Image of a lovely autumn leaf with a heart shape at its center. Shaktar Relationship Studies #2

Shaktar Relationship Studies #2


Mr. and Ms. Mismanagement of Truth


Finding Your Center


Tantric Swing

I am the flow of the flow

Moving in the moment

Causing a union within

In Divine Timing

In an accolade of freedom

Of the delight of Self

In a sweetness of the repose

Of my core

In the truth of the moment

As the Lover and the Loved

The Dreamer and the Beloved Within


Archetypal Truth and Script   


The truth of the truth within is an accolade of reason. Accolade is repose of sound that resonates through the field causing a predisposition of thoughtform and associated behavior of each archetypal nature. Reason is a thoughtform that causes an alignment of dream to accord with the archetypal truth of the individual. Each archetype is founded upon a particular repose of truth that causes a particular symposium of music in the field. The music calls a dream associated into the life.


Reason guides the life founded upon resonance with the archetypal script. Archetypal scripts are constructed to cause a particular understanding of soul and self within. Scripts can be dandered causing a shift in truth leading to dreams that no longer resonate with the purpose of the archetypal relay for the life. Dandering of scripts is a karmic sequence of events that occur between those with archetypal predisposition towards fostering the nature of others. As the script is dandered, the life mis-aligns with the truth of the truth within and the expression moves off center. Off centered truth fosters a sensation of non-alignment of the life purpose.


Each script has a particular sequence of events to be experienced in the life to foster the evolution of spirit and self. Spirit accolades unto the truth and is attracted to the self of the self within associated with an archetypal sequence of dreams. Spirit evolves as self understands and forgives patterns associated with the script of each. Dandered scripts lead to the wrong soul accolading unto self and a sequence of dreams in which the spiritual lessons fail to be realized. Individuals that fail to realize result in the experience of non-conscious expression of self. Read more

Image of the Sun shining in the dark forest. Shaktar Relationship Studies #1

Shaktar Relationship Studies #1


Master of Misogyny


Overcoming the Hatred of the Feminine


Tantric Kiss Bliss

Love and Love within

Is an expression of Self

That is interpretive of Itself

In an action Divine

In an accolade of synergy

In a moment of bliss

Through united forensics

Of a happenstance of joy

In a union with Self

Of the truth of the moment

Of the Divine


Disharmony in Relationship


This is the first of an illumination of chapters on the accolades of disharmony in happenstances of relationship. Relationship is corroded with systems of disarray in the current human marketplace. The marketplace is filled with dis-synergized moments in time that lead to systems of failure in a union divine. A union divine can be equated unto a system of self that fails to accolade together in a unity of truth of perception.


Perception can be defined as a degree of awareness that synergizes the moment in time into a dream foray of delight. Dreams of delight require synergy to foster. Synergy is a state of being that accolades unity between body, mind and spirit within and without. Those fostering synergy often delight in one another’s company in a happenstance of joy.


Synergy is a long-lost accolade of achievement of self of the self within. The self within is designed to synergize moments in time into happenstance of joy. Joyful moments between couples or in partnership of same sex systems of union are rare. Most compensate the union in some manner to remain together over time. If joy accolades in the beginning, it rarely lasts more than a few years unless there is a synergy of self between the two. Read more

Image of a heart among the stars. Introduction to Shaktar Relationship Studies

Section 3: Introduction to Shaktar Relationship Studies


About Shaktar Relationship Studies


For Realization of Divine Partnership


Light Synthesis

The light synthesizes

In a motion Divine

Showing us the path

Of relationship within

Fostering the Infinite

To realize Itself

Through the male and female

Vestibules of Self

In the freedom to care

In the Love of the Love

To foster a unique journey

Of partnership within


Realization of Divine Partnership     


Divine partnership is an aspiration of care of the heart. The heart of humanity has become ridged and unloving in itself. The journey of partnership is internal as well as external. Through the journey of partnership, the heart may heal and flourish again into the capacity to care. Care is an oscillation of the divine in the heart accolade of self. The heart blossoms in a life of spiritual mastery to fulfill upon the love of the love within.


The love of the love within is a surreptitious phenomenon that triggers a happenstance of the flavor of care of the heart. The flavor of care is born first within and then manifests without in the dreams of life. Dreams foster unions to teach humans how to foster care of the heart. Most are incapable of fostering care within in this time period. The journey to love is often a difficult happenstance through time. Love fosters healing from traumatic or emotional charges associated with rejection, dejection, rape or other strife associated with male and female, male and male, or female and female relationship experiences.


