Image of an adorable rabbit chewing on leaves. The Gentleness Of A Rabbit

17. The Gentleness Of A Rabbit


Blessings for Unity and Divine Union


The Rabbit Kingdom


Rabbit has long been associated with fear in Native American teachings. Perhaps it is because Rabbit is so gentle in nature that it easily become frightened if an aggressor appears upon the scenes, whether the aggressor is human or a hungry wolf matters not. It is not Rabbit’s nature to fight back or resist, only run and hide. This is the result of being one of the few remaining kingdoms that holds the memory of gentleness from another time in which carnivorous behavior was not a part of any kingdoms’ behavior. At such a time, there was no need to run and hide, as there was no species present upon Earth that would attack.


Representation of All Truths Upon Earth


Species work symbolically and in a synchronistic manner together to allow for the representation of all truths upon Earth. Although truth was lost due to forces of the dark’s dominion over Earth, truth can never be completely lost; it will always strive to be present somewhere within the wheel of life. Why is this so? Within polarity, every truth must be represented, which includes truth along with non-truth. Therefore, truth as it once was will also be present within the wheel of life, and therefore is never really lost in full. This is so for many gentle creatures that are vegetarian in nature; we are representative of the truth that once existed before the many falls that were the result of whale, dolphin and human manipulations and usury by the forces of the dark.


Many may be surprised to hear that dolphins and whales were at cause in the fall of Earth. This is new information that has just come to light in Earth’s global ascension. Whales and dolphins have also been known as a gentle creature. However, they hold a large energy field, particularly in a united form in the many pods that once existed in the large fresh water rivers and lakes of Earth, and before the crash of the ice shields that created your oceans. Therefore, they were useful to the dark to retain dominion over Earth, and were indeed used accordingly and long ago.


Dolphins and Whales Were Used to Prevent Earth’s Ascension


Long ago, a group of fully conscious humans with large heads and great understanding and wisdom were seeded upon Earth in small numbers. Such humans were seeded upon Earth by the Sirian human civilization. The forces of the dark and lawless ones already in dominion over Earth rapidly saw that if such humans were not brought under their own control that such humans would cause them to be removed from Earth’s counsels. Such humans refused to bargain with such lawless souls.


Therefore, such dark forces implemented a coup through the dolphin and whale fields killing most of the fully conscious grand masters in two short weeks; and then proceeded to erase all records of the incident from the whale and dolphin species along with Earth’s libraries, sending the karma for the incident back onto the remaining human red race. Because the records had been erased, dolphins and whales were oblivious to how they had been used in future generations and as time went by.


It only takes one incident of breaking the law to cause lawlessness to become global thoughtform. Killing another species without karmic cause is a form of breaking the law. The whales and dolphins in the manner in which they were used to destroy human Grand Masters anchored the thoughtform of lawlessness upon Earth and into all species therein.


From the point of view of Rabbit, the dolphins and whales were used and manipulated into this role, and the forces that had been in dominion over Earth for millions of years used them to ensure their continued dominion. Usury and manipulation are the foundation of lawlessness; and therefore, all lawless souls will use whatever species they can to retain their dominion over time. This, Earth’s records are clearly revealing in her continued ascension. Humans too have been used to strip Earth of records, information, chi, moving energy systems and so on, again by forces of the dark working through the collective human unconscious, much like they worked through the whale and dolphin unconscious to destroy the human Grand Masters.


Following the death of the Grand Masters, dolphins and whales received holographic information for full consciousness from the human hologram. This too was a manipulation, as prior to this transference, whales and dolphins were simply large water mammals that were non-conscious in the physical, much like Buffalo is a large land mammal in present time that is non-conscious in the physical. Dolphins and whales suddenly asserted themselves into an important position of authority, claiming that they were a fully conscious species. Where the records for this had been obtained was hidden; and it appeared to be so given their holographic information; and so, Earth embraced them as a fully conscious form when this was not the original truth of their species.


Now this teaches many things. At this time of ascension, whales and dolphins have been ascending utilizing fully conscious records that are humanoid in origin. What happens in such an experience? Ascension fails, and as of late dolphins and whales have again been used by forces of the dark wishing to prevent Earth’s global ascension due to the distortion of their ascension, as they have been relying upon humanoid DNA to ascend.


