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Light Wave Webinar #2: Working Your Light Boundaries


The light of you

Is the light of each

In a motion of sway

To foster your day

In the love of the whole

In joy of the heart

In care of each

In the blossoming of your soul

In a space that is shared

That is bright in the light

Motioning the darkness away


Light Wave Webinar #2 Introduction


Light fosters a different boundary fostered upon variable speeds of ray formations. As you up speed the light and sway, larger boundaries grow larger in care space. Blessings and up swaying is one means of fostering correct boundaries with others in any exchange.


Swaying is personal and can be with Dao and Tao and not necessarily others through time. In this time period of difficult dark light quagmires, it is probably easier to sway only with your Dao and Tao except when you are intimate or are to foster a healing of another.


Light can foster amazing ray systems that allow you to refresh and revive and even bathe and cleanse yourself and your hair. Hair and skin can be conditioned through light emulsions offered by spirit. Yogis often learned to bathe in light in lieu of the streams or lakes nearby in ancient times.


Cleaning the home is also a light emulsion system that will dissipate dirt, paint the walls and ceilings afresh, sparkle the glass and make your sacred space more beautiful for you to sway within. Light cleaning is an ancient practice used in Atlantis. New systems will be anchored in your home for a light cleaning service that can be spun daily; along with bathing of the biological habitat of you. Read more

Image of a gorgeous and sweet looking hummingbird. The Beating Wings of the Hummingbird

15. The Beating Wings of the Hummingbird


Blessings for Joy and Happiness


The Hummingbird Kingdom


It is the Hummingbird Kingdom that addresses you today. Similar to the Finch Kingdom, when we came forth and told Asur’Ana we wished to write something unto ascending humans, she again says “But hummingbird, you are not a little crawler as you have wings!” Yes, this is so in a sense, except that all small creatures like ourselves fall into one category in association with the management of Earth’s energy flow. Hummingbird holds the responsibility of anchoring truth upon Earth and within all kingdoms.


Joy, Happiness and Playfulness


Truth can be equated unto joy and happiness along with playfulness. It is the nature of small creatures as well as large creatures to enjoy the physical reality that they have incarnate into. This is a biological truth from the perspective of hummingbird. Asur’Ana once recognized that most creatures are relatively playful if left in their own environment and unrestricted.


She once observed the playful otters darting in and out of the seaweed along the Monterey coast of California, where she used to vacation. Asur’Ana has also witnessed the play of the birds in Hawaii as they chase each other through the palm trees in front of her lanai; or the geckos chasing each other around the courtyard of their swimming pool, leaping from fence to fence, almost as if they were playing tag with one another! In reality the geckos are marking hunting territory, but in a playful way.


The nature of the biology is playful in its original casting. One can see this in human form and in young children who run gleefully through the park, or shriek with enthusiasm and joy. Children remember the joy when perhaps their parents have long forgotten. Sometimes parents learn to play again and be in the joy with their children, and this is a lovely thing for hummingbird to bear witness too. One initiate healed her heart through the birth of her son. Over time and as he grew, she learned to play with him in a way that was joyful to her inner child. Adults best relate to children by attuning into one’s own inner child and allowing that inner child to come out and play.


No Joy or Happiness in Poverty and Lack


Play and joy lightens the load for all species upon Earth. At this time, there is a great focus upon past history of betrayal, disappointment and undermining that has occurred through other stars in your Creation in association with Earth. Sometimes there is great grief in the understanding of how Earth was set up to be the “extinct one” so that all others could continue to thrive at her expense. The grief is releasing from Earth at this time. Often humans in their own life experiences create patterns that are similar unto Earth’s own experience. Read more

Image of an exquisite blue water lily with a yellow center. Mindset Development #6

Mindset Development #6


Atlantean Seeds


Fostering Light Wave Sway


The Atlantean Seeds


I am that I am

A fostering from Atlantis

Seeded through time

To sway in light wave DNA

With my soul family

And foster light wave dreams

In an incantation divine

Of the planetary Tao

Who fosters renewal into my youth

In this life of mine

In light wave motion of field

Into another level of spiritual mastery

Of realizing myself through time


Atlantean Seeds: Sprouts of DNA from the Past into the Now  


The Atlantean Seeds are soon to sprout. Are you an Atlantean Seed? Atlantean Seeds were spawned in this time period to foster a recollection of light wave motion of field in order to grow light wave DNA in the physical and in the now. There are approximately forty thousand Atlantean seeds incarnate today as adults. There are another thirty thousand Atlantean Seeds incarnate as children or teenagers. There is another sixty thousand Atlantean Seeds to enter the world in the coming thirty years. The Atlantean Seeds are to sprout light wave DNA and mindset develop into another level of mastery that is destined to self-realize in some cases.


The Atlantean seeds are incarnate in pockets in regions that host light gates worldwide. There are those nearby that can foster partnerships or friendships of a kinship of fellow Seeds. Some families of Atlantean seeds will form, but most adults are the first generation to sprout in this cycle of light motion upon Earth. The entire purpose of the Atlantean Seeding of DNA is to foster a certain level of mastery of the mindset and also to cause self-realization to foster another bandwidth of thought-stream that is planetary in its effect over the whole of humanity. Those seeded may not know who you are yet. As the seed sprouts, another life begins to unfold of another level of mastery known as “self-development”.


