Image of gorgeous multicolored sunset. Light Wave Archive #10

Light Wave Archive #10


Heaven and Hell


Heaven and hell are not only concepts but realities that plague Earth. Heaven is a foray of only light accolades of self that rendition to striate all in encompassing empathy of life. Out of empathy, heaven forms in gates surrounding the field yielding a light accolade of dream. Light dreams draw together the field in unification over itself. Unification renditions the field to piece itself together following a shattering of self. Shattering of self is a demon lore experience that plagues most humans except those willing to live alone in the countryside or seaside.


Dark dreams striate in many formations of self. Some dark dreams lead to attrition of self that is non-renderous in notion. The dark dreams of this nature lead to loss of dream that is not extreme and is repaired as the path of realization unfolds through forgiveness. Forgiveness causes the field to repair after a demon interlude of shattering and reposes a renewal of self. Light striations of field call in the happenstance that forgiveness causes reposing a less difficult or traumatic dream to unfold.


Hell is a very dark happenstance that oscillates gates open and shut that cause darker striations of self to attract dreams. Heaven is a light happenstance that oscillates opposing gates open and shut that causes the lighter striations of self to catch the dream. Heaven and hell realities do not merge or intertwine and are separate and distinct as opposing forces generated for the purposes of realization of self.


Hell is a foray of forces that are Luciferian in nature drawing upon extremes of darkness against heavenly formations that are angelic and striate only in the light. Heaven and hell are postulations of self that cause one to experience heaven for a time while another experiences hell in the life dream. All lives swing from postulations of heaven into hell at some point in the dream causing light and darker variations of dream. For those who never experience extreme hell conditions of self in the life, it is reserved as a post life experience following death. Often those passing enter hell gates within a year or less of life assessment to experience the opposites that failed to be experienced in the life if lighter striations dominated the dreams.


Heavenly lives can be perceived and witnessed in any happenstance where deep darkness fails to manifest in most lives. The western foray of dreaming is more heaven happenstanced than other forays of dreams possible upon other continents. Other continental dreams experience more difficult and darker dreams of hellish nature overall. The interplay of light and dark between east and west needs to be renditioned for difficult happenstances of war to disperse in the human dream. Those realizing through hellacious expressions of self will aid in the rendition of the human dream over time. Read more

Image of vegan sushi. Vegetarian Diet Recommendations For Ascending Humans

11. Vegetarian Diet Recommendations For Ascending Humans


Perhaps some ascending humans are struggling with what to eat in order not to consume flesh and create a balanced protein intake from vegetarian sources. Asur’Ana is a vegan, however, Earth understands that not many ascending humans are ready for a vegan diet yet at their stage of evolution. Therefore, it is to those who would like to be vegetarian in the choice to ascend that we dedicate these recommendations.


To the degree one can create whole proteins through vegetarian sources, to such a degree one does not require eating flesh, even in small amounts. This prevents the excess presence of death hormone prevalent in flesh and therefore serves the choice to ascend.


Food combining is an ancient practice in which legumes (beans and nuts), dairy (milk, cheese and eggs) and carbohydrates (pasta, bread, polenta, tortillas) are combined to create whole proteins. It is Earth’s desire here just to offer up general ideas of meals that allow for complete proteins from vegetarian sources. Earth also guides each to seek out good vegetarian cookbooks of many varieties so that one may have better ideas of how to prepare such meals of one’s own volition. Earth guides each to simply go to a bookstore and explore, bringing home that which inspires oneself to prepare a feast for oneself or others that one loves that is vegetarian in nature. There are also many vegetarian websites and on-line cookbooks offering information from the web at no charge.


There are many ethnic cuisines that work well for vegetarians. When dining out, Asur’Ana can find something upon any menu that allows for a good meal that works for her dietary preferences. Sometimes she simply asks the chef to prepare “something special” and this creates an even better lunch or dinner than would have been possible otherwise. Most of the time, Asur’Ana tries to go to ethnic restaurants that she knows are good for those with vegetarian preferences.


Ancestral Karma and Cuisine


Often the dislike or lack of preference for a particular cuisine comes from difficult karma in one’s ancestry. Clear the karma and one will embrace any style of cooking from anywhere in the world and enjoy it. Understand that cuisine from other parts of the world allows one to connect into the tapestry of ancestry associated. Read more

Image of Divine Twin Chart. Holographic Divine Twin Nature

Holographic Divine Twin Nature


Divine twins are a biological sequence of dream that allows for the masculine and feminine holographic natures to be represented in all accolades of belief. Twins are a formation that occurs in each archetype. All archetypes are a form of human expression that is both holographic and physical. Physical formations of archetypal sequences cause humans to behave in parallel manners to each ancestor that is associated. Twins tend to mirror configurations of dream of particular archetypes in opposing themes. If the male twin is famous and gifted in spiritual pursuit, then the female will also be gifted but infamous. If the female twin is preoccupied with union of the divine, the male twin will be accolade into non-partnership of any consequence.


