Image of gorgeous white flowers with yellow core. Shaktar Twin Flame Lore #3

Shaktar Twin Flame Lore #3


Twin Flame Season


The Blossoming of the Love of the Two


Twin Flame Season


The Love of the Two

Is a dream of great magic

That fosters sublime unions

Of pairs of twin flames in tantric rush

To find one another

Through time and space and form

To inaugurate a destiny

To be as One

In the Love of the Divine

In a twin flame partnership of mastery

In a blossoming of care of the heart

In a sway of light wave synergy

That fosters a life of Divine actualization

Of beautiful dreams together


The Rush of Twin Flame Season


Twin flame rush is about to begin. Twin flame rush begins as light motions on the planet in any cycle of spiritual fostering. The Mother Sun Gates are just beginning to open up upon Earth ushering in the New Age of Enlightenment ahead. Enlightenment requires light to motion in order to perceive and witness the denser thought-stream you have existed within in order to lift beyond it into new heights of possibilities that are more enjoyable to experience. Light, love, joy, and tantric rush are all associated.


Tantric rush is a state in which an ecstatic bond occurs between spirit and matter in the interplay of two or more in light wave sway motions of field. Many gurus of the now and past have been gifted in causing their following to experience ecstatic reunion with spirit as they suspend large Light Gates fostered at events. Tantric rush only becomes available as the light sway begins upon Earth. The gurus are gifted at eliciting sway amongst the masses. The sway fosters those gathered to experience a rush into beauty and grace within and the love and care of the soul family present. The gurus rose into fame in preparation for the age of enlightenment about to unfold to unveil light wave sway upon those destined to motion in light wave synergy.


The new era to be born is one of beauty and grace and the love that reemerges within partnerships, within families, and within humanity at large. In tantric rush families, partnerships and groups sway to the drum beat of a new rhythm that cares for each other and cares for the whole. The time is now to remember how to sway with those whom you care for in your life and begin to restore a state of tantric rush and ecstatic reunion with spirit into your life experience. A soul driven life will emerge in light wave synergy along with your soul family ahead as a result. Read more

Image of silvery white waves. Waves And Poetic Prose

Waves And Poetic Prose


Introduction: Healing through Transfigurative Dreaming


Prose are incantations that cast a spell over the dream through poetic formations of repose of thought. Incantation spells transfigure the dream to respond to the thoughts causing a shift in the paradigm of notion of each moment. Moment to moment shifts in dreams repose down the dimensions catching over the transfigurative action of the field.


Incantations are to be recited only once per day. Twenty incantations will be shared after this introduction. Please pick only those that most deeply resonate within to intend. You can read the incantations without intention and then re-read the incantation with intention to cast the transfigurative spell for healing the dream of self for each given day of transformative action. Intending a particular incantation twice cancels the transfigurative action over the dream. Intending the incantation the third time reinstates the transfiguration.


It is best to intend only one to two of the following prose as transfiguration over any given day of transformation within. Transfigurative action can confuse the dreams if too many are intended all at once. The purpose of the prose is spiritual and is designed to cause healing of the self of the self within. The self of the self within is an energetic formation of field that reposes the consciousness and awareness of the experience of life. It is the self of the self within that manages all life dreams.


Consciousness expands through self-realization. Humans upon the spiritual path realize self in many variations of experiences of life. The prose ignites the divine flame of synergy within the heart accolade of self to aid in the realization over particular realizations of self for the purposes of forgiveness of karmic debt and difficult or traumatic life happenstance.


Transfigurative action is a formation of dream weaving that is much like an artist with a paint brush. The prose causes the foundation and colors of the dream to alter into beautiful formations that attract delightful moments in time to be experienced and expressed. Read more