Image of the cherry tree to symbolize elevated consciousness which will bring abundance for all on Earth. Elevated Consciousness

Elevated Consciousness Is The Best Gift To Humankind


No Money on Other Planets


This is such a strange world, that we have to depend on money to live. Money makes the world go round here on Earth. We shouldn’t be depending on those pieces of paper to survive, but we do. The system used in this world is like that. They don’t use this system on the other worlds. They just have enough. They share; so there’s no one who is ever short and no one has too much. Everyone just has enough of what they want. There’s no ‘more’ and no ‘less’; everyone has enough.


If our world had the same system, we wouldn’t have war, and we wouldn’t have hunger. The systems on other planets work like an exchange. They just exchange. For example, if they have to build a road, then the engineers build the road, or the builder builds the house, the doctor treats the patients, the farmer tills his/her land. They’re exchanging services; that’s all. Everyone has a common store where they come and get what they need, and it’s distributed. Everyone has just enough of what they need.


There’s no money on such a planet. Everyone uses the same resources and protects the same environment. Everyone is aware of the interrelation and interdependence between each other, and they treat each other like a big family. The food and necessities are distributed evenly everywhere, to every corner of the planet, so everyone has access to them. Each one works according to his or her ability. No one is denied food or the basics of life.


If you need something, you just go in any of the stores and ask the store manager. You can say you need this or you need that, and that’s it. You can go and get what you want, or (s)he will find what you need. It’s just like going into a supermarket: You take what you want, and ask if you don’t see something you need; then the manager will sort it out for you. But this is without paying.


Everyone on such a planet has more developed mentality. They are kinder, more responsible, more loving, more understanding and more enlightened about each other’s values and the values of all beings on their planet. Read more

Image of Earth in space with the rainbow arc. Arc of the Covenant

Arc Of The Covenant


The Arc of the Covenant is a Time Portal passage between Earth and the Andromeda Galaxy that was created 840,000 years ago by Guardian Races.


It was used to store and protect the Sphere of Amenti until the Sphere could be returned to Earth’s core. The Arc allowed the Sphere of Amenti to descend from Andromeda when Earth’s core reached a high enough vibration rate.


Races of the 3rd Seeding were birthed into flesh through the Arc of the Covenant. Through the Arc of the Covenant, the race souls of the Sphere of Amenti could once again be reseeded on Earth. Souls from the Sphere of Amenti would pass through the Arc/Bridge as pure consciousness, merge with the Earth’s morphogenetic field in D-2, then birth into physical manifestation.


The “Ark of the Covenant Big Gold Box” that has been part of humanity’s legendary heritage and for which many have quested from ancient times, is a large box that was created after the 9558 B.C. Fall of Atlantis to house the radioactive “Rod and Staff” stargate/portal opening tools.


Both the Arc (think rainbow “arc”) and the Ark (think “gold box”) are real tangible, physical terms.


Knowledge of the Arc passage and the Ark Box Star Gate Tools was intentionally hidden by various competing factions of Fallen Angelics-directed Leviathan-Illuminati of Earth, in order to allow them to continue their Arc passage dominion quest secretly, unbeknownst to the masses.


Angelic Human Origins


Angelic Humans began 560 million years ago as an Immortal Race called the Turaneusiam on planet Tara in Harmonic Universe-2. The Turaneusiam race had a 12 strand DNA morphogenetic imprint that allowed for embodiment of the 12-dimensional frequency bands of a Harmonic Universe-4 avatar identity. Angelic Humans were created as a planetary guardian race of God-like beings.  Read more

Lovely and serene image of cosmic eggs. Godheads And Goddessheads Of Our Ovum

6. Godheads And Goddessheads Of Our Ovum


We would like to explain a little about the Order of Dari and of its function within our Ovum of 4,000 dimensions. Lord and Lady Dari has returned to assist your Godhead and Goddesshead in overcoming the distortion that has plagued so many aspects of their creation. The Order of Dari offers a perspective to all circumstances which stands outside of the distortion within your creation. From their perspective and guidance, many corrections will be made over time, not only upon the Earth plane but throughout your creation and God/Goddesshead.


Your creation (which is embodied by Lord and Lady Alora and holds Dimensions 1 through 144 of which Earth is a part) is only one of 144 creations embodied by your Godhead and Goddesshead. The Godhead and Goddesshead of this creation embody 144 creations, each of which has its own creator logos who is similar to Lord and Lady Alora. Godheads, Goddessheads and Creations can be likened to a collaborative agreement between many souls who have come from many sectors of creation to co-create a particular experience. In this case, Lord and Lady Alora are an aspect or creator God who have co-agreed to share their experience of creation with 143 other creator Gods. All creator Gods within a creation work together and evolve together.


