Image of many herbs surrounding a mortar and pestle. Language of Light Tri Tones and Herbs

14. Language of Light Tri Tones and Herbs


There has been much written about herbs in the many articles that we have published in the Ascension Insights series to date. Please see Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” of Ascension Insights, Volume 3 that share of the 48 herbs and single tones associated with ascending the biology to a new “crystalline” and regenerative structure. Please see also Chapter 1 “How to Work with Herbs and Essential Oils in Ascension” of Ascension Insights, Volume 5 for some general information on how the herbal and flower kingdoms support healing through evolution. Additionally, Chapter 7 “Using Chinese Herbs to Support Ascension” of this volume provides some general tonic herbs that support and correct the energy flow through the meridian system for maximum health and continued resurrection of the body.


Herbal Combinations


The below information is herbal combinations that are useful in treating certain physical symptoms that can be problematic in ascension from time to time, as well as support those who are choosing to ascend out of disease. Herbs are very specific unto each human, and therefore the list of herbs presented in a suggested grouping for specific problematic conditions. Ascension causes cycles through the body in a specific order, and therefore the requirement for certain herbs may be only necessary in given times of the year that one is altering a particular part of the biology to crystalline genetics. The Herb Kingdom recommends Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 for a thorough set of information on causing the entire biology to become crystalline through intention as written by Terra, or the Consciousness of Earth.


It is up to each human to muscle test if each herb is useful unto your own personal condition, and only choose those that are. Also, it is up to each human to muscle test or pendulum the dosages of each herb to be taken, as it may vary from as little as 5 drops of a particular herbal tincture to 35 drops, 1, 2 to 3 times per day. Also, the length of time that you may put yourself on any particular treatment may also vary from several weeks to many months or longer, and should be muscle tested, as taking herbs after they are complete with the healing offered only creates more toxins that the body must remove.


Some combinations that are most useful at any time of ascension may also cross over the various groupings listed below. A particular condition may require most recommended herbs from one section below, and a few others from other groupings. There are also some herbs not listed below that are upon our Language of Light and Herb List that may also be useful, and so perhaps crosschecking with all 48 herbs and adding those that are additionally required is best.


Herbal Tinctures


Herbal tinctures can be made from teas containing the herb in a dried form. You can boil one cup of water, turn off the heat, and add 4 tea bags of the associated dried herb, allowing it to diffuse for 3 hours. Then reduce the water by boiling off the excess until you have a few tablespoons of syrup. Place 1 portion of the syrup with 1 portion vegetable glycerin or vodka in a clean dropper bottle. To clean the dropper bottle, place 10 drops colloidal silver and add water to the bottle and allow it to stand for 1 hour. Pour out the water and fill with the herbal syrup and glycerin or vodka. Read more

Image of hand meridians. Charts & Diagrams, Volume 6

Charts and Diagrams for Ascension Insights, Volume 6


The following are charts and diagrams for Ascension Insights, Volume 6:


2. Opening the Heart and Attuning to Holographic Knowledge


Please click on the links below to download the charts and diagrams in PDF:


Figure 8 Geometry in PDF


Unity Thoughtform LOL Chart in PDF


Heart Hologram in PDF


3 Lotuses in PDF


Language of Light Polarity Checker in PDF


Energy Field of Bodhisattva in PDF

Read more

Image of a magnificent Sun shining over a flowering tree. Summer Solstice Blessings from Earth and the Tao

13. Summer Solstice Blessings from Earth and the Tao


It is that time of year again; summer solstice is upon us, or winter solstice for those down-under. Ever since the winter solstice, the sun has been slowly growing and the days have steadily been getting longer. On the summer solstice, the sun reaches its peak and it completes its cycle of growth. This makes the Summer Solstice an excellent time for Earth and all ascending species including the human species to look inward, assess and reflect on spiritual goals. Did you fulfill upon your spiritual goals, beloved? What did you learn? This is what Earth, Asur’Ana and Per along with the Tao are assessing at this time.


The Mirror of One’s Life Dance


Lessons in the human paradigm often differ from those in other kingdoms. Humans have a dance that includes a cast of characters. How the humans behave in the “play” associated with the dance of life is how humans learn their lessons and master. Mastery is about demonstrating unity in the life expression along with forgiveness. Forgiveness seeks to complete through understanding a particular experience, and in the understanding one chooses another dance. Understanding is acquired in many manners in human form, but generally speaking it is through the observation of others in the life “mirror”.


