Image of Divine Twin Chart. Holographic Divine Twin Nature

Holographic Divine Twin Nature


Divine twins are a biological sequence of dream that allows for the masculine and feminine holographic natures to be represented in all accolades of belief. Twins are a formation that occurs in each archetype. All archetypes are a form of human expression that is both holographic and physical. Physical formations of archetypal sequences cause humans to behave in parallel manners to each ancestor that is associated. Twins tend to mirror configurations of dream of particular archetypes in opposing themes. If the male twin is famous and gifted in spiritual pursuit, then the female will also be gifted but infamous. If the female twin is preoccupied with union of the divine, the male twin will be accolade into non-partnership of any consequence.


Twins Are Attributes of Self


Divine twins of holographic consequence are really an attribute of self. Within each is a male and female part of self related to the left and right brain mindset. The left brain is masculine and is associated with language and the right brain is feminine and is associated with artistic or intuitive self-expression. Each side of self is necessary unto the whole and in an anthology of understanding, all twins are also represented within in the male and female sides of self. All twin formations are an expression of the internalized male and female expressed outside of self in another body related unto the genealogical inheritance of self.


Twins are a formation of humans that mirror the theory of mindset and biology of particular sequences of DNA of the masculine and feminine. Twin biology is a mirror of one another in particular sequences of dreams that are polarity based. Mirrors are an occurrence of opposites that triggers nomenclature to be born. Nomenclature is a thoughtform associated with mirrors that creates opposites and is found between twins and other polarities of the physical and nonphysical. Twins are opposites of male and female derivative that are non-nomenclature based. Twins of non-nomenclature are a positive relationship that associates in the physical or in dream time in a manner that supports the health and wellbeing of each.


Cycle of Redirection


Birth dreams for twins are a recurrent system of incarnation that occurs through time. Twins are born within minutes to a few days of one another in a parallel moon cycle in many regions of Earth. Twins are rarely from the same region unless there are particular agreements to be born nearby. Twins are born with parallel spiritual mastery goals in all cycles. In cycles of redirection, twins are born with special purposes that serve the evolutionary sequences of the whole. Special times are known as a redirection of dream.


Redirections are polarity reversals that cause human or nature-based systems to move from nomenclature into productive cycles. Productive cycles are non-destructive in nature. This is a cycle of a redirection that is to foster an awakening into harmonization with an accolade of certainty of truth. The spiritual goal amongst all twin groups is to cause the new accolade in light wave mindset development and motions of energetic syncopation to cause unity-based formations to be born. The goals of twins always involve spiritual cause.


Not all humans born at this time have a spiritual cause related to the redirection of history. Ninety percent of the humans currently incarnate have the spiritual goal of forgiveness of life and ancestral karma alone. For most, this is more than enough to cause in a single lifetime of redirection. Most humans are directed into a karmic cause of accolade of freedom for the purposes of finding dreams that resonate. Dreams that resonate is a part of the magnitude of thoughtform that Tao is holding for humanity to evolve into.


Nemesis Dreaming Test for Twins


Twin accolade births host a special mindset to foster a deeper awakening than others. Twins are destined to develop another level of light wave mindset that most may never accomplish in this cycle. The mindset that twins are to develop offsets difficulties with nomenclature. Nomenclature causes biology to render unto extinction. Twins therefore are causing a karmic sequencing of dreaming that shall allow nomenclature to cease and a new age of enlightenment to be born. Nomenclature is also known as nemesis dreaming. Nemesis dreaming are dreams of nomenclature to an extreme that leads to extinction of the whole. Nemesis dreaming is on the upscale at this time and many may discover darker circumstance consuming the awareness than otherwise experienced in recent years or decades of life experience.


Twins Mastery and the New Age of Enlightenment Ahead


Nemesis is not to be confused with anything other than thoughtform. All creations are driven by thoughtform that is either positive or negative. In positive cycles, beauty and love ensue. In negative cycles, nemesis leading to extinction issues. It is up to each to choose for a rebirth and then live the positive accolades of rendition that this causes in order to fulfill upon the new age of enlightenment ahead. Nemesis dreaming can be a large test for twins who are destined to understand the deeper issues of death and extinction in order to reverse the polarity of this cycle towards a more positive dream. Twins are very much gifts to the planet in terms of the wisdom that they hold and are present to synergize.


Holographic archetypes of ancient knowledge associated with twins are wise and have a plan for the synergy of the whole. The plan is not always fostered and sometimes a downfall into a cataclysmic cycle is lived. The last cycle known as Atlantis was a cataclysm all of its own accolade. The cycle fell into a non-resonant accolade of non-truth that dis-synergized the whole unto a nuclear annihilation of great proportions.


The cause of the fall of Atlantis is less important than the understanding that the opposite of poles can drive the direction of a rebirth in this cycle if chosen. The cycle of cataclysmic possibility is still available to be dreamed ahead in terms of a nuclear war. It is the goal of all twins of ancient standing to foster a journey in another direction for self. As enough selves foster the journey then a new era can unfold that is more greatly synergized. The journey of twins is a profound essay into the grandeur of the mastery within that accolades into a synergized truth that is founded upon Tao rendition thoughtform of non-nomenclature status.


