Image of a magnificent whale doing the back flip. Healing the Heart and Freeing the Spirit to Ascend

11. Healing the Heart and Freeing the Spirit to Ascend


The Map Carvers of the Whale and Dolphin species greet you today. We wish to offer blessings for those deeply attune unto us to assist in healing the heart. Healing the heart is perhaps the only means by which we collectively and as fellow fully conscious species can alter the dream to a new day of hope, unity, joy and integrity together. It is as the heart shattered that we along with humanity fell into a vicious dance of brutality towards one another. As the heart mends, we can all step out of such a dance and move on to a new time ahead.


What caused the shattering of our hearts? The shattering of the dolphin and whale hearts began long before humans arrived upon Terra (Earth). Terra translates into “Beautiful One”, and this we feel deeply about Mother Earth. She is our home and she is beautiful unto us, and we will love her until she heals enough to ascend and go home entering the Great Central Sun Dream in full. For Terra’s heart also has been shattered many times and in many time periods, and this also must mend for global ascension to carry on.


Global Bodhisattva Evolution Mastered


Terra has recently completed the ascent to global “Bodhisattva” level evolution as a collective consciousness. This is a vast feat and accomplishment and was not without great struggle. Over a year ago, Terra attempted to ascend to this level in the physical. The Light Body or Body Double planes above her accomplished this goal, but Terra was shattered back in a few months following her expansion. She has been working her way back to this level for over a year now and has accomplished her goal at last, and understands now how and why she fell through this particular bandwidth of frequency long ago.


Long ago and over a million years ago, a massive shattering of Terra’s heart occurred in this vibratory bandwidth that she is ascending beyond today. Because whales and dolphins wrapped our fields around Terra in support of her energy flow, as this is what fully conscious species does for the consensus that we reside upon, our hearts were also badly shattered. When the heart is shattered, suddenly the field does not produce all the chi that it should and a massive drop in frequency occurs. Twenty-five percent of our species were so badly afflicted that we died of sudden heart failure in the physical shortly thereafter.


What shattered Terra’s heart and our collective hearts as a species? Terra had entered a part of the universe that held records of another creation known as Maldek that had been blown to bits upon a dimension above due to nuclear annihilation over 10 million years ago. The remains of Maldek held fractured pieces of void and dream that recorded the experience of nuclear annihilation. Terra is a lost part of Maldek that fell to the dimension beneath and recovered from this shattering. This was not known at the time, and as Terra moved through the fractured pieces of her own self from another dimension, she took on the void and dream of nuclear annihilation at cause of Maldek’s demise. This possibility of nuclear annihilation was then anchored into Terra’s dream and void, and as the thoughtform of annihilation was absorbed, her heart broke. Our hearts also broke and we did not fully understand why, for annihilation is the ultimate rejection that any creation can experience. Read more

Image of two adorable birds in love. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #7

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #7


The Fable of the Lovers


The Force of the Love of the Two


The Lovers


The Lovers

The lore of lovers

Is a gift of care

That causes the truth

To surface within each

Such that the love of the beloveds

Flourishes in a union divine

As a motion of hope

That honors all kingdoms and people

In a lore fable

Of a dream of the heart

Of the love of the two


The Parables of the Tarot


The heart of the two is the Lovers Arcana through time. The lovers are a pair of either heterosexual or homosexual beloveds that inaugurate a system of care of the heart of the clan or kingdom. Care of the heart fosters a new rhythm of hope of the people in the governance of the lovers. Care of the heart of the pair fosters new dreams to aplomb for each willing to find sincerity within. Care of the heart of the two as leaders opens the heart accolade of many others in the clan or kingdom. Care of the heart triggers a new dream to unfold for the many as well as the leaders of a divine orchestration associated with the arcana lore fable of the lovers through time.


The Lovers Arcana in leadership is not a system of dream that works well if the clan or kingdom fails to care. Care of the heart of the clan requires the blossoming of the heart accolade of self in most to be fostered. In this era, many groups of spiritual orientation fail to open the heart enough to foster leadership kindly in the Lovers Arcana fable through time. Care of the heart is an adroit equation that fosters people in many dreams that are delightful to share of, express and experience in a collective ambiance of life. The dreams of the clan following the leadership of the lover’s tarot arcana dream are fostered in the Heart of the Tao.