There are also part-seeds of Atlantean thresholds of light motion aptitude that are already sprouting at this time. Those of part-seed Atlantean DNA may not mindset develop as much as learn to motion light and transfuse the body into an infused state of light that renews and revitalizes the life for a longer lifespan through time. Light motion DNA is a very beautiful derivation of mastery also to foster in your life. Part seeds sprout first; and full seeds take flight after the part seeded DNA has grown in the body. The part Atlantean Seed DNA fosters light motion into the cells of the body but not the mind. The full Atlantean Seed DNA sprouts as another layer of cortex of the mind that grows to cause mindset development in the life. Read more

Image of the Sun shining in the dark forest. Shaktar Relationship Studies #1

Shaktar Relationship Studies #1


Master of Misogyny


Overcoming the Hatred of the Feminine


Tantric Kiss Bliss

Love and Love within

Is an expression of Self

That is interpretive of Itself

In an action Divine

In an accolade of synergy

In a moment of bliss

Through united forensics

Of a happenstance of joy

In a union with Self

Of the truth of the moment

Of the Divine


Disharmony in Relationship


This is the first of an illumination of chapters on the accolades of disharmony in happenstances of relationship. Relationship is corroded with systems of disarray in the current human marketplace. The marketplace is filled with dis-synergized moments in time that lead to systems of failure in a union divine. A union divine can be equated unto a system of self that fails to accolade together in a unity of truth of perception.


Perception can be defined as a degree of awareness that synergizes the moment in time into a dream foray of delight. Dreams of delight require synergy to foster. Synergy is a state of being that accolades unity between body, mind and spirit within and without. Those fostering synergy often delight in one another’s company in a happenstance of joy.


Synergy is a long-lost accolade of achievement of self of the self within. The self within is designed to synergize moments in time into happenstance of joy. Joyful moments between couples or in partnership of same sex systems of union are rare. Most compensate the union in some manner to remain together over time. If joy accolades in the beginning, it rarely lasts more than a few years unless there is a synergy of self between the two. Read more

Image of a horse and a zebra in the wild. From the Horse and Zebra Kingdoms

37. From the Horse and Zebra Kingdoms


Section 2 Introduction


This new section offers another series of articles from the animal kingdoms exploring Language of ONE thoughtform. Language of ONE symbols have made themselves known as crop circle formations around the globe. The crop circles are really consensus based geometrical patterns and language that is emanating unto Earth via the Star Gates that she enters related to the Great Central Sun, some of which are captured upon farmlands.


It is the desire of the animal kingdoms supporting the new astrology of ascension to create another set of written materials supportive of learning Language of ONE algorithmic patterns. As the brain learns algorithmic patterns of the Language of ONE, a deeper level of unity will be understood, and then out of such understanding unity relations will be more greatly born in the dance of life amongst ascending initiates. It is as unity relations is born over time that peace between humans, between nations and upon Earth will become a living breathing reality.


The crystalline brain is unlimited in its capacity to learn new algorithms once embodied, regardless of how far one may ascend in a given lifetime. Once one has brought the brain and nervous system into a crystalline blueprint, one can expand one’s awareness without limitation to yet other thoughtform that holds even greater unity in its understanding, which is what the Language of ONE offers, deeper levels of unity. Generally speaking, this is mastered by 2,800 to 3,000 segments of DNA. It is as humans understand unity and learn unity-based algorithmic patterning within the brain that they will begin to move towards unity-based relationships with all others. This is important as it is only as humanity returns to unity that peace upon Earth becomes possible.


Blessings for Becoming a Co-Creator with Earth


Horse Kingdom and Zebra Kingdom


Our earlier chapters introduced and focused upon the unity concepts and thoughtform of the Language of Light single, dual and tri tones. The Language of Light is an ascending thoughtform that all species are choosing to embody and communicate with so that all ascending sentient species may understand one another. Those ascending in human form must also embody the Language of Light and are tested in healing temples held by Terra (Mother Earth) and Tao in the core of Earth or Aurora to assure that this is the thoughtform one is mastering. Those embodying the Language of Light fall under certain archetypal patterns associated with the new astrology for ascension.


Solar Astrology of Pleiadian System


What exactly is the new astrology that the Horse Kingdom and many other kingdoms govern? The new astrology provides for the human species an ascending set of archetypal patterns that are essentially a script for life that causes relationships between humans to flow in a more unity-based manner. Read more

Image of a pristine snow capped mountain with a lake nearby reflecting itself. Psychology of You #1

Psychology of You #1


The Wheel of Fables of You


The World Mirror of Yourself


I am a wheel of mirrors

That each reflects in my life dance

That is sincere unto me

In the synergy of myself

Or insincere in the dis-synergy of me

In the love of the two or three

Or not

In the sway of care for each other

Or not

I am that I am

A wheel of fables all of my own

To realize myself

Into a state of divine love within


The Wheel of Fables in You: The World Mirror of Yourself


Each human is an entire wheel of characters of the lore fables of your life. The wheel of characters is reflected and refracted in the relationships that you have at home, at school, at work, and in all other associations through time. The lore fables have their undulations of positives and negatives that are experienced as good, bad, welcome or difficult encounters with others through time. Each character that you know is a mirror of a character sustained inside your lore fable wheel within.


The wheel of characters you experience in your life is first and foremost internal to yourself. This may be a new concept for some to begin to digest. The difficult lore fables catch in your dreams of life due to difficult characters in the wheel of possibilities in your own scripts within yourself and not necessarily not in them either. What we mean by this is that it takes two with difficult lore characters within to ignite a sick fate dream in which the difficult or unhappy encounter occurs through time and in the experience of each in their lives.


The difficult lore fable characters are each founded upon non-care of you and non-care of one another in the scripts of life. Out of a state of non-care, the difficult lore fables give birth to those who pit themselves against you through time. Some of the strife of difficult lore fables in your wheel of fate is external in the behavior of ugly emotional exchanges through time. Some of the strife is caused by difficult characters that foster unconscious nuances of hatred that cause energetic attacks and not necessarily difficult behavioral exchanges. Those mastering self-realization learn to witness both conscious and unconscious difficulties with lore fable characters in order to forgive and offset potential strife in life or disease of the biology. Read more