Image of tasty raspberries on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #14

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #14


Love of Self


Love of Self


Love of You

The journey into love

Is in the forgiveness and compassion

Of my life journey

With each that has trespassed myself

And each who has cared for me

Through time and space and form

In this life of mine

To foster the care of me

In the love of my Tao

And the blessings of my Dao

In the love for me for me

And the love and compassion for you for you


Love of You         


The love of you is a fostering of your Dao to allow you to accept yourself unconditionally now and through time along with any future you may actualize ahead. The love of you is infinite and exponentially magical in its capacity to reweave your dreams into new syncopated rhythms of the divine. Spirit and soul accord to love. If you love others’ spirit and soul, do foster a unison of interplay in light wave sway as you motion with the other or many others that you care for. The love of you is personal. As you love you, spirit and soul descend to interface with you alone. Love is the quagmire to realize through if you do not love you in this cycle. The loss of love is a very difficult subject in this time period. The loss of love is exponentially increased due to electricity as a wave length prevalent in human thought-stream.


Electricity and the devices associated diminish love. Electricity festers spirits that are fostered into matter at birth and through time in your life and the life of others surrounding yourself. The electricity causes which might be a kinder association to grow to be pestulant or festered through time. People are agitated and ornery in electrical thought-stream. Most humans today are far less conscious about their minds than in other time periods where the common understanding was of the self of the self in the psychology of the day.


Motion away from the density of the cityscape and into the countryside or an island dream and people are suddenly happier and kinder in their dance with others. The mind purifies without the electrical gadgets and the undercurrent of thought-stream caught in the cement of your cityscapes. Fewer humans love the self of themselves due to electrical dominion of the air waves of the collective human delusion. Read more

Image of appetizing gooseberries on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #13

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #13


Vision of Self


Vision of Self


Lucid Dreaming

I am the lucid dreamer of myself

Fostering a vision

Of my future path

In a dream from my life form

Who dreams above and beyond

The imagination of myself

I vision quest with my Dao and Tao within

To witness who I am and where to be

And what to forgive or find compassion for

In order to dream my life

Into the actualization of my truth

In the peace of my heart


Lucid Dreaming


The art of lucid dreaming is an imaginary system in which the mind’s eye envisions a play of yourself in its unfolding through time. The plays can be of tomorrow or thirty years ahead as for the planes of lucid dreaming, time does not exist. All time is in the now of the moment to witness or review possible dreams to be actualized in a life of self-realization. Lucid dreaming is a third eye phenomenon. The third eye gland must be anointed by spirit in order to take flight. Some are more gifted at lucid dreaming than others in which case the dreaming occurs while asleep in the night. All lucid dreaming occurs in the mansion of self. The mansion of self is a perch for the Tao of Earth to foster dreams for those mastering realization in this cycle. The mansion of self can be lucid dreamed within while in meditation with your life form.


The life form is not the “higher self” but rather is a plane of reality and perch beyond the subtle body of field. The life form directs the subtle body in the dreams of life that are both physical and nonphysical. The life form is a gifted part of your archetype that oversees your life, witnesses your mastery, aids in the infusion of the light quotients of the biology in transfusion, and fosters the lore fables of your life dreams. All dreams possible for any given life arise out of either a major arcana lore fable or the fables of the Baba for realization levels of mastery in this time period. (Please see Light Wave 5: Yogi Tales of the Divine for more information.) All dreams arise out of the possibility of the mastering of greater levels of mindset development into divine accolades of concepts through time.


Lucid dreaming is a function of the Dao of your heart. The Dao of your heart has been with you since birth and is an archetypal transcription of communications for you to yourself within. The Dao of your heart presents dreams in lucid dreaming systems to foster an interpretive understanding of whom you are in the truth of you and where you are headed in life as well as what you require transcending and transfusing through in order to foster another divine concept to be mastered. Light fosters beautiful dreams if bright enough. Light that is not bright or dim can foster ill dreams or disease within the physical structure. Lucid dreaming allows you to interpret what you need to address to forgive and find compassion for to cause peace to arise within in order to cause beautiful dreams to actualize ahead. Read more

Image of delectable blue berries on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #12

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #12


Kinship of Self


Kinship of Self



The love of the two

The three and the many

Foster a bond of the heart

And a marriage of spirit

That emerges into the truth

Of the dance of all

In light wave motion

In a syncopated rhythm

Of the divine

That triggers soul family

To thrive in care and love

In a tantric reunion of the heart


Kinship of Self


The kinship of you is the friendship of soul family. Soul family is a destiny of the divine to find one another through time. In the love of soul family there is a beauty in partnership, friendship and other fosterings of the emerging clan of light. Soul family can only emerge as the light motions a sway between parties. Light wave synergy sway of self is an age old motion that fosters the flavor of care of the heart in pairs, triads, quads or the many. Sway of self is a joyful experience that delights and entertains and triggers the emotions of fulfillment of kinship within the heart. The sway of kinship of self is fostered through the heart accolade. The heart sways in a saucer like motion back and forth in light ribbons of self. The sway ignites a flame of kinship in the heart region of the subtle body.


