Image of a lovely pink hibiscus flower. Shakti Relationship Lore #2

Shakti Relationship Lore #2


The Beautiful Within


The Lore of the Mother and the Beloved of Naught


The Beautiful Within


The beautiful within

Is a foray of dream

That syncopates the revelry

Into a sprite of delight

In a sensual motion

Of the Beloved of the Beloved Within

In a momentous occasion

Of an inspiring happenstance

In which the two hearts ignite

Into a rhythm

Of a union Divine


Heart Mind Union


The theory of union is a sublime happenstance of the occasion of a divine expression of the two. The union divine is a motion that syncopates the rhythms of the two in a heart mind union of care. Care is a festive accolade that synergizes the heart mind union into a beautiful dream of shared union in a moment in time. Union fades between tantric encounters but remains always in the recollection of the heart. The heart recalls each rendezvous with another of heart mind accolade of self. Heart unions are not only amongst tantric beloveds but also between friends, family, children and sometimes other experiences in life.


Heart mind union is not as commonplace as it once was long ago. Long ago, there was a time when heart mind union prevailed in most happenstances between humans. Humans danced in a foray of eternal now in the momentous occasion of a heart mind accolade that syncopated the dream into beautiful synergized forays of life. Life was a joyous happenstance akin to the concept of heaven. Most long for an experience of heaven through union in the ancestral remembrance of such a time upon Earth.


Polarity as it is will swing the extremes into opposing happenstance. Even in the times of life in heaven, there were times of struggle akin to what you might consider hell. The opposites are extreme and they denote a need to unify the opposites into a new syncopation of self. Self has swung from heaven to hell and back again in its accolades of understanding light and darker myths of union. Self achieves primarily through union within or without in the spiritual mastery foray of dream. Read more

Image of a shark swimming in the ocean. The Shark’s Tooth

20. The Shark’s Tooth


Blessings for Responsibility


The Shark Kingdom


Shark holds the vibration of truth in the aquatic underwater worlds of Earth. Truth can be equated with holographic knowledge, in which one knows one’s place and contribution to the whole of Earth in the dance of life. Shark has the role of assisting all kingdoms to remember their truth and to fulfill upon their spiritual purpose in relation to all other underwater kingdoms upon Earth.


Retaining Peace in the Human Dance


What is the purpose of underwater kingdoms? Underwater kingdoms hold the vibrations of peace, unity, and honor so that the worlds upon the land which includes the human species may draw upon such tones of creation to remember to live in unity, peace and honor with one another. As ascending initiates take the time to be alongside or within the water, one will begin to feel the peace and unity our underwater kingdoms hold.


At this time in history, it appears as though humanity is again on the verge of war. This has plagued ascending humans who have focused strongly on trying to retain peace in the human dance. However, understand that regardless of how strong an intent the current ascending spiritual masters in human form may have to retain peace, karma will in the end dictate the outcome of the dance, until such karma has been transcended in full.


War is created by the collective consciousness of the human species. If the human species goes to war, it is because the human species has yet to learn all of the lessons of war enough to choose an alternative path as a collective. Your ascending masters do not cause this; it is caused by all humans united and as a collective.


War offers many mirrors for the world to observe and learn from, and this too includes ascending initiates. War offers the mirror of harm in the physical along with the violence and the repugnance of such a creation. War offers the dance of inhumanity and cruelty to seemingly innocent women, children and families simply trying to live their lives, pay their bills, and exist. We say that they are seemingly innocent, as any human who is violated in warfare or any other travesty is experiencing the karmic return of a violation incurred towards another of parallel kind in another lifetime in one’s ancestry. Therefore, the victims of war or any travesty are not innocent, nor are they victims. They have called the experience unto themselves due to the karma that their ancestry holds and to learn the spiritual lessons that violence, abuse and warfare offer. Read more

Image of the heart lotus or human hologram. Opening The Heart And Attuning To Holographic Knowledge

2. Opening The Heart And Attuning To Holographic Knowledge


Asur’Ana has brought through transmissions written in holographic thoughtform beginning in early 2020 without recognizing that this was what she had done. She tapped into this early form of holographic movement as she began to integrate the Language of ONE in gold and silver vibrations in her personal ascent; this was for the purposes of communicating with the “Tao” who is a future aspect of Asur’Ana’s ascended self that sits outside of time, space and form of the Great Central Sun.


