Image of an adorable mouse holding a nut to eat. The Field Mouse

8. The Field Mouse


Blessings for Retrieving One’s Power


The Mouse Kingdom


The Mouse Kingdom is happy to greet ascending humans today. Mice have long been considered a pest to humanity. Pests are often that which one seeks to exterminate without consideration to how each species supports the whole. In parallel manner, humanity has been considered a pest to the consciousness of Earth. Over time, Earth has also attempted to exterminate humankind. Alas, her extermination attempts ended up warbled and created a dream instead of global extinction and falls in consciousness.


Earth’s Magnetism


Why is any species considered a pest? Each species contributes unto the whole and in so doing, provides their pieces that no other kingdom can to the ongoing energy flow and evolution of Earth. Mice contribute focus upon the movement of energy within the Earth and soil in a magnetic sense. The magnetism of Earth is an important facet of knowledge that causes the consensus to hold together. Without magnetism, Earth would fall apart. Magnetism can be equated with love and life force that holds one’s cells together, as it is love and life force that is the glue for creation, and it is the love of each species for one another that causes the kingdoms to unite into a consensus reality and remain as such.


Through our collective energy, the mouse kingdom moves magnetic energy through the soil that allows for an ongoing push of chi through the grid work of Earth’s etheric body. Just as a human etheric body has ley lines and meridians, so does Earth have global ley lines and meridians. Many of such ley lines and meridians have been obstructed over time due to mass human occupation such as your overpopulated cities, or equipment that harvests and holds electricity, as electricity and magnetism are at odds with one another.


Electricity cuts holes in the ley lines and meridians of Earth. The original energy system for Earth that existed inside the Great Central Sun long ago and in Earth’s ancient global history was a rotational honeycomb form of grid work and meridian system. Each meridian had multiple spheres that rotated, similar to the “consciousness symbol” in the Language of Light that appears as a triple sphere. These pockets rotated and generated energy that would rush down each meridian. Each ley line of grid work had their own set of triple spheres that were smaller in nature and would generate chi of their own and also direct some of the energy from the meridians down through the grid work. This system was sufficient in energizing all of Earth to sustain the life of over 1,900 kingdoms of plant, animal and mineral form.




Existence within the Great Central Sun


Mouse is a kingdom that has always existed upon Earth. Our history goes back well into the times of existence within the Great Central Sun. Our work is the same now as it was at the time we existed within the Sun; we are a species that supports the movement of magnetic energy through Earth’s grid work. When humans seek to exterminate our presence, they assist in plugging up the flow of chi in the grid work under one’s living environment. Read more

Image of multicolored flowers growing around a tree trunk. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #9

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #9


The Fable of Justice


The Force of the Law of Love


The Law of Love



The truth of the law of justice

Is the one who fosters

The unique aptitude of love

In a dream of realization

Of the Tao

In the beauty of the Dao

In a love bonnet of the divine

In which the tides of fate

Align spirit into matter

And each is cared for

Through time


The Parable of the Tarot


The justice tale is one of bringing to fruition the law of the land. The law of the land is a sanctimonious system of truth that fosters non-destruction and love for each and the whole. Love of the whole is a forensics alignment which fosters tribal instincts to take flight amongst each. Tribal instincts foster a wheel of possibility of each in ohana lore that fosters or care of the heart through time.


Tribes pull together to survive difficult physical terrain of happenstance of strife or war bonnet of self issues through time. The war bonnet of self is an oscillation that fosters one tribe to war against another for their needs of sustenance. War is not a spiritual law happenstance of fate. War is against spiritual law and the lore of justice attempts to foster non-war in eras of potential war upon Earth. In non-war happenstance, the justice tale fosters care of the heart in the region, ending hypocrisy of the extremes of greed and starvation.