Partnership Fables


The purpose of the essays in the Shaktar Relationship Studies section is to foster an understanding of the fables that trigger dreams of partnership to arise in life. No partnership dream or family association or work fostering is not of a fable lore fostering in this era. All dreams are fables, much like fairy tales presented in the media unto children, and foster the incantations and dreams of the experiences of life. Each fable shift occurs in seven-year increments through time. Each fable has an incantation associated with the lore that then dreams each life experience with others through time. Partnership fables are case specific to the origins of relationship karma in the inheritances associated. Read more

Image of a pretty gold orange flower. Shakti Studies #8

Shakti Studies #8


The Bliss Kiss of Self


The Nature of the Exchange of Kisses of Honor


The Bliss Kiss of Self


The bliss kiss of Self

Is inaugurated

As a kiss is exchanged

In deep honor of each

In care of the heart

In a synergy of truth

Fostering a celebration of the occasion

Amongst the pair

Of greater joy and merriment

In a humorous and enlivened exchange

In a reunion of kinship

In a kinesthetic repose

Of Divine Union

Of the body mind spirit accolade of Self


Honorable and Passionate Kisses


The exchange of a kiss between beloveds or friends of the heart in a deep state of honor of one another fosters the sweetest of caresses between the body, mind and spirit of the pair. An honorable kiss exchanged in front of a group can trigger a beautiful dream of enchantment of the many to unfold thereafter. There must be a deep flavor of synergy of the pair in order for honor to be retained in a kiss that fosters bliss instead of lust. There are many types of kisses that foster certain kinds of self or consciousness to direct the life dream of the moment in a particular direction. The direction is always into a kiss of bliss of spirit descending upon matter to foster each and the group. As spirit descends, unity and unison of the two and the many occurs due to the kinesthetic exchange of kisses of the pair focused upon.


Passionate kisses foster very beautiful dreams for the interim of the exchange and for the day to follow for the beloveds of fate. Those who “make out” on the couch with only sensual pleasure often foster the sweetest of dreams for the eve and into the day to follow. Rapturous self descends to foster the pair together and apart into a state of ecstatic reunion for an interim of time. The rapturous self descends due to physical and kinesthetic reposes of the pair fostering a bliss kiss of forensic delight of the two. If the pair continues to “make out” and foster something else sensual to sexual, spirit further descends triggering another type of dream to occur that is even more rapturous to experience and express.


Friendly Kisses Upon the Cheek


In ancient times, friends of the heart in deep kinship of soul family relations would kiss, but not in a romantic sense. Kisses of this stature were often not unlike the Italian family fostering of a peck upon one another’s cheeks. Exchanging kisses upon the cheek fosters wellness of self in each associated. Wellness of self allows the dreams to align to flourish for each following the exchange. Sometimes a peck upon the lips can also be fostered between two friends. A peck upon the lips fosters kinship of self. Kinship of self fosters a pair that relates well together as friends. The pair feel better together and aligns the mind following leading to a bliss kiss of self that better understand one another. Read more

Image of a captivating blue flower. Shakti Studies #7

Shakti Studies #7


The Cake Walk


The Nature of the Exchange of Cake


The Cake Walk of Self


The cake served at the wedding

Reflects the sugar glaze of Self

The sweetness of the delight

Or the plight of the night of the two

The nature of the exchange

Of the first bites

Reflect the dreams

Of the partnership lore of fate

To be fostered through time by the pair

Is it a delightful dream ahead?

Or one filled with strife?

Or simply a fate to be realized through

In the mastery lore of the two?

Only the cake knows


The Cake Walk Exchange


The cake walk is a celebration of partnership that has been fostered through the ages and often in sacred ceremonies of divine happenstance of beloveds who have just wed. Sometimes the cake walk is fostered for a marriage of gay or heterosexual fostering. Sometimes the cake walk is fostered in group endeavors for couples to understand their union lore of fate. The cake walk is an exchange of eating a piece of sacred cake baked in special incantations to lift the veils on the union lore of the two. As the pair feeds one another the first bites of cake, the nature of the exchange is a reflection of the lore of the two about to unfold ahead.


Wedding cakes in many cultures are often shared as a part of the ceremony. Sometimes the couple is expected to feed one another the first bites. Rarely is the nature of the union lore reflected upon as a result of the dream of the cake walk exchange. There is so much loss of information on the nature of partnership lore that couples go through rituals associated with partnership fostering without understanding the nature of the incantations associated. Incantations in a wedding ceremony will foster the union into blessed to disastrous dreams ahead. The cake walk is a reflection of the karmic fate of the two that will play out ahead and following the ceremony.


