a restoration of what once was in Terra’s experience inside the Great Central Sun. As Terra matches the flow of the Great Central Sun, then she enters this dream again returning Home from where she came. Already parts of Terra’s field have already crossed over into the new dream as they host the appropriate energy flow; and now all that remains in a dream split into light and dark must also cross over in the coming 25 to 30 years. It is the tones associated with the lavender ray that assist in holding the new movement for entry into the new dream.


It has often been said by metaphysicians throughout human history that it is Love that is the glue that holds creation together. Indeed, this is so. The new tones and structure that the lavender ray is holding is founded upon Absolute Love. This is the gift of the Tao who has extended into this creation to assist with its return journey Home. The blessings of absolute love allow for a shift in the manner in which all of creation is held together, whether it is in energy flow or physical form.


The new structure of absolute love alters the rotation of holographic energy movement in those regions of domain that have already crossed over into the new dream upon Earth’s surface. Absolute love allows for the dissolution of all ties to a dark dream or in other terms, those dreams that desire to shatter, destroy, abuse or suffer in any manner.


Earth is releasing her ties to the dark dream that has plagued her and caused fall after fall in consciousness over time; and in so doing she is entering a new dream where the possibility of ascension is endless. Already, Earth can perceive the coming 12,000 years of global ascension ahead, and is in the process of anchoring this future in layers of year by year alterations to her field to allow this possibility to be the only future that manifests. This is a grand shift as now we can say that the future of Terra’s global ascent is assured. Read more

Image of a rose quartz ball. Blessings for Absolute Forgiveness and Receiving the Pink Ray of Love

6. Blessings for Absolute Forgiveness and Receiving the Pink Ray of Love


From the Rose Quartz Kingdom


This chapter begins a series of materials from a group of minerals associated with a particular set of vibrations that are held through the mineral kingdom for Mother Earth and all sentient species that are ascending at this time in history. The Rose Quartz Kingdom is not the only mineral that holds pink tones of creation: Rhodocroshite, Ruby, and Pink Tourmaline are other minerals hosting the pink ray. Pink is associated with Forgiveness (rhodocroshite), Unity (rose quartz), Oneness (pink tourmaline) and External Awareness or the connection between humans or between kingdoms (ruby) in the Language of Light. (Please refer to Chapter 1 “Minerals and Single Tones” for more information.)


Global Warming Is the Result of Increasing Molecular Spin


The mineral kingdom assists in the transmutation of global thoughtform for the consensus known as Terra (Earth). Terra is a consensus reality. Much as each human must learn to transmute polarity based thoughtform into greater unity, so is Terra undergoing this process as a planet. This is what fosters global ascension or global warming as humans perceive it. Global warming is really the result of an increasing spin of Terra’s molecules within her body along with the increasing spin of the molecules in all kingdoms, plant, animal, mineral, whale and dolphin as well as human.


Most species are just beginning their ascent beyond 1,024 segments of DNA in vibration upon the surface of Terra. Terra has equated molecular spin to the number of segments of DNA that have been restored within the biology. Each additional segment of information causes the molecules to heat up and embrace a new pattern. In the ascent from 1024 to 3000 segments, the molecules shift in patterning from a solar system style of rotation to the Triple Sphere patterning or “Consciousness” symbol within the Language of Light. As the molecules move into this new patterning as defined by the DNA, there is room for additional warming or heat to emanate from each kingdom along with Terra as a whole, leading to a more rapid pace of global evolution.


At this time roughly 40% of Terra’s overall molecular structure has embraced the Triple Sphere patterning. In the coming 5 years, it is anticipated that over 80% of Terra’s molecular structure shall embrace this new patterning. As this occurs, global warming shall begin a rapid pace of “heating up” or “thawing out” of the glaciers that remain upon Terra’s body. The melting of the glaciers is necessary as the frozen regions host non-moving energy; non-moving energy causes imbalances in Earth’s rotation of field as well as the wobble that creates the seasons in her physical rotation around the solar Sun. As the poles and remaining glaciers melt in full in the coming 300-year cycle, Earth’s wobble will also cease and seasons as you know them will disappear. This is something that one’s future ancestry shall experience.