Two who sway together expand the size of the light wave motion to twice the size. The expansion of heart feels warm and fuzzy within in a caress between the two anointed by spirit and soul. Blessings flow to and fro allowing both to feel as kin. Kinship can include romance but not always. Romance is not the design of kinship but two as kin can grow into a bond of sacred partnership of the divine if it is their destiny. Kinship of the two is a very sacred friendship that may foster realization of the two through time. Realization of the two is a fostering of a shared journey of spiritual introspection that can oscillate into common understanding of divine principles directing the life.


Three who sway together foster the same size sway as a pair in kinship of the heart, but the motions are more balanced. Three causes a triad of heart accolades that can swing often in greater ease together in light motion of field. Triads foster delightful synergized moments of friendship to be shared in the delight of “ourselves”. Ourselves is a self that striates into three or more through time. Common self of kinship is a sacred bond of spirit into matter. Spirit and soul direct three or more as an ourselves to foster a parallel life journey of realization together. Bonds of kinship are sacred actions of self to foster the love of the three or more. Love is the mainstay fostering of bonds of kinship in soul family configurations through time. Read more

Image of the savory passion fruit on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #11

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #11


Sojourn of Self


Sojourn of Self



The journey of the self of myself

Is to take flight in forgiveness

Of the resentment that I have carried

Throughout this life

In deep compassion for you and me

And each that has trespassed my boundaries

Causing a moment of strife

In this life

Finding my way into a state of peace

In the care and blessings

Of spirit into matter

Fostering completion with the drama in life


Sojourn of Self


The sojourn of self is a fostering of compassionate action in the life of you. The self of you is the consciousness that strives to realize something else other than resentment of others. Resentment is a festering of self in dis-achievement of itself. Self always strives to forgive and find an angle of perception that causes compassion to arise even in the most difficult of experiences through time. Resentment is an emotion that destroys self if it is not forgiven and erased. Resentment causes biological difficulties if recorded in the nerves of the biology through time.


Negative thoughts register in the spine and trigger imbalances in the nervous repose throughout the body. The imbalances lead to cold and hot spots in the organs, glands or systems that grow to be ill over time. The only way to rebalance the nerves is to forgive and erase the resentment, making peace with each that is witnessed as having trespassed upon you in some way. The peace within relaxes the nervous repose back into its health.


Self is not an oscillation that desires anything but to find compassion within itself and within you. Those who are not finding compassion lose the self that might realize something through time. The self dissipates if resentment is held on to for over four years in an attempted realization into compassionate action over a major life trauma. As self dissipates, the consciousness diminishes as does the dreams of life. Resentment blocks love from flowing in the self of the self. It is love that heals the self of yourself. It is love that heals the nerves of the biology through time of whatever ails it. It is love that fosters bigger and more beautiful dreams in the life. Resentment festers as ill and limited dreams through time, along with disease. Read more

Image of a drop of water causing amazing ripples. Transcending Lack and Impoverishment

5. Transcending Lack and Impoverishment


We, the Ancient Ones invite each who reads of our materials, regardless of level of evolution, to join us at our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) events in the calendar year of 2022-2023. The purpose of these events is to foster the ascent of the human species and the anchoring of future human ascending births. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


This year, all sentient species are focused upon the release of poverty, hunger, homelessness and excessive greed karma along with the retrieval of all dream weaving information for ascension. Poverty based karma causes an imbalance of energies in which some starve while others thrive; furthermore, the lack of dream weaving information allows no other dream to be available to be chosen. For many spiritual initiates, manifestation is a difficult issue, and one may find oneself struggling to make ends meet; or if finances are not so difficult, perhaps one struggles to manifest the relationship or preoccupation that brings one joy.


Extreme Polarity


Humans are polarized in extremes; one may have the beautiful spouse and loving union, but have difficulty paying the bills. Or one may manifest in ease, perhaps even having created one’s own successful company, but have disastrous relationship after disastrous relationship. Polarity pits one manifestation against the other; in other terms, one can have some but not all of one’s dreams. Such an experience is directly related to poverty; one is impoverished in work or relationship, or in association with friendship or family. Perhaps initiates will take inventory in association with what regions of domain one experiences impoverishment in one’s current life dance.


In polarity, one will experience some life expressions in the physical, and some in the nonphysical. Therefore, one will see that one really does dream all things and experience them. It is simply that some of what one dreams falls through the cracks in one’s field and manifests in a parallel life in the unconscious instead of the physical. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 10 “Mastering the Living Dream” for more information.)


