Image of gorgeous white flowers with yellow core. Shaktar Twin Flame Lore #3

Shaktar Twin Flame Lore #3


Twin Flame Season


The Blossoming of the Love of the Two


Twin Flame Season


The Love of the Two

Is a dream of great magic

That fosters sublime unions

Of pairs of twin flames in tantric rush

To find one another

Through time and space and form

To inaugurate a destiny

To be as One

In the Love of the Divine

In a twin flame partnership of mastery

In a blossoming of care of the heart

In a sway of light wave synergy

That fosters a life of Divine actualization

Of beautiful dreams together


The Rush of Twin Flame Season


Twin flame rush is about to begin. Twin flame rush begins as light motions on the planet in any cycle of spiritual fostering. The Mother Sun Gates are just beginning to open up upon Earth ushering in the New Age of Enlightenment ahead. Enlightenment requires light to motion in order to perceive and witness the denser thought-stream you have existed within in order to lift beyond it into new heights of possibilities that are more enjoyable to experience. Light, love, joy, and tantric rush are all associated.


Tantric rush is a state in which an ecstatic bond occurs between spirit and matter in the interplay of two or more in light wave sway motions of field. Many gurus of the now and past have been gifted in causing their following to experience ecstatic reunion with spirit as they suspend large Light Gates fostered at events. Tantric rush only becomes available as the light sway begins upon Earth. The gurus are gifted at eliciting sway amongst the masses. The sway fosters those gathered to experience a rush into beauty and grace within and the love and care of the soul family present. The gurus rose into fame in preparation for the age of enlightenment about to unfold to unveil light wave sway upon those destined to motion in light wave synergy.


The new era to be born is one of beauty and grace and the love that reemerges within partnerships, within families, and within humanity at large. In tantric rush families, partnerships and groups sway to the drum beat of a new rhythm that cares for each other and cares for the whole. The time is now to remember how to sway with those whom you care for in your life and begin to restore a state of tantric rush and ecstatic reunion with spirit into your life experience. A soul driven life will emerge in light wave synergy along with your soul family ahead as a result.


Deep Synergy and Biological Resonance Between Twins


Twin flame rush fosters the desire to bring two together who harmonize into the deepest known love between two humans through time. Twin flames are archetypal sequences of biological systems of genetics that resonate and harmonize in the persona and in the cell membrane of each cell in the physical. Deep synergy is required in order for the deepest possible love to flourish between two people in a divine partnership union of the divine. Deep synergy is cellular as well as energetic in light motion of field and only occurs between twin flames of the heart who know the deepest of biological resonance of the two in this time period.


The biological systems of humans in general are very diverse. There are many anthologies upon Earth from other creations that did not originate within this solar system. Humans fall in love between various archetypes fostering genetics that may or may not harmonize in a cellular sense of the pair. Cellular disharmony does lead to disease through time in intimate partnerships. Sometimes it takes years of a forensics mismatch to trigger a disease to develop. If the partnership is departed before the disease occurs, it may be offset due to restoring cellular harmony in a new life as a single person. Twin flame partnerships are so resonant that disease is not the outcome of the relationship as the pair heals one another recurrently through time due to fostering a forensics match.


Twins harmonize due to the possibility of a forensics of field that motions in synergy together. The forensics of field is a nervous system phenomenon. When two of parallel construction of nervous system due to twin DNA meet and marry, the nervous systems synergize together in a beautiful motion of deep care of the whole of each. The love is divine as a result and spirit descends to participate in the light wave motions of the pair more greatly through time. Spirit requires synergy in order to descend. Dis-synergy fractures spirit and soul. Synergy heals spirit and soul and also allows for the participation of the nonphysical in the dreams of life.


Swaying in Light


Synergy is a state of being that fosters peace within and in life. Peace within fosters gentle and abundant life dreams in light wave motion of field. A peaceful and abundant life requires a recurrent state of synergy to develop within. Synergy within is fostered as a sway between the left and right sides of the biology. The sway occurs in the mind and heart, pelvis and under the feet from the left to right to synergize the field in light wave motion. The sway then expands to encompass others who will sway with you widening the birth of light motion of field between two or more. The more light that sways, the more beautiful the dreams grow to be between the two or within the soul family clan.


Swaying in light is a delightful experience that fosters the full body flavor of feeling well within and in the life. Swaying with another fosters kinship of friendship of the two and harmony in the relationship. Swaying with a beloved fosters deeper care of the heart of the two that can blossom into accolades of divine love of the pair. Learning to sway is not difficult and is something mostly to be recalled from childhood as most destined to light wave motion swayed at birth and through about age 16 in the life. Restore the sway you knew in your childhood and learn to be well again with you and others in your life now.