Human DNA will never work inside of another form, and the distortion created therein caused a haze around Earth large enough to begin to re-anchor the False Intervention upon Earth, when Earth had already thrown such souls from Earth quite some time ago. This is now being rectified, as the original karma of how whales and dolphins became fully conscious has surfaced. It is now determined by Earth that they are not a fully conscious species at all, but a large aquatic mammal, and should ascend upon a pod-by-pod basis rather than upon an individuated basis, and furthermore, drawing solely upon their own genetic materials.


Humans Devoid of Internal Connection to Dreamtime


In the transference of knowledge from the human species unto the dolphins and whales, the knowledge of dreamtime and clairvoyance were the main records that their species obtained. This allowed whales and dolphins to suddenly open up to a dreamtime reality that had previously been unavailable to their species in the consciousness of the individuated forms. This left the human species devoid of an internal connection to dreamtime or enough clairvoyance to connect with dreamtime, which shut humanity out of the dream for Earth along with all communication with the nature kingdoms.


Humans became increasingly outward focused due to the loss of an inner reality, and in so doing, began to focus upon scientific pursuits rather than simply living in harmony with nature. As science became god for humanity at large, all hope of evolution ceased. Now it is understood that this only occurred due to the transference of inner plane knowledge to the dolphin whale species from the human species so very long ago. Had this never occurred, a very different human dance would have unfolded over this past 200,000 years of human history.


One could say in this that whales and dolphins held the human truth of inner awareness in the polarity of the wheel of life. Now that the karma for how this came to be so has been released, humans can retrieve their own information upon inner awareness, and in so doing, begin to reconnect with Earth and all kingdoms therein, augmenting a new future Golden Era of peace, joy and unity to be born amongst all species. There is no right or wrong; only the experience of the dance of life. Each experience teaches soul something that allows for greater understanding and evolution of truth, and ultimately the evolution of All That Is. This experience teaches all species upon Earth to rely solely upon one’s own species truth and information to ascend.


The Rabbit Kingdom Holds Vital Records for Vegetarianism


For Rabbit, we hold a particular truth of gentleness and love that has been lost in many other forms upon Earth that rely upon the hunting of other species for sustenance. This is so for human form that has also learned to hunt, and has never given up the choice to eat flesh although there is plenty of alternative food available to allow for another choice. Humans have become addicted to flesh; as have many other species upon Earth. Now in this time of ascension, the requirement to move towards unity causes each species to come to understand that the consumption of flesh will never allow such a state of being as unity to be attained. One must part from such a dance, becoming vegetarian, and develop the necessary digestive system through ascension to accomplish such a task.


Rabbit, much like other vegetarian species, holds the vital records necessary for other species to develop just such a digestive system. As we share of our records, other species are now map making for their future newborn generations a return to vegetarianism. As this occurs in full, which is anticipated to be so for all species within the coming 35 years, the lion shall lay with the lamb. Rabbit plays an important part now in these times of the return to truth, having been a truth bearer species holding the truth so that the truth would not be forgotten, and in particular, in this time of ascension providing the truth that is required in order to fulfill upon the evolutionary task at hand.


Humans ascending to 6,000 segments are also adding changes to the digestive tract that will allow for a return to vegetarianism for all who attain Bodhisattva level evolution. This is coming from many other species information. The new tract has multiple pockets that each secretes enzymes that further breakdown vegetation allowing the necessary amino acids and protein along with other nutrients required to sustain the form and continued ascension to pass through to the blood. This type of intestinal tract and digestive system is now a part of the blueprint for human ascension to 6,000 segments, and will allow the return of unity to be born amongst those attaining such a level of evolution in this lifetime.


Importance of Vegetarianism to Unity


Why is vegetarianism so important to unity? Any act of destruction is separatism in action. Killing a living animal, fish, bird or insect is an act of destruction. Why is this different from harvesting vegetables, roots and bulbs, nuts, fruits or grain? The vegetables, roots, bulbs, nuts, fruits and grain are a gift from the plant kingdoms to sustain life upon Earth. The flesh of an animal, fish or bird is not a gift; humans and other species alike have learned to take of the life of another without the other offering the life, and through the skills of hunting and killing.


The act of hunting and killing another that offers not of its life for one to subsist is an act of disunity. Taking of the gifts of the plant kingdoms is agreed upon is an act of unity; as unity requires agreements for all actions, and there is an agreement for the plant kingdoms to provide sustenance through its fruits. Taking of flesh, which is not agreed upon on the other hand is an act of disunity because there is no agreement for the action.


