Image of 4 different meals. Complete Meals

10. Complete Meals


Complete meals provide all the nutrition required by an ascending human form in a single meal. Complete meals were spoken to in a recent article from The Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Bearing Plants Kingdom. (Please see Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 6 “Blessings for a Healthy Body that Can Ascend” for more information.)


For vegetarians, complete meals include protein (legumes, tofu, milk, milk products and eggs), carbohydrates (rice, grains and potatoes), enzymes to digest the food (fresh fruits and vegetables), fermented foods (pickles, yogurt and cider) and fats suited to the ascending biology (nut oils for the nervous system and milk and egg fats suited to the crystalline cells). For vegans, all of the above foods apply with the exceptions of milk, milk products and eggs.


Only vegetarian and vegan recipes are explored in this series to retain a state of harmlessness and non-violence. Earth invites initiates to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet in ascension in support of sustaining a harmless state of being. (Please refer to Chapter 1 “Diet for Ascension” for more information.)


The digestive tract in those who are ascending to 3,000 DNA segments goes through modifications in which there are stronger digestive enzymes produced in one’s own digestive system that are designed to break down complete meals. The stomach and intestines also form a thicker mucous to protect one’s own biology from the strength of the enzymes. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” for more information.) One will therefore feel more satisfied at mealtime in combining foods in the complete meal format as an ascending human.


[One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]




Taking time to cook on the weekend as a special treat to others along with oneself is a nice gift after a long week of work. Read more

Image of the crop circle of Holographic Dream Weaving. The Language of ONE #1-32

3. The Language Of ONE #1-32


The Language of ONE is a holographic language that is emerging upon Earth in her continued ascension. The Language of ONE defines oneness concepts. Oneness is a state of self sustenance in which all is provided from within.


The images in this chapter are brought forth as crop circles which capture this new language upon the land. Each symbol will invoke a holographic energy movement that causes density to dissipate and allows for continued ascension.




Asur’Ana has been requested by Mother Earth to begin to interpret crop circles for those who are ascending in human form at this time in history. Crop circles are static pictures of key codes and fire letters emanating through photonic sources. Some crop circles are electrical or radioactive, and these will have straight lines or edges or angles unto them. Such crop circles are from other Great Central Suns and are their languages.


Your Great Central Sun hosts a magnetic language. The symbols for magnetic tones of creation are rotational or circular in nature. Earth is traversing through a diverse region of domain in the choice to re-enter the dream of the Great Central Sun. Within the “Star Gates” leading into entry are many languages. Earth feels blessed for all of the information made available, as many of such languages have assisted in her ascent to date.


In essence, each tone and symbol provided unto Earth by the Great Central Sun(s) and through each Star Gate entered is captured within the Aurora. The symbols rotate. Earth then tries each symbol to see if the rotation fosters ascension of her field or portions of her field or not. Those symbols that fail to foster ascension are discarded and erased. Those that foster ascension are embraced as a part of Earth’s new “operating system” or language. Read more

Image of liquid light of pale blue and pale pink in the ocean of energy. Light Wave Archive #20

Light Wave Archive #20


Light Infusion


Light infusion occurs as the one hundred and ninetieth (190th) octave is transfused through. Light is anchored as a cellular formation of photon particles that heat each cell from within. Light infusion begins with approximately fifteen percent of the cells to be infused in photon systems of self. Photonic systems require light particle DNA to be fostered. The cells infused with light release the need to consume sugar to sustain the temperature. Cells infused must be evenly distributed throughout the structure to cause equilibrium of overall body level temperature for sustainable health in life.


Uneven distribution of light infusion can perplex systems of the biology into increasingly weakened states leading to disease. It is important to intend even distribution of light infusion at each level. The levels are adjusted founded upon regional happenstance of light synthesis gates. Some regions may only allow for ten percentage of the cells to be infused as the one hundred and ninetieth octave is transfused through. This is an approximate measure of light infusion in early transfusion through the first decibel of octaves mastered:


Octaves and Light Infusion


Octave 190:     10-15% light cell infusion

Octave 260:     20-28% light cell infusion

Octave 440:     30-40% light cell infusion

(one decibel is transited in octave 400)


Light infusion requires light synthesis DNA that is procured through the inheritance of those that transfused in times past. Most that develop ascension have some light synthesis DNA possible. Most can master through one decibel of light infusion without triggering disease symptoms. Those without light infusion DNA that is thorough will develop disease in regions of the biology that are non-sustainable in light infusion blueprints over time beyond mastery of one decibel. It is important to ascertain if light synthesis DNA is available in the biological habitat for each region before proceeding beyond the first decibel of mastery.