Evolution Is a Restoration of the Light Wave Mind


The mastery of twins is succinct. If one twin masters a certain level of evolutionary fulfillment, then the others are drawn into parallel dream sequences. In this manner, twins pull one another along tugging each other through renditions of light wave mind theory of self. All evolution is a restoration of the light wave mind. The light wave mind is derived in the formations of waves in the synapses of the brain. Synapses fire in accolades of characteristics of expression. Light wave mind formation is really a function of certain synapses that cause the thoughts to align in a peculiar manner. Over time, light wave mind has become increasingly deranged in its formation leading to disruptive behavior that is non-productive to illusive to destructive in nature.


All disruptive behavior has a mind formation associated. Disruptive behavior that is extreme can lead to violence or explosiveness along with insanity or corruption of spirit. Corruption of spirit is known as a rendering of the heart. Those experiencing a rendering of the heart lose faith in themselves and the life dreams that they have fostered leading to a dismal future of dis-synergy. Those with large light wave mind dis-synergy experience difficult formations in the collapse of the synapses in the firing of the mind waves. As the waves meander without forming in a pure accolade of derivative and stature, the experience is one of light wave mind bend. As the waves bend, the emotional experience is one of travesty to depression within.


Light Wave Mind Bend


There are those gifted at bending the light wave mind of others. Light wave mind bend can be a twin pattern but is greatly associated with foreign investments of archetype that originated in other creations. Foreign light waves are a derivative of nomenclature. Foreign language mind bend is the most common type of problem associated with genealogies from other holographic sequences of circumstance.


Those of foreign genealogical mindset architecture are generally derived in a system that is not succinct unto Earth. Those that fail to be succinct cause internal damage that can be associated with depression and suicide or displace the cause on to other who experience the same over time. Light wave mind bend is so common that many desiring suicide are only bent in this direction by others of foreign nomenclature derivative accolades of truth.


Light wave mind is designed within archetypal systems to be harmonious and succinct in its delivery. Light wave minds that resonate align and enjoy the company of one another thinking parallel thoughts of unity, harmony, love and truth. Light wave minds from other creational attributes often do not think along the same lines. It is the thinking of other creational light wave mind that causes the mind of one to bend and the other to remain succinct. The one who bends experiences the difficulties within and then may express them without in behavior patterns of certain sequences of dreams.


Those experiencing light wave mind bend can learn not to allow the synapses to cease to fire. All mind bend formations cause some synapses to over stimulate and others to under stimulate. Sometimes synapses that are over-stimulated can be of nomenclature derivative leading to depression or destructive thoughts. Sometimes synapses that are over-stimulated can lead to delusion of other derivatives of thoughtform such as insane moments of perception that is not real. Sometimes synapses that are over-stimulated can lead to joyful enlightening experiences of derivatives of ecstatic union. It is all in the synapses that fire at cause of what is experienced.


Unbending the Mind


One modality of cause to unbend the mind is to intend that the synapses return to their normal function. Normalized synapses function can occur as a healer applies light synergy to the mind. The intent to normalize synapses management shall foster those that have disconnected to reconnect and then the mind will align out in such a manner that self comes to its center again. The self is a centered part of the internal fabric of being. If the self is in its truth, there is a synergy from which one can live the life in ease. If the self is out of its truth due to light wave mind bend, then the center is lost and the self may feel lost or disconnected in its sincerity of expression.


Light wave mind bend is prevalent today due to foreign archetypal renditions attempting to understand the history of the human dream. Foreign derivative mindset causes an impulse that renders the spirit of others of regional origins of ancestry. Those of regional origins then become systematically dis-synergized and the mind bend phenomenon then occurs. It was mind bend phenomenon that destroyed Atlantis. It is mind bend phenomenon that will destroy again this cycle unless put asunder through evolutionary sequences of non-nomenclature.


The human dream is a derivative of many archetypes at play. Many of the archetypes at play do not synergize with one another leading to mind bend symptoms. Mind bend symptoms are exemplified in relationship of the intimate kind. The mind bend symptoms of relationship will be discussed in Light Wave 4: Divine Partnership. The symptoms of bad relationship are so prevalent and most of the experience of the breaking of the heart is due to a lack of mind synergy. As mind synergizes, then relationships that harmonize can form. In time, we will explore relationships that synergize in our anthology of circumstances that will be discussed in the next book. For now, we are focused upon the extremes of dis-synergy so that those desiring relationship can choose more wisely and for those unions that sustain a state of harmony.


Twins harmonize naturally in mind wave centers when accolade in sincerity of truth. Sincerity of truth is the nature of twins that are derived of a harmonizing nature of anthology of archetype. Each archetype is divided as a wheel into its expression. In previous chapters, various types of counterparts in the original nature cast has been discussed. Just as with counterparts, twins are both each of positive and negative circumstance of postulation. In this chapter, we are referring to the positive accolades of twins. In another chapter, we will postulate about negative twin dances and their underlying cause.


