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Chapter 4: Transcending Imbalance


Assessing Algorithmic Patterns of Disease  


This chapter is devoted to patterns of imbalance within the energy flow and nervous system of the biology of the body. Imbalance leads to disease along with discord in the dance of life. Balance on the other hand leads to unity and equality in the life expression of each choosing to ascend at this time in history. Imbalance therefore is an important pattern to transcend to assure the health, wellbeing and continued ascension of each choosing to master in this lifetime.


Energy Dynamics of Initiations         


Much of Chapter 5 in Workbook 1 was devoted to explaining the ascending energy field of those mastering from 3,000 to 9,000 DNA segments this lifetime. As the field holds together in balance, the field rotates effortlessly and then does not lose chi and can build in energy flow to expand and take initiations in ascension. An extremely balanced field is required to take any initiation.


Initiations are mastered as one embodies certain segments of DNA and then goes on to open the moving energy systems associated. Each segment of DNA of roughly 500 segments beneath 3000, and 800 segments for those mastering above 3000 segments will trigger an initiation when the field expands. The expansion of field is transcribed from the segments of DNA embodied in the etheric vessel. Each layer of DNA has transcriptions for the etheric cells, the physical cells and the energy flow of the field at large.


So, what exactly occurs in an initiation? For each layer of moving energy system that is to expand for the 500 or 800 segments one has embodied in the etheric vessel, the field spins up in rotation and puffs outward in size and to the degree it should given the level of mastery one is working upon. Angels specific to the initiation process descend for a time to aid in the spinning up and rebalancing of field necessary to stabilize at the next octave higher in vibration and associated music as well as more greatly expanded energy flow. The music of the entire field alters at this point and raises in key to the next octave of sound for the entire orchestra that one’s molecular structure and the spin of one’s chakras produces.


Often initiates feel “in bliss” or extremely energized but calm as the field expands into an initiation phase. Generally, the entire process takes only a few hours, and then the field settles down in rotation and music to the level that the body can sustain naturally and of its own accord. Field rotation is caused by the movement of the kundalini through the core of the body; the more kundalini that can run, the higher the field rotation can spin and the higher key or pitch of music that one’s orchestra of movement creates. Read more

Image of sunlight shining on a lively green jungle. Workbook 2 Chapter 4 Worksheets

Workbook 2: Chapter 4 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2, Chapter 4: Transcending Imbalance.




We hope you can begin to see how hot and cold spots in the body is related to thoughtform; and how the thoughtform may be recorded as programming in the associated region or energy flow of the biology. This is the purpose of this section.


We invite each reading these worksheets to also return to Chapter 3 worksheets of Workbook 2, and work with the deprogramming information for each hot and cold spot that you have uncovered in your continued exploration of your own internal and biological state of being. This is what ascension is all about from Earth’s point of view.


Please click on the link below to download Chapter 4 Worksheets in PDF:


Chapter 4 Worksheets in PDF

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Angel Archive #3: Long Term Health in Light Emulsion


Long term fasting is a way of life sometimes in times of extreme light emulsion. This may sound very unwell given your addictions to foods that comfort you but maybe do not sustain your health. The truth is that there may be a need to deprogram yourself of oligarchy food additive patterning. The angels are bringing in a template for food addiction release through star seed systems as so many of you are not eating what you really should to retain your health given the large light gates that have now opened. This is not the light that was. Perhaps what you ate seemed to work and you thought oh, well, I do not need to listen to the Light Wave series system of education about diet in light.


Eating Well for Sustainable Health in Light Wave Motion


The goal of the education of Light Wave Synergy Diet for Light Emulsion was to foster your cleansing in preparation of the opening of such large gates. Detoxification takes time. True for a time the planetary systems were not sure that the big gates could open. Now that they have the truth of the preparation of your detoxification may be better understood. For those who have been careful and tried the recommended diet, we bless you as archangels. For those that have not, then please do what you need to in order not to become ill or die ahead.


