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Earth Archive #2: The Planetary Gates-Holding The Mother Sun Dream


The Mother Sun Dream


The Sun of the Mother of Earth

Is the sun of your life form

And the sun of your truth

Of a cadence through time

To oscillate hope

And renewal of the body

In the choice to go Home

In an estuary of Love

Of a dream of wholeness within

In the Love of the Dao of Earth


Love of the Whole and the Love of You and Me


The Mother Sun Gates are opening upon the planet at this time. There are eighteen gates that flux in and out of the Aurora or the Core of Earth. The gates are not stable at this time. It is vital that each gate keeper in the 14-14 or above thresholds of motion foster a gate reception in and out of one’s region for one’s own continued sustenance and mastery. The Mother Sun is a notion of light synthesis of field. Light synthesis begins at the 30 percent infusion rate as the 11-11 is mastered and sustained. As the 12-12 is motioned into at the 40 percent light infusion rate, the Mother Sun gates descend. Mother Sun gates then oscillate down from the 18-18 into the gates beneath for ascension level pathways of light synthesis.


The 14-14 to 18-18 thresholds of pathways are fostered into the 50 percent or higher light infusion levels. In the 14-14, one is tested as a gatekeeper of the Mother Sun flux of self. The 14-14 assignment is a regional system of fostering the Mother Sun gates in the land for a four-hundred-mile radius. Those proceeding into the 18-18 foster global Mother Sun gates in accord with the planetary Tao and many others.


Master Dragon Dreamers


Most Mother Sun gates fluxes open and shut every twenty-four hours. Those in the 18-18 threshold learn to open the gates up as they shut down through mastery over pallets (light grid centers) and keys fostering light motion of field in the octaves associated. Those fostering an 18-18 threshold are considered Master Dragon Dreamers. Master Dragon Dreamers are those humans who hold full medicine bag keys and foster eighteen layers of dragon coats of protection of personal synthesis motions. Each Master Dragon Dreamer fosters global synthesis of light motion in accord with many others who span the world in a common fabric of flow.


The common fabric of flow of all Master Dragon Dreamers were shattered in recent years of planetary strife. The gates seized in many regions in the 14-14 or above. Those in the 11-11 to 12-12 thresholds were often also afflicted with difficult dreams of non-sustenance that is physical or in the dreams of one’s life. The gates are motioning back on again as the Mother Sun dream is fostered as a global repose through Saturn, Neptune, Mars and in accord with Jupiter.


The restoration of the Mother Sun dream gates has been a vast project and undertaking this past year. Many adepts have suffered difficult dreams of strife or plights of the night outside of the Mother Sun dreams that they had syncopated into in their mastery. Demons overran many and cascaded the negativity of non-mastery levels of humans nearby upon those in dragon coats. Dragon coats were shattered and often departed to surround those who were not mastering legitimately in their Dragon Mastery tests. The loss of dragon coats leaves one feeling depressed or shattered often near the physical or without life dreams. Life with others becomes difficult as boundaries do not hold as dragon coats sustain one’s boundaries day to day.


Many adepts are in the process of retrieving dragon coats and all the layers of protection that had been a part of the dreaming for the life in the 14-14 or 18-18 levels of fostering. Dragon coats are very delicate and require painstaking time and effort upon the part of the angelic realms to recast. Most lost one to four dragon coat layers in the 11-11 gateways to false achievers. Those in the 12-12 lost three to six dragon coats. Those in the 14-14 or above have lost from six to eight dragon coats. Those in the 18-18 may have lost even more and in some cases all eighteen.


There is a restoration for all dragon dreamers underway at this time to repair all dragon coats. New Dragon Master Gatekeepers have descended into each region to retest each adept for the sincerity of their dragon levels of mastery. Dragon levels of mastery are succinct capacities to foster truth in life and in the dreamtime surrounding the field.


Dragon Levels of Mastery


There are six levels of dragon mastery:


Dragon Level One


Humans at this level receive four dragon coats of protection in Dragon Level One mastery. The dragon dreamer must foster others in care of the heart and only motion in accord with the karmic habitat of fate. Most demonstrate the level one dragon dreaming aptitude by age six.