Twins in Accolades of Truth


Twins of Circumstance


Twins of circumstance are a synergy of truth to be expressed in the circumstance of the life dream. Twins co-creating a union divine out of circumstance will be drawn together for many purposes. Twins of this nature are not necessarily beloveds and can become co-directors of a dream that unites twin souls into the fruition of expression that serves some spiritual goal of the archetype. All spiritual goals are an archetypal expression realized in the dream of the life.


Twins of circumstance are a foray of divine synergy that sustains a beautiful dream that is greater for the two than either apart. Twins of circumstance unite for many causes in the dreams of life and support one another in accolades of synergy of truth. Truth between twins of circumstance is really a union of spirit into a common goal of synergy of the two. The synergy of dreams augments a larger dream than would occur otherwise so that the goals of spirit may be realized. All twins can be male or female in nature. Some will dance together as beloveds but most will be friends of a supportive theme.


Twins of Synergy


Twins of synergy are an accolade of sincerity of the synergistic purpose that unites the two into sequences of common dreams that bring to fruition a larger purpose than otherwise possible. Twins of synergy can be beloveds but are often two of the same or opposite sex who choose to manifest dreams together in accolades of divine foray of circumstance in which a common purpose may unfold. Common purpose of twins is not unique but has a special precept in evolutionary sequences of dreams. Evolutionary fulfillment brings about another rendition of dreams for twins that draw each together for parallel goals of spirit and self.


Goals of synergy can be monumental in derivative of dream on behalf of the goals of spirit. In times of evolutionary sequences of dreaming, spirit unites twins in a synergy of motion that can realize common goals that foster a reunion of love, life, freedom and truth in the expression of the whole. Those with large evolutionary sequences of dreams of spirit to cause syncopation of truth will unite with many other twins to fulfill upon a large goal. Those twins uniting in sequences and forming a group have the largest possibility of causing the greatest shifts internal to self and external unto the whole.


Twins of the Foray


Twins of the foray are those who unite for the purpose of happenstance of accolades of joy. Twins of the foray come together and co-create light wave mind synergy that expresses in harmonizing factorials of upwards momentum of expression that dances together in a delightful dream. Dreams that delight can capture audiences to allow a new synergy to materialize that was not possible in a group setting before. Twins of the foray are equally blessed with talent to express and as it unites in divine fusion allows for a special sequence of dreams to catch.


Twins of the foray come together in many time periods and often synergize a group circumstance into new heights of understanding or experience. Twins of the foray unite in spiritual times of momentum into evolutionary sequences with purposes that are deep and profound to fulfill upon. The synergy of group is a special talent that does not occur for any outside of a twin accolade of fusion. Twin fusion can catapult the destiny of the archetypes into a redirection of possibility for a new tomorrow that syncopates into a rhythm of the divine.


Twins of the Accolade of Redirection


Twins of the accolade of redirection have a special purpose of uniting to allow for a restoration of former mindset to recur. Mindset falls and the archetypes respond to restore the light wave synergy that has been rendered and lost. Twins of the accolade of redirection unite to allow a synergy of motion to restore light wave mindset in times of evolutionary fulfillment. Twins can be beloveds but often are not and can synergize simply as forays of common spiritual purpose that are male-female or of common gender.


Twins of redirection catapult change upon others after a reunion of fusion. Fusion is not necessarily sexual but a union of synergy of components of energetic flow that allow another dream to catch. Twins of redirection unite to catalyze shifts in mindset of others. Twins of redirection are unique to their individual expressions and sometimes are opposite in nature. The opposite nature of twins of redirection cause a balance of circumstance that harmonize greatly enough to eclipse circumstances that might render the possibility of the united purpose.


Twins of Divinity


Twins of divinity hold a cadence of sound that resounds in the divine accolades of a beautiful harmonization of truth. Divine twins are not to be confused with beloveds although they can become beloveds if the flame of love is a destiny key for their dreams. If there is no destiny key, then the relationship is purely to allow the expression of divinity to take flight into the dreams of the region or group. Destiny keys are special formations of pre-birth agreements that occur due to holographic accolades of sincere truth in support of the redirection of the era. Twins of divinity will share a common love of experience that is spiritual in the journey towards an ecstatic state of union together that synergizes the group formations.


Twins of divinity can express experiences together or separate. The fusion between the two carries into the foray of the unique life dreams if they are together or not. Twins often unite in dream time formations and never meet in the physical to foster the special needs of fusion that are attained to foster the dreams of each. Twins of divinity are one type of twin that often meets only in dream time to foster the goal of remembering the divinity within and the ecstatic state that divine union causes.


Twins of Parallel Cause


Twins of parallel cause unite to co-create a synergy of dreaming that fosters a larger possibility of forgiveness. Cause is karma that requires forgiveness in order to release. Release of karma is paramount in eras of enlightenment. Karma festers as an old wound that requires healing through light wave mind redirection. As the light wave mind unbends, then forgiveness flows allowing a release of cause. As cause is released, twins of parallel nature can synergize in a manner that allows for a release of global cause.


Twins of parallel cause can create a circumstance of friendship together. The friendship of two of this nature will most likely create a dream of group forgiveness in accolades of the sanctimony of all of existence. All existence is really a divine expression of spirit and self in union to co-create a synergy of purpose that fosters evolution to unfold. Twins of parallel cause create a synergy of spirit that offers up the possibility of evolution. Evolution is a systematic unfolding of a synergy of motion that allows light wave mindset to expand over time. Light wave mind expansion requires the forgiveness key to foster.


