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Light Wave Archive #7


Anthropological Self Analysis


Self is a conscious aspect of the field. The chakra system and field layers are non-conscious layers of configuration but sustain the life of the body and existence of self. Self interweaves itself into the field to harmonize, animate, and deliberate command for the life and body. The layers of self accolade the symphony of sound and light of the archetypal script to repose (song) the dreams upon the self and life. It is in the accolade of the symposium of self that spirit descends and dances with the self through magical incantations known as prose.


Prose dreaming is an accolade of self-realization. Prose dramatizes the life in words that are incantated in a symphony of sound and a harmony of light waves. The prose incantations resound through the music drawing the dream to the foray of the self through the hypothesis of mindset. Each prose is a hypothesis of mindset that causes dreams to be transfigured in an accolade of achievement for spirit.


Self accolades a physical dream to the life structure. The life structure includes the life of the self and the body. There are multiple layers of occupation of self including the physical and dream time. Dream time is an accolade above the physical leading to a nonphysical life expression. Physical life is of the body and associated with the body level self. Physical and nonphysical life expressions are the result of a fall dividing the two into polarity.


United Synergy Between Physical and Dream Time


Dream time cavorts a presence over the physical when realizing itself. Physical bodies often fail to realize self. Most incarnate today are not realizing self and live in a foray of a mechanical field that renders spirit. As the field evolves and resounds in an accolade that reposes synergy between the physical and dream time, self-realization begins. Self-realization is a repose of its own that accolades a symphony between body and dream time allowing the two to emerge as a unified self that modulates realization. Before dream time and physical can emerge into a unified self, the two poles must harmonize enough into a repose of unity between the two.


Unity between dream time and physical reposes of self requires an understanding of the archetypal relay of patterns through human history. Archetypes have rendered self and spirit leading to the repose of disassociation between the two. Sometimes the physical desires to repose in realization and the dream time fails to accolade in parallel. Sometimes the physical fails to accolade towards realization when the dream time desires the path. Both journeys fail as it requires both physical and dream time to work as a united synergy to cause realization of self.


Self-realization has been accoladed unto in many time periods. The time period of synergy of self is occurring again. The parallel realities between physical and dream time must coincide in the decision to realize self. Parallel selves are united into physical and nonphysical symposiums of sound to cause the realization to accolade. Not all can resound in the path of realization if parallel lives fail to repose into the choice of evolutionary fulfillment. Self-realization is not for everyone. For those who cannot realize self, the alternative path is of realization through male female repose of synergy through divine partnership within or without.


Anthology of Archetypal Self


Archetypes have a variety of journeys of self in the anthology of historical sequences of dreams. Some archetypes are unified in self and others cascade into a dis-synergy of repose and accolades a rendering of self. Self anthology is polarized into destructive and non-destructive sequences of archaeology due to the variety of archetypal interfaces present in the geological sequences upon Earth. Purification of sequences of geologies can cause self-realization to align. This is the purpose of this particular article.


The archetypes are explored in the Ascension Insights series along with spiritual repose of lessons. We recommend Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 and Workbook 2 as an undercurrent of understanding to the foray of self anthology of archetypes. Chapters 1 and 3 of Workbook 1 along with Chapter 7 of Workbook 2 explore the spiritual lessons of the archetypal foray of dream upon Earth.


The anthology of self is best associated with archetypes of non-Pleiadian derivative of association. Those of self-realization nature are from a corridor of Macedonia that relayed through Sirius upon Earth in ancient times. The Macedonian context of archetype resonates with Earth as she exited a star system from a neighboring corridor. Macedonian archetypes are usually prepared to transfuse upon Earth. The cause is associated with the anthology of dreams of the archetypes in twin and counterpart foray of anthology that came to Earth in ancient times.


Pleiadian anthology and scripts descended upon Earth in many time periods. The Pleiadian archetypes failed to relay along with those who reposed from Pleiadian scripts. Those who attempted transfusion of Pleiadian scripts failed to have the archetypal structure to defuse and refuse into a nonphysical self. The result was a confused transfusion and the repose of sour and diabolical plots upon Earth. Those who transfused in Pleiadian scripts failed to know that the archetypal structure was unavailable to be transfused within leading to disaster.