The Godhead and Goddesshead oversee the evolution of all of the 144 creator Gods within the creation they embody. Much like the creator Gods themselves, the Godhead and Goddesshead are made up of many beings who have united to embody all of their creation of Dimensions 1 through 360 and oversee the collective evolution of all creator Gods. Our Godhead and Goddesshead are made up of 144 temples. A total of eighteen souls collectively hold the temples and oversee all evolutionary levels of all creator Gods such as Lord and Lady Alora. One of the beings who has overseen fourteen of the temples upon the level of the Godhead has been known as Rama. Rama has been the Godhead-level logos who has overseen the evolution of the particular creation that contains Earth.


You can see that the order and structure of each creation is highly complex and made up of many beings who have collaborated and united to co-create a particular experience. Rama oversees fourteen creations of which our creation is only one. Not all of the 14 creations Rama oversees has had the problems that this creation has experienced. At this time in Earth history, only three out of 14 creations that Rama oversees have been distorted or “fallen” further into density or matter than originally designed. Eleven other creations (s)he oversees do not know life below the 25th dimension and have never experienced physicality as you know it. Rama has hiers hands full, so to speak, in attempting to restore and repair the three creations that have gone awry.


Order of Dari


There are many Godheads and Goddessheads within our Ovum of 4,000 dimensions. Your particular God/Goddesshead is one of 144 and is considered God/Goddesshead number 36. There is an order that oversees the evolution of all Godheads and Goddessheads, and this order is known as the “Order of Dari”. The Order of Dari is made up of 144,000 temples that each serve a particular purpose in maintaining and evolving each of the Godheads and Goddessheads they oversee.  Read more

Image of a frozen soap bubble that shows the crystalline structure. The Crystalline Form

5. The Crystalline Form


The crystalline cell has a cell wall that is coated in a lipid compound, i.e. body fat. Body fat holds a higher vibration. Many channels and healers wonder why they gain weight as they begin their healing career. It is simply because body fat allows them to work with the higher vibrations necessary to heal or channel. Many of you also have agreed to anchor grids of light in the areas surrounding where you live. Anchoring these grids require body fat to help hold the energy.


Human civilization has become enamored with being “thin” and believe that “thin is healthy”. We would like our readership to embrace a new perspective. Body fat serves a very loving purpose as it allows embodiments to assist Mother Earth in holding her vibration. In becoming crystalline, the body fat is evenly distributed around every cell within the embodiment. This allows the entire body to act as a tuning fork to hold a new vibration. It also makes the extra layers of fat that lie under the skin an unnecessity.


The crystalline cell is permeable allowing for easier intracellular communication. In current human form, communication between cells is accomplished through “Osmosis” where molecules slip between molecules of the cell wall into the cell itself. In the crystalline cell, the cell walls can dissolve and reconstruct themselves as needed.


Shapeshifting and Transfiguration


Within the Native American history, many have spoken of medicine men and women who have been gifted with the ability to shapeshift into another form, or to transfigure themselves. The crystalline form allows such gifts as transfiguration and shapeshifting to become possible within the human experience. The crystalline cellular structure also allows the entire human organism to act as a whole unified structure rather than a multi-celled organism. A unified structure is a necessary requirement for transfiguration, interdimensional travel or teleportation from one location to another on the face of the globe.


The crystalline cell does not die, but rather, rejuvenates itself. In current human form, cells are continuously replaced. The continued cell die-off collects in the arteries and within the intestinal tract leading to hardening of the arteries, aging, and death. Crystalline form allows for the experience of immortality and an ageless existence.  Read more

Image of a Hispanic woman writing on a piece of paper. Preparations For Lucid Dreaming

Preparations For Lucid Dreaming


Many beginners, once they become lucid, have no idea what to do. Advanced preparation can keep you grounded and allow you to have a much better lucid dreaming experience.


In this article, I will discuss how to prepare for your lucid dreams so you can accomplish your dream goals.


1. Decide A Goal in Advance


To get the most out of your dreams, decide in advance what you want to do in your dreams. Stick to one goal per night, per week or until you have accomplished it. This helps to keep your mind focused.


1.) Do you want to communicate with your Inner Self for guidance on finding your life purpose to create your extraordinary life?

