Image of 2 charming finches sitting on a tree branch. The Finches Chirping in the Palm Tree

9. The Finches Chirping in the Palm Tree


Blessings of Illumination


The Small Bird Kingdom


It is the Finch Kingdom and other small birds that address you today. When we came forth and told Asur’Ana we wished to write something unto ascending humans, she said “But you are not a little crawler as you have wings!” Actually, all small birds fall into the same energetic category as bats, lizards, and frogs, in association with the natural world. We are the keepers of the elements. Small birds are associated with the element of air and the inverse element of ether; small underwater creatures such as muscles, scallops and small fish such as mackerel are associated with the element of water and the inverse element of vapor. Lizards and frogs are associated with the element of earth and the inverse element of lava; bats, dragonflies, bees and ants are associated with the element of fire and the inverse element of smoke or ash.


Keepers of the Elements


Each kingdom assists in holding the four elements along with the inverse elements that are necessary to weave life, as this is sincerely the role of the little crawlers upon Earth; to suspend an energetic dynamic that holds equal proportions of air, water, fire and earth along with ether, vapor, lava and ash so that all life forms may exist in the third dimension. Weaving the elements through our embodiments and fields is no small task; and so, although we may appear small and unimportant, we actually support a very necessary role in the overall dynamics of life upon Earth.


How do elements sustain life? Elements might be equated to the threads that one weaves the serpents from which the etheric body and its meridian system, the chakra system, the light body, and the greater auric field, along with one’s physical form is woven. One can think of the elements as the building blocks of life that direct the threads of creation founded upon the holographic blueprint of form to weave the nonphysical from which then physicality is derived. The inverse elements weave the energy field that surrounds the form; the elements themselves weave the etheric body and etheric cells that then step into physicality.


At this time of ascension, we are busier than ever reweaving each kingdom with new elements that are magnetic in nature and from the Great Central Sun of Earth’s origin. At this time, all genetics of all species are changing; they are being altered to a blueprint that originated from this Great Central Sun so that we will be compatible as we enter her dream. We are going home beloved; in a mere 27-28 years, we shall have crossed the boundary associated with the Dream of the Great Central Sun. In so doing, Earth completes with her cycle of darkness outside the Sun and a cycle of great illumination begins.


The Cycle of Illumination Ahead


Illumination can be equated with coming to understand what one could not understand at a previous time in history. Earth’s history is a mixed bag of experiences that has led to fall after fall in consciousness and dimensions of life. Earth exited the Great Central Sun as a 25th dimensional vessel 800 times larger than she is today. Finch is one of 9 bird kingdoms that exited the Sun with her and recalls a very different time in Earth’s history in which there was more light and love and life force than in present time. Read more

Image of a gorgeous peach colored dahlia flower. Shakti Studies #3

Shakti Studies #3


Soporiferous Partnership Lore


The Seven Spiritual Tests of Ascending Partnership


Superlative Partnership


The Beloved is

In a union Divine

In a superlative formation

Of a caring thrust

To be with me

I am that I am

In a superlative formation

The Dao and Tao within

Foster a union Divine

Of myself

To witness a union Divine

Within yourself

Of shared wave formations

Of superlative oscillations


The Nature of Marriage


Marital lore is a fable all of its own. Many fates of marriage are Shaktar or Shakti Lore of non-superlative or non-soporiferous variety of expression. Marital fate can be homosexual or heterosexual and does not require an official license to be true. A personal ceremony of exchanged vows is adequate to launch marital lore of self. Marital lore of self is Shaktar and Shakti dreams of fate. Some lore is extreme in its demonstration of polarity through time. Some master through difficult polarity unions into a new day of the sunshine of themselves. Some die attempting to recreate a dishonorable union of alpha, beta or love, hate lore of self.


Marital vows are karmic in the habitat of fate. The fate allows the oscillations of karma to foster the partnership through time. Keys are fostered in seven-year increments to trigger the union to abate or continue on for further mastery. As the one mastering is complete, a destiny key appears, and the marriage is dissipated and dissolved in the dreams to be fostered ahead. Those dissipating unions are common in this era. Some foster two to three marriages to understand the happenstance of fate of the two in the archeological sequences presented to realize through in life.