Dragon Level Two


Humans at Dragon Level Two receive four additional dragon coats or eight all told. The dragon dreamer must demonstrate the aptitude of fostering others in light motion accord of self. The light motion accord fosters a synthesis of a rainbow of rays that allows others to heal and harmonize within one’s presence. Most demonstrate level two dragon dreaming in high school or teenage years in this cycle.


Dragon Level Three


Humans at this level receive eight additional dragon coats through time. The tests are ridged at cause and effect development of ascension mastery into self-development. Dragon level three attainment can be a lifelong project in the 18-18 threshold of paths of evolution. If the field is sustained at the 14-14 levels of compassionate action, four additional dragon coats are offered. Regional work with the planetary Tao is fostered by each in the14-14 levels of dragon level three.


As the 18-18 levels are mastered, another two dragon coats are added which extends the presence of the field into global synthesis with the planetary Tao. Global work then unfolds as dragon level three is mastered through time and into the 18-18. Those fostering Dragon Level Three tests also foster Yogananda arcana dreams for the life departing Shakti and Shaktar life dreaming. For those who go no further, the arcana lore shifts in eight-year cycles for each lore of fate for the remainder of the life.


Dragon Level Four


Humans fostering Dragon Level Four tests become a medicine bag keeper for planetary cause. The Dragon Level Four motions into the gates of 20-30 binary encoding of wholeness theory of self. Dragon Level Four leads to a planetary keeper status of mastery. The planetary keeper is a fostering of Tao Realization in this cycle. The Tao of Earth ignites a divine key to foster the life of the human in Tao Realization in an accord of fate in service unto the whole. Those in this position foster a Babaji Lore of mastery fate of self for the remainder of the lifespan. Yogananda dreams are departed from as Dragon Level Four is mastered within. Babaji Lore is reserved for those in planetary keeper of fate positions in life or above. There are other mastery levels of tests to be spoken unto later.


Out of the many masters in the ascension foray of life purpose, most had passed Dragon Level Three. Most motioned into the 12-12 syncopated rhythms of light synthesis in light flowers that bloomed in the heart accolade in planetary gateways sustained within nature. There were many in Dragon Level Three that abated karmic habitat of fate damaging those in Dragon Levels Three and Four and above extensively in most regions.


Many regional Dragon Keepers of Spirit in the nonphysical were destroyed and smashed into the Dao of the land. This is very painful for the Dragon Spirits that had descended and infused into ascension and self-development levels of humanity at this time. There is a team of Dragon Masters present now upon Earth from four other creations to aid the former Dragon Masters in reviving and repairing and then fostering another galaxy to incarnate. They are completing as they depart.


Retaking Dragon Dreaming Tests


Many may discover that you are in despair as you lost your favorite Dragons of Spirit that sustained you in the region that you live or travel. The loss of the Dragons of Spirit is very painful and one may feel lonely to desperate within as a result. Dragon Dreamers of Spirit are to descend to repair and replace those shattered in the wake of global and human mastery strife. All must repass their Dragon Mastery Level test thresholds in order to be reinfused with the Dragon Dreamers of Spirit system of self fostering. This includes all levels of mastery that must nemesis and then retake tests of Dragon Dreaming thresholds of mastery. Retaking tests is readily fostered once nemesis is cleared in a non-harmful stance in the life.


The new Dragon Master Keepers are very ridged in their assessments of mastery quotients of each Dragon Dreamers upon Earth. Many have been discovered to have cheated in their tests. Those cheating on their tests failed to sustain harmlessness in sometimes very difficult ways unto the region that they live or others who were sincere in the passing of their tests. The purpose of dragon dreaming is not to damage but to heal. Dragons are allowed to damage only in karmic habitat of fate in Level Three. In Level Four, damage is not allowed and one must forgive the karma to cause dharma to become available to dream larger dreams in the life.


