Image of a radiant heart in the midst of flowers. Introduction To Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension-Workbook 1

Introduction To Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1


Book’s Introduction         


The workbook and worksheets compiled in these materials represent the knowledge and understanding gained for the past several years of group ascension associated with the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). Earth has always been involved in the ascent of Asur’Ana and Per along with those studying with them in dreamtime, as it is only as enough is understood about the ancient human history that all may ascend. No records exist of human history; records have had to be compiled from those who ascended and in so doing, released the records held stored in their own biology. As enough of each ancestry has ascended, a more “whole or complete” picture could be put together of the human dream.


More has been revealed about the nature of the Anu as well as the ancient red seeded race and larger headed humans. This information is shared within these pages so that it may trigger one’s own personal karma. As karma is triggered, there is an opportunity to forgive. Through forgiveness, the suffering, pain, judgment and atrocities of the past can be wiped clean and clear so that there can be a new beginning and new era born for humankind. This is the purpose of ascension; to acknowledge the dance of one’s ancestry and to forgive. As enough forgive, a new day will then be born. This requires more to focus inward upon the spiritual goals of transcendence and mastery. This is the purpose for which the materials in this workbook have come forth; to provide guidance for one’s own choice to master internal to self.


Mastery is not a small goal; it is a goal that one’s ancestors have longed for in many time periods and fell unfulfilled upon due to circumstance that was not supportive of evolution. Now there are frequencies emanating from the Great Central Sun that allow for evolution to take hold. Now therefore is an opportunity to fulfill upon these important spiritual goals. For most reading these materials, it is one’s ancestors that press one forward, for it is only as one forgives that they too may forgive and release their karma associated with one’s tapestry of ancestry.


We invite you therefore to proceed through the following pages of written materials followed by guided worksheets for introspection. If you feel confused, we guide you to read the Ascension Insights series in the order that each book was published. These books can be read on the Aligning With Earth website for free or they can be purchased as eBooks on the website or on Amazon Kindle. The materials in these books will prepare one for the introspection offered through these materials. Also, please refer to the Language of Light information for support of your goal of evolution. As you perceive certain glyphs that are helpful to the intentions you have made, feel free to print out full sized images and hang them upon your walls. The images will remind you to move the energy in a particular way that will allow for continued evolution.


We suggest reading the information in the order that it was compiled. The teachings build upon themselves in this workbook for easier understanding the further that one proceeds. Understand that ascension is not a direct science; it is a path that one chooses for spiritual evolution. Ascension is an inner job where one chooses to focus inward and become aware of the unconscious and nonphysical realms that surround oneself as well as be in observation of one’s own thoughts and behavior.


In the self-observation, one will begin to perceive the thoughtform one is operating within and then can choose through conscious intention to modify it to allow for greater unity within. As unity develops within, then a unity-based dream can be drawn to oneself that allows for a life experience of greater joy and communion between body, soul and Earth as well as with one’s fellow humans.


This is the sincere purpose of this workbook; to allow humans working with these materials to move towards greater unity within. As enough humans ascend into unity, the paradigm of unity will become global thoughtform. As unity becomes the prevailing dream, all other humans shall be pulled into a new dream that is unity based. As this occurs, many of the difficulties facing humanity in the times of cleansing ahead will simply evaporate into a new era of peace, joy and prosperity and enough for all. This is the hope and dream of Earth for the human species.


Many Blessings,

Mother Earth


Aloha Pumehana,

Asur’Ana and Per


Introduction to the Teachings of This Workbook                


Earth invites you to take the time and allow her to share a little about the dream for those studying these materials. This information is designed to restore harmony amongst humans. For a very long time (over 38,000 Earth years or 152,000 human years), humanity has existed in great disharmony and a split dream. There are Reptilian dreams, Pleiadian dreams and Sirian dreams anchored in the human species. These dreams are non-resonant with each other.


The vast discord in the human species is the result of non-resonant dreams. Those in the Reptilian dream approach life from one perspective. Those in a Pleiadian dream approach life from another perspective and those in a Sirian dream from yet another perspective. Those in variant dreams do not understand one another and from the misunderstanding inherent in the scripts in each dream, discord occurs and often to such a great degree that wars emerge amongst nations.


Pleiadian, Sirian and Reptilian Dreams   


Reptilian dreams create an archetypal nature that one can see prevails in the East, and in particular in China and Japan. This archetypal nature values tradition founded upon ancient family ties. Both China and Japan have rather rigid cultures in which there are strict laws about what is allowed and what is not allowed. These cultures are gradually becoming more fluid due to influence of a western Pleiadian dream over the past half century, in particular in Japan and Singapore.