As you receive the deprogramming for dietary habits that are not good, your mind may not wander into needing the wrong foods as frequently. This is our gift to you forever along with an angel to aid you in the grocery store along with the restaurants to better enforce the goal of you eating right for your sustainable health in extreme light wave motion. This has worked well for Asur’Ana who rarely goes off course and chooses to cook too with guidance of gourmet palettes of high-class restaurants in mind. She shares of some of her recipes in our series of essays just for star seeds because they worked for her on long term fasts.


The purposeful mission of this chapter is to teach you about longer term fasting of 30 days or more for the sake of your health. Sometimes light can emulsify into sudden disease. The liver can inflame seemingly overnight. The gut suddenly releases watery feces 4 times per day. This is a sign of an inflamed liver. The solution is to fast on juices, smoothies and mash for 90 days to overcome the liver inflammation. The blood can suddenly go runny as all the red blood cells break throughout the body due to a surge of light that is unplanned. The blood can also grow very thick on a high protein diet.


Each body is unique. Generally, each has one organ that is weak. For you, it may be the pancreas or spleen or heart or kidneys. If the pancreas is weak, you will tend to foster diabetic rush; which is the incapacity to digest your sugars which will lead to heart failure as the excess sugars eat up the heart organ. The best recourse is a mostly carb free diet with a high protein favoring. If you are weak in the spleen, the blood will grow thicker as it fails to produce all the fluids needed in the circulatory system. Those of this stature need a high grain diet of select foods that are helpful to renew the spleen. Protein is also required but less so than for those with a weak pancreas. Read more

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Chapter 3: Transcending Competition and Disunity


Releasing Mechanical and Fear Based Thoughtform    


This chapter and the entire Workbook 2 are devoted to working upon key emotional patterns that lead to disunity and discordant relationships in the dance of life. Bringing the biological ascension along is the first step; the next is to work upon the emotional triggers that cause life to be less than unity based and in the flow. Unity creates a flow that allows for a dance in which humans relate harmoniously together, and do not step upon one another’s toes. The reason for this is much like ballroom dance; each knows where their feet belong in the dance of unity and in so being, move around one another gracefully and in harmony. Unity based dreams will cause the flow and harmony; all that is required is to attune to the dream and broadcast it unto others, and so divine timing and magic can become one’s way of being.


What is divine timing? Divine timing is a syncopation of dream that allows all to align with one another and dance in sync together. Those attending our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) events and learning to come into the flow understand exactly what this translates into; it translates into harmony and magical times together. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


Once long ago, this is how all humans danced together in your ancient red tribes. As each strives to release the discordant patterns within that cause another type of dance that is less than harmonious or dissonant, one can begin to emerge into the unity and create magical times instead. As those who are ascending learn to weave a dream of unity and magic, one’s field and thoughtform will pull in others for the ride and you will manifest the joy and magic you are searching for with others and in most other encounters.


However, in order for this to become so, each must confront one’s discordant thoughtform within. Most discordant thoughtform is held in place by childhood trauma of one sort or another, and as the trauma is released through forgiveness and a new inner family constructed, the foundation from which one is operating can shift towards unity. One’s childhood memories can be compiled and edited just as one may edit a document upon the computer. As new childhood memories are constructed from peaceful, loving and unity-based circumstances that occurred in parallel lives, then the foundation that one stands upon adjusts accordingly. Then one is more likely also to create peaceful, loving and unity-based experiences in the dance of life as this is all one has memory of in this lifetime.


There are also ancestral experiences that parallel childhood trauma; this is recorded in the cellular structure. As the cellular trauma from ancestral experiences is released in parallel to the inner family healing, then the associated part of the body can ascend into the crystalline blueprint. In so doing, ancestral records of trauma are also erased allowing a strengthening of one’s new foundation of unity. So, working upon childhood trauma is a good way also to ascertain ancestral trauma and create a complete ascension through a thorough release of all karma associated with any given vibration one has ascended into. Read more

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Angel Archive #2: Fostering Your Life in Light


Fostering your life is a preoccupation of each of you. You think about your dreams and how they shall manifest and what to do next. Some introspect over karma you feel with others and choose to forgive and find compassion. Some focus outward upon issues that need to be transfused through in order to make peace with you. Some percolate over life changes that you desire to manifest ahead in your life. Some meditate trying to listen to the angels that translate words for your Dao and Tao. Some hear their angels and many do not. Hearing angels is an opening to spirit that some have fostered and some have not.


