Image of pink Himalayan salt minerals. Blessings for Living in Unity with All Kingdoms

5. Blessings for Living in Unity with All Kingdoms


From the Salt Mineral Kingdom


It is the Salt Mineral Kingdom that greets you today. Salt is the second largest mineral upon Earth next to the Granite Kingdom which wrote the last chapter.


Salt was not always the second largest mineral kingdom. Most salt was imported from nine other creations by Sirian human scientists to create an ice shield that once existed in the outmost layer of your atmosphere. The ice shield was constructed in the event that Sirian humans required another “home” due to warfare and the potential destruction of their own planets of origin. The Sirian scientists went to a load of time and trouble to create these shields, which involve the gradual release of salt water into the atmosphere but at a slow enough rate that it freezes. So much water is used that as the ice shields collapsed at a later time in history, they became your oceans.


For one million years, the ice shields allowed for a warming of Earth’s temperatures and a recovery of the many falls in consciousness she had already known in the third dimension. This was confusing to Earth that had no conscious awareness of the cause of the warming, as she could not perceive the Sirian humans or their ice shields as they existed in a Sirian dream. Dreams are very specific to the physical and nonphysical dance that they create. Because humans and the ice shields were inside of a Sirian dream, Terra (Earth) could not perceive their presence.


Human History Recorded in Salt


Small numbers of humans arrived as an experiment to see if Earth could support human life. The seeded humans had similar genetics to those in existence upon Sirius. Out of 18 sets of genetics planted upon Earth, only 7 survived over time as Terra’s biochemistry and biosphere are very different from Sirius A and B. Later, Sirius seeded another class of human with large heads and greater spiritual awareness called the “Grand Masters”. These humans were to be as ruling class for the remaining Red Nation’s peoples. Alas, the Red Nation’s peoples rejected the Grand Masters as their leaders, for after all they had been leading themselves for 25,000 Earth years (100,000 human years) without such support.


The ice shields recorded the human experiences of these early humans in the salt. If it were not for salt recording these records, Terra may not have a complete template of all experiences and karma incurred. Indeed, the 7 remaining root races lived in harmony with nature, taking only minimally what was required for nourishment and housing along with raising their young. These humans were vegetarian, lived in harmony with one another, and did not war amongst tribes, although the tribes tended to live separate existences from one another with much distance between them. It took 10,000 years for two different tribes to even meet and later intermarry; and these were the Inuit and Polynesian root races. Perhaps it is for this reason that some Inuit and Polynesians have similar facial features or body structure in present time. Read more

Image of a pear tree with juicy fruits. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #4

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #4


Attraction of Self


Attraction of Self



The attraction of you

Is the attraction of me

In the self of myself

In a sway with my soul family

In a journey of the divine

In the dance of the sublime

In a notion of love and care

That prospers in the lair of myself

In a synergy of magic

In the growth of myself

And the expansion of my dreams


Attraction of Self


The attraction of self is a system of configuration that draws unto yourself those individuals and dreams in life that resonate and discards those that are not harmonious with your own inner state of being. Attraction of self is not about intending the dreams that you desire as much as fostering a beautiful self of the self within that then attracts beautiful and bountiful dreams to the life unfolding.


Beautiful self is a configuration of consciousness that is gracious, delightful, beautiful, fosters others, loves, cares, and is abundant due to the love of the heart. Humans along with dreams are attracted to those who love in this time period. Love is such an oxymoron of a problem in this cycle of lack that love attracts perhaps more than any other possible state of consciousness on the planet. Love yourself and love each and your dreams will begin to flourish in light wave motion of field.


Love of self is not an easy state necessarily to master. Love of self is a fostering of wading through all the consciousness that hates, dislikes, dejects, holds on to remorse, is non-abundant or lacks, is unfulfilled within, feels cheated in life or in other terms is unwell in the dreams lived through time. Discarding consciousness of negative stature first begins with the aplomb of the capacity to work inwards upon the emotional discharge from the life experiences to date. Negative life experiences through time creates a charge that causes ill self that is negative to adjoin the field. The negative self calls negative dreams and experiences unto the life. Discharge the negative self and another type of dream can be attracted unto you. Read more

Image of apple tree with juicy fruits. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #3

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #3


Swing of You and Me


Swing of You and Me



The swing of you

And the swing of me

Fosters a synergy of the three

In the heart accolade

Of you and me

In the love of the many

And the care of the whole

In light wave synergy

In the oneness of ourselves

In a motion divine

In an ocean of our hearts

In a beautiful dream together as one


Swing of You and Me    


The swing is a metamorphosis oriented space in which two or three may flow as one. Oneness theory is a beautiful orchestration of light wave synergy of the two or three. Swinging together is not to be confused with sensual pleasure. Swinging is a sway of motions of light that foster a nest in which two or more may rest and care for one another as kin or friends or beloveds. If another enters the swing of the two, the trilogy of the three swings together. The more that swing together, the larger the bounty for each in the motions of light. The light enhances the dreams of the nuances of the experience of the two or three to share of their time together. Each synergizes and then swings in the beauty of the two or three.