How did this come to be? The original cause is now linked to the dolphin and whale species who were used to take of the life of the Grand Master humans so very long ago. As this occurred, the thoughtform of taking of flesh for alternative purposes and outside of an agreement was anchored as global thoughtform. Over time, any thoughtform anchored upon Earth will strive to become physical. As the thoughtform for taking a life without agreement became physical, hunting and consumption of flesh became a part of the nature kingdoms reality. The whales and dolphins hold the original cause for how this came to be, or so Earth’s records have revealed in her recent ascent.


It is the Annanuki’s consumption of blood to sustain their lengthy life spans of 8,000 to 18,000 years that is the original cause of how consumption of flesh began in human form upon Earth. The consumption of blood is outside of agreement; and although it takes not of the life, it takes of the life force, for blood and life force are synonymous. The Annanuki also ate of the flesh of the sea including scallops, oysters, shellfish, and certain fish that were considered delicacies. They further taught their slave race to do the same and consume flesh, and this is how the consumption of flesh began within the human species. This is also how the human species fell out of unity, or out of the Garden of Eden. For once disunity was created in the act of eating of flesh; disharmonious behavior and eventually warfare amongst humans became the norm.


Importance of Examining Cause and Effect in Ascension


In ascension, one examines cause and effect. The original cause of any thoughtform upon Earth must be uncovered in order for such a thoughtform to be transmuted and transcended. Without knowing where the original cause for destruction came from, Earth was hard pressed to release all destructive thoughtform, which has led to ongoing blows and harm sent her way from other dimensions which reflected back her own internal state of being.


Now the original cause has come to be understood, which lies with the dolphin and whale species, such thoughtform can be transmuted in full. As the original cause has been released, this shall lead to another day in which Earth’s global ascension can be made manifest in greater ease. As this is so for Earth, this is also for humanity. Each ascending human must examine the original cause in one’s lengthy inheritance of ancestors of each fear-based thoughtform, and release the karma, and then one may ascend into unity, one step at a time.


Nature Extended into Human Form


What does Rabbit wish to say to our ascending humans today? Around the turn of the century, Nature made the decision to extend into human form. Between the years of 1950 and 1970, about 800,000 human births were orchestrated through Nature Kingdom Souls. Such souls chose human lineages that could ascend; lineages that were gentle, harmless, and compassionate in nature. For much like the wheel of life, all truths are expressed within human lineages. Some lineages are harmful and abusive, others harmless and loving.


Only harmless and loving lineages were chosen, and such kingdoms ensouled such children until such children reached an age in which the very nature of the human dance caused them to go into great forgetfulness to their original purpose. Many of these 800,000 humans have yet to awaken and reconnect with the nature realms that ensouled them from birth.


Why would nature extend itself so? Nature perceived that if there were to be any hope for global ascension, the human history would have to be understood. The souls present in the human dance at the turn of the century were not capable or interested in understanding human history. Therefore, we extended of ourselves into the human dance to augment the birth of an ascension movement that would reveal the human history enough that the karma could be released, and all of Earth could ascend.


Native American tradition speaks of the return of the “White Buffalo Woman”. Some of their medicine men and women came to understand that Buffalo was extending into human form, and as such humans came to be known, this would begin the period of the great cleansing and the movement of Earth towards the Fifth World. Indeed, Buffalo extended into over 1,200 human children, one of which is Asur’Ana. But Buffalo is not alone; each species in this book extended into human form. Those drawn to these pieces are most likely of such a nature, and now is the time to awaken and remember your original purpose, beloved.


Most humans lost touch with their nature kingdom soul around the age of 7 to 11. One initiate remembers going into great fear feeling that she was going to die around age 10. It was at age 10 that a being entering her mother severed her connection to the Rabbit Kingdom, which caused her body to go into great fear. She worked through the fear, and did not reunite with nature in full until the age of 31. It was this time that her journey of ascension began, as now nature could connect and augment the purpose for which they had extended into her form.  So this is also so for most reading this material.


