Image of dandelions with white butterflies in pale pink background. Dream Weaving and Manifestation

Chapter 7: Dream Weaving and Manifestation


This chapter is devoted to the act of manifestation and conscious dream weaving. For so long, humans have forgotten that they are the director of their dream. As a result of this forgetfulness, humans have gone into dreamtime to negotiate with nonphysical forces for the dream that they desire to receive rather than simply intending the desired dream to be experienced. The forces controlling human dreams have set up a complex set of bargaining that is not unlike the current banking and loan system in the physical. The entities demand more and more chi for one’s dream; to a point that this in and of itself set a downward spiral of falling consciousness in the human species.


Dolphins and Whales went into less forgetfulness about their dreams. However, the forces directing human dreams began to press themselves upon the whales and dolphins to gain access to their chi over time. The mutilation of their kingdom in the nonphysical through these forces in the human dream manipulation game led in time to the destruction of dolphins and whales at human hands. In parallel manner, the destruction of the human energy field through the dream manipulators also led over time to human warfare.


Prior to the arrival of the Anu, humans, whales and dolphins existed in a magnetic dream. The dreams that were bartered and exchanged moved from one party to the other without mutilation of field. At most, only chi was lost in the exchange which the nonphysical forces took much like interest upon a loan. As the Anu arrived upon Earth, they brought with them an entirely different type of dream that was electrical. There was no place in the magnetic dream for their dance and so they puffed up the space between in the alterations to Earth’s biosphere and pressed their dream upon Earth within this region of domain. This is how the dark Earth dream came to be in such a large and exaggerated proportion.


The magnetic dream was then pressed or squeezed into other regions that the Anu did not occupy causing them to dominate in those regions that they constructed their castles. The red nations’ peoples naturally moved away due to a lack of dream for themselves near the Anu compounds. As the Anu bred their slave nation out of control and into the billions, the space between electrical dream from the Pleiades grew and grew along the surface of the Earth and in certain grids of global energy flow. Such grids are located now in Europe, Asia and North America primarily. This is where those of electrical genealogy tend to live as a result.


Box and Pyramidal Shaped Dreams        


Anu dream is pyramidal. Asian dream is box shaped. The box shaped dream comes from Alpha Centauri where the Pleiadians incubated two additional slave races known as the Reptilians. The Reptilians were drawn to Earth in the fourth dimension; they raped and blended with those red nations peoples in the fourth dimension in the Inner Earth that has ascended. This led to an alteration of those of Tibetan and Inuit or Mongolian inheritance primarily who altered in holographic nature to become 28% Reptilian. There were several breeds of Reptilians that mated or raped red nation women in the fourth dimension; hence the difference between Chinese and Japanese or other Asian nations today. Some Reptilian DNA creates a very small thin biology; yet others create a rounder form more akin to Polynesian root race. Read more

Image of white dandelion puffball in the dazzling Sun. Managing One’s Grid Work and Biological Ascent

Chapter 6: Managing One’s Grid Work and Biological Ascent


The focus of this chapter is the nature of etheric grid work, molecules, atoms and sub atomic particles or elements of air, water, fire and earth and how they work to sustain life. So much information has been lost over time within the human species that it may be difficult to imagine what one’s ancient Grand Master ancestors understood; for although one may understand much in dreamtime, it is difficult to bring through to the consciousness of the biology. This is so for Asur’Ana and Per as it is for each in our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). Earth therefore strives to bring through enough information that one can understand the interplay between the various levels of energy structures that allow the living dream to catch in the third dimension leading to the experience of life in human form.


The Elements      

The elements of air, water, fire and earth are the energetic building blocks of life. The element of earth constructs atoms associated with fats, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. The element of water constructs atoms associated with any fluid including water, spinal fluid, blood, lymph fluid, or the fluid that surrounds the brain. The element of fire constructs atoms associated with the energy that fuels life, such as kundalini energy flow or photonic energy. The element of air constructs the space between or gaseous substances that support life.


Much has been spoken about the nature of the elements and health in Chapter 9 “Balancing the Elements to Retain One’s Health in Ascension” from Ascension Insights, Volume 4. This article explored the nature of the elements in association with disease and how to rebalance the field for health. This article along with Chapter 2 “The Energetic Dynamics of Disease” from Ascension Insights, Volume 5 may be worth re-reading in conjunction with this chapter as we are striving here to get to a deeper level of understanding of the purpose of the elements and etheric structure than these two articles went into. However, they will provide a nice introduction and overview that will lead into the following information.