The Cake Walk Experiences   


The cake walk was once a sacred ceremony fostered by ministers of deep reflection upon the nature of partnership fostering in ancient times. The cake walk can once again be fostered amongst those interested in better understanding their union lore of fate. Any difficult or dark fate can be forgiven and risen above through light motions of field. Therefore, the cake walk is not to be frightened of but simply another mirror to witness about the nature of the lore of partnership one is about to embark upon ahead with one’s beloved of fate. Here are four very difficult cake walk experiences to be witnessed through. Read more

Image of a lovely white orchid with lavender center. Shakti Studies #6

Shakti Studies #6


Divine Partnership Wedding Vows


Wedding Incantations to Foster Divine Partnership Lore


The Wedding Vow


The vows are incantated

By the magistrate of the wedding

To foster a light or dark lore fable

For the partnership

Unless the pair

Choose to incantate one’s own vows

Re-ordering the marital fate

Towards the goal of Divine Partnership

To be fostered in superlative light motions

Through time

Allowing another union lore to unfold

Triggering realization of the pair

Through moments of strife

Into a rebirth of delight


Writing One’s Own Vows


Many couples, whether gay or straight, choose to allow the magistrate of the wedding to choose the vows for the union lore of fate. Most marital magistrates operate upon many levels of awareness that is not necessarily conscious. Some magistrates are very dark sorcerers who motion beautiful karmic fate for loving unions upon others who are less than sublime in their stature of self. Yet other magistrates are good witches within who strive to motion positive dreams upon most.


Magistrates for marriage must be carefully chosen if divine partnership is the life goal. A difficult magistrate hosting the marital ceremony may cause lifelong strife in a kind partnership destined for divine realization and may be difficult to overcome within. All karma can be forgiven but fostering a kind magistrate allows the incantations for union to be supported in the destiny of marriage vow exchanges between the two.


Writing one’s own vows for superlative marriage is useful in the intention to foster divine partnership through time. Vows need to be well thought out in alliance with one’s personal truth in association with the divine partner of choice. Vows that are ego or negative ego based are un-useful through time as the incantations support one and abate the other in counterbalance. Vows that are supportive of each are best. There are many types of marriage vows to be considered in the exchange of a sacred motion of wedding ceremony. Here are some suggested vows to consider in planning your sacred wedding day. Read more

Image of an alluring red rose. Shakti Studies #5

Shakti Studies #5


The Wedding Ring


Incantations in Diamonds for Partnership Lore


The Wedding Ring


The ring for the engagement

Sparkles with diamonds

That attracts the fable for the wedding

The wedding ring

Attracts the fable for the partnership

Through time

The lore fable is recorded

In the mineral kingdom

Long before the pair meet

Or exchange vows or rings

The fable of the union is known

In the systems of fate

Recorded in each family

Before the two were born


Diamonds Foster Marital Systems of Self


Wedding rings are a science all of their own. Whether the union is gay, straight, or old and young, old and old, or young and young in age and stature, the nature of the fable is recorded in the diamond or other minerals sustained within the wedding ring before it is ever exchanged. The minerals for wedding rings are fostered by Shakti Lore to trigger fate keys for marital habitat of life to unfold through time. The wedding ring industry is at an all-time high in the human marketplace due to the value of diamonds and gold. Diamonds record the fables to be fostered in marriages of all age ranges and stature of lore. There are other minerals that also record marital or partnership lore, but diamonds are the most prevalent in their foundry of fostering marital systems of self.


Marriage is a system of self or consciousness that is shared by the pair. If there is a child born of the union, consciousness spans the three or more in family lore fables that adjoin the marital lore fable of self through time. Marriage is not a new system of dreaming the life and has been present upon Earth for over eighty thousand years. Marriage lore is primarily present to foster a system of stability for the two to adjoin in partnership or foster young children into maturity in the life.


Not all diamonds foster positive marital lore or consciousness of the two. Many diamonds foster very negative lore in this time period. False diamonds (cubic zirconia) foster the most difficult lore of strife of the two. Diamonds that foster positive lore are not necessarily expensive, but grow in only a few mines around the world at this time, and mostly in Canada. Read more

Image of a gorgeous pink plumeria flower. Shakti Studies #4

Shakti Studies #4


Mastery Partnership Systems


The Six Tests of Divine Partnership


Mastery Partnership Systems


The two arrive

Into the union

In an apartheid of Self

To foster one

And not two

The two unite

Into a Divine equation

To foster the two

In a superlative partnership

In the Divine ordering

Of the Yin and Yang within

In motions of mirrors

That reflect one another

To be transfused through in care


Partnership Scripts


Partnership scripts are a series of fate keys destined in the lifetime between certain pairs that may form due to circumference of affluence in life. Fate keys foster three potential partnerships with each motion. Motions to move or relocate anywhere are taken into consideration to foster three potential partnership scripts per destiny key. If all three partners fail to find one another, another three are inaugurated in each fate key to assure a relationship if the life fate is to foster union in a particular lore cycle.


