Image of a pristine valley somewhere in a secret place in Tibet. Earth Archive #2

Earth Archive #2: The Planetary Gates-Holding The Mother Sun Dream


The Mother Sun Dream


The Sun of the Mother of Earth

Is the sun of your life form

And the sun of your truth

Of a cadence through time

To oscillate hope

And renewal of the body

In the choice to go Home

In an estuary of Love

Of a dream of wholeness within

In the Love of the Dao of Earth


Love of the Whole and the Love of You and Me


The Mother Sun Gates are opening upon the planet at this time. There are eighteen gates that flux in and out of the Aurora or the Core of Earth. The gates are not stable at this time. It is vital that each gate keeper in the 14-14 or above thresholds of motion foster a gate reception in and out of one’s region for one’s own continued sustenance and mastery. The Mother Sun is a notion of light synthesis of field. Light synthesis begins at the 30 percent infusion rate as the 11-11 is mastered and sustained. As the 12-12 is motioned into at the 40 percent light infusion rate, the Mother Sun gates descend. Mother Sun gates then oscillate down from the 18-18 into the gates beneath for ascension level pathways of light synthesis.


The 14-14 to 18-18 thresholds of pathways are fostered into the 50 percent or higher light infusion levels. In the 14-14, one is tested as a gatekeeper of the Mother Sun flux of self. The 14-14 assignment is a regional system of fostering the Mother Sun gates in the land for a four-hundred-mile radius. Those proceeding into the 18-18 foster global Mother Sun gates in accord with the planetary Tao and many others.


Master Dragon Dreamers


Most Mother Sun gates fluxes open and shut every twenty-four hours. Those in the 18-18 threshold learn to open the gates up as they shut down through mastery over pallets (light grid centers) and keys fostering light motion of field in the octaves associated. Those fostering an 18-18 threshold are considered Master Dragon Dreamers. Master Dragon Dreamers are those humans who hold full medicine bag keys and foster eighteen layers of dragon coats of protection of personal synthesis motions. Each Master Dragon Dreamer fosters global synthesis of light motion in accord with many others who span the world in a common fabric of flow. Read more

Image of an adorable rabbit chewing on leaves. The Gentleness Of A Rabbit

17. The Gentleness Of A Rabbit


Blessings for Unity and Divine Union


The Rabbit Kingdom


Rabbit has long been associated with fear in Native American teachings. Perhaps it is because Rabbit is so gentle in nature that it easily become frightened if an aggressor appears upon the scenes, whether the aggressor is human or a hungry wolf matters not. It is not Rabbit’s nature to fight back or resist, only run and hide. This is the result of being one of the few remaining kingdoms that holds the memory of gentleness from another time in which carnivorous behavior was not a part of any kingdoms’ behavior. At such a time, there was no need to run and hide, as there was no species present upon Earth that would attack.


Representation of All Truths Upon Earth


Species work symbolically and in a synchronistic manner together to allow for the representation of all truths upon Earth. Although truth was lost due to forces of the dark’s dominion over Earth, truth can never be completely lost; it will always strive to be present somewhere within the wheel of life. Why is this so? Within polarity, every truth must be represented, which includes truth along with non-truth. Therefore, truth as it once was will also be present within the wheel of life, and therefore is never really lost in full. This is so for many gentle creatures that are vegetarian in nature; we are representative of the truth that once existed before the many falls that were the result of whale, dolphin and human manipulations and usury by the forces of the dark.


Many may be surprised to hear that dolphins and whales were at cause in the fall of Earth. This is new information that has just come to light in Earth’s global ascension. Whales and dolphins have also been known as a gentle creature. However, they hold a large energy field, particularly in a united form in the many pods that once existed in the large fresh water rivers and lakes of Earth, and before the crash of the ice shields that created your oceans. Therefore, they were useful to the dark to retain dominion over Earth, and were indeed used accordingly and long ago.


Dolphins and Whales Were Used to Prevent Earth’s Ascension


Long ago, a group of fully conscious humans with large heads and great understanding and wisdom were seeded upon Earth in small numbers. Such humans were seeded upon Earth by the Sirian human civilization. The forces of the dark and lawless ones already in dominion over Earth rapidly saw that if such humans were not brought under their own control that such humans would cause them to be removed from Earth’s counsels. Such humans refused to bargain with such lawless souls.