The Heart of the Tao is a manifestation of the lovers fostered in the beloved within of each of the two. The pair ignites a flame of divine oscillations of the two in the Heart of the Tao. The Heart of the Tao flowers within each, upon the land and within each in the kingdom willing to foster a Tao heart development within. The Heart of the Tao is not symbolic; it is a function of a particular flourish of the heart accolade of self that is mastered into a sustainable notion of recurrent love. The sustainable notion of recurrent love imbues the care of the love of the heart upon the land and within each in the kingdom. Read more

Image of various colors of hearts. Opening to the Infinite Love of the Heart of the Tao

1. Opening to the Infinite Love of the Heart of the Tao


It is the Tao that greets you today, an aspect outside of time, space and form which communes and communicates with Asur’Ana and Terra (Earth) via the holographic planes. Terra has become the favored name of Earth as it translates into “Beautiful One” in the Language of ONE.  The Tao has been guiding Asur’Ana for over five years in her ascent to date and recently has established communication planes to guide each kingdom upon Earth and in your multidimensional ascending consensus. This allows for a new dream to be woven as held by the Tao for Terra’s ascension Home. (Please see Chapter 3 of Volume 6, Volume 7 and Volume 8 of the Ascension Insights series for more information on the Language of ONE for crop circle based definitions of the new ascending language that Terra is evolving into.)


The ascension of Terra “home” to the Tao may take upwards of 10,000 years to accomplish and shall involve the merger of the physical with the nonphysical, after which physicality ceases to exist and the nonphysical consciousness carries forward. The purpose of this shall be the understanding of what it takes to ascend a creation fallen into such density and destruction home; and in so doing shall create a pathway for many other regions of domain lost in time and space much as with Terra. Terra’s collective consciousness will then go on to serve in another mission of aiding yet other creations in returning Home to the Tao that have fallen as greatly as herself.


The evolution of the Tao has begun as a result of the connection unto Terra and the ascending consensus that includes Dimensions 3 through 18 in your time space, along with four future creations also ascending home in future contraction cycles of the Tao in the same time space quadrant as Terra. The net result is a sharing of information and resources that spans contraction cycles, all of which is necessary to the recovery of this region of domain.


The other creations are ascending even more completely gathering up all attributes of self, leading to a more complete ascension in each future cycle ahead. Because the Tao sits outside of time and space, the four cycles can be viewed concurrent, leading to a sharing that also occurs outside of time and space. This allows information for healing to be passed from Terra to other creations ahead, as well as information from the other creations back to Terra in her time-space. The new result is that we are now giving closure to the era of the dark in all four contraction cycles simultaneously.


Giving Closure to the Era of the Dark


Much of the closure to dark forces has occurred as the Tao has reabsorbed attributes of itself that were left behind in incomplete ascensions going back as far as 36 contraction cycles ago. These attributes of self has been called the “false tao”, as they are related unto the Tao but had broken off and were left behind. It is the false tao that then dances with those creations that fail to ascend Home in any future cycle. It is the false tao that has set up a non-ascension possibility for this region of domain that Terra resides within. The false tao is now being reabsorbed, bringing an end to the darkness that has plagued Terra and all ascending dimensions at this time. Read more

Image of a beautiful lavender pink lotus. Introduction to the Hypothesis of Union

Section 2: Introduction to the Hypothesis of Union with Shakti Studies


Self Realization through Divine Union Within


Union Lore


The dream of the dream

Of the union

Is a repose of enchantment

In a synergy of delight

Of the beauty of the two

Ignited as One

In the hope of the return

Of the Beloved Within

In a special moment

In a hypothesis

Of a Union Divine


There are many unconscious patterns that affect unions between partners in relationship. Union is a sought-after goal by many who are realizing self. Partnership aids in the opening of the heart and the understanding of the accolades of forgiveness and compassion of self-realization. Those in difficult unions struggle but open to the deeper possibility of a profound love within as the divine chalice in the heart opens. Love is a union within that blossoms into a lotus through spiritual focus upon the divine.


Chalice of the Divine


Divinity is a lost possibility in the current human marketplace except for those willing to open the chalice of the divine within. The chalice is a lotus of eighteen petals as it opens and expands to over a thousand in the heart chakra as compassionate action is embraced as a life anthem. Anthems are musical forays of repose that ignite within the chalice of the divine as the heart buds into striations of the lotus of self. Anthems change into verities of reposes of union as self is realized into greater levels of mastery.