The others in one’s life dance mirror one’s unconscious predisposition; they also mirror the nature of ancestors long come and gone from the physical plane. Others also mirror thoughtform and beliefs that perhaps one would prefer to transcend through ascension than live to experience in another incarnation ahead. As each mirror is looked at as an internal reflection, and one chooses to release the associated patterning within through forgiveness, one transcends in ascension.


Collective human ascension lessons are learned in a parallel manner; one watches the mirror of world events around oneself. As enough in observation choose to release the karma and beliefs associated that created the collective experiences within the human species, then the dance may change. Collective change therefore requires enough to transcend the world mirror.


This is challenging at this time as there are few ascending (less than 10% global wide), and those mastering may not be releasing karma far enough back in time to allow for a significant shift as of yet in the collective dream. It may take the birth of ascending children in the decade ahead for enough of the karma to be released to perceive a significant alteration towards unity in the current human dance. For this, Earth, the Tao, and the Ancient Ancestors are vying for; enough ascending children to press the human dream as a collective towards unity in the quarter century ahead. Read more

Image of the brilliant orange yellow Sun shining on a field of dandelions. Blessings and Meditation for Returning to the Light Earth Dream

12. Blessings and Meditation for Returning to the Light Earth Dream


About the Light and Dark Earth Dreams


Long ago, Terra split into two regions of domain as she exited the Great Central Sun. Inside the Sun, there was not a split between light and dark as the two opposing series of vibrations were amalgamated or united into a single rainbow of synthesis. Outside of the Great Central Sun Dream, Earth lost the amalgamation and the lighter tones split into one rainbow and the darker tones into another. This occurred as Terra’s field was turned completely inside out as she exited the dream. One might think of the split in light and dark as one rainbow of pastel colors that are lighter in vibration and another of primary colors that are denser in vibration.


As Terra split into light and dark, so did the dreams surrounding her. This was complicated by the fact that no soul inside the Great Central Sun chose to exit the dream with Terra. As a result, she was left altered but without a host of nonphysical forces to explain what had occurred or rectify the circumstance. Perhaps if all that is known today about the Great Central Sun Dream was known at the time, Terra would have never exited but rather simply extended the dream that she was in until a return cycle was manifest. Alas, this was not understood at the time, and Terra did exit, as have a host of other creations from this Sun and many others throughout time, space and form.


Terra turned to the blueprint of her own hologram and created a series of nonphysical forces to manage her field to replace the souls that were no longer with her. These forces come in the form of creator souls, angel souls as well as serpents that weave the fabric of the physical and nonphysical vessel. These nonphysical forces were constructed after Terra had already split into light and dark in exiting the Great Central Sun Dream.


As a result of this, the nonphysical forces created were also in a light and dark form. Or in other terms, there were those forces that were positive in nature and constructed from thoughtform of the positive ley lines of moving energy systems; these forces desired to keep Terra’s field moving. There were also forces constructed from negative consciousness or the space between due to the manner in which Terra had split into light and dark.


The space between hosts consciousness that separates and divides; it is the nature of the space between to carve the pathway through which the energy flows in the chakras, subtle bodies and etheric grid work. The negative or space between hosts an opposing thoughtform to the space without. If the space without seeks to create and live, then the space between shall seek to destroy and die. This only occurs when the two are split into separate forces that oppose one another. Read more

Image of a dandelion in between light and dark regions in the cosmos. The Nature Of Light And Dark Earth Dreams

11. The Nature Of Light And Dark Earth Dreams


We invite those reading our books or our website to re-read the earlier materials posted. Often as one achieves a new level of evolution, one will understand the information one had read before from a new vantage point. Most of the materials written from 2019 to 2021 are embedded with the Language of Light dual and tri tones vibrations. Therefore, one may continue to find keys to one’s own next steps in ascension in re-reading the materials already offered.


Unity and Pod Based Rotation


The most beautiful change to occur amongst ascending humans this year is momentum into pod-tribe energy flow. Pod tribe energy flow is similar to what magnetic whales and dolphins move between members of their pods; and is also similar to how indigenous peoples run their energy separate from white nation’s peoples in present time as well as in ancient times.


