Image of an opened journal with a butterfly on the left page and a sunflower on the right page. The Dance of Relationship in Ascension

6. The Dance of Relationship in Ascension


Relationship is such an important attribute to human lives. As we speak of relationship, we are not only speaking to the intimate relationship between beloveds or spouses, but also the relationship between any human unto another. Ascension brings about changes in the way that humans relate; this affects all relationships.


Ascension and Changes in Relationship


Sometimes relationship is affected in a positive manner through ascension, in which one feels more “empowered”, “centered”, or “capable of communicating” clearly unto another. Sometimes relationship is affected in a negative manner, in which the karma from prior times in the ancestries cause one or both to fall into nasty patterns rather than allowing for a release through forgiveness. This can cause crisis in relationship for those who are ascending.


The dance of relationship can therefore be turbulent due to ascension. Sometimes as one changes patterning within in association with how one relates unto another in the unconscious, the other gets angry; and perhaps the other will even yell or behave badly towards oneself as a result. The cause? One has released unconscious patterning that the other depended upon to feel empowered, healed or balanced upon the physical plane. If one releases enough of such patterning all at once, the other may go into turmoil as they are unable to cope with all of the energetic shifts and returning attachments between their etheric body and oneself. The end result is a period of chaos for the other who may then “attack” out of the fear that they have gone into.


This is the observation of the Ancient Ancestors who are monitoring human ascension and assisting the map makers primarily in fulfilling upon their task. Change, whether it be external or internal rocks the boat; others who are not ascending at this time are impacted by the waves that the map carvers and map followers of ascension make as they alter the dance of energy flow between oneself and others or the group. The others or group one associates with may or may not embrace the energetic changes with ease; however, over time the others and groups may have no choice but to embrace the change as the ascending field is more powerful and will therefore drive the unconscious dance of energy flow in the long haul.


The Nature of Releasing Attachment


Primarily, how do ascending initiates alter the energy flow with others around oneself? Generally speaking, those who are ascending dismantle straight-line energy flow that allows for cords of attachment between one etheric body and another’s etheric body, or etheric machines that may intertwine oneself with many others. As the cords and etheric machines fall away due to the rising of vibration and quickening of the molecular structure within, the cords and ties implode back upon the other non-ascending field or fields. If two are ascending together, often cords between the two can be released concurrent or simultaneously allowing for non-implosion between fields. However, this is difficult if one is ascending and the other or others are not. Read more

Image of the delectable jackfruit on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #15

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #15


Truth of Self


The Truth of Self


Truth of You

The truth of me

Is not the truth of you

Nor am I the truth of the group or my nation

I love that I am

I bless each that loves in return

I care that I am

I care for those who care

I knot those who fail to care

Due to the closure of the human heart

That hurts the self of myself

I blossom in a sway divine with my Dao

In the truth of my essence within


Truth of You


The truth of you is fostered in a sway of the divine with spirit and soul that descends into matter. Spirit and soul cannot descend into a non-love status of being. There are many who desire to dance with those who love who fail to care from the heart. In the dance with others who fail to care, spirit and soul cease to descend as it hurts spirit and soul to be in a status of a system of non-care of you and them. Without love, the truth of you cannot blossom due to the loss of spirit and soul. The soul driven life cannot emerge in the loss of care of the human systems unless you choose to love and bless only those who care in return. Love and bless you. Love and bless those who care in return. Love the self of you until soul and spirit descend to foster the truth of you into a living play of deep care of the heart of the soul family.


Tao fosters the truth of you within. The truth of you is not complete until it is actualized into the dreams of life. Truth is a circle all of its own. Truth blossoms within as you contemplate over why you fail to love each and yourself. As you love you and love each, truth bubbles up in the heart sway of self.