War is always a result of lack of sustainable resources within a particular tribe or nation that chooses to defecate and deface another for their own sustainability. War is a more common happenstance today than in other eras upon Earth. The war bonnet is on high due to middle eastern strife of fate of life in lack. Those choosing to defile and deface are also lacking within to foster dreams of enough. The lack is so great in this era due to a loss of consciousness of the human kingdom. The human kingdom is again falling due to biochemical deficiencies and toxic overload. Heavy metals in the cortex of the mind foster those who desire to war in life. War can also be defined as arguments to violations of all kinds including murder. Read more

Image of a spectacular flying blue heron. The Blue Heron

30. The Blue Heron


Blessings for Freedom, Change and Taking Flight in One’s Life


The Heron Species


The Heron kingdom has much to say to ascending humans today. Blue Herons as well as the black and white varieties are member of the bird species with a large wingspan and bill suited to hunting larger fish in the ocean. The Pelican, which is a “cousin” to the Heron Kingdom has a large enough bill to store a week’s worth of fresh fish regurgitated to feed from during long flights while migrating from one region to another. Heron also has the capacity to store regurgitated fish in our system for such a purpose, which is how we often migrate from Australia to Hawaii, or between many of the islands in the Pacific island chains.


Releasing Attachments and Allowing the Changes of Ascension


Asur’Ana once sat at a restaurant in Honolulu that had a fishpond and waterfalls nearby. There on a rock stood a Blue Heron resting upon it from a long flight and migration pattern. She pondered how much easier it might be for the Blue Heron to eat the fish in this pond than hunting wild fish in the ocean. We were not interested in the fish as much as connecting with Asur’Ana, and had much advice to offer up at a difficult time in her ascension. She has since come into contact with us only in a few other circumstances on the islands, again usually for advice more than any other cause.


Asur’Ana has been grateful at our suggestions, and followed through with the direction we offered, which assisted in her ascent. She opened to the holographic nature planes long ago and therefore could communicate via her heart with all species upon Earth, or within your creation for that matter. So can each reading these materials open their heart and open unto their own holographic knowing through ascension along with communication with Earth, the Nature Kingdoms and one’s own Soul.


What does Blue Heron have to say to ascending humans today? So many humans are tied by silent and invisible cords to their current circumstance, partnership, job, friendships and region of origin. Sometimes it takes a bomb going off in one’s life to cause one to move or make changes. This is difficult in ascension, as change must flow to facilitate the ongoing release of attachment that one has had to other people, places, pets, objects, land or other possessions. How can one ascend beyond a certain point if one does not embrace the change associated? Well the bottom line is that one will cease to ascend for a time until the change comes to fruition.


There is magic in the change. Two initiates from the mainland US decided to visit Jasper, Alberta in Canada. They had such difficult manifestation circumstances in their region of origin, but found instant jobs while in Jasper, and chose to change everything and stay. There is joy in the change, and expansion, and a sense of freedom and fulfillment. These two initiates wondered why they had packed so much before arriving; their bodies knew all along that they were not returning home. As the change is embraced, now the longed for initiations that they have hoped to master can come to fruition, as the release of the cords of attachment are a requirement in order to ascend. Sometimes one cannot ascend without letting go and facilitating the change. Read more

Image of pretty magenta purple flowers. Shakti Studies #2

Shakti Studies #2


Dating Lore


The Nature of Dreaming for Partnership


The Date of the Two


In the quest

For partnership

There is a fable for dating

To foster a journey

Into the sublime

Or into dis-synergy of the two

Through time

Through the fables of Shakti

Fostered as an incantation at birth

Reflecting the karma

Of the male and female

In the inheritance

That drives forth union


The Nature of Dating


Dating is a ritual of finding the partner of your life if you choose for a long-term relationship. Dating can also become a way of life if one chooses to participate in the dance of life without long term partnership or children. Dating can be joyful or miserable if the dejection hurts the heart accolade of self. Dating can be measurable in its affluence of understanding of the opposite sex or same sex nature if one is homosexual to bisexual in stature. Tantric friendship is also another manner of understanding same or opposite sex fostering. Understanding your partner is perhaps the single most important affluence over the success of the art of dating to find the purposeful long or short-term partnership.


