Image of Aurora light over a pristine lake in Finland. We Dream of Atlantis-1

Chapter 1: The Fostering of My Baby Years


Love of Who I Am


Love of Who I Am

The flower of my heart

Is a delicate repose

Of myself

Attempting to foster

The care of the one

In the reflection of the shadow

Of long lost parents and lovers

Who betrayed the heart

Dare I open unto you?

I must love myself

In all the beauty of who I am

In the forever of my divinity

In my ancestral birthright to love

And care for myself

Through time

In the love of the love within

I am that I am that I am


The Atlantean Way: The Love of the Many and the Whole


I, Jasgahntar, am born on a summer’s eve of the lifeline of my mother Endelay. Endelay has been graciously expecting for what seemed oh so long. She is not large per her midwife Lynelle. Lynelle has a kind approach to midwifing expectant females in tantric communities in the region known as Cherithani. Cherithani is known for and named after its beautiful and gracious pink flowers that flower almost year-round gracing the hills and valleys nearby. Cherithani is remote from Atlantean cityscapes and a kind place to retreat to raise a tantric family. The tantric community is known as Fala’a in Atlantean (translates into “Sweetheart of Self”). I will always fondly remember Fala’a as the sacred place of my birth although I only visit the region again once later in my life after I depart at age seventeen.


Ten communities are nestled nearby in sacred ordering of divine motions of life form for the fostering of the birth of gifted and mastery level mindset level children. The accommodations are kind but accord to conservative approaches in the lifestyle of a tantric system of family rearing. All parents are allowed only a minimal wardrobe of six practical or tantric yoga style clothes and even fewer possessions. Shoes are abundant due to the need to walk through the cascading hills filled with trails to witness the gracious waterfalls or other luscious beauty of nature oh so prevalent near Fala’a. The children enjoy the beauty and serenity of the region to foster balanced mindset into their teenage years.


The tantric community children are raised in accord with a spiritual master of deep aptitude of care of the young heart known as Hamzoon. Hamzoon is a master tantric wizard with children taking them from ailing and winy mindset into the beauty and care of the wholeness of himself. Hamzoon can sooth the most difficult of children through time with himself and through himself as a tantric swing system of deep care of the heart. Read more

Image of a tree with golden autumn leaves. Blessings for a Return to Conscious Farming Practices

25. Blessings for a Return to Conscious Farming Practices


From the Flowering Plants, Trees and Bee Kingdom


The Flowering Trees and Plants along with Bees speak to you today. The Bee Kingdom especially wishes to address the recent news about so many of their kingdom perishing at this time in human history. This issue has caused the flowering trees and plants to write a little earlier this year than originally planned upon.


Many Honey Bees Are Going Extinct


Flowering plant and tree kingdoms provide beautiful fragrances, honey procured by the bee kingdom, as well as fruits, nuts and vegetables for animal, bird or human consumption. Our kingdom works hand in hand with the bee kingdom to pollinate each flower so that the necessary substances and DNA are present to allow for the maturing of the fruit offered. Many plants have diversified into male and female flowers, and it is in the blending of the pollen from each that then the fruit can be spawned.


The bees move from flower to flower in the gathering of the sugar offered for the honey in their hives, and act as a conduit to move the male and female pollen between flowers so that each can produce a fruit. A lack of bees would therefore prevent the pollen from moving as it should and the fruits produced would therefore be small in number or nonexistent. This is the crisis that American and European farmers have found themselves in within recent years as many honey bees are going extinct, or failing to return to their hives, and now crops may be minimized as a result.


Self-Pollinating Flowers


In more ancient times, flowers were self-pollinating not requiring bees in the dance to move pollen from flower to flower. Bees still visited the flowers and exchanged substances, taking of the sugar and leaving in its place amino acids created through their own digestion that allowed the fruit born to have proteins along with carbohydrates and sugars. More ancient crystalline fruits were therefore more nutritious and those relying upon this food source were more greatly satisfied and not required to eat as much to sustain their existence. This was for the Red Nations tribes before the arrival of the Anu.