Soporiferous and Superlative Unions


Most desire soporiferous union due to the kind dreams of the two fostered. Soporiferous union is not necessarily glamorous. Soporiferous union does accolade a joyous renderous of twin flame or counterpart lore humans through time as each masters into forgiveness and compassionate action accolades of self. Mastery that succeeds creates a beautiful union through time. Mastery in soporiferous union that fails can unfold as a travesty that is difficult to overcome within. Compassionate action for the one surviving a difficult attempt at soporiferous union is paramount to surviving in this era. Read more

Image of water buffalos at a peaceful rice field with the lovely setting sun in the background. The Water Buffalo Speaks

31. The Water Buffalo Speaks


Blessings for Inner Peace and Self Worth


The Water Buffalo Species


We thank our translator Asur’Ana for this opportunity to speak to our fellow human brothers and sisters. We have much to say. We have watched the human species both from inside and outside of the dance. A fellow relation of ours known as the Ox was once a primary source of transportation, pulling carts and wagons in both the East and the West. Ox was often used as the pioneers migrated West in the United States, pulling carts with their belongings so that they could settle in various states west of the Mississippi River. In the East today, some regions still rely upon Ox to move their goods from one town to another.


Wild Animals Will Commune with Humans Out of Love and Honor


Ox and Water Buffalo rarely were consumed for food, except perhaps in desperation or times of famine. Therefore, our species has not suffered the human consumption of another relation known as the North American Buffalo or Bison species. Yet we are all related, so one can say that we have experienced it all in association with humanity, from being consumed, raised as chattel, and used as transportation, as well as the freedom to roam as wild herds. Most of our freedom is rare at this time due to the fencing of most of the US Plains States that Buffalo once freely roamed. In the East and in North Africa, we roam free only in rare circumstances.


Sometimes much as the wild mules in Hawaii and wild camels in Australia, we are set free as we are no longer of use due to the development of other modalities of transportation. Much like any extreme pole, one will swing from imprisonment to freedom, back and forth, again in the ongoing cycles of life. This is so for many species used by humankind.


Our dance with humanity began with the Pleiadians who imported the Water Buffalo and Ox Species from their own star system. During this era about 35,000 Earth years ago (140,000 human years), we pulled the carts out of the gold mines for those human slaves working in such deplorable circumstances. It was also deplorable for us, and our lifespan was short at this time in history. Some were set free as mines were mined out, and these times were more enjoyable for our species as we once again knew freedom.


No kingdom enjoys imprisonment, any more than the human kingdom enjoys such. All kingdoms desire to be left free to be and roam in nature, grazing and foraging for food of our own volition. However out of the love, we will engage with our fellow species from time to time, even humans. As more humans learn to love and honor nature again, so we the wild animals will come to commune with humanity. Read more

Image of pretty wild flowers of lavender and pink. Ananda Love Archive #5

Ananda Love Archive #5


Love Perches


Healing the Heart in the Love of the Baba


The love of myself

Is a love perch of the Baba

To foster the sway of the heart

In the care of my Tao

And the love of my Dao

In the truth of self

Flowing through time

In the love of the divine

In the sway of the soul family

Caring for ourselves

In the swing of the Baba

In a life unfolding

That heals the heart

And mends the soul


Love Perches


Love perches are a sacred instrument that fosters the pink ray of care of the heart. The pink ray infuses as the heart sways fostering a softening of the dreams of life into care space. The love of the divine requires care space of the heart. As the heart sways to and fro, the love perch of the Baba inaugurates, triggering the pink ray to infuse into the transfusion of you. As the pink ray infuses, the care of the heart is felt by yourself and each present also swaying in the love of the Baba as soul family. Soul family requires care space to trigger the love of the two or more to flow. The care of the two or more is a sacred and divine action of love of spirit into matter.


Love perches are gifts of the Baba for the mastery quotients of light infusion. At sixty percent light infusion levels, one perch is gifted. At seventy percent levels, three perches are gifted due for the expanding heart sway. The heart accolade expands at seventy percent light quotient levels to include a larger birth of motion that cascades more greatly into the lives of others. At eighty percent levels, six perches are gifted to foster soul family love of the clan by the one more greatly mastered in light motions of field. Love is the notion required in order for dreams of the clan to syncopate into divine notions of beautification together.


Love perches can be lost, rendered, stolen, murdered or shattered through time in non-soul family sway of the non-divine. Many humans sway but not always in care of the heart. Although it may feel good to sway with many, the loss of your love perches to demonic interplay fosters less pink ray to soften your dreams into care space. As dreams cease to care, they grow to be less enjoyable to downright miserable or depressing through time. In gathering back and undamaging the love perches, the pink ray can flow again in the act of blessings of the heart. Dreams can then shift to be more beautiful as the blessings flow and the pink ray infuses into your reality of the moment.