Those in a Pleiadian dream are primarily in the West, and live in Europe, Canada, the United States or Australia. The Pleiadian dream creates a culture founded upon economic gain or greed. Greed and gain are more important than family in the Pleiadian scripts. This is one reason that those who are white and from the West do not understand the family ties and importance of these ties to those in the East, nor do those in the East understand how profit and gain can be more important than family ties.


However, throughout the West, there are pockets of Red Sirian dream intermixed; the reasons for this are the large number of indigenous tribes residing upon the land up until recent centuries. The tug of war between the Sirian and Pleiadian dream can be seen in the manner in which the indigenous cultures have been shattered, as this is the effect of the electrical flow upon magnetic energy. The Sirian dream is the only magnetic dream upon Earth; Pleiadian and Reptilian dreams are each electrical in nature.


Those in present time living upon land with a Sirian dream remaining from the indigenous tribes once inhabiting it may find the dream more unity-based. This is so for all except for Europe, which has few pockets of Sirian dreams. Europe has the purest Pleiadian dream remaining upon Earth; and in so being, it has a stifling control over the population and the most difficulty allowing for ascension.


Some regions in the US and Canada along with Australia exist in a primarily Sirian dream; this is so for the Western US and Western Canada and most of Australia outside of the cities and suburbs. Australia is the most interesting of all as there is far less Pleiadian dream woven into the red Sirian dream upon this land, even in the cities, leading to greater freedom of expression down under than in any other Western Nation. The freedom can be seen in all facets of life down under, including the ability to use drugs for personal use (such as marijuana provided one grows it at home).


Europe has the most rigidity of Pleiadian dream along with the East Coast of the US and Canada. The reason for this is that these regions are loaded with electrical flow that the Anu themselves used to constrain the slave nations as they procreated out of control in numbers. The East Coast of the US and Canada was also used at another time as a concentration camp for the sick, unwanted and deformed or aged Anu slaves. Billions are recorded to have died in this region during the reign of the Anu (Greek and Roman Gods) much as Hitler annihilated the Jews and Gypsies this century past. Those in this region exist in a rigid set of Pleiadian dream divided by many electrical grids; the electricity in the land causes humans to be agitated but work hard, as this is the associated electrical based dream.


In Europe, the electrical dream is about prosperity and greed. Here one will find that the pressure to manifest wealth to have any value at all in society is the greatest. Perhaps this is why the world banks exist in Europe and attempt to control the world political scene driving it towards their own prosperity, as this is the only means in this dream to have any worth. The reason for this is the manner in which the Anu slave nation was held in a dream by the Anu for the Anu’s own entertainment and enjoyment. The Anu became increasingly bored without anyone to dance with; and so, they created a slave nation in their own “likeness” of half Anu and half red nation Native American DNA.


The Anu slave nation was allowed to create their own form of governance, with all the dynamics that one experiences today in most western-based societies. There is education for the young or the mature that choose to change careers; each has a career and contributes to society, and in return is “paid” something for their contribution. Each is charged rent and taxed by those in power in governance, or in other terms the Anu themselves. The Anu taxed their slaves for the privilege of existing; this is where the thoughtform of taxation originates in the human dance.


The Anu slave civilization flourished for 8,000 Earth years (32,000 human years). The region where this city of slaves was constructed now exists in the region known as Greece. Mt. Olympus, the home of the Anu, is now under the ocean, but was once a vast mountain with a pyramid on top that the Anu used to regenerate their forms with electrical geometry. This pyramid, along with the pyramids in Egypt, generate the electricity necessary to suspend the Pleiadian dream upon Earth even to this day.


Earth is in the process of altering the electrical geometry, and as this occurs, the very charge that holds a Pleiadian or Reptilian dream upon Earth shall fade. As this occurs, these dreams shall be removed and replaced solely with a Sirian based magnetic dream from the Great Central Sun. Those of Sirian inheritance will simply attune to the new dream and live it.


The rigidity of dream for those living on land once associated with the Reptilians or Pleiadians will lift as the majority upon the land ascends into a Red Sirian dream. Only the Red Sirian dream is resonant with the Great Central Sun and is the only dream that can pass through the boundaries of the Sun in roughly 25 years’ time. To be compatible with the holographic flow of the Great Central Sun, humans must ascend into a Red Sirian dream in the coming 2 decades or so. This is the dream that the Tao and Great Central Sun have intervened to make possible.


