Image of an adorable beaver putting something in its mouth. The Flap Of The Beaver’s Tail

9. The Flap Of The Beaver’s Tail


Blessings for Joy and Humor


The Otter and Beaver Kingdoms


Otter or Beaver are related to the same kingdom, and associated with Squirrel. Both Otter and Beaver along with Squirrel are often perceived as playful and joyful in nature. And indeed, we are. Just like Squirrel, we hold the vibration of joy for kingdoms upon the land and within the sea. Joy and play are experienced in the lives of all species, although the decline in vibration has caused most species to experience pain. This is not to say that Otter and Beaver know not pain, as sometimes our homes in the sea or along the riverbanks are desecrated through human construction. This too causes us pain and takes the joy out of our life dance.


Beaver and Otter’s Construction Projects


Why do humans mutilate the land under the guise of making improvements? This has been difficult for Beaver or Otter to understand. We too improve the land, but only where we are guided by Earth to do so. Often Beaver builds dams in rivers or streams to assist in moving the water into the forest or into underground waterways to allow life to thrive all around. Remove our dams, and portions of the forest will die; and so, this has come to be so often in human development.


Beaver and Otter understand working with all other kingdoms in relation to our construction projects. This is the gift we offer to ascending humans. If one is building community or a new home upon a land site, call upon our kingdom. We will orchestrate suggestions that shall work for all other species upon the land and within the surrounding 10-mile radius. For this is what Otter and Beaver does quite naturally in nature; Beaver upon the Land and Otter along the coastal waters of the ocean.


Beaver builds dams, which are generally used also to raise our young keeping them sweetly out of predators’ way, except occasionally with Fox. Fox sometimes is quite bright and raids our Beavers nest taking of our young. However, even this is provided unto Fox to ensure her survival, as all inside of the forest dance occurs in balanced giving and receiving. All species work to support the survival of each along with the whole.


Otter builds not dams, but plays amongst the seaweed harvesting shellfish for sustenance. Sometimes Otter too becomes the dinner for Shark, and again does so out of survival of the whole. However, hunting in seaweed can become confusing, and therefore generally Otter outwits Shark with ease. How does Otter mold the underwater seascape? Mostly, Otter provides chi for seaweed forests to grow for their own protection, and the survival of their young. The more Otters, the more seaweed will grow as it is necessary unto Otters survival, or so Asur’Ana remembers in her journeys to the coastal regions of Big Sur and Monterey California. Seaweed is commonplace in California coastal regions due to the presence of Otter.


Humor and Laughter


Retaining a playful nature is helpful in ascension. The doom and gloom of working through patterns associated with pain, suffering, fear and death are rapidly risen above as one chooses to sit in joy, humor and laughter instead. For humans, humor and laughter are sometimes easier vibrations to access than joy at first, and are precursors to moving into greater joy in the moment. Therefore, call upon Otter and Beaver, and we will anchor more humor and laughter, which will lead to greater joy in one’s life dance.


It is important to laugh at oneself. Nothing is beyond some humor in our experience. Isn’t it humorous how humans behave? Is it not beneficial to take the time to laugh at oneself and one’s own predicaments? No story in human form is perfect, and most have convolutions worthy of laughter.


Married to Merduk


Among ascending initiates, there is a joke about being “Married to Merduk”. Merduk of course was a member of the cast of characters related to the Annanuki Pleiadians that dominated Earth for an 18,000 years period, and destroyed Earth in the end in a nuclear holocaust. Many an initiate with red inheritance will find that they have married “Merduk” to settle the Persephone-Merduk/Hades karma through one’s life expression.


Being “married to Merduk”, or divorcing Merduk as many an initiate is currently doing in their continued choice to ascend, is a joyful and liberating experience that completes karma that goes back upwards of 38,000 Earth years (152,000 human years). Such life experiences become far more humorous as the backdrop of the original cause of the dance in one’s ancient ancestry is understood. One also recognizes that one is not the only one “married to Merduk”, but one of many others who are each settling a piece of the karma incurred between Merduk and the Persephone along with the Red Race.


(NOTE: When we speak of Earth years, we speak of years as they are recorded by Mother Earth. Earth records time by solar revolutions or how long it takes your solar system to rotate around her twelfth-dimensional Sun. It takes approximately four revolutions of Earth around her Sun for your solar system to make one revolution around your twelfth-dimensional Sun. So, for reference, 50,000 Earth years is approximately 200,000 human years.)


Merduk particularly was a character that took of the blood of the red race (was a vampire in the physical) to sustain his life. Often those married to Merduk are “vampired”, not of blood, but of chi and life force which then translates into disease or extreme tiredness. In ascending out of the disease, one also leaves Merduk and moves on to a new and joyous life expression that is sovereign.


One may also find oneself married to Zeus, or Athena, or Diana, or Innana/Aphrodite/Venus, or any other of the cast of characters that originated from the Pleiades. Such characters are related to the Greek and Roman Gods and myths. Such marriages or relationships are often to power mongering folk who are direct descendants of the Annanuki within their respective tapestry of ancestry. Whether the Annanuki in present time be female or male, generally they take from oneself incessantly and perhaps even to the point of manifesting a disease or other life travesty.


