Image of Molokai, a secluded island in Hawaii. Shaktar Twin Flame Lore #1

Shaktar Twin Flame Lore #1


Twin Flame Union Overview


The Love of the Two


Twin Flames


The love of the two

Is a fable

Of a monadic duet

That fosters a dream

In an incantation

Of Divine Love

Of Spirit, Self and Soul

That causes the pair

To inaugurate a union

In the sublime formulation

Of the heart of the two

That triggers the flame

Of the Dao and the Tao

To ignite within


Twin Flame Lore Overview


Twin flame lore is sacred action of self-unfolding between the two in the dreams of life. Sacred action is one of deep care of the heart that defies all obstacles through time. True twin flames often enter a union and never depart. Twin flames are a parallel aspect of soul that descends to embody two individuals of parallel archeological habitat of genetics. Twin flames can be fostered in male-female, male-male or female-female unions through time. Twin flames are one of the most difficult to most magnificent of union experiences that can ever occur for two in the physical bonded together in twin action of fate.


Fate is a habitat of karma that is inherited at birth. Twin flame fate is annotated at birth. As a twin flame union is fostered, the fate causes the outcome unless forgiveness unfolds between the two. If forgiveness unfolds, the fate can be keyed into another lore fable for the continued dreams of life. Twin karma is unique and not of a common union of the two. Twin karma can be eloquent to exotic in its notions of self. Twin karma can be destructive to demonic in its sadomasochistic experience through time. Twins can love and can hate as deeply through time. Twins who hate destroy one another generally speaking.


Twin flame unions are not to be underestimated at their effect whether consummated or not. Twins that cross the path of one another have strong affluence over the fate of the life of each. Twins who pass in the night in a casual sexual encounter and never find one another again can be devastating unto one or both. Twins who cross paths in the daylight of life through friendship, business or other acquaintances will foster each into sacred action. Sacred action triggers a new life fate to unfold that fosters spiritual evolutionary sequences. Twins who consummate an affair and attempt a union that fails can lead to the fatality of one or both. Twins that align foster the most succulent short to long term unions available to be experienced today. Read more

Image of a yellow orange Sun at sunrise. The Solar Father’s Perspective On Ascension

12. The Solar Father’s Perspective On Ascension


It is the Solar Father that greets you today. The Solar Father is a solar level consciousness comprised by all planets including Earth united into a single awareness. Solar consciousness has always been present; however, long ago Earth left the solar dream and entered a dream of great darkness and difficulty. It has been only within the past year of global ascension that Earth has re-entered the solar dream again; and this came hand in hand with anchoring the gold and silver photonic planes upon Earth.


The solar dream is a fourth and fifth dimensional dream that is photonic in energy flow and nature. Photonic energy is circular or rotational, much like the Language of Light. Rotational energy has been a necessary modification to Earth’s energy flow in order to re-enter the solar dream. In so doing, a script for global ascension is now available unto Earth and each species therein that flows from the solar sun onto the dreamtime planes surrounding Earth. As each attunes to their personal script for ascension through the dream from the sun, then ascension shall come forward in one’s life and future ancestry.


The Non-Dream Between Great Central Suns


Long ago as Earth exited the solar dream, she entered a dream of death. This dream projected upon her a script that led to fall after fall in consciousness. This shift occurred long before humanity was seeded upon Earth; if anything, the script for destruction called the human species to be seeded upon Earth. This dream of death is not projected from the sun but down the dimensions of the space between or non-dream between Great Central Suns. In essence, all that has exited the Great Central Sun has fallen into duality or polarity and split into two dreams; one dream that suspended life and made possible evolution and ascension and is photonic in nature, and a second dream that made possible only the cessation of life, extinction and death and is non-photonic. Photon energy can be equated to the chi necessary to sustain life.


Those planets or stars that fell out of the photonic dream never returned over time. Most fell in vibration so substantially that they left the vibrational bandwidth that they once existed upon and dropped to the dimensions beneath. Some re-entered the photonic dream after they fell, stretching a dream that once only was upon Dimensions 25 and up to the Dimensions known as 12 and 5, and now 3 as Earth has re-entered the dream allowing for a 3rd dimensional photonic dream to be prevalent again in your creation.


Because all that left never returned, those remaining in the photonic dream lost track of what occurred, why it occurred, or what went wrong that caused the fall in consciousness in the first place. Earth is the first creation to return out of the non-dream into the photonic dream and bring with her records of understanding that shall assist us all in recovering enough to return Home to the dream of the Great Central Sun. For we too exist outside of the Great Central Sun’s boundaries or dream in parallel manner, and choose to go home in this evolutionary cycle ahead. Read more

Image of a shiny green ponderosa pine tree. Blessings For A Return Of Consciousness And Soul

10. Blessings For A Return Of Consciousness And Soul


From the Ponderosa Pine Tree Kingdom


It is the Ponderosa Pine Tree Kingdom that greets you today. Ponderosa Pines are considered the state tree of Montana in the US. We are a tree kingdom that transitions from the forests more heavily laden with life due to greater water element, to the plains that receive so little water that only grass and sage plants grow. Our kingdom requires less water and this is why we are a sturdier breed of tree in a transitional environment that has less water element to sustain us.