Read more

Image of lovely wild mushrooms with red caps. Blessings for a Return of Integrity to the Dance of Life

20. Blessings for a Return of Integrity to the Dance of Life


From the Mushroom Kingdom


It is the Mushroom Kingdom that communicates with you today. Mushrooms much like eggplant are another form of crystalline structure that remains upon Earth when most other plant kingdoms have fallen into great density at 2 strands of DNA over time. Crystalline structures are light and porous with more air element, hence our light weight given our size. It is the air element that allows for increasing movement of chi through any living structure; the more porous the structure, the more chi that can be pushed through the form leading to a higher frequency or vibration of the cells and overall structure.


The Crystalline Structure Hosts More Air Element


Most wild mushrooms have never dropped beneath 6,000 segments of DNA in vibration, and our kingdom is rising well above the vibration of many other plant and tree kingdoms at this end of cycle time period of ascension Home. As a result of this truth, we are paving the way to regeneration for all other kingdoms to follow. Mushrooms also continue to hold the Language of Light tones of creation in our wild state of being.


Regeneration is an act in which that which has fallen ill or become compromised is repaired. In the current paradigm, cells do not repair themselves very well at two strands of DNA. Most cells die and then are replaced every seven years; however, beyond the age of 28 in human form, only one third of the cellular structure is replaced each seven-year cycle ahead leading to what is known as aging, decay, disease and ultimately death in older age. In the regenerative crystalline system, not only are most cells repaired long before they die, but all cells that die are replaced leading to a healthier overall biology as well as a longer life span.


Regeneration is the nature of crystalline unity biology that self repairs; and is the first phase of ascension for all kingdoms upon Earth including the human kingdom. All kingdoms are moving towards the crystalline structure which regenerates and does not age or become ill over time. The crystalline structure also hosts more air element allowing more energy to be pushed through the etheric vessel leading to a higher vibration of the cellular structure. The faster the molecules and field spins, and the more kundalini can flow through the core of the etheric body, and the higher the frequency. This requires more air element and less earth element.


Molecules must go through a transformation of their own in order to keep pace with the evolving crystalline structure. The crystalline molecular structure shifts from a solar system formation of atoms rotating around a nucleus to a Triple Lotus pattern akin to the “Consciousness Symbol” of the Language of Light. As the molecules assume the consciousness symbol formation, it is also a reflection of a restoration of lost consciousness to the etheric and biological structure of the form. All kingdoms are pressing towards the consciousness based molecular rotation in the ascent to 3,000 segments. Read more

Image of beautiful pink cherry blossoms. Mindset Development #1

Mindset Development #1


Overview of Mindset Development


Ascension into Self Development and Realization Theory


Mindset Development


The birth of the mind

Is a series of light infusions

Sustained through time

That fosters the cells to illuminate

Giving birth to self

Realizing in itself

Fostering a system of divinity

In the expression of synergy

In a wave motion of prose

That ignites a flame

Of truth within

Giving birth unto divine love within


Systems of Mindset Development

The 11-11, 12-12, 14-14, 16-16 and 18-18

Gateways to Levels of Mastery of Ascension into Self Realization


The 11-11, 12-12, 14-14, 16-16 and 18-18 are gateways or portholes into the concepts of forgiveness, compassionate action and divinity of self. Self is a consciousness that develops as striations of light are woven into the subtle bodies of mental, emotional, creative and intuitive awareness. The light striations synthesize motions of light waves in the field that cause octaves to be transfused through associated with mastery over each porthole and the divine concepts associated. Transfusion is an act of light synthesis that allows a connection between the physical and nonphysical associated with archetypal understanding. Transfusion dispensates knowing associated with each level of development.


Transfusion allows archetypal knowledge to be understood through light synthesis of self. Synthesis of self causes understanding to flow between the subtle bodies and mindset of the physical. Light synthesis of self fosters mindset development to comprehend the issues of mastery as self develops through time. Mindset development levels are a function of the waves that form through the synapses of the cortex of the cranium along with the subtle bodies. As mindset matches the subtle bodies, the physical and nonphysical better comprehend one another. Mindset has many formations of synapse development and flowers to foster understanding of forgiveness, compassion, or divine realization in the lives of those mastering self.


Most ascending humans foster non-succinct waves in the cortex of the mind. Non-succinct waves motion in angular synapse formations that flux in non-divine thoughts within. Non-divine brainwave motions equate to passive-aggressive behavior, depression, boredom, or listlessness; or hyper active behavior of nervousness to excitement or elation. Non-succinct mind waves spike, squiggle, flare or are disjointed in the formations of waves flowing out of the synapses of the cortex. Spikes are associated with elation, nervousness, fear or excitement. Flares trigger passive aggressive behavior. Squiggles cause the flavor of depression or listlessness in the life expression. Most mindset of ascending humans is non-succinct until development is fostered to another level within through continued mastery. Read more