Per recalls attempting to create a singles magazine in the 1990’s; this magazine would have made him a multi-millionaire. It failed as the investors so badly cursed him such that he could no longer hold the dream long enough for it to physically manifest, and they all lost. Such is the dance of greed, and Per was not a good player in the game. However, the magazine did manifest in a parallel plane where it flourishes to this day, although Per has ascended off of this plane, or in other terms gathered up the parts of self tapped in the unconscious. Read more

Image of sumptuous papayas on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #10

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #10


Transcendental Self


Transcendental Self



I am that I am a being of light

From the realms of spirit

In a system of truth

That I am a transcendental being

Fostering the understanding of soul

And the thought-stream of spirit

In a path of self-realization

Beyond the quagmires of physical delusion

In light wave motions of field

Transfusing into the renewal of my youth

Transcending the beliefs in death

Transfusing into the love of my soul


Transcendental Self


The transcendental self is a fostering of the capacity to realize beyond the quagmires of a human born into third dimensional limitations of delusion. The human system of dreaming is bound by a system of delusion that is not unlike layers of a gauze of light that reflects belief systems that each thinks must be so. Each level or octave transfused through as light motion of field takes flight raises you above the gauzes of delusion and into other possibilities of thought-stream that are unlimited and of spirit.


Each thought-stream mastered in the mind waves of you lifts a portion of the veils of delusion that you have been surrounded by for your entire life. Each delusion did cause and affect certain life experiences. Each delusion when risen above allows for a completion and absolution of the cause and effect that the belief suspended over the dreams of the life. The life dreams then reach new heights of possibilities of non-limitation for what is experienced next.


Beliefs are not real. Beliefs are suspended in the DNA. As the DNA is purified in light motion of field, the thoughts of spirit can be integrated as new light wave DNA grows. As the new light wave DNA grows, the belief systems of delusion are relinquished within. Beliefs come in six categories in this cycle. The first is the belief in the outside power of another. In truth you are yourself always and no other has any power over your reality unless you think otherwise. Read more

Image of savory kiwi fruits on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #9

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #9


Fluidity of Self


Fluidity of Self



The bonds of karma depart

Giving flight to a bond

Of resonance of the heart

In a fluidity of soul

That merges with the two or the three

In a divine key

To foster a dharmic happenstance of fate

Where the interplay is fostered

As soul family

In an emerging dream

Of the love of the many

In the love of the Tao of each


Fluidity of Self


The fluidity of you in you is an interpretive understanding of who you are in association with those who care for you in your life. In the fluidity, spirit descends to foster care of you in you. You care for you and those who care for you then flux towards yourself due to a draw of light motion of field to form bonds amongst those who resonate. It is the fluidity of self that causes bonds of resonance to form in the life.


Bonds of resonance often cause real care of the heart that then can emerge into the flavor of soul family in the life. Bonds of resonance are not to be confused with other bonds that are karmic in stature. Karmic bonds do attract and sometimes foster care too. Bonds of resonance are dharmic and not karmic in this cycle. Bonds of resonance do not force the bond due to a debt to be settled. Karmic bonds enforce an association until the debt is resolved. If there is no care on the part of one for the other, generally karmic bonds trigger a departure of the union or friendship after the debt is settled.


Bonds of resonance that are dharmic are very different. If love is fostered of the two in a bond of resonance, the dharma attracts another time to be together ahead. The timing is not always immediate if both lives are busy with other life focuses. Karmic debt forces relationships to recur in increments of four to eighteen days per month to settle the debt. Relationships of dharmic resonance recur only when it is time. The bond will flux the two to be together when the Tao of each call for an interaction. The timing of resonance bonds of dharma may be once per month or many months apart if the lives are busy with other karmic debts. Read more

Image of luscious lychee fruits on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #8

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #8


Perseverance of Self


Perseverance of Self



The Tao of your heart

Ordains you to persevere

In the love of himself

In the love of the two

Or the three or the many

As soul family emerges in your life

In gracious moments in time

After difficult moments in you

Forgiving the quagmires of your life

And finding compassion for you and each other

In the love of the Tao within

And the blessings of the Dao of your heart


Perseverance of Self


Perseverance is a foundry of self that aligns the dreams of your life to cascade in purposeful fulfillment of your realization within. The purposeful realization fosters deeper compassion and love of the heart for you and each in the dreams of life. The purposeful action is a Tao oriented fostering both from within and in association with the Tao of the planet. The Tao of the planet fosters all measures of realization dreams in this cycle. Aligning the Tao of your heart with the planetary Tao is a sacred bond of action that fosters realization to bloom. Realization is personal and insightful from within with the Tao of your heart guiding the way through each quagmire of you that you must foster forgiveness into compassion within.