The accolades of sound reposed upon Earth continue to resound in sour symphonies due to Pleiadian derivative transfusion. The repose of sound can be cleared amongst those who are choosing to transfuse of the right derivative of archetype. Self-realization is limited to those who can transfuse into harmony due to the need to clarify and purify the human accolade to sustain peace. It may be that less than one out of a thousand will ever transfuse given the special foray of dream that is offered in order to rendition Earth into sweeter sounds for life of herself.


Mindset Mastery


Earth is a self that is global and composed of the kingdoms upon her. Each kingdom has a self that is also realizing itself. Self-realization of global sequences is difficult and the repose of sound and shall emerge in clearer tones and sequences as the self of Earth purifies itself. The self of Earth is not to be confused with Mother Earth consciousness. The self of Earth is a solar repose of sound that elicits a consciousness that is not to be accoladed unto until solar mastery of mindset is fulfilled upon.


Mindset becomes solar after aliska derivative waves are mastered. There are 18 levels of solar mindset to be mastered beyond this. Mindset mastery leads to self-realization after aliska mindset is transcended. Beyond aliska, the mindset accolades into deeper synergy of self. Self-realization requires a deep synergy of self as a nuance of forgiveness and understanding of life. Peace is an internal accoutrement to self-realization. Inner peace is mastered more greatly in mindset above aliska.


Self is a nonphysical subconscious attribute of itself until self-realization occurs. There is a body level self that is present throughout the life. Body level self communicates with self above to accolade a synergy of a divestiture of polarity. Self and body level self unite as self-realization begins. Self of the body can be rendered and this causes disease and accolades of de-sequencing of dreams for death. Body level self that is rendered can leave holes and tears in the etheric structure leading to pain and mindset dis-synergy. Those struggling with pain can search out a loss of body level self and repair through intention.


Gauntleting of self accolades through the body level self. The final act often in death is a gauntleting of self to retract self for the purposes of passing. Conscious death need not require the gauntleting of self of the body. Conscious death allows the body level self to retract to the underworld of the equinox of self. The equinox of self is a void of infinite possibility for the purposes of managing the dream of self. The body level self intersects with the void of infinite possibility to manage the life dream. Self of the structure above accolades over the body level self in support of its realization.


Anthology of Self in Archetype Foray


Self of the Repose of Self


The archetype of self repose of self is an accolade of self that renews itself unto itself in recurrent prose of hypothetical sequences of dream. Hypothesis is a theory founded upon prose that disseminates dream accolades to the foray of self. Hypothesis of self are prose ckantor that relate to the world of dream of self. Self dreams in sequences of established ckanton based hypothesis that synergize the life dream.


The biological self reposes its melody unto itself in an ongoing and recurrent fashion to sustain life. Each life has a hypothesis of prose that is associated with the purpose of the physical dream. Dreams are dreamt first founded upon prose hypothetical ckantor that unite in a fusion to dissimilate the accolade of repose unto the body level self. If the hypothesis prose is rendered or recomposed it can lead to a dream that is not of the choice of life purpose. Examining and recreating the hypothesis of body level self is a task for the self of the self within and can be reconstructed through intention if rendered.


Hypothesis of life dreams occur prior to birth and are edited in major life script changes such as a move, marriage, partnership, birth of a child, preoccupation or other life choices including the choice to evolve. The hypothesis for life is a ckantor of derivations of 18 sequences of theory of mindset that cause the scripts of the archetypal foray to synergize with the body level and dream time dreams. Those who render archetypal hypothesis and theory are generally of the non-self of the repose of non-self-derivative of archetype.


Non-Self of the Repose of Non-Self


The non-self of the repose of non-self is a derivative of condrian DNA substance that is of an archetypal foray of Pleiadian nature. Those of this nature tend to manipulate the hypothetical derivation of self of others in a variety of manners. Manipulation of hypothesis can extend the life of those of this nature at the loss of life of another.


Non-self is a self that denunciated upon itself. Self is striated in formations of accolades of synergized union of the fabric of itself. Fabric that is inverted or consumed becomes non-self fabric. Non-self is a loss of self of a most devastating manner. Those who become non-self on a body level pass over time. Non-self is an accolade of emptiness within.