About the Elements     


Elements are directed by the DNA of the biology to construct atoms and then molecules. If the DNA is from a foreign creation such as the Pleiades, Orion or Jyreion, then the elements that shall weave the atoms will be electrical and not magnetic. If the DNA is from Sirian or Black Assyrian origins, then magnetic elements will be called to weave the atoms. Therefore, before one can really change out electrical elements and call in magnetic elements into the field, one must bring forward DNA from one’s own magnetic ancestry.


How is this accomplished? One has lineages of ancestors that one is associated with. The further that one ascends, the further back in time one assembles a tapestry of ancestry that one is related to. The further the tapestry goes back in time, the larger the number of ancestral templates of DNA one has to draw upon. So, let us say that one has ongoing difficulty with ascending the spleen; perhaps one has yet to find a red ancestor with a definition of DNA for a magnetic spleen. As one carries on assembling more of one’s ancestral template, then suddenly a group of ancestors show up with the right encoding for the spleen that is magnetic. Now one can bring this encoding into the ascension grid work and allow the spleen to ascend. Now one can alter the spleen’s elements causing magnetic elements to replace electrical ones. Read more

Image of marvelous trees in the autumn. Workbook 1 Chapter 6 Worksheets

Workbook 1: Chapter 6 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1, Chapter 6: Managing One’s Grid Work and Biological Ascent.


These worksheets are devoted to assisting initiates in recognizing where one is still suffering from grid work manipulations or exchanges as well as assuring all parts of the biology are ascending to the same level of frequency. It is as parts of the biology fall too far behind that one will ascend into disease. Therefore, these worksheets are specifically designed to prevent disease in ascension by bringing to consciousness where one is behind and making intentions to allow for the associated region to ascend into the crystalline structure in the physical.


Veils of illusion are problematic often for muscle testing or pendulum testing. Veils are electrical frequencies that create a screen upon which one’s own belief or preferences are relayed back as truth. We recently heard of an initiate in Europe who had thought they had mastered 7,000 DNA segments as this is what they continually muscle tested. They went to the hospital to have an x-ray of the chest to prove to their spouse that they had an eight-ventricle heart.


This of course proved not to be so; as the land in Europe really cannot sustain anyone much above 3,000 segments due to the density that remains there (except Sweden and Norway that are bathed of the frequencies of the Inner Earth.) Very disappointing but this is an example of veils of illusion; as they had muscle tested, the veils in the field continued to give them the response of what they wanted to believe (that they were at 7,000 segments) rather than the 1,800 segments that the healing temples for ascension had assessed.


There is little point in going through this exercise and receiving faulty responses. Therefore, Earth guides each to clear the field, synthesize with the synthesis meditation that can be found in Chapter 11 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1, retrieve any missing notes in the Language of Light and consume any entity or device that would like to give you a faulty response. Intend also to lift all veils and remove any electrical discord by pressing it down the Aurora through intention. Then proceed forward with your muscle testing or pendulum testing. Also test once, then intend to lift all veils and test again to crosscheck one’s accuracy.


Another initiate in our program increased the accuracy of muscle testing by intending that all personality and false gods or dark lords step aside into a “waiting room” until they were done. One can also intend to anchor the nature kingdoms that have agreed to support one’s ascent. The Bear Kingdom has agreed to be the keeper of the void or unconscious for all humans; so, call upon Bear plus all other kingdoms that one enjoys a relationship unto. In this manner, one will also increase the accuracy of the responses to this section, or any section for that matter in this workbook. Read more

Image of a double rainbow over a hill with flowers. Managing One's Field in Ascension

Chapter 5: Managing One’s Field in Ascension


Much of what we are going to speak to in this chapter and the following worksheets are associated with information that have been brought through a little at a time as the patterning in the unconscious of the human energy field was uncovered. Here we strive to consolidate most known information that applies to those ascending to 2,200-4,600 segments of DNA in this lifetime.


Let us suffice to say that the energy field in the map to ascension has gone through many alterations over time. As human map makers continued to ascend particular lineages, more and more layers of the unconscious surfaced that was previously unknown. This is a part of the clearing work of those who are the map makers or map carvers; to leave no stone unturned more or less in the examination of ancestral karma associated with one’s inheritance. All planes also must be examined and cleared.


Collapsing the Space Between       


There has been much focus as of late in collapsing the space between to 25% of the overall field for those resting at 3,000 segments; to 22% for those at 4,000 segments; and to 20% for those at 4,000 to 4,600 segments. For those proceeding beyond this, one may collapse the space between to 18%. The space between is the region of domain that is denser and holds the pathway of light that the ley lines and meridians of the etheric body, chakra system and subtle bodies along with dreamtime self are constructed from. In essence, the goal is to move as much chi through the positive ley lines of the meridians and field as possible while minimizing the density or space between to the minimum required to hold the structure of the field.


