Image of a keen looking orange fox. The Sly Fox

11. The Sly Fox


Blessings of Invisibility


The Fox Kingdom


The Fox Kingdom wishes to address you today. Fox has often been associated in Native American teachings with outsmarting or “out foxing” the forces of the dark. Indeed, we have been gifted at outwitting many groups of hounds out after us upon a foxhunt through carefully planned tactics of one sort or another to lead them in the wrong direction. In a great sense, one’s ability to ascend becomes far easier if one also makes the intent to outwit the dark, confusing them as to one’s whereabouts so that they cannot find one in time and space.


The Medicines Souls


Asur’Ana has used such principles from the inception of her ascension. She has held the gift of connecting with what she called “The Medicines”, which are souls remaining from failed human ascension that remembered the Sirian Seeding, and hid from the dark connected to the nature kingdoms. Such souls remembered the original purpose of the human species, which is to ascend, and when the time was ripe asserted themselves into the lives of prime ascending initiates global wide. Such souls are much like fox; clever, decisive, grand master chess players more or less who have sustained their existence for near 40,000 Earth years (160,000 human years) without the dark’s ability to capture their essence or remove the information and records that they carry.


Such souls were invited to blend with the nature kingdoms long ago. Nature saw that the possibility of a return out of the darkness and falls in consciousness would present itself in time in Earth’s future history. The human souls holding such information on ascension hid in our kingdoms for this time, assisting nature in better understanding the dynamics of ascension in preparation for the global ascent of Earth. They also freely observed the dark in the dance that the dark had created upon Earth. The observations were recorded and later administered to the first batch of ascending map makers who were to bring forth the first wave of ascension for humankind. This was to ensure the success of the map carvers, as the dark would surely outwit them otherwise.


Nature played a pivotal role in this movement of information from such souls into the first wave of ascending initiates as nature provided the “front” for the contact with humankind. Asur’Ana recalls all of the kingdoms coming to her directly, one at a time, seeking her out, counseling and coaching her through her early ascent, and administering this knowledge. The souls or “Medicines” remained behind such nature kingdoms and the dark in her field could not see their presence and therefore could not touch them. Later and as she understood that this is what was working through nature, such souls were invited to be recast and resume an evolutionary role for humankind and all of Earth. Such souls following their recasting are now overseeing human ascension in liaison with Solar and Universal counsels.


The Nature of Communications of the False Gods


What does Fox wish to say to ascending human initiates at this time? The forces of the dark are all-pervasive in the human dance. Humans have so much karma with the false gods and forces of the dark that one shall be working one’s way out of the dance for over the course of one’s entire ascent. Such forces will continue to attempt to trip one up, leading one down the path of non-ascension rather than ascension every chance that they get. Many human map makers have already failed due to such forces, for they could not discern the difference between the guidance of soul and the guidance of the forces of the dark. Read more

Image of light blue and light pink ribbon and lace with gold stars. Light Wave Archive #12

Light Wave Archive #12


Mind Bend of Health


Mind bend affects all regions of the biology and holographic wheel of possibility of sustainable health. The holographic body, also known as the large transfusion body, and is subject to distortion due to mind bend of field. Mind bend of field occurs as the synapse junctures of cranium of the large transfusion body are disturbed. As the forensics of the holographic cranium are disturbed, a formation of dis-synthesis of light occurs within the holographic body. Dis-synthesis relays down into the small transfusion body leading to distortion of field of the biology.


As the disturbed level of holographic formation steps down into the biological dream for health, the pattern can lead to a troubled synapses in the forensics of the body. The holographic patterns replicate over the physical cranium leading to synapses fluxes that do not sustain health and well-being of self. Generally, symptoms of holographic mind bend take three to seven years to align as a physical symptom as reposed down into the systems of the biological self.


Holographic mind bend is the main formation of disease throughout the human condition. Those in evolutionary sequences of fulfillment have an opportunity to forgive and correct holographic mind bend through restoration of genetic truth within the biology. The result is a release of disease patterns that would otherwise develop in the life. All disease patterns of others who are not evolving also begin as holographic mind bend. Humans not fulfilling upon the evolutionary path have no choice other than to live the dreams of the disease.


Sometimes holographic dreams of disease and mind bend of the transfusion levels of self are passed onto another. Holographic intertwining of the outer layers of the field is generally the cause of all trades in disease patterns. The trades replicate down the layers into the physical dream of the biology. Often those light synthesizing will correct the patterns at the body level dream but are unable to correct the holographic layers of trades until the transfusion reaches certain octaves of development.


Healing of Holographic Self Systems


Holographic trades of self begin at octaves of 140 and upwards in development. Development extends into hundreds of thousands of octaves for a full realization in any given life into divine mindset. Each octave must be cleared in order to carry on in health as each pattern at cause of a dis-synthesis is transfused through. Light synthesis must run smooth, clear, and clean and not too hot or cold overall to aid in continued development of self in biological health over time. Cold spots and hot spots are a sign of mis-development of light synthesis due to holographic layers that intertwine and synapses of self that become confused in the capacity to relay light. Read more

Image of snow-covered mountains and landscape during the winter with the shining sun overhead. Energetic Dynamics Of Disease

2. Energetic Dynamics Of Disease


Early this year, it was determined that through a manipulation of the dark, an entire segment of disease karma was schismed over by the collective ascending human population in the new consensus. This karma involved the dynamics of etheric poison. We will discuss these dynamics in great detail in this chapter so that those who are ascending may begin to address this patterning within for the purposes of transcendence.