The Reptilian dream is as electrical as the Pleiadian dream, but is from Alpha Centauri and not the Pleiades. Over 60,000 Earth years ago (240,000 human years), Reptilians came to Earth thinking that it could be their new home. The magnetic pulsations of Earth were so great that it made the Reptilians ill. They remained only 600 years in Earth’s records (2,400 human years) and interbred with the Mongolian (Inuit) and Tibetan Root Races primarily leaving Thai, Japanese and Chinese peoples as their present day offspring. The Reptilians anchored a dream from Alpha Centauri at the time that they interbred, and this is the dream that the ancestors in present time are most attracted to genetically speaking.


There are pockets of red nation people living in India and the Middle East along with China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. However, there are also pockets of Pleiadian dreams in the East. In the Middle East and India, there are about 3% population of offspring associated with another breed of slave that Merduk, in particular, bred during his thousand years of war upon Innana. These slaves were red in appearance but were bred to hate. They had only 1,024 segments of DNA and had no conscience or respect for others. These slaves in present time have ended up the terrorists and fanatical humans throughout the Pleiadian dream. [One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


In the West, these humans are often fundamentalist Christians. They would never outright kill another from their belief in being non-violent, but they would like to. The dream in the West does not allow for the extreme expression of violence, and so this does not manifest except in the odd occasion that there is karma for it between parties.


In the Middle East and India, there is a merger of the Reptilian and the Pleiadian dreams that Merduk cast for the fundamentalist destructive slaves. This is why there is the expression of fundamentalist Muslim religions with the terrorism and abuse in these regions. However, there has also been terrorist type behavior also expressed in Africa and South America where torture and violence have prevailed in different time periods. All expressions of torture and terrorism are the result of the limited genetics of this warrior type of slave designed to destroy others, whether the expression is in the East or West.


In India, terrorism is less prevalent but the caste system reins. In the cast system are the untouchables; humans so unworthy that they will not be helped. This thoughtform occurred in the Anu slave experience only after the creation of the warrior slaves; the addition of the limited thoughtform of the warrior slaves to the Reptilian dream in the East lead to the thoughtform of caste systems so rigid that people were left to suffer without anyone choosing to reach out and help.


DNA and Dreams         


One lives in a dream that is associated by and large with the dominant DNA in the field and form. Through ascension, one begins to modify the DNA through conscious will and intention. This is a biological phenomenon that translates into a new biology that is regenerative and crystalline in form. A biology that regenerates is less likely to become ill.


As enough of the Pleiadian, Anu Slave or Reptilian DNA is modified in ascension to become Red Sirian and crystalline, then one can begin to attune to a Sirian dream. The Sirian dream is holographic in nature and is resonant with the Great Central Sun. This dream is made available at this time due to the ascent of Earth along with a few mastering the upper initiations in human form. Each must choose to ascend into resonant DNA in order to attune to this dream. This is the dream for unity, peace and unconditional love that each longs for within their heart.


The Sirian red nation dream is fluid and harmonious. There is not the rigidity of script as in the Pleiadian or Reptilian dreams. Humans were designed to be a cast of characters that dance together to learn spiritual lessons for the purposes of the evolution of spirit or soul. Soul directs the scripts to allow for the dance to alter, expanding consciousness increasingly until the body and soul merge as one vessel over time. Ascension makes this possible.


Scripts and Dreams     


Scripts are projected onto each human form to cause the dance of life through the dream that one attracts in the field. Pleiadian scripts create humans that live together much as one perceives now in the West. Reptilian scripts, which are equally rigid to Pleiadian scripts, create humans that live together much as one perceives now in the East. Africa and South America host dreams that are primarily Sirian, but are interspersed with small pockets of Pleiadian dreams where white folk have relocated from Europe; or Reptilian dreams where Asians have relocated from the East.


As a matter of fact, there is such great relocation due to the development of technology that some of each root race and lineage along with dream are upon each continent and in each country, and in particular in the larger cities global wide. The cause of this goes back to Atlantis, during which many from one culture relocated unto another, and left their dream present upon the land. Cities are a composite of dreams from all three-star systems (Pleiadian, Reptilian and Sirian) in smaller and more condensed regions. “China Town” or “Japan Town” along with all shops, restaurants, acupuncture clinics and herbal shops in most cities is constructed within a Reptilian dream; the parks and open spaces are constructed within a Sirian dream; and the high rises, business centers and apartments are constructed within a Pleiadian dream.


Each of such dreams is held together through what Asur’Ana has called “Matrixes”. Matrixes are halls of mirrors that connect creations of different origins unto Earth. The only dream that does not exist within a matrix is the Sirian dream. The magnetic Sirian dream originated from your Great Central Sun and therefore requires no foreign interconnections from any other creation. Reptilian matrixes extend to Alpha Centauri and Pleiadian Annanuki based Matrixes extend to the Pleiades. In a sense, one can think of the matrixes as extensions of the Pleiades or Alpha Centauri upon Earth.