Self manifests dreams. Non-self fails to synergize dreams into the life leading to a loss of expression in the physical. Non-self fails to renew the vessel or field leading to aging and disease. Non-self is a repose of dis-synergy that accolades into non-rapture in sound. Non-rapture is a state of depression, suicidal tendencies or other derivations of sadness or grief. Restoration of self will allow for a healing of the sad happenstance. Innana was an archetype of non-self of the non-self derivative of condrian DNA that dis-synergized the self of others.


Self of the Repose of Harmony


Self of the repose of harmony sustains the synergy of field and dream. Harmony is sustained through sweet music prose and ckantons that foster the sustenance of a harmonious internal state of being. Music synergizes the sour attributes of self into harmony when fostered through prose systems. Systems of self are an accolade of dream of the self of the self within. The systems of self have many functions including harmonization of self. Self harmonizes to synergize beautiful dreams between spirit and self.


Self accolades harmony unto the biological self. Biological self can learn to harmonize itself through repose that sweetens the molecules and energy flow of the sound surrounding the body. Sweeter harmonics of biological self lead to sweeter life dreams. There are those who are gifted at souring biological dreams leading to darker avenues of expression. Those gifted at causing sour accolades of rendition are related to the non-self of the repose of disharmony.


Non-Self of the Repose of Disharmony


Non-self of the repose of disharmony sours the sounds of self or others. Condrian DNA in a repose of self sours sound frequencies due to accolades of non-self. Non-self is incompetent at sustaining symphonies of self. Non-self is a vast accolade of dis-synthesis and dis-synergy of self. The sound of dis-synthesis is sour leading to disease. The slight associated with dis-synergy leads to emotional grief.


There are those gifted at non-biological self derivations of repose that renders the synthesis or synergy of self. The self of the self within can repair the dis-synergy to foster a shift of self-healing. Accolading new pallets (light grid centers) of synthesis and synergy for the biological or personal dream sequences aids in recovery. Innana, Merduk and Athena were each gifted archetypal sequences that dis-synthesized and dis-synergized others.


Self of the Repose of the Accolade


The self of the repose of the accolade (cascade of sound) reverberates the resonance of sound of the symposium through the layers of self and towards the biological self. The accolade is a systematic system of self that sustains the composition of the accolade. Each accolade reposes a particular composition that sustains the dream of self. Compositions can be rendered along with systematic systems of self depleting the repose of sound. Depletion of sound scatters the dreams to the forays of others.


Compositions are recomposed periodically due to life dream accolades of change. The repose of compositions calls particular dreams into the sequences of self. Sounds of the biological system of self are not a composition but a cadence of a chord that draws dreams founded upon sour or sweet harmonics. The field plays a simple composition if the blueprint is dispensed for the systems required. It is not biological systems of self that can alter sound. Sound healing must occur through the self of the self within.


Non-Self of the Repose of the Non-Accolade


The non-self of the repose of the non-accolade occurs in condrian associated archetypal systems of self. The non-accolade causes a composition to repose that is non-resonant with the systematic systems of self. The non-resonance leads to dreams that are discordant to turbulent for self. Those of condrian nature often trade systematic systems of self to repose an accolade that resonates.


The condrian foray can cause a repose of a non-accolade in the biological self. The non-accolade causes stagnation of the repose of sound in the field. The stagnation of sound reposes dreams that stagnate or diminish or freeze in time. Dreams that freeze in time can lead to disease or struggle. Merduk and Zeus were gifted at altering the repose of the accolade in others to sustain the opposite in self.


Self of the Repose of Truth


The self of the repose of truth sustains the foray of the symposium of self. The symposium of self is a musical systematic system of self that sustains truth. The music of self is a symposium of resounding accolades that adjoin into a symphony of resources of self. Self resources itself founded upon cadences of music that accolade the functions of self. The function of self is to understand, evolve and forgive out of truth derivations of thoughtform. Truth is accoladed unto through hypothesis of prose.


Truth holds the symposium of self succinct in its derivative of thoughtform and striations of fabric in a state of synthesis. Synthesis of self leads to palatable experiences of dream of a non-nomenclature (non-destructive) haberdashery. Non-synthesis of self does occur and leads to the opposite. Biological self also synthesizes itself through the self of the self within in order to sustain palatable dreams for the life or biology.