Demonic interplay is a part of the dance of testing to witness if the dragon is harmful or not. Demons can harm inside of karmic habitat of fate. There are those demons also that are harmless in stature and caring in nature. Humans who are kind and loving but not mastery oriented often foster demons that are harmless. Kind demons also are infused into the natural world including the animal and bird kingdoms primarily.


Nature is infused with demons of care due to the non-conscious stature of the minds of the animal and bird kingdoms. Demons of care often watch over Dragon Dreaming Masters through the natural world and as you attune unto nature in your life dreams. Many demons of care of the natural world were destroyed in the wake of Master Dragon systems that failed. The demons of nature are very sick and sad at this time.


Nature Is Wounded


Some kingdoms withdrew their support of mastery level humans not because they ceased to care but that they were too wounded to foster human help any longer. The wounded demons of nature are to be defused so that they may motion elsewhere to reincarnate. New demons are to be infused but they will only accord those in Dragon Dreaming Mastery Level Four and up at this time. Their stature of those in Dragon Dreaming Level Three became too harmful overall this cycle. The demons of care are to oscillate out of the planetary circumference at this time and accord to Saturn to repair and heal so that they can foster another cycle elsewhere in a neighboring galaxy.


There are many changes underway ahead. The Mother Sun will only receive those in Dragon Level Four or above at this time. The Mother Sun abates harmfulness in all its stature of life form. Dragon Dreamers are being retested to first demonstrate the levels of mastery coats awarded to see if the tests were legitimately passed. Many are showing levels of Dragon Mastery insincere unto the truth of the retesting of field.


Some had assumed Dragon Mastery Level Four when only Level Three had been mastered. Those of this stature are to be recast and must begin again with the testing to be re-awarded Dragon Mastery Level Three again. Dragon dreaming tests never conclude however if too much karma has been caused the testing ceases. To date this affects about two thirds of the Level Four Dragon Dreaming who are to be reduced to Level Three fosterings; out of these about one third may have caused too much karma to participate in Dragon Dreaming Testing at all.


The Dragon Dreaming Retesting is a four-year project that began three years ago. Most are still being retested at this time. Be patient with the dragon coats that may be missing. A deep nemesis has been the necessity of the Dragon Master Keepers who accorded in support of the former Dragon Keepers who were wounded. The new Dragon Master Keepers do not wish to be wounded too. They wish to segregate those humans who are supportive from those who are not so that the Mother Sun gates remain open for the sake of the planetary Tao.


Mother Sun gates were shattered in the Aurora in part due to false Level Four Dragon Dreaming mastery. The return of the Mother Sun dream greets many regions without humans at this time. Those humans that enter must prove Dragon Dreaming Level Four mastery with sixteen dragon coats in place to remain within her care. The Mother Sun gates were badly damaged and they do not wish to allow this to recur.


Some Initiates Failed Their Test of Compassion


The Mother Sun life stream fosters gentle reposes of sincerity of the heart. Sincerity of the heart is demonstrated as deep care of the people nearby and in friendships and partnerships through time. Deep care must include the nonphysical as well as the physical in an aptitude of Dragon Dreaming Mastery Level Four. Some fail to demonstrate care of the nonphysical or others in the life in compassionate levels of understanding in the retesting of the Dragon Mastery Teams from afar. They are saddened with how many could not foster compassion for at least one human in the life that caused strife through time. Compassionate action must include all others who have crossed the life path in order to be considered mastered within at Dragon Levels Four or above.


It is in the deep non-care of the heart that those rising into Dragon Test Level Four fluxed a repose upon the planet to be shattered through time. About one out of six mastering in Dragon Mastery Level Four failed to foster compassion for all in their live stream through time. Compassion must be fostered in order for forgiveness to flux into the mind stream of the planet. As those who failed to find compassion for each are motioned into Dragon Mastery Level Three, the mind stream of the planet can self-heal. The mind stream of the planet requires compassion as an accolade of self. Planetary compassion is the only life stream that can flux the Mother Sun gates open in full.