The Language of ONE or gold and silver tones of creation are not new; it is the original language Earth exited the Great Central Sun with and is in essence Earth’s holographic operating system. However, through time and space between Suns, Earth had lost almost 90% of her memory of this language. In entry into the Star Gates of the Great Central Sun, which are really layers of an auric field outside the boundary of the Great Central Sun Dream, there lies the lost and missing language that Earth had forgotten. Many of such symbols have formed into crop circles in recent decades.


About A State of Forgetfulness


Forgetfulness is a funny thing; one remembers another way of being and the ways things are in the present time are not as they were. This is disconcerting, as one does not understand how to bring forward the other way of being that one once knew that was so much more joyful and harmonious in nature; and in so doing one remains with what is, as there is no other option. Then if there is a sudden loss of information of what one knows in the current forgetfulness, one then loses the way of being one has now, and one’s way of being declines into something even more forgetful. So, it has been in Earth’s history for some time now in this lengthy era of darkness that she is now working her way out of as a global vessel, as are each ascending species upon Earth.


Many who are reading our materials are an example of those who recall another way of being that was far more harmonious than present day human relations. Yet the pathway back to such a state of being is murky at best. Let us provide an example of one initiate who we shall name Kehlani. Kehlani’s father, who was a spiritual teacher in his own right, focused upon principles of unity, sovereignty and self-sustaining practices for maintenance of one’s health; and re-mineralization of the soil in farming practices that would provide the nutrition necessary to retain the health of the people.


At this time in the US, the swing of polarity was against nutrition. Those practicing many currently available alternative practices of therapy were imprisoned for “practicing medicine without a license” in the 1940’s and 1950’s and at the time that Kehlani’s father taught spiritual classes and published his own thoughts in a newsletter that many folks subscribed to. Read more

Image of multicolored waves of blue, turquoise and green. Light Wave Archive #19

Light Wave Archive #19


Not Dreams


Not dreams are a function of dreaming the life. Dreams either are or they are not. Not dreams are a function that prevent dreams from catching upon oneself. Dream nots are a fostering of understanding of self. Self places “not dreams” on dreams that are not a part of the karmic habitat but may manifest. Dreams that are a part of the karmic habitat are renditioned into those that sustain realization only. As karma is forgiven, self will adjust the not dreams to cause difficult to cease to manifest. Nots are a function of dreaming in the current habitat of karma in each life of realization prose incantation from birth.


Mastery leads to realization theory of self. Prose incantations for realization inaugurate self to realize itself into the life. As the life fosters realization, the prose triggers the capacity of self to foster not dreams. Not dreams rendition the dream to foster continued life. Not dreams prevent accidents, illness or other strife too great to foster continued realization. Not dreams are not a part of ascension levels of mastery. Ascension levels of mastery rely upon cessation of difficult habitats if the life is threatened. Beyond ascension mastery, self prevails and not dreams trigger a life of fostering of oneself.


Ascension Mastery versus Self Realization


Fostering oneself is a different life dream and postulation than ascension levels of mastery. Ascension levels of mastery focus upon life and death, light and dark, might and plight and rendition the dreams for forgiveness. Forgiveness leads to a cessation of death, dark and plight in the life.


Ascension is not the same level of mastery as realization of self. Realization of self fosters delight in the life through incantations displacing the plight into the dreaming of oneself. Dreaming plight and living plight are two different habitats of karma. Ascension mastery can live the plight in order to forgive. Realization dreams the plight forgiving and not living the plight. In realizing self, one dreams of the plight and forgive it, and so one does not need to live the plight.


Manipulation of Not Dreams


Not dreams can flow to the wrong individual causing a cessation of a dream that should unfold due to karmic habitat. Manipulation of nots can be renditioned through intention to assure that dreams are fostered as they should given the lore cycle of self. Not dreams on specific dreams of lore cycles can flux the dream to be less than beautiful or difficult even if the karmic habitat calls for an ample or generous dream in the union or in life. Not dreams have become a region of manipulation of self of demonic flavor. Read more

Image of a graceful manta ray swimming in the ocean. The Flight Of The Manta Ray

19. The Flight Of The Manta Ray


Blessings for Health and Balance


The Manta Ray Kingdom


Manta Ray is a medium sized white to grey ocean creature with a flat body with wing-like fins allowing us to fly underwater much like a bird. A few ascending humans have often watched us with great fascination for hours in the aquariums of several Honolulu restaurants, and indeed we are most graceful in our own habitat.


