Image of silvery white waves. Waves And Poetic Prose

Waves And Poetic Prose


Introduction: Healing through Transfigurative Dreaming


Prose are incantations that cast a spell over the dream through poetic formations of repose of thought. Incantation spells transfigure the dream to respond to the thoughts causing a shift in the paradigm of notion of each moment. Moment to moment shifts in dreams repose down the dimensions catching over the transfigurative action of the field.


Incantations are to be recited only once per day. Twenty incantations will be shared after this introduction. Please pick only those that most deeply resonate within to intend. You can read the incantations without intention and then re-read the incantation with intention to cast the transfigurative spell for healing the dream of self for each given day of transformative action. Intending a particular incantation twice cancels the transfigurative action over the dream. Intending the incantation the third time reinstates the transfiguration.


It is best to intend only one to two of the following prose as transfiguration over any given day of transformation within. Transfigurative action can confuse the dreams if too many are intended all at once. The purpose of the prose is spiritual and is designed to cause healing of the self of the self within. The self of the self within is an energetic formation of field that reposes the consciousness and awareness of the experience of life. It is the self of the self within that manages all life dreams.


Consciousness expands through self-realization. Humans upon the spiritual path realize self in many variations of experiences of life. The prose ignites the divine flame of synergy within the heart accolade of self to aid in the realization over particular realizations of self for the purposes of forgiveness of karmic debt and difficult or traumatic life happenstance.


Transfigurative action is a formation of dream weaving that is much like an artist with a paint brush. The prose causes the foundation and colors of the dream to alter into beautiful formations that attract delightful moments in time to be experienced and expressed.


We hope that each enjoys working with the waves and prose for your own introspection and spiritual awakening or realization within! The art of each prose is a reflection of the wave formations and colors that form in the field as the motions of transfigurative action take flight.


Love and Spirit’s Blessings,


Light Synthesis

The light synthesizes

In a motion divine

Showing us the path

Of relationship within

Fostering the infinite

To realize itself

Through the male and female

Vestibules of Self

In the freedom to care

In the love of the love

To foster a unique journey

Of partnership within


Tantric Kiss Bliss


Prose is poetry that causes the dreams of self to transfigure into momentous occasions of beauty and synergy. Recitation of the prose is an incantation that alters the fabric of the dream in a synergistic moment in time. The alteration of dreams through prose will work as long as the foray for the dream configures in an action divine. Divine action is the will of spirit over matter to cause something synergistic to repose in the life.


The Tantric Kiss Bliss wave is a system of motion that causes a syncopation in the dream in accolades of self leading to resonance of escapades of desire. Self directs the life and the life happenstance alters into a new dream that causes the sensation of an experience into a moment of bliss.


Bliss is an action of communion between body, mind and spirit. Sometimes the motion and sensation of bliss is caused in experiences of interconnection with nature. Nature holds the capacity to accolade the kiss bliss wave back and forth oscillating the self into a motion divine. The divine motion leads to a sensation of fulfillment and the fruition of a sacred expression that feels blissful to experience.


Medicine people sometimes learn to accolade in the kiss bliss motion to anchor sacred space or healing reserves of nature. Nature offers healing to those who desire to receive and be blessed in the accolade of freedom from karmic happenstance. Freedom from karmic happenstance is equated to bliss in the current happenstance of humanity.


Tantra is a sacred motion of forensics that ignite and knit together the fabric of self and spirit into a union divine within. The union divine can be experienced between beloveds in the act of communion together through the self to self and spirit to spirit of the two. The heart opens to the challis of the divine to allow the kiss bliss to wave in a motion of synergy that blesses the senses with a caress of love.


A union divine that causes the expression of tantric bliss can be experienced within in the natural world or between friends or those of partnership dreams of love. Divine union motions of tantric bliss waves heal the issues of rejection of self. Tantric bliss is the first wave that ignites the self of the self within to accolade in synergy with the field.



Tantric Kiss Bliss

Love and love within

Is an expression of Self

That is interpretive of itself

In a flow with the Divine

In an accolade of synergy

Of a moment of bliss

Through a motion of forensics

Of a happenstance of joy

In a union divine

In the expression

Of sacredness within

In a kiss of love


Tantric Swing


The Tantric Swing is a motion of unification of self into a sequence of formations that ignite dreams. Dreams are ignited in two formations. The first formation is a tantric kiss bliss motion of the first wave prose. The second is a formation of distinct attributes of self that unite with spirit and crescendo into a motion of happenstance of dream.


Happenstance is an accolade of synergy that sustains the truth of the moment. Truth is a formation of self that accolades unto dreams that foster a sensation of certainty. Certainty is a notion divine that reposes succinct rhythms in time that sustain dreams. Dreams that are sustained allow a beautiful foray to catch that synergizes self into its truth.


Dreams forayed in truth delight the self into notions of the self of the self within that is sincere to the theory formations of existence. Theories of existence cause life to unfold in renewal and sustenance. Dreams of truth regenerate the body, mind and spirit and cause bounty to manifest. Bounty is a precept of enough and not of the paradigm of greed or poverty.


The tantric swing prose allows dreams to be transfigured in the truth of the theory of the archetypal foray of self. Each archetype has a unique truth to be expressed in life. Unique truths as expressed and experienced lead to satisfaction and fulfillment within. The repose of the Tantric Swing leads to fulfillment and can be ignited only as the foray for the self of the self within is present.


Truth is a sincerity of self as expressed through time. The restoration of truth is a fundamental attribute of the spiritual enfoldment of self. Self-realization is founded upon the precept of a restoration of archetypal truth. Truth in the dance of relationship leads to a sincere synergy of body, mind and spirit that directs the marriage or relationship.