Twins of Birth Synergy


Twins of birth synergy are a force that propels the evolutionary sequences of biology into a format that can be fostered in the birth of the next generations of archetypal stature that parallels in an evolutionary sequence. Twins of birth synergy sometimes unite as a couple that gives birth to the next evolutionary sequence of mastery as a family unit. The probability of a family unit in light wave mindset is very limited in this time period and possibly for another 100 years of continued evolution. Most commonly twins of this nature unite in dream time to synergize a new momentum of evolutionary sequences through the divine timing of reincarnation.


Reincarnation is a cycle of rebirth that occurs in accolades of dreams and fosters a restoration of light wave mindset through birth, death and rebirth sequences of dreams. Those who are evolving are born to take the light wave mindset to new heights. Twins of birth synergy often retain a genealogical sequence that is pure to the holographic archetype. Genealogical sequences of light wave mindset are really fostered through reincarnation in most time periods other than an era of redirection.


Twins of Resonant Cadence


Twins of a resonant cadence unite to cause fusion to harmonize into grand sequences of dreams of reunion. Reunion is a state of being where the two come together as one spirit adjoining the self with soul to unite into a beautiful foray of circumstance that deeply synergizes into a state of divine love. Divine love requires cadence of tones of creation to foster and twins of this nature synergize in a manner that the symphony resounding between the two catalyzes harmonization of the pair or group. It is the cadences of mastery that have the largest symposium of sound to re-orchestrate group cadences.


Twins of resonant cadence often meet not as beloveds but as friends who unite into a synergistic union of deep heart accolades. The accolades of the journey into the heart are a magnificent expression of the divinity of spirit in reunion with the self of the two united into a dance of synergistic motion that crescendos into a tantric fusion of the deepest possible syncopation of ecstasy. Those of this nature often fulfill upon the purpose of self by creating a momentum into deeper and more profound states of divine union. The divine union reverberates upon the two and the many harmonizing the whole into deeper states of awareness of the need to reunite in the divine expression possible in an evolutionary fulfillment sequence of dream.


Twins of Divine Purpose


Twins of divine purpose have a spiritual goal in a foray of unique dreams to unfold as an era of enlightenment is given birth unto. Twins of divine purpose can find one another in dream time to foster a reunion that catapults the destiny of each into motion so that the divine purpose of each is realized. Sometimes twins of divine purpose unite in the physical as synergized friendships to co-create a dream of divine purpose together in unison with accolades of spirit desiring the fulfillment of a special joint destiny key.


Destiny is a key offered at birth from the archetypal dream. Destiny keys often are never fulfilled upon in the dis-synergized state that humanity exists within. Those fulfilling upon destiny keys will foster a reunion within and without that masters to a deeper level to cause the ignition of the destiny for which self was born. Self that fulfills upon destiny is a unique stature of human that will foster upon a unique spirit to aid in the goal of evolutionary fulfillment.


Twins of Inheritance


Twins of inheritance are mirrors of one another in male and female sequences of dreams. The mirror format of twins of inheritance compliments in a manner that synergizes as opposite forces to create a deeper level of union than otherwise possible. Twins of this nature generally are in partnership and not in other dream circumstances. Twins of inheritance unite to fulfill upon a special destiny key to harmonize the accolades of genealogies such that the generations ahead are unified into deeper states of light wave mind synergy.


Twins of inheritance are generally born near one another in a circumference of circumstance in which one can meet the other. Often unions of this nature are destined to be fulfilled upon early and the two may unite young to fulfill upon the spiritual goals of the two. Those of this nature rarely part and just as they are born within a few days of one another will transfuse and pass also within a few days of the other in most circumstances. The self of twins of inheritance hosts a deep understanding and interconnection between the opposites in nature of male and female existence in the divine foray of the two.


Twins of Accolade of Love


Twins of accolade of love are those who unite for the purpose of sustaining a state of love within and together in partnership. As the self of the self within loves the self of the self of the twin, then there is a synergistic momentum into the quagmire of the quantum leap of union of the two. The two ignite a divine flame of love in the archetypal statures causing a sequence of dreams to be fostered that cause love to be reinstated as the underlying fabric of the human expression. Twins of accolade of love have a large purpose to fulfill upon as the divine flame of the two is reinstated.


The divine flame of the two died long ago in human expression due to nuclear extinction. The cadences of the love of the two has long faded upon Earth and those who hold the destiny to reinstate the deepest of love will foster this as a life purpose in divine union. The destiny of divine partnership holds the capacity to knit together a large cadence of dreams for the whole into a synergistic fabric of loving unity. Those of this nature will never be known but will work as a force behind the scenes to restore a state of love unto the whole.


Twins of Wholeness


Twins of wholeness are two designed to expand upon the love of the two into the love of the family or group. Family units or groups in wholeness act as a direction of love that becomes a formation of group synergy. Those of the destiny to reunite family or groups into formations of accolades of wholeness will share in the purpose of restoring union as a synergistic motion unto the whole. Wholeness can be equated with reunion of self into the self of the self within into the wholeness of the moment of the now. In group formations, the self of each unites in a syncopated rhythm that unites the whole into a state of divine reverence.


