Image of a pretty red and white flower. Ananda Love Archive #2

Ananda Love Archive #2


The Assemblage Point System of Mirrors


Becoming the Assemblage Point of You


The assemblage point

Is a fostering of dream

Of a mirror of your life

That can show you the darkness

Plaguing your night

Or show you the lightness

Of the care and love of you

Forgive those who trespass

Rising above the delusion

Into the truth of who you are

Beyond the veils of life

So that the love of you

May fly with spirit

And soar with your soul

In the love of the whole


The Assemblage Point


The assemblage point is a focus of fostering of realization function. Assemblage points are references for you to understand you. You are the quagmire all of your own. You know who you are in each experience in life due to exploring the assemblage points of reference of the self of yourself.


There are negative and positive assemblage point references. Negative assemblage point references foster an understanding of the strife between parties in the life that is unconscious. Unconscious strife is the result of the interplay of demonic affluences through time that need to be forgiven and found compassion for. Positive assemblage point references foster the interplay of dragon affluences that trigger spirit to fly into the love of the love within. Positive assemblage point references foster divine re-interpretation of the life experience leading to the love of all.


Assemblage point references are a series of mirrors to witness yourself in the dreams of life in the internal planes of reality associated with your personal realization. The assemblage point mirrors foster the understanding of where the self of you is intertwined with the self of another so that you can release what is not sincerely of yourself. The mirrors also foster an understanding of the negative self that you harbor due to moments of strife recorded in the life since birth. The negative self can be purified and the difficult memories erased in order to allow for your personal healing through the assemblage point mirror references. A shift in assemblage points each day or week allows the negative self to be relinquished and the positive self to take flight into deeper states of internal love as divine understanding unfolds. Read more

Image of a friendly green frog sitting on leaves in a pond. The Croak of the Large Green Frog

6. The Croak of the Large Green Frog


Blessings of Grounding and Communion with Mother Earth


The Frog Kingdom


The Frog Kingdom is honored to speak to ascending humanity today. Frogs and other reptiles that are cold blooded are an ancient part of the history of Earth. Although one thinks of Reptiles as beings from “Alpha Centauri”, indeed this is not so in most cases. Only dinosaurs originated from Alpha Centauri, and such creatures were indeed incompatible with Earth. Their remains never fully decomposed into soil, which is why there is what is known as fossil fuels from their remains.


Silica-Based Vessels Upon a Carbon-Based Planet Leads to Violence


The forms of the dinosaurs were silica based, and Earth is a carbon-based vessel. Therefore, only carbon-based systems break down upon Earth. Frog and many other reptiles upon Earth such as alligators, lizards, and geckos are a carbon-based form of cold-blooded animal. Earth in her own ascension is learning to break down silica based remains, as this is a necessity to complete with those of this nature that have lived upon her global body.


Dinosaurs are not the only non-resonant species to dance upon Earth. Humans associated with the blue-blooded Annanuki and their incubated slave race that has white skin and red blood are indeed also silica based. Such form has never been resonant with Earth, and the continued dance of silica-based vessels upon a carbon-based planet has led to extreme violence over time. Indeed, over time the dinosaurs became increasingly violent and would consume other creatures and flesh. This was at a time that all other species upon Earth were vegetarian in nature. The presence of the dinosaurs created such an abhorrent level of violence that all kingdoms chose to cause their species to go extinct.


All species upon Earth including the Frog Kingdom chose to intend the extinction of the dinosaurs; over time, this created a comet that hit the surface of Earth and created a temporary cooling of Earth’s surface. As the temperature dropped, all of the dinosaurs that were cold blooded simply went to sleep and did not awaken. Indeed, it took us 1,000 years to manifest this outcome; and the comet hit the surface of Earth in the region now known as the Mojave Desert in Southern California. Enough of a cloud of dust rose to cool Earth enough that all dinosaurs died within a six-week period. Many other kingdoms also died, but regenerated thereafter. The dinosaur did not regenerate as all eggs had likewise perished having become too cold to be incubated.


Earth and all kingdoms felt victorious in this manifestation. Apparently, however we had not learned our lesson of why a non-resonant species had come to exist upon our soil. For another species of human origins that was silica based and of even greater manipulative capacities arrived upon the scenes from the Pleiades known as the family of Anu. This family was more destructive than any human or human group today. This family succeeded at mining so much gold and selling it off to other star systems that Earth’s vibration fell more rapidly than in any other time period preceding their presence. Gold is an essential mineral to Earth’s energy flow; if enough is removed, the energy ceases to move and a cooling of Earth’s surface is the result. Read more

Image of a couple's silhouette underneath the soft moonlight in a field of stars of the nighttime sky. Shakti Relationship Lore #14

Shakti Relationship Lore #14


Twins in Care


The Lore of Cinderella


Care of the Two

The love of the twins

Fosters a repose

Of care

That desires one another

Above all else

In soporiferous notions

That sustains the two

In a beautiful partnership

Of a repose of truth

Of the Self of the Self

Through time

In a union Divine


The Fable of Cinderella


The fable of Cinderella is one of the twins who find one another in diverse circumstances of economic or cultural variances of a theme of affluence. The two find the way to one another regardless of the barriers presented in life. The two generally must overcome many obstacles to be together. Often there are parents or other affiliations in objection over the union. Sometimes there are difficult cultural obligations to overcome in order to consummate the marriage of the two.