Swaying is not new and most children today also naturally sway with each other or those older who also continue to sway in light. Children sometimes are very cantankerous due to being with parents or others who fail to sway with them. Sway with your children and they will grow to be more peaceful and unified in their life focuses. Often at 16, the sway begins to diminish due to the issues of self-consciousness that surface within. Out of self-consciousness or the fear of being unaccepted, many teenagers cease to sway with as many from this point in time forward in their lives. Ceasing to sway may also have occurred for you in the past and is something to forgive and heal through in order to light motion more fully and graciously in this emerging light era upon Earth.


Adults sway with those whom they are comfortable with and abate the sway with those who they are not. If you swayed with your mother and grandmother and godmother, anyone that appears or feels similar today, you will sway with in the now. If you failed to sway with your father, boyfriend, uncle and brother, then anyone like this you always will not sway with in the now. Swaying is very personal, and if extreme trauma is involved such as a rape or molestation or some other catastrophe through time, the likelihood of you swaying with anyone that remotely feels like the one who harmed you is highly unlikely today.


Forgiving the trauma of inner dejection with those who failed to sway with you is a major enlightenment inner project all of its own. Swaying is a necessary component to light motion of field and needs to be broadened in order to foster peace and love in each life destined to enter the Mother Sun dreams ahead. You cannot dream with the Mother Sun systems without swaying in light wave synergy. For twin flames, the sway must occur recurrently between the two or the partnership could fade rather than rise into new heights of deep care of the heart through time.


Twins find one another as the synergy of the two is fostered in a sway of light through time. The sway naturally flows with your twin. Suddenly you are there and they are there with you and they are your twin flame. The heart motions of field sway in a dance all of their own fostering the experience of instantaneous love for one another. Perhaps he or she is a friend or possibly a romantic encounter, but regardless of the outcome of the encounter, you know that you love them very much. The love of a twin is a sacred experience to foster through time.


Twins of the Heart


There are many types of twins. Twins cross the path of the lives of most through time. Twins care about one another even if for some unforeseen circumstance each must motion off into a new life without the other. Twin season however is about twins of the heart and not other types of twins we will speak of or have spoken of in other articles. Twins of the heart are romantic experiences fostering deep love and synergy of the two through time in a partnership divine. Only those destined to foster twin flame unions create the experience of a twin of the heart crossing your path.


In twin season, it is not unusual for one or both parties possibly to be already married and or with children as the pair meets. Generally, the love is so great and deep that one or both will depart their circumstance to be together, even if it is impractical. Twins of the heart foster a sacred bond from the beginning of the incarnation and have known one another in dreaming of the life long before they meet. In the encounter, the undercurrent of rapport is so great that generally if the union is fostered, nothing can retain the pair apart in the long haul.


There are other twins of other aspects of the archetype that can foster partnership or romance through time. Often twins of other sequences of fostering do not motion together as readily as twins of the heart. Often partnerships between other statures of twins can lack synergy of understanding of the intrinsic nature of the two causing an apartheid of the relationship through time. Twins of the heart naturally understand one another. The understanding is both unconscious and conscious between twins of the heart, allowing for a deeper understanding of one another than possible in any other time of union of the two.


If the rapport grows to be deep and as the pair share more of themselves and the two choose to wed, a sacred bond forms and spirit descends into matter to augment a journey of twin flames as a sacred incantation of the divine. The divine incantation fosters a new lore fable script to motion into the partnership fostering divine understanding of the two. The real purpose of all twin flame unions in this time period is to foster divine understanding of the two. Divine partnership is a spiritual level of mastery all of its own as light motions into a sway of deep love that grows through time. The love blossoms into deeper and deeper accolades of achievement of divine care as each level of mastery unfolds between the two.


The most majestic of unions is fostered in twin flames of the heart and as they consummate and retain a union long term. The love is endless and even if there is disagreement, the care of the two is rekindled always and ahead through time. Some twin flames of the heart marry and never depart the union until death. Sometimes the pair chooses to exit the physical together through an accident or some other experience where this is possible. Sometimes twins of the heart perish within a year of one another if one has grown to be too ill to retain the life.


Twin Flame Love Story


Viviana is the bell of herself. She is young, wild and free in her red flaming costumes that light up the dance floor each night. By day she is a shy gossamer wing of a storekeeper of a florist shop that her parents aided her in purchasing. Both parents have since passed affording her the purchase of a small townhome for herself. The plants and flowers are peaceful unto Viviana’s senses. The town and region embrace her unique artsy designs with an eastern flavor of floral arrangement due to her own studies with Mr. Zeng, a gifted flower expert at the nearby university. Viviana has graduated with a degree in horticulture but chooses to foster her life amongst the flowers in the sweet smell of herself in a shop of her own.


Janson is a very expensive child leading to a costly life of a young man. Janson has the flashiest of cars and pets along with fashionable home purchased for him as a gift as he managed to graduate from university with a degree in philosophy; a useless degree his father Bill thinks. Bill offers to employ Janson in the family business of booming building supplies that now span the country in numbers exceeding four thousand of his own stores. One in every city is his father’s wish; and so far, they are in major metropolitan regions mostly. A franchise opportunity is now up for grabs and Janson is invited to participate as a sales person.