Building Structures and Dreams    


Pleiadian matrixes tend to be box like. The construction style in most cities with high-rises made of glass, steel and marble emulate the Pleiadian matrixes. Matrixes from Alpha Centauri tend to be angular but with greater ornamentation; hence the arches and angles along with décor in Thai, Chinese or Japanese architecture. One can see how many Pleiadian matrixes also exist within Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, as they are large cities that emulate the associated style of construction.


These matrixes came to be in these regions as those of Anu and Anu slave inheritance relocated into the Reptilian dream during the era of Atlantis, and anchored their own matrixes therein. In China Town in any city, in parallel manner those of Reptilian inheritance relocated unto a primarily Anu based dream and anchored their own matrixes therein. The only region in any city or town that does not have Reptilian or Pleiadian matrixes is the open space or parks or botanical gardens. These areas are where the Sirian dream still exists in present time.


The Sirian dream does host a type of architecture, but one more akin to what was in South America, Hawaii or Africa before the “white man” discovered that such places existed. Africans lived in mud houses or grass huts; Native Americans lived in Tee Pees or in dwellings more associated with the natural condition; Hawaiians lived in grass huts. Those of indigenous red origins and in the Sirian dream will use natural resonant resources in the construction of the housing for their tribes.


Those who move into regions with greater open space in present time tend to attune to a Sirian dream. It may be for this reason that there is greater peace and caring amongst humans that live in the countryside in comparison to those that live in the city. The Sirian dream causes a certain level of unity to emerge amongst all human scripts through the dream broadcast. Therefore, life in the country may be very different than life in the city, with folk caring more for one another and looking after one another to a greater degree.


The sales associate for the hotel that Asur’Ana and Per met last year in Jasper chose to relocate to Calgary, a major Canadian city. She and her family lasted in Calgary only 3 weeks and due to the noise, congestion and fear returned home to the country town of Jasper. In Jasper, they said, they could leave their door unlocked, as the neighbors would watch out for them. This is an example of the difference is the nature of a Pleiadian and Sirian dream, and the affect it has upon the human scripts for those associated and living in any region.


The Pleiadian and Reptilian scripts are fear based. They are fear based due to the large amount of electricity running through the dream. The electricity fractures the scripts causing extreme polarity. The extremes lead to extreme behavior of insanity, crimes of all kinds including murder, and the corrupt nature of those in power and in charge. Power in the Pleiadian and Reptilian dream is associated with energetic size and abuse; the larger and more abusive a field in the unconscious, the more power one will have.


Power and Dreams      


Pleiadian power dreams involve inflating the field up to 100 or more times larger than all others, especially for those associated with governance over any sector of civilization. Reptilian power is a little different as it involves encompassing each that one is in charge over. For this reason, large corporations have a family feeling in the East and one’s boss may be viewed in a parallel manner to one’s parent. The Reptilian leader creates a field 1,000 to 10,000 times larger than the individual, and the field holds within it in small boxes or rectangles of energy flow of each the leader is in power over. It may be for this reason that many Eastern based companies try to take care of employees for life and if they fail to do so, are perceived as having betrayed their “family” or employees.


Pleiadian power is held through the magnification of field. The field of the leader is magnified 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 times larger than the individual. The level of magnification denotes the size of power; those magnifying the field 10,000 times end up president or CEO; those 1,000 times the manager or president of a division; those 100 times the boss over a department. This is also so within the Reptilian dream. One can see in this why leadership ages the form so in the Pleiadian and Reptilian dreams, as there is that much more electricity running through it in association with power.


Sirian dreams on the other hand do not magnify power. All power is held relatively evenly throughout the group. This creates a tribal environment in which each is valued for the contribution unto the whole. Small towns that have fewer of great wealth or great poverty are an example of a Sirian dream in the West. Until recently upon the Big Island where Asur’Ana lived, there has been no extreme wealth and no extreme poverty; everyone gets by. Business owners have told her repeatedly over time that they have been in business for 30 years and have always manifest enough; and never starved. This is a Sirian dream in action.


As of late, more and more Pleiadian matrixes are encroaching upon the Sirian dream upon the Big Island. These matrixes are relocated unto Hawaii through large development companies that press Pleiadian matrixes into the land wherever their resorts are constructed. Why are these companies doing this? There is more chi in Hawaii and the group soul associated with the company is after the “chi” available to strip in the islands.