The Tantric Swing wave is an action of divine synergy of self. The self of the self within ignites a flame that causes self and spirit to unite into the expression of the life. Waves allow for a merger between spirit and self to realize itself into the truth of the one within. Divine experiences accolade a synergy of spirit and self that interprets itself in the experiences of life. As life is interpreted the forensics of forgiveness occur to allow the happenstance to emerge into the divine experience of self.


Tantric Swing

I am the flow of the flow

Moving in the moment of time

In a union within

In divine timing

Finding freedom through the swing

Of the dance of life

I rest in the sweetness

Of my center

In the I am that I am of myself

In the motion of becoming

The lover and the dream

Of the beloved of the beloved within


Tantric Rapture


Rapture is a state that is beautiful to experience. The synergy of rapture mends the heart in the opening unto the challis divine. The challis divine is an odyssey of support that accolades synergy within the systematic systems of self. As systematic systems of self ignite into synergy, a foray of fusion occurs that is a full body rapture of self.


Self is a postulation that often is adrift and out of the physical foray. In the act of self-realization, self infuses itself into the physical allowing those of like mindset to ignite a full body foray of fusion. Full body fusion allows for the experience of rapture. Sometimes rapture can occur with the nonphysical that act as a beloved. The beloved of the beloved within is often enacted with the nonphysical due to a lack of physical partnership in this time period.


Nonphysical partnerships can be as difficult as physical relationships. Often the nonphysical partnership is only a dream time preoccupation. Amongst those who are conscious dreamers, the partnership may spill over into conscious expressions synergized through time. Partnership is partnership regardless if it is a physical or nonphysical foray of dreaming. Partnership will teach those realizing self about the dynamics of male and female accolades of achievement of self.


Self is a masculine foray as Tao and feminine foray as Dao. Dao are feminine attributes of self, and Tao are masculine attributes of self. A Tao and Dao within ignite a flame of union to synergize the one of the one in the challis of the divine within. Dao and Tao are ancient terms that fosters a relationship unto the self of the self within. As the Dao and Tao ignite in a foray of union together with self, rapture is experienced as a symposium of light and sound synthesis of field.


The Tantric Rapture prose facilitates a healing of the heart synergy of self. The heart synergy of self heals the issues of relationship into a tantric foray of happenstance of self-realization of the two. Self-realization of the two causes a synthesis of the two fields into a syncopation of the divine. Divine syncopation can also occur within in the singular amongst those mastering tantric rapture wave bandwidths of mindset.


Tantric Rapture

I dream the sweetest of dreams

Dear and near

In the moment of timelessness

Of an ever-expanding state

In the freedom of the journey

Singing songs of rapture

Of the self of the self within

Attuning inward to my being

In the oneness of all that is

And all that has ever been

In all moments through time


Tantric Sway


The prose knows the transfigurative motions to delight the senses in the dreams of self. Self is an attribute of archeology of ancestry that is present to understand, forgive, grow and metamorphosize into the realization of itself. Self-realization is an accolade of achievement of awareness. Awareness is a transcendental state that can expand, rebirth and grow into another state of happenstance that is non-karmic.


Dharma is a state in which dreams flow. Dharma is a consequence of action that is debt free. Most happenstance is founded upon settlement of debt. Debt causes one dream over another to catch in the foray of life. Many dreams are difficult if the karma holds an incarceration over the preference of dream. Incarceration is so deep that often lives are filled with strife.


Strife can be a lesson for self to accolade into dharmic happenstance. Departing from karma requires forgiveness that fosters a rebirth of self. As self of the self within rebirths, it sheds the happenstance of karma dawning into a new foray of delight founded upon dharma. Dharma is a gift of spirit that is offered unto self as a result of its achievement through realization of the karmic lessons of life.


The spiritual path is a never-ending journey of transcendence over karmic happenstance that ignites a flame of truth in which dharma may unfold. The truth of self is non-karmic. Karmic debt is not a foray of spiritual achievement. Many aspirants believe that wealth of achievement is a happenstance of spirit. Spirit is not interested in wealth except in association with dharma. Dharma is a gift and does not require providing anything other than self into the foray in its achievement of realization over karmic happenstance.


Karma interferes with the flow of the dream of self. As the karma is forgiven, a flow is achieved that rearranges the dream through the sway of tantric motion of self ignited with spirit in a foray of new happenstance. The motion of sway represents the achievement over the issues of doubt and uncertainty of self. As self finds its certainty, the dreams align in the divine expression of life.


Tantric Sway

I am the fulfilled of the fulfilled

Opening unto the challis

To drink of the Divine

Of a love that caresses

Meandering so softly

Within the heart of myself

In the freedom

To ignite the Divine

In a state of metamorphosis

Rebirth and growth

In a union within

Of synergy of Self


Tantric Flow


The Tantric flow prose is an intrinsic attribute of the melody of non-incarcerated love. Incarcerated love is karmic. Non-incarcerated love is ancestral holographic relay of dreams in a state of forensic synergy. Love that is non-incarcerated synergizes the vestibules of the challis of love. The opening to the challis of love accolades the heart of the divine within.


The divine within seeks to synergize with the self to ignite a state of union in which the two may dance together in magnificence. The two flow together in a symbiotic union in which one gives and the other receives in balance. Symbiotic union is a state achieved in light wave mindset.


The challis of love is a sacred space within. The sacredness of the sanctuary of self is a divine birth right to love. The divine right of each human is to foray for a dream of union. Union sustains itself within as synergy occurs in the body, mind and spirit accolades of self. The body, mind and spirit are designed to foster a union divine in light wave mindset.