Whales and dolphins also extended into human form. They were drawn as dolphins and whales hold a piece of human truth as it is now understood. Such extension of their species into humanity began around the turn of the century, and number of 1 million humans global wide to date. Those drawn to be with the whales or dolphins are often such souls searching to go “home”. Humans were incarnated into by dolphins and whales for the same reason nature chose to do the same; to augment human ascension and come to understand the human history so that all species and Earth could go Home.


Disclosure of Human Historical Records


Asur’Ana now stands as a representative of all kingdoms along with Mother Earth in human form. She is ensouled not only by the Tao from outside of time and space and form, but by the Source of Earth. It is the source of Earth that stepped in as she nearly died due to shattering blows towards her field in January last year and assured her continued existence. The source of Earth foresaw that without the continued disclosure of human historical records, Earth’s ascension would fail. All species pulled together to assure that she would survive so that all may go home.


However, it is not only Asur’Ana that is special to Nature or Earth; all humans that we have extended into are special. Each serves a unique purpose and shall reveal a unique part of the human history in one’s ascension. Each are loved deeply; for nature now understands the difficult and painful dance that the human species has entered in its lost-ness; in its mechanization; in its great loneliness and disconnection from God Goddess and from Earth. Such a painful dance; and yet this allows nature to have great compassion for the human condition, and stand in support of the birth of another day in which communion, gentleness and love becomes the foundation from which humanity relates.


Those ensouled by nature generally feel powerless, and are often the victim to circumstances that appear so much greater than self to overcome. Often such humans are not particularly successful in the dance of life; or whatever success is attained brings little joy, for joy is an internal state of being that occurs through communion with God Goddess within and Mother Earth. Without such a connection, there is no love, and the lineages chosen by such kingdoms at birth for such humans understand this in their hearts. This understanding leads to feelings of emptiness over success that appear to bring other humans great joy, along with feelings that one is not “normal” in the current human dance, and that one does not belong.


If one does not belong to humanity and one is human then whom does one belong to? Those of this nature belong to Mother Earth and to the Nature Kingdoms that extended into human form to ensoul them at birth. Such humans that nature extended into were born to herald the birth of another day in which human, plant, animal, mineral, whale and dolphin kingdoms could live in peace, unity, honor and non-conditional love with one another.


For those of such inheritance, this is your purpose beloved. In the connection to nature and working with the nature kingdoms, one may now fulfill upon one’s original birth agreements, which include anchoring another form of human expression that demonstrates unity in action with all kingdoms upon Earth. This will occur as more with such inheritance ascend to Bodhisattva level evolution in this lifetime.


Life Force and Building Practices


Humans have been conned into a way of being that perceives things or merchandise as necessities to life. Such things only clutter the energy field, as they hold not life force inherent unto themselves. How much life force does one’s home have with the current human building practices? For many living in the cities, the houses and apartments are lifeless shambles; if not for the ocean or open space nearby, such dwellings would suck the life force away so that one’s ascent could not come forth any further. It is why nature will augment a move into the country and another place that serves one’s continued ascension as one allows for such. One day, your future ancestors may feel far more alive and comfortable in an open field than any of such remaining dwellings.


This is not to say that buildings could not be constructed that amplify chi instead of drain it away. However, such buildings will have to be constructed completely separate from the current paradigm modalities of building.


Who takes the chi? All souls involved in the creation of current human housing take a piece of the chi of all who reside within such housing, and this includes the souls behind the “builders”, and the “lumber industry”, and the “contractors”, and the “furnishing manufacturers”, and the “appliance manufacturers”, and the “carpet or tile manufacturers”, and the “landlord” if one is renting, the “banks” if one has a mortgage, and the “association” if one is living in a condominium. There is also “power company” for electricity or gas, the “telephone company” for one’s phone service, and “cable” for one’s internet access or TV. Each group feeds off the human species like a parasite taking a little of one’s chi in the act of living in such a dwelling.


Go into nature and camp in one’s tent or in a camper. There one will only have the camper or tent manufacturer and the sleeping bag manufacturer feeding from one’s field, and one may feel better. Perhaps this is why humans enjoy camping and going out into the wilderness; there is nothing in nature that leaches, and in so doing, one feels more energized, alive and free than in the confines of your current human living environments.


For it is not only housing that leeches from humankind; but the clothing manufacturers that one purchases one’s clothes from; the dining establishments that one eats at, the grocers that one shops at, the shopping malls that one frequents, the movie and media that one entertains oneself with, the authors of the books and magazines that one reads, and on and on and on. There is a cost to living in human civilization, and it is a large cost; and if one defines not one’s boundaries appropriately, then one cannot ascend, as more chi is going out than one can generate in any given day.