Unconscious Soul Consumption and Fall in Consciousness


What would the Ponderosa Pine Tree Kingdom like to say to ascending humans? We have watched the human dance for a very long time. In the west, we have watched as the white man overran the red nation’s peoples taking away their land and confining them to reservations in the US or reserves as they are known in Canada. The red man lost his freedom to roam and live from the land each time that this has occurred in human history. This last period where the red man lost his land was the eighth time we have witnessed this dance. Due to ascension, there is now a better understanding of how and why this occurs each cycle of human history.


In this last cycle, the red nations of the plains in particular were dependent upon the buffalo for their sustenance. The Buffalo Kingdom is one that the Ponderosa Pines know and love dearly. In their roaming, the buffalos eat of the grass and then deposit their poop to fertilize the soil causing more rain to fall and allowing more pine cones of our Kingdom to potentially sprout, particularly following a fire in any given region. Our kingdom and the Buffalo Kingdom therefore have worked together for a long time to sustain our respective existences.


The Plains Indians became heavily dependent upon the buffalo, following their herds and hunting them as required for fur, flesh and bones. Not one part of the buffalo went unused; bones made useful tools or works of art. The fur kept them warm in their teepees during the cold winters and wrapped the newborn children in a soft comforting blanket. The flesh was cooked and sustained the bodies of their tribes. The fat was mixed with berries and nuts gathered from the land and used as a trail mix when traveling. The Buffalo Kingdom sacrificed of their own bodies to sustain the Red Nations humans out of love.


As the white man invaded the red nation’s territories, the white human began to unconsciously (unknowingly or without awareness) consume the soul of the red nation’s peoples. Why do white humans unconsciously consume soul? Ah, this is an interesting topic and has to do with the Anu inheritance. The family of Anu were from a foreign creation known as the Pleiades. The souls that came with the Anu eventually left as they were non-resonant here upon Earth. As soul left, the Anu began to consume the soul of the red nation’s peoples that lived nearby to sustain their existence. As soul was consumed, the red nation’s peoples experienced a fall in consciousness and into territorialism causing wars to break out between tribes. Read more

Image of beautiful white flowers with yellow core. Shakti Relationship Lore #1

Shakti Relationship Lore #1


Fables of Union


Self-Realization Through Divine Union


Fable Lore


The dream of the union

Is a fable

Of a tale of enchantment

That enriches the motion

Of a union

In a story

Of the sublime

In the art of realization

Of the Self of the Self within

In a hypothesis

Of a partnership Divine




Fables are lore that cause dreams to be lived in all experiences of life. Fables are stories that trigger happenstance between the two or the many. Fables occur in contexts of the two, the family, the work environment, the habitat, the region that the life is lived, and any group endeavors focused upon. Group focuses include spiritual, educational, cultural, societal, national and international fables. Fables define the life happenstance in all circumstances of human existence.


Fables are a script that defines the dream to be lived. Fables are founded upon hypothesis of existence that occur through prose dreaming. Prose is defined to determine the life scripts at each juncture of change. Life dreams are determined at birth and sequenced in time in relation to fables of stories to be dreamt for a particular time in the cycles of life. Fables include the time in life from birth through childhood, teenage year happenstance, young adult happenstance, middle age and old age circumstance, along with a fable for the death.


Fables alter in seven-year cycles for most. Fables amongst those who are spiritually awakening can compress in time and alter in as short a time as three to four years of continued realization. Fables of partnership have scripts that determine the outcome of the union and the realization to unfold amongst those in the spiritual foray of understanding. Fables of divine partnership are a specific series of dreams that happenstance realization amongst those choosing for union as a dream of mastery of the life. Read more

Image of a delicious Asian meal of vegan noodle soup. Main Courses

8. Main Courses


One can get lost in the kitchen cooking the day away. There is a rhythm to cooking that can be quite beautiful and creative to experience. Much as an artist, one is combining food to create something beautiful as well as delicious to eat. If one communes with the nature kingdoms, they will tell you how the food desires to be cooked, and what herbs and spices are needed. This is how many of these recipes came forth; through listening to the kingdoms as to how the food wished to be prepared.


Earth invites each to take the time to cook for oneself, or for a special occasion with guests. Just as one would give unto oneself to walk, swim, have a mud bath to detoxify or any other activity that supports ascension, cooking also can support ascension. For in the act of cooking, one is gathering up the food source that one requires to supply the body with the necessary nutrition to ascend.


In the blessing of the food that one is preparing, there can be an even greater gift, and this is the blessings from Earth and nature for your continued life dance and ascent. We hope that each experiences these blessings through these recipes.




Risotto is a form of rice known as “Arborio” that creates a creamy dish due to the high amount of gluten naturally occurring therein.