In a union of the divine, aspirations of magnificence can unfold in the flow of the flow within. The flow is a synergized state in which mastery over self and the dreams self can be fostered. Dreams in the flow are magnificent to behold. Divine dreams are a synergy of the one, the two or the many in a synergized state of being in which wholeness is sustained in the tantric flow.


Wholeness is a flow that allows for sustainability to occur. Sustainability is a state in which the non-whole flows to the compost in which the self of the self within can be renewed. The mindset of sustainability is a prerequisite to attaining a wholeness state through mastery of self.


The repose of the symposium of the prose of the sway allows a transfiguration of self into the dance of wholeness. The prose of flow allows the issues of dis-synergy of the heart accolade to be healed within. The prose of Tantric Flow motions a synergy of the two so that they can flow as one in a united field of self. Oneness of the two is a beautiful foray of dream to realize within or in a partnership divine.


Tantric Flow

In the truth of the truth within

There is a repose of my ancestors

Adjoining my path

Into the unknown and unexplored

In the infinite desire

To discover and realize

Mysteries and majesties within

True unto myself

In the fulfillment

Of the magnificence

Of the divine right of my birth

To love


Tantric Peace


Peace is an accolade of the divine. The divine is an adroit interpretation of oscillations of mindset that allows love and peace to unite into a synergy of union. A synergy of union is a system of self that causes derivations of dreams to function in dharma. Dharma is a non-karmic happenstance. Most happenstance in the human foray is founded upon karma. Karma is a subservience from a prior time that oscillates a motion that renditions the dreams to be fostered in happenstances of debt.


Debts flow in two configurations. In one configuration, debt occurs as a suppository of self in which the happenstance benefits the life as a manifestation of fate. The other manner is neutral to opposition in which the happenstance disfavors self. Disfavor of self is negative and dark in some instances and sought to be forgiven to mend the happenstance of the fate. Karma is adroit and futile in its actions unless forgiven. Forgiveness causes the karma of fate to subside and another dream to rendition into the life founded upon dharma.


Karma is sequenced in dreams that foray to and fro between parties and in group happenstance. Forgiveness allows another dream to be forayed for that alters the happenstance in the favor of self. Transfiguration prose are useful to alter the happenstance of fate when incantated. Sometimes there is larceny in which false debt has been added to the karmic log of self. Larceny is a difficult happenstance as it causes the dreams to fail to forgive or alter the fate.


Larceny is a projection of the karma of someone else upon oneself. Self has karmic fabric and the dharma is to be offered as forgiveness occurs. Projections dander the dharma so that it fails to restore the happenstance of the day. Self can choose to reverse the projections such that karmic happenstance is released as forgiveness takes flight allowing dharma to unfold. Peace occurs in the happenstance of dharma as the dreams of soul can oscillate to fruition.


Dharma is a dream of forever of the forever of the Tao. The forever of the Tao is a void of infinite possibility of dreams available throughout time to the ancestry. Dharma chooses a new dream to happenstance as the karma is forgiven. Dharma oscillates the dreams into a rendition and then a fruition of change. Some dharmic sequences take months to years to manifest once forgiveness of the karma has been fulfilled upon.


Tantric Peace

In the epicenter of my being

Is a home

Of forensic action

Of the freedom to be at peace

As the creator within

That understands the journey

Is of my Soul

To foster the void

Of my truth

In the infinite possibility

Of all that is so

And all that will ever be


Tantric Prose


The Tantric prose offers a journey through transfigurative action of self into truth within. Self transfigures the field to symposium the dream of the journey of life founded upon archetypal truth. Those that are gifted at transfigurative action dream dreams that synergizes with self. Those that fail to transfigure dreams of self in alignment with truth dream of struggle and strife. Transfiguration is an action of aplomb of self-realization.


Sorcerer configurations of self can steal transfigurative knowledge and use its resources to modify the dream into accolades of self that are not sincere to the nature of the archetypal predisposition of life. Those gifted at false transfigurative knowledge are perceived as someone that they are not. Union is a dream that is difficult to carry on in the charade of a false self. The charade of a false self in a new relationship may last only until the honeymoon is over. The honeymoon may be of a sincere marriage or of two who choose to live together. Life together rarely allows the charade of false self to remain and the real self is perceived for what it is underneath and over time.


Many difficult unions begin as sweet interludes of false self that create a forensic flow founded upon motions synergy. The one who is in the charade accolades a beautiful synergy for a time until the union becomes more permanent. The permanence allows the one who transfigures into a charade of self to rendition into the sincere self. As the synergy transfigured of the charade of self ceases, dis-synergy occurs in the union causing the sensation of love between the two to fade.


The charade of self often occurs in the public display of those of great wealth or fame of happenstance. Those in close proximity to others of fame may see through the charade of self that happenstances the consumerism of the public eye. The charade of self of those who are famous is a complex system of consortium derivations of self that relay what the world desires to perceive and hides that which is considered dark or undesirable within.


Real divine union requires each to transfigure into the sincere self of the self within associated with the nature of the archetypal foray of expression. A union divine can only occur between two in the sincere accolades of the self of the self within in the expression of its unique truth. Truth is a foundation of each poem or prose of self. Prose is a representation of the poetic motion of self in a union divine within.