Dating is successful if you discover if the individual is harmonious with you or not. Harmony is not always known due to the act of seduction. Seduction is an affluence of self to con you into believing that there is harmonious or loving dynamics underlying the persona. Seduction is the single biggest threat to the heart accolade of self. Seduction woos the heart into a syndicated rhythm in which one succumbs to the union perhaps without a return of care of the heart. Recurrent seduction in a happenstance of dating or union of any length will injure the heart to the point of causing heart failure or an immune deficiency through time.


Fate is a key that draws two into the dance of parallel circumstance through time. Dating keys are arranged in nine formats through time. There are brief encounters, longer term encounters that do not lead to a long-term union, long term encounters that do not choose to marry or commit, and dating that leads to long term commitments that unify the two lives through time. Dating seasons the stanza of self to test the waters of the individual to witness if the affluence is useful to the journey of life through time. Each date into a union journey is an opportunity to realize oneself into the divine assertions of self. Realizing divine assertions leads to the creation of divine partnership in lieu of difficult lore happenstance of dreaming of union. Read more

Image of four small glass bottles of essential oil and flowers. Essential Oils and Single Tones

2. Essential Oils and Single Tones


Many essential oils may be useful in ascension. The fruit, herb and flowering kingdoms wish to provide information on the Language of Light tones that essential oils made from various fruits, herbs and flowering kingdoms hold. Oils from herbs, fruits and flowers have been made since the original red nations peoples were seeded upon Earth. Over time and through many falls in consciousness, human genetic information became trapped in some kingdoms used for essential oils.


Essential oils are soothing to the senses, allow for the dissipation of density in the auric field, and can also have tonic effects upon the body if ingested in small amounts. One way to work with essential oils is to place a little upon the finger and brush the tongue. The brushing of the tongue will stimulate the digestive system and cause one to assimilate one’s spiritual lessons in the dance of ascension. Citrus oils are useful for this and taste sweet or sour similar to the fruit associated. Eucalyptus is also useful for the purposes of stimulating digestion and also contains a certain fatty acid that some crystalline nervous systems require to sustain consciousness and understanding unity-based principles. (Always muscle test before using.) We suggest using organic steam distilled essential oils for ingestion.


Use of essential oils is another way also to connect and commune with the herb, fruit and flower kingdoms associated. In the communion, genetic records lost in our kingdoms can be uncovered and returned for your continued ascension. And so, we invite you to commune with us while using essential oils in your homemade creams, lotions, salt scrubs or in the bath each night.


Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 1 “How to Work with Herbs and Essential Oils in Ascension”  for more information and some lovely homemade spritzers, creams and toothpaste recipes. In Ascension Insights, Volume 6 Chapter 14 “Language of Light Tri Tones and Herbs” , we share herbal supplements useful in supporting ascending biology.


In Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 7 “Blessings for Remembering the Ancient Past”, there are recipes for homemade skin lotions; in Chapter 18 “Blessings for the Fragrance of Health, Beauty and Love”, there are homemade perfumes and non-toxic cleaning substances; and in Chapter 25 “Blessings for a Return to Conscious Farming Practices”, there are recipes for regenerative body oils and creams that feed the skin and are also useful unto ascension. Read more

Image of a gorgeous golden flower. Ananda Love Archive #4

Ananda Love Archive #4


The Love of the Action of Blessing


The Actions of Love of the Baba


The river of me

Is a forensics motion to understand myself

In the love of the one and the two and the three

And the many in the care of the heart

Of the Baba in himself

In which each is blessed and loved

And fostered into their truth

In the love of the Tao of Earth

And the care of the Dao of the planet

In the sway of the love of ourselves

In a swing divine

In which all boundaries hold

Inside and outside of ourselves

And inside and outside of the self of myself

In the soul family swing of care


The Love of the Blessings


Blessings foster the care of you and the care of each. In a sway of care, the heart opens and flowers, fostering a flight path with spirit in which you rise up many octaves and your boundaries do not fail you. Blessings of care of the heart synergize you into you and all components of you. Blessings synergize you into your life form, your truth, your Dao and Tao, your anchoring, and the self of yourself. As you foster synergy within yourself, your center point, zero point, end point and flux point motion underneath you so that the sun of yourself can align for proper transfusion ray application for health and sustenance of the body. A state of mindfulness results out of blessings that recur throughout the day and each time you choose to bless instead of fester in some notion about another or about yourself in your mind’s eye.