Vegan Wild Mushroom and Leek Risotto

Vegan Wild Mushroom and Leek Risotto

Read more

Image of the children silhouette along a beach with a golden orange sun in the background. Earth’s Perspective On Autism, The Indigo Children, And Ascension

11. Earth’s Perspective On Autism, The Indigo Children, And Ascension


Earth has completed in this year of 2021 with a focus upon karma associated with slavery, subordination, insanity, and deformity. The purpose of this focus was to release all global karma and thoughtform associated so that a new dream of biological unity could be anchored. The male and female energies upon Earth were united into the flame of Divine Union within the heart chakra of Earth as the karma was released in full. The flame of Divine Union has been ignited and shines brightly in the Aurora of Earth! In so doing, there is a greater state of soul infusion and direction on the part of the Great Central Sun for Earth as a global consciousness and vessel.


The Flame of Divine Union


We are returning unto the Great Central Sun, beloved. This shift is bringing about new Great Central Sun counsels anchored now within the Aurora of Earth to oversee the ascension of each sentient species, including fully conscious ascension in human, dolphin and whale form. One may attune to such counsels for rectification in karmic disputes, or for greater understanding of one’s spiritual purpose and life lessons.


The new flame of Divine Union creates a global kundalini energy flow that now exchanges energy with the Great Central Sun; as such there is an ongoing movement of photonic energy between Earth’s Aurora and Core and the Great Central Sun. The recent explosion of light emanating from the Aurora as perceived as the “Northern Lights” is indeed the result of this shift. The lights are not from the solar sun, but from the inside of Earth as it emanates through caverns that emerge into Earth’s surface in the North Pole. Earth is heating up and shall continue to do so into the decade ahead!


In this chapter, we wish to explore the records assembled from this year worth of karmic release. Each year a special group of map makers join us in dreamtime to contribute their personal ascension to better understanding the history of humanity in association with Earth. We honor each in this dreamtime program past and present, as ascension is not an easy path and it takes great fortitude and dedication to push forth contributing to such a goal.


Human Genealogical Planes Opened


The genealogical planes have been opened. Earth now has the capacity to trace specific inheritances down the ancestral tapestry for a better understanding of what information each human, whale or dolphin has received from birth, or what information shall be received on the part of incoming children constructing a body in the womb. This shall allow better boundaries surrounding ascension such that the problems associated with false ascension cease to be a future dilemma. Read more

Image of a very cute kookaburra somewhere in a forest in Australia. The Laugh Of The Kookaburra

16. The Laugh Of The Kookaburra


Blessings for Understanding the Cycles of Evolution


The Kookaburra Kingdom


Kookaburra is a rather large and furry carnivorous bird that exists primarily down under in Australia. The laugh of the Kookaburra has often been recorded and utilized for simulation of jungle sounds; however, Kookaburra does not live in a jungle at all but rather a gum tree forest much like the Koala Bear. Our kingdom enjoyed the presence of Asur’Ana as she traversed the continent and paid the Blue Mountain region outside of Sydney Australia a visit. We appreciate the work that she is bringing forth, as an ascending being in our own right.


Slow Movement and Nature of Dreamtime


Kookaburra and many other kingdoms down under are unusual and rare. As the oceans parted the continents, the nature kingdoms diversified into a range that over time looks not much like one another, nor behaves like one another. Those species in Australia tend to be slow in movement and nature, even if we are hunted or hunt to subsist. Why are we so slow? Primarily because Australia was the only remaining “dreamtime” realm after the many falls in consciousness in Earth’s more recent history. Dreamtime is a space in which expansiveness is exponentially greater, and in an expansive state, nothing moves too fast in the physical. Furthermore, many species spend more time asleep than anything else and in the dreamtime realms.


Indeed, the Koala Bear will sit quietly in the gum tree, and fall asleep mid bite upon a gum leaf. This surprised Asur’Ana who visited the Koala Bears in Koala Park. Wombat, which is much like a giant flat rat, was sound asleep on its back with its tiny curled toenails pointing up. Dingo (wild dog), which is akin to the German Shepard species that most are familiar with, was also sound asleep in her cage. Such species are asleep in the physical, but quite active in the nonphysical, where the nonphysical “light body” or “body double” travels in support of Earth’s vibration, often scouting out problems with chakras or grid work that are global, or repairing, reweaving or resorting libraries and dreamtime planes of reality. Although we sometimes appear lifeless in our fast asleep state, we are actually quite busy with our nonphysical responsibilities.


Each species has a counterpart upon another continent. Kookaburra is related to Porcupine in the North and South America, the Hyena of Africa, the Mole of Europe, along with several ocean species of fish. Why are so many diversified types of nature kingdoms interlinked? In our interconnection, we provide a unified field that spans the globe without having any given particular form upon all continents, or requiring a given form to live both upon the land and under the water. However, all kingdoms that are interlinked work together for a common goal and purpose in relation to the maintenance of Earth’s field and her global ascension underway at this time in history.


Bringing Fulfillment to Earth’s Cycles of Evolution


One may wonder why Kookaburra is not more akin to Hawk or Eagle given our ability to fly? Kookaburra was once a land mammal, and indeed we retain a form of fur that covers our body. Over time, we found that former form, and in particular our short legs were not enough to cover the massive land of Lemuria before the collapse of the ice shields, and so we developed wings to fly from region to region. However, we retained our fur and our purpose, which is to monitor the cycles of evolution of Earth, and to bring forth the fulfillment or fruition of such cycles. Read more