Group souls are dragons and serpents blended into a confused configuration that cannot ascend. They also take chi to a great degree to carry on in their dance. Ascending humans are learning to break up group souls so that real souls may enter the human dream allowing for ascension to take off to a greater degree. If one has a group soul encounter that is defiling one’s field, one simply intends to break up the serpents and dragons and so it is. Then one sends the pieces and parts to the Aurora for recasting.


More recently, Kailua-Kona (where Asur’Ana has lived for 2 years) was noted as the 10th priciest region in the United States. Why does unity-based petal dream regions create equality of profit amongst businesses and homeowners? Ascension causes a clearing and cleansing of the land and within the region that is valued more than non-ascending regions. This calls those of Anu nature to the region, which then alters the dream into extremes of profit and gain on one end of the polarity and poverty and hunger on the other end. Indeed, there is now more poverty upon the Big Island than a few years back due to the shift into extreme polarity in dream and this is expressed through the ongoing drives for food from the food bank to feed the poor. Homelessness also appears to be on the rise the past few years.


Clarity of Dream and Wealth


Non-ascending regions are often the dump sites that humans place their waste or the inner cities or run down country towns throughout the human dream. One will see that there are places where the Sirian and Pleiadian or Sirian and Reptilian dreams collide; these regions are often confused in nature with little planning or orchestration of dream, and as a result are reflected in physicality as a run down region or junk yard. As humans ascend near such pockets of dissonant dream, the area will be brought into a resonant and Sirian dream. The result of this is that humans will begin to beautify the region again; or in other terms, clean up the junk and repair what is falling apart.


How and why is this so? One begins to straighten out the dream surrounding oneself as one ascends. Where the dreams converge, perhaps one will override the dream with a Sirian dream, removing the Pleiadian and Reptilian offshoots. This causes the dream surrounding oneself to become increasingly congruent. As this occurs, there will be less crime and more harmony among the humans that live within the associated dream. One initiate in the Middle East and living in Abu Dhabi noted how peaceful this large city with over a million inhabitants has become. Why is this so? There is a congruent dream that has been rewoven through himself and all others who are ascending, and a congruent Sirian dream leads to peaceful relations and scripts amongst humans.


For those reading this workbook, one can become increasingly aware of the dream surrounding where one lives or frequents. One can consciously choose to reweave the dream in association with Earth to come to greater harmony surrounding oneself and of Sirian energy flow. In the 4 years that Asur’Ana lived in Honolulu; this city had the lowest crime rate of any other major city in the United States. She rewove the dream in a manner that allowed for greater peace and out of such, there was less crime.


The new dream also caused much of Honolulu to be reconstructed and beautified; for as one reweaves the dream, one also beautifies the region. Asur’Ana let the ancestors have a hand in weaving the new dream for Honolulu; up popped tiki torches and waterfalls along with bandstands along Waikiki beach, where the locals could perform music or hula in the park. The ancestors allowed the beauty to return to Honolulu by holding the vision for it through the new dream and one can do so wherever one lives as an ascending being.


There is also beauty in Nature and in the parks and open spaces. Asur’Ana and Per often visit the botanical gardens in any city worldwide that they frequent for any time. In the botanical garden is a Sirian dream, and this feels better for them, allowing them to heal from the long plane rides or other travel associated with their journeys. Asur’Ana and Per can also bless the botanical garden and expand upon the Sirian dream within the city. This will allow the footing for a Sirian dream to one day become the foundation from which the entire region functions. As this occurs, there will be little crime and more harmony between all human inhabitants, much like Honolulu.


Ascending Communities


This is what the community program that Asur’Ana and Per are directing in their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) is all about; learning what it takes to ascend a group of humans into a Sirian dream that is harmonious together. The harmony together will be experienced via one’s friendships that develop along with at larger events. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


In time, those who desire to create a self-sustaining environment together to live within will be guided to locate land and develop a new form of community. Ascending communities will have an opportunity to anchor patterning from past human civilizations that were peaceful and unity based and existed during the Grand Master cycles that prevailed throughout Earth’s history. This information is to be gathered through DAS dreamtime meetings in the year and years ahead and be applied to the collective Sirian human dream. Over time, this shall lead to peace amongst all humans and peace in and between all nations, as the Sirian dream becomes the dominant dream for humankind.


The communities of the future shall demonstrate non-death or non-deterioration upon the physical plane. The reason for the non-deterioration of the clothes and building structures associated with ascending community shall be the mirror that the community’s internal biological structure reflects back upon those who are living together from the land. If each in the community has ascended into regenerative biology, then the mirror of the structures upon the land that they reside should also regenerate, or in other terms, fail to age or degenerate.