Twins of wholeness in partnership can give birth to another twin of parallel accolade of wholeness. The twin family is then untied into a synergy of union that is not possible unless all were twin in stature. Spirit unites the fabric of the twin family into accolades of motion that re-knit the union into a divine sequence of fruition of the accolade of synergy of the whole. The synergy of wholeness weaves dreams that contain all in sequences of dreams that serve.


Twins of Fortitude


Twins of fortitude aid one another in synergizing dreams of renewal for the purpose of fulfillment of the unique destiny key of each. Not all twins of fortitude meet. Most find one another in dream time while providing healing to one another to sequence the dreams into a state of health for each. Those twins of that meet rarely are beloveds but may find their circumstances into common dreams of healing nature. Each provides sustenance from the holographic planes to synergize a motion to draw upon the fortitude of the inheritance to foster the life of the two.


Twins of fortitude are a cadence over time that allows the dreams of renewal and regeneration to be lived through parallel dream time encounters. Twins unite in parallel dreams in partnership to renew one another in tantric motions that synergize down into the physical while asleep. Twins of fortitude can die in separate times of one another but generally the one remaining fades due to ceasing to receive the restorative accolades of dream time healing.


Twins of Synergy


Twins of synergy are two who unite into tantric fusion for a foray of circumstance in which synergy can outweigh dis-synergy in the dreams of self. Often twins of this nature never meet and if they do become beloveds, it can be a lifelong partnership. The purpose of the synergy formulated between the twins of synergy is an energetic fusion that sustains each in an energetic fabric of motion of light waves that allows forgiveness and evolutionary sequences of dreams to be fulfilled upon. Twins of synergy sometimes come together in accolades of formations to foster group endeavors in which group synergy is to be sustained.


Twins of synergy are a necessary component to the harmony of self. Self is born into male or female accolades and cannot sustain the harmony without the expression of the opposite. The opposites upon Earth are extreme and often twins of synergy can be difficult dream time circumstance if the accolade of union has been rendered. As the manner in which twins of synergy cease to support one another as dream time sequences is relinquished, then the purpose that the two were born to fulfill upon can be restored for the benefit of each. It may be the lack of the synergy between twins of synergy that underlies aging and a shortened lifespan of those of ancient biological archetypal inheritances.


Some twins can be of female-female or male-male derivatives of holographic origins. Twins of synergy can be either of complimentary or opposite in gender. When twins are of the same gender, they often unite in friendship or for common spiritual purpose. Twins of synergy of parallel gender will weave larger dreams of a fortuitous nature together and can synergize for this purpose.


Twins of Destiny


Twins of destiny are two that are destined to fulfill upon a common purpose. The common purpose often creates male and female circumstance that parallel. Twins of destiny rarely meet but if they do can unite circumstance into a larger dream that fosters a common fabric of synergy that fulfills upon a larger purpose and dream yet. Twins of destiny often have lives that parallel in terms of occupation and circumstance of foray of partnership and children. If twins of destiny meet, they will leave their life circumstance for one another to fulfill upon a foray of purpose that is large and driven by spirit to unfold.


Twins of destiny require tantric union to fulfill upon the foray of dreaming of spirit. Tantric union is rare upon Earth at this time and must be fostered if the divine union of the twins of destiny is to be fostered. As twins of destiny walk the path of a union divine, larger oscillations of dreams can be fostered that cause a new destiny of the whole. The cadences of the twins of destiny are large accolades of music that resound together. It is only as the symphony resounds that twins of destiny are called to be together in the physical. As a large symphony produced by the twins of destiny resounds, then the purpose for which each was born is fulfilled upon. The large symphony causes an accolade of redirection for the whole of human civilization as it resounds.


Twins of Purpose


Twins of purpose have a divine synergy of syncopation of dream that allows each to fulfill upon a special contribution if together or apart. Divine twins of purpose sometimes meet for synergistic purposes that must syncopate together in the dream of the whole. Most twins of purpose may not meet outside of dream time accolades of encounters. Twins of purpose attempt to keep the spiritual purpose on track of one another as opposites of male and female gender and for the whole. Sometimes the female perceives some accolades of truth and the male others and as the foresight is drawn together a greater picture of what needs to transpire can be accounted for and then taken action upon within.


Twins of purpose are about mastery over self. All mastery is really of self although it may appear otherwise in karmic encounters with others. Self is an accolade of the genetic holographic fabric expressed in synergy with spirit in a syncopated rhythm over time that causes expression for the dream lived. All dreams catch upon scripts designed to fulfill the self within. As the self of the self within is revealed and syncopated in its dreaming, then the divine purpose for the life unfolds.


Twins of Mastery


Twins of mastery are an accolade of freedom from the ties that surface as the mastery over self is given fortitude to transpire. Mastery offers cadences of accolades of freedom from the ties that bind each to circumstances that are non-essential and karmic to self. Often disturbing relationships or friendships are difficult due to ties of karma of strife. Twins of mastery often create parallel dramas and traumas with others of the same inheritances offset in male and female derivative of gender experience. As one twin forgives and masters along with the other, then the entire script of holographic circumstance can be released for the archetypes associated.