Therefore, such dark forces implemented a coup through the dolphin and whale fields killing most of the fully conscious grand masters in two short weeks; and then proceeded to erase all records of the incident from the whale and dolphin species along with Earth’s libraries, sending the karma for the incident back onto the remaining human red race. Because the records had been erased, dolphins and whales were oblivious to how they had been used in future generations and as time went by. Read more

Image of abundance of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Abundance Blessings From The Tao

13. Abundance Blessings From The Tao


Time has been traveling rapidly this year. This shall continue as time compresses and compresses until Earth and all upon her enter a state of no time in which past, present and future converge. As this occurs, all things become possible within one’s dream and abundance shall reign. How long until this is so? Ah, it shall take following entry into the photonic dream for all of Earth, however this is coming more rapidly than most realize, as you are about 27 years as humans count them from entry. For Earth, who counts years in solar rotations around the 12th dimensional Sun of four years at a time, you are less than 7 planetary years from entry, and there is much to do in preparation to assure a smooth transition of forces and governance.


Jurisdiction of the Great Central Sun


The transition of governance has to do with Great Central Sun counsels that shall oversee jurisdiction upon Earth in relatively short order. In due course, all souls that resonate not with the Sun’s counsels shall be removed and returned onto the next phases of their particular spiritual journey. This is what the turning of creation or times of cleansing is all about, to return those souls that did not originate inside this Great Central Sun to their Sun and region of domain of origin, and to gather those that did so that they may return Home. This is also so for genetic materials from foreign Suns and creations; all must be returned unto where it came, and all must be gathered up that was lost that originated upon Earth and your solar system.


At this time, the Aurora along with the Inner Earth, the volcanoes, mountaintops and the oceans 500 miles from shores inhabited by humankind have moved under the jurisdiction of the Great Central Sun and have entered a new dream, a photonic dream. These regions of domain in essence have passed through the Photon Belt already. Earth is so close at this time to the Photon Belt that parts of herself that resonate with a fourth dimensional dream are already crossing.


A photonic dream is primarily fourth dimensional. Some species are crossing that are ready which include all fourth dimensional humans, some third dimensional Inner Earth and surface Earth humans that are ascending into soul infusion at this time, and a few whales and dolphins at parallel levels of evolution, along with the Manatee and Panda Kingdoms that live in a wild state. All other species shall cross in the coming 27 years or perish in the coming times of cleansing. Perishing is not an end; it is a retraction of those genetics and consciousness that are non-resonant with a photonic dream for a return journey to one’s creation of origin.


Retracting from Physicality


Alas many non-ascending humans are going to retract from physicality in these coming times of cleansing as are certain strains within the nature kingdoms. Farm animals are becoming ill beginning to die off now that have no soul to ensoul them. Already thousands and thousands of chickens have been destroyed in many countries due to “bird flu”, a disease that can be passed onto humans. Mad cow disease has also spread worldwide. Bird Flu and Mad Cow Disease are two of 36 diseases already prevalent in farm fowl and animals that are lethal. Read more

Image of parallel lives. Charts & Diagrams, Volume 5

Charts And Diagrams For Ascension Insights, Volume 5


The following are charts and diagrams for Ascension Insights, Volume 5:


2. Energetic Dynamics Of Disease


Please click on the links below to download the charts and diagrams in PDF:


Kundalini and Sexual Energy Movement in PDF


Chi Energy Movement in PDF


12 Chakra System in PDF


Digestive System in PDF


Record Keepers of Bodhisattva in PDF


Energy Field of Bodhisattva in PDF


Field Rotation in PDF


Global Chakra System (Initiation 3000) in PDF


Read more

Image of golden waves with red highlights leading to the core of the source. Light Wave Archive #17

Light Wave Archive #17


The Tao Within


The Tao is an undercurrent of archetypal foray that causes existence. It is Tao that triggers life along with self-development, realization and further courses of action leading to evolutionary fulfillment. Without Tao there is not cause to exist. Tao is a distinguished consciousness that deliberates itself into the life prior to birth to draw the DNA to format the attributes of self to realize itself in the life. Tao is an intrinsic component of existence.