Tantric Prose

The prose of the prose

Is for self of the self within

To happenstance a sanctuary

To poetically predispose

The accolades of synergy

Of the heart and mind

In the rhythm of the Divine

In the momentous moment

Of a dream

In a symposium

Of a forensic mission

Of the freedom to chant

The truth of the truth within


Tantric Sweetness


The sweetest of moments is the foray of tantric sweetness through prose dreaming. Tantric sweetness is a delight to the sensations of the field in a dream of synergy of the two. The two synergize in tantric sweetness and cadence a melody of soft repose of sound and prose acknowledging one another as the beloved divine. The beloved divine is a sacred sensation of love of the two ignited in the divine challis of the heart. Love of the two can be expressed as friendship as well as between the two in a romantic system of self.


There are many who transfigure into the beloved or friend of naught. The beloved or friend of naught is present in a repose of sweetness for the moment and not for the duration of a relationship. As the softness of the caress is left behind, dis-synergy follows in which one or the other feels less than divine or sweet within. Often the one who transfigures into the beloved within synergizes at the expense of the other who falls into a difficult state after the party concludes.


Those that use transfigurative action to mimic love are not the beloved within. The beloved within is a sincere act of love that caresses and soothes in a continuous repose of self. Self loves self in the dance and dream of the beloved of the beloved within. The beloved within is a sought after dance that causes humans to seek partnerships of all kinds. Partnerships that accolade into transfigurative action presuppose romance in love or kindness in friendship that is not sustained as tested through time.


Generally, those who transfigure into the beloved within sour over time leading to a departure of the union or friendship. Sometimes the loss is large for the one who feels dis-synergized in a union or friendship gone wrong due to the transfigurative gifts of the other. Transfigurative gifts can mimic many types of love from the nurturing of a parent and child to the sensual delights of a sexual rendezvous to the belief that the other is the partnership of one’s dreams or a friend for life.


The beloved within is a divine state of being mastered through opening the heart into the challis of the divine. The challis of the divine is a point of synergy between the two in divine relationship or spiritual friendship. Two in divine relationship transfigure dreams into sweet moments expressed in sincerity of the authentic self.


Tantric Sweetness

The Sweet Sweeter Sweetest moment

Is the foray of synergy

In a union divine

With an unquenchable moment

Of a caress of motions

Intuited through time

Emerging in the rhythm

Of an accord of the heart

To surrender unto the Self

Of the tantric delight

In the heart mind flow

Of the beloved of the beloved within


Tantric Forthright


Tantric forthright is a prose that allows powerlessness to fade into strength of self to determine the dream ahead. Forthright is a capability of self to find the truth within and know where the path leads in each moment in time. Strength of character is not necessarily a divine characteristic of self. Some exhibit strength as an act of darkness and a repose of dis-synergy of self. Dis-synergy leads to a sensation of powerlessness within. The one that synergizes against another who dis-synergizes appears powerful but not out of an act of love or divine action.


Strength in a divine sense is a gentle foray that blesses and empowers self and others. Self stands tall through the predicament of a difficult dream to surge forward to uncover the lesson of the day in order to forgive. Self is always seeking to forgive and sometimes finds itself in dandered positions of experiences that are less than pleasant to experience. Sometimes others are quite difficult in their expression to vicious in nature when cornered in difficult happenstance.


The self that stands tall in its truth finds its way into a state of synergy of strength in order to defeat the difficult moments of strife in life. Out of a strength of character, the self of the self within accolades a new dream into the vision of the two or the group. The new vision leads the way into a state of centeredness from which the path opens to a release of the strife. As the strife releases, tantric forthrightness is recovered and the motions within defeat the darkness into a foray of a happenstance of synergy of the warrior upon the path.


The spiritual warrior is not a happenstance of anger or a repose of vicious behavior. The spiritual warrior is one to stands tall in the truth of the strength of the repose within. The repose of the warrior is of a forthright nature that speaks its truth without the need to condescend or fail at compassionate action accolades of self. The tantric forthright prose transfigures the dream to find the strength within in difficult moments of life’s strife.


Tantric Forthright

The sway of the moment

In the cadence of time

Is a redirection of dream

That strengthens the Soul

In union with Self

In a divine moment

In the hypothesis

Of synergy in motion

Of a heart mind accolade

In the forthrightness

Of a warrior

In fortification within


Tantric Self


The self of the self within represents the consciousness and awareness attained in each life. Consciousness expands in those who are willing to adventure into a spiritual happenstance of realization. Realization can occur in an extreme system of self such as a Buddhist monk. Realization today is also a happenstance of awakening that is occurring global wide and in many circumstances of the current human marketplace.


Just as awareness can grow so it can also shrink or cease. The self of the self within adjoins spirit in the act of expansion into greater awareness within. Awareness grows to encompass the concepts of forgiveness and compassion in action in those sincere to the path. Those failing the path may expand for a time and then collapse. The collapse of self leads to the loss of spirit and also often the loss of the dreams of life.


Dreams of life are suspended through the union between self and spirit within. Spirit transfigures dreams into happenstances that cause realization. Realization is a spiritual preoccupation and an inward phenomenon that causes understanding of karmic life lessons. Karmic life lessons amongst those realizing in this time period of awakening are often difficult and filled with strife. It is through the difficulties and strife that self and spirit realize the karmic lessons in the act of forgiveness giving birth to a compassionate stance.


Those who lose self are generally shattered in karmic happenstance with others who are abusive to the energy flow. There are numerous happenstances that can cause a loss of self amongst those attempting realization in this cycle. Those gifted will realize through a period of shattering of self and forgive the difficulties with others leading to a continued state of expanding awareness.


Realization is a lifelong choice amongst those upon the path. Those realizing the path ignite a truth within that is associated with the Dao (feminine) and Tao (masculine) sides of self. The truth is an expression of self in its realization from physical plane circumstance. Self that realizes is a beautiful foray of tantric delight and sweetness of dream as a compassionate stance for all others is embraced.