Twins of mastery rarely marry but foray together in synergy of systems of management for evolutionary fulfillment. Foray is a term that equates to sharing of the memory of karmic sequences. Forays occur so that each can compare the karma with the other in male and female octaves of self so that the disarray can be forgiven. Twins of mastery are gifted at telepathy and often accompany one another in spirit in the dream of the life.


Twins of Fruition


Twins of fruition are a relay unto themselves that harvests the knowledge of one experience for the other to understand and share. Twins share information back and forth in a foray of octaves of self so that one aspires to understand and forgive what the other is bringing to fruition in the mastery over self. Twins fruition is a complex circumstance and can be interfered with fostering problems in the communication of the two. Communication sequences need to be cleared in order for the twin fruition to be fulfilled upon amongst those mastering light wave synergy mindset at this time.


Twins of fruition are gentle accolades of unity that aspire to fulfill upon a beautiful synergy of motion that is not to be confused with romance. Sometimes twins of fruition unite in romantic interludes and then fail at the union in the long haul. Twins of fruition vary in diversity too much to be harmonious in a union divine. The best solution for twins of this nature is to remain friends and compare notes about the life circumstance in the eventuality that they meet. Twins of fruition can also be of common gender rather than opposites in some circumstances. Twins of the same gender foray larger dreams to unfold if they unite in the physical as friends.


Twins of Expression


Twins of expression utilize parallel bandwidths of light wave mindset to formulate the communication in the physical and nonphysical. Expression has many themes that are experienced in the scripts of those of ancient inheritances. Expression can be associated with artistic endeavors, spiritual focus that is inward or outward, shared written knowledge or the experience as a teacher of others. Twins of expression will understand one another’s accolade of script and the dynamics at play in the life dream as they syncopate in time.


Twins of expression sometimes unite for some purpose of larger communication in the dream of spirit. Spirit occasionally requires a larger synergy of expression and this is best fostered as twins of expression unite. Sometimes twins of expression can be romantic circumstance but generally the journey is one simply of shared endeavors as fellow teachers or communications of joint written expression. Joint written expression causes a dream to syncopate that gives voice to spirit in a larger manner than usual.


Twins of Unity


Twins of unity are a foray of an example of those who establish unity with self. Unity with self can be defined as a reasonable circumstance of harmony within. Harmony within is an accolade of freedom to be who self is in all experiences over time. Unity is an archetypal design to allow the self to unite with itself on occasion to value itself as a dance of physical and nonphysical expression. The physical and nonphysical unite together through common threads of self. Self is generated by the archetype as well as spirit that accolades into self to express through the incarnation.


Twins of unity are a formation of the dynamic of union that is within and between self and spirit in a syncopated rhythm of sincerity of expression. Spirit adjoins the physical through script management and accolades of shared truth that is aspired unto through the life vision. The life has a vision for itself in relation to what is to be accomplished and spirit manages the vision of self in a state of unity of the divine. Twins of unity can be common gender relations in addition to opposite in nature. Twins of unity that unite can syncopate unification of larger dreams of groups in beautiful forays of synergy.


Twins of Bounty


Twins of bounty are a pair that co-create and weave dreams of masterful rendition of self. Twins of bounty share in the accolades of dream weaving and share in the bounty of one or the other has harvested in the vestibule of time. Bounty is a form of dharma that is offered in an ease of dreaming so that each is aspired into enough to fulfill upon the life mission. Twins of bounty often share in many substantial accolades of dreaming to allow each to aspire to the fullness of the life lived.


Twins of bounty rarely meet but if they do it is a fortuitous encounter. If one has more than enough often it is shared in the achievement for each. Rarely do twins of bounty marry but can unite for a brief time to experience a union of powerful romantic accolades of a synergistic format of love. Twins of bounty are rarely to experience long term partnership together although they may in certain prescribed renditions of dreams held by spirit. Twins of bounty can be common gender pairs with a friendship that lasts a lifetime.


Twins of Capability


Twins of capability share accolades of information of a karmic nature. Karma has positive and negative attributes that can be used to drive the life in circumstances of need. Need generates income and other dreams of fortuitous nature to provide for the physical. Sometimes twins of capability share karma so that each can be provided for in the purpose of the life. Twins of capability also share in the struggles if poverty is a part of the karma to be forayed.


Twins of capability are notorious for undermining the other if there is deep karmic afflictions in association with one another. Sometimes twins of this nature meet and harm one another. As the twins meet the karma that may be supportive of, one is transferred unto the other leading to a downfall in the accolade of achievement. As the karma is retrieved from the associated twin, then the dream can rectify itself. There are many manipulative forces that use twin configurations to cause karma or dharma to move, and it is advised that each take inventory and retrieve what is your lifetime’s sequences of achievement and return what is not your own so that what is designed for each can be fulfilled upon.


Twins of capability can be same gender of accolade. Twins of same gender can trade dreams that are fortuitous or un-fortuitous in nature. Twins of capability that are common gender and unit can configure additional karma to co create a larger dream. Twins of capability can also be beloveds of common dream weaving capacity.