Long ago, red nation’s peoples ran a rotational movement around each field that Earth has called the Triple Lotus Flow. The Triple Lotus movement appears much like a flower when spinning; the core of each flower hosts a particular human and their chakras, subtle bodies and dreamtime light body self. The energy spins around the field rather than penetrating the etheric body in any manner; this in turn allows each to retain their truth and sovereign energy flow in the dance of life as well as one’s health.


The current energy humans run tend to be either pyramidal or box shaped geometry and often penetrates the etheric body in sticky cords of attachment that do not allow for sovereign energy flow. The box shaped energy originated upon Alpha Centauri with the Reptilians and the Pyramidal flow with the Family of Anu from the Pleiades. The sticky ties of attachment associated with box shaped or pyramidal shaped geometry also lead to aging, illness and death wherever the movement penetrates the etheric body as they deplete the body of chi over time. Pyramids and box like geometry also creates competition in all forms known to humanity at this time in history. Box like geometry tends to run amongst Eastern nations and Pyramids amongst Western nations, although in larger cities there will be both energy movements.


In either system of pyramids or boxes, the one on top is the one who receives all the dreams and all the wealth. In current civilization, it is your most famous leaders and movie stars that sit on the top of the boxes and pyramids of all others in all nations. These folks strip those underneath of dreams, chi, moving energy systems and information for their own gain. Stripping others for personal gain does not serve ascension, as the one stripped is then likely to experience a cease-ascension or a rollback over time. Read more

Image of feet meridians. Effective Techniques to Support Ascension

10. Effective Techniques To Support Ascension


There are many techniques that are supportive of ascending initiates and this is what we wish to delve into today. Recently, the Nut, Vegetable and Fruit Bearing Plants gave some assistance in association with nutrition to support the ascending field and form. (Please see Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 6 “Blessings for a Healthy Body that Can Ascend” for more information.) Nutrition is an important manner to support ascension because if the biology does not have all the necessary ingredients to modify a particular part of the cellular structure, then often this region is skipped over leading to gaps and holes in the ascension through which one can then be manipulated. Therefore, providing a solid nutritional foundation on an ongoing and recurrent basis is important to the goal of ascension in this lifetime.


Lack of Appetite


Sometimes initiates suffer from intermittent or long-term lack of appetite. The underlying cause of a lack of appetite is generally a desire to cease to digest one’s spiritual life lessons. For in failing to eat, one also fails to ground adequately into physicality and ceases to process the incoming information from soul down the chakras connecting one to one’s source; and also ceases to release what one is no longer needing down the grounding cord for transmutation by one’s larger chakras in the Aurora or core of Earth. Eat and one will begin to process their ascension again as well as ground soul into the physical, or so many initiates have discovered.


There are dark forces that prefer you to fail at your transcendence also in any field. These forces generally sit in the space between the ley lines of energy flow of the etheric body, chakras, subtle bodies and light body dreamtime self. As one intends to shatter those consciousnesses that desire one’s failure in the space between, then one can begin to push out that which is interfering with one’s need to provide nutrition to the ascending biology. An ascending body will always desire to eat as there are always nutrients necessary to the biological transmutation process underway each day, week or month of ascension. If one fails to feel the body’s requirement to eat, then something is interfering.


Releasing Diet Machinery


There can be machines associated with appetitive control from a desire to be thin through dieting. If one did not diet much in this lifetime, then this type of machinery may be associated with ancestors who dieted in earlier time periods in human history that one is related unto. The thin female has been a recurrent “fashion model” in many eras including Atlantis and the era of the Annanuki. Innana (Venus or Aphrodite) was famous for her thin and frail looking form with rather small breasts that she believed was the most beautiful female figure upon Earth.


During the era of the slave civilization associated with the Anu, women desired to be thin and chose to limit their food intake to accomplish the goal of appearing like Innana. The Anu themselves of course did not require limitation of food as they held a silica based crystalline structure that much like the crystalline form ascending initiates are embodying today cannot eat enough calories to sustain itself. Innana could eat whatever she wanted and remain thin. Read more

Image of a pristine valley in nature. Transcending The Need For A Savior

9. Transcending The Need For A Savior


Mother Earth wishes to address a difficult thoughtform in most humans who pursue the spiritual path. Most humans have fallen into the belief in the savior. The savior or being a savior or searching for one to save oneself is in opposition to the path of ascension. Why is this so? Ascension requires turning inward to discover one’s own God Goddess within. In so doing, one becomes one’s own savior and one’s own champion to continue to transcend in the journey of ascension. There is a lovely dissertation from the Buffalo Kingdom that can be found in Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 16 “Discovering the God Goddess Within” that also focuses upon this topic.