Non-Self of the Repose of Non-Truth


Non-self of the repose of non-truth dis-synthesizes the symposium of self. The dis-synthesis of symposium causes the fabric of self to be rendered or decomposed. Rendered self leads to striations of the fabric of self that fails to hold together leading to disintegration. As the fabric of self disintegrates, diabolical plots of dreams catch. Diabolical dreams are related to demonization in all of its varied expressions in the physical. Athena was gifted at dis-synthesis of self of others to sustain her own synthesis of sound; and also, in causing the demonization of others.


Demons are a non-soul or serpent that inhabits creations that are non-ensouled. Most humans exist in a demonic world. Demons are not necessarily destructive but can be. Demons range in fabric from that which is excitable and friendly to that which is difficult and explosive in nature. Demons are a form of serpent that dances with the foray of those who are not dragon in nature and are of non-self accolades of expression. In future articles, we will speak to the lore of the serpents and dragons in the systematic systems of self.


Self of the Repose of Synergy


The self of the repose of synergy sustains the synergy of self. Synergy is a foray of harmony that renews and sustains the fabric of self. Synergy of self allows dreams of palatable happenstance to accolade into the foray. Synergy is sustained through light synthesis and not sound. Light is a higher octave of sound that knits the fabric of self together through the act of fusion. Light fusion is an art required in self-realization.


Light fusion can be disrupted in many accolades if dis-synthesis of self. Light synthesis can wobble when the light synthesis of others or the land wobbles. One of the more difficult issues for light synthesis is the wobble in waves in the denser regions that humans inhabit. The natural world often sustains a light wave synergy that exceeds what is possible in the human foray of dream. There are those gifted at interfering with light synergy leading to the dis-synergy of self.


Non-Self of the Repose of Dis-Synergy


The non-self of the repose of dis-synergy dis-synergizes self. Those of this nature are of condrian derivative archetypal sequences of dreams. Those that dis-synergize self cause self to fragment. Fragmented self fails to synergize enough to interact with spirit. Spirit can withdraw leading to self that fails to be supported in its realization. Those gifted at dis-synergy of self are often of Athena and Merduk archetypal nature.


The biological self learns synergy in the act of self-realization or the foray of happenstance of twin or counterpart relationship accolades of dreaming. As the biological self learns to transfuse, a state of fusion that synergizes is born in the physical. Fusion that is synergized renews the biology along with biological self. The dis-synergy of transfusion causes the opposite. Those of condrian DNA will dis-synergize another to retain a state of synergy for their own renewal.


The Self of the Repose of Service


The self of the repose of service sustains the layers of self in service unto the whole of itself. Self is sustained in the ongoing synthesis of itself. The consciousness of self is sustained through thoughtform that is accoladed unto to understand and forgive. Thoughtform is a derivation of archetypal knowledge and awareness interwoven with self. The systematic systems of self support the maintenance of the expansion and thoughtform associated with the striations of self in its realization.


The biological self sustains the thoughtform for the physical consciousness. The biological self has many functions in the development of those choosing to master evolutionary fulfillment. The biological self obtains its knowledge through the archetypal foray of dreaming associated with the archaeology of the inheritance. The biological self of the repose of service can be rendered leading to a loss of thoughtform and the inability to sustain the field or dream.


The Non-Self of the Repose of Non-Service


The non-self of the repose of non-service fails to synergize and support the self or its fabric. Those of condrian derivative of archeology fail to support the fabric of self due to a lack of the archetypal foray of dream required. Those of this nature trade for fabric of self of another that synergizes another. Some inheritances such as Rosetti/Vestivia or Rosaletti/Vestuvia often care take those of condrian systems of self to sustain synergy of self. All Anu derivative of archetypal patterns tend to manifest this pattern.




The above self anthology defines the seven layers of self of the self within. Self sustains itself as long as the fabric remains succinct. Sometimes self is shattered or manipulated in some manner. The dreams of the orders are designed to aid self in its repair if this occurs. Those self-realizing can learn to aid self in sustaining itself in accolading a system of vision and awareness in support.


Self-realization is another level of becoming the creator within. Self is designed as a creation-based force that causes the happenstance of life to foray in the direction of expansion, understanding and forgiveness. The act of realization realizes the foray into the happenstance of the physical and dream time accolades of life. Realization has many derivations of experience that are personal and profound in the understanding of self.