Bless and bless and bless and the sticky to dark or damaged striations motion away if they are of another and purify if they are of your own. Bless and bless and bless the ones you are in strife with and you will make peace and foster beautiful dreams within and between the two or the three or the many of you. Bless and bless and you will rest better at night to renew and revitalize the body of yours. Bless and bless the parts of the body that are sick or ache and the aches and pains will depart and the region will grow into new light wave DNA and cease to fester in ill health any longer. Transfuse up and up while you bless and you will rise above what damages your light motions until you sway in the care of the heart again.


Love and light accompany one another to foster sway. Fail to love and bless and the sway ceases. Fail to sway in the light and the love also ceases. Illuminate and love and bless as you call the light towards you and you will surmount any sway-not through time. Some of demon aspirations know how to knot the love and care space of the heart until it will no longer motion to bless. The sway falls apart as this occurs. Some of this stature of self also knot the sway until it folds and you fall out of the care space sustained by the soul family and then boundaries fail and you hurt within. Illuminate, love and bless those that knot your sway or knot your love and you will recover and your boundaries will begin to hold again as you take flight back into light wave synergy.    Read more

Image of a whale lovingly carrying a sweet dolphin on its head. Fulfilling Upon the Map of Ascension

12. Fulfilling Upon the Map of Ascension


The whales and dolphins greet you today. We have much to say to our ascending brothers and sisters of the land. There are many changes underway today in Mother Earth’s global ascension. Terra (Earth’s consciousness) is in the process of anchoring the “Heart of the Tao” in her Aurora. The Heart of the Tao is an aspect of all that sits outside of time and space and form that emanates ongoing everlasting non-ending enduring love. It is love that is required at this time not only by Terra to begin her process of self-healing from the toxic mess that humanity has caused, but also for each kingdom to fulfill upon the map of ascension ahead.


Love heals all wounds. Love in the Tao is the force that illuminates the distortion so that it can be corrected propelling creations into cycles of self-healing so that each may return home to where all was originally cast. All consciousness was originally cast by the Tao. Within each blueprint cast within the Tao is the recollection of home coming. This creation known as Earth and all that sits in this region of domain along with what remains inside the Great Central Sun failed to return home. Somehow it was all cast without a blueprint for homecoming, or in other terms forces that wished to use this region of domain for something else erased the remembrance of home coming. For twelve cycles, creation after creation here has gone extinct in this region of domain as a result rather than returning home to the Tao.


New Great Central Sun Human History


Three cycles ago, humans extended into this Great Central Sun to understand what was wrong and why parts of it were failing to go home. Humans were not happy with the stark landscapes of the time, and so began to cast other kingdoms to help hold the energy flow for a return journey home. Humans have vast recollection of many things within the Tao as they are the only consciousness that hosts records from all other 150 contraction cycles that have ever occurred since human consciousness was invented.


Humans reached back in time 75 contraction cycles ago, and recalled another time when consensus realities existed in which there were many kingdoms doing various jobs to sustain and support the life of the whole and ultimately to ascend the creation home. Humans recalled the tree and plant kingdoms, the mineral kingdoms and the animal kingdoms along with all water kingdoms. In their recollection, they began to cast life upon barren planets that could sustain life inside the Great Central Sun. This is how our shape as Dolphin and Whale came to be.


These new records are from the memories of the Great Central Sun that Terra is beginning to access due to partially entering the new dream at this time in her global ascent. At this time, about 30% of Terra has crossed into the new dream; mostly this includes the Inner Earth and certain pristine regions upon the surface including most oceans and mountainous regions global wide, except those too close to the density of humanity. As Terra entered the new dream in part, she began to recall records of when she existed within the Sun herself, as well as records of other creations long gone extinct having traversed the same path as herself, but in another cycle in the Tao. Read more