Tao is also involved in death. Death is a foray of extinguishment of the life for the purposes of reincarnation. Reincarnation is an adroit equation of lifetimes to realize within. Tao is deeply involved with each life that realizes. Tao is a beloved of the beloved within that augments a cascade of love that fosters the journey into oneness within. Tao is the beautiful within that fosters the expression of the divine of self. Tao is the love of the love within expressed without.


Many archetypes upon Earth are devoid of Tao. The loss of Tao leads to unending reincarnation. Unending reincarnation is an action devoid of the experience of realization. Realization carries the consciousness post death or through transfusion into another apothecary of existence in which further realization may occur. The apothecary of existence is to realize and fulfill upon continued mastery through time. Those of archetypes without Tao sustain themselves in equilibrium of non-fulfillment. Non-fulfillment leads to detriment of others into non-sustainable actions of self. Non-fulfillment also leads to deep afflictions of non-care within and all that this pertains unto in life.


Non-sustainable actions of self debilitate others in hypotheses of deliberate action such as extermination of self. Extermination of self is an oscillation of the non-divine that destroys awareness to a point of non-sustainability. Those without Tao render spirit and exterminate self to have self to sustain existence. Those without Tao are afraid of truth and fear death due to a lack of support of the divine.


Those of non-sustainable biology cause a physical structure that ages and becomes ill over time. Biology is sustained in health through transfusion in which the physical becomes nonphysical over time. Tao inaugurates transfusion as self-realization begins. Death was not a part of the hypothesis of existence in transfusion lore of self. Transfusion is not death, although the body may appear to die as transfusion is fulfilled upon. Read more

Image of lovely multi-colored granite mineral. Blessings For Entering The Dream Of The Great Central Sun

4. Blessings For Entering The Dream Of The Great Central Sun


From the Granite Mineral Kingdom


It is the Granite Kingdom that writes to you today. Many mineral species have special historical information to share as well as tips that will support the ascending human field and form. It is for this reason that we have co-agreed with Asur’Ana to bring through this series of articles.


The Granite Kingdom is one of the more dominant minerals upon the surface of the Earth (Terra). Terra is a stratified and layered physiology that once had much larger gaps or caverns between the layers. Life once flourished inside of each layer; now little flourishes other than minerals in caverns or caves that receive little light, except for in the Inner Earth. The Inner Earth hosts enough light due to the Aurora or Earth’s own Sun that life can flourish therein. In the Inner Earth, there is less granite and more presence of other minerals. One can think of granite as a hard substance that protects Earth’s surface. This has always been our purpose and we were present in this role at the time Terra existed in the Great Central Sun.


Crossing into the New Dream by Amalgamating the Light and Dark


The Granite Kingdom holds the spiritual role of modulating thoughtform for Terra in her ascension. Granite assesses the thoughtform at cause of Terra’s declines in frequency and assists in retrieving and creating new thoughtform as it pours through the Star Gates of the Great Central Sun that allow for a return journey Home. Terra is currently in her 5th Star Gate with 31 additional to go for the remainder of the physical plane to enter the Great Central Sun Dream. However, something a bit miraculous has occurred in the past few months that has allowed much of Earth to cross over into the Great Central Sun Dream ahead of time.


What is this miracle? Well, it has a story of its own that perhaps Asur’Ana will tell one day. It occurred to her one day of her ascension and after relocating to Norway from Hawaii for about a year that there were light and dark false gods. She recognized that there was also a light and dark Earth dream. The light false gods and light Earth dream strive to piece everything together for ascension; the dark false gods and dark Earth dream strive to pull everything to part for extinction. What happens if you unite the light and the dark together causing them to become a single consciousness? What then?


Lo and behold as Asur’Ana united the light and dark in her field, she crossed over into the Great Central Sun Dream bypassing 36 Star Gates altogether. As she showed this to nature, nature chose to follow suit and amalgamate light and dark and cross over with her. Within less than a week, over 80% of Earth had crossed over into the new dream leaving 20% remaining to work its way across in the times of cleansing ahead. Read more