Image of a noble looking rainbow parrot. Angel Archive #7

Angel Archive #7: Sacred Grains


Sacred grains are a necessity for all light wave humans. Wheat is an inflammatory substance. Wheat causes the cells to inhale water and grow to be plump. The plump figure is almost normal today for many humans who consume too much wheat. Wheat is a poison how it is raised and processed in today’s society. Ancient grains on the other hand are useful to the heart and mind.


Wheat Problem


One major problem is that a short grain wheat strain was chosen for most farmers that is more productive but low in protein and high in sugars. Hypoglycemia is almost a norm for humans now as a result who eat more than they should due to dropping blood sugar levels. The high sugars of wheat cause a low sugar reaction and starvation symptom of humanity. Out of starvation, most eat far more than is needed; and in light wave motion to an extreme the obesity of the body is a sure sign of death ahead. Swelling is a sign that you are eating too much wheat. Eliminate the wheat and you will slim down to normal proportions ahead. Choose for other grains when needed and you will feed the body what you need and not a poison of humanity.


Stevia as a Sugar Substitute


Ancient grains are best for all star seeds to consume. Ancient grains are higher in protein and have the right sugars for the mind. The mind needs some sugars to stay straight through time. Simple sugars such as glucose are a complex topic for the mind and body in light wave motion. Simple sugars cause the heart to race and the pancreas to over produce insulin. The cells then eat too much simple sugar and over heat the body leading to diseases through time. Stevia is the best substitute for sugar as it is a mind bend not. Fructose from fruit and not a powder is also helpful to the mind every day. Fructose as a powder causes parallel problems as glucose to the heart and cells.


Some ingenious health food companies are making their way to chocolate or other candies that are stevia based. If you cannot find a candy of this stature, foster a chai tea with stevia and soy milk and see if this settles your adroit need to satisfy yourself in the sweet taste buds of you.


Junk Food


(NOTE: Asur’Ana abstains from wines and all alcoholic drinks. This section is written at the Archangels’ request.)


If the mind is bent and you need “junk food not” then think about red wine. Red wine is very helpful to the sugars of the mind. It is a fermented food that aids digestion. The blood thrives on red wine. Have a glass and do not worry about it as the alcohol vaporizes in the blood in extreme light. White wine and rose are also sometimes useful to the brain function of you so muscle test what is best. Wine detoxifies the pancreas, supports the liver, aids the spleen, and nurtures the mind. Read more

Image of amazingly sparkling aqua blue water of a bay. Forgiving the Spiritual Lessons of our Grand Master Ancestors

Chapter 7: Forgiving the Spiritual Lessons of our Grand Master Ancestors


Mastering Integrity Within and Defining Guru Archetypes     


This is the last chapter of Workbook 2 and all of its explorations into the emotional make up of humans at this time in history, and what requires transcending to come into the middle path of greater unity and integrity within. Unity within and integrity within are intricately intertwined; without unity there can be no integrity; and without integrity there can be no unity. Integrity is a state of being that states “I honor you, I honor me, I honor the group, I honor nature and I honor Earth”. It is in the honor of all things that real unity comes forth in the dance of the two or the many.


There are many time periods in which honor and integrity flourished in the human dream. Honor and integrity were the foundation of dream that the Grand Masters came to Earth within; and anchored for the other red nations’ tribes to flow within. This is the karma we are to explore within this section along with a host of other relations that were the descendents of the Grand Masters and created karma that has influenced the archetypal patterns in all related unto them over time.


Earliest Records of Combustion Revealed


At the time that Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 of Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 were written, less was known about the lives of the Grand Masters than today. Therefore, we now give a greater overview of their purpose and nature. We have uncovered records of larger headed humans that came to exist upon Earth prior to the era of the Grand Masters. These humans appear to have come to exist within the Inner Earth to explore the possibility of relocating unto Terra from Sirius A.


They worked with the energy dynamics of Earth and appear to also have combusted in attempted ascensions. We have no record of any fourth dimensional human remaining from this time period which dates to 80,000 Earth years ago (320,000 human years) and 30,000 Earth years ago (120,000 human years) prior to the arrival of the Grand Masters; and 5,000 Earth years (20,000 human years) prior to the seeding of the 18 red nations’ tribes. [The Grand Masters came to Earth 50,000 Earth years ago (200,000 human years). The seeding of the red nations occurred 75,000 Earth years ago (300,000 human years).]


The combustions of these larger headed humans that came to Earth occurred in small groups of five or less and so had minimal impact upon Terra’s energy flow of the time. However, the records of combustion appear to have influenced the larger headed Grand Masters to follow the same deadly path in a later time period. It is unclear that the Sirian larger headed humans of the time understood that those that appeared to have ascended, actually combusted. Read more

Image of a small heart pillow among pink roses. Workbook 2 Chapter 7 Worksheets

Workbook 2: Chapter 7 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2, Chapter 7: Forgiving the Spiritual Lessons of our Grand Master Ancestors.