The realization of biological self requires an understanding of the archetypal nature of others that dis-synergize and dis-synthesize the field and dream such that continued rendition of self cannot be aspired unto. Those of condrian archaeological format are not predisposed to realization of biological self due to the caustic nature of the non-self involved. Non-self is not an attribute of supportive fabric of existence.


Self-realization is a recognition that all happenstance is about self. Self is a holographic envelope that draws unto itself what is in synergy or dis-synergy within. The dis-synergized self draws to it the experiences that dis-synergize so that self may understand, forgive and realize enough to heal. All lies within and all else is only a mirror of one’s own internal fabric of self.


Self contemplates itself through introspective motion of field. The systematic systems of self support the act of contemplation of self. Sometimes contemplation within is derailed. The dis-synergy of the systematic systems of self can cause a loss of capacity to introspect. The choice to heal the systematic systems of self will allow the introspection to resume. Systematic systems of self have four systems to maintain to allow for introspection.


Systematic Systems of Self


Systematic Systems of Vision


The systematic systems of vision allow self and biological self to envision happenstance that requires realizing. The systematic systems of vision intersect in the third eye and apex of the crown between self and biological self. Sometimes the rendering of the apex of self in the cranium will destroy the capacity of self to sustain its vision. Reparation of the systematic system of vision causes the crown apex to be restored. Athena derivative nature often renders the crown apex of self to manipulate vision.


Systematic Systems of the Heart


The systematic systems of the heart allow self to feel and accolade the emotional support and understanding of forgiveness. The systematic systems of the heart lead to the act of completion in the jurisdiction of self. Completion is the conclusion of the act of forgiveness of any level of understanding of self. Sometimes the self can be rendered leading to a dis-synergy of the systematic systems of the heart. Innana and Gaylya derivative archetype are gifted at dis-synergizing the heart.


Systematic Systems of Tantric Wave Action


The systematic systems of tantric wave action sustain the force of wave action that unites self of the biology with self of the self within in a foray of fusion in the pelvis. Systematic systems of tantric wave action have the purpose of forgiving the mindset of others. Innana and Zeus along with Gaylya and Daylya were gifted at rendering the systematic systems of tantric wave action.


Systematic Systems of the Foray


The systematic systems of the foray sustain the dream for the self and life of the physical. The systematic systems of the foray allow for the capacity to repose the prose necessary to transfigure the dreams in the direction intended by self. Systematic systems of the foray can be rendered. Merduk and Athena along with Innana and Zeus derivative of ancestry are gifted at rendering the systematic systems of the foray.




The systematic systems of self-development require the opening of the motions of the third eye, heart and pelvis to cause the sequencing of dream for realization of self to occur. For those that struggle with the issues of the pelvis, sexual patterns require renditioning. For those struggling with opening the heart, issues of the male and female along with relationship and union need to be tended unto. For those struggling with opening the third eye, issues of seduction and loss of perception require tending unto. It is only as all four systems of systematic self are integrated that self-realization can begin.


The self is an accolade of the mindset. Mindset development occurs in syncopation with the act of realization. Thossa and thulsa mindset development allow for the systematic systems of self to integrate. Oska and Aliska mindset development allow self-realization to begin. Realization is a personal accolade of achievement. Each path is unique offering the insights and healing possible within the inheritance. Biological self-realization is as important an accolade to the healing of the inheritance as the act of realization of the self of the self within. The following are prose specific to healing the biological self and systematic systems of self.


Dream of Self


I am the dreamer

and the dream

Of myself

In syncopation

With self

In a metamorphosis

Of non-nomenclature

Rendition of dream

In syncopation with time

In the accolade of achievement

Of the archetypal foray

Of self of the self within


The I Am Presence


The I am that I am

Syncopates in a rhythm

Of my heart

In an opening unto the chalice

Of a systematic system

That accolades the understanding

Of a union divine

In a synthesis of motion

In a foray of hope

In a synergy of self

of infinite love

for all time


The Love of Self


The I am presence

Is a force of the divine

In a neo-non-nomenclature pursuit

Of an accolade of understanding

Of the archetypal foray of experience

Through time

Forgiving the self

Of each expression

In an accolade of compassion

Of the perception

That all lies within

And all mirrors of nemesis

Are a charade of self

Interacting with self


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