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Light Wave Webinar #5: Balancing Your Mind in Light Wave Motion


The mindset bends

As you fail to forgive

And love the one

Who is unwell

Care for all

Care for each

Bless yourself

Bless the one who is ill

Love the Earth

And be well


Light Wave Webinar #5 Introduction


The mind requires certain motions to offset mind bend. Mind bend is a function of a dysfunction of the motions of the mind. Mind bend fosters depression to anxiety over life circumstances.


Mind bend does occur between parties in today’s world. Mind bend is the result of a flare of wave from one cortex to another. Some waves between parties lead to depression; some waves lead to anxiety; and yet other waves between parties can trigger peace or humor in the dance of life. It may be wise to learn to mind bend others into peace, harmony and humor than not.


Humor lifts the darkness off each. Those that suffer love to think dark thoughts that depress you or others around them. Lifting those who are depressing into humor offsets the waves that mind bend them into strife.


Those who are anxious will shift their assemblage point in relation to you if you mind bend them into peace. The anxiety will lift and they can repose with you in happiness instead. Read more

Light Wave Webinar #4: The Nature of Light Wave Dreaming


The dreams that delight

Foster you

In stanzas of sound

That harmonize

You and others

In the stage play of you

That resounds in beauty

And ignites the light

In each


Light Wave Webinar #4 Introduction


Dreaming in light wave motion is a different focus to cause the effect you desire in any circumstance in your life. Dreaming in light requires motions of waves that transfigure dreams into beautiful experiences within you or with others.


Transfiguration is not a notion of sound-based dreaming of ascension variations of scripts. All dreams dreamed during ascension cycles are founded upon scripts that cause people to behave one way or another together.


Light does not dream in scripts of lore fables of Shaktar or Shakti in partnership or life. Light dreams in notions that foster light motions that caress and bless each through transfigurative action. Notions are air stream of thoughts that transfigure the dreams into new heights of possibility to be lived and enjoyed through time.


Transfigurative notion thoughts catch on the airstream of your mind and repose as music as the light dances within you. Some thoughts notion beauty into your dreaming and others do not. Read more

Light Wave Webinar #3: Improving Your Stanzas of Music in Light Wave Motion


The sounds of you

Are a fostering of angels

That play the instruments

Of your light show

In a tune of beauty

In a timing of grace

In stanzas of melodies

That transfigure

Your appearance

Into your divine blueprint


Light Wave Webinar #3 Introduction


Light and music interplay to draw beautiful dreams unto your daily life. Music resounds in light instruments that surround your subtle bodies that foster light to sway and harmonize within you and with others.


Sick sounds produced within you damage light motion triggering darkness to surround you. Sick sounds can be produced by ill instruments, demons attached to your field (most demons produce ill sounds) and regional sick sounds embedded in the land.


Sick sounds can be tuned up with certain rays of light that cause the instruments in your field to harmonize. Ill demons can be removed to foster purer sounds. Ill sounds upon the land may be tuned up by the Dao of the region as you choose to work with her.


Tuning up your personal music daily is important to drawing beautiful light wave dreams unto your day to day living. During this pre-recorded webinar, you will receive new instruments in a recasting fostered by the planetary Dao to produce more beautiful and graceful music within. Read more

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Light Wave Webinar #2: Working Your Light Boundaries


The light of you

Is the light of each

In a motion of sway

To foster your day

In the love of the whole

In joy of the heart

In care of each

In the blossoming of your soul

In a space that is shared

That is bright in the light

Motioning the darkness away


Light Wave Webinar #2 Introduction


Light fosters a different boundary fostered upon variable speeds of ray formations. As you up speed the light and sway, larger boundaries grow larger in care space. Blessings and up swaying is one means of fostering correct boundaries with others in any exchange.


Swaying is personal and can be with Dao and Tao and not necessarily others through time. In this time period of difficult dark light quagmires, it is probably easier to sway only with your Dao and Tao except when you are intimate or are to foster a healing of another.


Light can foster amazing ray systems that allow you to refresh and revive and even bathe and cleanse yourself and your hair. Hair and skin can be conditioned through light emulsions offered by spirit. Yogis often learned to bathe in light in lieu of the streams or lakes nearby in ancient times.


Cleaning the home is also a light emulsion system that will dissipate dirt, paint the walls and ceilings afresh, sparkle the glass and make your sacred space more beautiful for you to sway within. Light cleaning is an ancient practice used in Atlantis. New systems will be anchored in your home for a light cleaning service that can be spun daily; along with bathing of the biological habitat of you. Read more

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Light Wave Webinar #1: Navigating Realities


The realities of you

Are a loving space

To honor yourself

And all of life

In a rhythm of truth

In a sway divine

In grace with spirit

In a caress of your soul

To foster peace

Within you


Light Wave Webinar #1 Introduction


The reality of you is the one reality that thrives with your Dao. In the single reality of you, you know you, you know your path, and you foster your life journey easily. In the single reality of you, you know the dreams you are to weave with your Dao for your life ahead.


Many transfusing struggle with multiple realities flowing through others not transfusing who exist in a “themselves” configuration. Themselves is the self striations of the human systems of Shaktar and Shakti or Vishnu and Brahma dreaming lore fables. Those emerging into Baba dreaming foster a single reality of the self of you instead of participating in the themselves configurations of Shaktar or Vishnu systems.


Dreaming in themselves is very confusing at this time for those beginning to self realize. The self of others merges with the self of you in a multi-gate configuration that can often include 40 or more parallel systems of dreams that are not you. The confusion can cause strife over the direction of your life until it is separated from. Demonic interactions can harm the self of you or the physical also until the gates of themselves are departed from.


This pre-recorded webinar will aid you in separating from the strife of themselves that may invade you through work dreams or family dreaming or other associations you dance with in this time period. The single reality of you will be drawn unto you and syncopated by the Dao of Earth during the webinar.


Each Webinar shall be 1.5 hours or more in length. Those listening to the recording shall receive 6 hours of healing. Read more

Introduction to the Light Wave Webinars

Introduction to the Light Wave Webinars


In the love of myself

I am that I Am

Light emulsifying

And trying to understand how to motion

In light wave synergy

In grace and peace


Light Wave Webinars


The Light Wave Webinars are a series of recordings presented for those who have studied the Light Wave series through time. Each session fosters by Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha as a divine channel of the Dao of Earth. Per, Asur’Ana’s twin flame, sits in the background as the Tao of Earth to hold space and anchor for each session. Per is a gifted anchor for groups and was one of the reasons Asur’Ana really appreciated him joining her and co-managing the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) with her. The anchor provides stability for the dream of the group.


The pre-recorded webinars are presented in support of understanding how to work with light wave motions. Light waves are succinct streams of light in particular rays that cause and affect dreams to align or misalign in the life. Learning to motion light in beautiful colors transfigures you and your dreams into beauty and grace. The information is presented as a gift of the Planetary Dao and Tao.


The Dao and Tao of Earth are present in each session to instruct humans who are light transfusing and infusing how to work with light rays through focus. Focus is the primary manner in which light waves move or reconfigure its design in support of you and your health and the dream stream of your life mission. This is an advanced series of webinars that is designed for those who are upon the spiritual path and have studied the Aligning With Earth website through time.

Read more