As the heart sways, you bless each who cares and also those who trespassed upon you in life who do not care for you. As you bless those who trespassed, they cease to affluence your mind into a mind bend of the non-divine. As you love you, truth bubbles up in a larger circumference of affluence over your life stream. Love of you calls spirit and soul to be present within the sway with your Dao within. As the Dao of your heart sways with you, you learn to cease to bless those who cannot love you in return as it hurts your heart and the Dao of you. Read more

Image of a gigantic orange and black orb weaver spider. The Web of the Orb Weaver Spider

5. The Web of the Orb Weaver Spider


Blessings of Conscious Dream Weaving


The Spider Kingdom


The Spider Kingdom has always had great respect for Asur’Ana who has persevered upon her path of ascension sometimes through great difficulties. Her intention has been so strong to ascend and to understand the problems of her past ancestry that the dream for the ascent was fulfilled upon nonetheless. This is the power of intention; it has the capacity to mold the dream in a particular direction that allows for ascension in this lifetime.


Ascension and the Good Life


Ascension and the “good life” may be at odds with one another. Humans quite naturally want a good life and wish for “this or that” which is perceived to be a fulfilling experience. In reality, there is little that one’s extensive ancestry has not already experienced from great fame or wealth, to disease, to loving unions of many kinds, to unrequited love or the loss of the beloved; to having children or raising the children of others; to having preoccupations of all kinds associated with human endeavors; to travel or relocation to a new country or region of seeming greater opportunity than “home”; to adventures in nature or upon the battlefield; to deaths of all kinds. There is nothing really that one’s extensive ancestry has not already dreamt many times and experienced.


Some ancestors had the “good life” and generally the lives to follow down the same family tree would then polarize into the “not so good life”, for this is the nature of polarity. Perhaps one in this lifetime is living the good life. If so, one may have little use for this information as the inner quest generally is the result of the “not so good life” or those who feel somehow disappointed in their current experience and expression. Out of the internal disappointment of feeling unfilled, many an initiate’s ascension begins, or so this is so for both Asur’Ana and Per. Neither felt fulfilled in their pre-ascension life experience, and further the choice to ascend brought about shifts that gradually led to a sense of inner fulfillment.


Those experiencing the “not so good life” are in polar counterbalance to ancestors that experienced the “good life” long ago. The good life can be defined as having circumstances go one’s way, whether one has the job or career one wishes for and feels important within, or the loving spouse, or the beautiful family, or any other manifestation that one likes.


As one ascends, one begins to unify the extreme poles. For a time, one may ascend into the “good life” and wish to remain there, and then out of the desire that nothing change and the goodness and sweetness that one now experiences remain, one may cease ascending; or worse yet desire only to ascend the other parts of their life that appeared not so good in one’s judgment. Alas, this has created incomplete ascension many a time in Asur’Ana and Per’s experience as such initiates then schism over karma, parallel lives and ancestral experiences associated with the next phase of ascension in their focus only upon what they desire to work upon. Read more

Image of a serene forest in Tibet with violet colored wild flowers. Transcending Usury, Ownership, and Patterns of Non-Love

Chapter 5: Transcending Usury, Ownership, and Patterns of Non-Love


Today we write about patterns of usury and non-love. The human species has fallen into the belief that somehow being used and owned is love; and that owning and using others is also love. This was not the original casted nature of the Red Nations humans or Grand Masters as they were seeded upon Earth; although you could say that patterns of usury, ownership and non-love were embedded in a hidden language within the DNA. As long as the hidden language remained buried, it did not act out in the dance of life. If the hidden language surfaced, suddenly Red Nations humans and Grand Master relations allowed themselves to be used and owned and perceived this as a loving thing to participate in.


How exactly does this work? First, we must define what love is in Red Nation terms. Love is ongoing blessings that flow between the two or the many. The blessings contain the love of the human hologram, the love of Mother Earth and the love of soul combined. Love sustains life, health, wellbeing and longevity.


When the communion was run in an ongoing and sustainable manner within red nation tribes, those existing in this type of flow lived 1,000 to 2,000 years upon the physical plane, as the love supported the regeneration of crystalline biology. The love also sustained Mother Earth and those regions that the Red Nations’ peoples lived also regenerated, providing amply for their populations along with all other kingdoms residing upon the land. The love also sustained soul such that soul could continue to incarnate and dance with the human species.