Such folk can manifest in one’s life dance as beloveds or spouses, or as bosses, parents, siblings, friends or associates. Such associations lead to the same dance that occurred between the Annanuki and the Red Race long ago. As one stands back and views the larger picture, one can see how one is settling ancient ancestral karma, and in so doing, is finding one’s way to liberation and freedom again. In seeing the larger picture, one can begin to laugh at such a predicament rather than viewing it in an all-suffering and all-consuming manner.


Map Makers and Karma Clearing


Ascension is not an easy life journey. One has chosen a particular set of circumstances as a human map maker of ascension that allows for the settlement of Annanuki related karma. This is the only way that the map carvers can ascend out of the dance that desecrated evolution as a possibility for the human species at large. Ascension and evolution ceased as the Annanuki came to dance with the Red Seeded Race. Therefore, as all karma is released between the Annanuki and Red Seeded Race, ascension can become a viable possibility again for the whole of the human species.


Each map carver has taken a piece of the karma to settle in one’s present day life. It is why the materials presented by Asur’Ana may have a symbolic representation of one’s current life expression as map carver. Release the karma, ascending beyond the symbolic expression of Annanuki-Red Race conflict, and the whole of humankind can also ascend.


Each map maker must do his or her part. Fail to leave a marriage or job when one is either married or employed by Merduk, and die of disease instead, and the map cannot be carved; further all map followers related to one’s map will also fail to leave and end the life in death instead, leading to non-ascension. Take a stand for one’s life by leaving the marriage or job that is killing oneself and recover, and all map followers of “like karmic expression” will also leave their spouse or job and ascend. This is how the map of ascension is carved into the physical; one brings about life changes that lead to life, resurrection, joy, bounty and ascension.


Each human has their own manner of clearing such karma and a particular life dance that occurs as a result; no two lives are the same as no two map makers took the same piece of Annanuki-Red karma to settle. The Annanuki sustained a lengthy lifespan of over 18,000 years. Their dance repeated again and again; generally, the red race lost their land, lost their health, lost their spiritual knowledge, lost their family, lost their bounty, in other terms the red race lost lost lost. Symbolically, map carvers will create life experiences therefore that are related to “loss” of one sort or another as this is the karma that must be settled from one’s ancient ancestry.


Sometimes the loss is financial; sometimes it is related to one’s health; sometimes it is related to one’s preoccupation; sometimes it is related to one’s land; sometimes it is related to one’s loved ones. Sometimes the loss is related to those inherently representative of the Annanuki who take of one’s dreams or aspirations manifesting them in their life dance in lieu of one’s own. Sometimes the loss is related to property that is stolen or misappropriated.


Ascend out of the dance, and a new dance will unfold. One will retrieve one’s dreams and aspirations and manifest them instead in one’s own life dance. Ascend into one’s truth by taking a stand against that which is unethical, and the misappropriation of land or finances will be resolved in an honorable manner. Ascend out of the disease and the death of oneself or a loved one need not occur. Ascend into a new preoccupation that supports ascension and there is no further sense of loss.


Polarity Reversal


At this time, there is an opportunity to alter the fate of one’s life outcome, and this is what the reversal of polarity means in all human expression global wide. What is reversal of polarity? For so long, all associated with the red race lost lost lost. They lost in court and in the legal system; they lost in disease; they lost in unethical deals and misappropriations of finances and land; they lost their loved ones and their children. Now due to the reversal of polarity, there is an opportunity for those who are ascending to win win win; win the case against those who are unethical; ascend out of disease; or retrieve the land lost that inherently belongs to oneself or one’s nation.


Now is the time for ascending folk to begin to take their stand upon a personal, national and international level. Now is the time that the karma will be unraveled and flow in the opposite manner, to benefit all of those related to the red seeded race in ancient ancestry. The benefit of all karmic unraveling is a return to honor within the human kingdom; honor of one’s humanness and the humane treatment of all; honor of the land; honor of Mother Earth; and honor of all species therein.


The settlement of ancient karma is gratifying. There is a sense in Asur’Ana and other high-level ascending initiates who have settled all ancient ancestral karma of great joy and peace. Justice has been done; if not in the physical, then in the nonphysical and it will step into physicality now due to the polarity reversal of Earth. They have come to understand that their triumph over death through ascension would bring about a new dream for humanity that would reverse the poles causing a new tomorrow, a new day of renaissance and great awakening to unfold instead of desecration through nuclear warfare.


All ascending humans are symbolic of an ancient dance of dishonor between the red nation and the Annanuki. Each life has a particular expression that allows yet another piece of the puzzle to be understood, and in the understanding, forgiven; and in the forgiveness settled. In the settlement of karma, circumstances that dishonor are dissolved into new circumstances that honor and a new era may blossom; first in one’s own life dance, and then for all of humankind.


Tapestry, Tiers and Cleansing


What do Otter and Beaver wish to say to our ascending humans today? We would like to offer our support in more greatly seeing the archetypal patterns and ancient karma one is transcending through one’s ascent. As one can better understand the archetypal karmic pushes and pulls that have manifested one’s particular predicament, one can not only laugh, but can see the bigger picture and the ancient karma to be settled. In viewing the larger picture, one will understand the tapestry that one is a part of.