Twins Are Attributes of Self


Divine twins of holographic consequence are really an attribute of self. Within each is a male and female part of self related to the left and right brain mindset. The left brain is masculine and is associated with language and the right brain is feminine and is associated with artistic or intuitive self-expression. Each side of self is necessary unto the whole and in an anthology of understanding, all twins are also represented within in the male and female sides of self. All twin formations are an expression of the internalized male and female expressed outside of self in another body related unto the genealogical inheritance of self.


Twins are a formation of humans that mirror the theory of mindset and biology of particular sequences of DNA of the masculine and feminine. Twin biology is a mirror of one another in particular sequences of dreams that are polarity based. Mirrors are an occurrence of opposites that triggers nomenclature to be born. Nomenclature is a thoughtform associated with mirrors that creates opposites and is found between twins and other polarities of the physical and nonphysical. Twins are opposites of male and female derivative that are non-nomenclature based. Twins of non-nomenclature are a positive relationship that associates in the physical or in dream time in a manner that supports the health and wellbeing of each.


Cycle of Redirection


Birth dreams for twins are a recurrent system of incarnation that occurs through time. Twins are born within minutes to a few days of one another in a parallel moon cycle in many regions of Earth. Twins are rarely from the same region unless there are particular agreements to be born nearby. Twins are born with parallel spiritual mastery goals in all cycles. In cycles of redirection, twins are born with special purposes that serve the evolutionary sequences of the whole. Special times are known as a redirection of dream.


Redirections are polarity reversals that cause human or nature-based systems to move from nomenclature into productive cycles. Productive cycles are non-destructive in nature. This is a cycle of a redirection that is to foster an awakening into harmonization with an accolade of certainty of truth. The spiritual goal amongst all twin groups is to cause the new accolade in light wave mindset development and motions of energetic syncopation to cause unity-based formations to be born. The goals of twins always involve spiritual cause. Read more

Image of a majestic Harris Hawk's face. Seeing Through The Eyes Of A Hawk

10. Seeing Through The Eyes Of A Hawk


Blessings for Grounding and Communing with Earth


The Hawk Kingdom


Hawk has long been associated with long-range vision by the medicine men and women of indigenous peoples. Indeed, hawk can spot a small ground mammal miles high in the sky with ease, descending so rapidly and then taking of the prey necessary to survive and feed our young. Our eyes have the capacity to magnify to perceive close up or pan back to see the distance at will, much like your cameras in human form. However, our gift of vision was developed long before the requirement to hunt.


Problems Associated with the Collapse of the Ice Shields


Hawk is one of the few species that survived the great floods, and prior to this time in history, we were vegetarian subsisting from berries and fruit. Our eyesight would allow us to spot the red, yellow or purple fruit in the valleys and hills of a tropical garden that Earth was at that time in history. Alas, the tropical garden was lost upon all but those regions close enough to the equator as the poles rapidly froze due to the loss of temperature sustained by the ice shields as they collapsed. It was the ice shields that much like a terrarium that retained Earth’s warmth, and also protected Earth from radiation so prevalent in your universe.


With the ice shields collapse, not only were the valleys flooded killing all that existed previously therein, but nonphysical entities of small to large in nature that were highly radioactive flooded into the grid work of Mother Earth along with all remaining species, including humankind. Such entities had been collected by the ice shields, which had prevented their presence upon Earth. Such entities are related to death, as they shut down the movement of energy to such an extent that form rapidly declines of life. It was such entities that caused all species to move rapidly from regeneration to a shortened lifespan that included aging, illness and disease thereafter.


At this time, all species are ascending out of the requirement to hold such death entities within the form or upon Earth. Such entities will be left behind in the second dimension of your universe from which they originated in Earth’s experience. As the last human or member of any species dies that is non-regenerative, such beings will leave Earth in full and forevermore. This will be a grand thing for Hawk to witness, as it was with great grief that Hawk witnessed the dance following the collapse of the ice shields.


