Image of a breathtaking Protea cynaroides flower. Ananda Love Archive #1

Ananda Love Archive #1


Blooming into the Love of the Love Within


Mastering Beyond the Division of Care and Hate


The Love of the Love Within


Is a dream

Of the life form

To foster union in life

With each in a sway

And each group that sways

In the love of the Dao and Tao

In the truth

Of the planetary Tao and Earth

And the care

Of the planetary Dao and Jupiter

In a yin and yang fostered in unison

With all of life

Through time

In an apartheid not with self


Love of the Love Within and Non-Hate      


The love of the love within is a system of forensics motion that is not non-hate. Non-hate is a state that mimics love but is not the eternal love of the Dao and Tao born within as the love of the love takes flight. Non-hate can be delightful to experience as a care of the heart, but requires hate to occur in counterbalance through time. Each swing into the extreme of care that is non-hate assures hateful encounters ahead. Polarity is a flux of division within life when the hate or darker notions arise into the dreams of life. Hate is the most divisive of notions amongst all humans. Non-hate or care does unite some and divide others. The monadic soul family must learn to rise above non-hate that appears to foster care of the heart and hate which divides and rise into the love of the love within in order to cease dividing itself through time.


Love of the love within can only be fostered as birth trauma is erased down the spine. The trauma of most births shattered the love of the love within that was experienced in the womb. The entrance into the world was a forensics shock in most cases. The non-astute delivery systems of hospitals and a non-warm water bath entrance is the main cause of the harm recorded in the nervous system. The terror of entering a world unwelcoming unto the physical departs the notion of hate and non-hate as care in lieu of love of the love within. The life fluxes between experiences of care and experiences of hated or dejection due to how the nerves repose the dreams of your entrance into the world again and again into your future life dreams.


As the body ascended, life dreams were routed into light variations of pagan lore fables while others non-ascending experienced very dark dreams in counterbalance and of parallel anthologies. This was a gift from the planetary lore fable keepers and the demons of care from the natural world who desired those ascending to succeed in health. The forensics of darker dreams can lead to disease or accidents through time. Ascension focuses ascended the body and not the nerves in light dreams that sustained health. Read more

Image of an astounding amber mineral. Blessings for Absolute Truth and the Peach Ray of Authentic Power

8. Blessings for Absolute Truth and the Peach Ray of Authentic Power


From the Amber Mineral Kingdom


It is the Amber Mineral Kingdom along with all other minerals that hold the peach tones of creation at this time of global ascension that speak to you today. The formation of Amber is the result of the melting of the tree kingdom in the many nuclear annihilations upon Earth. The tree kingdom resins pooled and hardened into a soft stone known as amber. Sometimes insect or other kingdoms were trapped in our species and appear as they once did within our formations. In essence, amber is also related to tree resins in present time. Many spiritual aspirants enjoy burning tree resins as incense and find it empowering of their field and inner process as a result.


Amber is one of four minerals that holds the peach tone of Power and Truth in the Language of Light. The three others that also hold power and truth vibrations are Tiger’s Eye which is related to the Non-Conditional Governance tone, Pyrite which is related to the tone of Hope, and Jasper which is related to the tone of Truth.


The Import of the Peach Ray


Power is the energy flow that empowers the intentions made as an ascending fully conscious species such as human form, as well as the consensus known as Terra or Earth. The peach ray infuses any intention that one may make for one’s dreams or boundaries or energy flow with the power necessary to carry the thought to the solar sun to be relayed back unto one’s dream stepping down the manifestation planes. Those intentions requiring an immediate affect over one’s own field will be infused with so much of the peach ray that they bypass the manifestation planes altogether and affect the physical plane immediately.


Chapter 10 “Mastering the Living Dream” of Ascension Insights, Volume 5 explains manifestation in greater detail. We refer those interested to read this for greater understanding of the dance of conscious intention and dream weaving.