Degeneration and Dream         


In the current paradigm, everything degenerates. This is a mirror of a biology that ages, becomes diseased or crippled, or dies. As humans cease to age, so will everything else cease to degenerate. This will also be so for nature, which may not have the death and rebirth cycles into the future either. Such is the nature of the crystalline form. Degeneration of all kinds is the result of the loss of molecules. The crystalline form does not lose molecules over time.


Over time, any human form at 2 segments of DNA loses its molecules. If one thinks of a child as having 100% of all possible molecules, then by age 15 they have lost 10% of their structure; by age 30, 30% of the molecular vibrancy has been lost; by 45, 50% of the molecular vibrancy has been lost and by 60, 75 % has been lost. No wonder few live beyond age 70; and those that do tend to take molecules from others and this is how they extend their lives.


In parallel manner, any new object such as a car or clothes or a home has 100% of its molecules when it is new. Over time, the object begins to lose molecules and deteriorates. If enough time is allowed, holes may appear in the clothes or rust within the car and the house will fall apart. The only objects that appear not to degenerate are silica based coming from fossil fuels such as plastic and polyester.


Why does plastic and polyester fail to lose its molecules over time? All silica-based devices were brought to Earth in a dream from the Pleiades along with the Anu. In the dream of the Anu, these devices do not deteriorate, as deterioration or aging was never a part of the Pleiadian dream. If anything, the Pleiadian Anu tried to extend their lives up to 18,000 years. This translated into endless and ageless forms, which also became a part of the dream for their building structures, gardens and technological gadgets. Anything derived from their dream therefore will not deteriorate.


So why do non-plastic or objects made of natural world fibers deteriorate? The natural world is a reflection of human thoughtform. Humans have fallen into thoughtform that believes that one loses molecules over time. As humans fell into such thoughtform, so did nature; and so natural fibers and materials lose their molecules over time and age just as human form ages. Furthermore, all nature kingdoms age along with humankind, as they too have fallen into parallel thoughtform.


As humans ascend into regenerative biology, they shall also ascend into regenerative thoughtform. As regenerative thoughtform becomes the foundation of the global dream, so will all other kingdoms ascend into the regenerative paradigm and cease to age or die. As this occurs, all materials from the natural world will cease to lose molecules over time; therefore, anything constructed from materials in the natural world will also cease to age or deteriorate over time. Ascending communities may therefore wish to construct their living environment from ascending trees or other natural ascending materials. In so doing, the community structures, clothes or gadgets need not age or lose molecules over time.


Humans living in the current system of degeneration lose a tremendous amount of chi through the holes in the molecules of the deteriorating structures that one surrounds oneself with. It is for this reason that living in an old city, even if it is newly refurbished, is problematic; for the aging process leaves increasing numbers of holes and gaps in the molecular structures of the buildings and streets of any city. The increasing gaps allow the first dimension to reach through into the third dimension, and suck one’s chi. So much chi is taken through the cities that it is difficult to ascend much beyond 1,024 at this time in history.


For those devoted to ascension, it is for this reason that it is important to relocate unto the country or to less populated regions and upon ascending land. There are some regions ascending more greatly, even if they host a city environment upon them, as they are located under a major chakra center. The chakra generates more chi, providing more energy to ascend, in spite of the drain of the current modality of construction of the city.


One way to protect oneself from the manner in which the first dimension reaches through one’s home, office, car, train or plane is to place a golden grid along the walls and floors of the structure with the intention that one is sealing the molecules into the first dimension; in so intending this, one will minimize the loss of chi through one’s home, office or car or travel, or the cities one may frequent. This has successfully allowed Asur’Ana and Per to travel and stay for short times in dense cities without drastically affecting their ability to ascend.


Another solution is to live in a relatively new house or neighborhood where there inherently are fewer gaps in the molecular structure to begin with. For one’s own home or car or clothing, one can fill in the molecules that would leave over time allowing one’s own possessions to cease to deteriorate. Where do the molecules go? Some of the molecular structure is stripped by nonphysical forces such as the False Intervention. Some of the molecular structure goes to the dream of the new construction or new clothing, furnishings or car industries through their associated group souls.


One can cease to allow oneself to have agreements for the false intervention or the group soul dream of any industry and in so doing, be able to retrieve the lost molecules for the home one lives within or possessions that surrounds oneself. In so being, one is less likely to lose chi through such things as an ascending being. This is an interim solution that may allow one’s ascension to come forth in greater ease until the new paradigm of non-degeneration is anchored in full throughout the world.