Tantric Self

I am the self of the self within

In the heightened motion

Of a union sublime

Dreaming the moment

In which the beauty extraordinaire

Enhances the sweetness

Of the Dao and Tao within

In integrity with the truth

Of a formula of all that I am

As the beloved within

In the momentous occasion

Of a meticulous moment in time


Tantric Truth


Tantric truth is a motion of synergy of the sweetest possible of dreams. The sweet dreams of self are a foray of notion of love of the beloved within. The love of the beloved is a dandered topic in the foray of romanticism today. Romantic notions rarely synergize the two. Romantic notions are a fantasy of notion that causes self to fail to align. Self that fails to align may appear as love for a time. Over time, self that fails to align does not syncopate into the divine notion of love or truth.


The divine notion of truth is the foundation of the love of the love within. The love of the love within requires truth to motion and syncopate the two or the Dao (feminine) and Tao (masculine) within. The love of the love within is a formation of Dao and Tao ignited into a motion divine. The motion forensics the feeling of love to the biology in mindset waves. Mindset waves that cause feelings of love dance in a particular sway that syncopates a rhythm divine within.


The rhythm of the divine is a forensic experience. Some spiritual teachers happenstance dreams in which some experience the forensics of the rhythm divine. Divine rhythm in group happenstance is unique to each teacher. Divinity must be a mastered happenstance within in order for the forensics to motion the notion of the divine for the group to experience. Divine expression is a joyful foray of dream in which love within can be realized.


The forensics of love is a blissful experience with enough motion through the field and nervous repose. Each experience of love is a forensics motion realized in the nervous system of the biology. As the Dao and Tao of each ignites a flame of truth, the dream is syncopated into a dream of deep caring and divine partnership of the two. Divine partnership within can also occur in the singular through parallel motions between spirit and self.


Unions today rarely habituate love as a synergy of the two. Unions move in and out of synergy if sustained at all. The fantasy cannot sustain the beauty of the love of the love within without synergy over time. Romances and partnerships fade as the love fails to emerge as a realized state of the two. The two who realize a state of love will synergize in and out of divine partnership of happenstance and dream. Divine partnership is a happenstance of joy of the two founded upon truth.


Tantric Truth

I am the truth of the one within

In the flow of peace

Dancing in the sacredness

Of a sentimental notion

In a foray of delight

Of enchantment

In the certainty of the Divine

In a sway of the moment

To syncopate myself

Into a vision

Of the sweetest sweetness

Of all that is


Tantric Delight


Delight is an accolade of Heaven on Earth. Heaven is a beautiful dream that reunites self in a forensic action of truth. Truth is an accolade of systems of self that design the dream to delight the senses in a forensics action of determination of will to be in the joy of the happenstance in the now. Joy can only occur in the now. The now is a syncopation of will to dream in each moment of time as it unfolds throughout the day. In present time, self aligns with spirit to dream dreams of delight and forensic ecstatic moments of bliss.


Bliss is a forensic experience of the nervous system repose of self. Self accolades to the body wave actions that cause the nervous repose to experience ecstatic states of being. Ecstasy is not to be confused with use of drugs or other happenstance that directs the body into melodies of joy. Ecstasy is a pure sensation of delight of the existence of the physical and nonphysical united as one. Oneness theory is a concept of Dao and Tao derivation of thoughtform of mindset. Mindset development leads to the understanding of the oneness of all that is and all that will ever be through time.


The Dao and Tao exist in a state of infinite possibility of all that is in an equinox through time. As the mindset opens to the Dao and Tao within, a forensics motion flows through the field and nervous system reposing a delightful sensation of ecstatic proportion of self. Self desires to experience itself in the delight of the physical foray of dream. Delight can happenstance many dreams of beautiful experiences with friends or beloveds in a forensic motion of shared mindset waves. The waves cause the experience of self of each to synergize into each moment of time in the truth of the Tao.


The truth of the Tao is to exist in delight of each experience caused in the physical. Sometimes there are moments of strife that are very difficult to transcend through in the self-realization process of self. The strife leads to a forensic notion of forgiveness and compassionate action which then causes the release into delightful forays of union within. Union within is a delight to the sensations of self. Union within accolades synergy with spirit that also delights in the forensic motion of self. The dreams of the union manifest in physical plane expressions of delightful encounters with nature or others in the dream.


Tantric Delight

In the love of the love within

There is a repose

Of forensic action

Of a dream of delight

That caresses the senses

Into a beautiful journey

Of an ecstasy of Soul

That dreams the dreams

In the infinite void of possibility

Of the Tao

In a union divine

With the Dao


Tantric Perception


Perception is a form of foresight in which the truth may be seen prior to dreaming the dreams of life. Perception is an intuitive happenstance of forensic motion that allows the future to be known to be renditioned in another direction if disliked. Most humans fail to have foresight and cease to know what requires altering within to manifest the dreams desired in life. The lack of perception is so drastic at this time that most follow a karmic script living the strife of the ancestral happenstance of struggles that repeat through time.


Strife is a system all of its own that causes a forensic motion in the nervous repose that triggers synapses to fire in extreme mind bend phenomenon. All strife is the result of mind bend happenstance of synapse failure to deliver a balanced forensic motion of field. Imbalance leads to disharmonious dreams and happenstance of non-joy to plight dreams in life. Mind bend is so common that recurrent strife plagues many lives in current human paradigm of thoughtform.