The wheel time is endless and timeless in realization perseverance and not derived in the clicking moments of a clock. Time can stretch or shorten. Moments of revelations may seem like eons in a single flash of a major moment of expanded compassion taking flight within. Searching the seemingly endless complexities of each quagmire leading to a major moment of revelation may feel like flashes in the pan or no-time that suddenly burst into the morning light as you have been up all night realizing you.


The dawn bursts forward and now you must do something else and life carries you on into its intricacies of work or school. If you have time to spare perhaps you will remain with your process for another half day or the rest of the day and still no revelation is fostered. Finally, you give up and go do something else as more processing just seems irrelevant. And yet as you foster your journey to the post or to the health club or out to dinner, suddenly in a flash pan of self you realize the current quagmire of you. The quagmire unravels and suddenly you find yourself in love; in love with you, in love with them who were a major problem in your life, and in love with the spirit world fostering your journey; and in love with the Tao of your heart. Read more

Image of succulent star fruits on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #7

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #7


Spontaneity of Self


Spontaneity of Self



The graciousness of myself

Is in honor of yourself

In a sway with me

And a sway with you

In a motion of healing

The grief of the heart

In the compassion of the one or the two

And the love of the three or the many

That needs to witness

The karmic drama of yourself

In order for you to forgive and heal within


Spontaneity of Self


The spontaneity of self is a fostering of healing through sharing of the dreams of life. In the sharing of a difficult life happenstance, spontaneity of self realigns the minds of each into striations of rays that humor, understand and re-interpret an incident into a thought-stream that allows forgiveness and compassionate healing to unfold within. Spontaneity of self causes a healing encounter whenever it unfolds. The love of each is witnessed allowing a part of the wounded heart to mend within one or many in the sharing of the sway of healing together. Spontaneity of self causes a sway of healing between the two or many.


Spontaneity is a fostering of spirit to channel through the physical of its understanding of a broader perspective over a given circumstance experienced through time. Spirit fosters knowing, appreciation, care and truth sincere unto the self of each. Each has a unique self to express through time. Each self has its own interpretation and understanding of the undercurrent of cause and effect that afflicts and blesses each life. Each self has capacity to witness and understand and interpret others from a point of reference of care of the heart to allow healing and compassion to unfold. The love of each aids one in finding their way through the quagmires of their own journey of self-realization into deeper compassion of the heart over severe life circumstances in need of healing within.


Spontaneity is also a journey of the divine that may cascade notions of deep care of the heart upon one or the many through time. Sometimes spontaneity of self occurs out in nature where a beautiful moment in time is fostered with spirit of the land that triggers healing within to unfold. Sometimes spontaneity of self occurs in meditation times with spirit who humors or caresses you through the difficult memories in order to forgive. Read more

Image of a luminous Sun shining over a valley in the autumn. Ancestry, Lineages, Holographic Knowledge and Ascension

4. Ancestry, Lineages, Holographic Knowledge and Ascension


The Ancient Ancestors perceive that the issues of ancestry, lineages, and holograms inherited upon birth a confusing issue for ascending initiates. It is our desire to bring more information about the nature of such things to consciousness so that each may better understand how and why humanity is one species, regardless of genetics and archetypal nature. Perhaps in the greater understanding of how and why this is so will also penetrate the current human leadership so that greater peace between nations can be born.


Only 7 of the 18 Root Races Survived from Human Seeding


Humans are one nation; humans were seeded upon Earth 75,000 years ago by Sirian scientists (300,000 years as humans calculate them); such scientists chose DNA from many humans that were resident upon Sirius. Analysis of the original seeding records gathered by ascending initiates and the Earth as she ascends shows that such DNA was not purely from this creation; that there were many genetics from other creations seeded in the original 18 root races deposited upon Earth.


Many genetic packages went extinct leaving only 7 root races remaining after the first 100,000 human years of existence upon Earth. The 11 root races that expired held DNA primarily from radioactive and electrical creations and the rotation of sacred geometry of field along with biochemistry was so dissonant that the entire nation fell ill over time and went extinct.


Sirius seeded humans of this nature upon Earth without Earth’s permission as a consensus reality. The natural world never agreed unto this seeding. And yet the humans that were left to fend for themselves altered Earth’s reality extensively; for now, inherent upon the land that was co-shared with the natural world were records of destruction and extinction. These records would reactivate again at a later time and due to a sad set of circumstances that we ourselves are responsible for in karmic cause as the Ancient Grand Masters.


Our Own Cause


The Grand Masters were seeded upon Earth 25,000 years (100,000 human years) later and long after the 11 root races had gone extinct. We were unaware of this fact, as little was shared between the scientific community and spiritual community upon Sirius. As a matter of fact, the two factions are so incredibly at war with one another, that over time one has sought to prove the other wrong. And so, we came to Earth where there had been extinction of human tribes but knew not about it. Read more