Janson is very introspective and prefers to carry on in his education fostering first a Masters and later a PhD in Philosophy and Religion. His father does not agree that this will be very useful unto his life. Janson departs the life of a student and attempts to make it big in the high-flying sales business of the franchise trade. He fosters moderate commissions at first but his family continues to pay his mortgage and his high-flying style of acquiring famous art and fostering expensive holidays abroad or on the islands many times per year. His mother Luna cannot say no to paying off any credit card debt Janson somehow manages to rack up over time as she simply loves him too much as his twin.


Bill does not know about all the debts paid off by Luna but suddenly finds one of his own bank accounts has become overdrawn due to a large check to American Express of over $29,000. This was from a trip to the gambling hotspot in Europe where Janson purchased an expensive statue for the entrance into his new home; which is beginning to appear as something out of a Hollywood movie rather than an upper-middle class housing development. His mother dissuades Bill from saying anything as Janson is the love of her life as her twin of synergy and she can afford it due to her own family fortune inherited last year.


Janson fosters a large commission in landing a six digit sales as a client purchases four franchises; but Bill takes over half to compensate for the American Express bill that Luna had paid off earlier in the year. Janson notices this and approaches the finance manager about his cut of commissions. The finance manager claims that it was something Bill had chosen for due to a large credit card bill paid off by the family fortunes.


Janson is upset and goes to his mother spilling his beans about all the family wealth and how hard he is working to make hardly anything anyway; and his real dream in life is to foster a PhD in philosophy and religious studies. Luna claims she will support him in style through university beginning the year to follow. She loves him too much to not give to him everything he wishes through time. She is unclear about how to approach Bill her husband on the topic however.


Bill is not disappointed with Janson’s performance in franchise sales. He is gifted with people, Bill thinks. He wishes to promote Janson into the head of the sales department to coach other sales people to make more sales paying him a much larger salary with bonus plan. Janson accepts and finds little pleasure in trying to motivate other sales people. The sales do not go up as his father wishes; and the year to follow, Janson quits to adventure to a very expensive university that has accepted him possibly more to the scholarships Luna is willing to gift than his mediocre grades from undergraduate school.


Bill is unaware of all the expenses leading up to the acceptance of Janson into such a high-class university until tax season; where he now can deduct over thirty thousand dollars off his income. Bill questions Luna about the expense but later is grateful as it saves him a load in money to the tax department. Luna is forever donating to something somewhere out of guilt about her wealthier statutes, Bill claims, but it does sometimes help him too.


Due to Janson’s poor performance at work, Bill is less troubled in letting him go off to live his own life. Corporate life does not make Janson happy as it does his father. Janson is excited to motion to a quaint region nearby the university where his mother has bought a beautiful townhome for him to live within. He does not sell his home near his mother but moves most of his art into his new dwelling; placing about half in storage as the unit is much smaller in size. He complains and his mother purchases another home for him in a gated community and uses the townhome for regular visits for herself. Janson is happier in a home than a townhome and grateful to her always as she visits. Luna visits about four times per year and tries to remain for three weeks per visit. Her son is really the light of her life.


Janson entertains her lavishly on each visit. On school break, the pair meet up at some exotic resort or spa or other vacation land of choice experiencing the world together. Meanwhile Bill is slaving it out in his business of truth as he really enjoys his continued success. Luna is left alone most of the time and in most of her marriage. She never focused upon accomplishing much other than mothering her only son, the delight of her heart. Janson loves her and knows she will always spoil him forever, or so he thinks.


In the quaint university village is a beautiful florist shop that Viviana owns. Janson orders dozens of yellow roses for his mother each month. Viviana is impressed with Janson’s good looks. She ponders if the roses are for his beloved back home and asks him coyly who they are for? Janson laughs and states his mother who is financing his choice to return to school and work upon his PhD in philosophy and religious studies. Viviana falls in love at first sight. Janson looks keenly into her green eyes and notices her lavish red hair highlighted in gold by an expensive salon nearby. Viviana spares no expense upon her wardrobe or hair or fingernails he notices. He too falls in love at first glance.


Janson is impressed with Viviana right out the gate in the swing of their hearts. The two begin to date heavily. Soon Viviana has moved into Janson’s home departing her townhome that she chooses to lease to another for added income each month. The non-rent is helpful to her, and she and Janson are soon deeply in love. The American Express bills Luna pays off each month suddenly show many dinners out that are far more costly than they could be for only one regardless of how expensive the establishment.


Luna ponders if the card has been stolen. She calls Janson at two o’clock in the morning one night only to have Viviana answer his cell phone. As Janson is asked for, she passes the telephone to her beloved and snuggles up against his broad shoulders. Janson is a handsome six-foot tall football player type body with shaggy blond hair that she adores.