Perception of futures can rendition dreams to flow in happenstance of non-strife leading to joyful interludes in time. Those recognizing the requirement to foster strife are not suited to non-mind bend happenstance. Strife is a two-way happenstance and the one mind bending is just as reposed in anxiety as the one who is mind bent. The mind bender seeks dominion through fostering a systematic failure of another who reposes subordination in the dream of the two.


Those perceptive will offset mind bend by perceiving the karmic drama that has recurred through time. Through forgiveness and compassionate action, the mind bend is released and the strife ceases as peace unfolds within. Perception fosters a journey of continuous release of karmic happenstance to audition a life dream of deeper sincerity of self. Self of the self within is an audition of itself that dreams the life in the harmonious interplay in momentous occasions where perception and foresight lead the way.


Dreaming in future possibilities of non-strife is a happenstance of realization. Futures are always available and those fostering foresight will learn to choose all dreams wisely. Future dreams that fail to be possible are altered as forgiveness of the past karmic happenstance between ancestors is fostered. Dreams are to be dreamt by the dreamers within who use foresight to rendition the future into dreams of infinite possibility of self.


Tantric Perception

In the vision of myself

There is a motion

Of a syncopation of perception

In which the dream may enchant

And sustain the sensation

Of a sacred happenstance

In a moment of love

That pleasures the Self

And ignites the Spirit

In a divine creation

Through which I express

Out of the honor of the heart


Tantric Sustenance


Tantric sustenance is an equation that allows for dreams to align in order to provide sustenance unto the physical and nonphysical experiences of life. Life is a composite of physical and nonphysical expression of self. Self dreams while awake and while asleep. Sustenance causes dreams to suspend waking and dreaming hours with superfluous moments in time. Superfluous moments are occasions in which self arises into the truth of itself in all accolades of achievement of realization. Self-achievement is always a dream of celebration as it occurs in the synergy of spirit and self oscillating unto a momentous occasion.


Momentous occasions are a rare happenstance for most humans. Momentous occasions of self are a special sojourn all of their own as transformation is required to dream in superfluous moments in time. As karma is forgiven and dharma takes hold, the dream is renditioned to align in extraordinary moments in time. Dreams that align between physical and nonphysical attributes of self expand into the unknown of the void of infinite possibility in which all dreams can be made manifest as intended.


Dreams that are superfluous between the two foster the deepest moments of magnificence in a foray of the beloved. The beloved is an adroit equation that allows love to unfold out of wisdom in synergy between the self. Wisdom is the understanding within that loves attributes of divine expressions. Divine love is an equation all of its own that aligns the field into deep synergy known as high fusion. High fusion is a foray of union between all attributes of self within or between the two. Fusion ignites the spark of the divine within to foster the experience of the beloved in the unfolding experience of life.


The beloved is an internal repose that draws the beloved in the life. The beloved cannot be received until the love of the love within is fulfilled upon. The fortuitous future occurs as the beloved within unfolds drawing magnificence in light fusion into the life. Light infusion draws the most superfluous dreams unto the occasion to be experienced. Light recalibrates and oscillates the ordinary into the extraordinary dream into the life. Extraordinary dreams can be defined as the moments in which the divine within ignites with spirit and aspires unto something wondrous to achieve in the experience. The spark of divinity spawns inner wisdom of self to be shared in the foray of the dream.


Tantric Sustenance

In the repose of myself

There is an adroit equation

To love within

Out of infinite wisdom

Of the void of possibility

Where all dreams arise

Causing extraordinary moments in time

In which the self of the self

Rises to the occasion

Fostering transformation of itself

To give birth within

Unto a new and fortuitous future


Tantric Support


The tantric support of self is a foray of a dream that sustains the consciousness of the existence of oneself. Life is a dream founded upon the existence of self. Self is a striation of consciousness of field that sustains the dream of existence. Existence is a suppository of self that inaugurates itself recurrently through the life. Self is inaugurated every seven years as the lore fable cycle alters to become the next context of realization of self. Fables alter for everyone and not only those mastering spiritual happenstance in life. Fables alter as an accord of self that reposes itself down the dimensions catching upon the striations of the field leading to continuation of life.


New striations of self cause a fortification and sustenance of the life. Beautification of self is a repose of the inauguration towards synthesis of those realizing mastery of spiritual happenstance. Synthesis of self is a sustainable practice at each inauguration period of life. Amongst those mastering partial self-inauguration occurs in three and a half year increments. As self is inaugurated, the next level of mastery develops within the dream. Inauguration of self is a happenstance of lore cycles and half lore cycles only. Inauguration of self provides a support for the dreams of life. Support of dreams causes life to syncopate into the rhythms that sustain the existence through time.


Inauguration of self sustains the life through the coming seven-year cycle. If self fails to infuse, the life concludes in death. Self that fails to inaugurate at birth leads to birth defects. Self that fails to infuse later in life leads to disease. Self is a sustainable action of life that supports the existence and the fruition of dreams of the nonphysical as well as physical happenstance. Dreams are a symposium of sound that catches as a waking movie over the striations of self causing life to unfold.


Tantric support is a love of the consciousness of existence of oneself. Love is the fruition of mastery of self. Love of self is an inauguration all of its own as the challis of the divine buds within the heart accolade. The purpose of all mastery is to cause compassionate action and love of self. Divine preoccupations of self cause the inauguration of the divine self. The divine self is an achievement of realization following a complete reversal of the life. Reversals require eighteen years of spiritual devotion and may not occur until the life concludes in most.