Forgiving the Spiritual Lessons of our Grand Master Ancestors


These worksheets are focused upon addressing those issues related to the Grand Master ancestors with the large craniums that came to Earth 50,000 years ago (200,000 years as humans measure time) and set in motion a series of patterns that have been problematic unto Terra along with humanity alike throughout time. As the lessons of those of this nature are understood and forgiven, the pattern of false ascension and incomplete ascension will also be forgiven, and then the path of real complete ascension Home to the Tao can open up to all humans as their future destiny upon Earth.


Before this can come to be so, the map makers who are working with this information must create a complete map without schisms or gaps in the DNA, and to a destination that creates peace within and without. Therefore, this information is also devoted to the path of the peacemaker as a map maker who will find unity and integrity within and then create unity and integrity-based relationships outside of self in the dance of life as a result of your ascension.


Unity and integrity as they have been expressed in the past can be brought forward into the NOW and experienced. However, we now understand that the Grand Master dance of unity and integrity was very short lived in their time upon Earth; and the sour nature of the dance of disunity that followed set in motion a dream in which disunity and non-integrity has recurred again and again throughout history.


Throughout human history there have been sweet times of balance, unity and joy followed by very sour times of disunity, struggle, lack, and often warfare, in particular as the cycles of the Anu have rolled around creating conflict to an extreme. As the dance of swinging between the polarity of sweet and sour dreams is forgiven, then sweeter dreams can be woven overall in the continued dance of life. Sweeter dreams appear sweeter only against the tapestry of what sour dreams make manifest.


In the new languages anchored related to the Language of ONE and Language of the Tao that is now entering Terra’s core, there is no sweet or sour music; there is only the constant dream and music of truth to be expressed as a result of one’s thoughtform. Over time and as ascending humans embody the music of the Tao, a constant and harmonious dream will be called into the dance of life. Read more

Image of a marvelous bird with widespread white wings, black head and orange breast pecking an orange berry. Angel Archive #6

Angel Archive #6: Sacred Brunch


Brunch is a luxurious moment to share with Spirit. Sometimes brunch is helpful to your mindset too for so many of you work too hard and celebrate too little. Brunch is a time of celebration over a midday meal that can delight and also sustain the body in light wave motion if it is of the right food resources. The wrong brunch food resources on the other hand will kill you otherwise over time. What is right and what is wrong? Salads and fruit are right and desserts and pastries are wrong.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana is a vegan and abstains from all alcohol. Therefore, she does not recommend eating eggs or fish or consuming alcohol, however, the Archangels requested that she shares the following information.)


Organic Eggs


Eggs are delightful with vegetables and not potatoes. Eggs should be reserved to three times per month as a 2-egg omelet and not more as the fats cause problems with the heart, spleen and liver over time otherwise in light wave motion. Eggs are gifted at resurrecting tissue if they have gotten blown out. If in a time of resurrection, eggs can be consumed four times per month instead of just three.


Finding restaurants that offer scrambled tofu is another option to choose for breakfast or brunch if you need no more eggs this week. Salads and fruit are also welcome with brunch along with fish if offered on the menu of your favorite restaurant. Smoked salmon is sometimes helpful to the mind but needs to be devoid of the bagel and placed over a salad instead to support your health ahead. There are always means to eat out as long as you choose for what is right minded food in extreme light wave motion. This is an extreme light wave motion cycle and therefore right-minded eating is needed unless you wish to die early in this lifetime of yours.


If hungry, a salad can always be complemented with hummus without the pita and served on top of cucumber, celery and tomatoes instead. Potatoes are always best substituted for fruit or a side salad to retain your right-minded brunch excursion into health. Adding shrimp to the salad is good with eggs but not scrambled tofu. Eggs and shrimp compliment. Salmon should be eaten separate whether smoked or not as they do not digest easily with eggs or tofu. Ahi (tuna) should also be separate from both eggs and tofu to foster a complete ingestion of all proteins associated. Consuming a digestive enzyme following any meal with protein is also recommended to avoid gut rot. Read more

Image of a peaceful lake with the forest and mountains in the background. Transcending Seduction and Illusion

Chapter 6: Transcending Seduction and Illusion


Becoming the Authentic Self             


This chapter is devoted to the patterns of seduction and illusion in all the many and varied ways that it occurs amongst humans. Humans have fallen into the need to appear other than whom and what one is in order to please, make peace, unite others, or feel loved and accepted in the dance of life. This is the underlying cause of the need to seduce from Mother Earth’s point of view. Underneath the seduction however one can often feel incompetent or as though one must bend the truth in order to play the role that the seducer or seduced one participates in. Therefore, seduction is the underlying cause of why humans bend their will as explored in Chapter 5 of Workbook 2.