Luna is not happy about his new live in arrangement after she discovers the truth of their union. Janson has not proposed but is about to and has purchased a diamond worth about thirteen thousand at a local jeweler. Luna requests that he not propose until she meets Viviana face to face. She requests that he return the ring and foster one for two thousand instead in case they do not marry in the end. Janson agrees and soon Luna is on her way in an emergency trip across the country to assure that her son is not being used by some femme fatale that could break his heart or cost her more than she wishes to pay for in the long haul.


Viviana stands tall at Janson’s side and they appear as a good match. Both are wearing blue as a matching ensemble that Janson found in a lavish boutique downtown that features both men’s and women’s artistic wear. The pair glow from the night’s love making as they stand together with Janson’s arm around her shoulders. Luna does not like Viviana at first glance and is very clear that this is not the one for her son, the love of her life.


She remains an added week to spend time alone with Viviana. She is impressed with her florist shop and style and capacity to earn an income. The florist shop is booming with weddings as well as local deliveries. Viviana has won a prize for the best florist shop in the region per a popular regional magazine. Although this is okay, Luna feels that someone more interested in higher education would be a better choice for her son as a bride.


Janson proposes soon after Luna departs thinking Viviana passed the tests of the nosiness of his mother. Viviana accepts. Luna is not delighted to hear about it as soon as she returns home. She spends endless hours upon the telephone voicing all her concerns with Janson while Viviana is at work and he is not attending classes. Janson is so in love with Viviana and yet listens to his mother too much he thinks. He finally tells Luna that he is too much in love with Viviana to break off the engagement; and that he had given her the ring worth thirteen thousand due to how much he cares. He feels it is a sincere reflection of the sentiment of his heart for her.


Luna is not unclear Viviana is marrying Janson for his fortune and not for his heart. And yet in truth Viviana is really in her heart sway as they are twin flames. The love cascades between the pair day and night. The romance swoons the two into love making at a moment’s notice anywhere in the house. Viviana glows and Janson flourishes at home but fails one of his exams at the end of the term. This is enough for Luna to return to have a long talk with them both.


The pair appear uneasy as Luna enters their home. Luna is livid inside and controlled on the outside. She hopes to break up the union before she departs for home and prior to a holiday vacation she wishes Janson to accompany her upon alone. The evening grows into a fight between Janson and his mother. Janson takes a stand that she is with the right one and is not going to depart the union no matter what.


Luna makes a sudden decision to cut off most of the finances that support Janson in such lavish style. In four months, the credit cards have maxed out and he cannot charge any more. Viviana must pay for everything. Janson takes Viviana’s credit cards and uses them too. Soon these too are maxed out. Janson appears unable to control his spending habits. Viviana now finds herself in a load of debt and without making enough to support him or herself much. She chooses to enforce a legal case against Janson claiming he stole from her. She wins her case, and Luna pays off the debt if no other cause as to remove the police report off her son’s record.


The pair abort the union and Luna motions Janson back east to foster his life. Janson is splintered within. He weeps at a moment’s notice. His mother does not know what to do for him. He cries his way to and from and during his Island vacation hotspot with her over the holidays. Janson later takes to speaking to Viviana over the telephone late in the night and into the wee hours of the morning. He just feels he must be with her always. Viviana still loves Janson and wishes to be with him too. The two put the relationship on the back burner for a time due to Janson’s own need to find himself in life.


Janson goes back to franchise sales. In one year, he has fostered a large savings account that is enough for two. He sells the former home and purchases a small townhome in a lush neighborhood downsizing his expenses. Finally, he convinces his father to open a west coast sales office for the building franchise stores. Bill does not agree at first but in time is lured into the concept as there is more wealth in some regions in the west than the east that could foster more franchise sales. Janson convinces him to motion the offices to be near Viviana. This does unfold although the new sales office is about a two-hour drive to Viviana’s townhome.


The two motion to be together and find a home in between the two places that they work. A large home is purchased by in a farming region and on a lot of acreage. This helps Janson in his taxes. Viviana is fine with the new space loving the garden for herself. She hires someone to manage her store and chooses to use her horticulture expertise to foster an organic garden and farm that is very beautiful. Over the following three years, the homestead blooms with organic fare, chickens that lay eggs, horses, cattle that can be milked, goats for goat cheese, and other projects that just delight Viviana to no end. She is very happy in her new life and her florist business does continue to provide too.


The two marry in a private ceremony without Janson’s parents’ presence. It is a beautiful resort along the coast. Only a few friends attend reducing the costs to reasonable in Janson’s mind. The glow of the two fosters three portraits that now hang over the fireplace in their new home. Viviana is content with her partner. The former engagement ring serves as a wedding ring too with a small gold band added during the ceremony. There is a beautiful incantation in the diamond for a twin unison marriage of fate that serves the pair greatly in their life unfolding ahead.