Manta Ray has been thought of as poisonous, and indeed we have the capacity to sting our prey into lifelessness in order to consume it. Often aquarium keepers remove the pouch carrying the poison deeming us harmless for human contact. In the ocean we would be unlikely to attack a human, as you are far too large for us to consider prey. Several initiates have seen us in our magnificent underwater flight while snorkeling in many places around the Hawaiian Islands.


Poison and the Death Hormone


Poison and poisonous substances are interesting subjects that Manta Ray wishes to shed light upon for ascending human initiates. Many initiates are frightened of poisonous substances that may be given off in insects, the plant kingdoms, or certain species in the sea, such as sea urchins. Indeed, the tips of sea urchins contain a poisonous substance that Hawaiians would often use to hunt and kill the wild boars that once freely roamed the islands.


What is a poison? Poison is a substance that causes one to go unconscious and die, or kills a portion of the form. Some substances attack the brain stem causing a cessation of the breath so that one simply asphyxiates. Some substances attack the heart causing the heart to cease pumping. Yet other substances attack the adrenal glands causing the blood pressure to rise so rapidly and so high that an aneurysm of the brain occurs due to ruptured blood vessels. The bleeding in the brain causes a rapid death of the form triggering the death hormone to be released by the pituitary gland.


Each poison ultimately triggers the death hormone to be emitted into every organ along with all tissue of the form to elicit death. The death hormone is the ultimate poison. What is the death hormone? Death hormone is a substance that causes all cells within any form to shut down and die so rapidly that the form generally ceases to breathe in less than 5 to 20 minutes depending upon the size of the species. As the death hormone is emitted, it permeates all cells in the form shutting down life. Read more

Image of a beautiful golden sunset at the beach. Incantations for the Divine Partner

Incantations For The Divine Partner


Fostering the Path of the Two:

Poetic Prose for Divine Partnership


Shaktar Tantric Union Fable Incantations:

Igniting Twin Flame Love




Incantations foster all dreams of life. Incantations are divine poetry that is incanted through time that fosters all life experiences or dramas that we dream through time. Life is an unfolding dream that flowers in the care of the heart. Incantations for beloveds foster two that unfold and flower as one in deep care of a twin flame union through time. Twin flames are pairs of humans that oscillate in motions of deep love together in the heart accolade of self. Twin flames are biological pairs of male-female, male-male, or female-female genetics that resonate and flourish and are born from the same archetype in variant families through time. Twin flames are notorious for fostering unions of a lifetime and loving one another above all else. Twin flames also incarnate as monadic duet soul infusions of the same origins of spirit through time.


Twin flames foster a union of sublime motions of love and care of the heart. Twins can also occur between parents and children or friendships of deep love through time. The love of twins is mesmerizing to experience within. The love of twins is often a sought after notion to dream in life though time. Twins heal one another of many ailments including the loss of health or love of the love within. It is very painful to lose one’s twin through dejection or death. The heart can breach in the loss of a twin through time.


No twin union lasts forever due to the difficult biology that often concludes a life through disease or accident. Twins who remain following a deep loss of the care of two often face suicidal flavor of life within and must rebirth to rise again. Those who surmount the loss of a twin foster the gift of deep understanding to foster compassion and forgiveness of self through time to survive and surmount the grief within. The love of twins is a sacred notion of life fostered by spirit and soul. Spirit and soul share in the dance of love amongst those who foster the care of the heart in twin flame formations. The following prose reflect the journey of the heart in the choice to cause a partnership of a divine ordering of love of the two through time.


Opening the heart is a difficult stanza of truth to be fostered into compassionate action of a journey of life in this era. The incantations of life foster each experience upon the path. Some incantations are delightful and exquisite to experience. Others are heart wrenching or filled with strife. The opening of the heart requires both sides of the polarity of light and dark to be experienced through time in order to be fulfilled upon in a life of spiritual mastery in this era.