Souls upon Earth are not innocent. The souls that came to dance with the humans that were seeded from Sirius had an alternative purpose. Over time, they began to strip love from the dance of communion between humans and send this love to Sirius. This was to propel Sirius upwards in vibration but at the expense of humans upon Earth. As this occurred, the usury and ownership language hidden in the DNA was drawn to the foreground and then began to act out in tribal life. How does usury and ownership alter the dance of life? This is an interesting topic all of its own that we are going to thoroughly explore in this chapter.


Ownership Signatures   


Long ago, Asur’Ana wrote about ownership patterning that occurred between the nonphysical and physical. These signatures are a part of the hidden language in all human DNA upon Earth. The original set of signatures brought forth through Asur’Ana long ago were not a complete set, and all signatures of ownership whether they be earth related or multidimensional have been mapped and are available for review in the Temple of Ownership for all ascending sentient beings at this time in history. Read more

Image of brilliant sunlight shining on grass and flowers next to a tree trunk. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #3

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #3


The Fable of the High Priestess


Sincerity of Heart


The High Priestess


The High Priestess

The lore of priestess

Is an enchanted garden

Of a life of sincerity

In the chalice of self

Of a union sublime

In a system of dream

Of a fostering of care

That causes the endeavor

Of a truth of the heart

In a motion divine


Fostering the Arcana of Truth


There are major and minor arcana of the tarot. Major arcana falls into two categories. The positive major arcana cast a dream for the life to be lived to the fullest within. The negative major arcanas are subject to being pitted against the one mastering self to augment an understanding of truth. The parable that the teacher becomes the student is one of this type of understanding. Those sustaining the positive or negative side of the arcana are unique to each happenstance in life. For one the darker arcana is an obstacle and for another the same individual a delicate balance of self that sustains the life. No two will harvest the same lore with the same other. Lore is a case specific encounter of the divine or non-divine with each mastering self-realization.


Love is a cherished service unto each in the lore of the major arcana fable for life. Love incants a spell of the divine to be experienced in the lore of the two, the family, the group or the land. The love of the two ignites a spell that can embrace one another of divine origins of self. Divine love is not an obstacle in the tarot arcana. Divine love causes the obstacles to fade and anther dream of delight to enchantment to be born. Divine love is an estuary of self. The estuary of self deposits the love of the divine into the incantation of the two or the many or the land. The two or the many foster the beauty of the divine for a time and until the spell wears off. If the spell is sustained, the divinity of the two must be mastered within each.


Obstacles are also special notions in which the understanding of divinity through compassionate action is born within and through life happenstance. Life of those in positive arcana lore fables will sustain themselves through encounters with the negative lore humans in the spiritual foray of dreams. Spiritual dreams oscillate a notion of dark lore encounters to augment realization of self. Sometimes the lore shifts of dark attributes of self from one to another in the life game. The shift is an encounter of the non-sublime that was once divine. It is often the lore of the shift into the non-sublime that is the greatest teacher of one’s experience of realization.  Read more

Image of 6 dolphins jumping up joyously in the air with a small island in the background. Forgiving the Past and Changing the Future

10. Forgiving the Past and Changing the Future


It is the Whale and Dolphin Kingdom that desires to write to you today. We wish to speak about unity formation within our kingdom so that our human brothers and sisters may strive to master a parallel formation within your own species. Unity is a state of being in which each holds the same sized field and the same pace of rotation of chakras, subtle bodies and Light Body or dreamtime self. As each within the group holds the same sized field and spins the field in the same pace, then unity is sustained within the pod, whether the pod is human or dolphin or whale matters not.


Unity is a form of equality where each relates to the other from the standpoint of compassion, love, respect, value and wholeness. Each within the pod is deemed necessary to contribute unto the whole. Each pod forms yet another energy flow that is created through the united but equal sized fields of each member. Each member of the pod is therefore necessary and important unto the energy of the whole. As each member of the pod masters another level of ascension and expansion of field, each other member also then masters allowing for unity and equality to be sustained in the continued ascent of the pod.