Dreams just seem to burst in one direction or another between the two after they are wed. Janson doubles his commissions each year winning buyers of the franchises in all directions of his focus. He is awarded salesman of the year five years in a row. His father is very pleased. Viviana chooses to sell her florist business for a kind profit and open a Bed and Breakfast in their farmstead that is very eloquent and allows others to experience the magic of her garden. Soon a home and garden style magazine writes an article about her new B&B complete with a suite of photos that advertises the accommodations across the nation; and the B&B grows to be booked for nearly six months ahead in a short time to follow.


Viviana hires those who can clean and cook and aid in the care of the garden and animals too. The household bubbles with interesting visitors from around the world one of which finds an attraction to the building supply franchises that Janson sells in his family Fortune 500 company. Zev and Kiki do purchase a franchise from Janson nearby. Alas the market has grown to be too saturated in the region that the franchise has opened. The couple falter losing their savings after eight years. Soon many other franchise owners also lose their fortunes in over saturated markets.


Zev and Kiki have grown to be very close friends and the loss of everything is just too disturbing for Viviana to witness. She feels somehow at cause due to the nature of Janson’s sales and commission systems. The commission to be paid out to the franchise holders exceeds the rent on a large storage facility. Janson does not know what to do for his two kind friends either. Zev and Kiki are too blown apart in their losses to really do anything but find jobs in related industries of their own education and understanding ahead. The friendship dies on the vine and this hurts Viviana’s and Janson’s heart deeply somehow. They each feel guilty for over a year to follow due to their now former friend’s plight.


Janson is unwell with the losses he is witnessing amongst so many of the franchises sold. About twenty-five percent are failing all told. Viviana is happy in her work however and convinces Janson to consider retiring from the family business and focus upon something new that they could create together. Somehow the two of them breached in the heart sway through time. Janson wishes to conceive a child. Viviana has wished to postpone pregnancy for her own cause of having her businesses flourish too. She finally conceives and he is delighted but continues to work many long hours trying to somehow boost the losses of income due to so many franchise failures related to his own commission structure.


Viviana has a very difficult pregnancy feeling sick much of the time until the last trimester. Suddenly she feels better but tired and basically retreats into bed to rest. Janson is concerned about her health and fosters an appointment with a specialist to check in upon her. Toxemia is diagnosed and she is rushed to the hospital for an early delivery. The delivery goes well but the child is sickly and premature. Viviana is still very tired and rests heavily. The child never exits the incubator and dies sadly one night at midnight. Viviana’s heart breaches again due to the loss of her child. She feels really depressed to follow. Janson is blown apart too.


Viviana chooses to go on a long spiritual retreat high in the mountains in a very private and quiet yoga facility. The facility is beautiful but affordable and fosters dietary changes, exercise and spiritual focuses to heal the body, mind and spirit. In the midst of the beautiful mountain landscape, a major spiritual awakening for Viviana unfolds. She is raptured by angels and other nonphysical spirits who descend to foster another life for herself ahead. The experience fosters a return of her will to live that broke in her child’s death.


Viviana’s sharing of her awakening triggers Janson deeply within and in a part of himself that had been lost or put aside due to economic need. The loss of his only son is also very disturbing to Janson along with Luna and Bill. Luna visits Janson for a few weeks while Viviana is on retreat. She speaks to him about divorcing and possibly finding another female who can bear the heir to their throne. Janson is angered by the conversation with his mother as his love of Viviana is infinite in his heart. He says nothing but is grateful as Luna and Bill fly back east to her homeland of themselves.


Janson chooses to do something else. He chooses to purchase land with all his savings and build a B&B suited to spiritual retreats. The land is beautiful and Viviana’s gifts in horticulture and homesteading will beautify the premises. A 15-room plan is drawn with a beautiful kitchen and meeting area good for up to forty people. Three yurts are also planned surrounding the main dwelling that can host up to 12 additional guests. The land is to be developed also for beautiful camp sites in the redwoods that surround the home site. The new B&B can be fostered for spiritual groups or others just requiring a quiet holiday too. It is a good three years before the B&B is constructed and adorned into the beauty and grace of the two. The love of the twins motions into the new B&B fostering an amazing story to follow.


Several home and garden style magazines are invited to inspect their new project but do not take it on as an article of interest. Other magazines are approached until three agree to take photos and write something about their enterprise, one of which is a spiritually focused publication. The B&B does take off and some teachers do book for group fosterings but only about five times per year. The remainder of the time the home serves as a B&B for odd guests that desire to enjoy the local region in the spring, summer and autumn and walk the redwood trails in the valley nearby. The two B&B’s work in tandem if there is an overflow of guests during the spiritual retreats.


Janson no longer makes the large commissions of his former trade. The money spent does not equal the money earned. Although Janson is unhappy about this, he loves his new life. He and Viviana begin to study tantra and unique information about partnership of the two. They adventure to many events of tantric teachers of the day. They invite the teachers each to consider their hideaway for sacred retreats. One couple in particular, Melody and Yves, really resonate with Janson and Viviana as kindred spirits. Melody and Yves are also twin flames of the heart. The four cause a motion of a bloom of the heart that launches a tantric book and video into larger numbers of sales allowing Melody and Yves some new found fame.