God Goddess Is Within


Where did the concept of the savior come from? This concept was not in place at the time that the large headed Grand Masters were seeded upon Earth about 50,000 Earth years ago (200,000 human years). The Grand Masters came from Sirius with thoughtform that knew that they were god goddesses in form. Their own ability to master the physical plane in terms of teleportation, transfiguration and instant manifestation proved to them that they were the god goddesses over their life and their dream.


Also, upon Earth were other humans seeded in an earlier time period with a smaller cranium and far less awareness. These humans, however pared down that they were also knew that they were god goddesses in form. Such humans perceived all other kingdoms as god goddess in form and had learned to dance in harmony with Nature in their existence upon Earth. These humans are related unto the indigenous tribes or red root races worldwide in present time: North American Indian, South American Indian, Inuit or Eskimo, Laplander (Sami), Mongolian or Tibetan, Aboriginal (Australian), African and Polynesian.


Most of such ancestry recalls their own god goddess-ness along with their connection unto nature, and this has become the foundation of many an indigenous spiritual belief system. Such indigenous humans are closer to the truth of the matter than those of western and white beliefs in Christ as savior or God as an outside force that one must pray unto. This is also the same for the Muslims who likewise perceive God as an outside force.


At this time, the two outside forces of God, one that is Christian and one that is Muslim are at all time odds. Each group believes that they have the righteous path. This dance of righteous religious paths has led to war again and again in human history. The only solution is to begin to recognize the god goddess-ness within all species including all humans, regardless of sex, religion, cultural practices, beliefs, skin color or heritage. As the god goddess is recognized within all things, then the desire to destroy another or destroy Earth ceases, as one is only destroying another god goddess like oneself in the dance of annihilation. Read more

Image of a flock of birds flying up in the blue sky. Dolphin-Whale-Nature And Human Ties

8. Dolphin-Whale-Nature And Human Ties


We wish to address an important issue that has cropped up in recent months of problematic ascension around the globe; and that is one of the intermixing or blending of humans, nature, and dolphins and whales in ascension. It appears that this problem is a repeat of karma that is ancient and involves the era of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt about 18,000 Earth years ago (72,000 human years). Earth is in the process of rising above the frequencies that were in place during the era of the Pharaohs, and it is for this reason that this karma is up now for all sentient species to clear.


Many in current human form incarnate this lifetime with whale-dolphin or nature souls. These souls extended into human form to understand the human dance and foster human awakening and evolution. These souls are now retracting as their lack of understanding the human genetic structure is causing problems in human ascension as well as the ascension of all other kingdoms. The problems have to do with the sharing or blending of grid work associated with the etheric body and moving energy systems along with DNA.


Incomplete Ascension Due to Blending of Genetics


Those with souls from nature or the dolphins and whales may discover that they have whale-dolphin or nature kingdom grid work and energy flow surrounding the body along with DNA. This is troublesome for many reasons that we wish to delve into so that it can be rectified in the personal ascent of each who reads of our materials. Dolphin-whale or nature kingdom grid work cannot ascend human form. It is now understood that the vast problems of incomplete ascension involve all species and is the result of the blending of grid work and genetics between kingdoms.


Perhaps it is a good thing that genetics are so rigid given the enmeshment of species in ascension; otherwise humans embodying whale and dolphin grid work might experience portions of their skin turning blue-gray in color and their feet and hands becoming fins along with their neck sprouting gills. Those embodying animal grid work may have discovered themselves sprouting fur and whiskers; and those embodying tree and plant grid work might have found their skin becoming flaky like bark, or sprouting leaves and flowers. Although many ascending initiates may discover that they have dolphin-whale or plant and animal grid work and DNA woven into the etheric, none of the DNA could anchor into the physical due to the rigidity of the current encoding; and perhaps this is a good thing after all.