Swings are not uncommon even in this era as a nonphysical system in which many may adjoin in dreaming the life at night and motion together while asleep. The motions foster sustenance of the physical so that it can renew and revive itself through time. Swings are an unconscious experience for most of humans who have polarized into discord with one another in life. For those emerging in light wave synergy, there is the possibility of learning to swing together in synergy while awake. The swing while awake will call to you the most mesmerizing of exchanges with others who can foster the unity and oneness possible in the swing of you and them. If three are involved, then the swing expands to encompass another that causes yet another delightful exchange of a triad of formations of light.


Swinging with two or three is a very beautiful exchange. There must be harmony within each and between the two or three in order to foster a beautiful swing together in light wave synergy motions of field. Two who are discontent cannot swing together. Two who swing together frequently in delightful nuances may discover that the third who is in disharmony breaks the swing of the two. The swing of the three requires all three to be in harmony with one another and within. Read more

Image of a magnificent Sun shining over a flowering tree. Summer Solstice Blessings from Earth and the Tao

13. Summer Solstice Blessings from Earth and the Tao


It is that time of year again; summer solstice is upon us, or winter solstice for those down-under. Ever since the winter solstice, the sun has been slowly growing and the days have steadily been getting longer. On the summer solstice, the sun reaches its peak and it completes its cycle of growth. This makes the Summer Solstice an excellent time for Earth and all ascending species including the human species to look inward, assess and reflect on spiritual goals. Did you fulfill upon your spiritual goals, beloved? What did you learn? This is what Earth, Asur’Ana and Per along with the Tao are assessing at this time.


The Mirror of One’s Life Dance


Lessons in the human paradigm often differ from those in other kingdoms. Humans have a dance that includes a cast of characters. How the humans behave in the “play” associated with the dance of life is how humans learn their lessons and master. Mastery is about demonstrating unity in the life expression along with forgiveness. Forgiveness seeks to complete through understanding a particular experience, and in the understanding one chooses another dance. Understanding is acquired in many manners in human form, but generally speaking it is through the observation of others in the life “mirror”.


The others in one’s life dance mirror one’s unconscious predisposition; they also mirror the nature of ancestors long come and gone from the physical plane. Others also mirror thoughtform and beliefs that perhaps one would prefer to transcend through ascension than live to experience in another incarnation ahead. As each mirror is looked at as an internal reflection, and one chooses to release the associated patterning within through forgiveness, one transcends in ascension.


Collective human ascension lessons are learned in a parallel manner; one watches the mirror of world events around oneself. As enough in observation choose to release the karma and beliefs associated that created the collective experiences within the human species, then the dance may change. Collective change therefore requires enough to transcend the world mirror.


This is challenging at this time as there are few ascending (less than 10% global wide), and those mastering may not be releasing karma far enough back in time to allow for a significant shift as of yet in the collective dream. It may take the birth of ascending children in the decade ahead for enough of the karma to be released to perceive a significant alteration towards unity in the current human dance. For this, Earth, the Tao, and the Ancient Ancestors are vying for; enough ascending children to press the human dream as a collective towards unity in the quarter century ahead. Read more

Image of angel wings in the sky with a heart in the middle. Earth Archive #7

Earth Archive #7: Taking Flight in the Self of You


The Flight of Spirit


I soar to the mid heavens

With the sky above

And the ground under my feet too

In the immeasurable wholeness of me

In a tantric sway with the Spirit of myself

In the love of the Baba

In the care of the Ananda

In a duet with my Soul

That fulfills my heart

In the fullness of my sway


Flying Pathways of Earth: Soaring with Spirit


Soaring is an act of spirit and soul in an ignition of a flight pathway that is regional to global in stature. Flight pathways have been used for some time in those mastering the upper echelons of ascension in the care of Mother Earth fostering. Flight was always a beautiful expedition in particular if you adventured out into nature. As Mother Earth lore fable keeper was shattered so were the pathways in some regions. Some incarnate in the shattered pathways fragmented in conjunction with Earth fable keepers. Those who fell know what it feels like not only to cease to soar but be unable to foster the flight again until you rebuild through nemesis.


This has been a difficult time for those caught in this position. Please find compassion for each caught in this position and encourage their rebloom out of nemesis at this time. For others there was not a shattering of the flight pathways in your region but the more expanded universal sequences that could cause you to soar around the world ceased. The fragmentation of most pathways of flight are now under repair.