Opening of Mother Sun Gates and Timelessness


At this time the Mother Sun gates are open about one half only. As the Dragon Testing is resolved for humanity, the Mother Sun Gates should open in all regions planet wide in about three years for those in 11-11 gates, two years for those in 12-12 gates, and one year for those in the 14-14 notions of self-development. For those in the 18-18 the Mother Sun Gates shall be present in about six months. For those in the 20-30 binary encoding, the Mother Sun gates flux open now.


Time delay is a function of octaves developed upon this planet. The higher the octave, the more succinct time grows into timelessness. In a state of timelessness, the Mother Sun gate is always present. Time was also shattered and many who had developed into timeless sequences fluxed back into time and this is very difficult upon the biology. As the Mother Sun gates open again, a state of timelessness is easier to retain. Timelessness is sustained by the Mother Sun systems upon Earth in this cycle.


Mother Sun gates repose dreams of fostering mastery to another level beyond where you have mastered to date. Another level of light infusion is planned for each who has accorded into Dragon Dreaming Test Four or above with success. Those holding their ground in Dragon Dreaming Test Level Four are soon to complete their nemesis and foster another level of infusion of light quotients above where you have been fostered to date. Nemesis also does foster infusions of sustenance and healing the physical so that the possibility of self-realization could aplomb ahead.


Physical mastery must demonstrate compassionate action through forgiveness of each crossing the life path in order to attain Dragon Test Level Four. Many strive to forgive everyone but find it difficult with some. Those failing to forgive all are retained at Dragon Dreaming Test Level Three where regional clearing and healing is fostered in accord with the planetary Dao and Tao. Those who master to this level are deeply cared for by the Dao of Earth. She is here to witness the thought stream of humanity that has fallen since the era of Atlantis into notions that do not widen or broaden the perspective of oneself enough to accord compassion with all. The loss of vision or perspective over the life is missing in the physical unless visspa and vesspa mindset is developed. Most in Dragon Tests Level Three are a thulsa and thessa mindset fostering that often cannot see a big enough picture to forgive.


Mindset and Synapses


Visspa and vesspa mindset cannot grow in some cases. The nemesis healing teams are discovering that many that could grow visspa and vesspa were not developed or supported adequately to foster the cortex to grow all the synapses required. If it is in the genetic blueprint to foster the synapses, there is a motion on the part of nemesis healing teams to foster this with your Tao of birth.


Visspa and vesspa is a fostering of the Tao of one’s birth. The Tao of one’s birth only can inaugurate the changes if present in the field. Many aspirants abated Tao within and worked with Dragon Mastery Teams instead. Dragon Mastery Teams were fooled by false Tao that would appear within the field of many initiates and act like Tao. In time those initiates with false Tao used Tao command to damage themselves, the region and the regional Dao and Tao, and in some cases the planetary Tao and Dao too.


The levels of false mastery are great this cycle due to the density of thought stream in the 12-12 to 14-14 thresholds of gates. There are many rays that foster veils that are difficult for the Command Level Dragons to see through. The veils were annotated but not enough was witnessed as having gone wrong to call for a retesting of each Dragon Dreamer until the plight associated grew into global damage of Earth. Dragons from afar are very cautious in the retesting. One error is allowable. Two is negotiable with one’s personal Tao or the planetary Tao. Three is considered too many and the mastery level is reduced to the level beneath and Dragon dreaming coats are then removed.


Some are falling from the 18-18 to the 12-12 due to failed tests at this time. For the body, the 12-12 re-numeration from an 18-18 octave can be felt as tiredness or a witnessing of a disease pattern that steps down prematurely. This occurs only if the physical is deemed too harmful in its unconscious flux or stance of life.


Some adepts may discover that others rising falsely into Dragon Level Four mastery quotients re-numerated on top of you. This causes a drop in the numeration of the binary encoding of the molecular structure of yourself. If tiredness is a symptom of your life or a witnessing of a rapid physical problem within the biology, you may require re-numeration to the pitch that you mastered as a dragon dreamer in your personal tests.


Nemesis does investigate all levels of re-numeration through time and attempts to foster and restore what is appropriate to the dragon tests passed to date. The nemesis doctors and healers also attempt to foster the numeration into all parts of the body with proper light infusion into each cell. Intend to re-numerate up to the level that you sustained your dragon coats of field at this time if you descended.