Tantric Support

The Support of the Heavens

Is a foray of love

In a system of self

In a dream in time

Of a beautification and fortification

Of the unity within

Causing a system of life

To emerge in the existence

That cares for self

And supports myself

In the dance with others

Of the love of the love within


Tantric Fruition


The tantric fruition system is a self-inauguration process in which the fruition of life is fulfilled upon in sequences of dream that sustains a path of mastery. Tantric fruition is not as repose towards a life that is failing to realize itself. A life of realization is an equation of the divine that symposiums over the field to cause mastery to occur within. Mastery is a sustainable action of self to fulfill upon the deeper spiritual awareness of the how’s and why’s of one’s own existence. How’s and why’s of ancestral configurations of dream are a part of the realization process. Ancestral experiences recur in karmic bonds in life to be forgiven in a path of mastery.


Ancestors lived and concluded dreams in happenstances of joy and fulfillment to non-love and destitute configurations of self. Destitute configurations of self are the result of lifetimes of longing and unfulfilled memoirs of life. Destitute lives are a repository of self that is to fulfill itself at some future point in time through reincarnation.


Those realizing receive the longing of self into a fruition of dream of understanding, forgiveness and the abridgment into compassionate action in a life of mastery. As ancestral configurations are forgiven in full, a new life blossoms as each lore cycle of evolutionary fulfillment unfolds. New lives are a happenstance of the rebirth of self at each half lore cycle of three and a half years to full lore cycles of seven years in the continuation of realization of self.


Rebirth is a phenomenon only amongst those mastering in a given life. Mastery is a lifelong project in which realization and forgiveness along with compassionate action unfolds. Realization is not a sustainable action until divine accolades of self infuse within. Life is an unfolding of flowering of self. Self flowers in wave action of light synthesis of field. Wave action has motions and color but not sound. Sound is a magnetic derivation of light that is reduced in octaves. Light and sound are of the same oscillations but sound is one tenth of the repose of a parallel light configuration of self.


As the body detoxifies of carbons and toxins, light infuses and the body ceases to motion in sound and reposes only as light. Those achieving light synthesis are few and far between until the light gates open upon Earth leading to an era of transfusion. Light synthesis realization is a biological as well as energetic phenomenon. Self-realization requires the appropriate nutrients to fulfill upon in the physical. Detoxification and healthy nutrition and diet is a requirement of the development of mindset levels associated with divine realization of self and light synthesis biology.


Tantric Fruition

The fruition of Self

Is a repose of life

That sustains the path

Of a realization journey

Of the infinite magnitude

Of the desire to actualize

The mysteries of and majesties within

Of the truth of the Tao

In the fulfillment of the Dao

Of a repository of sincerity

Of the inheritance

Of myself


Tantric Motion


The motion is the potion that triggers transfigurative action. Transfigurative action is a notion that colors the dream in a motion divine. Divine motions are a succinct rhythm of dreaming that fosters a sympathetic systems between self and spirit. Spirit ignites a flame of truth to purify the dream such that transfiguration occurs and honor aplombs. Honor is a notion that fosters divinity within.


Motion purifies self in synergy with spirit. Spirit synergizes itself into a flow that softens the dreams of life. Dreams become harsh due to electromagnetic formations. Self is purely magnetic in nature. Electrical formations dander self and dreams cease to support spirit. Electrical formations are non-succinct in association with light wave synergy. Electricity causes a static reverberations that triggers spirit to dis-synergize from self. As spirit is lost, the guidance from above is also lost.


Most humans live in a dis-synergized recurrent state in association with spirit. Humans form ego and negative ego as repercussions to the loss of spiritual guidance from above. Superlative formations require magnetism that is full and succinct in order to foster spirit to realize self of the self within. Those mastering self foster magnetic field rotations in order to sync with spirit to foster development within.


Self-development is a fellowship of life that spirit fosters. Fellowship is a series of waves that oscillate in certain motions to trigger awareness to expand. Mindset must develop to syncopate with the waves fostering expansion of awareness. Mindset formation requires synapse development. Expanding awareness allows forgiveness to be fostered. Forgiveness occurs as the mindset expands beyond the perceived grievances of self. Forgiveness is a motion of wave that syncs an expansion of self. Expansion of self occurs as striations fill the field into a fullness of presupposition of existence.


Expansion of existence is a motion that syncopates spirit to direct the dream into new formations to realize within. Realization is a subtle to direct formation to foster self to understand the predicaments of life. Understanding is a notion that is superlative in mind wave. Superlative mind waves trigger awareness to perceive the existence of life from divine happenstance of spirit. Divine awareness is a sincere notion of the heart.


Tantric Motion

I am the motion divine

Defining a truth

Of myself

In a repose of life

In a dream of the sublime

In a heart mind accolade

Of self of the self

That ignites the Divine

Fostering itself within

Through time

In a superlative notion

Of light synthesis


Tantric Journey


Tantric journey is a motion of life inauguration of self to sustain partnership within. Partnership is a journey towards the divine to sustain the union of the Dao or yin and Tao or yang within. Divine union is a mastered art of tantric wave formation and prose transfigurative action of self. Success of divine union is a light wave motion that sustains the notion of care. Care begins with the opening unto the love of the love within. The love of the love is a fostering of care of self. Love blooms within first and then is fostered without in the life.


Love of the two is a notion of the divine oscillations of light wave motion that holds succinct partnership within in tandem with spirit. Spirit oscillates motions that cause superlative partnership within. Superlative partnership is a divine motion that sustains the love of the two within each. The love of the two is mastered inward and then experienced outward in divine partnership forays of dream. Divine partnership can include friendships, family happenstance as well as a pair of humans that love through time.