There are 400 pathways of flight in most octaves available for you to soar within. The pathways are tended to now by the 16 Maharishi incarnate who have fostered a 96 percent light infusion level into transcendental states of being. There are only 16 currently fostering the flight of all humans who are capable of soaring with spirit at this time. Read more

Image of a bee getting nectar from a pink flower. The Hum of the Bees

2. The Hum of the Bees


Blessings for Gathering the Ascending Rainbow Tribe


The Bee Kingdom


The Bee Kingdom is happy to be able to address ascending humans today. The bee kingdom holds information on working in unity together for the common purpose of evolution. Bees work in hives with many varying jobs. Each bee has a particular focus from gathering the honey from the fields of flowers nearby; to weaving the honeycomb that supports the hive and produces the space with which to lay our eggs and birth our young; to the queen bee that lays the varying types of eggs that produce the varying forms of bees necessary to the sustenance of the whole.


Bees have held the memory of unity in insect form. There are other species that have held the remembrance of unity in animal form, such as wolf. Wolf much like bees works together in packs to assure the survival and evolution of the whole. Unity is a long lost paradigm upon Earth; over time and through the continued fracturing of thoughtform and language, the language spoken became disunity based. As language was no longer held in unity, a disunity-based creation in terms of biological cellular structure was the result along with disunity-based relations.


Language, Words and Thoughts Create Life


It is language that creates all of life. Language can be equated to the thoughts of God Goddess/All That Is that when set in motion creates life. If language distorts, so does all of life. Earth is an example of an extreme distortion of language that led to an extreme distortion of life expression. Humans exemplify the distortion more greatly than perhaps nature, as it is expressed in your civilization by a cast of characters that verbalizes the same distortion in words.


Words are thoughts. Thoughts create life. Speak something and one causes life to occur in the same vein as the thoughts behind the spoken word. Speak of wishing someone unwell, and the thoughts create the deed. However, there is a catch unto it all, and that is that one can only create for one’s own life experience. Therefore, speak unwell of another, and one is intending one’s own demise. Let us define this even more clearly for each to understand.


For a long time, one initiate whom we shall call Lawson (an ascension teacher) was haunted by dark forces that wished him unwell. They would give him pictures of his students becoming ill. Lawson looked at what they shared, and in so doing and engaging with it, intended his own demise. In less than 4 months in time in the year 2018, Lawson manifested his own case of cancer. This was the result of focusing upon the demise of others as presented unto him during meditation by dark forces wishing to cause him to die. Lawson learned a huge lesson in this experience; and that is one cannot really dream weave for another; one only dream weaves for oneself and whatever one focuses upon becomes one’s dream. Read more

Image of the McKenzie River in Oregon. Shakti Relationship Lore #7

Shakti Relationship Lore #7


The Heightened Motion


The Lore of Seduction



The forensics of truth

Is a loss of hope

Of a seduction of the sublime

In which the masculine reposes

In a heightened motion of Self

Leading to a false union

Causing a cessation of sincerity

In the core of the heart

Of the feminine

Until the unity within is mastered

In a postulation of care

Of the Beloved Within


Seduction Is A Postulation of False Love


The love of the love within as it is mastered is not a seductive stance in life. The love of the love within is a sincere motion of sincerity of care. Seduction is a postulation of false love that causes strife as the flavor of union or friendship wears off. The flavor of union or friendship is a forensics motion of the nervous repose of self that aligns the two in a stance of care. If the two fail to ignite in a stance of care, one may ignite and the other may reflect or mirror the motion leading to falsification of love. Falsification of love is a postulation of seduction that causes a memorable dream of partnership that only lasts as long as the seduction is sustained.


Seduction can be sustained for years leading to marriage or a long-term partnership that leads to pestilence of self in the end. Pestilence of self is an adroit equation of dream that fosters strife in life for one and the flavor of love for the other. One manifests love within and the other does not. Two who fail to love together are a sign of seduction in the life happenstance of self.


The pestilence of self causes the one who loves to lose the ignition of the heart leading to the loss of sensation of the inner beloved. Two must share in the heart motions for the love of the two to be a sustainable action in life. As the heart ceases to ignite, the spirit diminishes and the realization of self or mastery can fade. Sometimes the pestilence leads to disease or death if the motions of seduction are in an extreme petulance of self. In some cases, the seduction can be transcended leading to the restoration of the fulfillment of love within. Read more

Image of white dandelion puffball in the dazzling Sun. Managing One’s Grid Work and Biological Ascent

Chapter 6: Managing One’s Grid Work and Biological Ascent


The focus of this chapter is the nature of etheric grid work, molecules, atoms and sub atomic particles or elements of air, water, fire and earth and how they work to sustain life. So much information has been lost over time within the human species that it may be difficult to imagine what one’s ancient Grand Master ancestors understood; for although one may understand much in dreamtime, it is difficult to bring through to the consciousness of the biology. This is so for Asur’Ana and Per as it is for each in our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). Earth therefore strives to bring through enough information that one can understand the interplay between the various levels of energy structures that allow the living dream to catch in the third dimension leading to the experience of life in human form.