As the space between is collapsed, there is little room for the false gods to dance. The false gods are space between consciousness inflated to the proportions of God/Goddess. The false gods inflated as each gave their power to do so to the false gods. As the space between of Earth likewise increased to a point of creating many shadows surrounding humanity, the false gods moved from inside the human vessel into the shadow surrounding Earth claiming themselves “God of Earth”. In reality these entities are not God at all but a consciousness from only one half of the sum total of what makes up any creation.


The space between is the density; the space without the light. Consciousness solely from the space between will only hold one half of the picture and the picture associated with the density or separation and destructive thoughtform; in parallel, consciousness solely from the space without or light will only have the other half of the picture, or be light and loving only. Understand that the light and loving forces ascended Sirius; space without consciousness with only a partial picture ascended Sirius and this led to a very incomplete ascension and a load of karma. Read more

Image of a placid lake along a rocky peninsula. Group Dynamics and Pyramidal Energy Flow

Chapter 4: Group Dynamics and Pyramidal Energy Flow


Group dynamics is a subject that has been written of extensively for those who have participated in the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) for any length of time. The entire purpose of this organization has been to understand the current human game and then map carve another way of being that creates greater unity amongst those participating in the program. It has been a long hard road to co-create ever increasing unity, and the success of the group is more or less spoken to in the birth of the Community Program. For this program could not exist if those in DAS had not constructed a successful path to unity in group relations. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


What is unity? Unity is a state of being in which one exists in collaboration and equality with all others. There is no one in charge above oneself; each is responsible for self-governance, or in ascension, for handling one’s ascension on their own. The group may support the evolution of the individual, but each must do their part to ascend, as no one can really ascend another anyway. As each does their part, then the whole of the group can evolve.


If one fails to do their part, then the group can fail, or the group can choose to remove those who are failing from the dreamtime Community Program, so that the group can transcend. If anyone ceases to serve the group, then they are removed as this is acting from unity. Unity equates to the greater good of the whole; if anything does not serve the whole of the group or the whole of Earth, then it is evicted or removed.


In dreamtime, there is also a movement of greater unity amongst those ascending in human form global wide. Humans are pulling together in dreamtime and in the temples. They are working together to assure that each succeeds at ascension. One example of this is the “buddy system” where groups of 3 in each tier in the new and third consensus make sure that the other arrives at the healing temple each night. Just in case an entire group is lost, each group assures that two other groups arrive. Furthermore, an overseer makes sure all groups are present in case 3 groups did not arrive that were looking after one another. The system is causing greater success as ascending humans are receiving the support that they require to evolve.


There are other changes underway as well. Schisms have been a large problem in the past with parts of the ascension failing to take hold in the physical. Some of the underlying cause has been faulty angels who were part of a group of forces desiring to see ascension fail for humanity. As these forces have been removed, now the manner in which the angels have caused schisms deliberately in ascending humans has been perceived.    Read more

Image of sunlight on gentle trees in the forest. Workbook 1 Chapter 4 Worksheets

Workbook 1: Chapter 4 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1, Chapter 4: Group Dynamics and Pyramidal Energy Flow.


Transcending Pyramidal Energy Flow and Disunity-Based Group Dynamics  


This section is devoted to assessing one’s genetic predispositions in association with disunity-based group dynamics and pyramidal energy flow. Each will see that one has played many roles in different regions of domain in this lifetime. Some may play the beautiful one role with family and the rejected one role with their beloved; or the charming one role at work and the imprisoned one role at home. Each can also assess the nature of their birth family in the neighborhood.


Different roles in different circumstances have to do with variant lineages that one was born with along with others that one has known over time. Each may find that one plays a different role with variant friends or family members or children. The roles one plays were roles that the ancestors of both inheritances played long ago. As one releases the karma for their role in any relationship, the role will change.


Perhaps one will move into a more unity-based role with family drawing forward the red nation lineages that they possess rather than the Anu or Anu slave lineages that pitted one against the other, or caused a loss of information in one direction or another. This is how one begins to mold their lives towards unity; by clearing the karma that is disunity based in each ancestor and each lineage that one is born with, and in so doing, one will alter the relationships to all others in the dance of life.


Pyramids, whether they be box shaped or triangular in nature define the position that each in the family or at work or in the neighborhood or within the region holds. Pyramids therefore press folk into worker bee, six positions of power, or six positions of strife. International pyramids define the power structure between nations. National pyramids define the power structure within the country. Regional pyramids define the power structure of the business and governance in any region. Neighborhood pyramids define the power structure amongst families. Work pyramids define the power structure between organization or corporations as well as those who work within them.