Love and Spirit’s Blessings,

Shaktar Dreaming

Asur’Ana Read more

Image of the profile of a face in silhouette with rainbow color waves. Human Archetypes And Archetypal Nature

Chapter 1: Human Archetypes And Archetypal Nature


The History of Change in Archetypes and Holograms


The first area of focus is upon archetypal nature. All humans follow a script whether they exist in a Reptilian or Pleiadian or Sirian dream. Scripts and holographic planes merged during the era of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt about 15,000-18,000 Earth years ago (60,000-72,000 human years). Therefore, one will find all scripts in all dreams, whereas this was not so prior to this time in history.


Up until the Pharaohs, Sirian archetypes occurred in the Sirian and Reptilian dreams, and Pleiadian Archetypes in the Pleiadian dream. The Pharaohs being Annanuki and Sirian in lineage were the first to cross over blending the Sirian archetypes with Pleiadian archetypes. As they ascended far enough to alter global thoughtform, suddenly all holographic planes merged causing all archetypal natures to prevail in all dreams of both Sirian and Pleiadian nature.


It was due to this shift that humans from different dreams moved to other continents in the era of Atlantis. Up until this time, moving from one continent to another was not feasible due to a lack of technology. All technology was lost following the nuclear holocaust of the Anu; and the technology was a part of only the Pleiadian dream. Therefore, up until the Pharaohs, the possibility of those in the Sirian or Reptilian dream having technology, as you know it today was not possible. It was only as the holographic planes converged that a dream for the Pleiadian technology became a part of the Sirian and Reptilian dreams. This occurred following the era of the Pharaohs.


The era of Atlantis that followed the decline of the Pharaohs brought this possibility of technology to physicality. Much as in the current cycle underway worldwide within the human dream, the Atlantean civilization developed radioactive devices that parallel the devices utilized today by the Inner Earth peoples; these devices allowed for travel due to their ability to cancel gravity. Much like the aircraft today that shuttle humans from one continent to another, craft that was anti-gravity in technology prevailed in the era of Atlantis, allowing humans to travel the globe for the first time in human history. During the era of the Anu, such travel was limited to the Anu themselves or their preferred slaves, or to transport slaves destined to die to the concentration camps.


As humans moved about upon continents, dreams converged from different creations as well as lineages due to the interbreeding between those of different inheritance. As dreams converged, the human dream became a bit of a tangled mess. Upon a personal level, those who were half Anu and half Reptilian often did not know what dream that they belonged unto, and this leads to feelings of great unworthiness. Hence the thoughtform of “half breed” that occurred in those ancestors who blended between extensively different tapestries of ancestry. Read more

Image of circular water rings with orange leaves in their reflection. Workbook 1 Chapter 1 Worksheets

Workbook 1: Chapter 1 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1, Chapter 1: Human Archetypes And Archetypal Nature.


Assessing One’s Own Archetypal Nature Along with All Others


The purpose of these worksheets is to examine one’s own patterning within through question and answers obtained through Muscle Testing or Pendulum. The accuracy of muscle testing or pendulum increases when one is grounded and running the proper gender-based frequencies. One way to assure a proper answer is to do 10 to 15 “Criss-crawls”.


Criss-crawls are a simple exercise where one stands with feet slightly apart and then raises the right arm above the head and the left knee; then one slaps the right hand upon the left knee; then one raises the left arm above the head and the right knee; then one slaps the left hand upon the right knee; then much as a swimmer doing freestyle, one continues to do this back and forth until one has reset one’s energy. Generally, 10 to 15 sets of this exercise are sufficient enough to reset the energy flow throughout the body. This exercise causes the energy to flow to the left for men and right for women within the etheric grid work, which is the proper polarization for a positive answer through muscle testing.


A simple means of muscle testing is to place the thumb and middle finger together upon both hands. Then insert the two into what looks like a chain link fence. Then pull against each other. A strong response that does not pull apart is a “yes” answer; a weak response that pulls apart is a “no”. As one completes the criss-crawls, one can then muscle test one’s name with the question “Is my name (insert your name)?” and “Is my name (insert someone else’s name)? As long as the muscle strength is positive or strong for one’s name, and weak for another’s name, then you can go on to test your questions.


For easier testing, we are going to list all the archetypes upon a single page so that it is easier to muscle test or pendulum your answers. Then the questions will follow. Read more