Detoxification and Global Warming


The heating up of Terra’s surface will increase the capacity to detoxify many substances that humans have discarded into the ocean as well as upon the land. Recently, Asur’Ana read a news article online stating that the arctic Orca Whale Kingdom hosts so many toxins in their blubber that they have been designated as toxic as the polar bears, who also host many toxins in their blubber from consuming seals. The toxins are all human made substances dumped into the sea. Read more

Image of pink Himalayan salt minerals. Blessings for Living in Unity with All Kingdoms

5. Blessings for Living in Unity with All Kingdoms


From the Salt Mineral Kingdom


It is the Salt Mineral Kingdom that greets you today. Salt is the second largest mineral upon Earth next to the Granite Kingdom which wrote the last chapter.


Salt was not always the second largest mineral kingdom. Most salt was imported from nine other creations by Sirian human scientists to create an ice shield that once existed in the outmost layer of your atmosphere. The ice shield was constructed in the event that Sirian humans required another “home” due to warfare and the potential destruction of their own planets of origin. The Sirian scientists went to a load of time and trouble to create these shields, which involve the gradual release of salt water into the atmosphere but at a slow enough rate that it freezes. So much water is used that as the ice shields collapsed at a later time in history, they became your oceans.


For one million years, the ice shields allowed for a warming of Earth’s temperatures and a recovery of the many falls in consciousness she had already known in the third dimension. This was confusing to Earth that had no conscious awareness of the cause of the warming, as she could not perceive the Sirian humans or their ice shields as they existed in a Sirian dream. Dreams are very specific to the physical and nonphysical dance that they create. Because humans and the ice shields were inside of a Sirian dream, Terra (Earth) could not perceive their presence.


Human History Recorded in Salt


Small numbers of humans arrived as an experiment to see if Earth could support human life. The seeded humans had similar genetics to those in existence upon Sirius. Out of 18 sets of genetics planted upon Earth, only 7 survived over time as Terra’s biochemistry and biosphere are very different from Sirius A and B. Later, Sirius seeded another class of human with large heads and greater spiritual awareness called the “Grand Masters”. These humans were to be as ruling class for the remaining Red Nation’s peoples. Alas, the Red Nation’s peoples rejected the Grand Masters as their leaders, for after all they had been leading themselves for 25,000 Earth years (100,000 human years) without such support.


The ice shields recorded the human experiences of these early humans in the salt. If it were not for salt recording these records, Terra may not have a complete template of all experiences and karma incurred. Indeed, the 7 remaining root races lived in harmony with nature, taking only minimally what was required for nourishment and housing along with raising their young. These humans were vegetarian, lived in harmony with one another, and did not war amongst tribes, although the tribes tended to live separate existences from one another with much distance between them. It took 10,000 years for two different tribes to even meet and later intermarry; and these were the Inuit and Polynesian root races. Perhaps it is for this reason that some Inuit and Polynesians have similar facial features or body structure in present time. Read more

Image of lovely multi-colored granite mineral. Blessings For Entering The Dream Of The Great Central Sun

4. Blessings For Entering The Dream Of The Great Central Sun


From the Granite Mineral Kingdom


It is the Granite Kingdom that writes to you today. Many mineral species have special historical information to share as well as tips that will support the ascending human field and form. It is for this reason that we have co-agreed with Asur’Ana to bring through this series of articles.


The Granite Kingdom is one of the more dominant minerals upon the surface of the Earth (Terra). Terra is a stratified and layered physiology that once had much larger gaps or caverns between the layers. Life once flourished inside of each layer; now little flourishes other than minerals in caverns or caves that receive little light, except for in the Inner Earth. The Inner Earth hosts enough light due to the Aurora or Earth’s own Sun that life can flourish therein. In the Inner Earth, there is less granite and more presence of other minerals. One can think of granite as a hard substance that protects Earth’s surface. This has always been our purpose and we were present in this role at the time Terra existed in the Great Central Sun.