Descent of the Feminine Aspect of the Tao


The cause of the schism and how this was orchestrated will be discussed in the next chapter, but let us suffice to say that it was an angelic manipulation, and has caused a turning of angel souls upon Earth. The turning of creation, which began in December 2017, is officially complete at this time. Fewer than 20% of the souls that had ensouled Earth remain. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 12 “The First Turning of Creation” for more information.)


New souls have descended, and in particular the Tao from outside of time, space and form and the mirror in which your creation resides has fully descended to embody the Aurora of Earth. The feminine aspect of the Tao (the Lady Tao) now begins her descent, which shall take roughly 6 months to fulfill upon. This shift shall begin to balance the male and female energies more fully upon Earth as it is completed assuring that the dream for global ascension becomes a viable future.


Asur’Ana has over the years translated or channeled information from many sources, and continues to channel the nature kingdoms and consciousness of Earth, otherwise known as Mother Earth. She does so to make available the information to humans who perhaps have a less clear ability to attune to the dreamtime occurrences in Earth’s governance and experience of global ascension. Let us simply say that nature and Earth as a physical vessel is overjoyed at the presence of the Tao, and pleased that the shift in souls dancing with Earth has been a relatively easy change to orchestrate.


Etheric Poison


Etheric poisons are tones of creation that shut down the energy movement of a field, light body, chakra system along with the movement of energy within the grid work of the etheric body. In other terms, etheric poisons are destructive tones of creation. Over time and in the choice to cause certain species to go extinct, poisonous vibrations were utilized upon Earth. The most poisonous tones come from your glaciers. Read more

Image of a closeup of a bright orange dahlia. Partnership Archive #1

Partnership Archive #1


Introduction to Transfusion Lore of the Two


Twin and Counterpart Theory of Self


The partnership archives are for each in relationship or those in search of causing a divine partnership in life. The materials are also useful for introspection over the Dao (feminine) and Tao (masculine) union within and for those who may not choose for partnership. All partnership issues without are a reflection of struggles to cause union of the Dao and Tao within in a fusion of the chalice of the divine.


18 Groups of Twin Incarnations


Dao and Tao are precepts of existence that cause the masculine and feminine genealogical sequences of dreams for the biology. Twins are exact duplicates of genealogical series of records that form a male and female biology in eighteen groups of incarnations born in the same cycle. There are many types of twins. Most twins vary in focuses of dream and are born within five years of one another in time. Birth dates and astrological charts will vary depending upon the focus of the life of each twin. The divine relationship foray of dream of twins are an exact duplicate of genealogy and a birth date within five years and seven days or less of one another. Birth time and date may vary to augment a polarity between all other twins to balance the lives in each experience.


Most Twin Relationships Manifest in Dreamtime


Some twins foray for shared systems of self for realization purposes in life. Others live their lives more or less without much awareness or self-development. Polarity is so extreme at this time that the possibility of all twins of inheritances associated with realization cannot self-develop in the same incarnation cycle. This is a sad epitome of self not that resides upon Earth in the current happenstance of this cycle. Those choosing for realization as twins are a special foray of a partnership that manifests generally in dream time and not in the physical. Occasionally, divine twins will manifest a union in the physical. Some cross twins of variant age brackets do meet and sustain friendships over time.


Some twins unite as divine partners within the same five-year cycle of birth. Twin unions of this nature are rare physical plane happenstance of self. Twins are also born of many layers of archetypal sequences of transfusion lore of self. Some who meet and marry as counterpart lore may rendition into twin lore as light synthesis achieves certain decibels of wave lengths of mastery. Archetypes layer around each transfusion body causing patterns to foray between the two of counterpart and/or twin nature through time of continued realization. Twin union of this nature is developmental and not necessarily founded upon divine partnership twin lore, although the accolades of achievement through the struggles of twins still require surmounting in the partnership for synergy to become more sustainable.


Twin lore is dream time oriented and twins by and large support one another by sharing of self and information to sustain each life. One to three twins manifest life dreams in extremes of little will or good fortune due to another twin manifesting a guru foray of existence. The guru foray damages the possibility of one to three twins to realize and sometimes to sustain their existence much beyond 20 years of life. As the guru-ship takes flight, often one to three twins die in some collision of karmic systems of debt unto the guru twin. Read more

Image of a lovely whale painting in which the universe is within its body. Mastering One’s Own Destiny

6. Mastering One’s Own Destiny


The Whale and Dolphin Kingdoms have much to say to our ascending human initiates at this time in particular of global ascension transition and transformation. Now is the time for all initiates to take full responsibility for one’s own destiny. If one fails to begin to consciously intend not only one’s ascension, but one’s life dream and dance upon a daily basis, one will now become subject to the underlying and unconscious pull towards death that predominates over the human dream during this time of cleansing. Such a dream is being brought to fruition by Mother Earth so that she may ascend.