At this time, all humans weave a tapestry that is energetic in nature. The tapestry is layered in a circular manner that surrounds Earth. Upon the bottom layer are tones weaving a tapestry that are black, gray, brown, mucous green and mucous yellow in color. Such tones are related to death, fear, pain, suffering, greed, lust, and judgment. Those associated with this bottom layer also represents the old consensus destined for cleansing through death. Some are rapidly ascending out of the bottom layer and entering the next layer of tapestry above, which is the 3rd consensus and primary tones in color.


The black and gray tones are currently being cleansed from Earth as the planes associated with death and fear are risen above in Earth’s global ascent. Those most deeply associated with the bottom most part of the tapestry and the black and gray tones may perish in the coming six months to two years as a result. Such folk may also be in great pain due to disease or aging, and therefore such deaths may be a great blessing allowing such souls and consciousness to move into a nonphysical dance that is more joyous. In the coming decade and cycle of cleansing, the bottom most tier will cease to exist altogether, and this is how Earth shall rise above the vibrations of death, fear, greed, suffering, pain, judgment and lust altogether.


Above the bottom most tapestry is another tapestry made of the primary colors of magenta, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, which represent the third consensus of those attaining 1,024 to 1,800 in genetic material and vibration. Those ascending into this tapestry rise enough above the vibration of death to live through this coming period of cleansing and see the dawning of the new era ahead. At this time, it is anticipated that this tier shall be filled with roughly 6 billion humans, 1.5 billion of which will ascend on to the next tapestry and tiers. The lives of such folk sitting in primary tones have transcended extreme polarity and therefore will be more joyous than those sitting in the vibrations of the old consensus. Many of such humans will ascend no further but spawn offspring who do.


Above the third consensus is the new consensus of ascending humans embodying the Language of Light. Such tiers within the new consensus tapestry are pastel in color related to the 10 Octaves of Love, which are pink, lavender, peach, turquoise, silver, gold, yellow, pale lavender, pale pink and ivory in color. Each ascending from 1,800 to 6,000 segments is related to the tapestry of pastel colors and the new consensus of ascension.


Life Scripts


Each human has a role within the tapestry, whether it is to complete through death or ascend into a new tomorrow. Each role is a script that allows for karmic settlement of ancient debts either related to the last fall of Atlantis or Annanuki and Red Race interactions. Those ascending into primary colors or between 1,024 and 1,800 settle karma from the period of Atlantis from 10,000 to 30,000 years ago in living their life script.


Those ascending beyond the primary tones and into the Language of Light or from 1,800 to 6,000 segments are settling karma from 30,000 to 50,000 years ago, which is related to the dance between the Red Race and Annanuki. Each script of those ascending into such vibrational bandwidths will allow another piece of the ancient karma to be settled so that all humans may be freed from such patterns and thoughtform, and ascension of the entire human species may be brought forth.


Each script as a map maker dovetails with hundreds of other scripts that share a part in the same story; and millions of others who are map followers who are also related. One will see how one’s dance impacts all others associated within the related tapestry of vibrations that one is associated with. As each map carver succeeds at settling the karma in one’s own life dance, the possibility for the map follower to do the same opens. As each map follower likewise settles the karma, all karma for the Annanuki and Red Dance along with the era of Atlantis may be settled in full, spawning the new golden era ahead.


The map carvers and followers must simply follow the script that allows for karmic settlement and ascension. Karmic settlement will lead to ascension; ascension out of disease; ascension out of pain and into joy; ascension out of death and into resurrection, reconstitution and life that is ageless and disease free. Each human has a hologram, and this hologram sits in the heart cavity. There are two possible holographic scripts for each human recorded therein. One script if followed leads to death; and the other script if followed leads to life through ascension. Otter and Beaver will assist in bringing one’s life scripts to consciousness so that one may choose; choose the script that leads to ascension instead of death and make the life choices and changes necessary to see this to fruition.


Otter and Beaver are bearers of possibility, and in the possibility for a new tomorrow, great joy may unfold. If one knows not how to work their way out of a job or marriage that is killing oneself, or any other predicament one may find oneself in, how can one intend such a dream? Call upon Otter and Beaver and we will show you a new script for a new possibility that allows for the birth of change that is in alignment with ascension. Then as the possibility for a new future is brought to consciousness, one may intend such a vision into one’s dream, and then anchor the dream into physicality. This is what mastering one’s own destiny is all about.


There are many ascending humans who are working their way out of difficult circumstances; some are ascending out of disease; some are ascending out of jobs and marriages that are killing the form; some are working their way out of preoccupations that serve not ascension and finding new preoccupations that do; all are finding their freedom and truth in action. This is the purpose that the material has been generated for if one applies the information towards one’s own internal self-mastery.


We hope that each reading this book finds what Beaver and Otter have to share of use. Do call upon our kingdoms. Let us ascend together in unity, honor, peace and joy. May each succeed at mastering one’s own destiny, and may the new golden era ahead be born!


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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