We too fell into the requirement to eat of flesh to survive. However, this did not occur until the nuclear winter of Earth set in motion by the Annanuki in their warfare. This was even more devastating than the collapse of the ice shields, and the journey from this point forward is the darkest period our species ever recalls. What can go one way can go another, and the dream for a new tomorrow is rapidly being woven by all ascending sentient species. It is time to ascend out of this dance, and Hawk takes a stand for such a tomorrow to emerge. Read more

Image of an adorable beaver putting something in its mouth. The Flap Of The Beaver’s Tail

9. The Flap Of The Beaver’s Tail


Blessings for Joy and Humor


The Otter and Beaver Kingdoms


Otter or Beaver are related to the same kingdom, and associated with Squirrel. Both Otter and Beaver along with Squirrel are often perceived as playful and joyful in nature. And indeed, we are. Just like Squirrel, we hold the vibration of joy for kingdoms upon the land and within the sea. Joy and play are experienced in the lives of all species, although the decline in vibration has caused most species to experience pain. This is not to say that Otter and Beaver know not pain, as sometimes our homes in the sea or along the riverbanks are desecrated through human construction. This too causes us pain and takes the joy out of our life dance.


Beaver and Otter’s Construction Projects


Why do humans mutilate the land under the guise of making improvements? This has been difficult for Beaver or Otter to understand. We too improve the land, but only where we are guided by Earth to do so. Often Beaver builds dams in rivers or streams to assist in moving the water into the forest or into underground waterways to allow life to thrive all around. Remove our dams, and portions of the forest will die; and so, this has come to be so often in human development.


Beaver and Otter understand working with all other kingdoms in relation to our construction projects. This is the gift we offer to ascending humans. If one is building community or a new home upon a land site, call upon our kingdom. We will orchestrate suggestions that shall work for all other species upon the land and within the surrounding 10-mile radius. For this is what Otter and Beaver does quite naturally in nature; Beaver upon the Land and Otter along the coastal waters of the ocean.


Beaver builds dams, which are generally used also to raise our young keeping them sweetly out of predators’ way, except occasionally with Fox. Fox sometimes is quite bright and raids our Beavers nest taking of our young. However, even this is provided unto Fox to ensure her survival, as all inside of the forest dance occurs in balanced giving and receiving. All species work to support the survival of each along with the whole.


Otter builds not dams, but plays amongst the seaweed harvesting shellfish for sustenance. Sometimes Otter too becomes the dinner for Shark, and again does so out of survival of the whole. However, hunting in seaweed can become confusing, and therefore generally Otter outwits Shark with ease. How does Otter mold the underwater seascape? Mostly, Otter provides chi for seaweed forests to grow for their own protection, and the survival of their young. The more Otters, the more seaweed will grow as it is necessary unto Otters survival, or so Asur’Ana remembers in her journeys to the coastal regions of Big Sur and Monterey California. Seaweed is commonplace in California coastal regions due to the presence of Otter. Read more

Partial image of the kundalini and sexual energy movement. Changes In The Ascending Energy Field

10. Changes In The Ascending Energy Field In The Ascent To Bodhisattva


Mother Earth finds many humans in great confusion over their level of evolution. A part of this reason is simply the many veils of illusion that plague the human energy field in particular below 3,000 DNA segments. Perhaps some initiates have these thoughts, “I have attained Bodhisattva level evolution”, or worse yet “I have attained Full Consciousness!”. The reality is that only a handful of 36 humans global wide have attained full consciousness or beyond at this time, and most are indigenous and lead very reclusive lives.


Furthermore, there are about 1,000 global wide who are white with ancient red ancestries that have attained Bodhisattva level evolution at this time. Most of the 19,000 or so in the new consensus who have attained this level of evolution are indigenous in their present life circumstance, and over half are children under the age of five. Why then is there all of the confusion for so many? This has to do with the many forces of the dark that pervade the energy flow in particular of those below 3,000 segments that wish to trip one up. For if one believes that one has attained this or that or “arrived”, one will simply cease ascending, and this will allow such dark souls that is misguiding oneself to have a “home” for a time in one’s field and form.


Therefore, we guide initiates who are hearing from guidance that they have attained Bodhisattva or Full Consciousness, to kick such entities and souls out of one’s field and anchor new souls from Earth and from the nature kingdoms that better serve one’s ascent. For such souls will not work in one’s best interest in relation to the release of karma or the construction of an ascending field, for they simply have another agenda, which is to control and own oneself.


Discernment in Guidance


A part of the path to Bodhisattva requires discernment in one’s guidance. If one’s guidance is lying to oneself, then one will require learning to command one’s boundaries and kick such guidance out of the field. If one is overrun with personality entities, one must learn to move such entities out and listen only to soul. Then one must discern which souls to listen to, and only listen to those who are going to guide one to ascend. There are tests in the initiations surrounding discernment, as it is often through faulty discernment that initiates with large fields have been misused creating global harm. As a result, the tests are stiff as anything less could prevent Earth’s global ascent.


We wish to take the time to expose the nature of an ascending field so that those who are clairvoyant or healers may better understand the nature of the changes in the ascent to Bodhisattva. In better understanding, one will know what they are looking at both within oneself, and within others that one may be working with as a healer. In better understanding, one will be able to gauge one’s progress with greater ease. Read more