Melody and Yves choose out of the love and kinship of their friends to book Janson and Viviana’s retreat space most of the year for their sacred weddings and retreats for both singles and couples. The events are beautiful and the four foster many unique moments with others and together as a foursome. The life of tantric groups is very beautiful for Viviana and Janson to live within. Janson loses his need to be so extravagant finding how much he purchased objects to feel loved and caressed within in times past. The blossoming of his heart serves his budget he finds too. Viviana learns to love herself in spite of not having a child possibly this lifetime, although Melody suggests she strive to conceive again.


Viviana fails to conceive and the pair think of adopting. The thought of raising a child is a romantic idea but might interfere with their union, Melody and Yves share. If the child was born of your heart perhaps this would be different. In the end Viviana chooses to allow herself to be okay with her life with the love of her life, Janson, as her twin flame of the heart and not as a mother. The choice feels right to all four of them. The spiritual mastery quotients flare into exotic moments in time of deeper care of the two; and sometimes with Melody and Yves, as care of the four. The foursome recognize that they are each fostering tantric spiritual mastery in parallel in their lives as couples.


The foursome chooses to write of their personal experiences of mastery of the two and four. The book fosters two masculine perspectives and two feminine perspectives on the path of partnership with the divine in a life with a twin flame mate. A beautiful book is published in the end laced with poetry and photos along with artwork as each is talented in unique ways in themselves. The book grows to be a tantric community best seller out of which new work is spawned for Janson and Viviana; who suddenly are requested as teachers alongside Melody and Yves for larger events. The foursome triples the audience size in time flowering into deep care and synergy of the heart that graces all in attendance, who often depart feeling blessed by Spirit and beautiful within.


Many partners find one another as twin flames of the heart in the associations of the foursome and at events hosted for singles seeking divine partnership in life. Janson, Viviana, Melody and Yves are each considered expert counselors of divine matrimony. Janson goes on to write a book of his own exploring union from a philosophical point of reference. The book is not a major success but he is pleased with the outcome nonetheless. For Janson, his book is his PhD fostered through time. Janson wishes to gift Viviana what it is that she has always desired to foster in this lifetime too. Viviana goes into a sacred retreat to think about what this might be.


Viviana returns from her retreat requesting that the two of them marry again as twins of the heart. A sacred marriage ceremony is planned with Melody and Yves as ministers on the eve of their anniversary. Only the closest of friends of the heart are invited. The ceremony is a delight and the photos are miraculously glamorous in the glow of the love of the two and the love of the soul family inspired in the exchange of new lifelong sacred vows. The photos of the wedding of Janson and Viviana are published in an essay to foster divine weddings with sacred vow exchange in the grace of their own B&B.


Viviana wishes to become a minister for the purpose of hosting sacred marriages. She fosters a license and many do call upon her for beautiful sacred services fostered in the B&B of her heart. The income grows some due to the on-property weddings on key weekends she reserves for those who desire to be her guests for this purpose. Often the B&B fills up with caring family and friends who desire to witness the event.


Yves is quite a bit older than Melody by a good thirty years. The two have been consorts of the heart in a tantric sway for over twenty years at the time Yves suddenly passes of a major heart attack. The pair are abroad for a retreat when this occurs. Yves is whisked into a hospital but the doctor is unable to save his life. He passes by noon the next day. Melody is torn in half and numb as she returns home. She packs her bags at the request of Viviana and Janson and moves into their B&B for an extended retreat to mend her heart.


The three draws closely together for a time to foster a healing of Melody’s heart so that she can carry on following the death of her twin flame. A part of Melody really desires to pass but the love and kinship fostered over the years with her other twins allow her to recover slowly over the coming three years. In time the depression lifts and Melody is merrier in life. The tantric workshops continue to flourish. Melody finds peace in orchestrating couples in new understanding and tantric sways in their desire to foster better partnerships; or aid singles who desire to meet their twin flame of the heart to cause this to grow to be so.


Janson and Viviana continue to contribute to all events with Melody in support of her truth and theirs too. They have grown to be soul family of the three fostering beautiful motions of care for one another through time. Soon a very handsome stock broker Terrence from Europe attends an event and falls in love with Melody at first glance. The pair sway and romance into the eve after the group has departed. Janson and Viviana are delighted for her although a new life may blossom abroad and possibly far away from themselves.


Terrence departs and Melody is still in the swoon of the two. He desires her to visit him soon. Alas, Terrence does not call soon enough or frequently enough for Melody to feel safe. Janson chooses to research the life of Terrence only to discover that he is married with children living somewhere in the wine country of France. Melody is not surprised. When Terrence does finally call, she confesses that the group looked up his lifestyle on line and if he is married then maybe he really needs to be with his wife and family and not with her. Terrence claims he will depart his wife and family for her as the love is so deep for him for her.