One decibel of mastery equates to augmenting compassionate action into the life dreams. Compassionate action is not a small awareness and develops in those realizing self to this level. Light synthesis DNA is precarious to fall in the tapestry that may be unpreventable to offset in further development in many. Some archetypes are depleted in light synthesis knowledge for sustainable body level DNA. Sustainable body level DNA is mastered through ascension preceding the first light infusion. If sustainable DNA has not been integrated in full, the first light infusion will foster the healing throughout the biology wherever it has failed to become sustainable over time. Read more

Image of walruses lying at a beach in Spitsbergen Norway. The Walrus Tusk

21. The Walrus Tusk


Blessings for Safety in a Seemingly Unsafe World


The Walrus Kingdom


Humans along the shorelines where we congregate have often viewed the Walrus species with interest. Asur’Ana once spent time in our presence along the coastline of California where we mate, breed, birth our calves, and sunbathe throughout the year. Walrus much like elephant holds space and moves much energy in association with the regions that we exist due to our massive size and amount of body fat. Body fat assists in the modulation of chi and energy flow not only within the ascending form, but in association with the regions that one lives. It is for this reason that Walrus invites humans to accept and embrace their ascending body weight and size, whatever it may be. The larger one is, the more chi one can move, and the more affect one will have in the regions that one lives, and in holding one’s own in one’s ascension.


Guardians of the Coastlines


All species are guardians of the land, whether they be human, plant, animal, mineral, dolphin or whale. Those species more associated with oceanic life are considered guardians of the sea. We in living between the land and the sea are guardians of each coastline that we exist in relation to, and modulate the energy movement between underwater life and worlds upon the land. We are also associated with the sign of Elephant in the new astrology, which governs the vibration of compassion. In essence, we modulate the vibration of compassion so that worlds upon the land and worlds within the sea may relate in compassion with one another, and work towards the common goal of unity and global ascension.


Many may not realize that the sea and the land create two separate and distinct realities upon Earth. Trying to ascend a consensus of such divergent realities is very difficult. Generally, the ocean is much higher in vibration than the land of larger continents. Partially this is the result of the salt prevalent within the sea, which much like any mineral can hold and move chi and energy with ease.


Much like Earth’s mountainous regions constructed primarily of granite and graphite, the minerals assist exponentially in modulating energy movement allowing such regions to ascend more rapidly than other parts of Earth. This ongoing differential between mountains, land and sea creates a continuous pull or tug of war between the three. Such a tug of war will create natural disasters in the form of earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes in particular if the vibrational variance becomes too great.


The hurricanes that recently hit Cuba and the Florida coastline are examples of what occurs when the vibrational variance exceeds what Earth can handle, and begins to compromise her global ascent. The hurricane is then created through the tug of the two variant energy movements and has the effect of blowing and washing the density at cause away, allowing the landmasses to raise enough in vibration to move back into a harmonious energy flow with the oceans that surround them. Humans are often caught in strife when such natural disasters strike. Read more

Image of glowing light in the middle of a mystical forest. Dragon Dreaming Introduction

Dragon Dreaming Introduction


Dragon Dreaming offers a series of essays focused upon prose ckantor language. Prose ckantor is a derivation of mindset to foster self-realization. Self-realization is a spiritual foray of dreaming that allows life understanding to lead to absolute forgiveness of self. Self-realization is accoladed unto through the dragon realm, a series of nonphysical forces that aid self in its mastery. Self-mastery involves a language of poetry that synergizes the dream of body, mind and spirit to new heights of beauty, sweetness and love. Mastery over self causes a union divine to be experienced and expressed in the life happenstance.


Dragon Dreamtime Accolades


I am that I am that I am

The one of the one

Of the dragon lore realm

Accolading to dream my dreams

In a happenstance of mirth

In a cadence of beauty

In a purity of sweetness

In a rendition in time

To provide the estuary of Self

A beautiful foray

To realize itself

Read more

Image of fruits on a cherry tree. Intention And Thoughtform Transmutation

Chapter 2: Intention And Thoughtform Transmutation


Now that you have assessed your archetypal nature and the nature of all others surrounding yourself, you can begin to analyze the thoughtform behind the archetypes in the dance of life. Often the patterns occur today as they did long ago; or in similar variations upon a theme. For example, at another time, one archetype may have seduced another and produced an offspring. One never remained to raise the child, but instead leaves the other to its own experience of child rearing. In present time, this is reflected in a parallel set of circumstances where a child is conceived, but perhaps one parent never completes upon raising the child; or perhaps even abandons the other before the child is ever born.