Crossing into the New Dream by Amalgamating the Light and Dark


The Granite Kingdom holds the spiritual role of modulating thoughtform for Terra in her ascension. Granite assesses the thoughtform at cause of Terra’s declines in frequency and assists in retrieving and creating new thoughtform as it pours through the Star Gates of the Great Central Sun that allow for a return journey Home. Terra is currently in her 5th Star Gate with 31 additional to go for the remainder of the physical plane to enter the Great Central Sun Dream. However, something a bit miraculous has occurred in the past few months that has allowed much of Earth to cross over into the Great Central Sun Dream ahead of time.


What is this miracle? Well, it has a story of its own that perhaps Asur’Ana will tell one day. It occurred to her one day of her ascension and after relocating to Norway from Hawaii for about a year that there were light and dark false gods. She recognized that there was also a light and dark Earth dream. The light false gods and light Earth dream strive to piece everything together for ascension; the dark false gods and dark Earth dream strive to pull everything to part for extinction. What happens if you unite the light and the dark together causing them to become a single consciousness? What then?


Lo and behold as Asur’Ana united the light and dark in her field, she crossed over into the Great Central Sun Dream bypassing 36 Star Gates altogether. As she showed this to nature, nature chose to follow suit and amalgamate light and dark and cross over with her. Within less than a week, over 80% of Earth had crossed over into the new dream leaving 20% remaining to work its way across in the times of cleansing ahead. Read more

Image of the amethyst crystal. Healing Techniques From The Mineral Kingdom

3. Healing Techniques From The Mineral Kingdom To Support Ascension


The Mineral Kingdom wishes to express how we may better support those who are choosing to ascend in this lifetime. We have offered up information on how we hold the Language of Light for all ascending species to modify their genetic encoding in association with our energy movement. (Please refer to Chapter 1 “Minerals and Single Tones”  for more information.) We also brought through information on how to build a synthesis altar. (Please refer to Chapter 2 “Building A Synthesis Altar”  for more information.)


Rainbow and Synthesis


Synthesis is a manner in which ascending species are aligning the tones of creation into a rainbow from densest to least dense in frequency in energy flow. If one were to look at Earth in the etheric, one would perceive Earth stratified into many rainbows. The Aurora in the core of Earth has the purest rainbow of all of pastel colors leading into the gold and silver ray; then each layer of her crust leading to the surface also has a rainbow of its own. There are still pockets of radioactive and dense energies within the crust; many of these are the result of minerals that are non-resonant to Earth and are either going to transmute into a new molecular structure, or one day will be dissolved into molten lava as Earth melts down in the third dimension in her ascent into the fourth and fifth dimensions of existence.


Upon the surface of the Earth is where the densest regions of domain still exist. Most of these are in the human cities and suburbs where loads of asphalt and cement exist. Neither asphalt nor cement can ascend as it is constructed from ground up rock and other minerals that has lost all connection with their original kingdom. Over time and due to the increasing frequencies of Earth, cement and asphalt will begin to break up increasingly rapidly until the cities simply become too unsafe to live within and humans withdraw moving out into the countryside instead. It appears that the years 2043 to 2053 will birth the end of most cities as you know them founded upon the dream we see stepping into physicality at this time.


Only those in physical form that have connection with their species are ascending at this time. Anything that has no connection will perish in the coming times of cleansing, including many plants and animals or aquatic species that have genealogy to other creations that came from another Great Central Sun.


As for our kingdom, out of 133,000 species of mineral only 110,000 can ascend home with Earth; 23,000 shall cease to exist over time as they are non-resonant in nature and hold frequencies that cannot support ascension into the Great Central Sun. Some of these species commonly found in mineral shops are fluorite, opals, lapis, malachite and jade. Each of these species originated in another creation and has geometry that is non-supportive of this Great Central Sun associated. Therefore, we do not recommend such minerals upon one’s altar as they will not support the act of synthesis of the Language of Light. We invite initiates to attune to the 48 minerals associated with the tones of creation for ascension as these will be supportive of your spiritual goal. Read more