Asur’Ana and Per have still found that minimal possessions is key to ascension; the less that one owns, the less that one is attached unto, and the less chi that one loses. There may be no manner of ascending without giving up most of one’s possessions over time. This is so for those moving on to 9,000 DNA segments in particular. For those resting at 3,000 segments, it is less important, but will still age the form if one owns too much. For those moving on to 9,000 segments, the possessions, including family and friends, begin to weigh hard upon the field; and must be left behind. It is perhaps for this reason that ascending to this level be best left to those willing to make all the changes necessary so that they do not ascend into disease. The pull of possessions or any form of attachment underlies all disease in human form.


In the Inner Earth, the dream associated does not degenerate. In the Inner Earth, buildings are constructed of materials that do not age and are resonant with Earth. Unfortunately, technology has also developed for transportation, communication, heating, cooling and computers that is radioactive. This technology is no more resonant with Earth than electrical based technology that surface Earth humans have developed, and is in the process of being detoxified at this time of global ascension. The Inner Earth people are going to have to live without their technological comforts far sooner than the outer Earth’s peoples as a result. This will also be so for outer Earth humans in the quarter century ahead.


Electricity and Friction


One of the visions that Earth holds for the Community Program in DAS is to develop communities that are free of electricity, but filled with technological comforts that are non-electrical in nature. It is perceived that electricity is one of the main causes of friction between humans and if humans are to learn to live together in enough peace to ascend as a group, then electricity may require being left behind in the now.


Electricity also tends to continue to call a Pleiadian or Reptilian dream to the dance; and the blending of these dreams with Sirian magnetic dreams only creates friction. To eliminate the friction, one may also require eliminating the electricity. Earth has no problem with gadgets that make life in the physical more comfortable; however, she asks that the gadgets be resonant with her field and ceases to interfere with her ascension. Electricity as well as radiation interferes with global ascension from Earth’s point of view.


Humans also need to work less and make time for more introspection, as this is the foundation of the spiritual evolutionary process. There have been many communes and communities that have formed in the last century. One of such communities was known as the “Amana Colony”. The Amana Company produced many types of products including a stove, heater and refrigerator that were well known in the United States in the 50’s and 60’s.


The Amana Colonies were formed as some German families relocated to the United States and purchased land together in the mid 1800s. They created a self-sustaining community amongst them. The Amana colony grew their own food and raised their own cattle. One colony member was sent to medical school each generation to become the community doctor.


When the community was at the height of its creative expression, each of the 100 members worked no more than 4 hours per day. This was all that was required to manufacture the products that they sold, but also to raise, harvest and cook the food. The Amana Colonies also ran a restaurant where they served the public on weekends. Over time the family members chose to separate and eventually sold off some of the land. The community no longer exists today, although there are still restaurants that serve some food grown from the land along with wines made of elderberries, cherries and dandelions.


The point Earth wishes to make here is that each of the residents only had to work four hours per day to fulfill upon all tasks necessary to the community, including cleaning, laundry, cooking, farming, harvesting, and producing products for sale, and running the restaurant. Earth perceives that this sort of set up would work again in present time for the ascending communities that may be born through this program, and that each will have time for their own spiritual inner work as a result. This is perhaps the largest gift of pulling together as a collaborative in a self-sustainable format.


Self Sustainability       


Self-sustainable thoughtform has to do with the recycling of any waste that those in the community create. Waste being waste matter and also unused goods. Unused goods will become less so if there is little deterioration upon the physical plane and of one’s dwelling environment. Most of the trash humans produce today is not only of toxic wastes from the use of petrol chemicals, but also possessions that have deteriorated to a point of worthlessness.


Instead of recycling these possessions into something useful, they are thrown into dump yards, and pile up to a point of destroying the land. Some are placed into landfill where it is hoped that the materials will decompose; but alas many of the materials used in the possessions are silica based, and may take another 100 years or more to fully decompose as there is enough heat and bacteria produced by Earth to do so.


So why do humans throw away when they could recycle? If all were recycled, there would be no need for the continued production of crude oil into products that could be re-used through recycling. There have been enough petrol fuels harvested in the past 100 years to recreate every possession derived from such fuels 100 times over in Earth’s estimate. This includes the plastics used in all of the forms that they are used. Humans have moved into a waste-driven society, especially in the West.


How and why is this so? With employers taking more and more chi from the employees, there is no energy to clean up after oneself, let alone recycle. Humans are so tired of the slavery that they live within that they seek out fast and frozen food instead of creating nutritious home cooked meals, and purchase meals in disposable containers rather than utilizing utensils that must be washed. Humans are tired because the Pleiadian and Reptilian dreams takes 60% of one’s chi, which goes to the Pleiades or Alpha Centauri based upon biological agreements. With most of one’s chi going to other creations, it is no wonder that humans try to expend as little energy as possible thereby purchasing products in containers that are thrown away rather than washed.