Melody is drawn into three holidays with Terrence in beautiful places that he chooses for and pays for too. They romance and sway into the moonlit night and the dawn filled sunrise finding their way to a beautiful love of the two. Each time she returns, Melody grows to become equally depressed and almost suicidal. The next holiday is about to be fostered and she chooses to abort the plan needing to mend her heart of something she does not quite understand within.


Janson and Viviana grow closer to Melody at this point to once again aid her heart in mending. Somehow the depression lifts as she chooses not to see Terrence again. Although unexplainable, it is possibly the sadness of a dejection and a future marriage that can never really unfold due to the responsibilities Terrence feels towards his family and wife that is at cause of her depression. Melody chooses to have no further contact although Terrence attempts to woo her back into his life for about four months. Eventually, he gives up and Melody finds her truth and center again about her real-life purpose; which is to lead others desiring partnership and maybe not foster another beloved for herself; at least not for now.


The threesome continues to host events and travel together for over eight years ahead fostering spiritual groups in tantric formations in many countries as well as in their own sacred retreat. Melody sells her own home and moves permanently into a suite in the retreat B&B at Janson and Viviana’s request. The three shares in many beautiful and joyful moments through time in real heart space of kinship of soul family. Often Melody is away fostering a conference or engagement of her own and this provides enough privacy for Janson and Viviana. Life unfolds beautifully together for many years of beauty and kinship of the heart.


Viviana has a sudden downfall breaking her hip. She is rushed to the hospital. In traction, a major blood clot hits her heart. She perishes suddenly as Yves had overnight. Janson is struck absolutely off center with the sudden change in his life. Melody draws near in order to aid Janson in recovering. In many respects, Janson is struck down far more than Melody in the loss of his partner. Janson draws Melody into many tantric sways with yoga positions that they know and teach others in workshops. The two falls deeply in love but possibly more out of need than out of the truth of themselves.


Janson and Melody marry only six months after Viviana crosses. The two foster a beautiful ceremony with their closest friends of the heart in the B&B sacred space of self. The ceremony is shared again at events that are fostered in other countries in the year ahead. The love sways with the groups in the sway of Janson and Melody in the care of the two. The love does not sway quite as graciously with only one another present each discovers. Melody chooses to foster another couple in kinship to live with them in the B&B to bolster the sway of the two into the sway of the four. Three couples come and go flourishing with them for a time over the coming sixteen months. The love flows better with Janson only when another couple is present. Each is unclear as to why this is so.


The two introspect over many years to follow their unique truths and their need to be in love with one another to blossom in the heart space more recurrently alone than together. In time it is understood that they each chose a marriage out of the desperation of a loss rather than possibly being true unto the love of the two. Janson chooses for an exodus of the partnership before Melody desires this in her heart. He manages to sway so kindly with a new member of the tantric community living nearby that he moves her into his side of the B&B as his new beloved and hopefully bride.


Melody is crushed by Janson’s sudden actions; although she understands in her mind why such things do occur and unfold in the lives of tantric sweethearts. She had thought that the pair of them were more than simply tantric sweethearts and were working upon divine principles to realize through; however, obviously maybe this is not so for Janson or herself. She retreats and let’s go and let’s go and let’s go until she finds peace within.


Melody chooses to move out of the beautiful B&B of her former heart. The pair divorce and Janson marries his new bride. Melody carries on in her tantric workshops and counseling that retains a lively and loving focus for her to feel fulfilled within. Janson is not an attraction unto the tantric community nor his new bride Dana. Although the B&B continues to be used for sacred retreats, the income slides due to loss of economy produced at workshops. Melody does not feel resonant enough to foster workshops with Janson at this time nor within his B&B.


Janson gets himself into a load of debt. Soon the first B&B and farm delight of Viviana is put on the market. It does sell for a handsome price and this supports Janson and his new wife for many years. Luna and Bill like Dana more than Viviana. At age fifty, Janson becomes a father for the first time in his life. Dana produces a beautiful blond haired and blue-eyed little girl that is the apple of his eye; and Luna’s too. Luna moves into the sacred B&B which continues to host events and visitors year-round. Luna is uncomfortable with all the visitors. Luna wishes the pair to sell the B&B and move back east so that she can raise her grandbaby herself. She offers them a new home and yearly sum that exceeds their current income levels by a lot.


Janson and Dana are torn as to what to do. Dana is only thirty and very attached to her hippy style parents and local friends of deep kinship of the heart. She adventures with Janson to experience Luna’s homeland, although beautiful Dana knows she cannot live there. Janson agrees in retrospect to his own heart motions which no longer resonate with where he grew up either. The pair chooses instead to invite Luna to visit as often as she wishes and pay for her stay to allow the B&B to prosper. They guarantee her a wing of her own for privacy. Luna does visit frequently and lavishly provides for the pair so that the loss of income does not afflict them as greatly. Janson finds himself once again cared for by his twin mother through money if not heart space.