Twins of Fortuitous Nature


Twins of fortuitous nature are often configured into sequences of dreams that rely upon happiness as a resource of circumstance. In earlier times of pre-polarity that is extreme, twins were happy in union with one another in dream time configurations of support. Today twins of this nature tend to polarize between happiness and sadness in an infrastructure that swaps places over time. Generally, the time needed to swap is in 7-year accolades of rendition. The karma at cause of the extreme polarity can be forgiven to allow both twins times of deeper joy and gratitude.


Originally twins of fortuitous nature would provide nurturing dreams in accolades of serendipitous fortune unto each in configurations over time. As dreams diminished, they configured into difficulties of grand proportions causing twins of this nature to fall into polarity with one another trading good dreams for bad. Dream trading is not really necessary when the accolade of dream casting is available to be drawn upon and sequenced into the life and the karma for extremes has been forgiven.


Twins of Fraternization


Twins of fraternization provide dream time aid in times of deep accolades of sadness and strive to sustain the other through the difficult moments of life. Life occurs in undulations of dreams that accolade from merry to fulfilling to be filled with sorrow and pain. Twins of fraternization will care-take one another through the difficult moments in life so that the purpose of each can be fostered. Twins of fraternization sometimes meet and are accoladed into deeply sincere romantic interludes over time. The romance rarely fades and often those of this nature become life partners.


Twins of fraternization heal one another in syncopated octaves of rendition in which an un-fortuitous encounter leaves one insincerely deprived of self. Self is sometimes rendered and the spirit then folds in a precarious circumstance of a karmic bond over time. Karmic bonds sometimes render the spirit of self, leaving one destitute in the capacity to carry on. Sometimes the self heals and it is generally the twin of fraternization that provides the keys to the restoration of self as a renderer’s foray of karma unfolds.


Twins of the Harvest


Twins of the harvest divest self into the accolade of the highest sincerity of truth as a derivative of fortuitous accolades of circumstance. Twins of the harvest dream so that the self may flow into harmonious and joyous experiences of expression over time. Dreams are harvested as a precarious circumstance of jubilee in which the life can be fostered in a direction that spirit seeks. Spirit seeks for joyous circumstances to allow the expression of the physical to unfold.


Spirit always seeks joyous circumstances wherever possible for the physical to encounter experiences that allow expression to take flight into fanciful notions and motions of synergy. Spirit seeks to sustain synergy and not dis-synergy. It is dis-synergy that renders spirit along with self, leading to less freedom and joy and difficult dreams of petulance and disharmony. Those struggling with dreams that are fulfilling may discover that one renders spirit in some manner and in seeking to cease to participate through forgiveness a more joyful dream can unfold.


Twins of harvest can be same gender-based rendition of dreaming. Those that are of the same gender will ignite a flame of dream weaving between the two allowing a larger octave of sincere truth to be redirected into the dreams of the whole.


Twins of Evolution


Twins of evolution seek to evolve the biology through sequences of dreams that support and sustain self through the motions of dream configured for mastery. Dreams of mastery are a petulant circumstance as they cause the karma to be forgiven to surface leading to dreams of struggle amongst those mastering. Twin mastery is complex and the twins of evolution provide the dream sequences of each for the purpose of unfolding keys for redirection. Mastery is a redirection towards hope that requires keys to cause the self to master itself.


Mastery over self is an evolutionary unfolding of sometimes nightmarish rendition if the darkness of self has been offset. Twin evolution sustains sequences of positive and negative expression that must balance in the given life or it is then reincarnated into as difficult life derivative of experience. Twins of evolution seek to balance the scales with light and dark sequences over time to waylay the possibility of strife in a lifetime of accolade of dreaming.


Twins of Self


Twins of self are accolades of the cadences of self that are to play out in the course of the life script. Twins harmonize the accolades of self between masculine and feminine poles so that it retains balance and a centered state of being. Twins of self render that which seeks to destroy self of either in circumstance of difficult karmic bond theory. Twins of self do not resound the same as the male and female counterbalance one another causing an opposing nature of self to emerge in each. Twins of this nature can be difficult in a mature relationship due to the opposing nature of the desires of self or not depending upon fortuitous circumstances.


Twins of self are not a foray for intelligence or information on unity or any other configuration. Twins of self simply support self in sustaining itself through the syncopation of time. Time revolves from positive highlights to negative forays of struggle in which self is tested in its purity of origin to foster the destiny of each. As self is tested, it is mastered against sometimes difficult inward or outward moments of struggle to understand the need and purpose of oneself. Twins of self are not same gender modality except in extreme cases of twin exploitation in which twins have become intermixed of other inheritances.


Twins of Configurations of Dreams


Twins of configurations of dreams aid one another in retaining a dream for the script of the life that sustains the purpose and evolutionary fulfillment in sequences of cadences of rhythm and sound. The two support one another in sustaining a life dream that fulfills upon the dream purpose of each. Twins of configuration of dreams sometimes sequence themselves into a dance together and commonly are drawn together as beloveds. Twins of configuration of dream will dream larger dreams together and this calls spirit to create the union through time when required for special needs of the whole.