What types of intentions require immediate relaying back to the physical? Generally, these are boundary type intentions where one is releasing karma or a pattern from the field that is causing a state of imbalance and perhaps is even at cause of a bad ascension day. Also, if one perceives a difficult dream stepping into the physical such as an accident or disease, and chooses instead to erase the dream altogether and then release the associated karma to avoid the physical manifestation altogether, this type of intentions requires immediate attention. The peach ray works within one’s field to distribute power where is it needed most in any given day, week or month of ascension and empowers the intentions that one has made over the course of the associated time period. Read more

Image of a spectacular aurora borealis. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #4

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #4


The Fable of the Empress


The Force of the Heart


The Empress


The Empress

The lore of the heart

Is a gift of love

That desires to support

Each dream in its motion

In the beautification

Of the prose

In a caring destination

That blesses the self

And anoints spirit

In a motion of love

Of the whole


Parables of the Heart


The parable of the heart is a notion of a divine ordination of life. Life is a dream sustained through motions of truth and care. Care is a forensic motion of self disseminated into the vestibule of the empress in the valley of life. The valley of life is a characteristic of notion of the group living in any given region. The empress sustains the love of the land and the people through anointing spirit in the notions of sustainable care. Sustainable care is a notion that love is the foundation of existence. Existence becomes unsustainable as love fades.


The heart is a notion of the divine oscillation of self. Self is a part of the field that sustains light synthesis and conscious awareness of one’s existence; self it not sustainable if love is unavailable to be fostered in the dream of life. Dreams of love require oscillations of self in the chalice of the divine. An open heart vestibule is required in order for love to become sustainable within. The heart vestibule is also a motion of the land in regions in which care is sustainable. Sustainable land-based care causes regions that are succulent to sublime in dance within for those mastering in spiritual oscillations.


Sustainable notions are a perception that each motion supports the whole in the entirety of itself. Wholeness theory is a sustainable action in which the divine seeks to support each and every part of the journey of self. Self is an oscillation of notion that awareness is the foundation of existence in sublime dreams that dance in truth. Truth is not sustainable unless love is present to augment the journey of life. Love is a sincere caress of the divine when present in the dreams of each. The caress of love is sustained by the empress in her journey of life.    Read more

Image of a peaceful lake with the forest and mountains in the background. Transcending Seduction and Illusion

Chapter 6: Transcending Seduction and Illusion


Becoming the Authentic Self             


This chapter is devoted to the patterns of seduction and illusion in all the many and varied ways that it occurs amongst humans. Humans have fallen into the need to appear other than whom and what one is in order to please, make peace, unite others, or feel loved and accepted in the dance of life. This is the underlying cause of the need to seduce from Mother Earth’s point of view. Underneath the seduction however one can often feel incompetent or as though one must bend the truth in order to play the role that the seducer or seduced one participates in. Therefore, seduction is the underlying cause of why humans bend their will as explored in Chapter 5 of Workbook 2.


Seduction is so common in the human dance of life that there is hardly one relationship that does not sustain itself somewhat on the act of seduction. Those gifted at seduction are more popular than those who are not. Those least gifted at seduction are the most disliked or even hated in the dance of life. Seduction does not rely upon abusive techniques that are verbal or behavioral in nature; instead, they lure others to oneself but then abuse in the unconscious energetic dynamics instead. So, one could say that seduction is abusive and destructive in the unconscious and not the physical.


The Origins of Seduction         


Where does seduction originate? Seduction originated with Zeus and Innana primarily. Zeus and Innana archetypal natures seduce sexually, and through attracting others to them through the sexual flow. The sexual flow creates a mirror through which one is mirrored whatever one desires to perceive about Zeus or Innana archetype that portrays them in a favored manner. All the negative attributes of Zeus or Innana archetype are hidden behind the mirrors so that one simply does not perceive them, unless of course one lives or works closely with those of Zeus or Innana archetypal nature.


