Image of a majestic scenery in nature with the mountains in the background, and there's a lavender light cast over everything. Ascending Into A Regenerative Biological System

4. Ascending Into A Regenerative Biological System


Much has been written of the emotional process of ascension. Little on the other hand has been written about the biological alterations that accompany the emotional changes. Why? Well for one, Asur’Ana does not relate so heavily to biological changes as much as the emotional responses to her world. She has no background as a doctor or in medical studies, and therefore transcribing detailed biological information is not her forte. There is another reason however, and this involves the desire of Mother Earth to protect the ascension knowledge so that it is not misused by science at this time in history.


Science has misused ascension knowledge before, and this is how a manufactured slave race came to be. Earth hopes rather that humanity will ascend beyond the need to manipulate her or any species upon Earth, and move back to the state of full consciousness that was once the ancestral inheritance of the original red seeded race.


Therefore, the focus upon the biological alterations will always be minimal in our books. However, as one tunes into one’s own form, and the body angels that govern the process of genetic encoding, one may receive a detailed account of the current process of ascension down to the physicality of the form. As humans awaken to their own ability to tune inward to the inner planes of reality, there is no need for another to explain anything. All knowledge will flow, as one needs to know it from within.


Gradual and Generational Alterations to the Original Biochemical System


Now, we would like to explain the changes to the cells that are within the human form known as viruses, and several emerging hormonal systems and transport systems that support a regenerative crystalline structure. This will be an overview, and understand that all ascending forms will develop each system to the degree that there is room inside of the physical structure. Room? Is there not enough room in the inn, one may wonder? In reality, one’s ancient ancestors not only had a 10-foot height in structure, but an enlarged cranial cavity roughly 8 times larger than the present day human skull. To fit all glands, some of which were the size of a banana, into the space of a peanut is not possible.


At best ascension can bring forth a semblance of the original biochemical system, and grow the glands to the degree that there is space. Some glands have had to be forfeited altogether until the alterations coming forth through newborn children allow for a larger head. Into the future, delivering a child via the current process of birth may become increasingly difficult with such large heads. What then? There will be alterations to the pelvic cavity and cervix to accommodate the increased requirement to “stretch” to give birth. Read more

Image of two black crows. Two Crows Dancing In The Wind

6. Two Crows Dancing In The Wind


Blessings for True Law and the Return of Truth


The Crow Kingdom


Crow represents the keeper of true law. True law is founded upon karma, and karma determines the dance of relations in present time and in ascension. Karma holds a particular dance in place until it has been released and transcended in full. It is through transcendence that freedom from karmic relations is found. As karmic relations are transcended more and more in the human dance, unity becomes the outcome with humans dancing together in equality and joy.


It may be difficult for humans to understand that all human relations are karmic. There is not one friend that one has that one holds not a karmic bond to. There is not one family member in one’s birth family that one does not have karma with. There is not one job one has ever had that was not the result of requiring to settle a prior karmic debt. Furthermore, there is not one product that one purchases in human form, nor one institution one relies upon such as the bank, that is not founded upon a karmic debt. Crow is the keeper of the knowledge or karma, what is true karma, and what is false. We are also the keeper of the information on how to balance the scales relieving oneself of all debt over time through ascension.


Blessing One’s Food Source


Crow has an ocean counterpart, which is Salmon. At one time, Salmon was revered by North American Natives as a food source, which sustained their life and well-being, particularly as salmon moved upstream to spawn its young. Much like Buffalo for the Native American plains people, those in the Northwestern regions relied upon salmon fat to endure the lengthy winters.


Salmon like Buffalo has agreements to support human well-being and does so in love, although not much love until recent times was returned by humans harvesting Salmon global wide. This is changing at last as more humans remember to bless their food. In the act of blessing, one honors the kingdoms that sacrifice themselves for the sustenance of one’s existence, and returns the chi in a balanced dance of giving and receiving so that more young ones may come forth to continue to feed humankind. This is true law in action, which equates to balance in giving and receiving.


As salmon moves upstream to spawn, bear feasts. In the feast is a dance of communion between the souls of salmon and bear. In the communion, bear returns equal chi to the life ingested in the feast, which cause more eggs to be laid so that there are plenty of new salmon in the year ahead. The Natives consuming Salmon would remember this law and honor the kingdom, and in exchange were blessed with plenty of salmon in exchange year after year to feast upon. Read more

Image of a majestic tiger lying down and looking up at us. Chasing The Tiger’s Tail

5. Chasing The Tiger’s Tail


Blessings for Holding One’s Boundaries in Ascension


The Tiger Kingdom


The Tiger Kingdom has much to say today about our purpose and how we may serve you in your choice to ascend. The purpose of the Tiger Kingdom is to hold the boundaries of Terra (Earth). Boundaries are thoughtform that set precedence for what one will allow in their field, and what one will not allow or in other terms push out. Thoughtform that is destructive often allows entities that are abusive and harmful to use a field to target harm at others, or receive harm from others causing mutilation of both a nonphysical or physical form.


For a long time, Terra has suffered from the harm emanating from other planets and stars towards her. Such harm has been used to pierce her field, and the blows shattering her grid work, which is then stripped. As more of the grid work is stripped, records, chi, information, moving energy systems are also then pulled apart. This ultimately has led to fall after fall in vibration and consciousness for Terra over time.


In Terra’s ascension, she is learning not to allow such blows towards her field any longer, and to retrieve all that has been lost over time. In the ongoing retrieval of lost knowledge, Terra is able to reconstruct her field as it was at each phase of prior fall in consciousness. In so doing, she is playing out her many falls in reverse, and will continue to build herself until she enters the fourth and then fifth dimension in her global ascension.


Terra’s Illness and Detoxification Process


One might think of Terra as a sick or deformed human. All illness in the human dance is a reflection of the same pattern in which one has stripped another of the information necessary to hold their vibration and form in health, and in the loss of records the other becomes ill. Terra, in her own way, has been a very ill planet, equivalent to one in human form with terminal cancer. It is for this reason that those in human form whom suffer from disease will find much compassion from Terra, as this too has been her experience.


The toxic waste that is emitted by the human dance is just a reflection of Terra’s toxic thoughtform, thoughtform that says “I must sacrifice myself for the well-being of another to the brink of death and extinction”. Any human that has a disease holds a parallel thoughtform. Through ascension, thoughtform can be modified a little at a time until it ceases to be what it once was. As the thoughtform of self-destruction is modified, the damage allowed to one’s field through such beliefs can begin to be reversed. Terra is recovering from cancer at this time. One would equate her current state in ascension with the concept of a “remission”. Read more