Breaking Free from the Chain of Usury


How did this come to be so? Rabbit sees that this was ultimately the result of the Pleiadian Annanuki who used human slaves as a battery to sustain their lengthy life extension practices. The Pleiadians fed off their slaves to extend their lives up to 18,000 years through parallel establishments and a civilization constructed for them much like the human civilization in existence today.


The Annanuki used every part of such a civilization to take the chi to extend their lives. Some of such chi was exported to the Pleiades to extend the Pleiadian dominion, and this occurs to this day. Alas, the Pleiades harvests over 60% of the overall chi generated by the human species through current human civilization, and has continued to rape humanity causing fall after fall in consciousness since the Annanuki ceased to exist in the physical about 30,000 Earth years ago (120,000 human years).


The Pleiades is not the only star system that leaches from humanity however; there are also the Reptilians, Greys and Andromedans. Each blended a portion of their DNA with the human species at some point in history, and utilizes such blending to harvest chi from the human species to this day. One is nothing but a battery to sustain other humanoid civilizations beloved; and this has become the sole purpose of human existence since the Pleiadian reign of dominion began about 46,000 Earth years ago (184,000 human years).


How does one break the chain of usury of such a nature? One ascends, and in the act of ascension, one transmutes the genetics associated with each foreign humanoid race a little at a time. As each set of genetic materials from an outside source is removed from the cellular structure of the body through the act of ascension, one ceases to give chi to such another race of humanoid form. One will also find that one’s interest in current human civilization ceases as such genetics are transmuted; for the interest in the human drama and the current human paradigm is only held in place due to the contracts and agreements buried in one’s ancestry that is related to the slave population used by the Annanuki.


As one transmutes such agreements in ascension to give chi to all industries and ultimately the Pleiades, one may choose to give up the mortgage, and give up the job, and move to a beautiful place that supports one’s ascent, simplifying one’s life in a manner that allows one more free time to commune with nature. This is what Asur’Ana has done over time, and she spends more time each day in communion with nature than in any other preoccupation. In so doing, the joy that she experiences is exponential.


How can one compare authentic joy to the current forms of media entertainment that humanity preoccupies themselves with? One takes chi in enormous amounts leaving one empty, and the other fills oneself to the brim, allowing the feelings of loneliness and emptiness to recede into a distant memory and be replaced by the love of the God Goddess of Earth.


The act of taking chi over and above what is agreed upon is no different than eating of flesh without an agreement with any species that is slaughtered. The Annanuki never had an agreement to take chi from the human race; nor did the Greys, Reptilians or Andromedans. One can see in this how the act of eating flesh is therefore related to how the human species has been used as a battery to sustain other humanoid civilizations; humans have turned upon nature, eating of our flesh to sustain their lives in counterbalance and in parallel form of usury occurring in the nonphysical with other humanoid races. Such practices are each a form of hunting; one is energetic, and the other physical; hunting is hunting and requires parallel implements. The hunting of the Pleiadians, Andromedans, Greys and Reptilians occur in the nonphysical.


The Pleiadians, Andromedans, Greys, and Reptilians utilize energetic forms of hunting such as psychic guns, knives, bows and arrows to shatter the fields of the human form taking chi, information and moving energy systems transferring them to their planet or star. They further utilize the genetics blended with human form to track the human field in order to continue to gather such chi to sustain their own existence elsewhere. They also utilize your current housing, cities, shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants, television, books and magazines, to access group human energy fields to take of the collective human chi in a parallel manner. It is for this reason that Rabbit suggests that ascending humans withdraw as much as possible from such preoccupations.


Hunting is hunting, and it leads to fear. Humans are in fear, whether they deny it in entering a fantasy reality or not. Humans are in fear as they are hunted in the unconscious by other humanoid civilizations. Much like Rabbit, humans tend to hide, blend and disappear. This is why humans are so preoccupied with acting and appearing “normal”, for in appearing like all others, one more readily hides, blends and disappears and is less likely to be energetically hunted down.