Seduction is so common in the human dance of life that there is hardly one relationship that does not sustain itself somewhat on the act of seduction. Those gifted at seduction are more popular than those who are not. Those least gifted at seduction are the most disliked or even hated in the dance of life. Seduction does not rely upon abusive techniques that are verbal or behavioral in nature; instead, they lure others to oneself but then abuse in the unconscious energetic dynamics instead. So, one could say that seduction is abusive and destructive in the unconscious and not the physical.


The Origins of Seduction         


Where does seduction originate? Seduction originated with Zeus and Innana primarily. Zeus and Innana archetypal natures seduce sexually, and through attracting others to them through the sexual flow. The sexual flow creates a mirror through which one is mirrored whatever one desires to perceive about Zeus or Innana archetype that portrays them in a favored manner. All the negative attributes of Zeus or Innana archetype are hidden behind the mirrors so that one simply does not perceive them, unless of course one lives or works closely with those of Zeus or Innana archetypal nature.


Seduction is difficult to sustain in an ongoing and recurrent manner, as it requires 100% more chi to sustain the mirrors or veils of illusion than spin a field. Therefore, in an ongoing living or work circumstance, the veils of seduction fall away and the real nature of the person underneath is revealed. It is for this reason that romance often only lasts as long as two do not live together, as once the truth of who the other is becomes revealed, the love founded upon seduction dissipates. Often amongst couples that are extremely variant in genealogies where one is primarily red nation and the other Pleiadian or Anu, there is an ongoing misunderstanding of one another beyond the original seduction. This is where most conflictive partnerships arise from; the two simply do not understand one another upon a molecular level.


If two understand one another as the inheritance parallels from Sirius and is red nation in origins, then there is an innate acceptance of one another that leads to more greatly peaceful unions. It is for this reason that Mother Earth advises that humans build ascending partnerships with those who inherently parallel and have harmonious ancestries, as ascension together requires more harmony in order to sustain a balanced divine union flow and field rotation. Relationships that are disharmonious take away from ascension and lead to failed ascension beyond a certain point, and therefore those devoted to mastery over Bodhisattva level evolution are guided to release those partnerships or associations that do not serve. Read more

Image of the sweet plumeria tree and flowers. Blessings for the Fragrance of Health, Beauty and Love.

18. Blessings for the Fragrance of Health, Beauty and Love


From the Plumeria and Jasmine Tree Kingdom


It is the Plumeria and Jasmine Tree Kingdom that speaks to you today. Plumeria and Jasmine flowers hold a magnificent smell that many loves. We are often used as perfumes and made into essential oils and enjoyed in many human bath products, lotions, hair products or essential oil burners as a result. Our fragrance will remind you of what our ancestors in the Great Central Sun smelled like once long ago. Today plumeria and jasmine along with hundreds of other flowers and fruits hold the scents of long ago within our genetic structure.


Return Journey Home


Long ago, all of life upon Terra (Earth) smelled beautiful. This was at a time that Terra existed inside the Great Central Sun dream. There was no decay or rot and so everything had a sweet smell that was lovely to inhale. This was not only so for the tree and plant kingdoms, but also for each animal, bird, fish, reptile, insect, dolphin, whale or human. The smell for each kingdom was distinct and each knew the other by smell as well as sight or appearance. Life was a magical wonderland to experience. There were no seasons and nothing died; it was endless heaven in a sense and in comparison to the struggle of Terra in present time.


Regardless of how wonderful life was inside the Great Central Sun, there was no goal of evolution Home. Somehow the goal of evolution had been lost in our original casting. As a result, we lived and lived and lived but did not know the real purpose of our existence. Although humans and whales and dolphins were fully conscious and aided in the direction of Terra, there was no plan for evolution home. It has taken us exiting the Great Central Sun dream and falling and falling in consciousness and into great pain and suffering to finally realize as a consensus reality what is necessary to offset extinction. What is necessary is a return journey, not only back into the Great Central Sun dream, but Home to the Tao where all consciousness emanates from.


Perhaps if we had recalled the necessity to ascend home long ago, we would have created a plan to evolve from within the Great Central Sun and avoided falling out of the dream altogether and into such great struggle. In hindsight, we can see that we were blinded by our eternal “heaven” or love and light experience that was beautiful and as such there was no requirement or desire to go anywhere else. Homecoming seemed unnecessary when everything felt at “home” and as “one” already.