The Elements      

The elements of air, water, fire and earth are the energetic building blocks of life. The element of earth constructs atoms associated with fats, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. The element of water constructs atoms associated with any fluid including water, spinal fluid, blood, lymph fluid, or the fluid that surrounds the brain. The element of fire constructs atoms associated with the energy that fuels life, such as kundalini energy flow or photonic energy. The element of air constructs the space between or gaseous substances that support life.


Much has been spoken about the nature of the elements and health in Chapter 9 “Balancing the Elements to Retain One’s Health in Ascension” from Ascension Insights, Volume 4. This article explored the nature of the elements in association with disease and how to rebalance the field for health. This article along with Chapter 2 “The Energetic Dynamics of Disease” from Ascension Insights, Volume 5 may be worth re-reading in conjunction with this chapter as we are striving here to get to a deeper level of understanding of the purpose of the elements and etheric structure than these two articles went into. However, they will provide a nice introduction and overview that will lead into the following information.


About the Elements     


Elements are directed by the DNA of the biology to construct atoms and then molecules. If the DNA is from a foreign creation such as the Pleiades, Orion or Jyreion, then the elements that shall weave the atoms will be electrical and not magnetic. If the DNA is from Sirian or Black Assyrian origins, then magnetic elements will be called to weave the atoms. Therefore, before one can really change out electrical elements and call in magnetic elements into the field, one must bring forward DNA from one’s own magnetic ancestry.


How is this accomplished? One has lineages of ancestors that one is associated with. The further that one ascends, the further back in time one assembles a tapestry of ancestry that one is related to. The further the tapestry goes back in time, the larger the number of ancestral templates of DNA one has to draw upon. So, let us say that one has ongoing difficulty with ascending the spleen; perhaps one has yet to find a red ancestor with a definition of DNA for a magnetic spleen. As one carries on assembling more of one’s ancestral template, then suddenly a group of ancestors show up with the right encoding for the spleen that is magnetic. Now one can bring this encoding into the ascension grid work and allow the spleen to ascend. Now one can alter the spleen’s elements causing magnetic elements to replace electrical ones. Read more

Image of marvelous trees in the autumn. Workbook 1 Chapter 6 Worksheets

Workbook 1: Chapter 6 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1, Chapter 6: Managing One’s Grid Work and Biological Ascent.


These worksheets are devoted to assisting initiates in recognizing where one is still suffering from grid work manipulations or exchanges as well as assuring all parts of the biology are ascending to the same level of frequency. It is as parts of the biology fall too far behind that one will ascend into disease. Therefore, these worksheets are specifically designed to prevent disease in ascension by bringing to consciousness where one is behind and making intentions to allow for the associated region to ascend into the crystalline structure in the physical.


Veils of illusion are problematic often for muscle testing or pendulum testing. Veils are electrical frequencies that create a screen upon which one’s own belief or preferences are relayed back as truth. We recently heard of an initiate in Europe who had thought they had mastered 7,000 DNA segments as this is what they continually muscle tested. They went to the hospital to have an x-ray of the chest to prove to their spouse that they had an eight-ventricle heart.


This of course proved not to be so; as the land in Europe really cannot sustain anyone much above 3,000 segments due to the density that remains there (except Sweden and Norway that are bathed of the frequencies of the Inner Earth.) Very disappointing but this is an example of veils of illusion; as they had muscle tested, the veils in the field continued to give them the response of what they wanted to believe (that they were at 7,000 segments) rather than the 1,800 segments that the healing temples for ascension had assessed.


There is little point in going through this exercise and receiving faulty responses. Therefore, Earth guides each to clear the field, synthesize with the synthesis meditation that can be found in Chapter 11 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1, retrieve any missing notes in the Language of Light and consume any entity or device that would like to give you a faulty response. Intend also to lift all veils and remove any electrical discord by pressing it down the Aurora through intention. Then proceed forward with your muscle testing or pendulum testing. Also test once, then intend to lift all veils and test again to crosscheck one’s accuracy.


Another initiate in our program increased the accuracy of muscle testing by intending that all personality and false gods or dark lords step aside into a “waiting room” until they were done. One can also intend to anchor the nature kingdoms that have agreed to support one’s ascent. The Bear Kingdom has agreed to be the keeper of the void or unconscious for all humans; so, call upon Bear plus all other kingdoms that one enjoys a relationship unto. In this manner, one will also increase the accuracy of the responses to this section, or any section for that matter in this workbook. Read more