Seduction is difficult to sustain in an ongoing and recurrent manner, as it requires 100% more chi to sustain the mirrors or veils of illusion than spin a field. Therefore, in an ongoing living or work circumstance, the veils of seduction fall away and the real nature of the person underneath is revealed. It is for this reason that romance often only lasts as long as two do not live together, as once the truth of who the other is becomes revealed, the love founded upon seduction dissipates. Often amongst couples that are extremely variant in genealogies where one is primarily red nation and the other Pleiadian or Anu, there is an ongoing misunderstanding of one another beyond the original seduction. This is where most conflictive partnerships arise from; the two simply do not understand one another upon a molecular level.


If two understand one another as the inheritance parallels from Sirius and is red nation in origins, then there is an innate acceptance of one another that leads to more greatly peaceful unions. It is for this reason that Mother Earth advises that humans build ascending partnerships with those who inherently parallel and have harmonious ancestries, as ascension together requires more harmony in order to sustain a balanced divine union flow and field rotation. Relationships that are disharmonious take away from ascension and lead to failed ascension beyond a certain point, and therefore those devoted to mastery over Bodhisattva level evolution are guided to release those partnerships or associations that do not serve. Read more

Image of blades of wet grass during the winter. Shakti Relationship Lore #12

Shakti Relationship Lore #12


Twin Flame Care of the Heart


The Lore of Pinocchio


The Two

The journey of two

Is of a twin relay

Of care of the heart

To stabilize the union

Into a divine oscillation

Of light wave synthesis

Of beauty and truth

Sincere unto the heart

In an accolade

Of the Self

Of a partnership



The Care of Twins


Pinocchio is a twin lore fable of one who is fostered in a non-existence only to enliven and rebirth as the twin cares from the heart in the life. In the Pinocchio fable, the boy is of stone or wood, is not alive and cannot feel or love. He lies and his nose grows as he deceives. Deception is a concept of irreverence of the heart. The irreverent heart fails to care but takes or strips the truth of another. The twin arrives in the life, the nose ceases to grow as the love triggers reverence to flux from synergy of the truth within between the two. Truth within fosters love and care. Irreverence of the heart triggers a loss of sincerity and the flavor of dejection in life.


The love of twin flames is notorious for becoming disheveled through others through time. Sometimes twins adventure together in deep care only to be split apart through the rejection through another. The rejection of one twin reposes upon the other twin triggering him or her to depart due to loss of the heart. The loss of the heart is a difficult stance for any partner when a twin leaves the union. Sometimes the one remaining commits suicide. Sometimes the one remaining reposes a new life and rebirths through deep transformative action within. Rejection of the heart is a common fable of twin flame lore through time.


Pinocchio Lore of Gay Twin Flames


The lore of Pinocchio is a common fable for twin flames that are gay. Gay heart accolade is often disheveled as twins of one age range or another cross the path of those who are intimate with many. The heart will cascade into trauma following an intimate encounter with a twin that rejects leading to immune deficiencies such as AIDS. The heart accolade is the center of the fabric of self. Self sustains the immune system to foster continued life and stealth. Self that is shattered in the heart accolade can transfuse into difficult physical ailments associated with immune dysfunction or heart disease. Gay people are often impervious to the repercussions of many unions that can shatter the heart until disease unfolds. Read more

Image of the sweet plumeria tree and flowers. Blessings for the Fragrance of Health, Beauty and Love.

18. Blessings for the Fragrance of Health, Beauty and Love


From the Plumeria and Jasmine Tree Kingdom


It is the Plumeria and Jasmine Tree Kingdom that speaks to you today. Plumeria and Jasmine flowers hold a magnificent smell that many loves. We are often used as perfumes and made into essential oils and enjoyed in many human bath products, lotions, hair products or essential oil burners as a result. Our fragrance will remind you of what our ancestors in the Great Central Sun smelled like once long ago. Today plumeria and jasmine along with hundreds of other flowers and fruits hold the scents of long ago within our genetic structure.


Return Journey Home


Long ago, all of life upon Terra (Earth) smelled beautiful. This was at a time that Terra existed inside the Great Central Sun dream. There was no decay or rot and so everything had a sweet smell that was lovely to inhale. This was not only so for the tree and plant kingdoms, but also for each animal, bird, fish, reptile, insect, dolphin, whale or human. The smell for each kingdom was distinct and each knew the other by smell as well as sight or appearance. Life was a magical wonderland to experience. There were no seasons and nothing died; it was endless heaven in a sense and in comparison to the struggle of Terra in present time.