Most ascending initiates have engaged with at least 8 pyramids in this life to date if not more. Defining which ones that have defined your position in life is useful to understand so that one may begin to retrieve power, information, and knowledge to support ascension in the game. One can also begin to redefine the dream that one participates in to become a lotus rather than pyramidal pattern; in so being one will call a unity-based dream into the dance rather than a competitive hierarchical dream. Read more

Image of a spiraling wave in the cosmos. The Dance Between Archetypes (Part 2)

Chapter 3: The Dance Between Archetypes (Part 2)


The Red Nations History


The red nations’ peoples were eighteen nations of humans incubated in a laboratory by Sirian scientists to gain an understanding of what types of DNA packages would thrive upon Earth. They were seeded upon Earth 75,000 Earth years (300,000 human years) ago and 225,000 Earth years (900,000 human years) after the creation of the ice shields. Of the eighteen nations of humans, only seven root races survived as they had the right genealogy and energy flow for Earth’s biosphere. The scientists returned many times over a 100,000-human year period to monitor the tribes, returning to where they had been originally seeded; most did not migrate far from their original region of seeding over time.


There was something wrong however with the eleven root races that did go extinct. These races appeared to have run electrical or mer-ka-ba geometry. Over time this flow was so non-resonant with the land that the harm returned caused plagues and all of such tribal members went extinct. Tribes were seeded in regions so far apart and deliberately upon the part of the scientists so that they would not migrate and find one another and interbreed. This allowed a pure understanding of what energy flow worked with Earth and what did not along with DNA associated in human form for the Sirian scientists.


Regardless of the scientific stance upon the issue, the fact that there was mer-ka-ba energy flow in human form recorded upon the grids of Earth caused another human race of parallel energy flow known as the Pleiadian Annanuki to be drawn to Earth again into the future. It is also a great truth that when the Grand Masters with the large craniums were seeded upon Earth 25,000 Earth years (100,000 human years) later, that they attempted to ascend some of the red nations peoples. In the ascent, the mer-ka-ba energy flow was recreated and inflated to global proportions. This in turn called the Anu to Earth at a later time period as they matched the global energy signature of the mer-ka-ba.


The Anu came with particular goals in mind for harvesting Earth’s resources and life extension primarily. The red nations peoples by and large avoided the Anu and stayed out of their way. Merduk abducted many of the red nations peoples (175 over time) and had access to each of the seven holograms associated with the Native American root race. The Native American root race was the primary root race living nearby the Anu.


Merduk experimented upon these humans in his laboratory and utilized their DNA in the manufacturing of the Anu slaves. This caused a holographic fall for the Native American root race. The fall of the Native American root race did not directly affect other lineages associated with Tibetan, Inuit (Mongolian), South American Indian, Aboriginal (Australian), African, Polynesian, or Laplanders (Sami) root races at this time. Read more

Image of a serene aqua blue lake in a pristine place in nature. Workbook 1 Chapter 3 Worksheets

Workbook 1: Chapter 3 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1, Chapter 3: The Dance Between Archetypes (Part 1) and Chapter 3: The Dance Between Archetypes (Part 2)


The Dance of the Archetypes: Learning the Spiritual Lessons of Our Human Inheritance   


These worksheets are devoted to assessing the spiritual lessons of your human ancestors. Not all lessons will apply to all lives of those associated in the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). However, the school itself holds individuals each of whom represents as a collective all spiritual lessons of the human species. As such, karma for the entire human species can be released at dreamtime events, as the group is a collective representation of all of humanity.


In our work together, there is an opportunity to understand the entire wheel of spiritual lessons that must be released in order to master full consciousness in ascension. One’s future ancestors will be faced with the karma that one may not be able to release in this lifetime. In the understanding of the nature of the karma, a path towards full consciousness can be called forward for the future generations associated with oneself. This assures a path to this goal ahead.


Each in the DAS program or reading these materials also has an opportunity to release all karma in one’s birth tapestry allowing for a spiritual opportunity to work one’s way off the reincarnation cycles of birth, death and rebirth. What exactly does this mean? This means that one’s future ancestry will cease to be propelled into creating children that cannot ascend as the karma for non-ascension will be cleared in full from one’s tapestry. This will allow for the selective creation of future generations with all the necessary information to ascend to full consciousness and beyond.


What is it to live a life that is karma free? This is what most humans long for; a life where there is no debt and where a dance of balanced giving and receiving along with unity can be called into the dance of life. This can occur only as one has completed with all karma in one’s birth tapestry. As many in communities into the future complete with all birth karma, then there is an opportunity to map make a different dance of life that can become the foundation of a new type of human civilization. This too is the purpose of this program. By highlighting all the karma, the karma one has agreements to complete with in this lifetime will be triggered so that one can fulfill upon this spiritual goal.  Read more