Have you ever gone out to dinner or to a bar for a drink, and come home late at night feeling ill? One has been hunted or energetically harmed through another human in the establishment that one has spent time within. Such energetic harm shoots arrows or darts through the human energy field causing pain or sickness wherever such darts hit. Humans have learned the same energetic abusiveness as their Pleiadian ancestors, making it difficult to spend time in groups as a result, and in particular if one is sensitive. In nature, there is no energy that is going to hunt one down and one need not hide, but can expand and commune, receiving the love and joy in a beautiful dance of energetic exchange.


How does one live in a human world then and not partake of the current civilization? Asur’Ana has learned to cease to participate in the media; she does not watch TV or the news. She dines at small and independently owned restaurants that have wonderful food “magic”. She has further learned to shop at small markets or farmers markets instead of the grocery stores, and small consignment shops instead of the malls. She goes to local bakers for her bread and pastries, and finds it far more delicious.


She shops at small stores for her clothes or have them made by a seamstress. The food and clothing feel better as it is not laced with the radioactive energy run through the larger chains to pull human energy fields apart. Asur’Ana is finding a way to exist in the human dance without partaking in the energy systems designed to break down the field and therefore prevent their ascension. We invite ascending initiates to do the same.


Not so long ago in your human history, perhaps 100 years, the small merchant was the norm. Humans made their livelihood as the baker, candlestick maker, and as artisans and crafts-persons. There are places that Asur’Ana has visited that still function like this, and one of which is the Blue Mountains and outback of Australia.


However, most of Western human civilization has become increasingly under the dominion of large-scale merchants and corporations rather than the small personalized and individualized stores providing custom made products. Even the farmers suffer such a fate. The larger stores and farms put the small-scale merchants and farmers out of business, and then such humans must go to work for the corporations or starve. In so doing, such humans lose their freedom and become a part of the corporate energy flow. Furthermore, the collective energy flow of the corporation allows for the leaching of chi by other humanoid races in other star systems. How and why did this come to be so in recent times?


Final Pulling Apart of Humanity Collective Energy Field


After Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by nuclear armament and at the end of WWII, humanity’s collective field was broken apart yet again. The False Intervention utilized these nuclear blasts to begin to break down the human energy field en masse yet one more time. So, this has continued due to nuclear testing. Each time the collective field of humans have been broken, human consciousness has fallen yet again in human history due to another loss of records, information and moving energy systems. After 1944, humanity has experienced yet another fall in consciousness. This fall is reflected in the breakdown of the human immune systems that has given birth to new diseases such as Aids and MS. This fall is also reflected in the alteration of the human civilization from one of greater independence and freedom to one of greater control and manipulation by a few of great wealth and power.


Nuclear energy creates a form of energetic homogenization. Each time there has been a nuclear war upon Earth, the energy of humanity has become increasingly homogenized and intertwined. Such intertwining is known as “attachment”. The increasing homogenization of the human energy fields as a collective lead to parallel manifestations in the physical; small business unites into larger and larger industries that span the globe; humans who are self-sustaining and self-employed move to working for the larger industries as small businesses go under.


It is through the homogenization of human energy systems that the False Intervention strips humanity and Earth of information, and each time this has occurred, both humanity and Earth have fallen in vibration and consciousness. It is through the large corporations and industries that humanity is being stripped yet one more time.


One could say that humanity and Earth could be in the final act, the final pulling a part of the collective energy field, and that if for not ascension this would lead to extinction of all species upon Earth within the coming 1,000-year cycle. However, due to the intent to ascend, rather than pulling apart Earth’s field, both humanity and Earth are repairing the field and expanding instead. Those who cannot ascend however are continuing to be pulled apart one last time; alas this is very sad for Rabbit to see, as it is primarily the human species and through the very dance of your civilization that this is occurring.


Those reading this material and who are ascending can heed our warning and understand what we see. It is vital for each ascending master to settle their karma with the current paradigm and create a sovereign environment and manner of sustaining oneself, or one will be pulled apart with all of the rest and end the life in death rather than ascension.


Leaving the Cities and Creating a Sovereign Income


It is in the cities in particular that so many in human forms reside within that the greatest pulling a part of the energy field occurs. For it is here that the largest psychic machinery for such a task has been constructed by the false intervention to pull apart the human collective energy flow. Although Earth would like to dismantle such machinery, in the density of human thoughtform and the cement in the rebar of the cities, it is impossible for her to access such regions enough or to move the energy required to dismantle such machinery. Ascending humans are few and far between in the cities beloved; this is because the ongoing action of the machinery to homogenize and shred the collective human field is so good at what it does.