Regardless of how wonderful life was inside the Great Central Sun, there was no goal of evolution Home. Somehow the goal of evolution had been lost in our original casting. As a result, we lived and lived and lived but did not know the real purpose of our existence. Although humans and whales and dolphins were fully conscious and aided in the direction of Terra, there was no plan for evolution home. It has taken us exiting the Great Central Sun dream and falling and falling in consciousness and into great pain and suffering to finally realize as a consensus reality what is necessary to offset extinction. What is necessary is a return journey, not only back into the Great Central Sun dream, but Home to the Tao where all consciousness emanates from.


Perhaps if we had recalled the necessity to ascend home long ago, we would have created a plan to evolve from within the Great Central Sun and avoided falling out of the dream altogether and into such great struggle. In hindsight, we can see that we were blinded by our eternal “heaven” or love and light experience that was beautiful and as such there was no requirement or desire to go anywhere else. Homecoming seemed unnecessary when everything felt at “home” and as “one” already.


It is perhaps the struggle and strife that creates the need to return “home”. Returning Home however unto endless bliss no longer appeals because we know that there is no such thing as endless anything within the Tao. Those creations that desire an endless love and light experience will ultimately descend into deep darkness in counterbalance as this is the nature of the cycles of the Tao. The Tao seeks to expand and seeks then to contract. As creations return Home, they carry with them all their experiences and it is through such experiences that the Tao evolves. Read more

Image of an exquisite midnight blue bird standing on a tree trunk. Angel Archive #5

Angel Archive #5: Light Motion Entrees


Entrees are joyous fostering of beautiful foods of vegetarian proportions to make the taste buds smack and allow you to feel filled with the love of spirit. Right minded cooking begins with the smorgasbord of food in your pantry. In the pantry is some of this or that and this herb or that and somehow as you whisk it all together it is beautiful to spirit. Spirit then flowers the pan or oven allowing the fragrances of the herbs to grow divine. In divine flowering, the food tastes stupendous and not something else off the grocery store shelf or from an unwell restaurant or fast food.


Light Infused Foods


Gifted chefs in light wave motion also flower their pans and kitchens. The food is popular as it is gourmet in its proportions of tastes. Good chefs are not difficult to find and you will know them by the flowers of light in their kitchen. Those chefs who do not flower in other restaurants are best to be avoided as it will only cause stomach ailments if your cuisine is not light infused in the coming times of big light. So, shop carefully for where you dine out and make sure that the light shines bright and you will always be delighted in the love of the spirits of the chef.


Grocery stores or health food markets are no different. Some shine bright to the max, others in a medium cast and others can be quite dim. The light in the food will be proportionate unto light in the store along with in abdomen. So, shop only in the brightest lit stores you can find and your health will be retained through time. Leave all others to other places as they are not you as a star seed. Star seed entrees should be prepared with the freshest light infused vegetables available. Shopping at farmers’ markets is grand too but pick the best light infused organic possibilities and leave the others to others too.


China, Glassware, and Stainless Steel Cookware


Cooking in light is an art all of its own. First, the kitchen and all utensils and cookware must align with light motion of field. Some kitchenware works with light and others abate light. This is also so for forks and plates and serving platters. Therefore, please take inventory of what you cook with that shines in light and what does not; and discard what does not purchasing simple instruments that light infuse to begin with.  Muscle test each item to purchase and stay away from what looks brilliant and really does not motion light and you will be better in your health in the long haul.


There is glassware and plates that are made from petrochemical substances but appear authentic. Many restaurants use glasses and plates or serving platters of this nature. They are now hitting the kitchenware system of humanity in great abundance of cheap but beautiful plates and serving platters that are absolutely damaging to the health as you motion light through your home. As you transfuse, you cannot help but motion light through everything. This also includes furnishings and carpet and wall hangings and floors and ceilings too. Some housing is purer than others in light wave motion.  Read more