Fostering Mindset Development


Generally, if you can hear your angels, you are easier in your life and in your decisions to be made. You hear what is needed and motion in the direction that Dao and Tao offer as angels speak to you as you meditate in a conscious dreaming function of the mind. Conscious dreaming function is an issue of mind development. Mindset development is in part energetic but also biochemical in the brain. Conscious dreaming capabilities require certain nutrients in order to develop the pineal gland in order to open the third eye gland in order to foster perception.


Perception and hearing are two different functions also of the mind. Hearing spirit requires translation synapses that motion as angels motion in their minds. As your mind motions as angel’s minds motion, then you hear us or interpret our words easily. Mindset development requires a specific set of synapses to develop through time. Synapses require sacred nutrients of silver, gold, zeolite (humic and fulvic acids), protein of the right amino acid chains (tofu) along with liquid minerals. The diet of humanity is usually devoid of these substances unless you choose to supplement your diet to develop your conscious awareness of spirit.


Those that have fostered a dietary supplement as recommended in the Light Wave series function of education have sometimes opened to hearing angels and sometimes not. Those who already had this function, developed the mindset to conscious dream possibly a long time ago. Sometimes without nutrients you can lose the biochemical function of hearing your angels within. If this is so, some of the synapses that wave the mind waves in angel interpretation have died. Reviving synapses requires cleansing as often candida or other toxins coats the cortex through time shutting of vital synapses to your perception and hearing of the nonphysical.


There are juices that foster resurrection of the mind if it has gone dead, one of which is fresh apples. Dead mind leads to one who fails to hear your own guidance from within. Dead mind is a state that most people suffer from most of their lives in the oligarchy society that you live. Dead minds lead to soulless and spiritless lives that fail to understand much other than societal teachings of nothing. Read more

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Chapter 2: Transcending Fear and Loss of Information


Assessing and Transcending Birth Archetypal Nature


This chapter is to take the information shared in Chapter 2 of Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 to a new level. In Chapter 2, thoughtform was spoken to in association with how it is related to fear, pain, suffering, greed, lust, judgment and death as humanity currently operates within. In this chapter, we desire to have each assess the 18 thoughtforms that one was born with as the archetypal nature that one is associated with. One can also use this information to assess the birth nature of anyone close to oneself, including one’s spouse, children or other family members or partners.


Why is understanding one’s own birth nature important? It is in understanding the 18 main thoughtforms as drawn from one’s tapestry of ancestry to create the body and persona that you have known as “you” in this lifetime that one will more greatly perceive all the patterns that one must transmute in order to master 3,000 DNA segments or higher in frequency. Why is this so? It is as one masters 3,000 segments in vibration that one also transcends all birth thoughtform and karma from this given lifetime, and also transmutes and transcends the DNA and persona that one was born with that was non-unity based or founded upon polarity.


Polarity and Limitation


The state of polarity causes limitation in the dance of life; for in polarity one can be one way and not another, or have one thing and not another. It is also a state of polarity that pits one person against another in competition over dreams. Dreams gravitate to those who think thoughts associated; each who think antithetical thoughts to the desired dreams find the dreams naturally gravitate to another. This of course leads to disappointment and non-fulfillment in the dance of life. Therefore, to create and catch the dreams that one desires to make manifest through intention, one must integrate the language that will allow the dream to be caught within one’s field.


This is how the Language of Light serves to draw a dream of greater unity and fulfillment into the dance of life. As one embraces this language and erases the old language that one created with in earlier times in one’s life, one will then attract dreams that are associated. Because the Language of Light is a unity-based language, dreams of unity are more likely to be attracted than dreams that are polarity based. This allows those embodying the Language of Light through ascension to create dreams of less extremes leading to a life of greater abundance, fulfillment and balance.