The twin formations foster a resolution to the strife over time in order to be as one together. The longing to be as one is a common phenomenon only of twin flame union. Twins are biological opposites in repose that is molecular and attracts in a forensic motion like no other couple if the hypothesis is for marriage. Twins can be straight or gay, fostering long term marriages together.


Twins long for the physical presence of one another more greatly than most other couples through time. The physical presence of a twin calms the mind and fosters the spirit of each throughout the life. Twins are notorious for never departing one another except in death. The death of a twin is a difficult fate at the end of a long-term marriage for the one remaining. The other longs to pass to be with their twin who has died. The death of the second twin is often an occurrence of present-day unions of Cinderella fate of dream. The truth of Cinderella is to be with her twin no matter what others say or the obstacles to be overcome. The truth of Cinderella can be deterred into failure. The failure often breaches the hearts of both leading to a loss of the flavor of love within. Read more

Image of 2 polar bears on ice with the Aurora Borealis in the nighttime background. The White Fur of A Polar Bear

28. The White Fur of A Polar Bear


Blessings for Creating a Complete Ascension in this Lifetime


The Polar Bear Species


We of the Polar Bear Kingdom have much to say to our human brothers and sisters who are ascending. We honor our channel Asur’Ana for making her time and efforts available to transcribe our message into words. This is the 28th piece in a series of materials that has poured forth in the past year and a half from many species wishing to share their insights and blessings with our ascending brothers and sisters in human form.


Nature Reflects Back What Humankind Offers to Experience


Humans who live within or visit the cold snowy regions in which we reside sometimes fear our species. Indeed, Asur’Ana recalls an article she read on an airplane while on her way to Bergen, Norway several years ago about a woman who was caught in the presence of a polar bear in the Arctic Circle. The polar bear circled her for several hours until finally she shot it dead out of fear.


The bear reflected the fear that this woman resides within in her own internal state of being. Had this woman come to a state of peace and perhaps offered the love of her heart unto the bear, the bear would have been filled from within, lost its hunger and left her alone. Alas this woman’s heart was sealed shut, not unlike most humans, due most likely to her own childhood trauma; and so, fear was all that she was capable of exuding and hence the outcome of the dance.


Asur’Ana pondered this experience and came to our species enquiring about the incident. Polar Bear explained that all animals respond to the love one offers; however, if fear is all that is in one’s heart, we then can only emulate the fear offered. Out of the fear, our species created a fearful experience for this woman; however, it was still a reflection of her internal state of being and not our kingdom. Nature is non-conscious fabric. Nature is only capable of reflecting back that which the conscious species such as humankind offers up to be experienced. Nature in and of itself determines nothing; only fully conscious species have the capacity to offer thoughtform that nature is then designed to mirror or reflect.


She pondered this above explanation for a long time, and chose to create an experiment to assist her in better understanding. An opportunity arose for this experiment with another member of our kingdom, the Black Bear. At this time, Asur’Ana and a friend were visiting Miette Hot Springs near Jasper in the Canadian Rockies several summers back. There was a long windy road upon which they were able to view rocky mountain sheep and bighorn sheep nearby, along with wild deer. She had requested that bear present itself unto her, and in response a young black bear had climbed up a tree to nibble upon some berries that day so that she could view bear without feeling afraid. Read more

Image of the soft moonlight in a garden. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #6

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #6


The Fable of the Hierophant


The Force of the Rebel


The Hierophant


The Hierophant

The lore of hierophant

Is a gift of truth

That fails to reason

With all the treason

In the righteousness of the divine

In order to augment

A major change

That blesses the orchestration

Of the dream

In the breath of life

Of the Tao


Parables of the Tarot


The fable of the hierophant is an eloquent expose of the nature of the one who stands to an extreme in the truth of what they believe is correct. The hierophant is a complex dynamic of a force of righteousness that triggers deep apathy or sympathy for a cause. The cause is superfluous systems of life that arise out of the needs and quest of those mastering in peace, integrity, honor and hope. The hierophant takes a stand and sometimes is crucified due to the arbitration of life forces to be surmounted as the fable unfolds in life.


The hierophant is not necessarily a public foray of dream. Sometimes the dream of the hierophant unfolds as a dreamtime foray of experience. The crucifixion can be an energetic blast that harms the field to a point of death or near death. Those introspecting through the hierophant fable are often disheveled in energy flow to a point of becoming ill. If transcended, the hierophant resurrects and reconstitutes him or herself leading to a rebirth into a new life. The new life may not reflect the old life which is generally departed from in shambles.