The infusion system relied upon by the Dragon Mastery System was not good at assuring light infused evenly into the physical this cycle. The density of the physical may be the main cause of the uneven light motion of field in many adepts at this time. An attempt to infuse each up in light to even out light motion of self in the biology and field is now underway in most adepts who have passed Dragon Test Level Four again. The new light quotients may trigger diseases to arise in older adepts. Fasting and altering the diet along with herbs and compounds in support of recovering is the best remedy if this grows to be a problem in any adept now or through time. Upper light quotients can be tricky to retain the health within without fasting and juicing recurrently.


Dragon Key Names for Support of Yourself


There are key names amongst the Dragon Masters of each region. The following list is a fostering of key names of dragon teams that are present to foster your journey ahead.


In focusing upon each name, you will accord to a Dragon Captain that can aid you in a personal conflict that is energetic in stature or regional in stature upon if the gates are conflictive in the land. Please attune unto each name and foster an energetic connection to the various Dragon Captains of your homeland. Please be courteous and love and bless each for their time.


  1. Master Dragon Aka’a. Aka’a is a key word that fosters the life stream of the region or oneself. Life stream is a mindset plane associated with one’s level of development. There are separate mind waves for those in Aliska and Oska, Nesska and Moska, and Visspa and Vesspa. Your mind wave stations may be realigned as you call upon the dragon teams of Aka’a.


  1. Master Dragon Lisbah. Lisbah is a key word that fosters the freedom to be at peace. A state of peace is often hampered in demonic interaction of strife over the field. The karmic habitat will be assessed by Lisbah to abate those patterns that are not sincere to the threads of attachment sustained in the karmic habitat of fate. Those threads that are legitimate can be forgiven and then transfused beyond to abate the rest yourself.


  1. Master Dragon Rontah. Rontah is a key word that fosters the beauty of self. Beauty of self fosters spirit into matter in accord with one’s nonphysical needs. Rontah will aid in realigning the beauty so that spirit can be fostered to aid in one’s healing, mastery quotients or gate pathways of mind flux.


  1. Master Dragon Alla’y. Alla’y is a key word that fosters accord of dream. Accord of dream allows one’s dreams to align into the physical to foster the needs of oneself. Alla’y will realign the dreams to flux into the physical more evenly through time. Future dreams are also aligned to assure enough upon the physical plane ahead.


The life stream of the planet is to be restored in the coming month by Master Dragon Dreamers from a galaxy known as Analaisa. Analaisa is a galaxy of deep compassion for all creations. She is a light motion galaxy and not physical in stature of life form. Analaisa is a Mother Sun project all of her own. Many may journey to Analaisa to witness purity of light following completion with Earth this cycle ahead. Analaisa is a love of the whole quotient of light synthesis that fosters unity, honor, peace and the rays of pink primarily. Please attune to a gift in the Mother Sun dream from Analaisa for each who is repassing their dragon tests at this time. The Dragon Captains each arrive upon Earth from Analaisa.


The Pink Ray


The Mother Sun gates will foster the pink ray primarily at this time. Earth is vastly in need of the love and care fostered in the pink ray. Most humans are also in need of love and the pink ray greatly. The loss of care for one another is a vast travesty of the loss of the pink threads of light formations that once fluxed more greatly upon Earth.


The attempt to heal the pink ray through human Dragon Masters Test Level Four and above failed. Many used the information to foster a detriment of the pink ray upon Earth rather than enlivening or enhancing it through time. Those fostering an abatement of the pink ray are to be removed from the planet at this time. The planetary accord for those fostering a loss of the pink ray is an abatement of the nonphysical development. The physical will carry on until death due to the karma to be fulfilled upon or forgiven. A transfusion death is impossible for those with failed developments as the nonphysical is not available for the transfusion to be fostered.