About Dogmatic Beliefs


Within the Language of Light, the extremes of dogmatic thoughtform are left behind through the transmutation process of ascension. Dogmatic beliefs and thoughtform lead to extremes of all kinds in the human expression. Why is this so? Dogma is founded upon electrical pulsations. Electrical pulsations press more energy or dream in one direction and less of energy and dream in another. This is why electrical thoughtform creates extremes of greed and poverty, acceptance and rejection, love and hate, peace and war, etc., as more dream of a particular nature accumulates in one direction and less in another. The more extreme the swing, the greater the disparity between what is accumulated in one direction and is deprived in equal measure in another direction. Read more

Image of an alluring island in the middle of the sparkling blue ocean. Workbook 2 Chapter 2 Worksheets

Workbook 2: Chapter 2 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2, Chapter 2: Transcending Fear and Loss of Information.




We hope you can begin to see how ascension brings about a shift in thoughtform that then creates a shift in the dreams that one can manifest in this lifetime. In the ascent to 1024, one doubles the thoughtform one was born with. This allows for less extreme polarity to occur and causes many more dreams to become possible that would not have been without ascension. In the ascent to 2200, the thoughtform one was born with triples allowing for even less extremes due to how the poles between thoughts will cancel each other out. This too allows for a more greatly unity-based dream to catch.


Most indigenous peoples are ascending to 2,200 and holding at this frequency. The ascent to 2,200 causes an increase in power of thoughtform to enough of a degree that those ascending will begin to dominate in world leadership as well as business. One can see the shifts already occurring in South America as one example with new leadership that are taking back the right to govern their own natural resources and profit from them, amongst many other changes. This shall allow such nations to rise out of their own poverty by taking back their own power to do so.


Upon a personal level, ascension is not really much different. Many spiritual aspirants are born with thoughtform that is powerless and gives and gives of oneself to others. As one ascends, one begins to balance the poles enough that one begins to retrieve power and balance giving and receiving. This occurs somewhat in the ascent to 2200 segments; and even more so for those carrying on into an entirely new scale of thoughtform associated with the Language of Light.


The Language of Light creates greater balance of polarity within its very thoughtform; for this language unifies two extreme poles creating a new middle of the road thought in its place. Therefore, the very language associated with the Language of Light is unity based within itself and without the requirement to cancel thoughtform to create balance. As a result of this truth, the Language of Light will call a more greatly unity-based dream unto one’s life dance more frequently than the old thoughtform one is leaving behind. The Language of Light also creates a more greatly balanced rotation of field as it does not sway from one extreme into another as one thinks or perceives the world around oneself.


We hope that this information is supportive of your continued evolution. We will provide more information about working with the Language of Light in the chapters to follow.


Please click on the link below to download Chapter 2 Worksheets in PDF:


Chapter 2 Worksheets in PDF

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Angel Archive #1: Loving the Body


The body of you is a sacred fostering of your body level angel and all the small angels that foster the life of each cell. All angels need to be blessed and loved daily in order to survive the systems of planetary dreaming that are unfolding in sourness in many regions at this time. Sour dreams lead to death of your body level angels. Death of your body level angels causes grievous emotions to arise in the life. Grief and crying frequently is one symptom of loss of body level angels through time. Resurrecting small angels may be impossible; however, as you resurrect the large body level angel through focus, she will go to work right away to re-infuse small angels into your cells.


Star Seed System Boundaries


Death of small angels leads to death of the cells if they remain defused for long enough. Generally, death of the cells begins in 18 days after the loss of your body level angels. Loss of body level angels can be due to psychic blows towards the body. Generally, in times past psychic blows were only to the etheric. Today many are experiencing psychic blows directed towards the physical which hits upon the angels of the body and not the cells. As angels are hit upon enough, they die. This is a sad time of many infractions of boundaries towards star seeds that may be difficult to deflect unless you remain in star seed system boundaries.