The new life unfolds with a change of fable. Sometimes the hierophant becomes the justice arcana in the next tale of the life. Sometimes the hierophant becomes the temperance arcana becoming extremely benevolent within and in the expressions with others. Sometimes the hierophant becomes the arcana of strength providing fortitude to recover and carry on and transfuse home. Each fable has its nuances, brilliant moments and strife in life to foster mastery within. Transcendence over difficult happenstance is a force of inner transformation towards forgiveness, compassionate action and divine understanding in many cycles. Read more

Image of the gentle and graceful Quan Yin. Bodhisattva. Ancestor Quan Yin’s Life and Ascension

8. Ancestor Quan Yin’s Life and Ascension


Blessings for Real Biological Ascension


It is Ancestor Quan Yin that greets you today. I will explore a little about my life experience and explain the karma as an ancestor that I am settling at this time of awakening. I too like Buddha am first and foremost an ancestor who ascended to the fourth dimension a long time ago, 28,000 years as Terra (Earth) measures time (112,000 years as humans measure time), and 4,000 Earth years (16,000 human years) before ancestor Buddha ascended. (Please refer to Chapter 7 “Ancestor Buddha’s Life and Ascension” for more information.)


I was born in the Inner Earth to two very beautiful and loving larger headed monks and beloveds. The larger headed humans in the Inner Earth live a very different and separate life from other humans who have smaller heads and focus upon secular preoccupations. The larger headed humans live in a special valley and within their own temples and monasteries that sustain their existence to this day.


The valley that I grew up within is perhaps one of the most scenic regions of all of the Inner Earth, with lush green mountains and waterfalls, streams and rivers, and stalactite mineral ceilings high above that shimmer rainbows of color due to the play of light from the Aurora. Some have called this region “Shangri-La”, and indeed in other time periods there were visitors from the outer Earth that would venture to this region seeking the spiritual counsel of the elders of our monasteries.


I was born a hermaphrodite, or in other terms with both sexual organs of a man and a woman. Before I was born, my mother received a vision of my future ascension, and that it was necessary for me to balance both male and female within in order to accomplish this task. This is why I chose genetics that allowed for the expression and hormones of both a man and a woman and in order to ascend alone. Most ascending humans in this time period were couples that chose a life of the beloved and ascended together. Those who chose to ascend in the single chose a specific set of genetics that were different in order to compensate for having a life path alone.


There had been a large travesty 2,000 Earth years (8,000 years as humans measure time) prior to my incarnation. The underlying cause was not exactly understood by the Inner Earth spiritual elite of the time. Now and due to the ascension of the map carvers upon the surface of the Earth, we know of a group of humans from the Pleiades, the family of Anu, fell into terrible discord and to a point of warring upon one another culminating in a nuclear annihilation. This annihilation caused patterns and problems that were not understood at the time. The dream for the Inner Earth humans had been badly shattered. It was my cause to repair the dream as well as the damage to the DNA and set in motion peace in the Inner Earth human civilization through my ascension. Read more

Image of a noble looking rainbow parrot. Angel Archive #7

Angel Archive #7: Sacred Grains


Sacred grains are a necessity for all light wave humans. Wheat is an inflammatory substance. Wheat causes the cells to inhale water and grow to be plump. The plump figure is almost normal today for many humans who consume too much wheat. Wheat is a poison how it is raised and processed in today’s society. Ancient grains on the other hand are useful to the heart and mind.


Wheat Problem


One major problem is that a short grain wheat strain was chosen for most farmers that is more productive but low in protein and high in sugars. Hypoglycemia is almost a norm for humans now as a result who eat more than they should due to dropping blood sugar levels. The high sugars of wheat cause a low sugar reaction and starvation symptom of humanity. Out of starvation, most eat far more than is needed; and in light wave motion to an extreme the obesity of the body is a sure sign of death ahead. Swelling is a sign that you are eating too much wheat. Eliminate the wheat and you will slim down to normal proportions ahead. Choose for other grains when needed and you will feed the body what you need and not a poison of humanity.


Stevia as a Sugar Substitute


Ancient grains are best for all star seeds to consume. Ancient grains are higher in protein and have the right sugars for the mind. The mind needs some sugars to stay straight through time. Simple sugars such as glucose are a complex topic for the mind and body in light wave motion. Simple sugars cause the heart to race and the pancreas to over produce insulin. The cells then eat too much simple sugar and over heat the body leading to diseases through time. Stevia is the best substitute for sugar as it is a mind bend not. Fructose from fruit and not a powder is also helpful to the mind every day. Fructose as a powder causes parallel problems as glucose to the heart and cells.


Some ingenious health food companies are making their way to chocolate or other candies that are stevia based. If you cannot find a candy of this stature, foster a chai tea with stevia and soy milk and see if this settles your adroit need to satisfy yourself in the sweet taste buds of you.


Junk Food


(NOTE: Asur’Ana abstains from wines and all alcoholic drinks. This section is written at the Archangels’ request.)


If the mind is bent and you need “junk food not” then think about red wine. Red wine is very helpful to the sugars of the mind. It is a fermented food that aids digestion. The blood thrives on red wine. Have a glass and do not worry about it as the alcohol vaporizes in the blood in extreme light. White wine and rose are also sometimes useful to the brain function of you so muscle test what is best. Wine detoxifies the pancreas, supports the liver, aids the spleen, and nurtures the mind. Read more