These are the lessons that we as map makers of ascension within the whale and dolphin species are coming to understand at this time in our evolution. In order for unity to be sustained, each member of our pod must strive to retain an equal sized field unto the other that is founded upon level of mastery. Over inflation of field that is not founded upon mastery leads to one who desires to be “better than” or “more important” than any other member of the pod. This then leads to competition and out of the competitive nature of a dance of unequal fields, there are then lesser than and greater than members of any pod, or in other terms disunity.


In ascension, there is no greater than or lesser than; there is only the journey home in which each strives to create the pathway as rapidly as the body can transcend and transmute into another biological state of being that holds a higher frequency. Dolphins and whales have resorted to a stratified consensus as a result of the various speeds of ascension within our kingdom with each united with others of parallel vibration and expansion of field so that equality can be sustained within the whole of our relations. It matters not what tier of vibration any one whale or dolphin rests within, as each in all tiers is still deemed equal to all others and worthy as they are contributing to the whole of the ascension of our entire species.


Long ago, dolphins and whales understood unity as we all existed at the same vibration. This state of being existed prior to our first fall in consciousness about 150,000 years ago as Earth measures time (600,000 years ago in human timeframe). Up until 600,000 years ago, any one whale had the same sized field and spin of rotation as any other whale incarnate upon Terra (Earth). In parallel, each dolphin also had the same sized field and rotated the field in the same pace as all others. This retained a vast level of unity within each pod, between pods, and between fully conscious whales and dolphins anywhere that we existed. Read more

Image of an adorable bird with multicolored feathers. Angel Archive #4

Angel Archive #4: Light Motion Comfort Foods


As you transfuse, emotional upswings into feeling well and downswings into feeling unwell are common. Mind bend is another term for the emotional downswings associated with light emulsion of field. Downswings occur as the mind bends due to more than enough light being present as you emulsify. Sometimes the mind motions to the left causing you to grow depressed or feeling grief over your life; sometimes it bends to the right causing anxiety about something or nothing at all. Sometimes a walk in the woods or a swim or bike ride straightens out the mind enough to feel well again as you return home.


Transfusion and Mind Bend


Mind bend is often recurrent in certain octaves in a particular human transfusing through time. Some may be depressed repeatedly for 6-9 months and then suddenly something else shifts as you rise into other octaves of you that are purer. Other octaves are more gracious than yet others that are ill. Why are the octaves of you ill? In part it is an anthology of descent out of light that you are rising above. The descent was painful and so the octaves transfused through are painful until they illuminate. As you light emulsify, you purify the sick octaves along with yourself and then feel well again. This is transfusion here upon Earth but not necessarily in other galaxies. In other galaxies, the anthologies have purified in light again and again allowing the rise to be less cumbersome in emotional baggage of the past.


The past upon Earth is also very unclear due to many cycles of non-transfusion. About half the muck you transfuse through is the impurities of a non transfusion-based society or natural world. If you learn to abate and abort what is not of your anthology or of society and Earth, your day to day downswings may be far less so. Abating and aborting what is “not you” only requires focus until you feel better within. Generally, in the downswing you wish for comfort of some sort. Desiring comfort is a natural response to the despair of an ill octave containing grief you are transfusing through. Comfort may grow out of taking a walk or swim to be with nature.


If at work or at home, you may instead reach for the potato chips loaded with salt or chocolate loaded with sugar to comfort you when you should not. Salt decreases potassium that increases mind bend into depression; and sugar decreases protein which increases mind bend into anxiety. Our suggestion here is to make your own sugar free chocolate and bring it to work; or bring a bag of what is helpful to the mind such as hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, or pecans mixed with goji berries, craisins, coconut chips or dried blueberries. Then you can munch away to comfort you and know the mind will un-bend rather than bend further into an ill state of being.


Okay, so it is midafternoon and you have consumed the entire large bag of organic potato chips coated in some flavoring that makes your mouth smack; and the fats go into the blood along with the salt. The salt hits the mind about 4:00 pm and suddenly the mind freezes as there is too much salt in the cortex. The frozen mind goes into despair and suddenly you wish to cry like a baby; so, you wrap up your work day and drive to the local park just to rest by the lake in your car and grieve away. Read more