Star seed system boundaries are suspended by the archangels through the new emerging star seed life form that is planetary in size. As you allow yourself to commune with your archangel, you will feel the boundaries flux towards the physical from the new life form planes. Fostering a focus of communion with your angels daily will protect you from a load of patterns flowing through people and the land too. Psychic abuse also can lead to shattering of the psyche. A shattered psyche leads to disorientation of you in life. Sometimes anxiety arises and also in extreme cases of abuse towards the psyche, a state of hysteria may unfold until the psyche comes back together enough. Archangels will mend the psyche if you remember to commune.


Foods that Smell to Angels


Angels prefer a body that does not smell. Certain foods are known to smell if consumed. Angels tend to depart the body if it smells of too many foods that are not helpful to the angelic motions. Here is a list of foods to avoid.


  1. Meat and Fowl (smells like rot to angels)
  2. Fish, Salmon or Shrimp (smells like rot of the sea)
  3. Garlic (smells like stench)
  4. Cabbage (smells like urine)
  5. Onions (smells like garbage)
  6. Brussel Sprouts (smells like turpentine)
  7. Junk Foods with Petrochemical Flavoring or Coloring (smells like gasoline)

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Image of a secluded valley in nature. Transcending Gossip, Judgment, Shame and Unconscious Harm

Chapter 1: Transcending Gossip, Judgment, Shame and Unconscious Harm


This first chapter is devoted to patterns that humans have a tendency to move into that causes unconscious harm. From Terra’s (Earth’s) point of view, gossip and judgment of others points energy from one’s own field into the field of another. If there is anger associated, one may also mutilate the field of another unknowingly. As a group gathers and gossips, they can throw blows of harm from the group towards another really causing some major harm or disease to form over time. It is for this reason that initiates should learn not to participate in gossip or judgment by disengaging with the personality entities that desire to express in this manner.


One can see gossip taking hold in the media in a large manner in present time human civilization. Look at all the small newspapers that express gossip about this star or that famous or wealthy one, or show photos of them that are taken without permission and just because they are well known, and possibly showing them in less than a beautiful light or circumstance. This is gossip in the media and what it causes is harm towards the famous one and their fans on the part of groups associated with the media. Often the star themselves does not end up suffering from the harm, but those in the bottom of their pyramid will take on the harm and become diseased or suffer from an accident or other life travesty as a result. Such is the nature of harmful group dynamics between groups.


What Exactly Is Gossip?         


Gossip is any judgment of another about any attribute that one perceives within them. In speaking about the judgment of another to others, the judgment is inflated and one then engages with the planes of judgment associated with the Kumara’s. The planes of the kumara of judgment are an electrical dreamtime plane that elicits shame of all kinds. As one enters the shameful dreamtime, one can throw electrical barbs at others in order to diminish their field; this is how the one who is superior causes the one who is inferior to succumb to diminishing themselves. It is why Asur’Ana has offered up the intention to prick the field of the one inflating themselves up in size in order to subordinate oneself. In so doing, one collapses them back to size and ends the entire dance of shame sent towards oneself through intention.


Gossip amongst a group of others causes the group to inflate from the energy of the one judged who gives their energy to the group in order to be in the subordinate position. Therefore, groups inflate in parallel to those individuals who like to be in power, control and in “charge” and in so being, strip others of power and chi to puff the group up. Group gossip can cause groups within the group to inflate itself larger than life and then overrun the leader as well. This does not serve unity or building community relations in spiritual groups or ascending communities and so the members may be asked to leave the community as they were ascending into disunity-based patterning.


For those finding themselves in the subordinate position due to group dynamics, whether the group is one’s family, friends, workmates, spiritual associations, or any other group one convenes with, one can also prick the puffed up group that is using one’s chi to inflate itself. Then one can intend to retrieve all chi lost and push one’s own field back up in vibration to hold a balanced ascending energy flow. As one does so, groups of any kind will cease to manipulate oneself into the subordinate position. Read more