There are also those of key Anu or Reptilian inheritance that take of one’s chi through personal or regional association. Often such lineages end up in power in all industries including the government and the company that one works for. In the state of power, these humans strip all others associated of chi sending it to other creations. As one ascends, one will step out of the power game with all others, retrieving one’s power to live one’s own life and continue to evolve. This breaks the cycle of tiredness as one no longer gives so greatly unto others of one’s chi.


As one modifies DNA from Pleiadian or Reptilian ancestors, the agreements to give of one’s life force can be altered and the giving of chi to dying creations ceases. Then one will have enough chi to not only ascend, but take the time to give to oneself home cooked meals, homemade clothes, or in other terms, bring an end to the consumptive lifestyle that most humans live within through one’s conscious freewill choice.


Solid boundaries are required in order to cease to give chi to others. As one molds one’s boundaries to support ascension, one’s relations to all others alters, and one will find that one has enough chi to continue to ascend, and live one’s life, and fulfill upon one’s purpose upon the physical plane. This too is the goal of this workbook; to teach initiates what to focus upon to mold one’s dream and boundaries for ascension as well as for unity and joy.


New Scripts for Community  


Dreams cast a set of scripts that one may attune unto and anchor into the field. Then as one repeatedly intends the dream that the script offers, sooner or later the dream will come to fruition in the dance of life. Earth is making available scripts for preoccupations that serve ascension to those who are entering the Sirian dream. So, this will be offered to each who is ascending into the new consensus. The new consensus is essentially a Sirian dream of unity.


In a community environment, a set of scripts will be offered that will allow each to contribute something and receive something in return and in equal balance to what was given. As each gives and receives in balance, balance within the community shall be retained. As balance is retained, there will be fewer struggles between the individuals, and folk will find themselves living in harmony and unity with one another.


There need not be boredom in community. Each can rise to fulfill upon a particular script that would bring the body joy to make manifest. Does one wish to cook for the community for a time? Then one will attune to the script for the cooking and the recipes that Earth is providing to create something delicious from whatever is harvested each season from the community garden. One will find oneself having creative experiences in the kitchen in this role.


Does one wish to work in the garden? Then one will attune to the script and learn to work with the consciousness of each kingdom in order to create beautiful and tasty fruits, nuts and vegetables that all in the community will enjoy eating. Does one wish to create herbs that support the health and ascension of those in the community? Then one will attune to the script for the herb garden and fulfill upon raising the herbs and making the tinctures; and then perhaps diagnosing the needs of others that are having ailments of one sort or another.


Does one wish to create beautiful art for the grounds or structures of the community? One may be involved in creating all kinds of useful utensils and objects from natural resources upon the property where the community resides. One may attune to a dream for basket weaving and the weaving of fabric for clothing, bedding or furnishings and fulfill upon this. Perhaps one will attune to a dream of jewelry making to adorn oneself or others; or the dream of furniture making from ascending wood or bamboo.


Does one wish to beautify the grounds that surround the property for each to enjoy? Then one may attune to a dream for planting flowers and trees that allow a garden to grow for all to live within. The dreams of the future will have humans working with nature to produce the vision called for in the dream. If one envisions a tree growing only so high or a bush only so far, the bush or tree will attune to one’s vision and only grow so big, allowing the remainder of their energy to be put towards regeneration and continued ascension. In so being, pruning the garden may not be necessary, and one can leave behind such acts of violence unto nature in so doing.


There are many new dreams surrounding the creation of community in the new paradigm to be explored in these written materials ahead. Humans create what they do as it is the only dream that they can envision. In these transmissions, Earth hopes to offer a new ascending dream to which humans may attune.


Within this dream, the concepts that are assumed to be an inherent way of being and that are accepted only because it is all that one has known up until now shall be challenged; new concepts shall be presented that will offer the opportunity unto each to weave a new dream that allows for a new day to be born for the human species. As enough weave this new dream and enough ascending children are born to anchor the dream into their respective families and communities, humanity shall evolve as a collective into a new paradigm; a paradigm of regeneration, unconditional love, unity and joy for all.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This workbook is lovingly dedicated unto each who is willing to go within and open the heart in order to forgive oneself and all others. As it is only as one forgives oneself and one’s ancestors along with all others and their ancestors that a new life of unity, honor, joy and peace can be born.

Love and Namaste,

Mother Earth



Creational © 2021, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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