Twins of configuration of dreams are allotted many dharma-based circumstances from the archives of self of holographic relations to proceed through the life with enough bounty to fulfill upon the mission. Sometimes twins of this configuration of dreams can restore dreams if they fail due to some misguided karmic surplus of rendering. Sometimes the twins foray to reveal the truth about the karma associated so that the dream can be restored. Twins of configuration of dreams can be same gender based in some cases.


Twins of Fostering


Twins of fostering are historic circumstance of dreaming that fosters a larger dream to unfold when the destiny key of the two resounds. Each destiny key is keyed to fulfill upon a particular cadence of music that resounds as the dream associated is to be fulfilled upon. Twins of fostering will cross paths if the destiny keys associated are required to resound together to cadence in a particular sequence of music to fulfill upon a larger dream to be lived for the whole.


Dreams of fostering are designed for spirit to create a circumstance of shift in the holographic archetypal sequences of the whole. Holographic sequences for twins of fostering are designed to relate to the whole in a precarious manner in which the intelligence of the group can be restored. Group intelligence fosters collective dreams that synergize the motions through time such that light waves can be restored to the land or sea.


Twins of Restoration


Twins of restoration are designed to restore the synchronicity of time and scripts for one another in the event that either is rendered due to karmic bonds of a mercenary nature. Sometimes karmic circumstance can be mercenary and renderer’s motions can occur leading to non- dream function. As a non-dream function is acted upon through twin rendition, the cadences through time are restored. All dreams cadence through time in a sound that offers the resonance to attract the purpose of the self in its life script.


Self has a script that is useful to the adversarial circumstance of a renderer’s foray of struggle. Rendering occurs in karmic bonds of delinquent debts for rendering another due to need. Often in the restoration of a dream sequence, it is discovered how self rendered itself over time through cadences of twin dreaming. Sometimes twins render one another, and this is difficult karma to live through. Twin configurations occur through the heart accolade, and it is as if one has destroyed oneself in any twin renderer’s attack. Twins that render are often mis-configured and not of one’s own foray of shared resources. In the reconfiguration to real twin dreaming, then the foray of irresponsible nature can subside.


Twins of Reconciliation


Twins of reconciliation are a gifted pair that cause a cadence of harmonizing sound to aid in the renunciation of bonds that do not allow harmony to be configured into the dream. As harmony is restored to the dream, then there can be a reconciliation that offsets a parting of the ways. Often reconciliations occur as karmic bonds of flight are rendered and released. Karmic bonds of flight can cause a parting of circumstance before the karma has been completed upon in the associated union.


Twins of reconciliation monitor karmic bonds within one another to assure that the unions associated remain as long as necessary to clear the destiny of the experience. Bonds of karmic derived experience can be reconfigured to release only to be caused with another if the departure is too rapid. The underlying bond will call another of parallel nature into the dream to complete the bond with for the lesson of self. Twins of reconciliation can be same gender pairs in which the two work together to complete upon gender associated karmic sequences.




Twins come in many configurations that experience and express through time in light wave synergy motions of accolades of truth. Those mastering initiations in light wave mindset restore twin configurations to the magnitude of possibility that they were once called to be in holographic circumstance of ancient origins. Ancient origins of archetypal wheels were configured in a maze of support for each along with the whole. Over time, the archetypes collapsed through rendering and lost the capacity to hold the solid systems of sustenance that were once a part of the ancient ancestral experience.


The ancient ancestors are striving for a restoration of truth that was present only in a short duration in time upon Earth and in an earlier sequence of dreams. The dreams associated with the ancestors occurred in a time of ancient purpose of transfusion. Transfusion is an act of defying death through nonphysical restoration into an octave of the nonphysical. The ancient men and women arrived upon Earth and transfused in a single life departing with a memory of a region of domain that was beautiful and supportive of the spiritual choices of the incarnation. In ancient times, some humans did not reincarnate but rather transfused out of physicality into a nonphysical awareness that is succinct in its capacity to carry on in an accolade of truth.


Truth has long been lost in the dimensions that transfusion was once successful at creating a nonphysical existence after a long lifetime of understanding and spiritual mastery. Spiritual mastery is almost a misnomer of possibility in this time period as all mastery is really an understanding that the physical is only a delusion to be relinquished when the duration of the incarnation experience is complete.


The ancient ancestors are a force that is present today due to holographic accolades that were once a part of the inheritance that transfused. The consciousness of the ancestors remain for each that is to foray itself into a nonphysical existence following the footsteps of the journey over the physical of the lifetime. Those who departed did so in dimensions above present time 3D status, and it is unclear that anyone can walk the path that was laid from the vibration that Earth is currently suspended within.


Twins of real mastery were destined to foray together into nonphysical existences. Often twins of parallel origins would gather in regions such as Earth to transfuse together and support one another through the circumstances associated with the mastery over the physical. Earth was a destination for transfusion of many twins that occupied the pristine valleys and forests of the time and relied upon the consensus for the fortitude required to transfuse. Earth was considered a wonderful place to foray due to the natural world habitat that drew many humans here over time for mastery purposes. The history of transfusion of twins is surfacing at this time to be understood by those mastering light wave mindset frequencies that are related.


Blessings of support of each mastering at this time.


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