Bill passes in the physical as their grandchild Helena turns eight. He dies of a sudden stroke. Luna chooses to sell her estates and move west to be near her grandbaby and beloved twin son. She purchases a lavish garden style western home only twenty-five miles away from Janson’s B&B. Luna grows to become a daily visitor of the B&B after she settles into her new home. Often, she joins the visitors for breakfast and then remains for the day playing with little Helena or taking her to and from school or other activities she also pays for. Dana is unclear that she resonates or harmonizes with Luna enough to have her around all the time.


Janson is torn between his wife’s needs and his mother’s desire to be close due to the loss of her own spouse in life. In time, Dana confronts Janson that she really cannot stand Luna in her home any longer as her presence grates on her nerves. Janson approaches Luna about entertaining her grandchild in her own home instead. Luna actually agrees and desires to also take Helena on lavish vacations to children’s theme park havens or other natural world interests in the year ahead. Dana is concerned about this if for no other reason that some sort of accident that might befall her daughter. Janson chooses to foster peace by allowing Helena to visit his mother’s home frequently and to take two trips per year with her Nanna. Luna is happy about the arrangements for a long time.


Janson finds Dana to be a handful of conflictive emotions as a mother and companion; and in comparison to the flavor of recurrent peace of Viviana in his former life. Although he loves her, Dana is young and less experienced in tantric matrimony or making peace day to day with himself, or with Helena, or with his mother, or with others that come and go enjoying the peace and solitude of the B&B. Dana in time motions off to be with another lover moving into his home nearby. Janson oddly enough is relieved; but chooses for full time custody of Helena with some visitation rights given the variance in lifestyles.


In time, Dana and her fiancé choose to depart for another coastal region that they feel more drawn unto. Helena does not foster much of a relationship with her mother until she turns twenty-one. Janson finds himself once again free. He adventures to another of Melody’s tantric sway singles workshops in hopes of the possibility of a new romance. Daily life has grown to be quieter and more peaceful at the B&B but also lacking something he feels. A very beautiful maiden known as Rosemary arrives at a very intimate workshop of only twelve possible couples. Janson finds her caress really beautiful but so do many of the other men in the group. He realizes in the experience that perhaps he is too mature for most of those seeking divine partnership at this time in Melody’s care.


Janson blesses Melody and thanks her for all that she has contributed unto his life in a final caress of the two in a tantric sway the eve to follow the closure of the event. Melody is still gorgeous in his eyes although her mane of dark hair is mostly grey today. He knows he chose for what he chose for without regrets. His daughter is beautiful. But the lure of Melody has an odd place in his heart that he has also missed. He speaks of this and Melody smiles; but knows that she is fine on her own in the care of the spirits of the divine. The two depart and never see one another again; but know that they honor each in the life journey chosen within. The love of the twins is forever.


Twin Flames of the Heart Analysis  


Twin flames of the heart are a nuance of deep love that synergizes through time allowing dreams to flourish into deeper aplomb with spirit in the love of the two. The love space of twins fosters a flourishing of light wave motion that attracts dreams of prosperity in unique themes associated with the spiritual mastery levels of the two. If two sets of twins are attracted to dream weave together, even larger possibilities may unfold into fame or fortune or something magnificent to witness unfold through time in light wave motion of the four. Love attracts large dreams in light wave synergy motions of field. Non love attracts equally difficult dreams of travesty in the cycle of light motion about to be born.


It is important for many humans to learn to remember to love before all else to attract kinder dreams in the sway of light motion of field ahead. It is for this cause that twin season is launched to unfold now. Twin season may attract many to foster partnership with a twin to learn to love more greatly thereby causing beautiful dreams to be experienced in their lives. There are many types of twins and many possibilities of dreams of friendship or partnership possible that shall be explored in the essays to follow. Twin season is not just for twins of the heart; but all twins to find one another and connect to augment the choice to put care of the heart and love above greed or other focuses in the life circumference of affluence.


Twins love and care forever even if one crosses into the nonphysical or one chooses another path given the life focus and karmic habitat of fate. The love remains even if the twins part due to the circumstance of the life unfolding. The love of twins is a beautiful experience in post death systems. Post death, the twins of the heart cascade beauty and love upon the one remaining in the physical who may motion on to create another twin partnership, or some other beautiful dream that continues to fulfill the heart, although the beloved of the heart has departed their world. Twins of the heart are one of the few types of twins that bestow a gracious exodus out of the physical, loving the twin remaining into a new life unfolding that is equally gracious to experience through time.


Tantric Sweetness


Tantric Sweetness

The sweet sweeter sweetest moment

Is the foray of synergy

In a Union Divine

With an unquenchable moment

Of a caress of motions

Intuited through time

Emerging in the rhythm

Of an accord of the heart

To surrender unto the Self

Of the tantric delight

In the heart mind flow

Of the Beloved of the Beloved within


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Light Wave Art & Glossary



For My Beloveds throughout Time and Space

Pure Love


The Inspiration for this treatise on the Forever Love between Twin Flames and Divine Counterparts.



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