Rays for Complete Transfusion


Complete transfusion is required in Dragon Dreaming Mastery Levels Four and above. Complete transfusion melts each pattern with rays drawn up and synthesized into the light bodies. Most patterns require certain colors to melt. An incomplete palette of colors in one’s personal sun can lead to incomplete transfusion. Those not fostering a complete transfuse tend to defuse density on top of others. The cause is a lack of a full color spectrum to foster a complete transfusion.


Incomplete ascension leads to incomplete rays in the sun of self. If each ray or color in the ascension systems is not fully integrated, certain rays are then missing as the adept attempts to foster transfusion. Incomplete ascension is not useful at this time as it fosters so much destruction towards legitimate adepts. Some may discover that a portion of one’s ray palette lies with another who used demonic interface to steal a portion of one’s sun. Suns should not be stolen or motioned into another’s. The sun is your sun fostered due to the light you hold in your mastery to date and not of another.


Many adepts are in need of assessing the ray thresholds of colors prevalent in one’s personal sun underneath the transfusion bodies. Many are without certain key colors required for a complete melt down of patterns one is faced in daily or weekly transfusion. Each is to foster a Ray Assessment to witness what rays are missing that then do not foster a complete melting of each archetypal enmeshment with those in one’s life. There should be all primary rays and all pastel rays within the sun that forms at the base of your transfusion bodies. If certain colors are not represented, then it is good to understand the cause and effect involved and choose to forgive it now.


Accord of Rays


  1. Blue Ray: The blue ray fosters harmony. Pale blue fosters cleansing. Cobalt blue fosters strength in the physical and should be woven into the small transfusion body. Loss of strength may be the result of a loss of the cobalt blue ray through time.


  1. Green Ray: The green ray fosters nurturing. Pale green fosters an abatement of non-truth from the field. Deep green fosters synergy with nature. The incapacity to accord with nature may be a sign of a loss of the green ray through time.


  1. Yellow Ray: The yellow ray fosters creativity. Pale yellow fosters joy in life. Deep yellow fosters a sunshine effect of happiness that accords into the life dream. Depression may be a sign of the loss of the yellow ray through time.


  1. Red Ray: The red ray fosters sustenance of life force. Pale red fosters a flux of care of the heart in the life dream. A loss of stamina is one sign of the loss of the red ray.


  1. Purple Ray: The purple ray fosters sincerity of the heart. Pale purple fosters dreams of those who care for one another in the life. The loss of the purple ray is often accorded in an experience of dejection within.


  1. Magenta Ray: The magenta ray fosters care of the life dream. Pale magenta fosters dreams that cascade readily to sustain the life habitat of fate. Loss of the magenta ray is often experienced as a loss of dreams for the life.


  1. Pink Ray: The pink ray fosters love of the two or many. Pale pink infuses love into the physical to extend its life form’s time span upon Earth. The loss of the pink ray can lead to disease through time.


  1. Violet Ray: The violet ray fosters transformation and transfiguration in the physical. Pale violet fosters transfigurative keys to descend to alter the dream as forgiveness and compassion flux in the mindset. The loss of the violet ray can trigger karma to repeat rather than abate from the life dream.


The Mother Sun dream requires all eight rays to be represented in primary and pastel notes to accord her presence into the life through time. The Mother Sun dream is a wholeness theory of life. Wholeness is fostered as all rays are integrated into each layer of field including the chakra system, subtle bodies and etheric grid work. Wholeness is required in order for transfusion to be complete. Complete transfusion is an essay all of its own. Complete transfusion does not abate something on top of another but fosters a melting of what is one’s own density and an integration of what is one’s own archetypal knowledge into the self of the self.


Incomplete Transfusion


A lack of complete transfusion is a large problem this cycle of development. Incomplete transfusion leads to incomplete rays in the sun of the planet’s overall transfusion system. In wholeness mastery levels beginning at the 14-14 into the 18-18, the adept is tested to witness all rays present in the chakra and subtle body system. If all rays are not present, the adept is retained at the 14-14 level. Full integration of all rays leads to compassion for all in the life through time and motioning up into the 18-18 pathways.