Terra (Earth) was a Garden of Eden that did not require cultivation as much as simply gathering what was provided by the natural world. In time, self-pollination will occur again amongst the fruit, nut and vegetable kingdoms, and the exchange with the evolving wild bees will add protein to this food source allowing greater nutrition ahead for ascending humans. Those working with their ascending gardens or farms can anchor a blueprint for this purpose in the now. Read more

Image of two lovely turquoise birds touching beaks. Shaktar Relationship Studies #3

Shaktar Relationship Studies #3


The Ice Queen and King


Overcoming Rejection


Tantric Rapture

I dream the sweetest of dreams

In a moment of timelessness

Of an ever expansion

In freedom of the journey

Singing songs of joy

Dreaming the adroit

Attuning unto Self

In the Oneness

Of all that has ever been

In all moments of time

In the opening

Of the Infinite


Love and Synergized Forensics


The heart of the heart within is a sustainable relay of self. Self is an accolade of systems of the archetype associated with each dream. Self is an internal quagmire of postulation of the life to be adorned and lived. It is the synergy between the two that causes the experience of love. Two in love synergize in time to a heartbeat of a rhythm of divine time. Divine time syncopates the rhythms of the heart mind connection causing the experience of love.


Love is a notion in which two fields can syncopate in a union that synergizes. Synergized union is the result of an energetic foray that unites two fields through transfusion. Transfusion is a light foray that causes an astronomical divination of the forensics of the kinesthetics between two physical structures. Synergized forensics that harmonize deeply opening the chalice of the divine in the heart accolade lead to the experience of love. Self is a light formation internal to each field.


Some archetypal predispositions are predisposed to syncopation of kinesthetic forensics of field. Forensics is the result of a nervous system repose associated with light wave mindset. Forensics that synergize align in a motion predisposing two nervous systems of align. Forensic alignment causes relationships to synergize. Alignment of forensics causes the supposition of the dream of the two to unite into a relay of care. Care that is tantric leads to romantic interludes in time. Read more

Image of an orange and lavender octopus. The Long Arms of the Octopus

17. The Long Arms of the Octopus


Blessings for Embracing Holographic Flow


The Octopus Kingdom


It is the Octopus and Squid Kingdoms that addresses you today. Octopus and Squid are an underwater crawler that holds a special purpose, just as all kingdoms serve Earth in some manner and likewise hold a special purpose. Octopus and Squid along with Jellyfish assists Earth in transmuting radiation by pulling radioactive energy under the ocean and to the Aurora where it can be either transmuted or returned to the creation of origin that it originated.


We Assist Earth Transmute Radiation


All kingdoms serve beloved; there is no kingdom that takes without giving something in exchange for our sustenance unto Earth, except perhaps for humankind. Each kingdom has a special place in the wheel of life; no kingdom is a pest or worthy of destruction, even the many pests that may invade one’s garden or home. Pests are merely a reflection of what is out of balance within oneself; correct the imbalance and the pests will leave.


Humans have many problems with “Pests”. Asur’Ana witnessed the ongoing “battle with the bugs” in the tropics of the islands of Hawaii. Most apartment complexes spray regularly. One former apartment complex that she stayed at in Maui used a protein toxic to “pests” but not unto pets. Alas it also destroyed most of the Geckos on the premises as they ingested the poisons when they ingested the bugs. Now geckos will lay thousands more eggs to compensate so that Gecko may do its job, which is to balance the elements upon the premises. Now there will be even more seeming “pests” as a result of the poisons humans use; perhaps if humans simply learned to live in balance, all would be in balance surrounding oneself, including the insect or crawler population.


Elements are more difficult to balance along with all other jobs crawlers do wherever humans live in large enough numbers. It is for this reason that there will be more ants, geckos, rats and other crawler kingdoms within and near large human populations, as it is our job to balance the region so that each region may stay in balance with the whole of Earth. It is also for this reason that oceans near humans will have larger Octopus and Squid populations, as human cities tend to produce more radiation than most other regions upon Earth. If Octopus or Squid is heavily hunted for food source, then we create that many more young members of our species to assure that our populations are large enough to handle our job.


We Assist Earth in Purification of Her Truth


Radiation is a distorted energy flow upon Earth as it is not of her “Truth”. It is Octopus purpose to purify the truth of Earth. Radiation and electricity are the two main vibrations that are of non-truth upon Earth. There are also other forms of magnetism that are distortions of Earth’s truth; this too we are beginning to gather and return to the Aurora where it can be transmuted or returned to the creation of origin. In so doing, we assist Earth in her purification of truth. Read more