It is perhaps the struggle and strife that creates the need to return “home”. Returning Home however unto endless bliss no longer appeals because we know that there is no such thing as endless anything within the Tao. Those creations that desire an endless love and light experience will ultimately descend into deep darkness in counterbalance as this is the nature of the cycles of the Tao. The Tao seeks to expand and seeks then to contract. As creations return Home, they carry with them all their experiences and it is through such experiences that the Tao evolves. Read more

Image of an exquisite midnight blue bird standing on a tree trunk. Angel Archive #5

Angel Archive #5: Light Motion Entrees


Entrees are joyous fostering of beautiful foods of vegetarian proportions to make the taste buds smack and allow you to feel filled with the love of spirit. Right minded cooking begins with the smorgasbord of food in your pantry. In the pantry is some of this or that and this herb or that and somehow as you whisk it all together it is beautiful to spirit. Spirit then flowers the pan or oven allowing the fragrances of the herbs to grow divine. In divine flowering, the food tastes stupendous and not something else off the grocery store shelf or from an unwell restaurant or fast food.


Light Infused Foods


Gifted chefs in light wave motion also flower their pans and kitchens. The food is popular as it is gourmet in its proportions of tastes. Good chefs are not difficult to find and you will know them by the flowers of light in their kitchen. Those chefs who do not flower in other restaurants are best to be avoided as it will only cause stomach ailments if your cuisine is not light infused in the coming times of big light. So, shop carefully for where you dine out and make sure that the light shines bright and you will always be delighted in the love of the spirits of the chef.


Grocery stores or health food markets are no different. Some shine bright to the max, others in a medium cast and others can be quite dim. The light in the food will be proportionate unto light in the store along with in abdomen. So, shop only in the brightest lit stores you can find and your health will be retained through time. Leave all others to other places as they are not you as a star seed. Star seed entrees should be prepared with the freshest light infused vegetables available. Shopping at farmers’ markets is grand too but pick the best light infused organic possibilities and leave the others to others too.


China, Glassware, and Stainless Steel Cookware


Cooking in light is an art all of its own. First, the kitchen and all utensils and cookware must align with light motion of field. Some kitchenware works with light and others abate light. This is also so for forks and plates and serving platters. Therefore, please take inventory of what you cook with that shines in light and what does not; and discard what does not purchasing simple instruments that light infuse to begin with.  Muscle test each item to purchase and stay away from what looks brilliant and really does not motion light and you will be better in your health in the long haul.


There is glassware and plates that are made from petrochemical substances but appear authentic. Many restaurants use glasses and plates or serving platters of this nature. They are now hitting the kitchenware system of humanity in great abundance of cheap but beautiful plates and serving platters that are absolutely damaging to the health as you motion light through your home. As you transfuse, you cannot help but motion light through everything. This also includes furnishings and carpet and wall hangings and floors and ceilings too. Some housing is purer than others in light wave motion.  Read more

Image of a serene forest in Tibet with violet colored wild flowers. Transcending Usury, Ownership, and Patterns of Non-Love

Chapter 5: Transcending Usury, Ownership, and Patterns of Non-Love


Today we write about patterns of usury and non-love. The human species has fallen into the belief that somehow being used and owned is love; and that owning and using others is also love. This was not the original casted nature of the Red Nations humans or Grand Masters as they were seeded upon Earth; although you could say that patterns of usury, ownership and non-love were embedded in a hidden language within the DNA. As long as the hidden language remained buried, it did not act out in the dance of life. If the hidden language surfaced, suddenly Red Nations humans and Grand Master relations allowed themselves to be used and owned and perceived this as a loving thing to participate in.


How exactly does this work? First, we must define what love is in Red Nation terms. Love is ongoing blessings that flow between the two or the many. The blessings contain the love of the human hologram, the love of Mother Earth and the love of soul combined. Love sustains life, health, wellbeing and longevity.


When the communion was run in an ongoing and sustainable manner within red nation tribes, those existing in this type of flow lived 1,000 to 2,000 years upon the physical plane, as the love supported the regeneration of crystalline biology. The love also sustained Mother Earth and those regions that the Red Nations’ peoples lived also regenerated, providing amply for their populations along with all other kingdoms residing upon the land. The love also sustained soul such that soul could continue to incarnate and dance with the human species.


Souls upon Earth are not innocent. The souls that came to dance with the humans that were seeded from Sirius had an alternative purpose. Over time, they began to strip love from the dance of communion between humans and send this love to Sirius. This was to propel Sirius upwards in vibration but at the expense of humans upon Earth. As this occurred, the usury and ownership language hidden in the DNA was drawn to the foreground and then began to act out in tribal life. How does usury and ownership alter the dance of life? This is an interesting topic all of its own that we are going to thoroughly explore in this chapter.


Ownership Signatures   


Long ago, Asur’Ana wrote about ownership patterning that occurred between the nonphysical and physical. These signatures are a part of the hidden language in all human DNA upon Earth. The original set of signatures brought forth through Asur’Ana long ago were not a complete set, and all signatures of ownership whether they be earth related or multidimensional have been mapped and are available for review in the Temple of Ownership for all ascending sentient beings at this time in history. Read more