Rabbit therefore invites ascending humans to leave the cities and move to places that can better support one’s ascent. There is little time to bring this wave of ascension forward, and the cleansing of oneself through death will be the end result otherwise.


There are ascending map maker initiates from all parts of the world. The ones with the most difficulty ascending beyond 1,800 live near or within the boundaries of the larger cities. There are only a few exceptions to this, and these are cities such as Honolulu, which sit under major chakra centers and therefore upon land that has ascended great enough in vibration that such machinery could be dismantled by Earth. This is not so for over 90% of the cities global wide; ascending initiates are therefore best to vacate the cities at this time, and create another opportunity for oneself in a more rural environment. Each that is ascending and each ensouled by the nature kingdoms will be worked with to bring this forth; all that is required is that one asks, and Earth will extend herself, assisting one to reweave one’s dream augmenting such a change.


Those that work for larger corporations also suffer a parallel problem. For in the unconscious of such corporations, all employees of any large organization are united and parallel machinery used to take chi from the human energy field. The larger the corporation, the greater the machinery and the more chi that is taken. This is simply the result of the nature of such large organizations, which hold agreements from the Pleiadian era to be used to send chi to the Pleiadian race to this day. Rabbit guides ascending initiates to leave the large corporations and find work in a small organization, or better yet, create a sovereign form of income of one’s own making that brings one joy.


What will happen as ascending humans leave the cities and large corporations, and create another means to live and exist that is closer to nature and brings one joy? One will anchor global thoughtform that will cause such a shift to become the preference of the entire human species. In so doing, one will begin to birth the return of the small merchant; custom designed clothing, toys, furnishings and artwork, the return of the local baker, the local vegetable stand, and so on into the human dance. This will occur as humans will suddenly prefer local merchants over the larger chains and malls, because this is the preference of ascending initiates. This is the power of ascending thoughtform beloved; it can change your world.


As small merchants become the preference, there is the fertile ground for ascending initiates to allow their artistic gifts and talents to emerge providing the custom merchandise to more of humanity that prefers such. In so doing, other preoccupations for ascending initiates that move one away from large industry and out of the city can be born. Such preoccupations also have an opportunity to bring one greater joy as one chooses that which they enjoy doing in the physical.


What about “franchises”? The larger the franchise, the greater the power to take of human chi. Therefore, stay away from franchises; choose the other coffee merchant that is independently owned; choose the independently owned baker, smoothie maker, and clothing store. In so doing, you will not only cease to be pulled apart energetically in the exchange, but support the movement towards independent merchants and merchandise for other ascending initiates to also make their livelihood through. In so doing, you serve your entire species, beloved, in this time of transition.


Nature Kingdoms’ Love for Humanity


The times ahead of transition can either be hard or less difficult. To a certain extent, the times ahead depend upon those who are awakening to create bridges in thoughtform that will ease the circumstances that the human species finds itself in en masse. To the degree that more ascensions can be born global wide, to such a degree the times ahead will be less traumatic. Why is this so? With ascension, soul returns. As soul returns to the farmers, the farmland will not go extinct, but will continue to thrive providing the food for the human populace. As soul returns to industry, creativity will emerge and return, and homogenization of work, dress code, behavior and thought become a thing of the past. For soul is unique and has a unique expression to bring through each and every ascending human.


What do the animal souls wish to express through their human counterparts? They wish to express the love of our kingdoms for humankind. We have always loved you. It is only in the separation that this has been forgotten. Take the time to go into the country and commune, to really be with us; to sit by a bubbly brook; allow the air to whip your hair about while listening to the sound of the wind through the pine needles or leaves of the nearby trees; feel the presence of Mother Earth in the ground beneath your feet; watch the magnificent cloudscapes that drift by in the sky. Allow the peace and love of the Earth and our kingdoms to fill you; in so doing, you will not be lonely, and a new era, a new day may emerge, first and foremost in your life, and then for many more who also will awaken and ascend.


The Rabbit Kingdom honors you. Be not afraid; it is time to step forth into the destiny that you hold as an ascending master. We will stand at your side, augmenting your evolution each step of the way. You are not alone, and you belong; you belong to Mother Earth and all kingdoms therein.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Gifts from The Animal Kingdoms. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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