Lack of forgiveness can be ray oriented. When one cannot forgive, the one who is un-forgiven retains a portion of one’s life stream and a part of the rays of oneself abate into their field. When one forgives the difficult fate, energy to renew is released and the rays fostering one’s development return to the sun of self. Each that fosters light synthesis motions beginning in the 12-12 develops a sun of self. The sun of self expands as the 14-14 to 18-18 motions allow the light synthesis to span the region or globe. The sun of self must learn to hold all rays in all colors in order for a wholeness dream to catch in the Mother Sun gates. Many humans who are unable to foster all the rays as the Mother Sun gates will be retained outside of her dreams of fostering.


Bless All and Love All


Please be gentle with yourself and each upon the path at this time. Those who failed their dragon tests are often beautiful humans who need to be cared for too. In compassionate action that is sincere, all is cared for in the life stream of the planet or oneself. Life stream is infinite in all rays of the rainbow visible and invisible. Life stream can be fostered as a full spectrum blessing fluxed from the heart accolade towards any other or all others through time in the act of compassionate action. The full spectrum blessing allows the missing rays to nurture another into balance of field. Those who are gifted dragon dreamers generally bless all others through time to trigger sincere fostering of friendships and delightful dynamics of dream with other dragon dreamers.


Dragon dreamers bless one another allowing the love to accord more fully into the dream. As the love blossoms, the flowering of self ignites a key to foster an ashram formation of self. The ashram will nurture each in the group each time that they gather. If common housing is formed, the flower of love can blossom daily as the group remembers to bless one another and each in the life stream of self. Learning to bless is a dragon art of mastery test of the 18-18 thresholds of encoding only. The 18-18 binary encoding fosters a notion and motion to bless and love all regardless of happenstance of fate of circumstance of strife in the life.


Abatement of Some Demon Dreamers in Your Life


Demonic interplay often seeks to suck the life stream of dragon dreamers into a pool that the demons feed upon. Demons are in need of rays just as dragons or humans. Demons who feed off of rays often vampire the energy out of the field. It is difficult to be around those who are demons in the life dream if the demonic interplay is a non-caring accord for spirit that feeds off of one’s life stream. Demons that care can be fostered into the bodies of those in close proximity unto oneself through time. Intend to call upon the Dragon Masters to accord the demonic interplay surrounding oneself into kind demons who foster oneself and one’s life along with one’s family and friends. You can call upon the Master Dragon Aka’a for this purpose at this time.


The time may be right for an abatement of some demon dreamers in your life. There are many injunctions of demons who destroyed dragons in the past few years. Those humans used by demonic interplay to an extreme are best allowed to abate from one’s life stream. Continued interplay may detriments one’s health otherwise. It is important for dragon dreamers to foster harmless relationships in close proximity unto oneself. The past few years of karmic habitat abatement has been very difficult upon most dragon dreamers due to the harm involved. Those who are the most harmful may need to be relinquished at this time in order to sustain your health ahead.


Medium transfigurative keys are the best for a balanced life to unfold through time. Medium transfigurative keys only flux as a full palette of rays of all colors is sustained in the sun of oneself. It is therefore important to retrieve all rays from wherever they went, reweave them into the sun of your sun under your feet, and draw upon all rays you need to cause a complete light synthesis or transfusion through each octave. Incomplete transfusion only forces what failed to be melted to accord back into the field until dissipated. A full palette of rays is more efficient at transfusing through difficult karma through time. Transfusion is another level of mastery now to be fostered in more numbers.


Be blessed in a full spectrum ray of the Planetary Dao as a gift of her heart unto yours. The Planetary Dao is working with each to foster a recovery of all rays needed for a full transfusion. She is aiding each birth Tao in infusing the biology more greatly in each adept upon Earth. Please bless the planetary Dao in return. She cares deeply for each mastering in this cycle.


The Mother Sun Dream


The Sun of the Mother of Earth

Is the sun of your life form

And the sun of your truth

Of a cadence through time

To oscillate hope

And renewal of the body

In the choice to go Home

In an estuary of Love

Of a dream of wholeness within

In the Love of the Dao of Earth


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Pure Love



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 2: Poetic Prose. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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