Spiritual journeys towards the divine are an oscillation of the sublime incantated at birth. Each journey is unique unto the happenstance that fosters forgiveness within. Forgiveness can begin with many difficult circumstances in the dreams of life. Strife is a prelude to forgiveness fostering compassionate action within. Compassionate action is a mastery key incantated in the birth of each chosen to foster the spiritual sojourn through time.


Love of the two is a sublime notion of the divine experienced within. In the internal fabric of self is all that is and all that has ever been through time. Within is the love of the sun, the moon and the stars along with the ancestors and those that are cared for in any given lifetime along with spirit. Love of the love is a journey towards the beautiful within. The beautiful within is a mesmerizing experience of fostering the divine partnership of the Dao and Tao in a union of superlative functions of self.


Tantric journey transfigures the notion of the divine into the sublime union of the two within through superlative notions. Superlative notions are a mindset development of self. Mindset development requires synapse development in the physical. Synapse development is a complex fostering of ascension derivation of genetic and energetic modification throughout the life.


Tantric Journey

The journey of the sublime

Is an incantation of life

That postulates the sustenance

Of a beautiful passage within

Towards forgiveness

In oscillations of the heart and mind

In an expedition towards compassion

In an action of care

Of myself

In an exodus in time

In a never-ending sojourn

Of the voyage

Towards the Divine


Tantric Light Fusion


Light fusion is an action of motion that unites and knits light ribbons of self into a flux of a union divine. Light fusion can occur in oneself as the Dao and Tao within ignites a flame of union divine in syncopated motions. Light fusion can occur between the two in a deep moment of superlative notions of care of self. Self motions the union within between the Dao and Tao. The Dao and Tao ignite a flame between the two or with nature triggering a union between selves. Union within or between selves is a deep motion of synergy that is passionate, loving and fosters the desire to bless and care for one another or for the kingdoms of the planet.


Light fusion is a tantric motion derived from the passion of the care of the beloved within. The beloved within is fostered in a union between self and the Tao. Self and Tao inaugurate a motion of superlative light wave motion that triggers the Dao to fuse with the Tao. Dao and Tao fusion is a beautiful motion that is sustained within for the duration of the experience of a union divine. Tao and Dao can be referenced as the God Goddess within. A state of divine union merges the light synthesis to motion truth into the dreams of the one or two or many. Tantric fusion allows the merger of light to foster a synthesis of mindset between the two or the many.


Synthesis of mindset causes one to interpret the other in understanding, care, and truth. The mindset fluxes together in parallel wave motion of self. The two or many merge in a light fusion of self to foster understanding of the whole. The two or many may experience an expansive moment in time together that is beautiful to experience. Sometimes light fusion occurs with the natural world in a timeless moment sustained through a light motion of fusion with the land, sea or sky. Light fusion is a transcendental state of being in which expanded concepts may be embraced within to foster deeper forgiveness and compassionate action over difficult life happenstance.


The beloved within is fostered in light fusion moments in a timeless expanded state of consciousness. The beloved within is an interpretive dream of a flux of care. Light fusion is a mastery level of oska or aliska mindset or above. Oska and aliska flux waves in the perception of unconditional love. The experience of the love of the love within, the love of the beloved within, and the beloved of the beloved within are three states of mastery fostered in aliska and oska mindset and are beautiful to witness and experience in this era of mindset development.


Tantric Light Fusion

The fusion of light

Is a synthesized moment

In a beautiful foray

Of a superlative time

In the synergy of Self

Of love of the love within

Expressed in a union

Of a fostering of truth

In the sincerity of care

In a motion divine of tantric fusion

Sustained in the love

Of the beloved within


Tantric Flight


Flight is a motion of light that ignites the heart and mind into an accolade of self. The heart and mind are designed to complement one another to experience a state of care and love within. Most humans exist in a separated off state in which the heart or the mind expresses alone. When the heart expresses alone, a caring and emotional person subsists. When the mind expresses alone, a charismatic but cold human expresses in life. Sometimes unions form between those of primarily heart based or mind based motions of field that do not interrelate or understand one another easily.


The heart mind accolade is an achievement of self-development levels of spiritual mastery. The heart and mind syncopate in a rhythmic motion of light that triggers a union between the two hemispheres of influence over feelings and thoughts of life. As the heart and mind unite, the mindset shifts into the probability of interpreting life happenstance out of an expanded level of awareness of the perceptions of spirit and soul.


The perception of soul is a macrocosm of life in the unfolding dance of spirit and not just the physical actions associated with humankind. The heart mind accolade allows the perceptions of the macrocosm of spirit and soul to bridge into the physical thought stream to foster self-realization and self-actualization.


Forgiveness and compassionate action require the heart mind accolade to be fostered in mastery over life. The heart and mind accolade unite the cortex in a fusion of light motion that syncopates a rhythm divine that fosters the mindset to flux out of deep care of each or the clan or the planet. Those developing self realizing itself strive to honor each through the heart mind accolade of self. Mindset can be bent fostering a loss of the heart mind accolade developed through time. Mindset is often bent through mass media flux of self.


Honor of self is an expression of the heart mind accolade. Each has a role and a place in the dance of life. Each role teaches those mastering spiritually to embrace the special and sacred truth of each in life in its unfolding. Life is a sacred expression of the divine present to witness the sometimes difficult and sometimes delicate and blessed moments in time to foster mastery within. Mastery is both of human cause and the cause of spirit. Spirit witnesses strife or beauty to foster itself alongside humans also choosing to master the divine systems of self through time.


Tantric Flight

As the union with Self

Takes flight

In a motion of light

The dream fosters

The life

In a caring notion

Of a superlative design

That triggers new heights

Of dreams

To take flight

Expressing a moment in time

Of love and blessings of the heart


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