The dance of patterning associated is karmic. Sometimes such karma may be of one’s ancestry. Sometimes the karma may be a manipulation in which it was transferred upon one’s ancestry. It may be hard to imagine that a seemingly tragic life circumstances was not even one’s own karma to bear, and yet due to the manipulative nature of karma in the human dream, this occurs much of the time. It is also what makes karmic settlement almost impossible, as one often does not really recognize that it was not one’s karma until much later in the ascension and as one rises to a higher frequency.


What to do? Forgive; forgive it all anyway. In the forgiveness, even karma that is not one’s own melts away allowing one freedom and the ability to enter a new dance with all others in the life dream. Later and as you recognize that the karma was not yours to begin with, you can return it to the real origins; and then it will be up to those ancestors in present time to forgive the karma themselves in their personal ascensions.


The Nature of Forgiveness   


Forgiveness changes everything. Forgiveness states, “I understand that you trespassed upon me and that I and my ancestors have trespassed upon you and your ancestors in like kind. We have gone back and forth and back and forth, each trespassing upon the other, wounding ourselves in the dance of rejection, mutilation, pain, torture, heartbreak and annihilation. As I forgive my ancestors for the atrocities that they perpetrated, I also forgive yours, as we have all participated in the human dance throughout this experience upon Earth. No one is innocent; no one is to be blamed. One can only forgive, and in the forgiveness, enter a new dance of freedom and unity.”


Forgiveness requires intention. The intent to forgive will bring about the circumstances that allow for the release of the pain and trauma recorded in the etheric vessel and cellular structure associated with the karma. Generally speaking, it is in the act of catharsis that one also learns the spiritual lesson associated with the patterning. As one cries a heap of tears, then one understands how one’s ancestors have hurt others in a particular dance or another. In the feeling of the pain with one’s own heart and emotional body, one learns the associated spiritual lesson; one will not harm another again as a result. As one learns the lesson, then the associated pattern in the field shifts, and one is free to attract a new dance in the human dream. Read more

Image of a healthy almond tree. Blessings For Healing The Body Through A Vegetarian Diet

12. Blessings For Healing The Body Through A Vegetarian Diet


From the Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Bearing Plants


It is the Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Bearing Plants that write to you again today. In our last communication in Chapter 6 “Blessings for a Healthy Body that Can Ascend”, we spoke to the current dietary trends and how they support or hinder ascension, and the need to create “complete meals” of proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes from fresh vegetables and fermented foods, as this is how the crystalline digestive system best breaks down nutrients.


Today we wish to speak of specific foods that are helpful to the ascending biology in terms of integration of new crystalline genetic materials as well as regeneration of that which has already become crystalline. Regeneration of the crystalline biology will continuously require certain food substances to allow all the biochemical ingredients necessary to repair and regenerate the cells. Each part of the biochemistry requires specific nutrients. It is our hope to illuminate upon what foods hold what nutrients for the regeneration and ascension of each part of the biology so that each may choose a diet that better supports the choice to ascend in this lifetime.




Fruits host a variety of enzymes that can assist in producing the digestive enzymes that the crystalline digestive system requires. Enzymes are also important to the ascension into the crystalline cellular structure. The ascending body creates carrier cells in the blood to send enzymes to wherever in the biology that the old cellular system requires breaking down to allow the new crystalline biology to grow. Providing the body with enough enzymes from fruit sources will allow what is ingested to be placed in the carrier cells and then injected into regions that are resurrecting into the next crystalline blueprint. Fruits therefore are something that will be an ongoing part of the ascending diet due to the high amount of enzymes necessary to this goal.


The plant kingdom advises ascending initiates to have some fruit each day; and if one craves more, then one may dine on fruit all day if one so chooses. Taking a one-to-three-day fruit fast is also a great way to cleanse the intestines along with the ducts of the kidneys and liver to aid ascension in this region. Watermelon is a good choice as a main fruit for a fast as it is pH neutral and will not tend to cause one to become overly acidic or basic thereafter and leading to other complications. Grapes are another good choice to add along with small amounts of pineapple and papaya along with any other fresh fruit desired.




Fresh apricots are not only tasty but high in vitamin A, minerals and beta carotene. Beta carotene has an interesting contribution to make within crystalline biology. Beta carotene creates an internal form of “dye” through which diseased or scarred tissue can be more easily perceived so that it can be resurrected into the crystalline form. The dye is not one that has to do with visibility in an “eyesight” sense but rather an energetic perception that then the body can make to determine what requires resurrecting next in the dance of continued ascension. Beta carotene makes a good sensor of decay and scarred regions in the form in other terms. Read more