At this time, humans are being prepared for cleansing from the Earth plane. The vast majority of humans (roughly 60%) are not capable of moving through the impending changes required to ascend into the fourth dimension. Map makers have tried to create a map suitable for a mass ascent of humanity and have devoted the past five years of focus and attention to such a pursuit. Much of such map carving proved to be fruitless in relation to certain lineages that much of humanity is related to.


Much of humanity is associated with thoughtform and genetics that come from another planet and are related to a slave race originating in a laboratory of Pleiadian and Orion design. Such human genetics are radioactive and electrical and not suited to a magnetic creation that Earth resides within. All attempts to create a bridge from radioactive to magnetic energy flow and genetics for those humans without ancient red inheritance has failed. Those therefore who’s ancestry dead-ends either in slave inheritance, Pleiadian or Orion form is destined to complete through death at this time for lieu of any other option available.


Although this appears sad upon the surface, we guide our human brothers and sisters not to mourn. Consciousness carries forward. Those humans who complete in death will carry on. All will go back in the nonphysical to the Pleiades or Orion if their predominant lineages originate there. They will join the dance that is carrying on in such creations and in human, dolphin or whale form. For we too have such lineages and about 30% of our populace is also completing through death. Such human, whale and dolphin consciousness will have witnessed the difficulties and struggles inherent in Earth’s choice to ascend, and carry such wisdom to the Pleiades and Orion. In due course, the Pleiades and Orion will ascend home also, and such humans will carry with them the necessary remembrance to fuel the awakening necessary for their own ascensions. Therefore, it is all as it should be and needs to be, beloved.


Holographic Communication and Knowledge


We guide our human ascending brothers and sisters to tune inward and open to the inner world within one’s hologram. The hologram sits within the heart chakra. All kingdoms upon Earth have returned to holographic communication. There are no longer traveling Light Bodies. Light Bodies remain around all form and communication and travel now occurs holographically. Holographic communication and travel is a wonderful manner to relate, for all that one knows, all others know instantaneously, as such is the nature of holographic communication. To the degree that each human initiate can open to their holographic knowing, to such a degree one will know all that all kingdoms understand, to the degree that one can attune to such knowledge in vibration. Read more

Image of 2 small bottles of essential oils lying on a soft towel. How To Work With Herbs And Essential Oils In Ascension

1. How To Work With Herbs And Essential Oils In Ascension


The Herb Kingdom has been kind enough to define how 48 herbs relatively well known to the human species are associated with the Language of Light tones of creation ascending initiates are embodying at this time in history. Each of these 48 herbs provides biological keys to ascending particular parts of the form or particular systems, glands and organs. Such herbs are not the only substances that may support ascension, however these kingdoms have agreed as soul and form to support ascension of all species upon Earth. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” for more information.) Each may wish to review this information muscle testing or using the pendulum to discern those herbs most useful to your current and future ascent.


Herbs Hold Keys to Internal Knowledge


The herbal kingdom associated with human ascension did not originate upon Earth. Each of the 48 herbs associated with the Language of Light came with Sirian Grand Masters as they were seeded upon Earth about 50,000 Earth years ago (200,000 human years), as did many flowering plants and spices humanity is currently drawn to. The form that we take today is not necessarily the same form that accompanied the Grand Masters upon their spacecraft. We much like humankind have lost information and consciousness along with declined in genetic material. In our own ascension, we are beginning to recover our original purpose and truth, which is to support the ascent of the whole by providing the essential keys to allow the biology to ascend.


(NOTE: When we speak of Earth years, we speak of years as they are recorded by Mother Earth. Earth records time by solar revolutions or how long it takes your solar system to rotate around her twelfth-dimensional Sun. It takes approximately four revolutions of Earth around her Sun for your solar system to make one revolution around your twelfth-dimensional Sun. So, for reference, 50,000 Earth years is approximately 200,000 human years.)


Ascension has always been a biological and spiritual phenomenon. Biology is a creation of soul; as soul learns all that there is to learn from the experience of form, it retracts the form back to the realm of spirit with the form ascending “home”. Ascending form requires an increasing amount of chi to become prevalent internal to the field so that one can become “enlightened”. Our kingdoms once assisted the most elite of spiritual masters upon Sirius in this goal. However, as those who read the Ascension Insights series in depth might well understand that Sirian ascension was far from complete. As a result, we are now learning what our ancestors upon Sirius and in herbal form did not understand at the time of their own global ascension.


Consciousness carries forward past death and is multi-dimensional and multi-creational in nature. There is nothing within your creation that also does not exist upon another dimension of consciousness elsewhere in time, space and form. The herbal kingdom is beginning to interconnect again with other members of our species upon other dimensions of consciousness, and in so doing, we are retrieving the knowledge we had lost over time. It was a loss of knowledge and consciousness that lead our species to support an incomplete ascension, not only upon Sirius, but many other dimensions in parallel manner. It is in the loss of information that the forces of the dark con kingdom after kingdom into allowing them to “ascend” another rather than each kingdom learning to ascend oneself from within. Read more