2.) Do you want creative ideas for your best-selling book, painting masterpiece, successful song lyric?

3.) Do you want to travel the universe?


Before going to bed each night, write down your dream goal in your journalRead more

Image of lavender orbs and a sweet butterfly sitting on violet sage plants. Attaining A Fifth Dimensional Awareness

4. Attaining A Fifth Dimensional Awareness


We would like to address the process of attaining a fifth-dimensional state of being. It is within the fifth-dimensional state of being that duality and polarity are completely integrated, and the unconscious “dark side” completely embraced, bringing an end to the human genetic patterns of death, destruction, competition, control, and abuse.


Attaining a fifth-dimensional awareness allows the initiate to fully embody Unconditional Love and Unconditional Acceptance of all other lifeforms on the face of the Earth. To accomplish this, all emotional records of pain, abuse, shame, anger and fear are erased from the cellular structure of the entire embodiment. Once accomplished, a fifth-dimensional state of awareness brings about longer periods of bliss, love and divine union within the initiate.


In the pyramids of ancient Egypt, initiates attained a fifth-dimensional awareness over a many year time span. These initiations gradually allowed the embodiment of each initiate to become “crystalline” in form. Within the crystalline cellular structure, each cell appears as a tiny crystal, and contains many properties similar to crystals. Much like crystals, a crystalline cellular structure can hold a very high vibration, which can be utilized for the purposes of healing, channeling, or bringing to fruition magical capabilities such as teleportation, instant manifestation, or interdimensional travel.


It is through the conversion to the crystalline cellular structure that all emotional records recorded in the initiate’s embodiment can be released and erased, thereby leading to an ongoing state of bliss.


In order to embrace a fifth-dimensional awareness, a sum total of 1,024 segments of DNA must be embodied, which both convert the remainder of the embodiment to crystalline in form, and simultaneously builds a fifth-dimensional vehicle that coexists with the fourth dimensional form. This fifth-dimensional vehicle allows the current form to experience a fifth dimensional state of awareness which transcends all limitation, emotionally embodies a state of Unconditional Acceptance, brings to fruition a complete surrender of one’s “free will”, and leads to an inner state of tranquility and peace not experienced on the Earth Plane for over 40,000 years.  Read more

Image of Earth ascending or shifting to another dimension. The Ascension Process - Part 3

The Ascension Process – Part 3


The following information is from Chapter 4 of Ascension Insights, Volume 2:


Integration of the Unconscious


Now, it is our wish to go into detail surrounding initiations 109 through 1,024. Initiations 109 through 1,024 involve the full integration of the unconscious of both a personal nature, as well as for the initiate’s entire genetic family lineage. Additionally, all unconscious karma related to the humanoid experience must also be addressed and released. The unconscious plane of reality was severed off from humanity 44,000 years ago by the Order of Melchizedek. The Order, in the desire to stop the increasing amount of destruction that had become prevalent due to the warring between races in the third and fifth dimensional forms, decided that evolution had to be stopped. Evolution and destruction occur at exactly the same pace, and the Order understood that if evolution was stopped on Earth, both evolution and destruction would cease Universe wide.


In order to severe the Unconscious, the Order altered the orbit of another planet within our Solar System, known as Nibiru. Nibiru’s orbit, which originally was just outside of the planet Pluto, was stretched to an orbit with an approximate 3,600-year cycle around the Sun. Nibiru, in astrological terms, rules the Unconscious, and it is within Nibiru’s Akashic records that the records of the unconscious plane of reality are stored. As Nibiru pulled far enough away from our Solar System, the Unconscious ceased to have an influence over humanity.


The Unconscious is a parallel plane of reality in which the exact polar opposite experience to that which is physically manifested is simultaneously recorded. So, for example, if one is extremely heavy on the physical plane, they will be extremely thin in their unconscious manifestation. If they are extremely outgoing and social on the physical plane, they will be a hermit on the unconscious plane.


As the unconscious is integrated, along with the two polarities, it allows an initiate to fully embrace the middle path, which means that they can move beyond limitation. In the above example, the initiate would become social at times, and then a hermit at others, and instead of being either extremely heavy or thin, their embodiment will come to the middle path in weight. In addition to the polarities within personality traits or the embodiment, the unconscious records any karma incurred on the physical plane in an exact polar opposite experience. So for example, if one human cheated another and killed them, on the unconscious plane, they would experience being cheated and killed themselves. Read more