Fate Keys


Fate keys are lore cycle oriented. Lore cycles are seven years of fostering of a particular life script. Lore cycles of partnership include fate keys for union. Fate keys for union include the dating lore and the marital lore if the fable for life includes a commitment as the outcome of the partnership. Fate keys are case specific to archetype and karmic habitat of fate. All fate keys foster particular scripts to foster mastery of spiritual ascension or realization of self if the life is destined for divine purposes through time.


Not all lives are destined for divine purposes in this era. Only one out of four hundred incarnate in this era foster divine purpose. Only one out of six hundred couples foster divine partnerships also in this cycle. Divine partnership is therefore a rare fate key of the two when it is fostered, but also a beautiful script and life to witness. Read more

Image of a gorgeous peach colored dahlia flower. Shakti Studies #3

Shakti Studies #3


Soporiferous Partnership Lore


The Seven Spiritual Tests of Ascending Partnership


Superlative Partnership


The Beloved is

In a union Divine

In a superlative formation

Of a caring thrust

To be with me

I am that I am

In a superlative formation

The Dao and Tao within

Foster a union Divine

Of myself

To witness a union Divine

Within yourself

Of shared wave formations

Of superlative oscillations


The Nature of Marriage


Marital lore is a fable all of its own. Many fates of marriage are Shaktar or Shakti Lore of non-superlative or non-soporiferous variety of expression. Marital fate can be homosexual or heterosexual and does not require an official license to be true. A personal ceremony of exchanged vows is adequate to launch marital lore of self. Marital lore of self is Shaktar and Shakti dreams of fate. Some lore is extreme in its demonstration of polarity through time. Some master through difficult polarity unions into a new day of the sunshine of themselves. Some die attempting to recreate a dishonorable union of alpha, beta or love, hate lore of self.


Marital vows are karmic in the habitat of fate. The fate allows the oscillations of karma to foster the partnership through time. Keys are fostered in seven-year increments to trigger the union to abate or continue on for further mastery. As the one mastering is complete, a destiny key appears, and the marriage is dissipated and dissolved in the dreams to be fostered ahead. Those dissipating unions are common in this era. Some foster two to three marriages to understand the happenstance of fate of the two in the archeological sequences presented to realize through in life.


Soporiferous and Superlative Unions


Most desire soporiferous union due to the kind dreams of the two fostered. Soporiferous union is not necessarily glamorous. Soporiferous union does accolade a joyous renderous of twin flame or counterpart lore humans through time as each masters into forgiveness and compassionate action accolades of self. Mastery that succeeds creates a beautiful union through time. Mastery in soporiferous union that fails can unfold as a travesty that is difficult to overcome within. Compassionate action for the one surviving a difficult attempt at soporiferous union is paramount to surviving in this era. Read more

Image of pretty magenta purple flowers. Shakti Studies #2

Shakti Studies #2


Dating Lore


The Nature of Dreaming for Partnership


The Date of the Two


In the quest

For partnership

There is a fable for dating

To foster a journey

Into the sublime

Or into dis-synergy of the two

Through time

Through the fables of Shakti

Fostered as an incantation at birth

Reflecting the karma

Of the male and female

In the inheritance

That drives forth union


The Nature of Dating


Dating is a ritual of finding the partner of your life if you choose for a long-term relationship. Dating can also become a way of life if one chooses to participate in the dance of life without long term partnership or children. Dating can be joyful or miserable if the dejection hurts the heart accolade of self. Dating can be measurable in its affluence of understanding of the opposite sex or same sex nature if one is homosexual to bisexual in stature. Tantric friendship is also another manner of understanding same or opposite sex fostering. Understanding your partner is perhaps the single most important affluence over the success of the art of dating to find the purposeful long or short-term partnership.


Dating is successful if you discover if the individual is harmonious with you or not. Harmony is not always known due to the act of seduction. Seduction is an affluence of self to con you into believing that there is harmonious or loving dynamics underlying the persona. Seduction is the single biggest threat to the heart accolade of self. Seduction woos the heart into a syndicated rhythm in which one succumbs to the union perhaps without a return of care of the heart. Recurrent seduction in a happenstance of dating or union of any length will injure the heart to the point of causing heart failure or an immune deficiency through time.


Fate is a key that draws two into the dance of parallel circumstance through time. Dating keys are arranged in nine formats through time. There are brief encounters, longer term encounters that do not lead to a long-term union, long term encounters that do not choose to marry or commit, and dating that leads to long term commitments that unify the two lives through time. Dating seasons the stanza of self to test the waters of the individual to witness if the affluence is useful to the journey of life through time. Each date into a union journey is an opportunity to realize oneself into the divine assertions of self. Realizing divine assertions leads to the creation of divine partnership in lieu of difficult lore happenstance of dreaming of union. Read more