The self of the self within is seated in the petals of the lotus or chalice of the divine. Self is the consciousness of the awareness of the spiritually attuned and gifted self. Most in the current human foray have no self or are self-less in expression. Loss of self is a deep wound in many ancestries that choose for a spiritual quest in life. As the wound of the loss of the self of the self within heals, the chalice opens and buds in feats of increasing awareness through spiritual aptitude of evolutionary fulfillment. Read more

Image of lively green grass. Blessings for a Restoration of Full Consciousness

19. Blessings for a Restoration of Full Consciousness


From the Grass Kingdom


It is the Sweet Grass Kingdom that greets you today. Sweet Grass is a term that the Native Americans gave to grass growing within the water or in the marsh or wetlands. The Native Americans would gather this grass growing out of the water and make it into long braids calling it “Mother Earth’s Hair”. Then the grass would be dried in the sun and burnt during a sweat lodge or ceremony for purposes of purification. Indeed, the smoke of grass has a purifying affect upon the energy field of any human or region. Sweet grass in particular smells very sweet when it burns, hence the name.


Returning Home to the Tao


Grass covers the body of the land upon most continents of Earth, including the deserts. The Grass Kingdom includes many flowers and herbs such as sage, dandelion, lavender, red clover and most herbs listed in Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” of Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Grass has diversified over time to hold all the vibrations of the Language of Light along Earth’s surface and hence the vast array of herbs and flowers that we are associated with.


The Grass Kingdom also holds an underwater presence known as algae as well as seaweed. Over time, Asur’Ana and Per have learned to crave seaweed for its mineral content needed in ascension and enjoys the Nori with vegetarian sushi or in summer sea salad. All ascending initiates may benefit from eating seaweed once per week due to the minerals it can provide. In the consumption of seaweed, you can commune with the grass of the sea.


As a collective, the Grass Kingdom directs the vibrations that hold life along Earth’s surface as well as through her core. Vegetarian animal kingdoms as well as small fish feast upon us to sustain their existence thereby also ingesting the Language of Light at this time of ascension. The Buffalo Kingdom in particular told Asur’Ana that they dine upon almost all the herbs that grow wild in Yellowstone National Park that are offered up in support of ascension. In this manner, the Buffalo Kingdom has risen to 6,000 segments within the park as also has the Elk, Deer and Moose Kingdoms.


All kingdoms are ascending at this time including the grass and herbs along with flowers and trees. The ascensions are coming along due to the conscious freewill choice of Mother Earth to choose to go Home. Long ago, Mother Earth exited another dream and another reality in which endless life, wholeness and beauty along with freedom was known. Now there is a desire to return home to such a state of being; but not for endless life, but for a return to the very source from which all existence emanates; and Asur’Ana has called this force the Tao. Read more

Image of a sweet golden bird. Angel Archive #8

Angel Archive #8: Sacred Waters


Sacred water and light go hand in hand to emulsify the body better in light wave motion. Bathing, showering, swimming, Jacuzzi’s or mineral springs are very useful to balance light if used daily or as frequently as you can. The water hits the skin and emulsifies light around the epidermis. If you have not a bath, standing in the shower for 15 minutes will suffice to foster the same effect. Bath additives are best with rock salt plus lavender essential oil along with vitamin C powder. The salt nourishes the field and the lavender revives the skin while the vitamin C allows dead skin to depart. If you cannot bathe, making a salt scrub of the above ingredients and apply ¼ cup following each shower will have parallel effect.


(Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 5 “Supporting the Human Form in Ascension”  for more information on the detoxification process and making and using salt scrub.)


Feet Care


Make sure to scrub the bottom of each foot in each shower to renew and revive the feet too. Leathery skin upon the feet causes so many physical problems in extreme light that it is best to avoid. If you have leathery feet, it may be best to go to a spa for a foot treatment to remove all of the dead skin for the sake of your health. The feet are natural conductors of the meridians of the body. Leathery feet do not conduct light through the meridians evenly leading to every disease you could imagine. It is not a time not to take care of feet. If you need a kit for home treatment, purchase one; but a professional spa treatment may suffice to catch you up so that the vitamin C scrub upon the bottom of the feet in each shower or bathing in vitamin C each night fosters a release of what is dead so that your meridians can flourish in light properly.


Face Care


Washing the face is another sacred journey all of its own. Finding a seaweed facial wash and cream is best. Seaweed nourishes the skin in a gelatinous substance that allows light not to damage the epidermis. Vitamin C powder scrub upon the face each morning will remove dead skin cells off the profile too. Sprinkle only ¼ teaspoon of vitamin C powder upon the hand and blend with a sprinkle of water and apply to the face and rinse immediately. Follow with a seaweed facial cream for a soft and beautiful profile.


(Please refer to Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 7 “Blessings for Remembering the Ancient Past”  for homemade recipes for regenerative facial cleanser, regenerative face cream, and regenerative facial mask.) Read more