The largest problem of this mix up of grid work is that DNA from any other kingdom will not conduct human genetics into the etheric cells. Therefore, one will find large gaps in the ascension of all regions of the form that have hosted nature kingdom or whale-dolphin grid work up until present time. Out of the 90 individuals that joined us for our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) Group Mastery workshop last month, there was not one individual that did not have grid work and DNA from at least one other species; some had grid work from more than one species. Read more

Image of a variety of potent Chinese herbs. Using Chinese Herbs To Support Ascension

7. Using Chinese Herbs To Support Ascension


Asur’Ana brought through many herbs that support biological ascension that also hold the Language of Light frequencies for physical attunement. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” for more information.) These herbs assist in the biological process of ascension to Bodhisattva level evolution and support the current map of human ascension in becoming physical for each willing to attune unto and utilize such herbs.


Chinese herbs indirectly support ascension through the balancing of elements and energetic flow through the meridian system, kundalini, sexual energy system and digestive energy system. Chinese herbs therefore are helpful for the purposes of altering the energy flow and bringing balance unto the elements of air, water, fire and earth within one’s field. In so doing, we will assist initiates in preventing the ascension into disease; or in ascending out of disease if this is what one has manifested in the physical.


Much has been written about the karma for disease and how to retain balance in ascension. The nature of disease was explored thoroughly by all ascending species in 2020-2021. The reason for this was to prevent the ascension into disease, not only of humanity, but of all other kingdoms and Mother Earth as a whole.


Human Biochemical Records Absorbed by the Plant Kingdom


The Tibetan Root Race holds records of the fall in consciousness from a fully conscious state or 36,000 segments of DNA to 15,000 segments of DNA. This fall preceded the era of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, who attempted to ascend back to full consciousness, but failed due to the misleading of the false gods into a dead-end path of another fall in consciousness instead. As humans lost full consciousness, the DNA for the biochemistry of their form was absorbed by certain herbs, tree bark, flowers and roots. This shows each that nothing is ever really lost, misplaced perhaps but not lost. The plant kingdom absorbed human biochemical records as the dream for the human biology fractured, and we have preserved these records in living form ever since and until enough humans could ascend and recover this information.


Therefore, the records of biochemistry and energy flow of a fully conscious state of being is held in many Chinese herbs. The herbal kingdom now makes available a list of Chinese herbs that have agreed to assist humanity in the ascent to 3,000 segments (mastering dream weaving) or 9,000 segments (mastering compassion in action or Bodhisattva level evolution) at this time in history. Read more

Image of a delicate flower with a stack of polished stones. Tips For Retaining One’s Level Of Mastery In Ascension

6. Tips For Retaining One’s Level Of Mastery In Ascension


There are many changes underway that shall lead to the fulfillment of the ascent of Earth. Such changes are both energetic and physical. The kundalini of Earth is heating up significantly. This can be perceived as the increasing brightness of the “Northern Lights” or Aurora of Earth (the Sun in Earth’s Core) along with the melting of the glaciers. There are also significant shifts in the human ascension movement that shall ensure the survival of your species.


For you see the survival of humanity upon the surface of the Earth has never been guaranteed; for so low in vibration and consciousness you have fallen. Without a pathway to a new frequency, there would be little hope of surviving, for all would perish in the end in plagues due to an inability of the cellular structure to handle the increasing rotation of the molecules of all living things upon Earth.


This Asur’Ana heard the calling for, and she ascends for the sake of her own species more than her own personal self. Asur’Ana could exit physicality and enter the Great Central Sun and be embraced without any further ascent; she chooses to continue to persevere so that there will be a viable pathway into the fourth dimension for the current genetics of surface Earth human. One must understand that there is little reward for the role Asur’Ana and Per have chosen; their life revolves around ascending their own form and creating a pathway for others to do the same.


So much of the dance of the remaining dark held upon Earth has been to attempt to end their lives premature so that the possibility of human extinction would be viable; as there would also be the possibility in such an outcome of the extinction of Earth. The dark chose to push for extinction to retain the polarity of life elsewhere; for in the current dynamics of extreme poles, one creation must die in order for another creation to ascend.


End of Cycle Time


Extreme polarity is something that Earth is leaving behind at this time. In so doing, Earth is entering a new polarity known as gold and silver in which all may ascend home; that nothing requires dying or going extinct for another creation to ascend. Within the Great Central Sun, there is no extinction; only gold and silver dancing so that all may go Home. The homecoming is a joyous outcome for Earth, for it involves a return to life and a return to the joy that expansion and ascension make possible. Read more